Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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14 May 2004. Thought for the Week: Capt. Martin Toohey: "In conclusion, is there a general statement you would like to make on the whole affair?"
Lt. Col. Lance Collins: "I wouldn't be pursuing this course if I didn't think it was important for the well-being of the army and the defence force in general. As the leader of the Czech Republic said, 'You don't wake up one morning and decide you're going to be a dissident.' It happens because your moral choices and the force of circumstances diverge. You just find yourself cast out from the system and in conflict with it."
Interview of Lt. Col. Lance Collins by Capt. Martin J.Toohey, Victoria Barracks, Sydney 2003.


by Jeremy Lee
Small children learning about history and citizenship at the beginning of last century easily digested the principle that all should be equal before the law. But few learn that principle these days, and conventional justice through the courts is the privilege of the few.
Coupled with this fact is a deluge of laws so vast that no-one can grasp the full extent of the legal invasion. Humans have fewer and fewer choices about work and leisure, and are curbed with well-meaning but irritating restraints on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of property, freedom of consumption and thousands of other quite puritanical invasions of action.

Cicero, in collapsing Rome, said: "The more laws, the less justice". The Roman historian Tacitus added: "The more corrupt the State, the more numerous the laws".
The Australian, (29/4/04) had an article on the growth of law in Australia. It said:
"…. There has been a relentless rise in government power. In the first decade of the 1900s 23 new acts of commonwealth legislation were passed each year on average. At the beginning of this century the annual average is more than six times higher. In 2003 the Commonwealth Parliament passed 150 new acts …."

State governments and local councils add their own share of acts and regulations. The tyranny of law is now with us. In May 1992 Mr David Miles QC, president of the Law Council of Australia wrote to The Australian (15/5), saying inter alia:
"…. The proliferation of laws in Australia is opposed by the legal profession, even though our parliaments, by their lack of control, no doubt create work for lawyers. The Law Council of Australia has repeatedly called upon governments and parliaments to stop inflicting such massive amounts of complex laws on the community …"

Added weight was given by Gordon Hughes, president of the Law Institute of Victoria, who wrote:
"In 1990, Federal Parliament passed more than 3,000 pages of new legislation. When rules and regulations are added, the total volume of new federal law that year alone took nearly 6,000 pages to document. Victorian lawyers had to cope with more than 3,000 pages of Victorian statutes, rules and regulations as well …."
The average Bible is about 1,200 pages. Thus the Commonwealth is adding the equivalent of more than 4 Bibles to our laws and regulations each twelve month. Victoria adds another two!

Perhaps the last word should be left to the late unlamented Adolf Hitler, in his chapter on totalitarianism in Mein Kampf:
"There is no way to rule innocent men. The only power and government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What's there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted - and you create a nation of law breakers …."


It seems terrible to suggest that, after the huge loss of life, the destruction of property and infrastructure and the monumental debts incurred, the war in Iraq is now being lost. But the "coalition of the willing" has now humiliated Iraqis to such an extent that all old religious divisions are being side-lined, and a new, implacably-united Iraqi face is being turned on the occupiers. Any idea of a smooth transition to a false "sovereignty" on June 30, with power over defence, economy and oil still in the hands of the Americans is ludicrous.

Unless some way of creating a firm agreement between the United Nations and sectarian leaders in Iraq for an interim administration can be reached, it would be better for the "coalition of the willing" to withdraw unconditionally on June 30, abandoning any plans to exert control over oil, or keep military bases in the region. The Iraqis could hardly make a worse job of it than at present, and may very well produce a spirit of unity in which re-building could commence.


This is the America of Vietnam, napalm and agent orange, whose school of Americas at Fort Benning exists for the purpose of training home-grown terrorists, largely for the deployment in Latin America.
5,000 Iraqis marched on a fort in Najaf on Sunday 11th April, 2004, to protest at the closure of a newspaper and the United States arrest warrant on a cleric. Suddenly soldiers opened up killing 30 and wounding hundreds of women and children. It turns out these were mercenaries from Blackwater Security (4 fools set up by Mossad).

An attack by hundreds of Iraqi militia members on the United States Government Headquarters in Najaf on Sunday was repulsed not by the United States military, but by eight commandos from a private security firm, according to sources familiar with the incident. Before United States reinforcements could arrive, the firm, Blackwater Security Consulting, sent in its own helicopters amid an intense firefight to resupply its commandos with ammunition and to ferry out a wounded marine, the sources said.

Today, in occupied Iraq, Israeli special forces are teaching the Americans how to "wall in" a hostile population, in the same way that Israel has walled in the Palestinians in pursuit of the Zionist dream of an apartheid state.
The State Department is the body with experience in international affairs and administration. The civilians in the Department of Defense only know how to blow things up….(and are) staffed with .. Neoconservatives most of whom had no administrative experience, no Arabic, and no respect for Muslim culture.
In the case of the United Kingdom, clueless Ministers who have little knowledge of the Middle East and its culture, have sought to justify the invasion with the support of craven, self-interested fellow 'New Labour' politicians in Westminster.
From British On Target 3rd & 17th April, 2004.


More than 50 former British Ambassadors have signed a joint open letter to the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The signatures represent the combination of all past diplomatic skill in Britain, and is completely unprecedented. The subject concerns the endorsement of both Blair and President Bush of Israel's Ariel Sharon plan to pull out of the Gaza Strip, while continuing occupation of the West Bank. The letter pointed out that any semblance of the Road Map for Peace had been sabotaged, in exchange for a new policy which is "one-sided and illegal and which will cost more Israeli and Palestinian blood." …Also included were these sentiments:
"This abandonment of principle comes at a time when rightly or wrongly we are portrayed throughout the Arab and Muslim world as partners in an illegal and brutal occupation of Iraq.

All those with experience of the area predicted that the occupation of Iraq by the Coalition forcers would meet serious and stubborn resistance as has proved to be the case. To describe the resistance as led by terrorists, fanatics and foreigners is neither convincing nor helpful. Policy must take account of the nature and history of Iraq, the most complex country in the region…..

The letter concluded:
"… there is no case for supporting policies which are doomed to failure."
The letter was included in the BBC news in Britain on April 26th. What can one say? That the invasion of Iraq was partly Israeli foreign policy is slowly emerging into the open. The whole tragic business marks a turning point in the strength and prestige of the Western World. The implications for all of us will be staggering. Yet still only a minority understand what is happening.


by Bevan O'Regan
"What seemed a rather simple one-page letter to Oz News sixteen months ago has become a major talking point. Graham Strachan, B004).
Yes, I am a Barrister, has said if people follow my home-made laws they will look silly and be discredited. (On Target articles in Feb/Mar.2 friend of Graham and I am still lending his book, 22 Steps to Global Tyranny to people.
The story in the Oz News was about representatives being invited to join government organisations and being given the title of "stakeholders". Unfortunately stakeholders eventually became part of the problem and can never be part of the solution.
A good example is COAG. Even though COAG has no Commonwealth Constitution credibility, Local Government was asked to send along a delegate to help in the decision-making. COAG has about 20 groups or organisations. The chances of influencing a decision is also about one in 20! Unfortunately, for instance, when a decision is made that is in conflict with Local Government, someone will say, "You were there, you had your chance; that's democracy."

COAG is a think-tank, no more no less. Unfortunately, again, when COAG says jump, stupid "stakeholders" ask "how high?"
Instead of decisions of national importance being made by duly elected people bound by methods put in place by our Founding Fathers, surrounded by common law, decisions are made by "stakeholders", who are, invariably, party political appointees who know that if they don't 'toe-the-line' they won't have party endorsement at the next election.

Now to get to my conflict with Graham
The fact is Graham is quite correct. Subsequent laws made by parliament are over-ruling previous Acts of Parliament; even though those previous acts are bound by common law or our Commonwealth Constitution. I know detail can be boring, but let me explain (from my own experience in Local Government [LG]) how a very important planning instrument, the "1979 Environmental Planning & Assessment Act" (1979 EP& A Act), is being over-ridden by subsequent, or new Acts of Parliament in NSW.

In 1979 the NSW Parliament enacted this EP&A Act, giving acknowledgement to Magna Carta Section 29, which says, in principle, you cannot take something away unless you pay compensation. Each State now has its own compensation laws to accommodate this basic principle.
To prove how important this EP&A Act is, I will list the age-old Acts that constitute this planning instrument. They are:
The Real Property Act of 1900
The Land & Valuation Act of 1916
The Conveyancing Act of 1919
and of course the Local Government Act also of 1919.

At this stage it is critical to keep in mind
Where I am coming from
Where Graham is coming from.
I am saying Acts of Parliament, until repealed, should have force and Graham is correctly saying the Parliaments are creating statutes on Friday that overrule a statute created last Monday. To keep using this EP&A Act as our example let's see where it comes from and what is its purpose in life.

The Act was born in the State's Planning Department and given to Local Government: To plan, to zone and to guarantee "use".
Now I hope people can appreciate my frustration. After being on Council for 22 years, and having seen certificates issued to people telling them what USES can be carried out on their property, a judge now tells us that Torrens Title Freehold Land "USE RIGHTS" can be overturned by an Act of Parliament called the "1997 Native Conservation and Vegetation Act."

"Continuance" means the continuance of all the Fee Simple rights guaranteed at the point or time of sale.
Now, all of a sudden, a seven-year-old Vegetation Act contradicts Section 107 and places a new meaning on the word "continuance".
Unfortunately, and I keep saying this, this EP&A is a stumbling block for an easy take-over of land use by the government. There had to be a way, and the way came with the compliance, or acceptance if you like, of Agenda 21.

Yes, it was Ros Kelly, the 'whiteboard-girl' who signed us into the environment "cringe". "This "cringe "is so embarrassingly dominant that it is acceptable to break little rules like having Parliament ignore common law and the Commonwealth Constitution. Yes, Agenda 21 is dominating the minds of politicians, yet it has never been before the people at a constitutional level. Again, Graham is stating the obvious.

I am trying to support the Christian democratic system our Founding Fathers thought was an impregnable document. But checks and balances of the 1890's are no match for the level of corruption we have in the year 2004. If I am correct in my assumption of the anarchy we have on our doorstep, where on the historical calendar are we positioned?
We could well be where Argentina was post war.
We could well be positioned 10 years before property owners had to flee Kenya.
We could well be at a point where Ian Smith was about to hand over the reins to Zimbabwe.

I certainly don't know, but I do know the politicians using the word "environment" are using Acts of Regulation to overrule Acts put in place 100 years ago. Acts that specifically were framed to protect Fee Simple Absolute (FSA), Torrens Freehold Title of land.
And now the rightful "use" of that land, by framing Parliamentary statutes, is to make null and void those live Acts. In NSW The Native Vegetation & Conservation Act is an Act of Regulation and the EP&A Act is a "planning" Act. Local Government uses the EP&A Act every hour of every day to plan, to zone, and to direct a property owner's "use" right.
I believe Australia wont see a change until politicians wake up that their penthouse or their palatial home on the water-front is at the same risk as a dairy farm or wheat or sheep farms.

My next question is interesting. How far are we away from civil disobedience? In the last six months we have seen two blockades by forty cars to stop officers of "The Natural Resources" from entering private land to serve a notice in our area. In the first blockade, the officers were surrounded for two hours until the police came and broke the line and let the officers return to their base. The police respected the act of trespass, and did not permit the officers to proceed on to the private property. These officers did not seek the necessary permission in writing, a mandatory practice by common law.
In the second blockade, the officers stopped a kilometre short when they saw about 45 cars at the farmer's driveway.

In conclusion readers of this journal will, I hope, realise
Graham is telling us what does happen
I am telling you what should happen.
Our Founding Fathers took a long time to write the Constitution. It was to anticipate corruption -- they were right."


Some snippets from website:
South Africa is the murder capital of the world
Judge Els said that the death penalty, "is the only punishment that will deter others from committing this type of crime."
Judge Els was referring to the murder of two-year old Alexander Strydom. He was sleeping between his mother and father when robbers broke in and began firing. His father, Rousseau, had not locked his gun in a safe and pulled it out from under the bed and shot the attacker to death. It is a proven fact that states which have the death penalty have lower murder rates than those who have abolished it.

Letter to the editor: South Africa's TV Censors Crime News
Here in the Free State during the past week four young thugs raided a family and not only raped the mother, but also her daughters and her grand-daughters. No, this did not reach the headlines or TV. The grandmother said she would like her family to punish these thugs.
Two days ago a young girl was raped in a toilet in a shopping centre here in Bloemfontein. Again, no headline news and no mention on TV.
This scum of our society must be destroyed and not be allowed to languish in jail. These two episodes have the potential seeing another six women being infected with Aids. Most women in South Africa, and in particular the townships, will know that this sort of thing is happening every day.
I call on the women of South Africa to make themselves heard, and insist that the people they vote for will have their safety at heart, which must include violent treatment for violent people.
All murderers and rapists deserve the hangman's noose.
Signed: Candida Pax, Bandbos South Africa.

Politicians love unarmed victims
If you are up to date with the happenings in SA you will be aware that the first step in total civilian disarmament, the Firearms Control Act, is being implemented. Consider the following fundamental flaws in this draconian piece of legislation, apart from the ANC's policy of total disarmament of the populace (started in 1994) and the inherent dangers that accompany total disarmament. This is precisely the reason for the Americans having the right to bear arms entrenched in their constitution…" Evan Summerson.

'Body-parts' merchants arrested
Bloemfontein -- Sapa: Five men were arrested in the Free State yesterday after a bag, filled with human body parts, was found in their possession.
The five, including a witchdoctor, were allegedly involved in a botched muti sale. They were arrested at a shack in the Freedom Square township, after police were tipped off. In the bag, they found a head a pair of hands and feet, intestines and genitals. It is estimated the man from whom the parts were taken was in his twenties. The witchdoctor was the alleged prospective buyer. Further investigation led police to a bloody site at a dam in nearby Bloemspruit, where the victim appeared to have been butchered."


The following comes from the pen of one of those self-confessed South African liberals -- Andrew Kenny in The Spectator 17th April, 2004:
"…Looking back over the two eras, I see a horrible continuity between apartheid and ANC rule. Both the National Party and the ANC had strong socialist instincts before coming to power, and a desire to nationalise the economy. Neither did so in government, both choosing instead a corporatist or fascist approach, in which the big corporations and trade unions were co-opted into arrangements with the state on the running of the economy. Both believe in an all-powerful state that must control every aspect of life. And of course both are obsessed with race, their all-consuming ideology. This has been a bitter pill for liberals like me to swallow. The hopes in the dying days of apartheid that soon at last we would judge a man on his worth and not his race have been dashed completely. We are now forced by law, under pain of huge penalties, to judge men by their skin colour.

Compulsory to classify by race
It is now compulsory for employers to classify their employees by race, to state whether they are white, 'African,' 'coloured' or 'Indian', and to submit a plan showing how they will change their racial proportions to match the ANC's racial master-plan. These ANC laws are very similar to the 1933 German laws to bring about a correct balance between 'Aryans' and 'non-Aryans'. At the universities, heads of departments must fill in lists giving even more racial details about their students. (Chinese students might or might not be classified as 'Asian', depending on whether they come from Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China.) Sports teams are disqualified if they do not have the correct racial quotas.

The centrepiece of the ANC's racial ideology is 'Black Economic Empowerment' (BEE). This gives jobs, promotion and contracts on the basis of black skin colour. Businesses must have BEE managers and must make their procurements with BEE companies, or else they will not get government contracts. White businessmen promote black men to high positions because of their political connections. This has produced an elite of black rentiers, who drive Mercedes and live in mansions, who become very rich, not by producing wealth, but by bestowing political patronage. At the same time, the economy is held in a strangling grip by the government, a few large corporations and the big trade unions.

In true fascist style, the three have come together to draw up highly restrictive labour laws, which cripple small businesses and shut the poor out of the economy. The result is massive unemployment, grinding poverty for the masses and sumptuous wealth for the lucky few.

Dominating the political scene is the small, neat, enigmatic figure of President Thabo Mbeki, who succeeded the altogether different Nelson Mandela. Mbeki has been the power behind South Africa's admirable (?) fiscal discipline and has firmly resisted the calls of the communists and trade unionists in his ranks for nationalisation and big government spending. He has stated emphatically that HIV cannot cause Aids on its own, and so has helped to make much worse the growing catastrophe of Aids in South Africa. (The exact scale of the catastrophe is unknown but the fact of the catastrophe is certain.)
He is obsessed by race and cannot make a speech without sneering references to the racial enemies responsible for all that is wrong in South Africa. And, of course, he adores President Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
No omen for our future has more potency than the tyranny and collapse in our northern neighbour. The South African government strongly supports Robert Mugabe.

The ANC is quick and loud in condemning the actions of foreign governments, such as Israel, and so its utter silence in the face of Mugabe's reign of terror, torture, rape and murder against millions of black Zimbabweans implies complete approval…"


In 1996, Barry Turner, deputy editor of the British On Target wrote:
The importance of the ideological struggle

A key element of the Ideological Struggle is Diversion from the true situation through Propaganda; in other words, Deception and Disinformation. Thus the media may deceive the general public by deliberate falsehood, selectivity, or omission by default. Ignorance, prejudice or downright incompetence must not be overlooked, either. We may first see this in the depiction of the present conflict as an ethnic or communal one between the largely Xhosa-based A.N.C. and the largely Zulu-based I.F.P. But any such comparison is invalid.

The A.N.C. has been increasingly dominated for some fifty years by a powerful caucus of European and Indian revolutionaries, and White liberals. In the case of the former, many are of Lithuanian-Jewish origin, whose roots go back to the turn of the century as immigrants who brought with them the philosophy of the Marxist World Revolution. Of these the late Joe Slovo, reputedly also a K.G.B. Colonel, was a classic example.

The Zulu Inkatha Movement, Inkatha Yenkululeko Wesizwe (The National Cultural and Liberation Movement), was founded by Dr. Buthelezi in 1975, after the banning of the militant A.N.C. and Pan African Congress (P.A.C.). In 1990 Inkatha was transformed from a Black liberation movement to become the Inkatha Freedom Party with a membership open to all races, and its base ultimately in KwaZulu-Natal. As such the I.F.P. embraces not only the bulk of the Zulu people, but encapsulates the long-held vision of Dr. Buthelezi for a genuine South African democracy of all races based on regional autonomy within a federal constitution.
That these ideals, and differences with the A.N.C. in a region as important in world affairs as South Africa are not generally known and studied, has to indicate that there are those behind the scenes with the power to "make things happen" -- or not as the case may be -- who control the media, and do not wish these truths to be promulgated..." (emphasis added…ed).


Early notice. Do make the effort to attend the National Weekend. It will be held over the 8th,9th and 10th of October, 2004 and we want to encourage as many as possible to be there. It will be held in Albury, NSW at the same venue as last year - The Hume Inn Motel, 406 Wodonga Place, Albury, NSW 2640. Phone: 02 6021 2733 Fax: 02 6041 2239.
More time will be allocated for socialising with folk from other regions and States. Mr. Wally Klinck of Canada will be one of the guest speakers and a number of League projects will be 'launched'. The theme will be based on celebrating the seventieth anniversary of C.H. Douglas's visit to this great land of ours.
Looking forward to your company at the National Weekend in early October!


Latin America: from colonisation to globalisation by Noam Chomsky & Heinz Dieterich. Chomsky informs his readers, "Gaining an understanding of what these last 500 years have meant is not simply a matter of becoming aware of history, it is a question of becoming aware of current processes." $21.00 includes postage.

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel by Roger Garaudy. Defying the French censors, the author broke the silence and shattered the taboos on Hitler's relations with the founders of modern Israel and links to Mussolini and on Zionism's hidden influence on American politics.
$27.50 includes postage.

The Nature Doctor: a manual of traditional & complementary medicine by Dr. H.C. Vogel.
Time to tale control of our own health and well-being! First published in 1952, this manual offers the reader easy access to a wealth of information from this 'father' of natural healing. He writes: "It is never too late to support Nature in its tendency to cure since the laws of Nature command the preservation of life." $35.00 includes postage.

Global Spin: the corporate assault on environmentalism by Sharon Beder. This revised edition contains eye-opening new chapters on corporate-sponsored confusion about global warming, Sydney's phoney 'green' Olympics and Greenpeace Australia's new-found support for business interests. $35.00 includes postage

Five Biggest Lies Bush Told us about Iraq by Scheer and Chaudhry. The authors have documented the depth of deception of all of Bush's henchmen who misled us into this terrible war of aggression. $23.95 includes postage.

Weapons of Mass Deception by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber: Top Bush officials advocated the invasion of Iraq before Bush took office, but waited until September 2002 to 'inform' the public of their 'product launch'. The authors want us to become better 'spin detectors'! $26.00 includes postage.

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