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21 May 2004. Thought for the Week: "The distrust of general abstract ideas, innate in the British character, has itself become an idea, and one which has profoundly influenced British opinion. It was carried over to the United States… When a leading American newspaper applied for the reproduction rights for one of two articles by myself, it explained that it did not want the other one because in the first paragraph it alluded to Hegel, and this would discourage its readers who would say, 'Who the hell was Hegel anyway?'… so the most practical and opportunist people are constantly acting on, or being affected by, other people's ideas, and the name of Hegel is a useful illustration…"
Sir David Kelly in "The Hungry Sheep", 1955


by Betty Luks:
By rights I should be commenting on the Costello Federal Budget just released, and examine the minute and critical analyses the 'talking heads' have carried out for us. But I am moved to write on another matter in the light of the present ghastly world events; events that will have far more bearing on our future than the carrots-to-tempt, and the sticks-to-chastise policies running through Costello's Budget. You can be sure, not unlike the Soviet gulags, where the slaves were kept weak enough not to revolt but strong enough to carry on working, we will be allowed to keep enough of our own that we remain subservient and don't revolt.

The Idea I refer to is that held by the Zionists and the gullible Judaeo-Christians; who, through their church leaders have swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. You may say to me, this subject is not suitable for On Target; you may say I will tread on too many toes; we have our own ideas of 'prophecy' and what that entails.
I take the risk because the Idea which has taken root and grown by way of patient political intrigue over centuries, is now a force within the most powerful military-industrial nation on earth. It is having world-wide Consequences, and it must be examined and brought to the light of day.
An Idea can lie dormant for long periods of time and suddenly, when circumstances prove favourable, develop and take on forms never intended, nor foreseen by the originators.
Ideas can have a latent explosive force and may have successive outbreaks in varying forms.

Briefly the Idea is this
As reported from the 1996 Third Christian Zionist Congress. The Israel and Christian Zionists made the Idea quite clear.
· Messiah will return to Jerusalem. (Judaeo-Christians believe this Messiah and Jesus Christ are one and the same...ed).
· God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. (Even though 90% of modern Jews are of Eastern European descent…ed).
· This includes Gaza, the Golan Heights, Judea, and Samaria.
· Jerusalem is to remain undivided and Messiah will rule from there.
· The Palestinian people are to be denied a state to live in.

The Idea has taken root in the United States
Several million people have succumbed to the Idea in the United States.
The Idea has taken root in churches within Australia as well. I first heard this Idea thirty years ago, but like anyone else who had some background knowledge, knew that one of the reasons the leaders of ancient Judaea rejected Jesus Christ as their Messiah was because He taught a way of peace and love. He rejected the concept of a world political dictator.
As for anyone who saw himself as a 'great leader', Jesus said: "He who would be greatest among you must be a servant of all." The chief priests and the Pharisees didn't want to hear that. Therefore, at the time I dismissed the Idea as quite alien to the Christian Faith, never thinking it would grow into the powerful force, as it has, behind the powers of the White House.

What makes the Idea appealing to the Judaeo-Christians is they are going to be 'raptured' and head off to heaven where they will watch the Great Conflict, the final showdown in the valley of Armageddon whilst seated at the right hand of God. A very cosy and comfortable Idea, not too many martyrs for the Faith among this lot. American pollsters believe 15-18% of U.S. voters belong to churches or movements that subscribe to these teachings. As only about 15% of the population attend church on a regular basis in Australia, the numbers subscribing to this Idea would be smaller. But it would be valuable to know how many of these people have the ear of politicians such as John Howard, and furthermore, did this Idea influence his push to get Australia embroiled in the war against Iraq?

One thing you can be quite sure, in their plans, these people don't intend to do the fighting themselves. Oh no! It will be our sons and daughters doing it for them.

Further reading
"Controversy of Zion" by Douglas Reed. It is so illuminating to read his review of the long history of Talmudic Zionism and re-examine that history against the background of what is happening in the Middle East in the 21st century. Price: 25.00 posted.
"Culture of Critique" by Prof. Kevin McDonald. Boasian Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, Leftist political ideology and the Frankfurt School of Social Research, his thesis is that all of these movements may be seen as attempts to alter Western societies, cultures and values. Price: $65.00 posted.
"Prophecy & Politics" by Grace Halsell. Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War. Published in 1987, this book is prophetic. Grace Halsey correctly assessed the significance of the growing powerful alliances between the state of Israel and the militant TV evangelists.


A battle royal
According to a snippet in the Adelaide Advertiser 5/5/04, a battle royal is going on in the Country Women's Association in NSW. "The Queen will be banned from halls in country towns across NSW, after the Country Women's Association voted against singing God Save The Queen at branch meetings.
In a show of support for an Australian republic, the CWA's annual general conference yesterday rejected a motion by pro-royal branches to sing the Royal Anthem. Instead, members, as is the case in South Australian branches, will only be allowed to sing Advance Australia Fair before getting down to business."

Rudd sees red
Strewth reporter of The Australian, "has always been a bit suss about Opposition foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd," and he now finds Rudd "has been courting communist governments on the parliamentary floor." Just recently students "in an Australian foreign policy lecture at the University of Queensland's school of politics were given a surprise lecture last week by Rudd on the policy differences between the two parties. One student asked Rudd what he had whispered in the ear of the Chinese President when Hu Jintao visited parliament during his state visit last year." To their surprise, Rudd responded 'I reminded him that Labor has a close relationship with the President's party, unlike our conservative opponents.'"

A singular insult
British On Target has commented before that when Blair finds himself in a tight spot he proclaims another 'initiative' or 'hops on a plane and flies away'. His visit to Libya to consult with Colonel al-Gadhafi provided another moment of transient, and diversionary, diplomatic glory. Those who reflected on this moment might also have reflected on a picture of the two leaders seated together. The soles of Colonel al-Gadhafi's feet were turned toward his visitor; a singular insult in Islamic terms.

'Abuse' book author under microscope
Science may come to the rescue of the Drake-Brockman family. Eighty-three year old Judith Drake-Brockman has challenged aboriginal author Sally Morgan's claims her family was abused at the hands of the pioneer land-owning family. The claims were made in the 1987 book My Place. On the Nine Network's recent Sunday programme, Judith Drake-Brockman disclosed it hurt her to think that Morgan could write such absolute fabricated tripe. The Drake-Brockman family has challenged Miss Morgan to undertake a DNA test.


The fund has had another healthy boost thanks to a number of generous contributors. It has now reached the total of $27,710.00. That's just great. Please keep the contributions flowing in.


One of our most prolific letter writer's is appealing for help. He is asking Victorians to send him email addresses of their local newspapers. It seems when they change their email addresses the newspapers don't notify him! And he needs to build up his address book once more. If Victorian readers could send in email addresses to the Melbourne office, we will forward them on to him.


Our letter-writers are to be commended on the prolific numbers going out to newspapers, politicians, etc. And the battle for our Monarchy is going on in all sorts of unexpected places.

Cost to keep Monarchy not a factor: To the Editor, Chronicle Toowoomba 1/5/04.
'In response to The Chronicle poll on whether the people were in favour of a republic or the monarchy, one of those polled expressed concern at the cost of maintaining the monarchy. With this in view, it is interesting to peruse the story in the Australian Aviation magazine of April 1992, in which a comparison is made between the cost to Australia of security for the US President compared to the cost of security for the Queen - the US President and the Queen having both visited Australia in 1992.
Security of the Queen cost $90,000, while security for President Bush Snr. cost $596,000 (6½ times that of the cost of security for the Queen).
The report also states that two giant Galaxy transports preceded the presidential aircraft, carrying everything from secret service firearms to motor vehicles. The motor vehicles included seven stretch limousines with bulletproof glass and bomb-proof armour, and a special secret service electronics van. One hundred and twenty-five American media representatives were also ferried in to cover the President's visit on a specially chartered TWA Boeing 747 which cost $50 million; and then there was Air Force 2, fitted out exactly the same as Air Force 1, just in case of a malfunction, following the presidential aircraft wherever it travelled.
The Queen landed in Australia aboard a Qantas flight.
Prior to President Bush's trip from the airport into Canberra, the entire route was cleared of everything which posed the slightest risk to the President's safety -- and there were no spectators. The Queen travelled along a route lined by thousands of cheering Australians.
G. Patch, Toowoomba, Queensland.

Ariel Sharon true to his past: To the Editor: Chronicle Toowoomba 11/5/04.
According to George W. Bush, we owe Ariel Sharon a "thank-you".
Sharon's first documented sortie was in 1953 against the refugee camp of El-Bureig, south of Gaza. Thirty years have elapsed since he was head of the IDF's southern command, given the task of "pacifying" the recalcitrant Gaza Strip after the 1967 war.
Israeli complacency leading to their initial defeat by the Egyptians in the 1973 war was in part nurtured by the impregnability of the "Bar Lev Line" constructed by Sharon on the east bank of the Suez Canal. The Egyptians pierced the line without too much difficulty.
Sharon was the commander in the 1982 assault on Lebanon, with the express aim of destroying the PLO, driving as many Palestinians as possible to Jordan and making Lebanon a client state of Israel. He also oversaw the infamous massacres at Sabra and Shatilla.
In 1985, he voted against withdrawal of Israeli troops to the so-called security zone in Southern Lebanon. In 1991, he opposed Israel's participation in the Madrid peace conference.
Well, Sharon is now the "elected" Prime Minister, and true to his ghoulish blood-soaked history, he continues to slaughter, destroy, and torment the Palestinian people. His policy of death, murder, and oppression has earned him the title of "A Man of Peace". In fact, our "wise and noble" President G.W. Bush says we all should be very thankful to Ariel, The Butcher of Beirut, Sharon.
Deena Semilich, Toowoomba, Queensland.

Financial-economic rules need updating: Editor, Advertiser Geelong 14/4/04l
Geelong is not alone in wanting major road projects like its ring road undertaken. Frankston and Mitcham have been promised a Freeway but have been fobbed off with a tollway. Bendigo and points north want the Calder Highway duplicated. Ballarat and points west want the suburb of Deer Park bypassed because of severe congestion on the outdated Western Highway in that area.
If you asked the people of Mt. Isa what was on their wish-list they would be all in favour of upgrading the 935 km of the Flinders Highway to Townsville.
The problem is much bigger than Geelong, bigger than Frankston, bigger than Bendigo, Ballarat and Mt. Isa. If you move out of the centres of population into the rural areas you will find bridges that were built in the nineteenth century still required to do service but with load limits on them that force even the local fire brigade truck to detour (Ullina north of Clunes for example).
While all the above interests are being played against each other in the battle for funding their energy is being dissipated in the in-fighting.
In all this I have not yet even touched upon the crisis in the health system or the aged care system. Any activity that is dependent on the public purse for funding is cash strapped. Money is no longer our servant but has become our master. It is no longer the lubricant in the economy, but has become a hindrance to getting things done.
Until we as a people recognise that we are being played for suckers and pull together to get the economic rules updated our infrastructure will fall further and further behind our needs.
Yours truly, Ron Fischer Ballarat, Victoria.

In defence of the Jewish community: Editor, Herald Sun, Melbourne 7/5/04.
Andrew Bolt makes several good points in defence of the Jewish community and against excessive claims about their political influence in Australia ("Plain, misguided hatred", 7/5), but he ignores too much other relevant information.
The extraordinary degree of Jewish influence has been commented on by many authoritative figures, including Peter Ryan, Terry Lane, Phillip Adams, Cameron Forbes, Professor Geoffrey Blainey and the late Bob Santamaria. In Australia that influence has been wielded to the detriment of the nation as a whole in contexts including the pursuit of alleged "Nazi war criminals", the enactment of racial vilification legislation, the suppression of revisionist historians and the defamation and marginalising of critics brave enough to question it.
There is a notable logical slide in Bolt's article from "unduly influential fraction of our multicultural community" (true) to "sinister, too-powerful cabal" whose members are "always getting their way" (false).
And the name of Adolf Hitler (the most slandered public figure of last century) is dragged in to warn off critics of Mr. Bolt's rather shoddy demagoguery.
It's a big issue; and it needs to be publicly discussed with compassion and complete integrity.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Victoria.

"Employment for the Aged"; To the Federal Treasurer Peter Costello.
Dear Mr. Costello:
I was very interested in your interview with Kerry O'Brien on "7-3O Report ABC" Wednesday night, 25 February, 2004 on the subject of encouraging older members of the Australian work force to remain active and in employment longer. I believe there are possibilities that it could be a good idea.
I have several questions on the subject:
(1) Did you consider the health and welfare of the older generation when you made your suggestion, or was there some specific task you had in mind, that would require an expanded work force; perhaps some engineering work, such as, just for the sake of illustration, a railway from Port Headland to Brisbane, that urgently require an increase in the overall Australian work force?
(2) I have classified "Employment" into three categories: -
(a) Constructive,or creative employment.
(b) Nonconstructive employment.
(c) Counterproductive, or destructive employment.
I find examples of all three categories within the overall Australian economy at the present time. I find indications that (b) and (c) may be increasing at the expense of (a)! Have you taken into consideration these categories prior to proceeding with your objective to extend employment for the aged?
(3) In considering the above three categories, have you given any consideration to percentage adjustment of these categories; i.e., do you think there should be a percentage increase, or a percentage decrease, in the number of people employed in any one of these categories?
I consider this matter of vital importance at the present time, so I am looking forward to your early reply.
Yours sincerely, John D.S. Barton, Collarenebri, NSW

To which a bureaucrat in Costello's office replied:
Dear Mr Barton
Thank you for your letter of 26 February 2004 to the Treasurer concerning the employment of mature age workers and Australia's Demographic Challenges. The Treasurer has asked me to respond to you.
Mature age people form an important component of the Australian workforce and the Government is committed to supporting their choice to participate. The trend towards early retirement coupled with population ageing means that Australia is facing much reduced growth in the working age population in the future. As a consequence, labour force participation by mature aged workers will become increasingly important for both the individual and the nation.
We will need to firmly establish a culture of employers judging workers on their merits and people seeing themselves as having ongoing work opportunities, rather than being locked into a fixed date of retirement. This will require a labour market that is flexible and can generate jobs for all those who want them. and support the diverse employment needs of mature aged people, such as part time work, job sharing or changing the nature of their responsibilities whilst still remaining in the workforce. To assist mature age people back into the workforce, the Government provides a range of workforce information, education, training and employment services through the Job Network, education institutions, Centrelink and other government agencies. In these programmes, the Government encourages employers to match job vacancies with suitably qualified mature aged workers.
Business groups are also taking action. The Business Council of Australia recently issued guidelines aimed at encouraging businesses to keep mature aged Australians in the workforce. The Prime Minister's Community Business Partnership has also been asked to investigate practical ways to encourage the private sector to employ more mature age workers. During our working life, good health is an important factor in labour force participation and productivity. Poor health often leads to early retirement, spells out of work, and lost productivity through sickness or injury. Thirty per cent of 50 to 65 year olds who retire in Australia do so because of illness or disability.
Due to the physical nature of some jobs, it may not be possible for some mature aged workers to remain in some occupations. When this occurs, education and skills can be developed through mainstream programmes in higher education, vocational education and training and the New Apprenticeships programme. Recent reforms will make higher education more accessible for older workers, with no Australian student required to pay their fees up front when they enrol at an institution. Some education and training programmes arc specifically targeted to assist mature age workers, such as the Basic IT Enabling Skills for Older Workers initiative. Further information is available at: https://www.dest. gov.au.
The Government recognises that the ageing of the population will present our society with a number of challenges over coming years. To encourage community debate on these issues and to promote the need for change, the Treasurer released the discussion paper Australia 's Demographic Challenges on 25 February 2004. The discussion paper is available at http://demo~raohics.treasurv.gov.au.
(The bureaucrat recommends the discussion paper and trusts the information will be of assistance to Mr. Barton…ed.)

Note: So there you have it seniors… you will be kept working as long as your good health hangs out.
Would some of our letter writers get busy with pen and paper and ask some of the 'moral authorities', the non-government social services, as well as the politicians:
· What is the true purpose of work?
· Is it a means to an end?
· Or is it an end in itself?
If this nation can produce enough to feed, clothe and house its population with less and less human labour and more and more with the aid of the marvelous industrial tools, technology and automation now available, ask them why does the ageing population have to continue 'work'?
The problem is not production, the problem is the distribution of production, and in a 'money' economy it is tied up with the issue of making money reflect and serve our needs - not the other way round.
Tie your letter in with Mr. Barton's reference to the three categories of 'employment'.


I think the politicians are manoeuvring us towards the plan once put forward by the Fabian Socialists… force the elderly to borrow on their home, probably their one and only asset, and live off the money. When that money has run out, they will be eligible to apply for a meagre pension from our lords of the earth! This will effectively do away with any assets the working classes may have accumulated over their lifetime and at the same time eliminate the right of inheritance for their children and grandchildren.


Five Biggest Lies Bush Told us about Iraq by Scheer and Chaudhry. The authors have documented the depth of deception of all of Bush's henchmen who misled us into this terrible war of aggression. $23.95 includes postage.

Weapons of Mass Deception by Sheldon Rampton & John Stauber: Top Bush officials advocated the invasion of Iraq before Bush took office, but waited until September 2002 to inform the public through what the White House termed a 'product launch'. The authors wants us to become better 'spin detectors'! $26.00 includes postage.

The Founding Myths of Modern Israel by Roger Garaudy. Defying the French censors, the author broke the silence and shattered the taboos on Hitler's relations with the founders of modern Israel, links to Mussolini and on Zionism's hidden influence on American politics.
$27.50 includes postage.

Latin America: from colonisation to globalisation by Noam Chomsky & Heinz Dieterich. Chomsky informs his readers, "Gaining an understanding of what these last 500 years have meant is not simply a matter of becoming aware of history, it is a question of becoming aware of current processes." $21.00 includes postage.

Global Spin: the corporate assault on environmentalism by Sharon Beder. Corporate advertising and sponsorship are influencing the news content continually presented to us, and industry-funded scientists are often treated as independent experts. In the shops 'green marketing' is being used to reassure consumers that corporations are addressing serious environmental problems. This revised edition contains eye-opening new chapters on corporate-sponsored confusion about global warming, Sydney's phoney 'green' Olympics and Greenpeace Australia's new-found support for business interests. $35.00 includes postage

The Nature Doctor: a manual of traditional & complementary medicine by Dr. H.C. Vogel.
First published in 1952, this manual offers the reader easy access to a wealth of information from this 'father' of natural healing. Dr. Vogel reports on his experiences and observations as a nature practitioner, nutritionist, researcher of medicinal plants and discoverer of natural healing powers. He writes: "It is never too late to support Nature in its tendency to cure since the laws of Nature command the preservation of life." $35.00 includes postage.

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