Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 August 1968. Thought for the Week: "There is not another people in the history of the world which has been less corrupted by great power than the British, in spite of the poor view they themselves take of their own imperial past. They possess a capacity for self-criticism unequalled in any other nation, and a sense of decency so imaginative and searching that less scrupulous opponents in the modern world have frequently used it as a weapon against them.
Laurens van der Post, in The Heart of the Hunter, p.116.


"A Rhodesian judge, Mr. Justice Dendy Young today announced his resignation from the Rhodesian High Court bench ... he said he was resigning as a matter of judicial conscience - Most of the nine High Court Judges, however, have already stated their view, at some time or other, that the Government has now achieved de jure status" - The Age, Melbourne, August 13.

The issue, which forced Mr. Justice Dendy Young to make his decision, was the ruling of a fellow judge, Mr. Justice H.E. Davies rejecting a recent Privy Council ruling in London that all Rhodesia's post independence laws were illegal. The effect of Justice Davies ruling and the consequent resignation of Justice Young means that Rhodesia has taken another step to clarify any doubts residing within the Rhodesian electorate as to the morality of the step taken on November 11, 1965.
By clarifying this matter through the normal processes of judicial assent and dissent, Rhodesia upholds the highest qualities of civilised values, now dormant in England under international socialist Harold Wilson.

Laurens van der Post points to the forces, which will eventually eradicate the disease now afflicting England. That the disease has some recognition in England is certain as a recent report from Anthony Haden-Guest in the London Daily Telegraph, July 17, indicates.
Discussing the terrible effects of malnutrition in Biafra, the skin disorders, the mental retardation and apathy, those so afflicted are referred to as suffering from Wilson's disease.
One of the main sources spewing out Wilson's disease is also recognised in the same report in that a liar in Biafra is known as "a BBC man". These may be only straws in the wind of a gale to follow, which will be a powerful cleanser of the disease of socialism with its desecration of humanity and the human spirit.

Mr. Lester Maddox, Governor of Georgia in the U.S.A. announced that he is considering nominating for the candidacy of the Democratic Party in the face of all those who offer nothing but "socialism, socialism, Socialism". Mr. Maddox who is depicted by the press as a racist similar to white Rhodesians, says, "There's a wave of patriotism and conservatism sweeping the country".
What worries the Wilson's, the Bishops and clergy, the journalists and others who work for the spreading of Wilson's disease to Rhodesia, is that Rhodesia will be the starting point to generate the antidote needed to cleanse the world of the disease they are promoting.


"Once hated and mistrusted by the Russians as a doctrinaire anti-Communist, he now frankly admits that his 1960 views are irrelevant to the changing world of 1968. The days of the cold war are over, he now proclaims, and the task of the present is to reach accommodation with the Soviet Union and, in time, with Communist China", Randal Heymanson, in The Herald, Melbourne, August 8.

In 1964 the Republican Party endorsed Senator Barry Goldwater who campaigned on a platform that offered "not an echo but a choice." Because the choice he offered was a genuine alternative to the Socialism of all other candidates, both Republican and Democratic, there was unleashed against him a propaganda campaign unequalled in ferocity, distortion and virulence to any other in recent history; not even with that mounted against the late Senator Joseph McCarthy who had committed the crime of telling the American people there were Communists inside their Government.

The Party Managers have ensured against anything like the Goldwater mishap in the nomination of Richard Nixon, who must be considered to have the best chance of winning the Presidential election in November. Strangely enough it was his strong anti-Communism, which gained Nixon his first following in the U.S. His part in nailing home the lies of Alger Hiss, the Communist who held top official positions in the Roosevelt-Truman administrations, is now history. However it now seems probable than Nixon learnt from that campaign that political advancement did not go to those who opposed the forces behind Alger Hiss. Liberalism in America is equated with Socialism.

The Wall Street Journal of April 27, 1959 quotes Mr. Nixon describing himself as "a liberal rather than a conservative because I have an international view . . . of foreign policy". That view of foreign policy was that peace, and the defeat of America's enemies can be bought, not fought. His biographer, Earl Mazo quotes him again in 1959. "In the next ten years our greatest external danger will not be military, but economic and ideological".
Mr. Nixon has never come out with any support for a policy of winning the Vietnam War. He also worked against Senator Taft in 1952, who would have supported a policy of winning the Korean war, and supported General Eisenhower who compromised.
He admires Dean Rusk, the architect of the no-win policy in Vietnam.

March 10, 1968 he told the New York Times, "I think Dean Rusk would be an excellent Secretary of State under a President who had a better understanding of foreign policy. He's a gutsy guy and a fine, professional diplomat".
It is no wonder George Wallace, the only Presidential candidate offering an alternative policy of anti Communism in both domestic and international affairs said recently, "there isn't 10 cents worth of difference" in the Republican and Democratic parties. "The two parties might as well hold their conventions together and save money.

The selection by Mr. Nixon of Governor Agnew from the Southern State of Maryland, as Vice Presidential candidate, is seen by commentators as an effort by Nixon to draw himself the votes, which Mr. Wallace is gaining in increasing numbers every day. It seems that even Nixon realised there are still those people who will require a "choice, not an echo".


"There is not and cannot be socialism without the leading role of the Communist Party, armed with the ideas of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism", The Australian, July 5.

The General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party has placed on record again the importance of socialism to the Communists, and in fact makes it clear that the Communists promote socialism, and that again in fact, "there cannot be socialism without the leading role of the Communist Party". This fact should be kept in mind when assessing the policies of any political party promoting socialist policies. Somewhere back along the line, those policies have been adopted because of the active advocacy of key communists, not in the name of Communism but Socialism, Liberalism, or Progress."

Consider the importance of the United Nations to the Socialists. Its first organising Secretary in its preparatory stages was Communist, Alger Hiss from the American State Department. He followed an active policy of promoting Communists from the State Department to the UN where they are protected from national enquiry or action. He was followed by Trgvre Lie as the first Secretary General of the officially constituted UN. Lie was a socialist who fulfilled the role outlined by Brezhnev. Or consider the role of Harry Dexter White, Assistant Treasurer of the U.S. and a member of the same Communist cell as Hiss. He helped set up the Bretton Woods Agreement and its natural offspring, the International Monetary Fund which ensures the rules of finance tie the Western world to disastrous trading policies favouring Communism.

Those now operating in such organisations are concerned only with techniques; the policy has already been decided. The policy may be termed socialism, as it increasingly centralises power, but somewhere the key communist plays that important role.


"Indonesia's Army Chief General Maraden Paggabean said today that 162 tribesmen have been killed in Irian in their two-year-old rebellion in the coastal area of Manokwari" - The Herald, Melbourne, August 13.

News from West Irian is very hard to obtain. Travelers and reporters are not encouraged and there is nothing like the freedom of entry and inspection, which existed in the days when the Dutch exercised the trusteeship of West Irian. The above report quoted from Jakarta said that 138 tribesmen in addition to those killed had been taken prisoner, but no figures were given for those wounded. General Paggabean said that 3539 had surrendered. All are members of the Arfak tribe.

Next year the West Irians are to be given a vote on whether they wish to stay under the control of Indonesians. How free that vote will be amongst the West Irians was indicated by Dr. Sudjarwo a senior Indonesian Foreign Ministry official in charge of West Irian affairs. In a report on July 18 published in The Age he said next year's "act of free choice in the province depended entirely upon Indonesia. He said this would be decided by Indonesia because when the original agreement was made by the UN no mention of how the "act of free choice" should be implemented."

As it is freely admitted 40 percent of the estimated 750,000 population is still so primitive as to be using stone tools, one-man-one-vote is a most impracticable method of measuring popular feeling even if it could be contended that feeling by a multitude of tribes living independently of one another could be measured. One tribe, the Arfak, has made clear how they feel, but as the Indonesian government has made clear they do not recognise such claims to freedom.

With the parallel of Rhodesia in mind, Australia apart from our problems in New Guinea and Papua, is sitting on a powder keg where the West Irian problem is concerned. The racial problem there, because it does not involve white superiority will be ignored by the U.N. and the Communists, but if the Indonesians continue to impose their rule by force it faces us with a situation on our own borders similar to that which Rhodesia has had to consider so often in the past, and at the present in Nigeria.


"The Premier, (Mr. Oldrich Cernik) said: 'Czechoslovakia is not alone in Europe . . . the frontiers of two world systems meet, the military blocs of the Warsaw Treaty and NATO have a common frontier. History has confirmed many times that we cannot be neutral" - The Age, Melbourne, August 7.

There is no evidence whatsoever of a movement away from the monolithic control of International Communism in Czechoslovakia. When the leaders of the Communist Party concluded their widely reported meeting at Bratislava last week, President Josef Smrkovky said, "Our relations with the Soviet Union are as good as they were 20 years ago".
First Secretary, Mr. Alexander Dubcek said, "...everything we have done over the past month … we took care that our relations with the Soviet Union and other Socialist countries not be weakened, but on the contrary strengthened".


Yes, we know that it is a physical impossibility for all supporters, including many overseas, to attend three of the year's most stimulating events for League of Rights supporters and sympathisers.
A key function for League supporters, the Annual New Times Dinner on Friday, September 6;
the Annual League of Rights Seminar on Saturday, September 7: and
the Annual Conference of League V.P.A. members on Sunday, September 8.
But arrangements can be made for those who wish to attend, and can do so.

Guest of Honour at the Annual Dinner is Canadian, Pat Walsh, The Donation $4.50. Place: The Victoria, Lt. Collins Street, Melbourne, Time: 6,15 p.m.
The Seminar, dealing with the conspiratorial features of International Communism, has three outstanding speakers. Mr. Pat Walsh. Mr. Eric Butler and Mr. Tony McGillick, and starts at 2,15 p.m. at the Federal Hotel on Saturday 7th September.



We carry on from the Bulletin of July 19. On July 19 we were concerned to establish two important basic points.
(1) The source of Authority is found in God. God delegates his power, or Authority to man. We concluded, "therefore that Man does not have unlimited Authority, or Power, but only that which comes from God."
This is the heart of the whole question.
In dogmatically accepting God as the source of all Power and Authority, those who do so cut themselves off from many who believe this or any other subject can be treated as an academic exercise not subject to any unalterable principles.

The question of the right use of Authority or Power is a vital one, and resolves the conflict for those who follow the principle of delegated God given Authority working through individuals and institutions.

It is a fact that what we call British Civilisation, or more generally, Western Christian civilisation, has been built upon the correct Christian interpretation of the rigid use of delegated authority. The Queen is not supreme, neither is parliament, the Prime Minister or Cabinet. The individual has superior rights to Parliament, Police or Judiciary.
These persons and institutions exercise what Authority is delegated to them to protect the individual against any person or secular force which would seek to destroy personal Authority, goes to the heart of the turmoil and chaos in the world today.

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