Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

15 March 1968. Thought for the Week "The…call of assimilation, in all its multi-faceted aspects, is a soul-destroying tragedy that quenches the altar-fires of our faith and idealism, leaving only the cold ashes of a forgotten glory, of a rejected mission, of a trust betrayed."
Israel Abrahams, Chief Rabbi of South Africa - South African Jewish Times, September, 1964


"Both the U.S. and Soviet delegates condemned the executions." From an AAP report, The Age, Melbourne. March 8.

Readers will readily recognise "the executions" referred to above were those carried out under the authority of the Government of Rhodesia. The occasion has served again to demonstrate the close affinity between powerful groups situated in the USSR and the USA co-operating towards mutual objectives. Those objectives may be simply stated as being the destruction of national sovereignty and all those factors, which preserve the independence of nations to decide policies beneficial to their own destinies. The destruction of such national independence is impossible without the emasculation of the independent thought and liberty of the populace.

The execution of three particularly brutal terrorists is of little account to those forces concerned with solving the problem of taming the "rebellion" of the gallant handful of civilised people in Rhodesia. What is important to the supra-national force backing the Communist conspiracy is the strategic importance of Africa. All talk of Rhodesia's action as "monstrous and barbarous" is a mere blind to the real objective.
The cynical distortion of what was a straightforward process of justice is nauseating to those who can still recognise the realities of life. The sentence carried out by the sovereign authority charged with maintaining law and order.

The world wide propaganda emanating from Moscow, New York, Washington, London, Delhi etc controlled and directed by those favouring Communist policy, is designed to destroy that law and order. The objective in Africa was clearly pinpointed in On Target as far back as December 1966 when we quoted William Prye of the Daily Star, Canada who reported the statement of a U.N. diplomat who made it clear that Rhodesia was "The immediate target, and the real show down will be South Africa."

Lord Graham, Rhodesia's Minister for Defence and External Affairs pinpointed the conspiracy operating against Africa when in a speech late last year, he said that "international Communism with its stalking horse, the United Nations, had taken over one country after another not by aggression from without, but by erosion from within."
With such clear-headed men giving leadership the Rhodesians know what they are up against. Compare Lord Graham's understanding with that of Australia's Minister for External Affairs, Mr. Paul Hasluck and it is well realized how far the process of being "eroded from within" has gone.
Mr. Hasluck's main foreign policy plank is increasing co-operation with the U.N. and Co-existence with Communism!


Eric Butler reports from Auckland before leaving for North America:
Early next month there is to be a South-East Asia Treaty Organisation meeting. After this meeting, on April 4, Foreign Ministers of the seven Vietnam allied nations will also meet in Wellington. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Mr. Keith Holyoake, has also announced a meeting of the Anzus Council, comprising the United States, Australia and New Zealand, to be held on April 5.

During my few days in New Zealand I was shown documents concerning another international conference to be held in Wellington early next month. This is described by its organisers as an "International Conference on Vietnam, Seato and Political Stability in Asia." 500 delegates are expected to attend the conference, to be held at the Wellington Town Hall and at the University. The major purpose of this conference is to "confront almost 'face to face' these politicians (meeting in Wellington), to make a huge impact on the New Zealand and international press, to put rational alternative policies to the government and public."
Those organising the conference estimate that it will cost 12, 000 dollars (New Zealand), which indicates that a major effort is being made to use the meeting of the Seato nations in Wellington as an opportunity for a project which it is hoped will have a major impact in helping undermine resistance to the Communist thrust in Asia.
A large number of supporting organisations are listed, including the Vietnam Action Committee (Sydney) and Committee on Vietnam (Melbourne).

Amongst the imposing list of speakers who have agreed to attend is Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien former Irish Ambassador and UN official, who is described as the "negotiator of the Congo crisis." O'Brien "negotiated" the Congo crisis by using UN troops in the most brutal manner against civilians. He is now described as Albert Schweitzer Professor of Humanities at the New York University.
The late Dr. Schweitzer was strongly opposed to the UN action in the Congo: Felix Greene, the British writer will be present, while Australia is contributing Professor C.P. Fitzgerald of the Australian National University. Canberra, so-called "expert" on China, and Mr. Max Teichmann, senior lecturer in International Relations at the Monash University. He is described as an "expert" on non -alignment." There is no mention that Mr. Teichmann's writings are often to be seen in the Australian Communist press. One of the "background papers" is to be provided by the notorious Australian Communist, Wilfrid Burchett, who is the journalist upon whom many foreign correspondents rely when they visit North Vietnam.

The Wellington Conference is striking proof of the capacity of the international conspirators to stage major demonstrations to further their international psychological warfare. I have no doubt that this "face to face" confrontation will be widely featured throughout the world with the keen co-operation of the international press.


"Financiers and government treasuries today tensely await the ruling of the world's most powerful bankers who met in Basle, Switzerland, at the weekend to discuss the future of the U.S. dollar." - The Australian, March 11.

Bankers are only "powerful" in the international field because they manipulate a system of bookkeeping, which has never been reformed to conform to real measurements of wealth. There is nothing valuable about a heap of metal lodged at Port Knox, which is being raided by those countries - principally France - holding dollar reserves. That the U.S. economy should be threatened by an equation of dollars to gold - and treated seriously by responsible people is an idiocy beyond dispute. That the peace of mind and physical welfare of millions of innocent people should be held in the balance by such a process is sufficient proof of the moral bankruptcy of our leaders. But further than this and much more diabolical is the fact that the system operates to embarrass those forces opposing Communist Imperialism.
The British withdrawal has so been accomplished. The U.S. now faces the same attack.


"The United States, the Soviet Union and Britain today announced joint agreement to protect all countries renouncing their own nuclear weapons." - The Age, Melbourne, March 8.

For "United States, Soviet Union and Britain" read those political forces now at an advanced stage in each country which have sold out to the concept of "peaceful co-existence", i.e. the "peaceful co-existence" which sees existence patterned on the Socialist model. The U.S.S.R. would agree to nothing less, and any alliances, pacts, agreements etc entered into with other countries are a means towards that objective. Therefore this announced agreement is another major victory for the Communist policy makers over their "enemies."

The realistic policy for free peoples in both U.S. and Britain is to press for the export of nuclear weapons to as many freedom-loving countries as possible. The possession of such a means of defence would act as a great leveler in the hands of smaller nations against dictatorship and international bullying.
The Australian Government is expected to come to a decision on whether they will sign the agreement.
Apart from renouncing control over our own independence, how can we enter into any "defence" agreement with a nation already making war on us in Vietnam?

Here is an opportunity for our Government to demonstrate some independent policy action by insisting that they could never be party to the double dealing of Soviet policy makers. The lesson would be very instructive to the Americans.


"The U.S. Commander in Vietnam (General Westmoreland) has asked for 206,000 more troops and approval for hot pursuit into Cambodia and Laos." - The Age Melbourne, March 11.

American policy in Vietnam remains one of dealing with the effects of Communist strategy while leaving their key supply lines and sources of supply intact. Nowhere in all the reports of increased American activity, have we seen any sign of official recognition that the Port of Haiphong is the lifeline of the Communist supply system. The special edition of Intelligence Survey issued this month by the Australian League of Rights deals conclusively with the deliberate policies of compromise in Vietnam which enable the Communists to stay in the war. Every reader should ensure they have a supply for re-distribution. Supplies are available at the following rates: 15 cents each posted. $1.00 per dozen, $3.00 per 50; $5.00 per 100; $9.00 per 200. Order from P.O. Box 1052J; Melbourne, 3001, Victoria.
Readers are asked to see that every responsible person in their community receives a copy.


"Thousands of Britons evidently unhappy with their country's non-combatant role in Vietnam, are volunteering to fight there." - The Herald, Melbourne, March 5.

Every week an average of 500 men volunteer for service at either the U.S. or Australian embassies. As we commented last week, the Australian High Commissioner, Sir Alexander Downer, has been appealing to the British people not to accept policies of scuttle and defeat. He knows the real spirit of Britain still lives, and has appealed to the people over the heads of the politicians who are betraying the best traditions of Britain.

Political and economic policies pursued in England this century have consciously been designed to destroy the stabilising role of Britain throughout the world. The welfare state, or collective socialism, which destroys the independence and initiative of the individual is a disease of the intellect, fostered and promoted by those who have captured the party political system the mass media and the education institutions. It really has no relationship to the indefinable but real strength of a people.
A strength, which is spiritual and comes from an innate appreciation of real, not false, values.
A strength, which comes from placing life second to the preservation of such values, as witnessed by those in Britain who would go against their government's policies of treachery towards those values.

The revival of those values as a national force could be brought to life with perhaps only a small impetus from the right place at the right time. Such a possibility must haunt the dreams of those working to drive the British and all free people into the hell of the collective material state. The above report reveals the spirit, which could generate a revival in Britain is still very much alive.

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159