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9 April 2004. Thought for the Week: "The people who are most discouraged and made despondent by the barbarity and stupidity of human behaviour at this time are those who think highly of Homo Sapiens as a product of evolution, and who still cling to an optimistic belief in the civilising influence of progress and enlightenment. To them, the appalling outbursts of bestial ferocity in the Totalitarian States, and the obstinate selfishness and stupid greed of Capitalist Society, are not merely shocking and alarming. For them, these things are the utter negation of everything in which they have believed. It is as though the bottom had dropped out of their universe. The whole thing looks like a denial of all reason, and they feel as if they and the world had gone mad together."
Dorothy L. Sayers in "Creed or Chaos," 4th May, 1940.


Journalists will keep pushing the idea that Socialism/Marxism and what today could be referred to as Super-Capitalism are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum, as did The Age's journalist Virginia Trioli in her report of the Melbourne launch of the Sydney-based "Lowy Institute for International Policy;" a 'think tank' foundation, set up and funded by "Australia's second-richest man, Westfield chief Frank Lowy." (Melbourne Age 27th March, 2004.)
The reporter was obviously impressed with the gathering of the high-powered movers and shakers of Melbourne which included such notables as mining magnate Hugh Morgan, Commonwealth Games' chief Ron Walker, even former ACCC head Allan Fels as well as Ian McFarlane of the Reserve Bank.
She writes: "A night such as this is a portrait of the careful and measured way in which the powerbrokers of Melbourne listen to each other and are heard; how they measure the weight of an issue and find their place in it…"
Victoria's premier Steve Bracks was invited to pay homage to the illustrious gathering with a speech the reporter described as a: ".. new apotheosis of banality."
Can we sum up the interests this gathering of movers and shakers represented at this meeting? Easily. International finance-banking, business, law, politics - what Ivor Benson referred to as 'the new imperium' (see below).
If the reader will look closely at the categories of people represented, he will note that not one category actually produces real wealth himself!
They are all part of C.H. Douglas' "black-coated theorist's brigade". They have never grown a carrot, they have never tended the soil around an apple tree - they have never produced a useful article in all their lives. But through the social convention of Super-Capitalism's financial system they have gained unto themselves the power to direct (and reward or punish) the producers of real wealth - the real producer-capitalists.
The Lowy Institute, funded solely by Frank Lowy, Sydney billionaire-capitalist, "asserts itself as independent, which at first blush seems an impossible claim," writes Miss Trioli, but "…the makeup of its apparently left and right-leaning staff tempers that scepticism."
Some of our Victorian readers should free this reporter of the erroneous idea that Socialists and Capitalists can't work together and don't share long-term goals.

THE 'CAPITALIST SPIRIT' - system, expediency and calculation
How did this alien capitalist spirit permeate our western Christian thinking and where do we look for the original source? The Intelligence Survey September, 1983, recorded how Werner Sombart ("The Hapsburg Monarchy") directed his readers to the earlier development of the 'capitalist' spirit within the western Christian world. Sombart wrote that all the elements of Puritanism which really contributed to the growth of this Capitalist spirit, in what was the western Christian world, were drawn from the Jewish religion….

Business is business - system, expediency and calculation their guide
Sombart laid down the principle that the man of business can have no other object than the making of profit. System, expediency, and calculation are his three guides. These fundamental postulates of capitalism (alien to the traditional, historical Christian outlook or world view...ed) are to be found in the Jewish religion…"
Distributist and social crediter, Anthony Cooney, in "Social Credit - Aspects" went on to follow this stream of history through to the early days of the United States and the Puritan element which grew to such positions of power within that nation. The six hundred families which now constitute an American 'aristocracy' can trace their descent back to the Mayflower's passenger list.
In the chapter "Myths of the Mayflower" he presents evidence that the so-called 'pilgrims' of the Mayflower voyage fame, left not England but Holland where the Puritans were already enjoying power, and their purpose was not to escape religious intolerance but to establish it in the New World. ("Social Credit - Aspects.")

Eric Butler in "The Enemy Within the Empire," traces the movements of the same forces into England and eventually Australia. Easily identified when one knows what to look for.
Anthony Cooney summed it up thus:
"The triumph of Puritanism in America through the Mayflower myth is still resonating. Hybridized with secular Liberalism your common or garden Puritan of today need have no Christian beliefs whatsoever…" Or he might identify himself as a Judaeo-Christian!

Essential reading:
"Social Credit - Aspects" by Anthony Cooney
"The Enemy Within the Empire" by Eric D. Butler

The outstanding writer Ivor Benson in his book In This Age of Conflict helps us to understand how these groups have gained such power.
"Knowledge can be of two kinds: knowledge of the world outside ourselves, the macrocosm, and knowledge of the kingdom within, the microcosm, both of them boundless.
The better we know ourselves the easier it will be to know the world; alternatively, the better we know the world, so much easier it will be to know ourselves and our deepest and most enduring needs.
It is not more and more knowledge that we need for the purpose of strengthening our position as individuals, but only knowledge of a kind that holds together and makes sense. We need a coherent interpretation of the history of the age in which we live and an insight into what it is that we must have if we are to be physically well and in good spirits.

The following paragraph from a book by three university historians, published in 1949, will serve as a starting point for an exploration of what they describe as "this age of conflict":
Two world wars and their intervening wars, revolutions and crises are now generally recognised to be episodes in a single age of conflict which began in 1914 and has not yet run its course. It is an age that has brought to the world more change and tragedy than any other in recorded history. Yet, whatever may be its ultimate meaning and consequence, we can already think of it and write of it as a 'historic whole'.
An age of conflict that must be thought of "as a whole" must also be capable of being explained and understood as a whole; therefore, it is a highly condensed and simplified synopsis of the history of our century that we must have if the seemingly interminable succession of "episodes" of conflict and tragedy is to be seen as a whole and understood.
The method I have chosen is to begin with a list of categorical statements which can be developed and expanded later and supported with an extensive bibliography. Here they are:
· Our century of conflict is the product of an alliance of money and intellect, with intellect almost invariably subordinate to, and at the service of, money; money being in the 20th century the primary source of great power.
· We need to find and identify the changes which have occurred in the realms of money and of intellect, changes which have made this century so different from all others in recorded history.
The change which has occurred in the realm of money is this:
· Constellations of finance-capitalism which had been separate and nationally oriented were absorbed into a greater constellation of finance-capitalism serving a different set of long-term interests.

The change which occurred in the realm of intellect is this:
· Christian orthodoxy was replaced by an ideology of socialism as the basis of a consensus intellectual frame of reference and system of values. This socialism or secular religion has given rise to what the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung has described as a "psychic epidemic" now afflicting the educated classes in the West.
· The changes which heralded our century of conflict were first clearly visible in South Africa in the late 1890s, producing the Anglo-Boer War (the first of three great fratricidal wars in the West), the beginning of the end of the British Empire and the beginning of a new and unprecedented kind of world imperium - money-powered, race-oriented, Zionist national-socialist.
· These changes in money and intellect have drawn the peoples of the West into a dialectical trap, with money as thesis, socialism as antithesis and the new imperium as synthesis; money incessantly concentrates power, socialism promises the total dispersal and distribution of power; the resolution of this contradiction supplies the new imperium with its dynamic."

Super-Capitalism and Socialism may have their differences and their oppositions of interest but these are unimportant when compared with what they have in common. What did Virginia Trioli write of the Frank Lowy meeting in Melbourne?
"A night such as this is a portrait of the careful and measured way in which the powerbrokers of Melbourne listen to each other and are heard; how they measure the weight of an issue and find their place in it…"

We see the dialectical charade being played out in our Parliaments every day
Money (Liberals) as thesis, socialism (Labor) as antithesis and the policies of the New Imperium as synthesis. A ghastly reminder of the fruits of the policies of the New Imperium was beamed around the world via TV just this week: "That of the burned American bodies, mutilated, dismembered and hung in triumph over the Euphrates River." Paul Kelly The Australian 3-4/4/04.


Journalist and author John Pilger has disclosed (New Statesman 19th March 2003):
The "Blair government has secretly authorised the sale of vast quantities of arms and terror equipment to Israel. These include leg-irons, electric shock belts and chemical and biological agents. No matter that Israel has defied more United Nations resolutions than any other state since the founding of the world body. Last October, the UN General Assembly voted by 144 to four to condemn the wall that Israel has cut through the heart of the West Bank, annexing the best agricultural land, including the aquifer system that provides most of the Palestinians' water. Israel, as usual, ignored the world."


Human activity -- according to a report by a UN panel -- made the 1990s the warmest decade in a very long time. Furthermore, the report implies that human activity has been the only source of climate variability over the past millennia.
However, according to David R. Legates -- Director of the Center for Climatic Research at University of Delaware and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute -- the UN IPCC report rests on a seriously flawed analysis of global temperatures.
In a new study, Legates and his colleagues, Harvard astrophysicists Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon, found strong evidence for significant temperature variation over the past thousand years. "After examining more than 240 individual proxy records analyzed by nearly 1000 researchers, we concluded that taken individually, proxy records offer strong support for the widespread existence of both a Medieval Warm Period (~A.D. 800 to 1300) and a Little Ice Age (~A.D. 1400 to 1850)," writes Legates in a new op-ed for Tech Central Station.
Legates, Baliunas and Soon also found several flaws in the influential study, by University of Virginia scientist Michael Mann, that argued that global mean temperatures were flat for the past millennium but then rose sharply over the last century -- like the shape of a hockey stick.
"Mann's curve shows a 0.95ºC warming during the 20th Century -- a figure that grossly exceeds the IPCC assessment of a 0.6ºC warming during the same time period," Legates writes. "Mann's claim that the 1990s were the warmest decade becomes completely unfounded if the IPCC figure is used instead (as Mann had used on some of his earlier graphs). Mann's claim is also unfounded if his own proxy reconstruction or the satellite-based temperature record (which shows only a slight warming during the late 1900s) is used."
In addition, some of Mann's results could not be reproduced and relied on insufficient or inappropriate proxy sources. (For example, four of the twelve proxy sources he used to construct a temperature curve for the Northern Hemisphere were taken from the Southern Hemisphere.)
Concludes Legates: "We must take a closer look at the science of the 'hockey stick' and, in this case, ask the question, 'How much of the warming of the 20th Century was 'man-induced' and how much of it is 'Mann-induced'?"
See "A Scientific Stick Check," by David R. Legates (Tech Central Station, 23/3/04) https://www.independent.org/tii/news/040323Legates.html


Thanks to the generous giving of our readers and supporters the Basic Fund's total is climbing.
The figure has reached $19,306.60 and I know there has been sacrificial giving in that which has been gratefully received. Nearly a third of the way.


The Australian Monarchist League is to be commended for the sterling work they are doing to keep everyone informed of the latest moves in the 'push for a republic'. We encourage our readers and supporters, where possible to work together with them on this most important issue.
Chairman of the AML Mr. Phillip Benwell reports.
The Senate Inquiry into a republic have provided further information on the meetings in Parramatta and Melbourne, however no times have yet been advised.
The Parramatta meeting, taking place on the 13th April 2004 at the start of school holidays, will be at the Carlton Hotel, Parramatta.
The meeting in Melbourne on the 14th April 2004 will be at the Melbourne Town Hall.
Please encourage as many people as possible to attend these meetings. If you have put in a submission and would like to speak, then please email the Inquiry at: legcon.sen@aph.gov.au stating that you wish to make a verbal submission.
Or write to:
Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, Room S1.61, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 AUSTRALIA. Or Telephone: (02) 6277 3560 Fax: (02) 6277 5794

Mr. Benwell adds, "I am preparing further briefing notes, this time relative to the Public Hearings, and will email these once completed. With every good wish, Philip Benwell
National Chairman, Australian Monarchist League, secretary@monarchist.org.au"

Report the Inquiry website has discontinued publishing responses
"The Inquiry seems to have discontinued publishing responses on their website, probably because the majority are now firmly against the holding of the Inquiry and against a republic.
The response from members and supporters has been tremendous. However, the message has still not got through to the Senator members of the Inquiry that their dream of a republic is not the dream of the People of Australia, for they have now scheduled their Public Hearings around Australia as follows:
NSW - Parramatta - Tuesday 13 April 2004
Vic - Melbourne - Wednesday 14 April 2004
WA - Perth - Tuesday 18 May 2004
SA - Adelaide - Wednesday 19 May 2004
Tas - Hobart - Thursday 20 May 2004
Qld - Townsville - Tuesday 29 June 2004
NT - Darwin - Wednesday 30 June 2004
One wonders why the Inquiry is not sitting in Sydney and Brisbane! We will advise the places of meeting and the times when they become available.
However if you are willing to appear before a Hearing in your area, please email or otherwise contact the Inquiry on: legcon.sen@aph.gov.au to request that you be allowed to do so."


Not enough debt-free money 'to go round'
Our seasoned letter-writer Ron Fischer of Ballarat, Victoria, wrote to his local paper earlier this year, responding to a letter writer's call for public funding for decaying road surfaces in the town. His response was as follows:
"Your message about the decay of the road surface in Gillies Street, is received and understood. Unfortunately, the breakdown of infrastructure is endemic in our politico-economic system. Hospitals are short of funding. Six months ago an operation at a major Melbourne hospital had to be delayed because a head clamp broke and there was no replacement available. An alternative was summoned from another Melbourne hospital - brought by taxi. If that happened here in Ballarat how long would you wait for the alternative to come from Melbourne, Ararat (if available) or Horsham? Ballarat Base Hospital is already showing signs of poverty so the question of the above scenario is not whether but when. But John Howard says, "what health crisis?"

It is unproductive for Labor supporters to blame the Howard Government or for Coalition supporters to blame the State Governments.
The simple and unpalatable fact is that the politico-economic system does not generate enough money in its entire activity to do all that is necessary.
Two factors have masked this reality in the past. In several decades from 1954 onwards, we could export all we produce. There was full employment and debt was negligible. The second mask is the advent and stupendous growth of credit card use and the unpaid debt so embraced. This debt is exacerbated by in-store credit - buy now pay nothing for fifteen months. All is debt and has been the crutch on which the economy has survived for at least three decades.

The masks are crumbling. Debt cannot be expanded ad infinitum. With all humility and sympathy for your interest in Gillies Street, I ask you Clive, what aspect of public funding would you deny in order to have Gillies Street fixed?
The initiative won't come from the politicians. It won't come from economists either. If economists fixed the economy there'd be little use for economists and most would be unemployed." (emphasis added…ed)
Yours truly, Ron Fischer, Ballarat.


Just two days later Ron Fischer had the following letter published:
"Sure, I believe that the federal Government should spend more money on tertiary education. (The Courier January 20). I also think our hospital needs more funding. There are many signs of poverty there. And while they're at it, they should replace the nineteenth century bridges that still exist, albeit precariously in our rural areas. Don't forget the deer Park bypass and the toxic waste dump, and the crumbling streets and footpaths of Ballarat, and ---, and --.
Oppositions that claim the government, no matter which arty nominates the Premier or Prime Minister, isn't spending enough on this or that should be challenged to say where they would deny funding in order to fund that or this. Either that or revamp the economic rules so that what is physically possible becomes financially possible."
Yours truly, Ron Fischer, Ballarat


"Shops are overflowing. Excess of everything. Tempting bait on hooks comes in mail boxes, newspapers, television, radio and telephone. Offers of no deposit, 30%-50% off. -- Off what? Prosperity pleading to be shared simply with credit card or 'pay later'!
Less producers too. No need for every person to join the workforce. More dads at home and more mums toiling outside at full or part time jobs.
Many are up to necks in debt, trying to pay off "heat of the moment" loans. Items from overseas fight for space on supermarket shelves. Dwindling primary producers seek survival with over seas markets
Release the pressure, be happy with what you have. Whatever your income, live within it. Families could survive on small-change coins, bank notes and cheques. Too many take the bait of "pay later" extended credit agreement or loans. Some never pay off the original debt, but increase the agony with more borrowing.
Many or most of the new cars in suburbia will not be paid off - but will be traded on another vehicle with loan attached. Loans add a ten-per-cent or more cost to income and lessen spending power for other items - often more essential.
The power of advertising and persuasion pushes temptation to replace reality. The joy of Christmas loses gloss when a debt remains at Easter.
My late father used to say: Travel between two good friends - a pound note in each pocket."
Another wise head remarked: "If we can't pay cash, we do not buy." Simple arithmetic - "live within your means."

Stress, discord, violence are the fruits of economic turmoil. Good health and energy produce zest for walking and shopping. Curiosity takes the mind beyond horizons. We all need to read, write, talk, sing, recite and keep alert the marbles of the mind.
Appreciate the blessings of good eyesight and hearing. Conversations and laughter are the oil that purrs the human engine.
Enjoy today's sunset - tomorrow's golden sunrise. More is in all of us!
Neil McDonald, Highton Vic.


The next gathering of the CSC will be held on Monday 5th April, 2004 at the Public Schools' club, 207 East Terrace (cnr. Carrington) Adelaide. A two-course Dinner, $18 per person, will be served from approx. 6.30pm. Guest speaker on "Sex Education in the Schools", is Mr. David d'Lima, J.P., B.Th., Dip. Ed. David, a member of Festival of Light, has served in a full-time 'faith' capacity since 1994.
Children in South Australian State Schools have been exposed to morally bankrupt sex education for many years. But in 2003 a far worse attack upon their welfare surfaced when 15 State Schools began trialling the controversial "Share" sex education curriculum. David will reveal why many parents were outraged by the package and why the Labor Government has been forced to reconsider its approach.
Bookings to be in by Thursday 1st April by phoning: 8296 4704. The message will be taped by the Mayo Tape Library as usual. Readers of On Target can obtain a copy of the address by ordering from Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, South Australia 5245.


"Magna Carta" - Its continuing importance in our lives today. Price$ 8.00 posted
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Excerpt: The Magna Charta 1225, which is still valid today and is the hallmark of our freedom and liberties, states: "No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned or be disseised of his freehold, or liberties, or free customs or be outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed, nor will we not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgement of his peers, or by the law of the land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either justice or right.
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"The Essential Christian Heritage" - Magna Carta - Individual Sovereignty - English Common Law - Charity - Representative Government -Personal Responsibility by Eric D. Butler. Price $3.50 posted.
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