Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

8 March 1968. Thought for the Week: "Both (the U.N. and the United States) had sponsored this new-found doctrine that all peoples were entitled to their independence which, literally interpreted, meant that they were free to persecute and kill their minorities in any way they chose. The pressure they had exerted to force the European Powers to give up their colonies prematurely had led them to an end of justice, toleration, the liberty of the individual, security of property and life itself. Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Cyprus and the Congo all told the same awful tale of massacres and murder."
Dennis Wheatley in Unholy Crusade.


"…will Smith yet prefer to accept a crunch with Westminster, rather than risk a slow crumbling of his white citadel in a rising tide of black ferment? Rhodesia's plight has been befogged by the barracking of those who on the one hand proclaim that 'sanctions are a farce' and those on the other hand who portray Rhodesia's settlers as about to join South Africa in a wicked assertion of white supremacy. The facts are different." - Douglas Wilkie in "As I See It", The Sun, Melbourne, March 5.

The "different" facts given by Mr. Wilkie are anti-Rhodesian propaganda, and bear little relationship to reality. Mr. Wilkie just cannot help pouring out his poison on the Rhodesian issue. He claims "Sanctions have bitten deep. They have forced Rhodesians to accept lower living standards. They have caused a shift in the whole pattern of Rhodesia's economy." The only truth to this comment is that there has been a shift, a most substantial shift, in the pattern of the Rhodesian economy.
And the economy has benefited as a result, as witnessed by the large number of new secondary industries, manufacturing much of what was previously imported, and the change to a more diversified agriculture. There has been a building boom and Rhodesia has been seeking to attract skilled tradesmen.
Visitors to Rhodesia have not noticed any serious effect on the standard of living resulting from Mr. Harold Wilson's sanctions. Drought conditions have been a much more serious problem than sanctions. If Mr. Wilkie could bring himself to visit Rhodesia even he might find the reality impossible to dispute. But Mr. Wilkie does not appear to be interested in reality. He claims that, "Censorship hid the full story of last year's clash in Wankie Game Reserve, in which Rhodesian security forces would have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of African guerrillas but for timely aid from tough South African police units. The Wankie affray has caused white Rhodesians to doubt whether they can rely on the loyalty of their black troops. It has caused South Africa to be more chary than ever of being committed to future rescue operations that bring them into conflict with Zambia and other African nations whose friendship they are wooing."

Mr. Oracle Wilkie has seen behind Rhodesian censorship, and so knows what happened when the Rhodesian security forces clashed with Communist-trained and Communist-equipped invaders in Rhodesia last year. The truth is that the African troops performed bravely and loyally in inflicting defeat upon the terrorists.
It is an unpalatable truth for the Wilkies to swallow, but the overwhelming majority of the Africans in Rhodesia are solidly behind the Smith Government. They want to continue progressing in a stable, peaceful society and not to be plunged into a Congo or a Nigeria.

As for the South Africans being "chary" of assisting the Rhodesians, the South African Prime Minister, Mr. John Vorster, has stated quite clearly that the Rhodesians will be given any assistance required to meet Communist-backed terrorists from the north.

Perhaps Mr. Wilkie's most subtle poison is his comment that "It is even whispered that the Vorster Cabinet has given consideration to the concept of an African regime in Rhodesia and finds it not unattractive. The South Africans feel they could deal with it and direct it rather more readily than the present group of stiff-necked men at Salisbury…"

All this is pure fantasy presented by a man posing as an expert on international affairs. And it is circulated throughout Australia by a chain of newspapers whose standards have become progressively lower. Rhodesia stands firm as a barrier against Communist strategy in Africa, and every attack upon Rhodesian independence can only encourage the Communist strategists.


"The Australian High Commissioner in London, Sir Alexander Downer, has told Britain its withdrawal from east of Suez will cause a loss of good will in Australia. The Daily Mail quoted him as saying: 'we think the Britain of today is flying the Union Jack at half-mast. You have announced to the world that your future is going to be that of a second-rate power. In all the countries that are Britain's best friends there must be a great disillusionment, a lack of belief in future British promises." - The Herald, Melbourne. March 4.

Sir Alexander Downer is to be commended on his continuing efforts to arouse the British to cease accepting policies of scuttle. But while it is true that there is plenty of defeatism in Britain, as there is in all Western nations, it is not defeatism, which is the major cause of Britain's position, but conscious treachery. There has been a conscious policy of subverting Britain from within as a major feature of destroying the British world and its stabilising influence in international affairs.
The policy was in operation before the Second World War, but it was under cover of that war that the policy was intensified.

The Socialists have been the main instruments through which the policy of treachery has been advanced, but the Conservatives must accept their share of the blame. It was the Conservatives who initiated the first major blow against the British Commonwealth with their campaign to surrender British sovereignty in the European Economic Community. The Socialists realised the deep-seated antipathy of the British people to the Common Market and so created the impression that they were going to continue the policy laid down by the late Hugh Gaitskell. But as soon as Harold Wilson was in office, the tune changed and soon it became clear that Wilson was just as dedicated to destroying the British Commonwealth, as is Edward Heath.
This complete change (or apparent change from previous opposition) was of itself striking evidence of the existence of a highly organised campaign of subversion within Britain.

Some idea of the source of this campaign may be obtained by asking who is helping to finance this campaign. This leads to people like Sigmund Warburg, the international financier, and similar people, who are neither British by origin nor by feeling.


"Admiral Adhar Kumar Chatterji, Chief of Indian Naval Staff, said today that the Indian Navy would be in charge of the Indian Ocean when the British fleet withdraws in 1971. He told a ceremonial parade yesterday that the Indian Navy would be getting more ships and would recruit more men." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 4.

Not even the greatest admirers of the Indians could visualise India as a major naval power. The important fact is that the ships and equipment is to be provided by the Soviet Union. Soviet naval chief Sergei Gorshkov visited Indian naval centres last month. He was following up talks between Soviet leader Kosygin and Mrs. Indira Nehru of India on the necessity of preventing the USA and Red China from moving into the vacuum. But it enables Soviet Union to move into the Indian Ocean under the guise of helping India.


'Penalties of $1000 or more for racial discrimination are being considered by the British Government, parliamentary correspondents said today. This would put teeth into the powers of the Race Relations Board for the first time." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 4.

There appears to be no depth to the sickening hypocrisy of the Socialist Government in Britain. It was Prime Minister Harold Wilson who referred to a Conservative MP as a "moral leper" because he had been elected on a policy of restricting non-European immigration. And yet the same Mr. Wilson has rushed through legislation to prevent a mass exodus of Indians from Kenya to Britain.
It is reported that the Wilson Government is bringing down harsher legislation on alleged racial discrimination inside Britain in an endeavour to offset the bad effects of the legislation against the Indians from Kenya. It will be noticed that all the do-gooders who are always sounding off about "racial discrimination" are significantly silent about the racial discrimination being practised against Asians by Africans in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.


"The alternatives in Vietnam are now stark and mutually exclusive: All-out war- or negotiation. And all the signs point to all-out war. The prospects of negotiation are gloomier now than at any stage in the previous three years." - Defence and diplomatic correspondent in The Age, Melbourne February 29.

President Lyndon Johnson is undoubtedly a worried man, and realises that his only chance of surviving politically is to persuade the American people that he is not going to settle for defeat in Vietnam. More troops are to be sent to Vietnam. This is superficially impressive, but President Johnson could send a million men to South Vietnam without achieving very much while nothing is done to ensure that the Communist troops are deprived of the flood of Soviet economic and military aid reaching them.
There is no doubt about what American military leaders want to do about this. A report from Honolulu in The Herald, Melbourne, of March 4 states that "In the briefing room at Admiral Sharp's headquarters above Pearl Harbour great emphasis is put on aerial photographs at the port of Haiphong. The latest of these show four Soviet Freighters at the dockside - and vast mounds of supplies piled up along a mall leading from the waterfront into the city. More than that, the supplies are also stored in the open along the residential streets radiating from the port. A visitor in Honolulu is left in no doubt about what the military wants to do about this target. They want to blow it into the water, regardless of the risks of hitting the Soviet ships or the civilian population."

There will be no "all-out war until American military leaders are permitted to do everything possible to blockade not only Haipong, but also the whole of the North Vietnamese coastline.


"The Yemen Republic would shortly send a delegation to Peking on an important mission, Yemen Radio said last night. The broadcast said "It will be an exceedingly significant visit, which will discuss America's aggression against the Yemen through Saudi Arabia. "' - The Australian March 5.

This, obscure report confirms the warnings of Middle East experts who have been warning that Red China as well as the Soviet Union is penetrating into the Middle East.


This question will be answered by Mr. Jeremy Lee, formerly of Kenya, in a lecture at the Collins Room, Federal Hotel, Melbourne, on Wednesday March 13, 8 p.m. All Melbourne readers invited together with their with their friends.


"Rhodesian Chief Justice Sir Hugh Beadke tonight rejected appeals by two African condemned murderers and said 'It is to be deplored that the Queen was brought into this… Her Majesty is quite powerless in this matter…It is not a personal decision by Her Majesty but by her Government." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 6.

The forthright statement by the Rhodesian Chief Justice, a man generally regarded as opposed to the Smith Government, is of the greatest significance. Sir Hugh Beadke also said that since 1961 the Smith Government had been the only government with the power to exercise the prerogative of mercy. In other words, only the Rhodesian Government can advise the Queen concerning Rhodesian issues.
The Wilson Government's attempt to use the Queen demonstrates once again just what depths to which the Socialists are prepared to sink in an endeavour to achieve their ends. If Mr. Wilson is genuinely concerned about humanitarian questions he will find plenty to engage his interest in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


Continuing our study of "The Money Vote"

At the present moment the Victorian Government is faced with almost industrial anarchy. Essential services could grind to a halt and bring the whole State to a standstill. The Government is rushing through emergency legislation to deal with the situation. There is little doubt that key people trained in the techniques of agitation and Union control are demonstrating the great power they have. This power resides in their hands purely and simply because of the accepted economic theories of our day, which ensures that no section of society, employer and employee; producer and consumer, will ever be free from the pressures generated by inflation, a rising cost structure, and a continual erosion of purchasing power.
The Communist believes this process is inherent within what is termed the "capitalist" society.

Thinking on the subject is continuously being conditioned to make people believe that financial security is impossible without the acceptance of more and more government "planning" in practically every sphere of society. Such planning in essence is socialism. The direction and control of the individual by the State.

The League's objectives stand clearly in opposition to such objectives and should be continually referred to by the student. A copy of the League's handbook is available to those without it price 20 cents posted.
As we are concerned with maintaining the freedom and security - in that order - of the individual let us return to previous notes quoted from the Vancouver Board of Trade Report, and also our notes on February 23 in the On Target Bulletin.

After quoting from the Vancouver Report - On Target Bulletin, February 9 - where the monetary system was described as "an economic voting mechanism and that "the basis of organised society is the belief of the individuals concerned that by association they will obtain the results they want…"
It is this principle, which is the essence of the private enterprise system.

The economic voting apparatus either works to enhance freedom of individuals to associate as producers or consumers, or, if tampered with to make it a restrictive instrument, bring it into disrepute. As our notes on February 23 said,
"There is nothing wrong with the private enterprise system of production; all its problems are related to the financial system."

It is essential that the student clearly grasp this basic principal, that it is a realistic objective to organise the financial system to give the individual both freedom and security. It is in the field of politics his economic security is threatened, and from where continuous interference in the economic system is derived.
Other authorities such as the Arbitration Court merely reflect in their findings the results of such interference.
Our problem is two-fold.
I. To educate the body politic in the realistic principles of sound financial policies.
II. To assist in the formulation of the necessary political sanctions to bring about the necessary policy changes.

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