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8 July 2005. Thought for the Week: "It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion."


by Phillip D Butler
The imposition of politically correct legislation and the fundamental importance of free speech has finally generated wider public interest now that two Christian pastors have been found guilty - under the 'race-hate' legislation - and will be fined and/or jailed unless they publicly apologise for voicing their opinions on the Muslim religion.
The real intent behind the legislation is showing its ugly self. We are going down the same path as Canada. In the land of "True North and Free," the attack on free speech began in the 'heady days' of Fabian Marxist/socialist Pierre Elliot Trudeau with the Canadian version of 'Anti-Hate' legislation being foisted on the people.
But where will it end? The Herald Sun headlined on its front page "Taxi Chat Gag", 25/06/05, that the latest attack is on Melbourne's taxi drivers. They have been directed they are not allowed to discuss political matters or wear or display anything that reflects their religious background - or face the sack! Victoria is a "sorry" state at the moment! George Orwell had it right in "1984"!

Victorians need reminding this draconian legislation would not have got through the parliament - a minority Labor government held power at the time with the support of two Independents - without the backing of the Liberals and Nationals. Just to reinforce this fact, remember the Libs/Nats also had control of the Upper House and assisted in its passage through the Upper House!
Many thought when the Berlin Wall came down in Germany, the world had got rid of the totalitarians. No, the lust for power and control lurks in many a breast - we Victorians have the totalitarians roaming around loose right now!
The Australian League of Rights' annual National Seminar will feature the outspoken Freedom Actionist Paul Fromm of Canada. Mark the dates in your diaries: the Weekend of 7-9th October, 2005 held at Albury, NSW.

I am reminded of the emotional/cultural shock an elderly gentleman experienced when he came face to face with the 'other' forces scrambling up the ladder of power in his beloved city of Adelaide, South Australia. Comfortably well off and socially secure in Adelaide's 'pecking order,' he, along with many of his generation hadn't realised there was a 'coup' taking place until it was too late. Just as the Bush camp referred to the conservative Europeans as 'the old Europe,' in the same sense we could refer to this gentleman (and the vast majority of Australians) as 'the old Adelaide'.

"No Job Is Safe"--A Patent Attorney Reader Reports More Displacements

"Finally!" exclaimed our American correspondent, "Other professionals are beginning to figure it out. I wonder how long it will take for doctors, nurses and teachers to figure out that we are all being replaced by imported foreigners. Professionals are being replaced with imported 'visapukes'. Blue collar workers are being replaced by 'illegals' who walk across the borders.
This is a quiet war and we are being conquered without a shot fired," said her note attached to the following https://www.vdare.com/letters/tl_062405.htm

"I am a patent attorney. (Name withheld). In reviewing some of the recent proposed rule changes in the weekly-published Official Gazette [Provisions for Persons Granted Limited Recognition To Prosecute Patent Applications and Other Miscellaneous Matters], I noticed a proposed change to allow non-citizen, non-permanent resident "patent practitioners" who are here under a work visa to prosecute patent applications. Historically, only inventors or their registered patent agents/attorneys have been recognized to do this.
My guess is that U.S. companies are importing non-citizen "patent practitioners" under one of the infamous work visa programs, and pressuring the Patent Office to amend its rules.
Anecdotally, a third of U.S. Patent Office examiners I encounter these days seem to be foreign born, with heavy accents and exotic names (Asia and Africa seem heavily represented).
I ran a quick review of my pending cases, and a surprising number appear to be foreign (roughly 35% of my cases where examiners have been signed). An increasing number of examiners seem to be foreign-born. This trend has been ongoing for several years--maybe since the mid-nineties. No job is safe."


Exposing Danger of Free Trade & CODEX
That dynamic lady Eve Hillary wants all those concerned with the battle to retain their right to choose their vitamin supplements, etc., to watch (or purchase) a DVD documentary on just what CODEX is all about - NOW! For those who have the necessary technology the documentary can be viewed on her website: https://www.evehillary.org/WBS-Video.html
She writes: "Watch Kevin Miller's superbly done documentary "We Become Silent" which exposes the immense dangers of so called "Free Trade" and CODEX. Australians can draw parallels with regards to WTO and Codex regulation. Even if the US health industry is regulated differently (foods) it will not stop trade sanctions against Australia with regards to changing our volumes and dosages from the "unsafe" RDI's and RDA's to the new "safe" world standards.

"We Become Silent" is narrated by well known British actress Dame Judi Dench. It has interviews with many numerous health freedom activists including Julian Whitaker, MD; Scott Tips, JD; Carolyn Dean, MD; Joe Bassett, John Hammell and many others. There is footage from health freedom demonstrations all over the world beginning with Dr Matthias Rath's demonstrations in Germany. Kevin Miller has produced a very good video which is in the same genre as the movie "The Corporation" except with regards to vitamins, minerals and supplements.
Kevin Miller won the gold medal at the NY Film Festival in 1994 for "Let Truth Be the Bias". Kevin showed some of the footage John Hammell shot inside the Codex meeting in Berlin in '98. John's efforts to highlight Elizabeth Yetley's (FDA) clear intention of ignoring US law and constitution, the will of congress and the will of the people as she railroads the US towards harmonisation with Codex, resulted with John being taken off the US Codex Delegation in 2000.
Please show this documentary to everyone you know: especially to sleeping CEO's of vitamin companies in Australia who have been lied to on this issue by the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations, ASMI and the TGA. https://www.evehillary.org Time is of the essence."

Interestingly, alternative 'medicines' giant Pan Pharmaceuticals will be arraigned to stand trial on 42 criminal charges after waiving its right to a committal hearing. According to the report in The Australian 23/6/05 "The prosecution is a rare display of muscle from the Therapeutic Goods Administration - the regulator that cancelled Pan's licence. We are informed, "It rarely uses its powers under the TGA Act."


Mr. J.M. sent the following letter to the Editor:
"O.T." June 24, 05 "Myths About Slavery," is a disgrace. Slavery is wrong. Yet instead of saying so, you comment about spelling. The "New Times Survey," June, 2005 has an attack on religious sources, and a reply by Wallace Klinck.
Well, I know that the New Testament, (quoting from O.T.) says at Luke 4:18 that Jesus said he had been sent "to preach deliverance to the captives…"
However, looking at the Concordances, we find that the NT seems to condone slavery. The book of Philemon is supposedly St. Paul sending a slave Onesimus back to his "owner" Philemon. In another book, the Greek text tells slaves to "obey their masters." So, the NT has two contradictory views on slavery. No supporter of the LoR could lend "OT" of June 24 to any sensible reformer. SLAVERY IS WRONG.
J.M. of Greenwood, W.A.

J.M's letter throws a spotlight on the "babel of voices" Christians have to contend with these days as they struggle to understand just what their Faith teaches and how it relates to their everyday lives. There are at least two prominent groups that I can see: those who go back to Tradition for their understanding and those who go straight to the Bible for understanding - and there is a great gulf between the two. What is not recognised by the second group is the two thousand years of history, experience and development of human consciousness, and conscience, with (hopefully) understanding.
Of course slavery is wrong. The article was never intended to defend slavery as such but to highlight how the actions of previous generations of Whites is now being used to load guilt upon Whites today - for ulterior psychopolitical motives.
Christian equality: It was the Christian idea of the equality of human souls before God which led little by little to the abolition of slavery. But physical slavery is not the only type of slavery to be condemned. That is why the League of Rights continually points to the other slaveries of the mind, especially the slavery of Mammon. There are no physical chains, no physical whips used and yet the whole world is in bondage, slavery, to Mammon!
Canon Arthur Fellows writes in "The Foundations of Liberty": What the New Testament speaks of is spiritual freedom - interior freedom. Jesus Himself, although bound before Pilate, was the freest man in that whole gathering… Pilate was in bondage to his own hates and fears, the chief priests and other leaders of the Jews in bondage to their preconceived idea of the Christ and to a desire to keep the peace at all costs…All exterior freedoms flow on from this interior freedom."
Our British-Christian history reveals the working out of Christian principles was, and is, a slow process. Slavery existed in NT times, but the Christian conscience eventually came to see that slavery was wrong in principle, and its institution conflicted with the Gospel ideal, and it was abolished.
But, what of the 'dumbing down' of our younger generations within the education systems? Isn't that a form of slavery of the mind? And yet, there are no chains, there are no physical whips - in fact it is against the law to physically touch children. But it is a slavery of the mind none the less.
There was a time when the Liberals proudly stated: "We believe in the great human freedoms; to worship; to think; to speak; to choose, to be ambitious, to acquire skill, to seek and earn reward." (1949 Statement of Beliefs.)
I contend they now violate every one of those fundamental beliefs!
As for the Labor Party, we can't expect anything from them. They are a socialist/Marxist party who are now floundering because the Liberals and Nationals are implementing the very agenda they planned. They are in such bondage to their ideology, it is inconceivable, for them, to consider anything different!
Yes J.M. SLAVERY IS WRONG! But don't limit your definition of slavery to the physical body alone.
Thank you for having the concern to write; your letter was much appreciated.


Hungarian-Australians, don't leave the defence of Mr. Charles Zentai to the few Australian-born citizens who took up the cause of Ukrainian-Australian Ivan Polyukhovic in the early 1990s. I'm sure you followed the trials and tribulations of Hungarian-Canadian Imre Finta, the first person in the Western World to be charged with "war crimes". Come on, give your fellow-ex-patriot your support.
Canadian Kelti Zubko wrote of her husband's experiences (barrister Douglas Christie) whilst defending Imre Finta in "The Path of Legal Warfare". She revealed the disgraceful communist court system operating in Hungary, and just what a farce the whole proceedings were. What an eye-opener! Do you really believe Mr. Zentai will get any better treatment than did Mr. Finta?

At the time Kelti wrote:
"The Canadian War Crimes trial, and acquittal of Hungarian-born Imre Finta will, in retrospect, be seen as an outstanding landmark in Western Civilisation's struggle to survive the challenge of those dark forces which seek to destroy the value system upon which that Civilisation was founded.
It was the first time anywhere in the world that a jury of ordinary men and women had sat in judgment upon war crimes of the Second World War. Nuremberg was judged by judges from the victor nations only, and from them there was no appeal…
Before the Finta case, the laws never had to be considered by ordinary people without political appointments. In this sense, it is the judgment of history upon the Nuremberg process, and its denial of obedience to superior orders…
The jurors' judgment reflected common sense rather than political considerations…
Imre Finta's jury came back on the 25th day of May, 1990, after about five hours deliberation. Stephanie Reilander, the foreman of the jury, said "Not Guilty' eight times in a loud clear voice. The Finta case demonstrated that a careful examination of a survivor's testimony reveals a wealth of contradictions casting serious doubt on the whole story. That is why the emotional forum of dramatic monologues in high schools is much more effective at communicating belief than the form of cross examination and analysis…

The state assisted the prosecution:
In Israel or in Hungary, the state simply assisted the prosecution for years before the trial. They were not obliged to assist the defence at all by the agreement negotiated with Canada by which access to Archives and to all records was assured. The Canadian government got access to the International Tracing Service at Arolsen where all concentration camp records of the Red Cross are kept. This was denied to the defence…"

Barrister Douglas Christie recorded his experiences:
"One of the most frightening experiences I as a Canadian have ever had, was to watch Canadian legal proceedings carried out underneath the communist red star, in a courtroom that was the scene of many so-called trials (including the notorious People's Courts) both after World War II and the 1956 Uprising that were a mockery of Anglo-Saxon principles of fundamental justice we Canadians think we enjoy.
Beside the Canadian judge sat a Hungarian judge, and according to the order for the commission granted by Ontario Supreme Court, the commission would be conducted according to Canadian rules of evidence, however it would have to comply with Hungarian public policy and legal order.
The ramifications of this are evident when you consider that under Hungarian law:
· The judge acts as sole inquisitor and there is no such thing as the right of cross-examination for the defence. One wonders what the purpose of defence lawyers in Hungary really is.
· In Hungary, a lawyer is not allowed to 'insult' a witness, for example by putting to him or her that he/she is lying.
· Under Hungarian law, bail is nonexistent.
· Under Hungarian law, witnesses are only summoned for one day, and cannot be forced to attend beyond that day, even if defence counsel hasn't completed cross-examination!
· The adversarial system is unheard of in Hungarian courts.Given these few aspects of the experience in Hungary, as well as the fact that the defence had not been given access to essential Hungarian records relating to that period of history, a great deal of strain was present throughout the entire five weeks (that he was in Hungary…ed)."
"The Path of Legal Warfare" is available from all League Book Services. Price: $7.00 posted.


Speaking Freely is an Asia Times Online feature that allows guest writers to have their say. <https://www.atimes.com/> A new security challenge by Danielle Murray:
From farm to plate, the modern food system relies heavily on cheap oil. Threats to our oil supply are also threats to our food supply. As food undergoes more processing and travels farther, the food system consumes ever more energy each year. The US food system uses over 10 quadrillion Btu (10,551 quadrillion Joules) of energy each year, as much as France's total annual energy consumption. Growing food accounts for only one-fifth of this. The other four-fifths is used to move, process, package, sell, and store food after it leaves the farm. Some 28% of energy used in agriculture goes to fertilizer manufacturing, 7% goes to irrigation, and 34% is consumed as diesel and gasoline by farm vehicles used to plant, till, and harvest crops. The rest goes to pesticide production, grain drying, and facility operations."


from Victor Bridger
Victor Bridger of the Australasian Social Credit School of Studies has sent out the following communiqué aimed at those following the ground-breaking work of the Pilgrims of St. Michael in countries such as Madagascar and the Philippines.

"Please note that the work being done by François di Siebenthal in the Philippines and Madagascar is not connected with the LETS operation. What François is attempting to do is educate the locals how to handle their affairs. The scheme he has introduced is not Social Credit but it is a step he has taken to broaden their knowledge on how to conduct a business and run a simple bank. They are not "Banks" in the normal sense but his approach is to make the people aware of how a bank operates and he has them doing simple things to gradually increase their knowledge.

"I (also) have a message from Therese Tardiff from the Pilgrims of St. Michael stating they are not connected with LETS in any way. A response from François to my question re operating a LETS programme indicates that there is no connection. Many years ago a Mr. John Turmell was telling the world that LETS was Social Credit. He was also telling the world that he knew better than Douglas what was Social Credit.


Jan Lamprecht, the writer of the following article was born and raised in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia, during the "Bush War", which resulted in Robert Mugabe coming to power. Jan was educated in Harare, the capital of the country, before leaving for South Africa, where he spent some time in the Navy. His book, "Government by Deception" was about African politics and related to Zimbabwe and the effects Mugabe's policies may have on other countries. He publishes a popular, highly "politically-incorrect" web site AfricanCrisis.org/

"Just as Eddie Cross of the opposition MDC predicted a short while back, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has wiped out homes, and even bulldozed grocery stores - in mid-winter. Eddie Cross estimated two million Blacks will become homeless as a result of the dictator's actions. The UN estimates that this campaign, which has taken only 1 month, has already resulted in 1.5 million Blacks losing their homes. As unbelievable as this may sound, at the time when Zimbabwe needs to import 1.2 million tons of food to support its population, Mugabe has banned people from growing food in their own yards in urban areas to feed their own families. It appears to me that Mr. Mugabe wants to be in complete control of the food supply so that he can starve people at will…
The people are struggling to get food and stand for hours on end in food queues. The people are just trying to feed themselves in a country which has been on the verge of famine for years, and millions would already starve to death were it not for food from the UN or (secretly) from South Africa. They are, at best, just managing to survive.

Government by Deception
In my book, Government by Deception, I wrote about the need for socialist governments to create a dependency on politicians. They work hard, as they try to control the populace, to find ways of making the people depend on them for everything, including food. So far, only the United States criticized Mugabe's action. South Africa has not only kept quiet, but actually supported the regime, both secretly and openly.

Where is 'THE WORLD' now?
Mugabe has said he will allow a UN inspection. But the Useless Nations - as the UN really should be called - will probably do little or even nothing. What is happening is despicable. South Africa's Apartheid regime was never even 1/100th as evil as Mugabe's dictatorship. What is happening there is unprecedented in southern African history. And yet, the world has not seen the worst of Mugabe. If he is backed into a corner, this man will not just make millions homeless - he will kill millions.
He wiped out 20,000 to 30,000 people belonging to the minority Matabele tribe in 1985 when our entire villages were destroyed. They were throwing Black people down wells. An old school friend of mine (see TheBeardedMan Blog spot) was a Policeman in Zimbabwe and had the opportunity to see some of the aftermath of Mugabe's mass murder in the 1980's. Mugabe is capable of murdering not merely tens or hundreds of thousands - he is a murderer on the scale of Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot.
This is the work of a megalomaniac who is punishing those who voted against him in past elections. I find it incomprehensible that no major country in the world will sponsor a war against this complete maniac of a man. Not even Saddam Hussein has done anything close to the evil that this man has gotten away with. The Black African states are refusing to deal with Robert Mugabe, and some even admire him. They will never condemn him - even if he slaughters millions of his own people.

The Chinese-sponsored Communist
And the British talk, but never act. The British Bulldog is toothless. Yet, the British were the ones who strong-armed Zimbabwe's first democratically elected, pro-Western Black Prime Minister, Bishop Abel Muzorewa into handing over to this Chinese-sponsored Communist cretin - Mugabe - who used intimidation to win his first election back in 1980. He has cheated in several elections ever since. He clothes himself in a weak charade of so-called "democracy" - but he is, and has almost always been, an outright Dictator.
So where are the British now to take responsibility for this maniac whom they helped to get in power? I haven't seen bombers flying over Zimbabwe, Naval forces in the Mozambique channel or the SAS sneaking into southern Africa, as happened during the era of Ian Smith's rule.

In the 1960's, when Rhodesia issued the Universal Declaration of Independence, the British sent the Royal Navy to hunt down tankers bringing oil to Rhodesia. The UN declared Rhodesia a "threat to world peace" and the whole world immediately declared "comprehensive sanctions" on 250,000 of White people, who were trying to stand in the gap, trying to prevent absolute vicious dictators like Mugabe from bringing that country down to where it is now. White people were allegedly the vicious criminals which the world could not wait to kick down.

But no destruction ever took place in Rhodesia. Rhodesia grew amazingly fast, despite total and complete world sanctions. Rhodesians, White and Black, never went hungry despite comprehensive world sanctions. Rhodesia had to export its beef and other products illegally, but both Blacks and Whites had food. They had more work too. Things were so much better back then - but everyone attacked the government of Ian Smith. And now? Mugabe is laying waste to the country and has been bringing complete ruin to it for the past 5 years. Yet, the world is silent.

Sanctions were employed only against White people in Rhodesia and South Africa - but when a Black Megalomaniac Dictator commits crimes ten thousand times worse than any White regime ever did, we hear only silence. Politically Correct hypocrites only see evil among Whites, but a Black man can do anything he wants, even to other Blacks. There is no evil too great - as long as you are Black."

Mr. Lampret would find Ivor Benson's books on Southern Africa very enlightening. Ivor Benson, as a freelance journalist he traveled round Africa during the Macmillan's "winds of change" which swept the African continent, and wrote of what he saw happening. He saw "the white hand in the black glove" manipulating and directing events behind the scenes.
Ivor Benson's books, such as "The Truth Out of Africa," are available from League Book Services.


The Fund is now 'charging ahead'! We have reached the figure of $44,725.60, with just a little over $15,000 to go. With the filling of the target the next planned major projects will be assured. Thank you one and all for the continuing loyal and generous support.


Well-known speaker Mr. Geoff Muirden will bring folk up-to-date on "The Outcome of 9/11" at a meeting in the Melbourne Book Shop, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne on Friday 15th July, 2005 at 7.00pm.


The dates are: Saturday and Sunday 10th-11th, September, 2005.
It is vital that Australians grasp their constitutional and legal heritage, the foundations upon which their nation was founded. Constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell of Tasmania has kindly consented to conduct a two-day seminar outlining those foundations, and the Christian concepts and history from which they grew. We will shortly issue a flyer with further details. Mark the dates in your diary. Make the effort to attend this stimulating and inspiring occasion.


"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins: The inside story of how America turned from a respected republic into a feared empire. "Economic hit men," John Perkins writes, "are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder." John Perkins should know - he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S. - from Indonesia to Panama - to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative profits were contracted to the U.S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S. dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks. This extraordinary real-life tale exposes international intrigue, corruption, and little-known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world. Price: $52.95 posted.

"The Church and Farming," by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p, D.D., D.Ph., BA. Written by Father Denis Fahey this book is particularly important at this time, as the rural sector struggles to survive. Father Fahey brings together the relationship between the spiritual and practical applications of living with and working the soil for the betterment of mankind, in harmony with God's laws. It touches on all aspects of rural life and economics... It cannot be too often repeated how much the work of the land generates physical and moral health, for nothing does more to brace the system than this beneficent contact with nature which proceeds directly from the hand of the Creator. The land is not a betrayer, it is our salvation. An essential back to basics book available from all League Book Services. Price: $17.00 posted.

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