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Edmund Burke
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13 February 2004. Thought for the Week: "Almost the highest attribute of man is "judgment", the exercise of choice. Far more than learning, it moulds the character and shapes the abilities, and there is no more conclusive proof of the essentially Satanic origin and nature than its insidious and all pervasive attack on the powers of judgment and choice. We believe that it is far more this frustration of judgment than the positive hardship of the present tyranny, which is sapping the man-hood of the nation. Judgment is a faculty requiring constant exercise; and it is being killed by strangulation. "Shopping" for the love of which women used to be gently derided, was an outlet for this vital instinct. Observe the queues of weary women waiting for what the shopkeeper deigns to give them. They are starved of 'choice'."
C.H. Douglas in "The Development of World Dominion," Oct. 18, 1947.


by Jeremy Lee
There's an old saying that a lie will encircle the world while truth is putting its shoes on. But slow though it appears, truth eventually catches up. It becomes very embarrassing for those who lied in the first place. As facts gradually emerge, the liars begin to forget the nature and sequence of their deceptions.
Hardly anyone now believes that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, and that the justification for war was, therefore, false. Every inquiry resulting digs up more evidence of duplicity.
So far, the only administration temporarily unscathed is that of John Howard. But events in Britain and the United States will not leave John Howard and Foreign Minister Alexander Downer alone. Downer is not really good at doublespeak, however hard he tries. His American counterpart, Secretary of State Colin Powell, has conceded that without weapons of mass destruction, the case for war could not be justified. Neither Downer nor Howard dare state the obvious. They just keep repeating their tattered mantras.
For the first time, George W. Bush's popularity rating has sunk below 50 per cent. His journey between now and November's presidential election looks uncomfortable.
Somehow or other, he has got to hand power to an Iraqi government by the end of June. Somehow, he has got to persuade the United Nations to supervise a general election in Iraq. Somehow, he has got to "bring the boys (and gals) home" before his own poll; and must do it without the possibility of civil war in Iraq between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. Somehow, while all this is going on, he has got to maintain U.S. control of the oil in the Persian Gulf.
Somehow he has got to survive an independent inquiry into pre-war intelligence on WMD, which is looking increasingly tattered.
And somehow he has got to fight off the opponents who will be identifying and attacking every weakness before the presidential election.
All this might be conceivable if the United States was in a strong economic position. The hip-pocket nerve is a big factor in all elections. But Bush is even more vulnerable here than in military matters. In the last year of the Clinton administration a surplus budget was brought before Congress and the American people. George Bush has managed to turn that into a $521 billion budget deficit. - over $1,800 for every man, woman and child in the country.
But that's nothing compared to the latest overall US debt figures, which look like this:
Total National (or government) debt, including Federal, State, County and Local, now stands at $20.6 trillion, (83.7 per cent of which has been created since 1981.)
When adding this total to the United States private debt, the overall total rises to $39.4 trillion.
To put this into some sort of perspective, all public and private assets in the United States at the end of 2003 were valued at $26.1 trillion. Thus the United States by the end of the year had a negative worth of about $13 trillion.
The pain that these enormous debts will cause will increasingly be sheeted home to President Bush and his administration. Much of the increase has been spent on insane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you look like a winner, you might get away with it. But George has lost that cock-sure swagger.
Howard will probably go to his election about the same time. So far he has basked in Bush's glory. Will there be any left when he goes to the polls?


"In South Africa, the unemployment rate runs at 40%, which is worse than what America experienced during the height of the Depression. I get depressed when 'experts' think only in terms of their own wealthy nations -- the very nations that house the great financial interests that dictate political and economic policy, and hold the rest of the world (and the poor of their own countries) to ransom," deplored 'Jessop' of South Africa.

Unemployment - a result of the Age of Industrial and Technological Automation:
"As to 40% unemployment," responded social crediter Wally Klinck of Canada, "this is not high enough for Social Credit--something approaching 100% would in a modern economy be nearing the optimal figure.
As Douglas has said, economics is simply a functional activity of men and women in the world and the sooner it is dispensed with by more efficient means, so that humans can obtain increased leisure to get on with higher cultural and spiritual activities, the better. Obviously, only advancement can move society in this direction--and nations which adopted the Social Credit policies in order to make it possible would be in a much better and more benign position, both by example and materially, to assist more backward nations to join the march of civilisation."

Technology and Work in the Global Economy
The scene, the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco late September 1995. Hosting the 500 leading politicians, businessmen and scientists from every continent gathered together 'to point the way to the new civilisation of the twenty-first century' is the former president of the communist Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev.
A discussion between David Packard, co-founder of the hi-tech giant Hewlett-Packard and John Gage, top manager at Sun Microsystems, is taking place, opening the round of debate on "technology and work in the global economy":
"How many employees do you really need John," asks David Packard.
"Six, maybe eight," Gage drily comes back. "We'd be really stuck without them. …"
Professor Rustum Roy from Pennsylvania State University, tries to dig deeper: "And how many are currently working for Sun Systems?"
Gage: "Sixteen thousand. All but a minority are rationalisation reserves."

"Not a murmur passes through the room. The prospect of previously undreamt-of armies of the unemployed seems to go without saying for those present. None of the highly paid career managers from the company divisions of the future believes that there will be enough new, regularly paid jobs in any sector of the economy in the technologically demanding growth-markets of hitherto affluent countries."

The 'twenty-eighty' society
To sum up the future percentage of employed to unemployed as they see it-it is 20 to 80. Only 20% of the population will suffice to keep the world economy going. (Taken from "The Global Trap" by Martin & Schumann, available from all League Book Services.)
The real issue is not the numbers needed to keep economies going, the real issue is how will the production be distributed, to whom and by whom?
As Clifford Hugh Douglas said: Economics is simply a functional activity of men and women in the world and the sooner it is dispensed with by more efficient means, so that humans can obtain increased leisure to get on with higher cultural and spiritual activities, the better.
Further reading: Introduction to Social Credit series, especially Parts 4 & 5.


How comforting it must be for the relatives of GIs, five hundred of whom were killed and ten thousand injured in Iraq, to read the following report in "Private Eye" magazine No.1097. (London). Quote, "Halliburton shares rose by 83% since September 2002, when the push for war began, in the previous five years shares fell by 77%.
Halliburton, run by Cheney before he ran for vice-president, has done so well from contracts to rebuild Iraq it faces a probe on its charges." End quote.
Dick Cheney, leading neo-con and Gulf War protagonist, still receives millions of dollars from multi-national Haliburton which, along with its subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root, was awarded multi-million dollar contracts in Iraq without having to tender.
Australian readers will no doubt be aware that both of these companies were involved in the construction of the Alice Springs to Darwin railway.
From Neil Baird's email; Tuesday 28th January, 2004.


Is this 'discrimination? Or is this 'discrimination' ??? In a 'snippet of news' tucked away in The Australian, 26th December 2003, a police spokesman is quoted assaying: "An Israeli company has required thousands of Chinese workers to sign a contract promising not to have sex with Israelis or try to convert them." Accordingly, male workers cannot come into contact with Israeli women, not even prostitutes, become their lovers, or marry them. It is estimated 260,000 foreigners work in Israel, having replaced Palestinian labourers during the last three years of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
How would such draconian regulations go in this country? What would the Human Rights Anti-Discrimination Commissar have to say about such regulations being imposed on 'other races' coming to this land? One set of rules for the 'chosen ones' and another set for the rest of us!
260,000 jobs going to a bunch of foreigners? What of the Palestinians? This, in effect, means the loss of purchasing power equivalent to the wages of those 260,000 labourers. Under the present draconian regime, many Palestinian people must be living at a miserable subsistence level.


The fund is struggling and at this time we need our supporters to get behind us and give us the 'boost' needed. The total has reached $10,644.10. Once again thank you to those who have contributed - and to those who have yet to do so, please do it without delay.


by Betty Luks
Ho hum… readers of League journals would know that the 'news' reported by the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) 2/2/04, "Yale bones dug up in fight to be president" was really 'old hat' -- by at least twenty years. The Australian League of Rights has been warning Australians about the loss of their freedoms and the push for The New World Order for more years than I like to remember. We will continue to do so, despite it having fallen on so many deaf ears all these years. We were advised, "it is events which move people."
The Telegraph's New York representative, Charles Laurence, is quoted in the SMH article:
"[T]he headquarters of the Order of the Skull and Bones - America's most elite and elusive secret society" has "become the unlikely focus of this year's presidential election"
It was noted, that while the four leading contestants (George Bush, Howard Dean, John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman) were 1960s undergraduates at Yale University, two in particular are 'Bonesmen', i.e., members of this 172 year-old secret society which aims at getting its members into positions of power in America. George Bush Snr. was a 'Bonesman'.
Antony C. Sutton, Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution Stanford University from 1968-73 (died 2003) wrote of the "The Order" twenty years ago!

Introduction to The Order, 1984:
"After 16 books and 25 years in basic research I thought I'd heard it all… the world was a confused mess, probably beyond understanding and certainly beyond salvation… In three substantial volumes, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1968, I detailed how the West had built up the Soviet Union. However, the work generated a seemingly insoluble puzzle - why have we done this?
· Why did we build the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler's Germany?
· Why does Washington want to conceal these facts?"
In subsequent books, (the Wall Street series) Professor Sutton added more questions, (e.g., why did Wall Street finance the Bolshevik Revolution and Hitler?) -- but could supply no answers. Then early in the 1980s he received a membership list of an American secret society. It was obvious from the names on the list this was no ordinary group. The names spelled Power with a capital P and as he probed each individual a pattern emerged - and a formerly fuzzy world became crystal clear.
His series on "The Skull and Bones" secret society set out to explain;-
· Why the West built the Soviets and Hitler
· Why we go to war, to lose
· Why Wall Street loves Marxists and Nazis
· Why kids can't read
· Why the Churches have become propaganda founts
· Why historical facts are suppressed
· Why politicians lie and a hundred other whys?
He named the phony 'Free Enterprise' business men and their connections with the ruthless oppressive regimes around the world: "The Order uses the Hegelian dialectic approach to bring about a society in which the State is absolute, i.e., all powerful," Sutton warned in his 1984 "An Introduction to The Order". This hypothesis, of course, reflects the gulf between The Order and American society. The gulf stems from the differing views of the relationship between the State and the individual. Which is superior? Our whole way of life is based on the assumption that the individual is superior to the State. That the individual is the ultimate holder of sovereignty. That the State is the servant of the people. It's deeply ingrained within us.
The Order holds the opposite - that the State is superior, that the common man (the peasant) can find freedom only by obedience to the State. Now, of course, the State is a fiction. So who or what controls the State? Obviously The Order."
Those interested in the 'un-sexed-up' version of modern history -- for the real news behind 'the news' of the Sydney Morning Herald article, can do no better than start with Sutton's books:
Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution: Uncovers how the Wall Street bankers sneaked in illegal Communist gold into the United States and how Wall Street freed the imprisoned Jew Leon Trotsky, sending him on his way to assist in the Revolution which imposed the brutal Soviet regime upon a hapless Russian people. The gold was the 'price' demanded in payment for the bankers' support for the Revolution. $14.00 posted
Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler: Read of the part played by American financiers who provided the money and material Hitler used to launch World War 11. $14.00 posted.
National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union: Sutton proved that the war in Vietnam was a fraud and the U.S. Government was financing both sides; that the Viet Cong's military technology, used to kill our own fine young men, originated in the U.S. and arrived in Hanoi via the Soviet's arsenal in central Europe. $17.00 posted.
The Skull & Bones series: An Introduction to The Order, $8.00 posted; How the Order Controls Education, , $8.00 posted; How the Order Creates War & Revolution, $8.00 posted;
The Secret Cult of the Order, $8.00 posted.
You will learn how The Order relates to the United States' Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and similar organisations throughout the world, including Australia!


We understand the following proposals were agreed upon at the Constitutional Convention and will shortly be put to the South Australian Parliament. You can be quite certain the politicians are not eager to have their power-base weakened, therefore, it is imperative South Australians now exercise their freedom, which is always balanced by their responsibility, and inform their parliamentary representative they agree with the following Petition - and want them to act!
This article has been worded in such a way that On Target readers can simply copy the wording to set out their own petition. Ensure it is suitably presented.
South Australian actionists, please make every effort to gather your neighbour's and family's signatures on the petition/s and post to:
The Hon Peter Lewis, Parliament House, Adelaide SA 5000 -- as soon as possible but to arrive no later than 31st March 2004.


To the Honourable the SPEAKER and MEMBERS OF ASSEMBLY in Parliament assembled:-
The humble Petition of the undersigned residents of South Australia sheweth:
That a large majority of citizens share the view and recommendations expressed by the Constitutional Convention that we should change our Constitution to provide
· Fairer elections which have full optional preferential voting, instead of the system which at present favours the political parties and not the people.
· Direct democracy CIR so that all people can have a say about changes to the law through a fully safeguarded system which stops cranks, fanatics and big business from hijacking the referenda process.
· Four (4) year terms for the Legislative Council instead of the eight (8) year terms at present without tricks, manipulating the percentages to favour the Big parties which have already structured electoral laws to suit themselves.

Your petitioners therefore pray that your Honourable House will:
Pass the recommended legislation coming from the Constitutional Convention and give us (all South Australian citizens) a referendum at the next election to separately adopt or reject each of these proposals.

And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Signature------------ Full name---------------- Address (as appears on the SA electoral roll).



Remember: Citizens of SA should give their electoral address and sign a petition only once; it should then be mailed to: The Hon Peter Lewis, Parliament House, Adelaide SA 5000 as soon as possible but to arrive no later than 31st March 2004. (Finish of the Petition).


The Australian Monarchist League of Western Australia has notified us of the following two functions to hear Guest Speaker Mr Philip Benwell MBE, Chairman of The Australian Monarchist League. Mr. Benwell is proving himself a strong advocate and leader in the battle to maintain our Constitutional Monarchy -- and worthy of the League of Rights' support.
Luncheon: Saturday 14th February 2004
Venue: The Wings Restaurant - RAAF Base - Bullcreek, WA.
Time: 11:30am - Cost: $27.00 per head all inclusive.
Carvery: Sunday 15th February 2004
Venue: The Victoria League - 276 Onslow Road - Shenton Park, WA
Time: 11:30am - Cost: $25.00 per head.
League of Rights supporters will be interested to know a campaign meeting will follow the Sunday Carvery function -- approx 2.3Opm.
For both functions RSVP: Wednesday 11th February 2004. For Bookings Telephone 9561 5510 - Fax 9321 2804 or write to: The Chairman, Australian Monarchist League, P0 Box 181, Joondalup, WA 6919.


We note the annual Inverell Forum is coming up -- 26-28 March, 2004. The venue is: Flanders House Conference Centre, Evans Street, Inverell. This year's event has a great line-up of speakers: Senator Len Harris, Eve Hillary, Jeremy Lee to name but a few. Compere is Dennis Stevenson. More information is available from Inverell Forum, P.O. Box 987, Inverell, NSW 2360 or Phone 02 6723 2351.
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