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Edmund Burke
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On Target

2 February 1968. Thought for the Week: "The teachings of John Dewey and his predecessors have borne fruit. And there is surely not a department at Yale that is uncontaminated with the absolute that there are no absolutes, no intrinsic rights, no ultimate truths. The acceptance of these notions, which emerge in courses in history and economics, in sociology and political science, in psychology and literature, makes impossible any intelligible conception of an omnipotent, purposeful, and benign Supreme Being who has laid down immutable laws, endowed his creatures with inalienable rights, and posited unchangeable rules of human conduct.
William F. Buckley in God and Man at Yale.


"Australia and New Zealand can expect to be approached soon by South Africa to join some form of defence pact, picking up some of the bonds they once had as Commonwealth "Sisters of the South." Stanley Hurst from Johannesburg in The Herald Melbourne January 23.

Should such an initiative come from South Africa it is to be hoped that the Australian and New Zealand Governments consider such an alliance on its merits free from emotion engendered by anti-South African propagandists harping about racial oppression and the immorality of being associated with South Africa. The Anzac Governments should ignore the yappings of various Communist Front organisations such as Mr. Alf Watt's Friends of Africa which will undoubtedly be given adequate publicity by the "prostitute press" so described by Mr. Gordon Slater of recent Postal strike fame.

South Africa has been forced to face the facts of life to a far greater degree than either Australia or New Zealand. The same is true of course about Rhodesia. Both have put political independence and national integrity first, rather than accept interference with internal policies or succumb to economic blackmail in exchange for freedom to control their own affairs. These are lessons Australia and New Zealand have yet to learn, and their very existence depends upon whether they learn them quickly.
Never before in her history has Australia needed strong friends with integrity, as she needs them now.

The power vacuum now being created in the Southern Hemisphere by the International Fabian Socialists now masquerading as the British Government is directed against the best interests of all in the area, but suits admirably the long-term objectives of the Communist conspiracy of which Fabianism is part. Time is running out for Australia and New Zealand and the American alliance is brittle indeed as the present U.S. Administration turns a blind eye to Soviet imperialism and intrigue in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
The Johnson policy of "building bridges to the East" is in reality the successful fulfillment of the Soviet policy of peaceful coexistence.

We need to stand with those who have seen the fallacy of the Communist policy.
If the "Sisters of the South" do unite in their common defence it would be a major blow against Communist tyranny.


"A major crisis is developing tonight over North Korea's seizure of the U.S. Intelligence Ship Pueblo." - The Australian January 25.

Once again the world is being treated to an act of provocation by the Communist conspiracy, and once again the advice being offered to the West is not to accept provocation unless the umbrella is up and the third world war explodes in a nuclear holocaust. The propaganda goes on without end. The Communists never make a calculated move of this kind without good reason, and they can always rely on the world press to put up an effective smokescreen.
Design in the latter is not necessary as there is so much confusion over Communist strategy as to raise a natural smokescreen.

The principle of guerilla fighting is to harass the enemy at many different points, the mosquitoes attacking the elephant theory. Especially is this necessary when the Communists wish to attack in strength at one particular point. If the major strengths of the Americans can be diverted to deal with an attack by gnats, there is a greater chance of success at the point where major communist forces are concentrated.

There are many indications that even in the orthodox warfare localised in Vietnam the Allies are exerting pressure, which is breaking down the Communist supply and recruitment system. In the fields and the jungles they have been forced to retreat. The bombing of North Vietnam has been maintained irrespective of the fullest efforts of the complete world organisation behind the conspiracy operating in the propaganda field. And while the bombing has been very restricted on what it could be (see U.S. Senate Preparedness Report, Intelligence Survey, December 1967) the fact is that more effective targets could be selected in the event of a change of policy, a fact which is not lost on Ho Chi-Minh and General Grap who need a victory badly to boost sagging morale.
Reports from intelligence sources are coming through repeatedly which indicate that the Communists are preparing and concentrating forces for a major attack. Two divisions from North Vietnam and other forces making up 40,000 men are involved.

The threat of a renewal of the North Korean war against the South could tie up considerable American forces 1000 miles from Vietnam. Already the U.S. Aircraft Carrier, Enterprise with 80 jets aboard has been diverted from its Vietnam destination.

In recent weeks the Communists have increased guerilla activities in both Cambodia and Laos diverting more American forces from the important Vietnam area. A major victory for the Communists at this stage would enable them to dictate terms at any so-called peace conference, which they would no doubt then magnanimously agree to. There has never been any real doubt that the Communists could be defeated militarily in Vietnam - or elsewhere. As President Johnson said recently, it is not our strength, which is in doubt but our will.

Such a divergence as is now being operated in North Korea relies on propaganda blackmail with its theme of "escalation" or fear of a "third world war" to delay victory in Vietnam. While bringing about an increasing loss of face for the Americans because of their indecisiveness in dealing with the situation.

As we go to press the news announcement of the biggest military action by the Viet Cong of the war has been announced. The carriers now in North Korea could be vital to the outcome of this decisive action.


"Storm clouds appear to be gathering in Germany over the American - Russian draft treaty to ban the spread of nuclear weapons." - The Australian, Jan. 26.

Much is made of the antagonism between America and the U.S.S.R. In reality when major issues are examined such antagonism is only shadow sparring for the benefit of the naive while the policy makers of each country move inevitably towards the Marx-Lenin objective of the world socialist state. The list of co-operation is long and depressing, space being insufficient here to cover any but the major landmarks.

Recognition of the U.S.S.R. in 1933 releasing vital technical, industrial and financial support to the tottering revolution.
American pressure on Japan to bring the inevitable "Pearl Harbour" thus bringing American manpower and industrial might to aid an almost defeated U.S.S.R. in 1941-2.
Refusal to accept the Japanese surrender until the U.S.S.R. could be brought into the Pacific war and so annex Manchuria and arm Mao tse-Tung against the Nationalists.
The sacking of Macarthur when he threatened defeat of the Communist forces in China.
Co-operation to destroy the latent British-French attempt to salvage their rights over the Suez Canal.
American pressure to push the "colonialists" out of Africa and so prepare the way for U.S .S .R. - Chinese penetration of that continent.
The betrayal of Cuba to the U.S.S.R. lackey Castro. Etc. etc.

The present proposal is only an extension of the original agreement of 1963, which has helped disarm America and the free world. Australian sovereignty is likewise threatened, and internationalist Paul Hasluck is reported as being in favour of signing the agreement.

Politicians should be asked that no such agreement should be signed until debated in the Houses of Parliament.


"A French submarine disappeared off Toulon today. It is the second submarine to disappear in the Mediterranean in four days." - The Age Jan. 29. With the withdrawal of British and French forces from the Mediterranean and the emergence of the U.S.S.R. as a major maritime power the Mediterranean has been referred to as a "Russian lake."
The disappearance of the submarines puzzling the world may be no more than another demonstration by the Soviet and an added ingredient in the war of nerves and propaganda going on in the Middle East.
The authoritative U.S. News and World Report, January 8 carries an interesting item. "From De Gaulle's France, of all places, comes the latest warning on Soviet penetration of the Mediterranean. De Gaulle himself may not be alarmed, but . . . The influential Revue de Defence Nationale of Paris says Russia has delivered 40 missile-launching boats to nations bordering the Mediterranean. The recipients, not named probably include Egypt, Syria, Algeria . . . Why is that so important? These Russian missile-launchers are identified as of the Komar and Osar classes. Egypt used Komar-class boats to sink Israel's destroyer Elath last October. The West has no such missile boats.
'Threat to our maritime forces is far from negligible', said the magazine. As 'equalizers' these ship-to-ship missiles could be real factors in the Mediterranean balance of power.
U.S. Sixth Fleet has some 55 warships, compared with 30 for Russia there. But Soviet friends have the missile boats. From Moscow come signs that Russia is flexing its Mediterranean muscles. Soviet Defence Ministry publication Red Star has just published a lengthy denunciation of "harassment" of Soviet warships by U.S. units in the Mediterranean.
Trouble for the U.S. in that strategic sea has become a growing danger. (End of report)

Could it be that the Soviet, or one of her satellites has now flexed a muscle - or two?

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