Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

2 August 1968. Thought for the Week: "The Communist lies that are believed in the non-communist world are more valuable to the masters of the Kremlin than intercontinental ballistic missiles or divisions in the field"
Walter Trohan, eminent American Journalist.


"The Labor Party will be asked by one of its Federal leaders to condemn Soviet 'intimidation' of Czechoslovakia...." Senator Murphy reported in The Age, Melbourne, July 30.

The united front on Czechoslovakia by the Communist Party and Labor spokesmen Senator Murphy and Dr. Cairns is designed to impress the "Democratic" Socialists, and to advance the image of the mellowing Communists. In fact those dedicated to the advance of Marxian-Leninism remain in command, as is continually affirmed by them if we look through the propaganda.
Mr. Dubcek has made it clear he has no basic quarrel with Moscow.

The Western press highlights the so-called liberalisation of press and the courts. But as these are controlled by Communists any declaration that they are no longer controlled by the Government is a mere exercise in dialectics. Unless the underground Christian anti-Communist forces have become so powerful within the Communist countries there is no basis for posing the possibility of a counter-revolution. There is no indication that such forces exist either inside or outside Communist countries at this moment.
We are being treated to another dose of Communist lies referred to by Water Trohan in our Thought for the Week.



"The Australian Government is expected to advise the United Nations this week that it will "toe the line" on the latest sanctions against Rhodesia " - John Tidey in The Age, Melbourne. July 20.

With the acceptance of mandatory sanctions against Rhodesia the stage is now set for the next step, the use of force. The following open letter to the Prime Minister is available to all, and should be sent to the P.M. and to M.P.'s. Those sending for it should enclose a stamp addressed envelope.

Dear Mr. Gorton,
The die is cast. Australia must choose between POLITICAL COMPROMISE and MORAL RIGHTNESS. There comes a time in the history of all nations when compromise must cease, or such compromise destroys the nation. The challenge of Rhodesia to the free world now poses that decision to you and the Government on behalf of the Australian people.
POLITICAL COMPROMISE on Rhodesia means traveling the final mile beyond the present sanctions policy to the use of force against a nation, which threatens no one, and where peace, stability, law and order are the fruits of responsible government.

MORAL RIGHTNESS means quite simply the rebuttal of those sophisticated arguments no matter where they come from which would lead Australia to support the use of force against Rhodesia. The decision you must face Mr. Gorton is simple. What will you do when the present extension of the sanctions policy under Article 41 of the U.N. Charter, leads inevitably to Article 42 which advises the use of force when the U.N. Security Council advises - as it inevitably will - that the Sanctions policy has failed, and therefore force must be used.
Will you supply Australian troops or financial support towards the act of destroying a nation which upholds the best traditions and ethics of British constitutional government, and which upholds a constitution allowing progress towards majority African rule if this is the genuine desire of the indigenous peoples.
Not, mark you, that type of "majority rule" practiced in Nigeria where the minority opposition is - in the process of being massacred with the blessing of those staunch members of the "international community" Mr. Harold Wilson's Socialist Government and Soviet Russia.
What a pretty pass it will be for Australia to be associated in a similar venture against Rhodesia!

From the beginning of this affair it was obvious that your Government knew it was involved in giving support to policies, which were fundamentally wrong. You should not need to be reminded of your own words spoken in Parliament on April 26, 1966.
"The Australian Government is utterly and unalterably opposed to the use of military force against Rhodesia."
Such words reflected by their uncompromising definiteness the distaste for the policy to which your Government was already committed.
Economic sanctions, then military force. Could it be that the original policy was incorrect, and the time has now come for making right that which was wrong? Or will you go along with the forces of "world opinion" and the views of the "international community", those same forces complimenting the views of the Communists on Rhodesia.
Your decision is awaited. Yours faithfully.


In the following report from Vancouver, Canada, Mr. Eric Butler comments on one of the manifestations of the breakdown of Civilisation on the North American continent:

"Get your copy of Georgia Straight, the filthiest paper selling in Vancouver:" I stopped and looked at the bare-footed, dirty-looking and unshaved boy with a wisp of a beard, who on Vancouver's main street was offering copies of the local hippies' weekly paper. He is typical of hundreds of these young people who can at present be seen in Vancouver. No one is certain how many are in the area, but there has been a massive invasion this year, large numbers coming up from the United States.

The hippie invasion has produced a major problem in Vancouver, one that has become a subject of heated debate in the Vancouver Council. The local Mayor is a comparatively young man, but he has definite views about standards of behaviour. He attempted to have Georgia Straight banned but I understand was defeated by a ruling by Prime Minister Trudeau when he was Minister for Justice.

I have read filthier journals than Georgia Straight in the U.S.A., but it certainly provides a striking example of the destructive pornography, which mixed with revolutionary politics, is so prevalent in North America today. A recent issue of Georgia Straight carried an "exposure" of considerable length of "Hate Groups" in Canada. Your correspondent gets honourable mention, although I was astonished to learn that the Australian On Target is produced in Japan! Most of the article is an attack upon Mr. Ron Gostick using dated material probably supplied by an infiltrator some time ago.
The writer of the article makes the interesting point that should legislation be introduced to deal with "hate" literature, this legislation might then be used against other groups. No doubt the writer was thinking of Georgia Straight!

Pro-Communist members of the Vancouver Council have openly supported the hippies, who make life as difficult as possible for the local police. The do-gooders urge that the hippies should be "understood", as they are attempting "to communicate". The message being communicated by these young people is that freedom to them means to do as they like, irrespective of other people. Many are living at little more than an animal level. Local doctors, will admit upon being questioned that one of the frightful and far-reaching results of this "freedom" is an upsurge in venereal diseases.

The following was told to me personally by an employee of the local telephone company: "Last week I had to go to service several phones in a large house, I was met by a bleary-eyed youth who said the phones were in other rooms. He said that I would find a number of his fellows still asleep, but not to let that worry me. When I went in I found large number of young people, boys and girls, some of the girls little more than children, sleeping under dirty rugs and blankets. I could not help wondering what sort of parents these young people have". Many come from homes where they have not lacked for material things. But they know no rule of law, right and wrong are foreign subjects.

While many are horrified by all this few ask deeper questions about how are the hippie papers like Georgia Straight financed. They carry no genuine advertising. There is hard evidence that the Communist conspiracy is vitally interested in stimulating and exploiting the hippie movement in North America. Hippie papers carry revolutionary material, including instructions on how to make molotov cocktails. And then there is the increasing use of drugs, with ordinary criminals serving the long-range purposes of the Communists. A local press report states that it is estimated that 10,000 Vancouver young people are now experimenting with drugs most of which come from the Far East and the Middle East.
Red China is of course, one of the biggest. suppliers of "hard" drugs.

The most widely-used of the "soft" drugs, marijuana, comes mainly from Mexico. The hippie movement has been campaigning for the right to smoke marijuana, the argument being that it is harmless. But a recent report by the Los Angeles police department states that during 1967 13 per cent of marijuana smokers progressed to heroin. Once a person becomes addicted to heroin, he is a social problem for the rest of his life.

Looking at the large numbers of hippies in Vancouver I felt that I was witnessing the unfortunate victims of the breakdown of the very basis of Civilisation, which is law and order and a respect for proper authority. These youngsters are old before they are young. They look not only dirty, but also unhappy. They have been robbed of the sense of purpose, which only comes from proper authority. It is not only a saddening spectacle to see so many young lives being ruined, but a frightening one as the evidence becomes clearer that the Communists are working to exploit the hippie movement to serve their subversive and revolutionary programmes.


Yes, we know that it is a physical impossibility for all our supporters, including many overseas, to attend three of the year's most stimulating events for League of Rights supporters and sympathisers.
The Annual New Times Dinner on Friday. September 6;
the Annual League of Rights Seminar on Saturday, September 7; and
the Annual Conference of League V.P.A. members on Sunday, September 8.
But arrangements can be made for those who wish to attend, and can do so.

The Annual Dinner is primarily an event of re-dedication for "hard-core" supporters. Guest of Honour this year will be the exciting Canadian figure, Pat Walsh, former RCMP under-cover agent.
Mr. Eric Butler will give his first address after returning from his six months tour of the world, bringing the latest news from Canada, the U.S.A., Britain, Rhodesia and South Africa. The Dinner will be another tremendous event.
Bookings should be made early. Donation: $4.50. Place: The Victoria, Lt. Collins Street, Melboume. Time: 6.15 p.m.

The League of Rights Annual Seminar will deal with the conspiratorial features of International Communism. The main Paper will be presented by Mr. Pat Walsh, at the evening session. The first Paper will be presented by Mr. Eric Butler at 2. 15p.m. The second Paper by Mr. Tony McGillick at 4 p.m. Place: The Federal Hotel, Collins Street, Melbourne.

The all-day Conference of League VPA members will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eric Butler. Country and interstate visitors requiring hospitality are requested to let League Headquarters know immediately. Appropriate messages may be sent to be read at the Annual Dinner.

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