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8 April 2005. Thought for the Week: "These boys with the seeing eyes; these beautifiers, interpreters, creative artists, are the limbs of the credit power of the new civilisation. Without them, though works may be lavish, the people will perish… Youth is teeming credit-power, endowed with the force to make real tomorrow what tired old men dream today…" "Vocation," by Charles Jones, 1937.
"I know of no educational test of greater value for discovering the highest type of boy. Originality of attack, ingenuity of organisation and rationality of inference are among the attributes required for success. Apart from a certain amount of necessary directive supervision complete freedom exists, freedom, be it noted, for a modicum of slackness, which margin is a vital concomitant for the soul's evolution."
"Freedom by Education," Edward P. Kaye, "The Fig Tree", 1937.


by James Reed
On Target, Vol.41 No.9 March 2005, contained a chilling article by Paul Fromm of Canada about the plight of political prisoner Ernst Zundel. Zundel has been a publisher of so-called "race hate" literature questioning the figure of six million Jews allegedly killed in the Holocaust. He was held in gaol in Canada, without trial or charge, being classified as a "terrorist" by a Canadian judge and a threat to the "national security of Canada".
Zundel has now been deported to Germany where the penalties for Holocaust denial are even more severe than in Canada. He was whisked away during the early hours of the morning and bundled into a chartered plane to his fate in Germany. He now faces charges of Holocaust denial before German judges in the city of Mannheim.

If you think that such treatment is reserved only for those who dare to tackle the Jewish question, think again. In the United States, Senator Bill First has entered a Bill into Congress that would classify any extreme manifestation of "political dissent" a mental illness. Opponents of US policies and the US government would then be confined to mental institutions where they would face mandatory drug therapy. Anyone questioning government violations of civil rights could be classified as suffering from "political paranoia" and subjected to drug treatment.
This proposal must be viewed alongside George Bush's "New Freedom Initiative in Mental Health" which aims to screen the entire US population for mental health problems and treat the "mentally ill" with psychotropic drugs - or in other words, chemical mind control.

"The New Freedom Commission's proposed treatment programmes are based on the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP). TMAP… was first used in Texas in 1996 and has expanded to other states," reports The Wanderer "An Irrational Plan", 2/9/04.
School children will be the first to be screened, and then the rest of the population right through to senior citizens. In other words, there will be a systematic attempt to search for and chemically destroy political critics of the US: much like the gardener searches for pests to be eradicated by a blast of pesticide.
The intent of the proposed law is to silence the Bush government's political opponents. The Bill is modelled on laws still existing in Communist China and which existed in Soviet Russia.

G.M. Shimanov in a very rare pamphlet, Notes From the Red House 1971, gives a frightening description of this most intimate invasion of personal freedom by the State: The invasion of your mind. Better known are some of the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn which dealt with the same theme, such as Cancer Ward 1968 and The First Circle 1968.
Nevertheless, the human soul's longing for freedom cannot be extinguished by mere drugs. Shimanov concludes his little book with these moving words:
"So it was that wicked people put me, a defenceless person, into a madhouse, thinking to frighten me in this way, and to stop the preaching of Christianity… Naturally the question arises: Are they all-powerful? It seems at first glance that they are… But… they did not succeed in frightening me… On the contrary, they disgraced themselves once again before everyone who reads this account… This tiny example will not explain the infinite mystery of everything, but it gives me a transparent hint about the relation of human freedom to the Divine Purpose. Every activity gives birth to a mysterious counter-activity, which one may not understand, may not even notice, but which nevertheless balances and directs the course of things so that everything goes along the mysterious path pre-ordained by God."


by Morgan Kane
Sometimes even great gems can be found in our daily papers. An article in The Weekend Australian of 12-13th March, 2005, "Europe's Plagues helped halt AIDS" says that about 10 per cent of Europeans have a resistance to AIDS. This is due to a gene CCR5-delta32 which prevents the HIV virus from entering the Helper-T cells of the immune system. The proportion of people having this resistance in Scandinavia is 14-15 per cent, but is low in Mediterranean countries and is not found among Asians and Africans. In other words this resistance to AIDS is a racial characteristic of the Nordic-European peoples.

An article on the same page reports that the English soccer captain, David Beckham (a Nordic White) has faced controversy over his win of a "multiculturalism pin-up boy" award. Beckham won the Ethnic Multicultural Media Award for 2004. NatWest Bank has dropped its sponsorship of the awards after criticism from the ethnic lobby over Beckham winning the award instead of an ethnic athlete. Having sponsored the awards ceremony for the past seven years, it is now going to have to defend its decision in a court of law. The Ethnic Multicultural Awards group has appointed prominent British human rights lawyer Imran Khan to represent it in a breach of contract action against NatWest Bank.

Piara Power, director of the "Kick It Out" campaign to combat racism in soccer said that the decision was "an insult to those of us who are from an ethnic minority or who are black". Beckham has remained silent about the impending legal stoush, but he is arguably "black".
A recent television documentary "Black Like Beckham" portrayed Beckham as an inspirational figure for blacks because of his taste for Afro-American music and other things black, making him "a young hip-lad".
But this did not make him a member of an ethnic minority Powar said. Why? Powar is not quoted as saying why. The reason is that race does matter and racial differences are real. Real enough to save some people from AIDS.


by James Reed
In this time of rapid Asianisation of Australia it is important to consider the long-term consequences of Asian immigration. If the likes of Malcolm Fraser and Richard Pratt have their way, Australia will have a population of 50 million, mostly Asian. The population will not stay at that figure for long, of course. Chain migration will quickly expand population numbers to the hundreds of millions. The Frasers and Pratts would long be drowned in a rising tide of colour - lost in the immigration tsunami.

Richard E. Nisbett has written a fascinating book entitled The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently… And Why (Free Press, New York, 2003). The book put forward the hypothesis that "Western people" - meaning White Europeans, primarily, think differently from Asians (e.g., Chinese, Koreans and Japanese). European thought is based upon the idea that the behaviour of objects can be understood in terms of rules. Objects can be categorised and formal logic is a tool for reasoning with these categories. The Asian mind is dialectical rather than logical, seeing contradictions as inherent in reality and where such a dialectic produces a "circular" view of history.

Nisbett presents psychological evidence to show that there are major differences between the European and Asian mind, not only in reasoning but in:
(1) Organisation of knowledge (European infants learn nouns much more rapidly than verbs, Asians vice versa)
(2) Causal inference (East Asians are more susceptible to "hindsight bias" believing that they "knew it all along") and
(3) Science and mathematics (although East Asians have high mathematical IQs they produce less revolutionary science than Europeans).

The author presents enough evidence to conclude that the European and Asian minds are radically different. If interbreeding was not possible then they would constitute different species on the cognitive evidence alone. Yet so typical of politically correct science, Nisbett says that these differences which have existed for thousands of years are cultural not racial and genetic.
He criticises The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray which argued for such a genetic basis. Worse, he concludes his book on a multiracial theme, hoping for a "blended world" of European and Asian thought patterns, and by implication, people.

On the contrary, there is good reason to believe that European and Asian thought processes are incommensurable.
The two worldviews both can't be correct and can't be blended. Society cannot be founded on both principles; conflict and a battle for supremacy and survival is inevitable. The choice before us is: do we wish for the European racial mind to survive?


From The Review (Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council) March 2005: "Dvir Abramovich, lecturer in Hebrew and Jewish Studies at the University of Melbourne noted [on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz]: "The Holocaust is beyond politics and beyond religion… As Australians we all have a stake in communicating the truth to our children and in guaranteeing that the memory of the Holocaust does not recede or is denied."
In saying that the Holocaust is "beyond religion", does that mean that the Holocaust is beyond God? Please explain.


by Angus Roxburgh, BBC News, Riga, Latvia
What a surprise! Latvians and Russians "don't mix"! A BBC report claims those Russians who formed part of the occupying Soviet forces, and stayed on in Latvia after the break-up of the Soviet Empire, are upset at being treated as 'non-citizens' and are now appealing to the EU for help.
So, what's the problem?
More than 450,000 Russians and native Russian-speakers - out of a total Latvian population of 2.3m - are classed as "non-citizens" because they have failed (or refused) to take a test in Latvian language and history, which would allow them to have citizenship.

During a local election day, they were protesting about the fact that as "aliens", despite having lived in Latvia all their lives, they had no right to take part in the elections - whereas citizens of other EU countries could vote if they had lived there for a mere six months.
"I was born here"" said one young man. "I pay the same taxes as Latvians. Yet I'm not allowed to vote for the politicians who spend those taxes."
"I'm here to protest against the government's policy of dividing society along ethnic lines," said another. The fate of the "non-citizens" - who account for 20% of the entire population of Latvia - is a complex one.

Soviet "migrants"
When Latvia gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, it granted automatic citizenship to those who had lived in the first independent Latvian state - between 1918 and 1940 - but not to those who immigrated here after WWII, when Latvia was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Latvia suffered hugely under Soviet rule
Thousands of Latvians were arrested and sent to Siberian labour camps, or executed, during the Stalin years. Later, hundreds of thousands of Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians flooded into the republic under a deliberate policy of Russification. The Latvian language was squeezed out of official use.
Latvians were resentful citizens of the USSR. By 1991, they comprised only half of the population of their own country, while in Riga only a third were Latvian. Even today, Russian is heard as commonly as Latvian on the streets of Riga.

But the government is determined to revive the Latvian identity
It says its policy towards Russians who immigrated here during the Soviet period is aimed not at punishing them for the sins of the Soviet regime (as some suspect) but at ensuring that they learn Latvian and integrate fully into society. In order to naturalise, Russians must take a test in Latvian, and pass an exam about Latvian history - in which they must "correctly" answer that the country was occupied and colonised, not liberated, by the Soviet Union in 1945.
Many of the Russians said they found that psychologically difficult. They said they wanted to integrate (and many could speak Latvian), but they found the idea of applying for citizenship humiliating.

Russians see themselves as citizens of the USSR - not Latvia
"I lived here - same as them - and I was a citizen of the USSR," said a middle-aged woman. "They deprived me of my citizenship, and now I must apply to become one! I just won't do it."
Separate, but together: Tatjana Zdanoka is Latvia's only Russian member of the European Parliament and uses her position to publicise the position of the Russian minority. She says her mother, who has lived in Latvia for 60 years and worked here for 45 years as a schoolteacher, has no right to vote. "She is 83 and has bad eyes. Of course she's not capable of taking any kind of exam." (Obviously the lady in question never bothered to "assimilate" into Latvian culture. It looks like for 45 years or more she saw herself as part of the "occupying force".)

Facts about Latvia
Latvia was under the rule of German barons for well over five hundred years only gaining their freedom after WWI and remaining free till 1939 when the Soviets invaded their country. After a year of Soviet tyranny the Latvians first saw Hitler's invading forces as 'liberators'. And older Latvians will not have forgotten it was the Western World who "sold them off" to the Russian Bear at Yalta, only regaining a form of 'independence' from Communist tyranny in 1991.

Those readers who have relatives in Latvia know the Latvians resent the fact the Russians choose not to learn about Latvian culture and history, nor to speak the Latvian language.
While the BBC report 'played down' the tension between the two groups, it did admit the head of the Latvian parliament's foreign affairs committee, Aleksandrs Kirsteins, has described the non-citizens as "civilian occupiers", and "has called for an agreement with the Russian government under which all the unwanted foreigners would be herded on to trains and shipped back to their "ethnic homeland" - with a brass band playing on the platform to see them off."

The occupying Soviet-time migrants and their children - 700,000 of them - became "non-citizens" in the 1991 independence.
By the time Latvia joined the EU in 2004, this figure had dropped to around 450,000. Latvia's total population is 2,3m (including the "non-citizens").


From Paul Fromm, Canada

Zundel's Prison Conditions Better in Germany
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
The Zundel case continues, albeit at a slower pace in Canada and the U.S., and is heating up in Germany. What follows is a report from Gunter Deckert translated by historian David Irving and a letter from prison to French Revisionist writer and linguist Professor Robert Faurisson.
We still need your support. The Zundel case will continue in Germany. Please send contributions to help Ernst Zundel's defence to CAFÉ, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada or e-mail us your VISA number and expiry date.

News of and from Ernst Zundel
1. "I have received a telephone report on a visit to Ernst, which took place yesterday, in fact. The two ladies who visited him say Ernst is in very good shape, considering the circumstances, in fact better than in Canada. He has already settled in. He has a cell to himself, and is permitted to go outside for fresh air for an hour every day in the hard. He also has free periods. A Protestant clergyman has already paid a visit. … He feels well looked after and the meals are good German cooking.
An official is present during the visit. Yesterday's visit was very nice and friendly. One is not permitted to speak about any possible trial. Attorney Rieger has not yet been to see him.

Ernst needs German postage stamps
What Ernst needs are German postage stamps particularly for letters to send abroad. For foreigners, it is best to send him international postage coupons for airmail. These can be bought in every country's post office. He is permitted to receive three in any one letter. Meanwhile, he has already received painting brushes. [denied to him in Canada - PF]
We can now also transfer money to his bank, particularly from a German bank account. The bank details are: JVA Mannheim/Ernst Zundel (24.4.39) Account No. 4384755, Postbank Karlsruhe, BLZ 660 100 75. Gunter Deckert (translated by David Irving)
A Letter From Prison - Easter Greetings from Ernst!
Ernst Zündel, JVA Mannheim, Herzogenriedstr. 111 68169 MANNHEIM, Germany

[In red pencil :] Happy Easter! 20-21.3.05
Dear Yvonne, René, Robert and Jean!
I am still suffering from a shortage of stamps! I can only purchase ten 55 cents internal European stamps every two weeks. But one letter to Ingrid or my Canadian or U.S. lawyers takes two stamps to make sure the letters are sent Air Mail - otherwise they take 6-8 weeks by regular mail. In Canada I sent up to 55-60 letters a week - so you can imagine my shock and frustration with this arrangement. Friends are now sending me some stamps, and so far the judge who has to censor my mail has let them through. Thus I have been able to spare a few stamps for special people like you!
Would you please tell Jean, your brother, that I got his letter, and thank him for the offer to pay me a visit?
Here is my dilemma: [In a month], I am allowed only two 30-minutes visitors (up to three can come into the room), no gifts, no money, nothing can be given to me and vice-versa. An official listener, a person in uniform, sits within 1-2 yards and listens to all, interjects with suggestions, advice, etc. in a jovial, friendly and civilized way - but it gives you an idea of the ambiance of the
So, as much as I would love to see and get to know Jean, I think I'd better reserve my visiting hours for potential witnesses. After my conviction, I can use up my meagre visitors' quota for private visits. But for now I am still " on duty, " and must once more sacrifice my private desires on the altar of the cause of Freedom and Truth in History.
As you can see, I have a real pen!
I have already used up to three ball-point pens, which last exactly between 40-45 pages, but they cost only 35 cents. I have bought 10 ball-point pens; we are allowed to shop in a kind of self-serve store in the prison for our personal needs every two weeks.
This is needed, because the German system is odd! There is only one warm meal a day at noon. Then at night there are about five pieces of dark or rye bread - boy, do I love and cherish that German bread! - and some two slices of cheese or sausage. That has to last for the evening meal and the next morning's breakfast. We make our own tea or coffee, in a one litre stainless-steel tea/coffee-pot using an electric immersion heater, which each inmate has to buy for ¤ 9.95.
The coffee we have to buy at the prison store. I have been given some tea bags by the staff. That's an arrangement which really suits me fine, because I hated the supersweetened slop, like coloured dish water, served in Canada and the U.S.A. as beverage - lukewarm, and often one could not tell, was it tea or coffee? Disgusting stuff!
The food here is very German - Hallelujah!
Like my mother's cooking - better quality and larger quantities than in Canada. The portions in the U.S.A. were criminally small. Imagine that! The U.S. prisoners were always hungry - it was a constant refrain. And the food was of no nutritional value. Such things like super-sweet cereals, cornflakes, hot dogs, hamburgers half as [large] as at McDonald's.
So definitely this is an improvement! A vast improvement!
But the drawbacks are only two visits a month, with permission from the judge needed, and details to be given in advance as to name, address, etc. - and the most disgusting thing is only one phone call of five minutes a month allowed. Poor Ingrid must be frantic! I do not know how she will cope with that for the next five years or more! While I am in investigative custody - which could be for many months - I am allowed no phone calls whatsoever, not even to the lawyer, which on the face of it would seem to be illegal by international norms?
I am investigating that.
The staff here are cordial and efficient - genuinely nice, humane Germans - one more reason not to believe in those horror stories of nasty behaviour by these people's fathers and grandfathers. They simply could not be that evil - it is not in their nature. I was right in my instincts, even as a young man - the Germans are innocent!
My cell was occupied before - so other inmates told me - by the father of tennis star Stefie Graf who allegedly cheated on his income taxes. It's a nice cell! I have my own internal light-switch. I can completely turn the light off. I have my own large window to get fresh air, open 24 hours a day. I have my own white, modern, porcelain toilet and a very large and modern wash-basin. There is an intercom where I can call central control in case of an emergency.
And I have a built-in, two-station radio - the programs of which are so disgusting (white, i.e. German rap music) that I turned it on for less than five minutes and never again.
I could rent or buy a colour T.V. There are provisions for it in my cell. Udo Walendy offered to cover the cost - I could hardly believe his generosity. I gratefully declined, because I have gotten used to my " Martin Luther at the Wartburg "-like existence in blissful solitude. I can hear crows in the morning, sea-gulls (the Neckar river is appr. 200 metres away) and then hear the purring and cooing of doves outside. Nice, idyllic!…
So when the times come for my reparations from Canada - as they will, when the current rotten, corrupt system will have collapsed - my grievances will be pursued by me against my tormentors on both sides of the Atlantic with typically un-Schwabian vengeance and passion. I aim to be compensated in exactly the same generous style, and quantity, as the Jews were compensated by Germany - not one cent and not one apology less! That much prison has accomplished in me - it has given me the steely resolve I lacked before!
As Savitri Devi said of A.H. - he was too much Sun and not enough Lightning. Well, I suffered from the same typically German shortcoming. My enemies have cured me of that, and I am still being hammered on the anvil of history into that rare, fine steel necessary for victory.
Nietzsche correctly said " Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker ". [Whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger] Prison certainly has had this effect on me…
So let me know what you would do if you were faced by my situation…
Now is the time to stick together, to share news, not to panic, not to overreact.
I had two years to reflect on my life's path and on my life's work - I made only one major mistake and that was [a previous brief marriage]! However, I learned painful lessons from that, which I will not forget for the rest of my life. The rest? Given the chance, I would travel the same road again, only more wisely in the choice of associates, less liberal, less naive. This time I would be tougher, less forgiving to friend and foe - and expect even higher standards of them and of myself.
One word of caution:
Do not contemplate [coming] anywhere near Germany, for the fever is still raging. It must first run its course. It makes no sense for Robert to even contemplate to come and testify! The German authorities do not lack knowledge of the truth in history - they only lack the courage and the intestinal fortitude. In other words, collectively they lack the courage, the will and, above all, the character to step forward and say " Bis hierher und nicht weiter ". [To here and no farther!]
Thus your contribution of one more testimony to the truth will not cure them of their lack of courage, will and character - in fact, it will convince them only of the power of their enemies, who have been able to defend a historical chimera for over 60 years so ruthlessly!
Please tell all our friends, Ingrid please, too, and Jacqueline B., that all is well, and that I will write to each in turn as postage permits. That's a promise!
I am thinking about you! And I want to thank all of you for the many, many kindnesses and material, intellectual, and physical help to me in my arduous life's path - especially the last 20-25 years.
All the very best, my friends! Steadfast in loyalty. E.Zündel (Sub-headings added…ed).


In the original flyer "Telstra belongs to the Australian people!" the following was quoted on the front page in the second column:
"The Government owns 51% or 6.5 million shares …. It should have read 6.5. billion shares.
For those who still have the flyers please change the million to billion. Our apologies for such a simple error and our thanks to B.R. of Queensland for pointing out the mistake.
Are your letters going out to your political representatives in the Senate insisting they vote against the sale of Telstra when the matter comes before the Senate?


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