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5 November 2004. Thought for the Week: Powerful allies made yet more powerful by political favours always retain the ultimate power to change sides at will. The more you give them, the less power you have to say no next time. And they always jump ship sooner or later - once they've used you up."
Margo Kingston, in "Not Happy, John." 2004.


The Daily Telegraph, 13th October, 2004 reported the astounding news "the U.S. Congress has ordered the State Department to start rating governments throughout the world on their treatment of Jewish citizens." It is the intention of the State Department to have "the resulting report cards on anti-Semitism published in annual U.S. surveys of human rights abuses around the world." The newspaper article continues: "The proposed law was passed by the House of Representatives on Monday, in response to what its sponsors called an alarming surge in anti-Semitism, especially in Europe. It has already been passed by the Senate."

At least some diplomats put up some sort of objection by complaining in an internal memo that a special focus on Judaism, "opens us to charges of favouritism and challenges the credibility of our reporting," although Congress overruled their opposition. There is little doubt that the new law will create diplomatic waves. France, Russia, Malaysia, Egypt, Canada and Australia were singled out by congressional sponsors of the law as countries that had witnessed disturbing outbreaks of discrimination against Jews in the past year.
The law, the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, also ordered the establishment of an office at the State Department dedicated to monitoring anti-Semitism, again over the department's protests.

The 'Act' backed by both parties
The resulting internal row must now be resolved by President George W. Bush as the legislation heads to his desk from Congress. With the act overwhelmingly backed by both parties, officials in Congress said they expected he would sign it into law. A three-page State Department memorandum, leaked to The Telegraph yesterday, complained that congressional plans would throw U.S. human rights reporting "out of balance", and "erode our credibility by being interpreted as favouritism in human rights reporting".

In a sign of the diplomatic anxieties, the State Department argued for anti-Semitism monitoring to remain a task conducted behind closed doors, by the department's existing "special envoy for holocaust issues." At the moment, U.S. diplomats discreetly gather data on anti-Semitism from other governments, in multilateral conferences held in Europe and an annual international religious freedom round table sponsored by Washington.

Tom Lantos, a California Democrat and Holocaust survivor who was one of the sponsors, denounced State Department talk of 'favoritism' as an alarming nod to "the worst stereotypes of Jews perpetrated in anti-Semitic tracts throughout modern history."
Lynne Weil, his communications director, said: "It's unclear why anyone would be offended by this."

What will the monitoring of "governments' treatment of Jewish citizens throughout the world" mean in effect? Most people find it hard to grasp just what is being done to them, and what such a move will eventually play on their liberties and freedoms; they find it hard to 'get their mind around' what was explained by South African journalist and writer Ivor Benson as 'the Jewish Paradox' ("The Zionist Factor", 1984.)
· In what ways have they been 'discriminated' against in the past year?
· What were examples of the 'worst stereotypes of Jews perpetrated' to which Tom Lantos, the Californian Democrat refers?

Using quotes from Dr. Nahum Goldmann's book "The Jewish Paradox" (Weidenfeld & Nicholson) Benson gave us examples to help with the difficulty of interpreting the Jewish 'doublespeak', and of grasping the not so obvious paradox of the Jewish presence in the 20th Century. Not just an ordinary Jew, Goldmann had spoken "for world Jewry with all the world's leaders since long before WWII."
But first let us establish just what is a paradox and using the Concise Oxford Dictionary as a reference Benson says it is either:
1. A seemingly absurd though really well-meaning statement
2. A self-contradictory, essentially absurd statement.
But he saw we could learn far more about the paradox by the way it has been used from time to time - such as the way Dr. Goldmann used it in his book and as Jewish writers continually use it in their art of 'doublespeak'.

A paradox can be used in two ways writes Benson
1. It is simply the truth stood upon its head and can be used when a writer wants to attract attention to what he wants to say.
2. But it can be used for very different purposes as Dr. Goldmann demonstrated in his book, producing the effect of a sort of double paradox, simultaneously mind-boggling and instructive, words used with consummate skill to instruct some readers while at the same time thrusting others more deeply into ignorance and confusion.

Benson gives examples from Goldmann's work
Having campaigned all his life for a return of the Jews to Palestine 'in fulfilment of Bible prophecy', he candidly admitted that he was not an orthodox Jew.
· Having informed us that not all Jews are religious believers, he goes on to say they are all united in believing for religious reasons the Jews were fully justified in taking Palestine from the Arabs.

On Jewish 'Identity'
Prepare to enter the mazes of the Jewish labyrinth when entering in on the subject of 'Jewish identity' warns Benson.
Writes Goldmann: "I remember giving a lecture … during which I offered more than twenty definitions: Judaism is a religion, a people, a nation, a cultural community, etc. None of them was absolutely accurate… For some the keystone is religion. For others it is the glory of a people who has given the world monotheism, the prophets, Spinoza, Marx, Freud, Einstein and so many geniuses. For others again it is their respect for Jewish sufferings past and present that cements their adhesion."
· And yet Goldmann rejects a definition offered by one of Jewry's staunchest defenders, Jean-Paul Sartre: "A Jew is anybody whom other people designate as such."
· It is also paradoxical that the short list of Jewish 'geniuses' should have included Spinoza who in 1632 was cursed and anathematised by the Amsterdam rabbinate.
· The claim that Jews gave the world 'monotheism' is no paradox at all, but a simple falsehood - for we read in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, dated approximately 2600BC: "Thou art the one, the God from the very beginnings of time, the heir of immortality, self-produced and self-born, thou didst create the earth and make man." (Translated by the British archaeologist and Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge.)

"Jewish philosophy, thought and ideology," Dr. Goldmann continues, "are made up of manifold contradictions. One of them is that we are at one and the same time the most separatist and most universalist people in the world."
Should those who fear that they have been discriminated against by what he calls "the Jewish God," he explains: "That is the great characteristic of our people; we are apart and isolated from the rest, and at the same time destined to fulfil a mission which concerns the whole world, to be the servants of humanity."

Benson highlights the paradox in the above statement
The paradox is concentrated in one word, "servants", which stood upon its head gives us the word rulers -- for was there ever a ruler, no matter how vicious and arbitrary, who did not regard himself as the servant and benefactor of his people?
There is much more in the same vein… in the introduction we read that "the Jews are the most separatist people in the world" whose "belief in the notion of the chosen people is the basis of their entire religion", and we read also that no other religion has "proclaimed so passionately the equality of all races and all classes before God". In other words: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" -- since there must surely be some superior kind of equality among those who qualify as "the chosen".

Benson suggests that instead of trying to follow Dr Goldmann through the labyrinthine caves of the Jews' "revolutionary notion" of a people that is at once "separatist and universal", let's drive a perfectly straight, well-lit tunnel right through this great mountain of paradoxes and see what we find:
Using another metaphor he suggests we switch on a powerful fan and blow away the dense clouds of paradoxical bull-dust -- and what do we find?
According to the claims of Dr. Nahum Goldmann the Jews are:-
1. A chauvinist people: They have a prejudiced belief in the superiority of their own kind.
2. A (inter) nationalist people: They have a devotion to their own interests and culture and set out to promote their interests to the disadvantage of their host country.
3. A racialist people: They are a racially-oriented people who have learned how to preserve their unity and cohesion in spite of geographical dispersion.
Once we understand this, we have a key which instantly unlocks every imaginable manifestation of "the Jewish paradox". It is a relationship of competitive nationalism which gives rise, inevitably, to the practice of twin ethical codes, an "in" code and an "out" code, one for "us" and the other for "them".

Another good example
On the subject of 'nationalism' Dr. Goldmann is surprisingly frank, but always, of course, in the same paradoxical way. Thus, the man who made no secret of the fact that he carried the passports of eight different countries, quotes himself as saying in an interview with Dean Acheson, then US Secretary of State: "Listen, Mr Acheson, I am talking to you now not as a Jew but as an American. I am an American citizen".

The paradox is that although "the U.S. Congress has ordered the State Department to start rating governments throughout the world on their treatment of Jewish citizens," it is the chutzpah of these now powerful Jewish citizens, no matter in which country they have settled, and their treatment of the host people among whom they have settled, in trying to try to impose their will upon those host people - and still cry 'foul'!
This is the dilemma folk like writer Margo Kingston face. They believe themselves to be Australian, stand for the freedom of free speech, of the press, uphold the principles of parliamentary democracy, and yet are going to have extreme pressure exerted by powerful Jewish forces who have another internationalist agenda and who will challenge them on their 'Jewishness'.

As for the Anglo-Saxon Australians
If the Anglo-Saxon peoples and nations want to retain their own identity, preserve their own history, culture, judicial and political systems, preserve their own nation, -- which their people have grown and developed over hundreds if not thousands of years -- they are going to have to strengthen their backbones and gain the moral courage necessary to take on the task of regaining their own identity, history, culture, etc.
And the first step is to have the courage to fearlessly speak out and defend what is theirs.


Americans are pondering what are the chances their government (whether Bush or Kerry win) will bring in military conscription after the November elections. Both contenders for the 'prize' have said they would not reinstate it, but will Americans -- as Australians well know - learn from bitter experience, that these people can "lie through their teeth" while on the campaign trail?
One wonders just how popular conscription would be both in the U.S. and Australia? The days when patriotic fervour could be stirred by appeals to "fight for God, King and Country" are far gone. Although, in some ways, political parties have only themselves to blame for that. It was they who pulled out our roots by denigrating our nations' history and culture, and reducing us all to merely individual political numbers and economic units, tackily held together by mind-numbing psycho-propaganda.
Although they are told the nation's military leaders believe the United States is better off with an all-volunteer military; the possibility of the 'draft' being imposed after the elections is now looming large in public discussion.

Socially disadvantaged expected to die for 'their country'
Website www.independent.org reports:
Liberal Democrats in favour of military conscription, have argued for conscription on the grounds of social fairness. But even this argument is weaker than it seems, argues Ivan Eland, senior fellow and director of the Independent Institute's Centre on Peace & Liberty.
"According to the rhetoric of liberal Democrats who advocate conscription, a volunteer military effectively requires socially disadvantaged groups to die disproportionately for their country," Eland writes in a recent op-ed.

"The liberals correctly argue that poor minorities join the military in greater numbers because they have less economic opportunity in the civilian economy. Although African-Americans are somewhat over represented in the enlisted ranks of the Army and Marines (Hispanics are actually under-represented), they are less represented in ground combat units of those services. The reality is that many African-Americans choose to join military supply and logistics units, rather than combat units, to better acquire specific skills that are more easily transferable to the private sector."

However, Eland cautions the public against relying on policymakers to see the folly of conscription, despite its very low societal benefits and very high societal costs, "After the election, the public should remain vigilant of any attempts to bring back this white elephant from a bygone era."


The youth of America, Britain and Australia are in danger of being killed, permanently maimed or psychologically damaged as they fight a war of aggression on behalf of the elite's financial and commercial benefit. WE, that is you, me, the people - US - PAY for the war through the horrendous taxation regime under which we all labour. WE pay. THEY benefit!
Those who control (and personally benefit from) business activities, banking and finance reap the rewards of the looting, destruction and future commercial and trading activities and successes.
Of course we are meant to be thankful and grateful because they throw us the crumbs of any future 'employment' it may stimulate. On second thoughts, we can't be sure of even that. Under the present rules the jobs will probably be 'exported' to the slave-labour nations such as China and India.

In an article titled "Bush's Iraq War: An Offer You Would Have Refused," Robert Higgs, at the Independent Institute asked:
"Would you have voluntarily paid for the costs of the Iraq war knowing what you know now?" he asks, "The probability is high that you would not have".
Not that this is the manner in which policymakers make such policies. "[Our rulers] have calculated their own expected political gains and losses, and they have taken into account the gains and losses that will be reaped -- often in cold cash -- by the coalition of special-interest groups that supports them in holding onto power. The rest of us can resign ourselves to bearing the full costs, to our bank accounts as well as to our lives, limbs, and liberties, while our rulers feed us noble-sounding lies and promise us an outcome so lovely and implausible that only God could bring it to pass," Higgs concludes.

Suppose each household had to pay an equal share of the total Iraq war costs to date, say, $200 billion, as well as risk the injury or death of a household member -- roughly in proportion to the risk of injury or death of the U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq. How many citizens, asks Higgs, would have been willing to accept this contract? "My guess is almost none," writes Higgs. "Even if I'm far from guessing correctly, however, I find it inconceivable that enough citizens even to approach forming a majority would have entered voluntarily into this contract."


A few years after WWI Clifford Hugh Douglas asked his readers: Why is it the individual killing of one man by another we term murder. But collective and wholesale killing, we dignify by the name of war, and we specifically absolve the individual from the consequences of any acts which are committed under the orders of a superior officer.
This appears to work admirably so long as the results of the action do not take place on a plane on which they can be observed; but immediately they do, the theory obviously breaks down. There may be, ex-hypothesi, no moral guilt attributable to the individual who goes to war; but the effect of intercepting the line of flight of a high-speed bullet will be found to be exactly the same whether it is fired by a national or a private opponent.
'Nations' are alleged to have waged the first world war, but the casualties both of life and property fell upon individuals. There is no such thing as an effective 'national' responsibility --it is a pure abstraction, under cover of which, oppression and tyranny to individuals, which would not be tolerated if inflicted by a personal ruler, escape effective criticism.
We do not know what is the automatic reaction consequent on the killing of one individual by another, as distinct from the non-automatic and artificial reaction involved in the trial and punishment of a murderer in a court of law. But we do know that over every plane of action with which we are acquainted, action and reaction are equal, opposite, and wholly automatic. Consequently, there is nothing to indicate that the automatic consequences of a given action will exhibit any difference if committed under the orders of a superior officer, or not. Further, it may be observed that non-automatic "punishment" really constitutes a separate group of actions and reactions.
If we throw a stone into a still pool of water, the ripples which result are not eliminated by throwing in a second stone, although they may be masked, and to the extent that legal punishments represent, not the ripples from the first stone, but the casting of the second, it will be seen that a complicated situation is inevitable.


Who can help? Do any of our older supporters have copies of the following editions of The New Times? We have undertaken the huge task of scanning on to computer the printed copies of The New Times and find we are missing Vol. 23 No. 22: 1st November 1957 and Vol. 23 No.23: 15th November, 1957. If anyone can help with copies please send them to: P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley S.A. 5159


One would have expected such treatment of tiny helpless babes under a Communist or Nazi regime, but in a 'civilised' country such as Australia? Read on:
A Federal Government agency used babies in Victorian orphanages and children's homes to test a new quadruple antigen vaccination, which included polio vaccine possibly contaminated with a monkey virus since linked to cancer. Commonwealth Serum Laboratory records show the trials were conducted on babies as young as three months in five institutions between December 1959 and early 1961.
Quadruple antigen, containing Salk polio vaccine, was not publicly released until November 1960. Melbourne newspaper The Age has revealed (23/10/04) that millions of doses of Salk vaccine produced by the then government-owned CSL between 1956-62 were contaminated with a monkey virus called SV40. Researchers have found traces of the virus in a range of human cancer cells, including mesothelioma lung disease.

It is not clear from the CSL records whether polio vaccine used to produce quadruple antigen used in the tests came from contaminated batches.
Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has ordered a departmental inquiry into CSL's decision to release contaminated vaccines. The National Health and Medical Research Council said it would work with federal health authorities to assess the need for more research into possible links between SV40 and cancer.
Health authorities have stressed there was no proven link between SV40 and cancer and have also reassured the public that polio vaccines still routinely given to all babies were safe and free from the virus and other known contaminants.

A national support group for victims of contaminated medical products yesterday called for a royal commission into CSL.
"The track record of CSL demonstrates the need for a royal commission into all their operations," said Independent Blood Council president Charles MacKenzie.
CSL research records in the National Archives show that 56 babies under the age of 12 months were used in the Victorian vaccine trials.
One baby died of meningitis in August 1960, less than three months after completing a course of three quadruple antigen injections.
The records list the names of the institutions, the names and ages of the babies, the doses given and the results of blood tests done before and after the vaccinations to measure polio antibodies. The institutions used in the trials were St Joseph's Home in Broadmeadows, Berry Street Foundling Home, Bethany Babies Home in Geelong, Methodist Babies Home and the Children's Welfare Department at Turana, run by the Victorian government.

There is no indication of who gave formal consent for the babies to be used in the trials, which were carried out by CSL's virus research department. Further development and use of the quadruple antigen, which also provided vaccination against whooping cough, diptheria and tetanus, appeared to have been abandoned during 1962-63. Salk vaccine was replaced with Sabin oral polio vaccine by 1965.

The Age revealed that in 1997 Victorian children's homes and orphanages had been used by a number of medical and research organisations, including CSL, for trials of a range of experimental vaccines. The reports led to inquiries by the state and federal health departments, which concluded there was no evidence of any other similar medical trials. Neither report referred to the quadruple antigen trials.
The State Government report, a copy of which has been obtained under freedom of information by Melbourne researcher Brenda Coughlan, found no record of the Department of Human Services providing formal consent for state wards to be used in trials.
The Age's revelations were examined by the Senate's inquiry into mistreatment of state wards, which said in its report in August that it was unclear who was legally responsible for allowing the children to be used. It concluded that any long-term health effects on children used in the experiments were unknown. The experimental use of quadruple antigen was investigated by a commission of inquiry in 2003.

Editor's note: Now that you have read the above article you need to read such books as "The Aids Time Bomb" written by Dr. John West in 1988! Dr. West warned then of the dangers of the African Green Monkey deadly S.V.40 pre-Aids virus which had been found in polio and other vaccines. We are thankful the mainline newspaper The Age has finally exposed what many Australians learned about all those years ago!


The next meeting of the Club will be held on Monday 8th November 2004. Please note it is the second Monday in the month. The guest speaker will be: Mr. Colin H. Brideson, B.A.. Dip. Ed. Dip.T., FA.C.E. and the title of his address:- The Adelaide High School" and will cover its early History, place in the provision of education in S.A. the Girls' School, the Boys' school; its academic performance, leadership, outstanding students, and aims and objectives.
Venue: Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (Cnr. Carrington) Adelaide. Dinner, a two-course meal for $18.00, will be served from 6.30pm followed by the address at approximately 7.30pm.
Dinner Bookings: To be in by THURSDAY 4th November 2004. Phone No. 8296 4704.


The next meeting of the Sydney CSC will be held on Thursday evening 25th November, 2004. The last meeting for the year is an Open Night, where you are invited to have your say for five minutes. You are to advise the Chairman on arrival of your subject. Questions may be asked at the end of the session.
The venue is the Lithuanian Club, 16 East Terrace, Bankstown. Bring a friend for the first time and the entrance fee of $5.00 will be waived. Books will be on display for sale from the Heritage Book Service.


Feed back informs us the folk thoroughly enjoyed the Albury National Weekend events and fellowship. A full report will appear in next month's The New Times Survey. The full range of speakers have been Audio Taped and the tapes are available from MEA Tapes, P.O. Box 248, East Caulfield, Vic. 3145.
Speakers: 58th New Times Dinner, "Handing on the Baton'; Betty Luks, "Douglas, the Herald of Good News"; Roy Gustard, "70th Anniversary Douglas' Visit"; Wally Klinck , "Social Credit News from Canada"; Jeremy Lee, "The Light is Dawning".
Prices are: Individual tapes $6.00 posted or the full set for $30.00 posted.


"The Aids Time Bomb", by Dr. John West. A few copies of this book are still available. While highly provocative at the time, it traced the probable roots of the AIDS epidemic back to the administration of human vaccines contaminated with AIDS-like viruses (such as the monkey virus called SV40). In addition John West brings to light the long-lost, more than a century-old Béchamp theory of disease that brilliantly explains how diseases like AIDS and cancer are caused. Professor Béchamp was a pioneer in the field of biological science but his name and achievements have almost disappeared 'down the memory hole'. Price: $20 posted.

"Exploiting the Myth of Vaccination" by Drs. Michael Godfrey & Robert Anderson. The book highlights the fact there is too little known of the long-term effects of multiple early vaccination. Vaccination is firmly on the public health agenda and it is predicted by 2010 babies could be receiving 15 different vaccines at the same time. Isn't it time parents gave serious thought to such a prospect? Price: $5 posted.

"Vaccination" by Viera Scheibner. The culmination of years of research. The doctor has hunted through thousands of articles, read between the lines, and reviewed the raw data published in orthodox medical journals and papers on the question of immunisation and its effects. The aim of the book is to inform medical professionals, parents of small children and the general public about short and long-term dangerous side-effects of vaccines. In 1993 Dr. Scheibner Ph.D. was already warning that the first batches of polio vaccine, used in mass proportions in some countries of Africa in the 1950s, was grown on monkey kidneys from which simian immunodeficiency viruses had been cultured. She insists this provides the causal link to AIDS. Price: $37.50 posted.

AUDIO TAPES: Some excellent audio tapes on the subject of Vaccination are readily available. Contact Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, South Australia 5245 and ask for a list.

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