Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 July 2004. Thought for the Week: "As peace comes to the world again, I recall that many years ago Count Keyserling kindly sent me a copy of his La Révolution Mondiale. In thanking him I said that the "English-speaking nations, which are not an insignificant part of the world, are not aware of world revolution." He replied that there may be so such person as Dean Inge, but that there certainly is the world revolution. After that there was obviously no more to be said… Subversive movements come of fixed ideas and the delusion of infallibility. Convictions become so strong that doubt or criticism is disloyalty. They are civil wars - wars of extermination. Their leaders think themselves men of destiny, in a kind of historical pageant. Their minds are melodramatic; we may call such movements romanticism. They idealise abstractions like the nation or the proletariat, or like Rousseau, the founder of modern revolution, they declare that human nature is always good, governments always bad. Those who begin by proclaiming the brotherhood of man, says Anatole France, always end by wishing to murder all those who do not agree with them. Idealism ends in homicidal mania. Emotion is exalted above reason. Truth is what we wish to believe. Dissent is treason. Toleration is bourgeois prejudice."
The Very Rev. W.R. Inge, D.D., June 1945.


by Don Auchterlonie
A representative of the Taxation Reform Institute (TRI), Mr. Ian Henke, claimed in an interview with Radio 3GG Victoria, 28/7/04, that the Commonwealth Constitution is not legal because the Queen used the wrong seal when appointing our present Governor-General.
A court case initiated by the TRI has just been heard by the Master of the Chancery Division of the British High Court sitting in private. The Master reviews cases before they go before the Judges. The Master dismissed the case, and it is open to appeal. Mr. Henke claims that only the Queen holds executive power in Australia and that the Commonwealth Constitution is a British Constitution.

There are two issues here
Firstly who or what is the TRI? The stated objective of the TRI is to implement the debit tax.
Secondly, why is the group intent on de-stabilising the Commonwealth Constitution of one of the oldest democratic countries in the world?
Australia is the only country in which the people voluntarily came together in a federation. Every other federation in the world came about by either civil war or conquest. Stable democratic countries are few and far between. It took ten years of campaigning and debate to establish the Commonwealth Constitution.
David Flint in "Twilight of the Elites" says that it was "written in Australia, by Australians, and was approved by the Australian people".

To return to the debit tax
This proposal has some appeal. A tax on every financial transaction would raise large sums of tax money, particularly if it was levied on the transactions of the multi-national companies and financial speculators. The tax burden of Australian businesses and individuals is enormous. Would the multi-national companies and speculators welcome the debit tax? (Don't forget who finances the big political parties.) If the debit tax started to hurt these high-fliers they might go 'home' and then we would still have the present tax burden.

The Social Credit solution
The Social Credit solution to the tax problem would be far more successful. It would require the same amount of political will to obtain the necessary sanctions to implement each of these policies, so why not promote the most satisfactory one?
One wonders what the underlining objective of this TRI campaign is. Here is a group encouraging people to spend their hard-earned money on hiring legal teams to mount a case in the British High Court. The British High Court can come to a decision in the case before it; it might even come to a decision in a case before it about Chile…. So?
The British High Court has no jurisdiction over Australia and Australian citizens, just as it has no jurisdiction over Chile and the citizens of Chile.


"Beef , dairy, pork, egg, sugarcane and small crop industries were represented among the 1,200 producers who packed into Roma's, (Queensland) Bassett Park for the Beef Forum", according to Queensland's Rural Weekly, 2/7/04. Coming from as far afield as the Northern Territory and the southern state of Victoria, the producers wanted "to voice one primary concern. State and federal governments are not supporting Australia's primary industries."

As a result of their concerns, a motion of 'no confidence' was carried against the Howard government's Agriculture Minister Warren Truss. Also under the spotlight was Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson, Trade Minister Mark Vale and Member for Warrego Howard Hobbs over a range of issues affecting primary industries.

The 'sly characters' making up the bulk of political parties these days was demonstrated by what happened before and during the public meeting. It seems prior to the forum, the Member for Warrego Howard Hobbs actively discouraged producers from attending the forum, claiming it would be "a political rally run by a small dissident group of people", and yet he went on "to congratulate" Mrs Hewitt "in front of everyone". But said the Australian Beef Association director, Linda Hewitt, "the forum was very positive and had the potential to sway both government and Meat and Livestock Australia."

We do hope Linda Hewitt and the other producers realise their battle involves far more effort than 'passing motions' at public forums. They are going to have to impress upon these slippery, oleaginous characters that "with the amount of votes" they have been promised from the forum, and votes from amongst other producers around Australia, it will be more than enough to disturb their 'comfort zone' as a member of a political party that promises to take care of their every need while their vote, along party lines, is guaranteed.

The real battle is about the producers' own (and our) survival
The real battle is about their very long-term existence as independent, self-sufficient Australians. They will have to fight to save not only their own livelihoods, and the livelihoods of their children - but fight to ensure the freedoms of their future generations. League people woke up to politicians' deviousness many, many years ago. The producers of Australia badly need educating; they need to understand there are far greater forces applying pressure to their local politician, their local parliamentary representative. The politician probably 'weighs up in the balance', the forces he has to contend with. Which 'force' is more powerful; which one will he obey?

Jeremy Lee warned them in the 1970s
In the late 1970s Jeremy Lee made a submission to one of the many 'Parliamentary Committees' set up to examine Australia's role in "The New International Economic Order". He warned us: "The implications of these proposals for Australia's economic stability, foreign policy and defence are staggering…"Australia would cede its present sovereignty over its own industry, production, distribution and exchange, in favour of an international institution with power over all but legal accountability to none…" Upon That Mountain… A Plot to Betray Australia's Independence.

When those producers remaining decide they really want to fight to retain their freedoms and their livelihoods, they should put up their own candidate for the coming federal election in Warren Truss's electorate.

The producers of this country urgently need to read Jeremy Lee's "What Will We Tell Our Children?" It is the result of Jeremy's meticulous research into The New World Order. Available from all League Book Services.


Well, well, will wonders never cease? A move to force all MPs to vote according to their consciences and not be dictated to by political parties or other interest groups has been made in the South Australian Parliament by Liberal MP Graham Gunn.
Mr. Gunn has introduced a private member's Bill which ensures that when they vote, MPs are not bound by orders or instructions and are "subject only to their conscience." The Adelaide Advertiser's Greg Kelton, 2/7/04, would have us believe it is only "Parties such as the ALP" that "bind their MPs to support most of the legislation and allow conscience or 'free' votes on some social issues such as gaming and liquor licensing." Rubbish! The Liberals have been 'leaning;' on their members 'to toe the party line' for many a year!

Mr. Gunn told the Legislative Assembly that his move was "the hallmark and basis of democracy." He continued, "People are elected to this place by the broad community and therefore answerable on a regular basis to their constituents. They should be free from intimidation, threats of disendorsement or other sanctions in relation to how they exercise their vote in this chamber." He believes the legislation, if passed, will "free the people from being stood over by those who do little deals in back rooms," and "the people of SA will know that their members cannot be intimidated, hindered or harassed by these bully boys and that democracy can prevail."

How naïve. What simple souls we are. And all the time we thought the political party members really did want to 're-present' our will in parliament … For all these years, because the League of Rights tried to warn the Australian people of what was really happening to their nation, and that their so-called political representatives were obeying orders from elsewhere and were, in fact, betraying the Australian people, the League has been demonized and marginalized. We can only hope that at last the people have taken their blinkers off. Mr. Gunn should be supported in what he is attempting.


It is coming across the airwaves that an exotic disease, citrus canker, has broken out on a farm in the Emerald district of Queensland resulting in the farm being quarantined. One of our supporters has reported the local TV News was showing air-shots of a certain farm in that district without naming it. If it is the same huge conglomerate that I was told about whilst on tour up that way a few years ago, then the stories about it went something like this:
It is a huge multinational-owned conglomerate which takes in a large number of reasonably sized farms for the area. It has its own huge water storage. Visitors are definitely not welcome; in fact there are security guards employed to ensure you don't just 'pop in' for a visit.
The overseas' workforce is flown in and out on a six-month work-visa roster and the production is for international markets. One question which immediately springs to mind - if the stories are true - "What quarantine controls are in place?"
Queensland banana growers are worried about the importation of exotic diseases as a consequence of the quarantine controls being dismantled through the Free Trade Agreements! We will report on the matter as more information comes to hand.


Israeli Interrogator at Abu Ghraib Prison Claim on 3/7/04.
Brig Gen Janis Karpinski, who was suspended in May over allegations of prisoner abuse, said she met a man claiming to be Israeli during a visit to a Baghdad intelligence centre with a senior coalition general. The American general formerly in charge of Abu Ghraib prison has told the BBC that she has evidence that the Israelis were involved in interrogating Iraqi detainees at another facility.
"I saw an individual there that I hadn't had the opportunity to meet before, and I asked him what did he do there, was he an interpreter - he was clearly from the Middle East," Karpinski told BBC radio in an interview broadcast today.
"He said, 'Well I do some of the interrogation here. I speak Arabic but I'm not an Arab I'm from Israel.' "I was really kind of surprised by that ... He didn't elaborate any more than to say he was working with them and there were people from lots of different places that were involved in the operation," Karpinski added.
Israel's Foreign Ministry told the BBC that reports of Israeli troops or interrogators in Iraq were "completely untrue." Israeli officials could not immediately be reached.
The presence of Israeli forces in Iraq would inflame opinion in the Muslim world, where many compare the abuse of prisoners by US forces to Israel's treatment of Palestinian detainees.
Until a 1999 ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court, Israeli secret service interrogators were allowed to use "moderate physical pressure" - a euphemism, critics said, for torture.
Among the practices allowed prior to 1999 were sleep deprivation, keeping prisoners in uncomfortable positions for long periods and covering their heads with filthy sacks. Former prisoners say those techniques also were used by US forces in Iraq.
Karpinski was suspended from command of the 800th Military Police Brigade after the publication in April of photos showing soldiers abusing and humiliating naked Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib.
She has said she did not know about the abuse and is being made a scapegoat in the scandal.


by Wallace Klinck
The following article from Canadian social crediter Wallace Klinck is just as relevant to Australians as to Canadians. He tells us it is an exchange of correspondence resulting from a recent item that was offered on the precious nature of freedom of speech, etc., and the critical and paramount need always to rise to its defence. It pertains to Social Credit in a fundamental and essential way.

"The problem, as I see it, is that when a particular order becomes entrenched, it almost always uses its influence and power to serve first its own perceived interests rather than those of the larger society. The old adage: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is something real and embedded in reality.
Inevitably, an entrenched elite will attempt to suppress examination and criticism of its policies. I think that all citizens have a right to be heard and to openly assess the merits of what is said, and that a society that fails zealously to protect these rights will always be headed toward increasing totalitarianism--whether on the Right or Left of the political spectrum.

Buttressing political democracy with economic democracy: The Left-Right 'debate' wholly false
I see the Social Credit policy of buttressing political democracy with economic democracy as the best available instrument for guaranteeing the preservation of genuine freedom because it would maximize the exercise of genuine individual choice.
You can see that those who would like to categorize Social Credit as Right or Left misperceive its real nature. We think that there need be no conflict between maximizing individual freedom and individual economic security. The mechanism lies in full and widespread distribution of the RESULTS of production rather than in state ownership and/or administration of the MEANS of production. This involves increased potential for self-chosen activity, i.e., leisure--rather than the prescription of work carried out in subservience to others, whether the "boss" or the "commissar."

Some people, fundamentally insecure, I believe, seem to cling to, and support, those who hold the reins of autocratic power for reasons of perceived security even at the expense of freedom. When this strategy predictably fails to deliver the innate needs of the human body and personality, some will seek a new source of security through mob action to form a new locus of power. The latter is probably no less frightening than the former.

Centralized power - in any form - does not work
Oscillating from one form of centralized power to another has not solved human problems. Social Credit aims to address this problem by providing an environment where both freedom and security in abundance for all can not only co-exist, but flourish. Social Credit attempts to offer a truly new paradigm based upon objective reality--a real, profound yet non-violent revolution rather than a pseudo-revolution. Key concepts are sufficiency and balance.

I am not an "establishment" person but concerned rather with objective reality as this pertains to the real needs of the individual human person as I perceive them to be. I would be either "pro" or "anti" any dispensation depending upon whether or not I considered that entity to be fulfilling these needs.

"The Truth will make you free"--and nothing but a dedicated pursuit of Truth will do! Assured intellectual freedom, which depends upon free access to, and unrestricted exchange of all available knowledge, is essential to this process."


The HASCO Peoples' Poll is conducted by volunteer teams every 30 days in a growing number of city and country centres. Results are received and collated centrally and made available to producers, consumers, political representatives and the media as a service. There is no copyright on poll results.
The June poll featured a combined effort at one of Queensland's largest rural expos - FarmFest on the Darling Downs - as well as other centres.
Anyone can poll. Those who would like to join this combined effort, or would like further information, should contact HASCO Inc. P.O. Box 642, Nanango, Qld, 4615.
Polls held in Townsville (218); Nanango (201); Warwick (240); Millmerran (60); Gold Coast (84); Toowoomba FarmFest (1,489); Ipswich (152); Tara (167); Sarina (191) TOTAL: 2,802

"Should a referendum be held to ask all Australians if they want TELSTRA sold off completely?"
Yes: 2,016 (72%) No: 569 (20%) Undecided: 217 (8%)

(2) "Half the price of petrol is made up of Excise Tax and GST. The GST component increases with the price of oil. Do you believe this is a fair and just policy?"
Yes: 396 (14%) No: 2,249 (80%) Undecided: 157 (6%)

(3) "Do you agree with the Reserve Bank raising and lowering interest rates to control the economy?"
Yes: 1,158 (41%) No: 1,205 (43%) Undecided: 439 (16%)

"Should farmers be allowed to build dams on their own properties and access the water conserved without cost or regulation?"
Yes: 2,276 (81%) No: 367 (13%) Undecided: 159 (6%)

"Increasingly, Australian agriculture is in the hands of large-scale business. Would you prefer to return to small-scale family farming?"
Yes: 2,178 (78%) No: 262 (9%) Undecided: 362 (13%)

"If it is cheaper, should we import sugar, bananas, citrus and vegetables?"
Yes: 155 (6%) No: 2,532 (90%) Undecided: 115 (4%)


Actionists have been very busy letter writing and attending Senate Enquiries, etc. The following letters have been published elsewhere and/or sent to MPs.

The Reserve Bank of Australia sets an inflationary target of 2-3 per cent for the national economy. A report from the TD Securities-Melbourne Institute in their Experimental Monthly Inflation Gauge (phew!) claims that inflation in April came in at the lower end of the RBA's target. (Ballarat Courier 4/5/04).
Does anyone realise that, even at 2 per cent inflation, the value of your savings will halve in 36 years? At 3 per cent they halve in 24 years. Your wages will need to be more than twice their present figure because taxation takes, more or less, 30 cents out of every extra dollar in your pay.
OK, so may of those in the workforce today will retire over that period, but you will need an ever growing pension in order to live. Your super will need to be structured so that, after twenty years of retirement you won't be living in poverty.
It would be far better to agitate now for restructuring of the economic system so that inflation is not a factor in your calculations.
Ron Fischer, Ballarat, Vic.

A war on terror? Hunt for a madman? Weapons of mass destruction? NO!
Saturday 8th evening news shows a gleefully smiling US servicewoman involved in dehumanising, degrading, barbaric acts towards Iraqi prisoners. This and other photographic evidence showing the utter godless depravity of the perpetrators.
The images we have already seen are an affront to all peoples of faith and moral values. We can expect the wrath of the Iraqi people.
We who have just remembered the horror of war and the treatment of our own men and women prisoners, must be loud in our condemnation or we dishonour our own dead, and condemn ourselves with the words: "Lest we forget."
Australians wake up, our Prime Minister has committed us as partners in the unholy, unjustified war, which was never entered for the reasons given. Truth always being the first casualty in war.
An apology from our PM and the complete withdrawal of our troops from the Coalition is the very least possible gesture of the abhorrence of the Australian people to these and other crimes against the Iraqi people. Failure to do this makes us partners in the crimes.
I call upon our Civic, Church, RSL and Ex-Services' leaders to uphold this call and urge all to sustain a cry of outrage. We are not global policemen. "What ye sow, so shall ye reap."
David B. Smith, Wollomombi, NSW.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Commission (ATSIC) was set up on the 5th March, 1990 by former prime minister Bob Hawke to enable aboriginal leaders to take part in decision making processes at all levels of government on matters that effect their people.
John Howard has recently announced that ATSIC will be abolished, describing it as a "culture of favouritism and nepotism" with Indigenous Affairs Minister Amanda Vanstone describing ATSIC as a type of Apartheid or separate development, stating that she believes aboriginals should receive the same treatment as white Australians, is similar to what Pauline Hanson stated in September 1996.
When Pauline Hanson delivered her maiden speech in federal parliament in September 1996 one of her policies was to abolish ATSIC. She said, "I am calling for ATSIC to be abolished. It is a failed hypocritical and discriminatory organisation that has failed dismally the people it was meant to serve."
Her remarks created such a furore amongst politicians from all parties, the Murdoch-Packer media, and from many Church leaders, who all condemned her, labelling her a Racist. She had to endure verbal abuse by angry protesters who threw rotten tomatoes, eggs, etc and spat at her at almost every meeting she spoke at in Australia for months after that.
'What would an inexperienced and uneducated fish and chip lady and mother of four know about ATSIC' were some of the remarks made by those who opposed her opinion.
Why is there no furore against John Howard and Mark Latham labelling them as racist as there was with Pauline Hanson nearly eight years ago? What has changed?
Why has it taken John Howard eight years in office as PM to act in abolishing ATSIC? As long ago as 11th April, 1990 John Howard, the then Opposition leader told parliament that ATSIC would divide the nation, adding that it would do a "monumental disservice to the Australian community."
Opposition leader Mark Latham has also announced that he wants to scrap ATSIC, however the Greens and democrats have announced they will oppose the move.
Over the past fourteen years since the inception of ATSIC billions of taxpayers' dollars have been swallowed up in this organisation, with a further $2.7 billion allocated specifically for Aboriginal services this financial year.
Why was it not 'politically correct' for Pauline Hanson to want to abolish ATSIC in 1996, but is now 'politically correct' for John Howard and Mark Latham to abolish (it) in 2004?
Hedley Scholz, Eudunda, SA

I attended a public meeting in Hobart regarding a Senate Inquiry into an Australian Republic despite the fact that the Australian people soundly rejected the proposal in 1999. Some Senators make the ridiculous claim that now 80% of Australians want a republic.
A nationwide Channel 9 TV phone-poll earlier this year put the simple clearcut question: "Should Australia become a Republic?" Over 13,000 responses were received - the result being 61% said "No" and only 38.5% said "Yes". Where did the Senators find their figures?
Could it be called a public meeting? There were only 14 people who attended the hearing, including the four speakers chosen by the Committee and 4 who travelled from Launceston. One Senator actually gave the reason as being it was a working day in Hobart!
It would seem very few people knew of the inquiry.
The Committee consisted of 4 republican Senators, and they were accompanied by a Secretariat, an assistant and two recorders. To me this was an absolute waste of taxpayers' money. The Inquiry was set up by the Senate, and the Committee will visit every State.
Despite it being a public meeting no member of the public was allowed any input, not even those who had put in a submission and requested permission to speak to their submission; in fact neither the submission nor the request were acknowledged. One of the speakers did not even put in a submission but obviously had been invited by the Committee to speak. The Inquiry finished about thirty minutes before the stated finishing time, so there was ample time for others to have their say.
Both the Committee and the speakers were dominated by republicans. Although the Terms of Reference sought to find a model for a republic no speaker was prepared to put anything definite forward.
Suggestions were made that people should be educated so they can see the value of a republic. I suggest people should be educated about our current system first, then, if necessary, see how any republican model measures up to it.
The usual red-herring about a republic making us independent (we already are) and we want an Australian Head of State (we already have one - Major General Michael Jeffery is our Governor-General) continue to be trundled out. Unfortunately many people still believe what republicans say on these issues.
Australians are not clamouring for a republic. Let's get on with far more important matters.
David Murray, Member of Australian Monarchist League, Launceston Tasmania.

Editor's note: Please send any correspondence for the editor of On Target to P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley, South Australia 5159. It will reach the editor sooner than if it goes via the Melbourne address.


Dates for your diary: Thursday, July 29th - Dr. Edmund Dafesh, "Iraq Today".
Thursday, August 26th - Annual General Meeting & Roy Gustard's, "Books Worth Reading".
Books will be on display as usual by the Heritage Book Service. Should you want a certain book, it can be ordered through the Heritage Book Service, P.O. Box 6086, Lake Munmorah, 2259, or Phone: (02) 4358 3634.


The 36th Annual Seminar, Dinner and Action Conference will be held over 21-22nd August 2004. The venue for both days will be The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide. Seminar: "A Realignment to the Real World".

Saturday, 21st August, 2004. Registration from 12.30pm. Commence 1.30pm. Speakers: Mr. David Brockschmidt, "What in the world is happening to the Welfare Groups?", Mr. Brian Waters, "Building Local Economies & Renewing Communities", and Mrs. Betty Luks, "Let's Start to get Our Priorities Right".

Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner: Saturday 21st, to be seated by 6.30pm. $23.50 for a 3-course Dinner. Bar facilities available.

Divine Service & Sunday Action Conference: 10.00am. The Conference will commence with a Divine Service followed by individual reports. Come prepared to have some input.

The messages will be taped by Mayo Tapes and available for sale. A wide selection of books, audios and videos will be available for sale. Come early and browse. South Australians: Contact Doug and Jean Holmes for further details, phone: 08 8296 4704


"WHY OUR SCHOOLS ARE FAILING" by Kevin Donnelly. Mr. Donnelly's book is a good read, as long as the reader is aware he approaches the subject from a neo-'conservative' Left-Right position. There is the Left, there is the Right and then there is Truth. $25.00 posted.

"THE DISASTER ROAD" by Jean Wallis. Mrs Wallis exposed the deliberate and sustained assaults on the traditional values-system that was once at the core of Australian education. Copies of this little masterpiece are still available. (Read it along with Donnelly's book.) $18.00 posted.

"TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE" by Tim Priest and Richard Basham: Former policeman Tim Priest came to our attention through an article he wrote for Quadrant Jan.-Feb. 2004, "The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia". His wrote of his own experience 'on the beat' which confirmed that the rise of Middle Eastern organised crime in Sydney will have an impact on our society unlike anything yet seen. But the corruption and decay is much deeper than that and along with co-author Richard Basham he exposes the truth about the New South Wales Police Service in "To Protect and to Serve". The 'spin doctors' are not just working amongst politicians, they are in all institutions and systems, as this book helps to reveal. The authors claim that with crime spiralling out of control, plummeting morale among the rank and file, the police service in NSW is on the point of collapse. Truly a 'wake up call' for us all. Price: $40.00 posted.

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