Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 October 2004. Thought for the Week: Why is it that virtually all "reputable" scholars and mass columnists and commentators reject the cause and effect conspiratorial theory of history? Primarily, most scholars follow the crowd in the academic world just as women follow fashions. To buck the tide means professional ostracism. The same is true of the mass media.
While professors and pontificators profess to be tolerant and broadminded, in practice it's strictly a one-way street -- with all traffic flowing left. A Maoist tolerated by Liberals of Ivory Towerland or by the by the Establishment's media pundits, but to be a conservative, conservative who propounds a conspiratorial view, is absolutely verboten.
These people have over the years acquired a vested emotional interest in their own errors. Their intellects and egos are totally committed to the accidental theory. Most people are highly reluctant to admit that they have been conned or have shown poor judgement. It takes a person with strong character indeed to face the facts and admit he has been wrong even if it was because he was uninformed.
"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen 1971.


Before reading the following news of Dr. Eckard Roehrich's de-registration please give careful thought to your own understanding of your relationship to the 'state' -- that which now claims to be the "universal Lord". The power wielders in the western world are determined to replace the Christian beliefs with a creed which is more suited to this 'new obedience', a creed which does not insist on the fact that the individual is answerable for his soul to God alone, and is not the property of any earthly master - not even of the state. The Revolution aims to get rid of the bonds, completely, between the people and their ancient sanctity, and at the same time to involve the state, as a 'mystical presence', in all the deepest ties and aspirations.
It is to the Revolution that we can trace the new kind of "civil marriage", as well as to the idea that children don't 'belong' to their parents, but to the state."

The following alarming news of Dr. Eckard Roehrich's de-registration should be of concern to us all. If the man, as a physician, has performed his duties honourably and to the best of his abilities; and the parents choose to have him to advise and care for their daughter - what has that to do with some bureaucrat? Who gave the bureaucrat the power to dictate to the parents what type of medical care they must give their daughter and who should perform it?
The issue is this: Do our children belong to the state as Marxists would have us believe? Or, do they belong to God and parents are responsible for them to Him while they are still young?
How far do we go in our obedience to Caesar and where do our duties to God fit into this whole scenario? Read on:

"Doctors around the world are being deregistered in droves by their respective medical boards for doing nothing more than helping their patients with nutritional and naturally based treatments.
Recent de-registrants include notable pioneers in natural treatments including Dr. Durrant-Peatfield, a UK doctor specializing in natural therapies for thyroid, adrenal and chronic fatigue conditions, and Dr. Serafina Corsello a respected holistic physician. Among those relentlessly harassed by their medical boards were: Dr. Revici, an internationally respected pioneer in the treatment of cancer by nutritional and natural means; Dr. Warren Levine, who founded the first Holistic Health Centre in New York having helped thousands of patients during the nearly 30 years he was in practice; Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, also deregistered, had been granted a sizeable sum by the National Cancer Institute to conduct testing on alternative cancer therapy when the Board's action pulled the plug on the research. The medical board of New Jersey deregistered Dr. Eric R. Braverman MD, clinician and author, after authorities noted his unique research and his success in treating serious conditions with holistic therapies.
In Australia, Dr. Eckard Roehrich was deregistered on 21 September 2004 after he gave testimony in court on behalf of a family whose 11 year-old daughter was forced to have chemotherapy against her wishes and those of her parents. The child's treating oncologist at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle contacted the department of community services which instigated the forced treatment by way of a court order.
Dr. Roehrich, the family's primary physician practiced integrative medicine, a combination of orthodox, complementary and evidence-based alternative approaches to medicine. He had made several attempts to gain humanitarian concessions for the child who was incarcerated in the hospital without privileges such as a familiar diet, nutritional supplements, regular walks out doors and visits from friends. The hospital oncologist however, would not allow these concessions. On one occasion, when her parents' visiting hours were severely restricted by the welfare department, the girl tried to escape the hospital and was returned to the ward and put on 24 hour watch.

The New South Wales Medical Board
Not long after his court appearance on behalf of the child and her family, Dr. Roehrich began to receive letters from the New South Wales Medical Board. The Board notified him that its delegates intended entering the doctor's clinic to inspect his records and premises. When the doctor required the Board to provide him with a reason for its intended entry into his clinic without his consent, he was hauled up before a special committee. After a short deliberation the 3 member New South Wales Medical Board Committee revoked his licence to practice medicine on 21 September 2004. The Board allotted 3 days for Dr. Roehrich to wind up his practice leaving his over 1000 patients without medical care. The doctor's clinic was located in an area of acute doctor shortage. Many of his seriously ill patients were in the middle of treatments which had started to improve their health.
The doctor's deregistration has caused a community backlash against the Medical Board. Already hundreds of patients have contacted the doctor's clinic vowing their support for him.
The NSW Medical Board's action against Dr. Roehrich comes after its decision earlier in the year to clear four doctors who were investigated for poor practice after 14 deaths occurred at the Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals west of Sydney. According to a Sydney Morning Herald article on 23/1/04 the Medical Board cleared the doctors even before a special inquiry could complete its investigations into the deaths.
Dr. Roehrich maintains he was intensively targeted by the Medical Board shortly after he testified for the family that was besieged by the department of community services. He maintains when the welfare department forced the child to have chemotherapy, he felt it was his duty to help the family to reclaim their right to choose any valid treatment options for their child.
The Medical Board has not provided Dr. Roehrich with specific reasons for its suspension of his licence. He has written to the Board and telephoned them to request this information


by Betty Luks
It appears Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) journalist, Margo Kingston, is in the 'bad books' with the Jewish journal "The Review" Sept. 2004, for comments she made in, "Not Happy, John" and on the SMH website, in relation to the fundamentalist Zionist lobby's control of politics and the media in the US and Australia" (July 22).
From the thrust of the article, it would seem she is smarting from the backlash she has received.

"The Review" journal states
"She wrote, "I did not mean what many people believed I meant. I am not antisemitic, and I thought what I wrote was a statement of fact." Later, after explaining she only meant the "fundamentalist Zionist" subset, she said, "As to my belief that powerful members of this subset control politics and the media, I thought this was stating a fact. I thought it was well known that in the US no politician wanting re-election would speak out about the excesses of current Israeli policy. I thought the relentless intimidation of the media by Australia's AIJAC was commonly accepted." Finally, she wrote to a critical correspondent, "I admit I'm at a loss to understand the antisemitic charge...I'd really appreciate your advice on this - it seemed so uncontroversial when I wrote it - I suppose because I mix largely with left wing Jewish Australians."
Margo Kingston found herself on the receiving end of an attack; not unlike that which many an individual has suffered after daring to lift his head above the parapet and publicly express what many talk about in private. Those brave enough to speak out are branded with the usual psycho-political swear words intended to frighten and intimidate, e.g., 'anti-semitic', 'extreme right-wing', and now 'extreme left-wing'.

The political 'horseshoe'
But it was the analogy used which interested me. It seems presidential candidate Ralph Nader has also lifted his head above the parapet and received a barrage of politically-correct abuse.
"The Review" wrote of what Nader said: "The days when the chief Israeli puppeteer comes to the United States and meets with the puppet in the White House and then proceeds to capital hill where he meets with hundreds of other puppets, should be replaced." When the Anti-Defamation League wrote to Nader and asked him to reconsider, he wrote back refusing and adding, "As for the metaphors -- puppeteer and puppets -- the Romans had a phrase for the obvious -- res ipsa loquitor [the thing speaks for itself]" and "The Israelis have a joke for the obvious -- that the United States is the second state of Israel."
The Washington Post took 'left-winger' Ralph Nader to task for his remarks and claimed they were "virtually indistinguishable from statements" made by 'right-wing' white supremacists - thus linking the 'left-wing' up with the 'right-wing' of politics.

A false analogy
But the analogy of the 'left' and the 'right' of politics now forming a horseshoe presents a false concept in people's minds. A far better analogy - and nearer to the truth is the following.
Imagine a straight line rather than the 'curved horseshoe' analogy.

Anarchy, Lawlessness--
--Limited Constitutional Government kept in place by a free and enterprising people--
Tyranny--Facist, Communist or Super Capitalist

At the left is anarchy or lawlessness; law and order has broken down altogether. Some would say that is also a tyranny - without law and order people also fear for their lives.
Then a little to the right is Limited government; government is bound by a system of rules -- a Constitution.
Then as we proceed further and further to the right we see a people progressively bound and controlled, more and more, by a tyrannical government - no matter what name it is given. Finally, on the right hand side of the straight line we have a complete tyranny.
Didn't Shakespeare remind us, "a rose is still a rose" by any other name?
Modern party-politics sets out to divide truth and set the citizens one against the other - to divide and rule. It is time the Australian people woke up to the fact and refused to let venal politicians use them as vehicles for control and power over them.


A Colorado congresswoman is seeking a congressional investigation into allegations that Iraqi war veterans near the end of their enlistments were given a choice between re-enlisting or being sent back to Iraq. Democratic Rep. Diana Degette, in a letter to the House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., asked him Monday to look into whether the "White House or civilian Pentagon officials are pressuring the military to use coercive tactics to get soldiers to re-enlist in order to maintain the force levels necessary to fight the war in Iraq and war on terror."


from Paul Fromm, Canada For Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.

"Welcome to the Northern Banana Republic, Absurdistan, where an autocratic regime keeps political dissidents in jail. With Irwin Cotler, a militant Zionist as Justice Minister, and federal politicians massively lobbied by outspoken Zionist groups that are sworn enemies of free speech, Canada is increasingly a place where political dissent can land you in prison.
It's no surprise. Although he had promised his decision a week earlier, on September 22, Mr. Justice Pierre Blais announced that Canada's most famous political prisoner Ernst Zundel must spend another six months in solitary confinement. You see, the lifelong pacifist who has never been charged, much less convicted of a crime of violence in Canada or anywhere else, is accused by Canada's corrupt Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) of being a "terrorist" and, therefore, a threat to national security.
Judge Blais has been so hopelessly hostile to Mr. Zundel and his several lawyers that the decision was a foregone conclusion. After all, he had said, during Mr. Zundel's testimony in July 2003, that he didn't believe him. On January 21, he had concluded that "there are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Zundel continues to be a danger to national security or to the safety of any person" and, therefore, ordered his continued incarceration. Mr. Zundel has not, of course, been charged with any crime.

In his January 21 decision, Mr. Justice Blais had, in fact, ruled on the substance of the case: whether it was "reasonable" for the ministers to sign the CSIS national security certificate last May 1. Well, if there are reasonable grounds to believe Mr. Zundel is a danger to national security, it would seem that the judge has already made up his mind.
None of this is surprising. Pierre Blais was the former boss of CSIS. In 1989, as Solicitor-General in the Mulroney government, he was in charge of CSIS, interestingly, at the very time they were knee deep in dirty tricks spying on the fledgling Reform Party and the Heritage Front. In November. Mr. Zundel's then lead counsel Douglas H,. Christie made a motion calling on Judge Blais to recuse himself. he refused. More recently, on September 14, Peter Lindsay, Mr. Zundel's current lead counsel, made a similar motion now based on a ponderous record of biased decisions against Mr. Zundel.

Guilt by association
Judge Blais's decision consigning the 65-year-old German publisher to another six months in jail -- a form of indefinite detention -- is a masterpiece of deception. Judge Blais criticized Mr. Zundel and Mr. Lindsay for not clarifying Mr. Zundel's relationship with a host of people, linked to him by guilt-by-association in the report filed with the certificate. Mr. Zundel, in testimony in July 2003 and this spring did clarify these relationships, such as they were.
Now Judge Blais seems to suggest that Mr. Zundel should be further punished for his criticism of CSIS's hostility toward him: "Mr. Zundel decided not to address these issued and not to clarify his relationship with those individuals and organizations. Mr. Zundel decided to demonstrate that he is more or less a victim of a vendetta by CSIS against him." (12) One wonders whether Judge Blais was sleeping on July 27, August 30 and 31. In dramatic testimony, Douglas Christie, the "Battling Barrister" from Victoria gave his observations of nearly 20 years of representing Ernst Zundel, including an aggregate of 18 months spent over the years living at Zundelhaus in Toronto.

Mr. Christie was emphatic about Mr. Zundel's outspoken contempt for people who resort to violence or talk about violence. He specifically addressed Mr. Zundel's relationship to all the persons mentioned in the report. His conclusion was that Mr. Zundel was admired by many people, but that young people, far from looking to him as a guru, thought he was out of touch and tended to ignore his advice. Mr. Christie characterized Mr. Zundel's supporters as largely German and Anglo, ageing, and extremely law-abiding.
Mr. Christie is, of course, a gentleman and an officer of the Court. One might think that his testimony might count for something.

Once again, former CSIS boss Mr. Justice Pierre Blais upholds the preposterous. "I would agree with counsel for the Ministers that, even though counsel for Mr. Zundel has shown dissatisfaction with the disclosure of the evidence, Mr. Zundel has received adequate disclosure in this case. " (27) Despite numerous secret hearings, including one at noon the day Mr. John Farrell, former CSIS operative and mail thief testified, Mr. Justice Blais has not revealed a single extra scrap of information to the defence. The fiction is that secret evidence is given to the judge in camera and he must assess whether divulging this information would be injurious to national security. It beggars belief that not a single piece of information fails to meet this test. However, Judge Blais's understanding of a threat to national security is so broad that he refuses to tell the defence even how many days of secret evidence have been heard. Can't tell us: "National security!""


by Webster Griffin Tarpley, Washington DC, 14 September, 2004:
From INN World Report,

"In the wake of the terrorist atrocity at a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, in the Russian Federation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made remarks to the western press which expose the key role of the US and British governments in backing Chechen terrorism.
Whatever Putin's previous role in events regarding Chechnya, his current political posture is one which sharply undercuts the legitimacy of the supposed Anglo-American "war on terror," and which points up the hypocrisy of the Bush regime's pledge that it will make no distinction between the terrorists and those who harbour them -- since Washington and London are currently harbouring Chechens implicated in terrorism.
All in all, Putin's response to Chechen events has, with the third anniversary of 9/11, brought the collapse of the official 9/11 myth measurably closer. The hypocritical terror demagogy of Bush and Blair has now been undercut by the head of state of another permanent member of the UN Security Council...

Accounts published in various newspapers
On Monday September 6, Putin spoke for three and one half hours with a group of some 30 western correspondents and Russia experts at his dacha near Novo Ogarevo outside Moscow. There is no official transcript so far, but accounts have been published in The Guardian, The Independent, and Le Monde.
The Washington Post waited until Friday, September 10 to publish an article, but left out the most significant remarks. There are now signs that the Anglo-American press is beginning a new campaign against Putin as a dictator, stressing the obvious in order to silence his attacks on the US-UK sponsorship of Chechen terror.
Putin, a KGB veteran who knows whereof he speaks, told the gathering that the school massacre showed that "certain western circles would like to weaken Russia, just as the Romans wanted to destroy Carthage." He thus suggested that the US and UK, not content with having bested Russia in the Cold War, now wanted to proceed to the dismemberment and total destruction of Russia - a Carthaginian peace like the one the Romans finally imposed at the end of the Punic Wars in 146 BC, when they poured salt into the land of Carthage so nothing would every grow there again. (Le Monde, 8/904)

"There is no link between Russian policy in Chechnya and the hostage-taking in Beslan," said Putin, meaning that the terrorists were using the Chechen situation as a pretext to attack Russia. According to a paraphrase in Le Monde:
"The aim of that international terrorism, supported more or less openly by foreign states, whose names the Russian president didn't want to name, is to weaken Russia from the inside, by criminalizing its economy, by provoking its disintegration through propagating separatism in the Caucasus and the transformation of the region into a staging ground for actions directed against the Russian Federation."
"Mr. Putin," continues Le Monde, "reiterated the accusation he had launched in a veiled form against western countries which appear to use double-talk. On the one side, their leaders assure the Russian President of their solidarity in the fight against terrorism. On the other hand, the intelligence services and the military - 'who have not abandoned their Cold War prejudices,' in Putin's words -- entertain contacts with those the international press calls the 'rebels.
'Why are those who emulate Bin Laden called terrorists and the people who kill children, rebels? Where is the logic?' asked Vladimir Putin, and then gave the answer: 'Because certain political circles in the West want to weaken Russia just like the Romans wanted to destroy Carthage.' 'But, continued Putin, "we will not allow this scenario to come to pass.'"

Le Monde continues
"This is, according to [Putin] a bad calculation, because Russia is a factor of stability. By weakening it, the Cold War nostalgics are clearly acting against the interests of their own country." In Putin's words: "We are the sincere champions of this co-operation [against terrorism], we are open and loyal partners. But if foreign services have contacts with the 'rebels,' they cannot be treated as reliable allies, as Russia is for them." (Le Monde, 8/9/04)
As Michel Chossudovsky pointed out some years back, the Chechen leaders Basayev and Al Khattab were trained in the CIA-run camps for Islamic fighters in Afghanistan.
In 1999, Putin rode to power on a backlash against Chechen terror which he had in all probability staged himself - thus just doing a long-standing US-UK capability. The key point is that the Russian press is now openly denouncing London and Washington as centres for terrorist control. This can blow the lid off the 9-11 hoax.
On Saturday, September 4, Putin had delivered a national television address to the Russian people on the Beslan tragedy, which had left more than 300 dead, over half of them children. The main thrust was that terrorism constitutes international proxy warfare against Russia. Among other things Putin said:
"In general, we need to admit that we did not fully understand the complexity and the dangers of the processes at work in our own country and in the world. In any case, we proved unable to react adequately. We showed ourselves to be weak, and the weak get beaten."
"Some people would like to tear from us a tasty morsel. Others are helping them. They are helping, reasoning that Russia still remains one of the world's major nuclear powers, and as such still represents a threat to them. And so they reason that this threat should be removed. Terrorism, of course, is just an instrument to achieve these gains."
"What we are dealing with, are not isolated acts intended to frighten us, not isolated terrorist attacks. What we are facing is direct intervention of international terror directed against Russia. This is a total, cruel and full-scale war that again and again is taking the lives of our fellow citizens." (, September 6, 2004)

Recruitment in London
Around the time of 9/11, Putin had pointed to open recruitment of Chechen terrorists going on in London, telling a German interviewer:
"In London, there is a recruitment station for people wanting to join combat in Chechnya. Today -- not officially, but effectively in the open -- they are talking there about recruiting volunteers to go to Afghanistan." (Focus -- German weekly newsmagazine, September 2001) In addition, it is generally known in well-informed European circles that the leaders of the Chechen rebels were trained by the CIA, and that the Chechens were backed by US-sponsored anti-Russian fighters from Afghanistan. In recent months, US-UK backed Chechens have destroyed two Russian airliners and attacked a Moscow subway station, in addition to the school atrocity.

Some aspects of Putin's thinking were further explained by a press interview given by Aslambek Aslakhanov, the Chechen politician who is one of Putin's official advisors. A dispatch from RIA Novosti reported Aslakhanov's comments as follows:
"The terrorists who seized the school in Beslan, North Ossetia, took their orders from abroad. 'They were talking with people not from Russia, but from abroad. They were being directed,' said Aslambek Aslakhanov, advisor to the President of the Russian Federation. 'It is the desire of our "friends" - in quotation marks -- who have probably for more than a decade been carrying out enormous, titanic work, aimed at dismembering Russia. These people have worked very hard, and the fact that the financing comes from there and that they are the puppet masters, is also clear."
Aslakhanov, who was named by the terrorists as one of the people they were going to hold talks with, also told RIA Novosti that the bid for such "talks" was completely phony. He said that the hostage-takers were not Chechens. When he talked to them, by phone, in Chechen, they demanded that he talk Russian, and the ones he spoke with had the accents of other North Caucasus ethnic groups. (RIA Novosti, September 6, 2004)


Last week we published a portion of Naomi Klein's account of what is the real intention behind the war in Iraq by the 'One Worlders', the 'Neocons' -- call them what you will. For those who would like to read the article in full, please send for it to: P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley S.A. 5159 enclosing $5 to help cover costs of photocopying and postage.

Naomi Klein, Common Dreams Centre. Published in the September, 2004 issue of Harper's Magazine, September 26, 2004.
"…Some people were paying attention, of course. That autumn was awash in "rebuilding Iraq" trade shows, in Washington, London, Madrid, and Amman.
The Economist described Iraq under Bremer as "a capitalist dream," and a flurry of new consulting firms were launched promising to help companies get access to the Iraqi market, their boards of directors stacked with well-connected Republicans.
The most prominent was New Bridge Strategies, started by Joe Allbaugh, former Bush-Cheney campaign manager.
"Getting the rights to distribute Procter & Gamble products can be a gold mine," one of the company's partners enthused. "One well-stocked 7-Eleven could knock out thirty Iraqi stores; a Wal-Mart could take over the country."
Soon there were rumours that a McDonald's would be opening up in downtown Baghdad, funding was almost in place for a Starwood luxury hotel, and General Motors was planning to build an auto plant. On the financial side, HSBC would have branches all over the country, Citigroup was preparing to offer substantial loans guaranteed against future sales of Iraqi oil, and the bell was going to ring on a New York - style stock exchange in Baghdad any day.
In only a few months, the postwar plan to turn Iraq into a laboratory for the neocons had been realized. Leo Strauss may have provided the intellectual framework for invading Iraq pre-emptively, but it was that other University of Chicago professor, Milton Friedman, author of the anti-government manifesto Capitalism and Freedom, who supplied the manual for what to do once the country was safely in America's hands.
This represented an enormous victory for the most ideological wing of the Bush Administration. But it was also something more:
The culmination of two interlinked power struggles, one among Iraqi exiles advising the White House on its postwar strategy, the other within the White House itself.


The Launceston Conservative Speakers' Club are pleased to announce Mr. Jeremy Lee will be their guest speaker at the October meeting. Fresh from the League's National Weekend Jeremy will be keen to meet up again with his many Tasmanian friends.
The meeting is on Friday, 15th October (please note the change of date) and the venue is the Max Fry Memorial Hall, Gorge Road, Trevallyn. Commencement time is 7.30pm. Title of his address is: "The Light is Dawning".


"A Race Against Time: Racial heresies for the 21st Century," edited by George McDaniel. What does the future hold for the West? Must our Civilisation give way before the waves of Third World newcomers? It is increasingly clear that race and civilisation cannot be separated; that only the people who created a culture can sustain it.
Price: $45.00 includes postage.

"Killing Hope: US Military & CIA Interventions since WW II," by William Blum.
The West has been soundly conditioned to react Pavlovianly to a number of psycho-political terms; 'swear words' such as 'communist' or 'fascist', terms intended to conjure up mental pictures from Stalinist purges to slave-labour camps. A 'Them' agin 'Us' reflex.
"Them" can mean a peasant in the Philippines, a mural-painter in Nicaragua, or a legally-elected prime minister in British Guiana - but all, somehow, presented as part of the same monolithic conspiracy; all in some way, a threat to our Way of Life. William Blum has done a mammoth service to his people by listing the destabilising, revolutionary activities of the U.S. Military and the CIA, from China in the 1940s to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
Price $40.00 posted.

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