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3 June 2005. Thought for the Week: "The absolute origin of all economic activity has its organic roots in the soil and in nature…" from "Distinguishing Between Money and True Riches," Part 5 of the "Introducing Social Credit" series.
"In nature matter and energy flow: 'Nature abhors a vacuum.' In the human economy, money should flow similarly, freely fulfilling its function dynamically 'to oil the mechanism' of production and to facilitate automatic distribution of the physical proceeds of industry."
Wallace Klinck, Canada 2005.


by James Reed
Geoffrey Dobbs, an outstanding British social crediter gave a thought-provoking address to the League in Melbourne in 1985 and the address was published in The New Times, February 1985 - "The Strategy and Tactics of Spiritual Warfare". Our conflict with our enemy is 'spiritual' in the sense of it being a war about policy. Dobbs illustrated this thesis by a number of examples which he saw as susceptible to analysis from the social credit paradigm. For example, on the racial question Dobbs pointed out that "discrimination" has come to mean at the hands of the "Anti-racists" racial hatred where traditionally it meant a "loving discernment and appreciation of the essential differences between things". To fight back requires psycho-political counter-warfare - to regain the moral ground that the "Anti-racists" have stolen and rescue the original meaning of the word "discrimination'.

Beyond this thought, much of anti-racist legislation arises from forcing people who are incompatible to work together in the workplace. Social Credit champions freedom of association and gives people the choice about whom they may employ.
The social dividend provides protection against "discrimination" in the best possible way - freeing people from being wage slaves in the first place.
There are a number of ideas within the broad social credit paradigm which are a valuable aid to achieving freedom in these dark times of globalisation. Charles Ferguson, an influence on C.H. Douglas, expressed one such idea in his 1924 book Technarchy and the Capital College.
At its very basics, the idea is to use scientific ("technarchy") principles to mobilise capital to liberate individuals, through emancipating the work environment.

The Capital College doesn't deal directly with individuals, but rather acts with working organisations to maximise their service ability. It does this by underwriting the real credit of working businesses through both advisory management and through publicity about a businesses services and products. Personal credibility is supplied, not money as such, by an underwriting of the firm's honesty and competency. Supplies are assured in supplying tools and equipment. This mobilises real credit faster and more efficiently than a bank lending money. Ferguson saw the Capital College as a way of diminishing the power of banks. The Capital College will be as Ferguson put it, "a flow or leaven, in the wider society of the Nation."

We have stated in this note only the very basics of this idea. The point to be made, as Geoffrey Dobbs has observed, is that we are not helpless in this spiritual battle. There are good ideas out there that can address the challenges of our time. All that is needed is the co-operation, good will and dedication, to put them into practice.
Remember this when reading the next bit of "bad news". Let us be positive and treat life as a challenge and rise to the occasion.

Further reading on Charles Ferguson and his Capital College ideas are to be found in Michael Lane's book "Charles Ferguson: Herald of Social Credit". $11.50 posted.
The companion book is: "Human Ecology & Social Credit: the Legacy of Tom Robertson". $9.50 posted. Both books available from all League Book Services.


The concept of a job 'for life' and Howard's push for 'full employment' flies in the face of the facts of a modern economy. Ron Fischer of Sebastopol, Vic. writes on the matter:
"The concept that having a job is the aim of life is obsolete. All the needs, and indeed the desires, of a modern society can be provided by one in five of the working age population. This was revealed at Mikhail Gorbachev's State-of-the-World conference in San Francisco in 1995. As technology advances, that twenty per cent will be reduced to fifteen, ten and beyond. The stigma of "unemployment" should be removed from that eighty per cent plus.
When robots take over the manufacturing industry to the level of ninety per cent plus how then will purchasing power be distributed to the former workers? By taxing more highly those who still have jobs?
Thus the concern expressed in the Ballarat Courier editorial 20/4/05 is futile. Big businesses like Masterfoods and EMP, will continue to shed jobs in the interests of the bottom line. Ultimately, when they can downsize no more it will be no longer viable for them to remain in Australia.
Included in this bracket should be Telstra (if it is 'privatised'…ed). It will be owned by multinational interests with no concern for the jobs of Ballarat's residents, nor for whether we have good communications or are relegated to a backwater of the communications industry."


by James Reed
It's Time! Australia issue No.1 has as its front page story " 'Bush Ordered 9/11' - Hilton". American lawyer Stanley Hilton has claimed that George Bush authorized the 9/11 attacks. This claim has been made on many internet sites. But Hilton is a former senior adviser to Senator Bob Dole and an insider of the Republican Party. But he's not vexing his spleen on an internet site: he's taking a Taxpayers' Class Action on behalf of the families of the victims of 9/11. Hilton claims to have documentary evidence of George Bush personally authorising the attacks. Not surprisingly, he has been harassed by the FBI, he claims. That is only the beginning.


by James Reed
The Australian 7/3/05 reported "Holmes a Court Stirred by Plight of Refugees", that Janet Holmes a Court was "emotional" and expressed "shame" at Australia's treatment of asylum seekers. The article also tells us that Senator Vanstone has welcomed the arrival of 360 refugees from Central Africa.
What a pity that our elite don't express "shame" at the treatment of Anglo Saxon Australians, who, since 1947 have faced an undemocratic immigration programme, specially designed to ethnically and racially dilute their kind. Of course it is "racist" to object to the planned destruction of our people by mass immigration. After all, we are only getting our historical deserts for building modern civilisation.


By Andrew Ryan:
· Here is a medley of news items on immigration and multiculturalism from across the globe. Europe is becoming increasingly concerned about immigration following 9/11 and the train bombings in Madrid - (and now further bombings in Spain…ed). To deal with an aging population and below replacement levels of births - the end result of the feminist revolution - thousands of migrants have poured into Europe from the Third World to keep the captains of Capitalism supplied with cheap labour.
· The United Nations estimates that 1.6 million migrants would be needed per year for the next 45 years to keep the work force at the present levels. However, a poll of 25,000 EU residents conducted in 2004 found 54 per cent of respondents opposed to further immigration to Europe.
· The Dutch "lead [the] way in deporting migrants" International Express 17/2/04, has tightened up its asylum policies and since February 2004 has begun deporting some asylum seekers.
· The Australian 11/4/05: "Whites Flee Migrant Rise in British Cities", tells us that White flight is occurring in Britain as Whites move from migrant areas such as Manchester, to be replaced by Asians. According to a study conducted by Migrationwatch, the greatest absolute decline in the White population is seen in Manchester, Birmingham and Bradford.
· Meanwhile criticism of this form of passive genocide is silenced by the laws of once merry England. The leader of the British National Party (BNP), Nick Griffin has been charged with inciting racial hatred, The Australian 8/4/05. Also charged is BNP founder John Tyndall. Both welcomed the "martyrdom" that the race-hate charges would bring.
· In London, Algerian militant Kamel Bourgass was convicted of plotting a terrorist attack to rival 9/11. He planned to smear the poison ricin - which kills on contact - throughout London on buildings and trains. Bourgass had formed a terrorist cell group as part of al Qaèda. He should have been deported as an illegal immigrant months before he stabbed one police officer to death and injured four others.
· As England falls apart, British school children are given history lessons about famous gays, but are taught nothing about the greatness of what was once the British Empire.
Again this is a catalogue of bad news, but there is a glimmer of hope that Europeans are waking up about immigration and multiculturalism. Let us hope that Australia follows in due course.


by Betty Luks
According to the Adelaide Advertiser, 26th May 2005, Australian authorities have asked the Hungarian Government for more information on 86-year-old Hungarian-Australian Mr. Charles Zentai, who, it is alleged, is a 'war criminal'. We are informed the forthcoming information is to help a Senate Committee determine whether Mr. Zentai should be extradited back to Hungary to face 'war crimes' charges, allegedly committed during WWII, sixty or more years ago.
According to the report the Australian Federal Police are investigating information that this man, who now lives in Perth, Western Australia, killed a Jewish teenager in Hungary during WWII.
If Hungarian witnesses' memories prove as 'reliable' as some of the witnesses at the Adelaide Polyukhovic war crimes committal hearing (which I attended in the early 1990s) there will be witnesses claiming to recognise the accused, although having seen him but a few times in their earlier life - even claiming to remember what clothes the accused wore at his wedding fifty or more years before! A claim which was later easily proved false!
As former Lieutenant-Governor Sir Walter Crocker said at the time of the Adelaide hearings: Vengeance poisons communities as well as people.


by Betty Luks
So! Canadian-owned vegetable processing giant McCain Foods has opened a potato plant in China and Tasmanian farmers are concerned 'this is just the beginning' of a move offshore. Of course it is! And if this multinational company finds that another move to another subsidised tax haven 'offshore' gains them an advantage, they will do it again and again. (Ballarat Courier, 4/5/05).

The giant food company came here in the first place because of Australia's 'tax-haven' laws and Government-financed infrastructures. When are our farmers going to wake up? The League was warning them when their numbers were over 300,000 - it is mathematically certain more and more will go bankrupt, or forced off their lands, under orthodox financial policies, and no political party will come to their rescue and 'buck' the money power. Farmers' numbers have now dwindled down to 100,000 - and still they don't get it!

There is no long-term answer for them under present financial policies. But they would rather listen to 'leaders' who have betrayed them, than men such as Eric D. Butler, (and Jeremy Lee) of the Australian League of Rights! Between them, these two men criss-crossed this large brown land for well over fifty years warning what was going to happen if they didn't 'take on' the money power and its toadies in the political parties.

Chinese farmers are no more (probably less) efficient than Australian farmers - but neither is it a 'level playing field' as was recently revealed on SBS. It is a policy, it is planned, that the bulk of Australia's farmers are to be phased out - and they still can't see it. Meanwhile, farmers and business spokesmen have publicly expressed 'hope' that everyone will benefit from a proposed free trade agreement with China! They need to be reminded Americans had the same 'hope' but are now waking up to the fact it is very much a 'one-way' street - and not their way.

The forty years of Eric Butler's and Jeremy Lee's articles on the matter - the warnings, the problems and the answers are now available on CDRom. Send for your copy today - $32.00 posted from all League Book Services.
Further reading: "What Will We Tell Our Children?" by Jeremy W. Lee. $15.00 posted.


Source: NewsWithViews.com May 16, 2005:
"The Economy And Energy": "Our Middle Class is headed for the Low Class. Our working poor are headed for welfare lines while illegals do the jobs that all Americans would work for a living wage, but can't because illegal aliens depress wages and steal jobs."
"Have you ever cut your finger while slicing an onion? How about a scrape on your elbow when you fell? Ever suffer sunburn? What happened when you suffered a bloody nose? Have you ever cut a major artery where you could have bled to death?
Today, America bleeds to death by a thousand cuts. We're bleeding from every sector of our society. At some point, the United States of America cannot and will not survive the bleeding. Why? Take a look:
Each day, Americans burn 20 million barrels (55 gallons per barrel) of oil in their cars, but we import over half of that oil from other countries. Therefore, that's $2.25 per gallon X 55 = $123.75 X 10,000,000 barrels, which equals $1,237,500,000.00 we pay other countries daily. That's money that never returns to America. It's like America cutting its wrist. Meanwhile, we have NO energy conservation policy in America.
Last year, the trade deficit totalled $618 billion according to the New York Times. It's expected to exceed $700 billion in 2005. That's money going out that isn't coming into America.

Brian Williams of NBC stated that the Federal deficit will grow another $383 billon in 2006. Do you feel your pocketbook bleeding?
What about American enterprise? Recently, General Motors and Ford suffered their demotion to Junk Bonds. Ironically, China's Yuan is undervalued because it's tied to the American dollar, but the Yuan will jump when it is ultimately pegged to the Euro. Soon, the Euro will become the new standard for exchange as it displaces the dollar on the international money markets. But, if GM and Ford collapse, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois will become basket cases because most of their jobs involve the auto industry.

In the high tech jobs arena, the H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas were given to over 1,000,000 foreigners to displace American workers. Who is responsible? Your congressman and senators! Go to www.numbersusa.com and check out the report card on your senators or congressman and you'll mostly see F's.

The haemorrhaging accelerates when you realise that our Federal debt stands at $7.4 trillion. We pay over $600 million a day in interest payments. Bush bumped the debt ceiling by $800 million at the first of the year while borrowing $1.6 billion daily from foreign investors. Their interest rates bleed us further. Is the fabulously wealthy George Bush paying that interest? No, you are! The rich get richer and you get poorer. Further, you, the average American with a credit card carry an average of $8,000.00 balance (debt) on your credit card. That equals $2.0 trillion in consumer debt according to CBS News. Added to that bleeding, you're paying 18 percent APR on that debt credit card debt.

For more bleeding, over 20 million illegals siphon off $68 billion annually out of your taxpayer pocket as they use our schools, welfare, medical care and services. Folks, they're not just picking lettuce anymore. They're taking jobs away from Americans. Harvard's Professor Borjas of economics showed that illegal aliens displace American workers out of $200 billion in lost wages annually. We're not talking about a financial nose bleed. We're talking slashed arteries!
All the while, according to a recent Bears and Sterns report, illegals work off the books to the tune of $400 billion annually in uncollected IRS income taxes. Who makes up that money? You do with the blood, sweat and tears from your working legally in your country. What are the consequences? For starters California with three million illegals stands at $38 billion in debt and last year, 86 hospitals and ER wards bankrupted. Every single state in America is under horrific financial crisis because of unpaid taxes by illegals and their massive liabilities. What makes it worse; over three million illegals add their illegal working hands to the US workforce annually. Feel your life-blood draining?

Home foreclosures and personal bankruptcies stand at an all time high for American citizens. How about the $80 billion annual price for the ongoing $30 billion Drug War that has solved nothing? What about the price of a home today that has doubled in 20 years? How about the $128 billion in cash leaving the USA annually to pay for the drugs coming across the Mexican border? How about $81 billion just appropriated for the Iraq War?
In the meantime, this Congress and president promote outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring of millions of jobs out of America in a bloodbath that is cutting the Middle Class in the jugular. America's working poor can't find a job at a living wage - so what happens? They stand in welfare lines and beg for food stamps. Feel the financial bloody laceration? Additionally, illegal aliens send over $56 billion back to their home countries each year. In other words, they are slashing and slicing the Golden Goose. Over $15 billion bleeds to Mexico, $25 billion to South America and $16 billion to Asia. How does that feel when you fill out your annual income tax filing - that's if you have a job that pays a living wage?

Last year, America suffered a $230 billion trade deficit with China. Right now, China is licking its chops as they sell us billions in goods but buy nothing from us in return. Why? Because we've lost our manufacturing base which means we have nothing to sell. In fact, China aims to surpass Japan in total manufacturing output by 2015. By that time, the United States won't have anything to sell anyone in the world. How long do we keep spending money we don't have?
Where does that leave you and me? How about boiling to death in a cauldron that is melting down our ability to function as a society? We're adding such insane debt, we can't pay it off. Where does that leave us?

We're on the edge of a financial cliff with no safety net. We're playing with fire that will burn us to death. Our Middle Class is headed for the Low Class. Our working poor are headed for welfare lines while illegals do the jobs that all Americans would work for a living wage, but can't because illegal aliens depress wages and steal jobs. What happens when another 20 million breach our borders and take even more of our jobs? How long can we allow our leaders to take us down this path to self destruction?"
Note: Americans just don't seem to grasp the fact it is intended that their nation 'take a fall' as the money powers now build up China.


by Ron Fischer
"The warning on farm numbers in the Ballarat Courier 13/5/05 reflects an all too familiar scenario - "there will be only 100,000 farmers left in Australia by 2030". (Deputy P.M. John Anderson recently admitted that is already the case…ed). Will this be the end? Will Australia's farming population stabilise at that level or will the attrition rate of 50 per cent in 40 years continue into the wide blue yonder? In 2070 will there then be only 50,000?
There seems no indication that things will change. The 'get big or get out' advice is so entrenched within the concept of "economies of scale" that the momentum and the debt generated will keep it going.
The Nationals should be extremely alarmed at the erosion of their base. However, it was one of their number, Doug Anthony, who promoted the concept of "get big or get out'.
Until economics takes a more realistic view of the consequences of the current rules, we are destined to see the number of farmers continue to decline. Economists will never admit to failure. The initiative must come from this end - the grassroots - literally."


by Betty Luks
Gone are the days of the pioneers such as Lady Phillis Cilento and our own Horton Davies; great women and men who paved the way for others to follow in the 'alternative health' field. League people will remember Horton Davies, who, as a young Australian airman, flew our servicemen home from the Japanese prison camps at the end of WWII. This experience led him on to form his own health supplements company. I well remember him explaining it was one thing to produce the health supplements - it was another thing to find the outlets to sell them! In which case, he would also have been involved in setting up the first 'health shops'. It is worth reporting that this great man, now in his nineties, is in retirement in Queensland.

Lady Phillis Cilento was known to many of her generation as the Women's Weekly "Medical Mother". I have sighted a personal note she once wrote to Eric and Elma Butler encouraging them to keep up their vitamins and minerals, especially their vitamin B range, as they led such active and hectic lifestyles.

Why do I write this?
Because it seems the wrong 'spirit' motivates too many of those now involved in this (now) very lucrative 'industry', and the ordinary consumer is finding it hard to distinguish between the truth from error now being pushed. Who is making truthful claims and who is 'fudging' the truth?
There are those saying the 'health' industry needed to be placed on a more responsible footing as there were too many 'cowboys' in the industry. Hence the need for tighter regulations.
Then there are those claiming it is being set up for further centralisation and control so that the multinationals can 'muscle their way in' further.
One thing is for sure, none of the 'combatants' are proposing to take on the money power and thus help to turn this crazy world round - for all peoples.
It is a short-sighted approach as none of us are going to 'win' if we don't get back to a right order and once more seek to live in harmony with our environment, which must include sound farming practices, healthy soils and wholesome foods.
All the pills in the world cannot, will not, make up for the destruction of our soils, environment and quality of foods. More on this in later issues.

In a press release well known 'health activist' Eve Hillary is saying:
"It is proposed to amalgamate the TGA and the New Zealand health regulator to form the Trans Tasman Agency. It is obvious that this will further increase the influence of major drug companies in the natural health industry. For those wishing to campaign on this issue see www.evehillary.com. For those who don't have access to the internet, contact the Melbourne League Office and the information will be posted out.
Eve Hillary will be speaking at:
Melbourne: Saturday June 4 336 Glenferrie Rd Malvern. Contact John 0421 990 651
Adelaide: Sunday June 19. Contact Chris 0428 379 453".


Oliver Burkeman: "Respect MP's Washington Performance," The Guardian, 18/5/05
"Whatever else you made of him, when it came to delivering sustained barrages of political invective, you had to salute his indefatigability. U.K. politician George Galloway stormed up to Capitol Hill yesterday morning for the confrontation of his career, firing scatter-shot insults at the senators who had accused him of profiting illegally from Iraqi oil sales.
They were "neo-cons" and "Zionists" and a "pro-war lynch mob", he raged, who belonged to a "lickspittle Republican committee" that was engaged in creating "the mother of all smokescreens".

Before the hearing began, the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow even had some scorn left over to bestow generously upon the pro-war writer Christopher Hitchens. "You're a drink-soaked former-Trotskyist popinjay," Mr Galloway informed him. "Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink," he added later, ignoring Mr Hitchens's questions and staring intently ahead. "And you're a drink-soaked..." Eventually Mr Hitchens gave up. "You're a real thug, aren't you?" he hissed, stalking away.
It was a hint of what was to come: not so much political theatre as political blood-sports - and with the senators, at least, it was Mr Galloway who emerged with the flesh between his teeth.

"I know that standards have slipped in Washington in recent years, but for a lawyer, you're remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice," he told Norm Coleman, the Minnesota Republican who chairs the senate investigations committee, after taking his seat at the front of the high-ceilinged hearing room, and swearing an oath to tell the truth. "I'm here today, but last week you already found me guilty. You traduced my name around the world without ever having asked me a single question."
The culture clash between Mr Galloway's bruising style and the soporific gentility of senate proceedings could hardly have been more pronounced, and drew audible gasps and laughs of disbelief from the audience.
"I met Saddam Hussein exactly the same number of times as Donald Rumsfeld met him," Mr Galloway went on. "The difference is that Donald Rumsfeld met him to sell him guns, and to give him maps the better to target those guns."

American reporters seemed as fascinated as the British media: at one point yesterday, before it was his turn to speak, Mr Galloway strode from the room, sending journalists of all nationalities rushing after him - only to discover that he was going to the lavatory.
By condemning him in their report without interviewing him, the senators had already given Mr Galloway the upper hand. But not everything was in his favour. For a start, only two senators were present, sabotaging Mr Galloway's efforts to attack the whole lickspittle lot of them - and one of the two, the Democrat Carl Levin, had spent much of his opening statement attacking the hypocrisy of the US government in allegedly allowing American firms to benefit from Iraqi oil corruption.
Even so, Mr Galloway was in his element, playing the role he relishes the most: the little guy squaring up for a fight with the establishment. For these purposes, Senator Coleman served symbolically to represent all the evil in the world - the entire Republican party, the conscience of George Bush, the US government and the British government, too: no wonder his weak smile looked so nauseous.
"I gave my heart and soul to stop you committing the disaster that you did commit in invading Iraq," Mr Galloway told him. "Senator, in everything I said about Iraq, I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong."
And yet for all his anti-establishment credentials, Mr Galloway is as practised as any of his New Labour enemies at squirming away from awkward questions. Under scrutiny by Senator Levin, he deployed a classic example of the bait-and-switch technique that is the government minister's best defence in difficult questioning.
But Mr Galloway Goes To Washington had never really been an exercise in clarifying the facts. It was an exercise in giving Norm Coleman, and, by extension, the Bush administration, a black eye - mere days after the bloody nose that the Respect MP took credit for having given Tony Blair. And it went as well as Mr Galloway could have wished."


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The figure has climbed to $34,619.55. We ask our supporters to continue generously supporting the appeal, time is moving on and we still have a way to go to reach the target.
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