Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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24 September 2004. Thought for the Week:

Isn't it great to be in an election year? Pollies' faces bright and full of cheer!
"Hullo - haven't seen you for an age. Oh, am I - the centre of the stage?
Really, super is the last thing on my mind. How are the figures, am I in front or behind?
Agreeing with all - and promising plenty; On non delivery - sorry, the pot was empty.
"But so long as we win that's all I ask. You must understand this is a thankless task!"
"The Election Year" by Julian Stanwix, 2004.


According to what we have heard and read of Queensland's Senator Len Harris, during his time in the Senate he has demonstrated loyalty to his people of Queensland. Therefore, the content of his recent address to the nation (ABC TV, 15th September 2004) once more committing himself to serving his people, should they choose to elect him, deserves to be known far and wide.
The subheadings inserted throughout the following address are policies of the Australian League of Rights. We have sought to show why we appreciate the loyalty and service of Senator Len Harris to his people, and also to encourage Queenslanders to get behind him with their support.
We were told, "By their fruits you will know them." His fruits have been good. He has earned another term in the federal Parliament in which he can again serve his people.

League - To oppose all forms of monopoly, either described as public or private
"Six years ago, I took an oath in Federal Parliament to serve as your Queensland Senator. To be your voice, your vote in federal Parliament. I present myself to you today as a genuine, experienced and capable candidate who will continue to represent your wishes in the Senate over the next six years.

League - To defend the free Society and its institutions
This election is not just about the economy, interest rates and tax cuts. It's about our way of life. Our quality of life as Queenslanders. It is about why families are breaking down because of financial pressures. When both parents have no choice but to work full time to pay the mortgage. It's about our farming and fishing communities driven to the wall by deregulation and the blind stupidity of free trade. This election is about the small business owner who works sixteen-hour days seven days a week with half of his income taken by the tax man. Trying in vain to compete with the big corporations. And the grazier who struggles to understand property rights when the government decides what he can and can't do on his own land.
· Protecting the family unit
· securing a fair go for small business
· safeguarding farming and fishing communities
· and defending property rights are the issues important to Queenslanders and so are the issues important to One Nation.
Being a political representative is as much about listening as it is about fixing things. One Nation has heard your call for help and we are taking action. The family is the schoolroom for life and lasting lessons come from a mother and a father. One Nation believes in mum and dad. Their commitment to each other and their children is the foundation of our society. As your representative in the Senate, I consider all legislation in terms of effects on the family unit. And I support legislation that strengthens marriage and the family. The nuclear family must be the centre of government policy, not a casualty of it. Sadly, some families break down. Divorce or separation is very painful, especially when children are involved.

One Nation's Joint Parenting Bill introduced in the Senate, will ensure that:
· Children can enjoy equal relationships and time with both parents where there is no evidence of harm to the child.
· That Family Court rulings are consistent and just.
· And that Grandparents and extended family have right of contact with the child.

League - To oppose all policies eroding national sovereignty
Sixty per cent of family farms have shut in the last two decades. A country that does not have a viable agricultural base will not last. One Nation says our farming and fishing communities are national assets. One Nation votes against harmful deregulation. We want protection and tariffs on imports. We will not allow weakening quarantine laws. We are pushing for fair and secure contracts for farm produce and to regulate unfair competition and predatory pricing. Farmers need a hand up, not a hand out. Rural Australia must be growth belt, not a dust belt.

League - To defend private property… genuine competitive enterprise
Small business is the biggest business in Australia. I have introduced an Amendment to the Trade Practices Act to ensure fair competition for small business. To guarantee that the big retailers play fair.

One Nation's small business priorities are:
· Reduction of red tape
· Transparent retail tenancies
· Minimisation of government fees and charges
· And no privatisation of Telstra
One Nation believes in small business so we protect it.

Nothing is more devastating for landholders than being served with a breach notice by the Department of Natural Resources. Again, One Nation is taking action for you. This month, I launched a High Court challenge to clarify that vegetation is part of your property rights when purchasing a freehold property. The judgment also seeks to make clear that property rights include water on your land and underground water. The pristine areas of conservation value that exist today are a testament to property owners, who are the primary carers of our environment. One Nation is securing your property rights.
Ladies and gentlemen, on October 9, we have an important choice. It is up to us to decide if there is a price that we will not pay. A point where quality of life cannot be pushed to the brink any more. When it is time to push back. A time when our nation needs One Nation.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pledge to you that if re-elected for another term in the Senate, I will keep working over the shoulder of the elected government. Supporting good legislation and stopping bad.

League- To promote service to the Christian revelation of God
It is with humility, diligence and the grace of God, that I present myself as a Senate candidate for re-election. I pledge to continue to serve each individual Australian and to stand truly by each Australian and fight to defend our rights and liberties.
Our Nation needs One Nation, Further Details: Senator Harris 0429 871 008 or 0409 268 150."


You can be sure the alarm bells began to ring throughout the halls of power when the news spread that Pauline Hanson was going to, once again, stand for a seat in federal Parliament. I believe this to be so as I recall a headline I once saw in a Melbourne newspaper: "Danger: One Nation Ahead". The whole tone of the article warned the danger was not 'One Nation' as such; the danger was of a grass roots' awakening and revolt, which could lead to the sheeple voting en masse for independents and parties other than those of the main political hirelings.

One Nation Senator Len Harris has welcomed the announcement Pauline Hanson will run for a Senate seat in Queensland. "I have had discussions with Pauline, she is preferencing One Nation and One Nation will preference her. This raises the possibility of both of us being elected," he said. "We would certainly make a dynamic duo in the Senate and the Queensland people would be very well represented."


by Betty Luks
No matter where one looks, the strategy and tactics of divide, conquer and rule are being used by the wolves in sheep's clothing to keep the sheeple herded in the direction they want them to go. In the present federal election 'campaign' the old hoary 'class war' tactic has been resurrected as a means of 'dividing' the electorate, the target of course being the vote of the 'swinging' voter. The 'number crunchers' have been busy, they have calculated the votes of the blinded, diehard Liberal or Labor voters and are concentrating on the 'swinging voters' they need to attract to get first past the line. The campaign has nothing to do with the real issues facing this increasingly destabilised, impoverished nation and the real needs and concerns of the people.

Labor's 'class war' tactics
An example of the 'class war' tactics is Mark Latham's announced intention, if elected, to take from the 'rich' schools and give to the 'poor' schools. This time, not the tactic of setting the state school system against the private school system, but of setting the 'rich' schools against the 'poor' religious schools on the outer fringes of the large metropolitan centres.

I have a suggested policy
We are constantly being told we are one of the richest nations on earth in real wealth. We are rich in resources, social institutions, human capital, etc., etc. oddly, all we seem to lack is 'money'. Well let's put some of that real abundance to good use. Bring the poorer schools up to the standard of the richer ones, after all, we have the teachers (begging for work) and the physical means to do so. All that is lacking is the right policy and the will of the Australian people to insist on it!


But would to God the problems we face were perceived to be just human and physical resources and financial, but they are not. The problem is the dominant centralist philosophy undergirding the appallingly low standard of schools and education which is of much more fundamental importance. There is never a word about that.
In the early 20th Century, the assault on the Russian and other eastern European peoples was by revolutionary warfare, slave labour and ruthless oppression but in the Western World the attack was turned into a battle for the hearts and minds of the people -- cultural socialism.
In the early 21st Century, parties from all shades of the political spectrum, have more in common with the dominant, centralist Money Power than they have with their own electorates.
You think I'm wrong? You think I'm too harsh on your favourite party? Name me one political party you know is calling for this nation to create and control its own sovereign money system. It is an easy task to list the political hirelings who support, and who have supported, by legislation, the Money Power's control and rule over this nation. Every banking system or money system now legally operating, gained that legal power, that private privilege to do so, with the support and enacted legislation of politicians -- somewhere, sometime in our history.


The following example of the policy of 'rationalisation' beggars belief, or it would if we didn't know there is an agenda behind it. In this case, 'rationalisation' has nothing to do with the efficiency or practicality, or even common sense, of a rail service, but everything to do with the Procrustean* attempts to make the service work according to the rules of the Money Power.

Getting There - Or Not (Slowly)
(British On Target, 7th & 21st August, 2004.
"We are now being told we have to work longer to offset the so-called pensions "time bomb", yet in April, 2004 The Daily Telegraph reported that 50 per cent of rail timetable enquiries were to be outsourced to India with the loss of up to 500 jobs. This spectacular managerial exercise in passenger and staff relations was followed by this letter, "One track mind", from Graham Rushwort in The Daily Telegraph of 1st July, 2004.

"I called rail enquiries yesterday to obtain rail times from Cheltenham Spa to Beaconsfield. A lady operator answered with a strong Indian accent. She asked me, very politely, to spell Beaconsfield - to which I also responded very politely. I was then asked when I wished to travel. Again, very politely, I advised early tomorrow. After a minute's delay, I was given a routing via Paddington with a journey time of more than five hours. At this point, I ventured to ask the lady where she was located, which caused some confusion. Having lived in India, I repeated the question in Hindi, which produced the response that my question would be more easily understood in Telegu which, sadly, I do not speak. Eventually I established that the very polite lady was located in Bangalore, about 6,000 miles away from Cheltenham. It seemed pointless to request journey information via Birmingham, Swindon or Oxford so I gave up my quest and decided to take the National Express bus instead."

* Procrustean: From Greek mythology. A giant half-god, a thief and a murderer, who would tie his victims to an iron bed, stretching them or hacking off their legs to make them fit the bed. (Sounds like the Money Power to me!…ed)


Another example of 'a shortage of money' in a nation of people who have been the richest, the most productive in history - and yet they cannot see 'the wood for the trees'...

"Jackson Hole, Wyoming, September 2, 2004 ( -
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan warned Friday that the country is facing a Social Security and Medicare funding crisis. Medicare spending already exceeds inputs from payroll taxes -- the fund will be entirely exhausted in 15 years, by 2019. With current shortfalls in the working-age population, Social Security will be bankrupt by 2042; pension payments will exceed income by 2018.
This year's annual Jackson Hole symposium of economists and financiers addresses population demographics, and specifically how the aging population will affect world economics. The population age 65 and above in the U.S. is expected to double by 2035.
No mention has been made by Greenspan of the impact of the anti-child abortion culture on decimating a generation of young people who would otherwise now be entering the workforce. Despite the developing worrisome economic situation, there is still not even a mention
of plans to substantially increase support for families who wish to have more children. This most logical route to increase the future worker and taxpayer base of the nation has been intensely resisted for decades by the nation's elite decision makers."


by Betty Luks
I just happened to catch the recent SBS programme "Insights" and the discussion on 'truth in government'. Margo Kingston journalist and author of "Not Happy, John" participated in the discussion. Either on that programme or in her book she refers approvingly to:
· the Westminster system of government
· the sovereignty of the people
· the representative servant role of the politicians

I wondered… would it, could it, ever be possible:
· For her, a left-wing Jewish journalist and friend of Phillip Adams, (Adams a self-declared arch-enemy of the Australian League of Rights)
· And myself, a traditional Christian and member of the Australian League of Rights,
to find common ground on important social and national issues? …Hmmm… I wonder.

Loose terminology
'Westminster system', 'sovereignty of the people', 'representative government' - these terms are loosely bandied around these days. So first we would have to define what we understand by the terms. For the historical pedigree of the ideas behind the Westminster system, the sovereignty of the people, and the true role of politicians as representative servants rather than masters, one would go back much further than, say, the last hundred years. They have their origins, development and evolution in British Christian history.

The Westminster System
The Gospel came to Britain in the first century and the Church began to grow and to flower. The Church Militant went about proclaiming the Good News of Freedom in a culture of centralised power and slavery. In 673, the Synod of Hertford drew up ten Canons, based on previous decisions of the Church, which bound bishops, priests and laity. While it was a memorable assembly in the annals of the organised English Church, the common people could see and appreciate a system of law which bound rulers as well as those ruled.
In time, this unified assembly grew into a national Church, and the unity of the organised Church became the foundation, the model, and the chief cause of the unity of the Nation.

What the people saw in the structure of the Church suggested a model for a unified nation, and the clerical assemblies led the way to the political representative principle. In the experimental Parliament of 1264 there were, for the first time, representatives of the citizens and burgesses, to assist the knights of the shires and nobles and prelates.
Earl Simon de Montford, who summoned this representative Parliament, was guided by what he had seen done in the annual Church Synods held in the council chambers - that is, the chapter houses of the various cathedrals.

Westminster Abbey and the Westminster System
Simon's Parliament met in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey, where succeeding parliaments continued to meet in London, until a suitable building could be erected for the sole use of members… hence the history and pedigree of the term Westminster Parliament and System.

One hundred years ago Charles Ferguson could write in "The Affirmative Intellect"
"The inner logic of primitive Catholicism was the universal demonstration of the sovereignty of the people and the subordination of secular governments to the service of human liberty… The institutional organisation of Christianity is not the Church; for the church-idea takes in the whole social system too, and includes all the people, even the scribes and pharisees… The power of the Church is forever drawing against the old order.
The church-idea is the germinal principle of this era, the key to modern history, and the spring of the evolution of democratic society.
The Church of the Middle Ages stood as a provisional plan of such a social system… In the midst of a world-order based upon the principle of external law… the Church wrought into concrete forms and the solid structure of institutions, the democratic ideal.
It was a marvellous achievement - this magnificent rough-sketching of a new world in the oppugnant materials of the old…

In the sixteenth century the idea of the social law as proceeding from the… (good) wills of the people ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.") was fairly born into the secular world. The Church (went on) to pour its vital store into the lap of the nations… The Church was, in fact, the mother of great politics - the teacher of what is deep in man and what is permanent in society."

Further reading: "Releasing Reality" by Eric D. Butler;" "A New Britannia in the Southern Seas," by Eric D. Butler; "The Foundations of Liberty" by Canon Arthur Fellows.


by Louis Cook
Dear Mr King, I write to wish you well in your bid to retain representation for Wentworth.
I sincerely hope you are re-elected as an independent because it disturbs me when political parties lay claim to ownership of any electorate. The "Seat" belongs to the people of the electorate not a political party!
Malcolm Turnbull seeks to "use" the people of Wentworth for his own personal ambitions and heaven help us if he is elected for he no doubt sees himself as Prime Minister or Treasurer material or should that be the first republican president?
Far too many ambitious people try for the easy ride into parliament and I cannot recall any worthy of the title of "Statesmen" -- rather they degrade the democratic process.
Since the election of Gough Whitlam, Australia has been saddled with a succession of what can only be called "democratically elected dictatorships" with mendacious leaders while at the same time the living standards of the general population has deteriorated.
Small business and rural producers do not have their incomes indexed to inflation like the salaries of elite public servants and politicians and which give new meaning to George Orwell's "Animal Farm".
Peter Costello plays the part of "Squealer" to a "T" or should that be a Capital "S"?
Mark Latham is suggesting a government led by him will be "lean and efficient" ... something tells me it will be "lean and very MEAN"! Perish the thought, the choice is between being burnt at the stake or boiled in GREEN oil.
I could write many pages on the run down of Australia over the last thirty or so years and now care little for what poses as the "democratic process".
Compulsory voting and public funding of elections have turned responsible participation in government on its head and any likely upstart who threatens the established system is given "the treatment" ... witness Pauline Hanson.
Mr King, should you be elected it will be a new era for you, with the power of the "Party Whip" no longer a threat, your conscience can freely influence your vote to serve ALL Australians well and the people of Wentworth in particular. The best of "bloody good luck" to you!


--or Keep Away From my Children "The Scotsman" August 15, 2004
"After being lied to one too many times by the government regarding children's vaccinations, Carmen Reid decided it was time to voice her opinion.
As a mother, Reid looked into the safety of childhood vaccinations and found that the formerly used mercury was now being replaced with aluminium and formaldehyde, two compounds reported by experts as being responsible for causing autism.
The other toxin, formaldehyde, didn't prove to be any safer, as it was banned from cot mattresses due to an apparent association to cot deaths.
Inventing the latest vaccine cocktail is a booming business and is propelled by the patenting system. Anyone not familiar with the patent system will be unnerved to find out that each new vaccine is patented for 10 or 15 years in which time their profits are maximized. After they reach their height in profit generation, their profits begin to teeter off, unless of course a "new and improved" version of the vaccine is invented.
Widespread diseases today such as autism, asthma and allergies were considered rarities 30 years ago. Several experts tied their emergence to the administration of mass vaccinations.

Just ponder the contradictions regarding the claim that measles is a "killer" disease
A child under the age of five has 0.01 percent chance of contracting measles. That same child has a 0.3 percent chance of dying from the disease and a 0.2 percent chance of being autistic as a result of vaccine damage
Despite knowing the dangers and possible side effects associated with vaccines, the departments of health have turned down evidence brought forth by parents claiming to have had healthy children before they took them to get vaccinations."

If Americans were aware of the common components of vaccines, they may think twice before considering them. Now they have replaced mercury with equally damaging toxins, aluminium and formaldehyde. But the list of vaccine fillers doesn't end there. Here is a partial list of some of the other fillers that vaccines could contain: aluminum hydroxide; animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo; human diploid cells (originating from human aborted foetal tissue), monosodium glutamate (MSG), phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), sorbitol sucrose.
These additives are often more dangerous than the viral component of the vaccine. If you are a parent and are considering vaccinating your child, please read up on the potentially devastating side effects of vaccines before doing so, it could mean the difference between life and death.

An essential resource for anyone interested in protecting their health and the health of their loved ones is "Vaccines: What CDC Documents and Science Reveal," a two-hour video by world-renowned vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. The video is the culmination of Dr. Tenpenny's three-year investigation into the real story behind vaccines. The facts on several crucial areas are covered including: How vaccines can cause illnesses including autoimmune diseases, allergies, ear infections, and more. The very real link between vaccines and developmental learning and behavioural disorders in children.

If you are a parent, a medical practitioner, or otherwise interested in how to exercise your freedom of choice to bypass vaccines, you should also consider Dr. Tenpenny's insightful tape, "The Dangers of Vaccines, and How You Can Legally Avoid Them." Available for $10.00 from Mrs. Olga Scully, 14 Thelma Street, Launceston Tasmania 7250.


"Not Happy, John" by Margo Kingston.
In the triumphant first-flush of toppling Saddam Hussein, John Howard invited George Bush the President of the United States to visit our shores and speak on the matter which had so bitterly divided the nation. Margo writes of that presidential visit: "…what I experienced on 23 and 24 October last year made me fear for our democracy's future. I saw a Parliament on its collective knees before a condescending Imperial Caesar, led by a lame provincial governor of a Prime Minister so blind to the duties of his own democratic office, so unmoved by the issues still rending his own people, that he turned what might have been a healing thank-you visit into just another vehicle for his own ambitions. I saw him do so at the expense of Westminster traditions and norms of civilised behaviour that I'd thought were above partisan politics. I saw elected politicians - elected by us, the Australian people - shouted down, physically manhandled and viciously abused." $30 posted.

Guantánamo: What the World Should Know by Michael Ratner & Ellen Ray.
David Hicks' father Terry impresses quite a number of Australians. He is doing his utmost to ensure his son is treated fairly and justly. Terry Hicks has revealed his son has been subject to torture and inhuman treatment - at the hands of the Americans! Alarm bells should be ringing throughout the West. The US's unlawful and arbitrary detention at Guantánamo Bay threatens us all. A shocking, alarming and essential read.
"Guantánamo is a prison where cruel and inhuman and degrading treatment - even torture - is practised, and is utterly illegal. There should be no place in the world where human beings have no rights," insists Michael Ratner. They reveal the horrendous abuses, mistreatment and torture being meted out to detainees. They demonstrate how blatantly and extensively Guantánamo Bay contravenes international law, the Geneva Convention and the Convention Against Torture. Correct price $25.00 posted

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