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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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On Target

25 October 1968. Thought for the Week: "Soften up the Anglo-Saxon with a few sob stories, persuade him that he is not quite being fair, that he is not being a little gentleman, and he is ready to have his throat cut. His richest virtues as a social animal, his feeling of care and consideration for others, his tolerance, his ethical flair - all these are turned against his breast and made into the means of his own undoing"
Ivor Benson.


"Republican presidential candidate Richard Nixon last night proposed the development of regional pacts in Asia as "buffers" between great powers. Mr. Nixon argued that in the future Asians must make "the initial responses" to aggression themselves. It was his most explicit statement yet on Asia and closely paralleled what President Johnson, Secretaries Risk, McNamara and Clifford, and Assistant Secretary William Bundy had been telling friendly nations - publicly and privately - over the past year" - The Age, October 21.

It is reported that when Mr. Nixon made the statement above and said, - "We are going to have a new foreign policy. A policy based upon other nations assuming their fair share of protecting freedom around the world" - His remarks were greeted with prolonged applause.
The Americans have been psychologically battered by all forms of political double talk and compromise, as well as incessant and unscrupulous propaganda. Propaganda designed to convince them that a nation, which twenty-three years ago played a major role in defeating highly sophisticated and industrially advanced nations of Germany and Japan; cannot now bring to a successful conclusion a war against a backward nation with a peasant economy and a population of 17 million people.

Mr. Nixon's suggestion of "buffer" pacts is reminiscent of the high hopes held for NATO, which the Soviet is at the moment treating with complete contempt. In retreating behind another such formula Mr. Nixon is answering the question posed by President Johnson a few weeks before his capitulation on March 31. "It is not our strength which is in question, but our will".

Mr. Nixon in the above report infers they have neither, "even if the United States had the will, it no longer has the capacity to do all that needs to be done".
Mr. George Wallace and General Curtis Le May do not agree. These two men could still be the rallying point around which the American nation could restore its honor.

$25,000 APPEAL

Progress reports on the growth of the fund will be given as supporters answer the appeal. Do not delay in making use of the form in last week's On Target. It is essential to keep the fund rolling. With the work of the next twelve months ahead and the critical issues confronting Christian civilisation we cannot fail to meet the challenge. We have a long way to go. Response at this moment stands at the sum of $2100.00.


"The American Ambassador to South Vietnam, Mr. Bunker, today had his fourth meeting in five days with President Thieu" - The Australian, October 21.

It is obvious heavy pressure is being applied by Mr. Bunker on President Thieu to advance the same diplomatic result obtained by Mr. Bunker in West New Guinea and the Dominican Republic, where the Communist objectives in each case were given priority by Mr. Bunker. Conflicting newspaper reports had it that President Thieu had capitulated to accept a total cessation of bombing, and the Melbourne Herald had to print an apology last Monday for a false headline report in the previous Saturday's paper.
The Age
, October 21, reports that President Thieu refused to disclose what eventuated between himself and Mr. Bunker. There is no doubt, that had Mr. Bunker been assuring the President of South Vietnam, that the Americans were prepared to continue accepting their full responsibility to defeat the Communists, that the President would not have been coy about saying so.
In the meantime, the build up of Communist supplies goes on at an increasing rate unimpeded by any attempted action by the Allies who know full well what is going on.

That the Australian Government can continue to be a party to what is so obviously another exercise in deception by the Communists is a mark of the weakness of the advice coming out of our External Affairs Department.


"School children are involved in politics and school children must realise this…By the time they get to 16 and 17 they know as much about how a school is to be run as some of those old-fashioned, conservative and stick in the mud teachers", Dr. J.F. Cairns quoted in The Age, October 22.

Dr. Cairns was being interviewed on the A.B.V. nightly programme, This Day Tonight. He revealed he was the patron of the underground school newspaper movement in Melbourne High Schools, which had started as "a completely spontaneous move" after a meeting at his house five or six weeks ago. We are reminded of the bully who, unable to do his own dirty work, urges the gullible and impressionable kids to do it for him.

Dr. Cairns, having set himself squarely on the socialist road which leads inevitably to violence and coercion, is determined to travel every inch of the way. Like the dedicated communist, any and every implement available to forward the revolution must be used. The key theme being expounded in this exercise with school children is that they know as much as those set in authority over them, and they should have equal control with their teachers over their educational institutions. This is a current theme of the international communist conspiracy.

No one should be surprised that Dr. Cairns with his great facility for picking up the right line, should give encouragement to what he chooses to describe as a spontaneous move. It is possible to obtain a spontaneous result by holding a lighted match in the vicinity of a petrol can from which fumes are escaping. Corrupting the young can achieve similar explosive results, with dire consequences for those responsible.
"It is better that a millstone...."


"The Federal President of the Liberal Party (Mr. J.E. Pagan) warned of the dangers of centralism in his opening address to the council meeting yesterday. Mr. Pagan said there was always a force at work in a federation that brought more centralisation of authority and power. 'Unless this force is watched and controlled it can produce unification' - The Age, October 22.

Mr. Gorton has become increasingly arrogant in his campaign to change traditional Liberal Party policy established in 1949. "I have abandoned it myself and I have abandoned it on behalf of the Liberal Party", he said recently at a meeting at Mornington in Victoria.
Hardly a day goes by without Mr. Gorton making a plea for greater centralism on the basis of ensuring a proper education for all Australians, "wherever they may be and that the person who fell ill should have the same opportunities for care."
He claims these to be the responsibility of the central government.

Mr. Gorton has accepted fully the socialists' argument that the Government is more capable of looking after the individual than the individual can himself. This is false. There will always be that very small proportion of individuals who are incapable of looking after themselves and they will always remain a charge upon the community - but not necessarily the government.
In a genuinely free, Christian society, charity to the needy is abundant. But the great majority of individuals living under circumstances, which make it possible to provide for themselves, whether it is education, health, business, retirement, or any necessity, would prefer to provide his own requirements. It is the job of a Government, which believes in the principles of freedom to ensure that if this is physically possible for the individual, no artificial restriction should be placed in his path no artificial restrictions such as ruinous financial policies, which destroy the individuals credit and independence.

Liberal Governments have increasingly adopted the socialist principle that they know better how to spend the individual's money that he does himself. As the process has gained momentum, and aided by a rising cost structure destroying the value of what little is left to him, the individual finds he cannot provide for his old age, or pay the highly inflated medical bills when sickness results from the worry and strain of living in a socialist society. Parents find they cannot afford the education they would like to give their children, and in desperation they turn to the Government, which has already robbed them of their sustenance.
Mr. Gorton and his ilk interpret these pleas as a right to demand more of the individual's wealth, returning a minor portion in the form of a "frugal" living to the sick and the old.
To the young he offers a uniform, secular and socialist form of education.

It is to the credit of a surprising number of Liberal Party members that they are challenging the Gorton brand of socialism. The revolt is strong in the Federal sphere, and stronger again in the States. Every assistance and support should be given to those Parliamentarians opposing Mr. Gorton.


"It is happening all over again: this time in Mexico.... Incontrovertible facts indicate there has been large-scale revolt; involving many students from universities...TV radio and press have done their part in undermining community discipline. Undue publicity has been given to almost every social misfit who appears, and an excitable Australian journalist abroad recently reported an American political conference with hysterical emphasis on injuries lawfully inflicted by police during dispersal of a mob" - Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police, R.H. Arnold in Police Life, October 15.

Mr. Arnold's statements brought the wrath of the mass media down on his head and he has been censured by the Australian Journalists Association for his criticism of the journalist. The correspondence columns are filled with protests from bleeding hearts all aghast at Mr. Arnold's, "I have no intention of allowing violence to get out of hand. I require it to be crushed in its incipient stages with all the force necessary".
Such words are sacrilege to those who have come to believe they have every right to violently demonstrate their feelings against society, and resent society protecting itself.

However the most interesting aspect of the report in Police Life was that the front page of the journal carried a full report from Detective King Ross of New York City who has just migrated to Australia saying "A police officer is not allowed to do his job any more, and the country's unsafe for police and public".
He gives graphic examples of the double standards enforced on police when dealing with negroes as against whites, and the restrictions placed upon detectives in arresting criminals. He is particularly severe in criticising the way TV, press and radio propaganda continually discredit the police.

Those newsmen who criticised Mr. Arnold could not but help seeing this article in Police Life as it covered the whole front page, but King Ross was not reported in the press, only Mr. Arnold was selected for criticism. Mr. King Ross will find America is not the only place a double standard is employed.


Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia are being depicted as part of "Soviet Defence against imperialism".
Such commentators fail to realise the word "defence" does not exist in the Communist vocabulary...
Yugoslavia is now in line to be the next country to be invaded by the Soviet....
Another vital country in the Mediterranean area, Egypt is now completely dependent upon Soviet economic aid as reports say the Nasser Government is almost bankrupt...
Mr. Enoch Powell caused a minor explosion at the Conservative Party's Conference in England by suggesting taxes be cut by one half and colored immigrants be repatriated. Generous expenses by the British taxpayer of course...
Black athletes at Mexico Olympics give the Communist clench fist salute…
The U.N. to recognise African terrorists fighting in Rhodesia "as nationalists" (?) in an endeavour to stop Rhodesia from treating them for what they are, common criminals.


Subject for Discussion

League speakers as they move around Australia are continually confronted with the viewpoint: "Things are really bad, have we got enough time to defeat the enemy".
Viewed historically in the terms of the progress made in a short sixty years towards their objective it would appear that the Communist conspiracy has "time" on its side and the question naturally arises that the battle is hopeless. Some use this reasoning as an excuse to do nothing, everything being a complete waste of time, while others say we must continue to fight even though we may be defeated. Even though the latter attitude is more commendable, is it the truth of the situation?
Can events be measured to safely predict what the final outcome of a conscious drive towards a final objective will be?
The Communists say yes; they laid down a programme and are seeing it fulfilled, and are moving towards its final objective.

If "time" was subservient to man, a mere unit serving the objective of power groups only, then we would appear to not have sufficient "time" But "time" is more than a unit of measurement, it is also under a moral force. The Communists say it is a blind force, which directs events to an inevitable conclusion.
An ancient philosopher defining "time" said it was "A measure of movement from the first to the last".
Jesus Christ said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end".

The late C.H. Douglas in discussing the Church and "time" asked the question, "As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end". "What do we mean by that"

To this writer it can only mean that time does not serve the cause of the forces of evil. It cannot be otherwise, as evil would have triumphed long before now, and not chosen this particular "time" for its final triumph. Therefore the answer to our first question, "is there enough time?" is that we have all the time there is; it is not in our hands. But we must use wisely what we have and not waste it, but press on with doing "the will of my Father who is in heaven", and so through diligence, faith and action, overcome the forces of evil.

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