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Edmund Burke
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29 April 2005. Thought for the Week: "Merely to state that these (common law) rights exist is no guarantee that they will be observed. The struggle will always go on to ensure that authority is subject to law, that there is a proper balance and division of power. It must not be supposed, because we have no more royal tyranny, that we have disposed of the tyrant forever. The will to power lurks in many breasts…"
Canon Arthur Fellows, in "The Foundations of Liberty" 1973.


by James Reed
The Kyoto Climate Treaty has become international law with the approval of the Russian Federation. The United States got things right on this one, maintaining that the idea of human caused global warming was unproven. No matter: the ruthless, rootless cosmopolitans who dominate the United Nations have wanted this treaty in force as a matter of religious "faith" - and a foul and sinister "faith" it is.
Global warming is a matter of religious faith, not scientific truth. As will be argued in this article there is no cogent scientific evidence to support the hypothesis of human-caused global warming. There is no consensus among scientists about the empirical support of this hypothesis except among a group of elites who feed off a massive quantity of research grants and jet around the world (producing greenhouse gases) producing hot air about why we should not produce greenhouse gases, i.e., live a civilized life.
The global warming cult is based upon a climate of fear which sustains a culture of panic. Michael Crichton's new novel State of Fear gives a good portrayal of this. The novel attacks the greenhouse nonsense and, unusual for a "fiction" work, has a bibliography referring to the work of dissenting scientists. We can be sure that this is one book which Hollywood will not be making a movie out of. Or if they do, the plot will be turned completely around to protect the Kyoto craze. The real plot behind Kyoto - to create a worldwide economic collapse of the Western nations to further the globalist dream of a one-world communist society will not be seen on the silver screen. Films such as The Day After Tomorrow, showing the destruction of civilization (overnight!) by global warming are made and promoted to reinforce this climate of fear.
Let us briefly examine the main scientific evidence for global warming:
The first assumption which is seldom examined by both sides in this rather one-sided debate, is that humanly caused quantities of carbon dioxide (CO2) act as an atmospheric blanket, increasing temperatures.
However even if average increases in global temperature had occurred, these are not necessarily due to CO2 increases. Correlation does not prove causality.
A number of scientific studies have examined the relationship between atmospheric CO2 and air temperature, based upon Antarctic ice core data extending over a quarter of a million year period as represented through the ice cores. It was found that the earth's air temperature rose first before any increase in atmospheric CO2. This time lag period is about 400-1,000 years.
Global warming may thus cause CO2 increases rather than it being the other way round. The warming may be due to increased activity of the sun. The correlation between solar activity and average global temperature increases is statistically significant, but not that between carbon dioxide and temperature increases. In any case, even if a global warming trend does exist, this could be no more than a long term statistical average increase in temperature arising from the planet coming out of the last ice age of 10,000 years ago.
But is there really any good scientific evidence that global warming is actually occurring at all? The global warming thesis is primarily based on computer models of the world's climate. These type of "world system" models are necessary simplifications of an enormously complex phenomena. Models of national economies are simple by comparison and the limits of these economic models are well known. So the more complex model must be subject to even greater uncertainties. Garbage in; garbage out.
Greenhouse fanatics made much of the claim that Greenland has allegedly lost 51 cubic kilometres over the last five years. But Greenland's ice sheet has a volume of 2,600,000 cubic kilometres, so at that rate the whole sheet will be gone in 260,000 years! Don't blow up your inflatable boat just yet. Again there are alternative explanations of the ice lost including natural variations in both snowfall and ocean currents. These alternative explanations are typically discounted by the greenhouse lobby.
What about the study of the rings of temperature-sensitive trees? The greenhouse argument here is based on the idea that the various chemical changes can't be explained on a natural basis. It is conjectured - not proven - that human activity must be responsible. Again cosmological explanations are discounted. But there is good scientific evidence that in the last two hundred years, solar activity has been far greater than the greenhouse orthodoxy accepts. Good science involves thoroughly examining competing hypotheses before concluding that humanity is at fault.
This is of course not done because immediately the greenhouse of cards would collapse. It would challenge the new world order religion of 'environmentalism' which sees humans as pests on the surface of the earth. This reductionism is profoundly anti-Christian. It is a dark religion, a worship of nihilism and human death. Just as the fanatics of the cult of Kali threw themselves under a giant wheel to be crushed to death, so do these 'environmentalists" wish to crush Western civilisation under the wheel of death. The greenhouse "hoax" is but one of many spokes in this wheel.
The first step in overcoming such global tyranny is to keep informed of what "the enemy" is up to. Critically evaluate everything you read and hear. Don't blindly trust experts - they are often someone else's 'tool". This is the first step in over-coming fear and walking down the road to freedom.


by James Reed
A recent article in The Weekend Australian 2-3/4/05, confirms what historian David Irving said for many years: Adolf Hitler wanted a friendship with Britain. The qualification is now that this was before the Munich Agreement, but after that Agreement, 'love' turned to 'hate' and the standard story rolls on. No word about Hesse's peace flight to Britain and the fact that Hesse's files have been sealed by judicial order for 50 years. Nevertheless this latest admission is an important retreat by Establishment historians.


Back in school during boring lessons such as mathematics, I and most other boys would be naughty and draw the naughtiest things we knew - Nazi swastikas - on papers or sometimes on our desk with a compass. It did not lead to me or my other friends becoming Nazis. The reception by the media in general, and the Jewish lobby in particular, given to Prince Harry's 'swastika arm-band' incident at a fancy dress party was predictable.
At the time, Peter Kohn's Australian Jewish News "Outlook", 21/1/05, cited a number of authorities who claimed that the prank by a 20-year-old indicated a lack of "teaching" of the holocaust to the young.
Leading the charge was Professor Andrew Markus, director for the "Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation" at Monash University, who was quoted as saying: "There has generally been a dulling of the senses about critical events like the Holocaust and World Wars." According to the article, 63 per cent of people in one US sample are unfamiliar with Auschwitz and 75 per cent in the United Kingdom.
The Jewish writers are concerned that these figures are too high. It doesn't occur to them, or they do not address, the obvious reply that the Prince is simply part of the unfamiliar young. They may argue that a Prince should be familiar. Well they should have lifted his game and made him familiar by sending him Holocaust literature, videos, DVDs, etc., on a regular basis. Of course the lad would have been interested to research the topic! Surely, if the educational system is at fault, it is a cop out to blame individuals.
But there is another response that could be made to this incident suggested to me by my friend's teenage son (same age as Harry).
He said: "Look why has everybody got a 'wedgy' [presumably this means 'uncomfortable underpants' in young talk] because the guy was at a fancy dress ball. People go as the Prince of Darkness and all sorts of evil dudes. All those old f…. should 'chill out' ". I take it this means in translation that a mountain is being made out of a molehill.
Of course the event plays into the republicans hands - or so it was said. The Jewish Community Council of Victoria is quoted as saying that Harry is "an unfeeling, insensitive twit… If you want an advertisement for a republic, it would have to be Prince Harry."
Jeremy Jones, The Review February, 2005 said that Harry's behaviour "was disgusting and embarrassed the royal family." "Who has been guiding this person", www.news.com.au (Jan. 13). The Australian 15/1/05 put it all in a nutshell: "Enemies of Israel deny or demean the extent of the Holocaust because they realize it shapes Israeli actions still."
The wearing of a Nazi arm-band at a fancy dress ball is not necessarily an endorsement of Nazism or Holocaust denial. If it was, it would raise a problem for Hollywood which produces a crop of anti-Nazi movies each season with arm-bands aplenty.
Predictably again, the republicans were crying that a "constitutional crisis" had been created by Harry's father, Prince Charles' marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles. "Made in Heaven for the Arm," The Weekend Australian 12-13/2/05.
This was all said even though the Commonwealth Constitution makes no reference to the royal spouse. It is true that the marriage of King Edward VIII in 1937 to a divorced woman was controversial because in those days divorce was controversial. Today it is more common than ignorance of the Holocaust. Again, in the words of our young male - "chill out dudes."
The Monarchy and all things British are constantly under attack, sometimes even by those claiming to be friends. For example, David Smith in an article in Quadrant, November 2004, "Why the Queen is Not our Head of State" attempts to diminish the Queen's role to vanishing point. For Smith, the governor-general is our Head of State. Such must be the fear of embracing the clear words of the Commonwealth Constitution that these tactics must be resorted to, to defend our Constitutional Monarchical system.


The Votergate Resource Centre website has some amazing facts about the U.S. elections. The following sentences are quoted or paraphrased from their article "20 Amazing Facts About Voting the USA". Here is an example: Eighty per cent of all votes are counted by only two companies; Diebold and ES&S. There is no federal agency with regulatory authority of oversight of the US voting machine industry. The vice-president of Diebold and the president of ES&S are brothers. The touch screen voting machines of Diebold have no paper trial and no way of verifying that data coming out of the machine is the same as was put in by voters.
Diebold employed five convicted felons as senior managers and developers to help write the central compiler computer code that counted 50 per cent of the votes in 30 States. Diebold's Senior Vice-President - and senior programmer on Diebold's central compiler code - was convicted of 23 counts of felony theft in the first degree. And so it goes on…..
Welcome to 'democracy' USA style! Source: www.medmedia.com/votergate/20facts.html


Guess which nation on earth has the highest incarceration rate? China? Russia? Iraq? No, the answer is America which has 2 million of its citizens behind bars. A disproportionate number of these prisoners are Black Americans; one out of every 14 Black men and women are in prison. One in four are likely to be imprisoned at some time in their lives. This in itself is not an indication of structural racism but appears to be rather the failure of the American multiracial experiment.
Of further interest large Wall Street financial houses such as Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch jointly write about $US 2-3 billion in prison construction bonds each year. As in China, US prisons are a meshing of corporate profit-making and State control, with prisoners providing cheap captive labour for a variety of industries.
Welcome to modern America!


by Betty Luks
When are concerned Australians, both black and white, going to wake up to what is happening to the foundations of their country through the various 'rights' movements, including aboriginal 'rights'? If the political objective was to genuinely improve the living conditions of our aboriginal people, i.e. education, health and social infrastructures, etc., we should expect to see exceptionally positive results after twenty years and the billions of dollars of taxpayers' monies already spent.
But no, that hasn't happened. Why? Because the objective is not really improvement for the aboriginal communities of the sovereign nation of Australia. There is a far more sinister agenda than that and the Australian aboriginal people are one of the "battering rams" being used to push through that 'other' agenda.
People with genuine problems should not be just 'expendables' in ideological campaign:
The living conditions of Aborigines would improve dramatically if they were treated as people with genuine problems, rather than as expendable 'cannon fodder' in an ideological campaign.
But no, for many years the Aboriginal 'industry' insisted that, as an article of ideological faith, their "rights" to land, recognition, and "justice" were essential to Aboriginal well being. Any suggestion that Aborigines could successfully assimilate into the mainstream of Australian life was greeted with horror.
The rejection of "assimilation" was based on the proposition that it posed a threat to native title, because it destroyed the argument that the mystical relationship between Aborigines and their land is essential for their well-being.
The charge from the Aboriginal industry was that Aborigines needed even more "rights" than other Australians, therefore, they can lay claim to economic, financial and political privilege on the basis of their race and past "oppression".
Such was not the genuine answer to "reconciliation" between the two groups. But then those heading the Aboriginal 'industry' know this. The League has persistently stated the only genuine answer is to insist that all disadvantaged Australians should be assisted to improve their circumstances. If some choose to pursue an Aboriginal culture, let them do so. Few Aborigines continue to live in a traditional lifestyle, and would lose little by "assimilation".
But it is their cultural masters, the leaders of the Aboriginal industry who would have much to lose.
They risk losing "the battering ram" they need to wrest "sovereignty" from the Crown. And this is the goal of a longer-term agenda; an agenda beyond what most Aboriginal Australians have yet come to realize.
Aboriginal Australians need to think very carefully about this matter. How many honestly believe they would be better off governed by Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and his Marxist system and henchmen? What about the Indonesian over-lords; would the over-lords treat them well? I wonder what the East Timorese would say to that?
If they think they will keep this rich, but fragmented nation, without the protection and security of a strong united people, with strong defence capabilities, then they are being incredibly naïve. Australians including Aboriginal Australians need to resolve the genuine problems that beset us so that all might live in peace and security and freedom.


Ratepayers in the southern Adelaide councils of Marion, Holdfast Bay, Onkaparinga and Yankalilla woke one morning to the news the Kaurna indigenous negotiators want a levy on all development applications made to (the) four southern Adelaide councils, to fund the annual cost of administering a new reconciliation agreement.
Representatives from the four local councils and three Kaurna groups after meeting, off and on, for over two years, had come up with the "Kaurna Tappa Iri Reconciliation Agreement 2005-2008".
(For those with access to the internet, copies of the Agreement can be viewed on the Onkaparinga Council's website.)
The document sets out what this group wants - and what the ratepayers are expected to pay for!
Mr. Doug Giddings of the "Ratepayers' Defence Association", Marleston, South Australia asked the constitutional authority, Dr. David Mitchell of Dynnyrne, Tasmania for an opinion on the Kaurna Reconciliation Agreement. The following is Dr. Mitchell's response:
Kaurna Reconciliation Agreement:
"At the outset I must admit that I doubt whether I am the right person to be providing you with comments. I suppose I have a blockage but I am unable to understand the concept of "returning" the land. This word seems to me that the people on or represented by the Kaurna Heritage Board have less right to the land than other rate payers and should be given more right than other rate payers because it once belonged to them rather than to the community of the area.
If the land is handed to or transferred to the Kaurna Heritage Board from Council ownership or control, it seems obvious to me the land must become rateable on the same basis as any other land within the municipality that is not owned or controlled by the Council (other than government land). If the Kaurna Heritage Board is not to pay rates, this appears to establish a discrimination against other residents of the respective municipalities.
Of course, I recognise the draft agreement is not intended as a vesting, or step towards vesting, of actual title (p.11) but it is demonstrably a plan to vest control and rights and benefits in a body or individuals other than the Council and to restrict the class of persons who are "entitled" to the rights and benefits now enjoyed. To me, this is offensive and an attack on Australia's governmental system, an attack on the basis of local government!
Your undated letter on behalf of the Ratepayers Defence Association to the Councillors… is, in my opinion, an excellent representation. I agree with the matters you put forward including your personal views. These matters strengthen my thought that one way in which the Council would be acting improperly would be a failure to impose rates…
It is a legally binding agreement:
The idea that the Agreement will be "non-legally binding"… is misleading. While it is true that the document is expressed to be a statement of intent (p.11), it is equally true that the matters in the Agreement are intended to be acted on, that legal relationships (p.13ff) (including the appointment of a manager) are established and, in my opinion, consideration on the part of the Councils and the Kaurna Heritage Board is demonstrated. Thus I consider a legally enforceable contract will be established by the Agreement.
What of the future 'Reconciliation Agreement'?
Although the Agreement will have a life of only three years it is envisaged that it will be replaced by a Reconciliation Agreement thereafter (p.21). What is the Reconciliation Agreement intended to contain? Is the present draft a "softening up" for something far more radical? You flag this possibility by asking whether I consider the proposed agreement is "the thin edge of the wedge", I can only respond that it would appear to be so.
If the further Agreement is to be considered "in a timely manner leading up to the financial year 2007/2008", it should be noted that from now there is only fifteen months left in that lead-up. Surely the further Agreement should already be under consideration? I would have thought that at least an outline of the envisaged "second stage" "further agreement" should be available now if the present proposals are to be given proper consideration.
Questions structured with (ulterior?) purpose in mind:
You have specifically asked me to suggest answers to the questions in the "Response Sheet". I find this particularly difficult. As is always the case with response sheets, the questions are structured with a purpose in mind. Without specifically knowing that purpose and the way the answers are going to be used, I am really not able to make suggestions."


So there you have it, not only is it an attack on Australia's governmental system and an attack on the basis of Local Government - but the councillors have agreed the ratepayers should pay for their own legal destruction!


It is you Mr/Mrs. Ratepayer, it is you Mr/Mrs. Elector, who must exercise your own freedom and responsibility in the matters threatening your sovereignty and the sovereignty of your nation; your security and freedoms. You must exercise your freedom of expression, your right to freehold property, (and all that entails) and your right and responsibility to inform your parliamentary representative of your will. We cannot exercise your freedom for you! Only you can do that.
If you ignore your responsibilities and fail to exercise your freedoms - you will lose them!
Philosophically, ours is a REPRESENTATIVE form and substance of government. What does this mean? It means you send a representative to the Local, State and Commonwealth institutions (Local, Shire and National 'Moots': Old English for 'meeting' places) to REPRESENT YOUR WILL!
Australians do not send a delegate. That is an alien concept - a communist/socialist idea. Australians do not transfer their powers, their rights to make decisions for their lives as in the case of delegated authority. Australians send a representative to represent their will!
Have you written to your local government representative and expressed your will? Have you told him you didn't give him authority to spend your rate-money on matters that have nothing to do with Local Councils!


The League has continually warned Australians: The biggest threat hanging over our heads to our rights and liberties is the on-going push (no matter which political party is in power) to centralise all power at Canberra and the on-going destruction of the Federal system of Government! The 'Land Rights' issue is just one of the many "battering rams" being used against the people of this nation, including Aboriginal Australians.
It is essential Australians understand the governmental system and the philosophy of law upon which the federal structure was built. A good book for beginners is: "Your Will Be Done" by Arthur Chresby.


The Basic Fund has continued to climb thanks to those who give so generously. The figure has now reached $27,234:35. That's great, we are nearly halfway to the goal of $60,000. But we are not resting on our laurels, there are already future plans in the pipeline to take the message out further and farther. It means a great step of faith and a stretching of our talents and targets. Join with us by supporting the work of the League through your financial support. Again, a humble thanks to those who already give so generously.


The next meeting will be held on Thursday, 28th April, 2005 commencing at 7.30pm. The venue is: The Lithuanian Club, 16 East Terrace, Bankstown (approx. 600 metres from the Bankstown Railway Station). Guest speaker will be Joan Michie and her subject title is: "A New Meaning of 'Democracy' ". A graduate of the Universities of Melbourne, Sydney and Armidale, Joan has worked with the Australian Government's development aid programme in various countries of the world. She will examine the political applications of the concept of democracy in the post-war period, concentrating upon selected countries and events. Cost of attendance is $5.00.


The Adelaide Conservative Speakers' Club will next meet on Monday 2nd May, 2005. The venue is the Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, (Cnr. Carrington) Adelaide. Mr. Malcolm Allen, involved in the Australian Nutritional Medicine Industry for over 20 years, and keen to 'set the record' straight on the situation in Australia, will speak on "What is Better? An Industry Prior to the T.G.A. (1989) or One After?". Come along prepared to ask lots of questions -- during question time of course.
Dinner bookings to be in by Thursday, 29th April by phoning: 8296 4704. $18.00 per person.
We ask those who book in for the Dinner to make every effort to be seated by 6.30pm. The main address will commence approximately 7.45pm.


The League Book Services will make available Solzhenitsyn's book "Rebuilding Russia" and his 4 speeches (in booklet form) for the price of $15.00 POSTED!
· 1975 New York City: "A Legacy of Terror".
A warning to what is left of Western Civilization, but also a denouncement of the West for financially and materially building up the strength of Communists regimes. (They are still doing it!)
· 1975 Washington DC: "Words of Warning to the Western World".
A dramatic warning to all the world - and to Americans in particular. He strips bare the crimes and excesses of the communist masters in his native land. And he denounces the West for a "senseless process of endless concessions to aggressors in the Kremlin."
· 1976 BBC address: "The West's Betrayal of Civilization".
A moving appeal to the British peoples to rediscover their souls while there was time to avoid complete disaster.
· 1978 Harvard. "A World Split Apart".
In this speech the great (exiled at the time) Russian author touched some raw nerves when he laid the present day situation in the West on the line. He was of course denounced by the Communists but also by such liberal papers as The New York Times and The Washington Post.


A groundbreaking first for the League! The launch was a great success. Two years in the making. The CD-ROM covers over forty years of On Target plus a bonus - a selection of essays by Clifford Hugh Douglas and Eric Dudley Butler. SEND FOR YOUR CD-Rom COPY NOW! "LIONS FOR FREEDOM" The League Book Shops and Veritas Publishing are handling it.
What an excellent tool for research and what a wonderful gift to your children and grandchildren - Forty Years of Australian political history and commentary at their finger tips. Just down load off the internet onto your computer one of the search engines now so freely available, and you will have your own 'research assistant' at your fingertips as you 'crawl' all over the "Lions for Freedom" CD-Rom! Easy instructions for doing so are on the CD-Rom.

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The "Herald Sun" 30/3/05 reported:- "A global heavyweight and a local boutique corporate advisory outfit have won the first stage in the $30 million-plus race to sell the rest of Telstra. UBS and the Caliburn Partnership will conduct the first stage of the Telstra sales process, dubbed T3, by spending several months studying how the Government can maximise the financial windfall from selling its 51.8 per cent stake".
The government says that this early win does not guarantee this organisation a role in the actual sale. However the companies that did the initial studies in the first two Telstra sales eventually gained the contract for those sales.
What does this mean for us - REDOUBLE OUR EFFORTS TO MOBILISE PEOPLE TO ACT to keep Telstra in public hands.
Hasco Inc., have produced an excellent booklet outlining the details of the battle and further financial information. Send - DIRECT TO HASCO - for your copies NOW ! Distribute them as far and as wide as you can.
HASCO'S address is: P.O. Box 642, Nanango, Qld. 4615
Prices are: $5.00 single copy posted. Ten or more copies $4.00 each posted.
CD ALSO AVAILABLE: a CD by Jeremy Lee on the sale of Telstra - $5.00 Single copy posted. $4.00 each ten or more copies posted.
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