Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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15 July 2005. Thought for the Week: "These changes in money and intellect have drawn the people of the West into a dialectical trap, with money as thesis, socialism as antithesis and the new imperium (of money) as synthesis; money incessantly concentrates power, socialism promises the total dispersal and distribution of power, (and) the resolution of this contradiction supplies the new imperium with its dynamic….
The ideology of a "brave new world" with order and welfare for all mankind was offered as a replacement for a religious orthodoxy that had long since begun to crumble under the impact of a scientific 'enlightenment". Here was something to restore to the existence of the educated and energetic a keen sense of meaning, purpose and direction, an ideology moreover which sanctified imperial expansion and the personal advancement of all its servants…The new imperium (found) its strength in the weakness of all those it seeks to control."
Ivor Benson in "This Age of Conflict," 1987.


by James Reed
The connection between the events of September 11, 2001 and legal and illegal immigration have been documented but are ignored by an influential group of "conservatives" (neocons) who now dominate American cultural life. Hani Hanjour, the pilot of the jet that was, allegedly, crashed into the pentagon, legally entered the United States on a student visa. He claimed that he was going to study English at a Catholic school in Oakland California. He never enrolled, like many other "students" who use the student visa system as a method of easy entry to the United States. In testimony before the US Senate Judiciary Committee, December 4, 2001, terrorism expert Stephen Emerson testified that Osama bin Laden and his operatives systematically recruited US passport holders to allow terrorists easy access to the US. Bin Laden and other terrorist organizations such as Hamas operated in the US under a cover of immigration/humanitarian organisations with missions to promote "human rights". The Islamic Jihad terrorist group also used a "humanitarian" front to establish a base in the US.

Illegal immigration to the US is out of control. Bill King of the US Border Patrol Academy has said: "It should be universally recognised that our borders are out of control… Both our borders (with Mexico and Canada) are sieves. Anyone can cross our border today". (Source "The Social Contract," Winter, 2002, p.78). Thus terrorists, and terrorists possessing biological weapons and even mini-nukes, can freely enter the US. So much for defending America from terrorism. The situation is parallel to making a dinner table speech while leaving the back door of one's house open.

American conservatives and "the Right" have an irrational faith in the assimilationist model of immigration. Like our own Australian race-diluters, the Right believes that America has an infinite capacity to absorb migrants. In fact migrants are ideal Americans because they help to reinforce core "American values" such as individualism, hard work and family. American culture is in decline because of the "junk culture" and moral pollution of Hollywood, and like entities. The Right believes that immigrants are stopping this slouch towards Gomorrah. This is the line run by representatives such as Francis Fukuyama, The End of History and the Last Man, and the Jewish intellectual-based journal Commentary. Muslims are seen as political gold, as "natural conservatives" who will vote for George Bush. About four-fifths of America's Muslim population were born abroad.

Steven Camarota in his report for the Centre for Immigration Studies, "Immigrants in the United States - 2000", estimates that the proportion of immigrant households using means-tested anti-poverty programmes was between 30-50 per cent higher than their use by native-born Americans.
The proportion of migrants aged 21 or over without a high school diploma is 33.1 per cent and for Mexican migrants it is 65.5 per cent. The comparative figure for native-born Americans is 13.2 per cent. As well, much migrant crime is unreported and does not show up in official crime statistics because of sophisticated national and international ethnic crime networks. It is doubtful whether these new migrants represent American family values: domestic violence and slavery are regarded by many of these groups as matters of fact. Finally, as far as loyalty to America goes a survey by Harvard's Centre for the Study of World Religions found that four in five Islamic migrants had a greater allegiance to a foreign country than to the US.

The Right takes this line for a number of reasons
First, there is a short-term selfish economic interest in flooding America with bucket loads of cheap labour to exploit. But the intellectuals typically don't argue along such lines. Rather, they, like the Left, are influenced by the ideology of political correctness. As in Australia, the intellectual status quo is that White is wrong and migrants (=Third World coloureds) are good. A sense of cultural guilt permeates both Left and Right wing intellectuals.

Frank Ellis in a paper published in The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies, vol.30, 2005, entitled "From Communism's 'Enemy of the People' to PC's 'Hate Criminal'" has traced the ideology of political correctness to its source in Marxism-Leninism. Political correctness originated in the Soviet Union. Where the hate figure for the old-Left was the capitalist, today for the new-Left the hate figure for the feminists and the multiculturalists is the White Anglo Saxon (Nordic racial type) heterosexual male.
The Right have swallowed this self-destructive nonsense as fully as the Left. Here we observe in conclusion that today the Left and the Right both in Australia and the US are almost indistinguishable on key issues such as mass immigration, multiculturalism and Asianisation. This strongly suggests that both positions are ready pseudo-positions and that those seeking the truth must free their minds from Left/Right categories. Both positions have merely a family difference from the main dominant parent ideology of globalism produced and packaged by the same band of rootless cosmopolitans.


"US households are nearing the limit of their ability to refinance housing debt or take out home equity loans to meeting current expenses; US households now owe a record 90 percent of the US economy's annual output, a figure that has jumped by 20 points in the last five years (Boston Globe, Thomas Oliphant, "Greenspan's dilemma," 7/5/2005). And, we who understand "frugality" and "green" and are living with this planet, rather than ravaging this planet; we will, despite our prudence, be pulled down in the vortex created by those who leverage, borrow, and cause collapses. Is this any way to treat our diligence?"
From: W. Curtiss Priest, Ph.D. Editor, CITS Capital & Debt Watch, USA.

What we are witnessing is the outworking of corrupt political systems and a debt-capitalistic dominance that is sucking the life out of living.


by Betty Luks
A branch of the Christian Church has expressed concern for the poverty stricken peoples of the Third World. "The Worldwide Mothers' Union Prayer today for the "Make Poverty History campaign" is - "Make us one in heart and mind" as they support the much-publicised 'anti-poverty campaign' which includes calls for the First World rich nations to forgive Third World debt."
The issue of corruption is also a valid concern for the Mothers' Union and other anti-poverty campaigners as they write, "If we are to help make poverty history then corruption has to be tackled. It is the poorest people who are most affected by corruption and who suffer as a result of it. However, it is the responsibility of both rich and poor countries to tackle corruption in governments, in international institutions and in businesses… People living in poverty deserve the loans, aid and debt relief received by their governments to make the maximum possible difference to their lives. In the same way, taxpayers in the global north deserve the loans, aid and debt relief that they finance to reach the very poorest people in developing countries.

The Mothers' Union is calling for:
· First World rich nations to forgive Third World debt.
But let's pause for a moment and look at it from another angle. It was not the nations, that is, you, me, us - the people - who issued their monies as debts to the Third World. It was the PRIVATE banking systems of the world who issued the venal and corrupt leaders of the Third World with 'bank' money. You know, the sort of 'money' they create out of nothing, issue as a debt and demand repayment of same, along with further interest charges.
Individuals, that is, you, me, us - the people - we donate with money we have received in return for our labours, and give (free of any attached strings) to local charities we think are doing a good job in helping the Third World peoples, or we send our contributions direct to missionaries in those countries, but if I understand the political 'spin' coming from leading politicians "we the people," that is you, me, us; we are being conned once more. Taxpaying Australians - and with the hated GST that is all of us now - need to ask their politicians to give them a straight answer to the following question:
"When the "G8 Governments" talk of "forgiving" Third World debt, does this mean it is the nations' taxes that will be used to pay the banks for the debts of the Third World governments?"

But let's go on with the Mothers' Union
· People living in poverty deserve the loans, …taxpayers in the global north deserve the loans, aid and debt relief that they finance to reach the very poorest people in developing countries.
Taxpayers in Australia have no say over the Foreign Aid payments made by 'our' governments. The Mothers' Union, I understand, arises from within the Church of England and does a marvellous work among those less able to help themselves. But haven't they got their wires a little crossed?

Practical Christianity requires that man's systems and institutions be directed towards serving God's purpose for man, which traditional Christian belief accepted as freedom for the individual. He was to have the right to choose or refuse one thing at a time and it was the responsibility of Government to ensure his rights (his right to life, liberty and property and possession of same) were safeguarded.

Article of Religion No.38 in the "Book of Common Prayer" reads: Of Christian Men's Goods Which Are Not Common:
"The Riches and Goods of Christians are not common as touching the right, title and possession of same, as certain Anabaptists do falsely boast. Notwithstanding, every man ought, of such things as he possesseth, liberally to give alms to the poor, according to his ability." (Alms: meaning, voluntary contributions to aid the poor.)

The Anabaptists taught a form of communism, of collectivism. Many branches of the Church have religious orders which were/are founded on a form of 'communism', but the first principle of association is that of agreement, of consent, and usually an oath of poverty is taken upon entering the order. That type of 'communism' is not the Marxist/Soviet type which permeated Christian thinking in the 20th century.
An Anglican may have a moral responsibility to "give alms to the poor" but it is not a political or legal must. In British-Christian history the fundamental principle of consent to the taxes exacted and the purposes for which they were levied was once clearly understood - and fought for!

A number of years ago I had an argument with a Liberal senator who thought it was only right that "Australia's Christians" should 'give' Foreign Aid through their taxes. When I suggested that if he chose to do so (out of his own pocket) that was okay, it was his own money he was deciding on, but I wanted Foreign Aid stopped! He was aghast at my request and thought that was so 'unchristian'!
I think those who issued the media release for the Mothers' Union are struggling with the same philosophical contradiction. They have much that is good in their statement but much that alarms me.

They want to ensure all parties to the Foreign Aid are accountable and transparent but do not touch upon the origins of the 'credit' issued through the private banking systems.
"…They should also ensure that the World Bank and IMF operate in a fully transparent manner and that their leaders are selected via a democratic process…"
There will need to be more fundamental changes than the transparency of the IMF and World Bank, even if their leaders were "elected by a democratic process"!
Do these ladies really believe we can get "figs from thistles"? The very purpose for which the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund was set up was to act on behalf of a World Government. There is nothing democratic or transparent about these institutions - and never will be under the policies of the present ruling elite.

But back to debt forgiveness. Just when was it we the people, that is you, me, us, were asked if we wanted to be landed with the responsibilities of the Third World debts owed to private banking systems and our taxes used to pay them? The banks created the 'money' out of nothing; it would be so simple for them to cross a few noughts off the debt figures - and it would cost them nothing!


Someone once asked me, "Ever tried knitting spaghetti?" And that is what it feels like as we try to keep a grasp on the truth and at the same time unravel the confusion which surrounds us all.
As the influence of orthodox Christianity waned, and the institutionalised Churches began to decay, the structures proved to be of great advantage to the new order of financiers taking control of the English-speaking peoples through their political, financial, educational and religious institutions.
Money became the measure of all things, with a ruling elite drawn less and less from the 'old establishment' and more and more from the factory (Marxism/Socialism) and the counting house (Finance, Money or Mammon). "Money and intellect" now ruled throughout the institutions and halls of power. (Ivor Benson, "In This Age of Conflict".)

Professor Caroll Quigley wrote of how this came about in his great work, "Tragedy and Hope": Each of the central banks in the different nation states "sought to dominate its government" and to "influence co-operative politicians by subsequent rewards in the business world." A system of money creation and debt, had been incorporated; a corrupting influence on all, including the Church, with implications of infinite complexity.

World Council of Churches Filled the Vacuum
But man is more than a clump of atoms thrown together. Christianity requires that man's political, social and economic activities be directed towards serving God's purpose for Man not towards Mammon's purpose. It was the failure of the supporters of free enterprise to put forward constructive financial policies during the early tumultuous years of the 20th century that turned large numbers to Marxism as the answer. And, bereft of inspiration and guiding principles for the faithful flock, the clergy in the institutionalised Churches turned to the World Council of Churches' Marxism as the answer.
Hence equal opportunity laws, racial and religious vilification laws, higher taxes for the upkeep of the poor, foreign aid, and so on and on till the State has full control.

We are all equal before God. That is not the same thing as all men being 'equal'. (Having no differences in quality). We are not! We are all wonderfully, beautifully different! Why, not even 'identical' twins are exactly the same. But man-made laws were implemented to make sure we were all 'equal'… equally yoked under draconian legislation! These ideas stem from the materialism of Marxism - Man is but a human animal (without spirit) and just as animals can be trained to act in a certain manner 'they' will train us through copious binding legislation and legal and penal sanctions.

Think about it fellow Christians - if man-made laws changed the heart of man there would have been no need for Jesus Christ to save us.

We are not impervious to the suffering in the world
All this does not mean we are impervious to the suffering and oppression of the Third World nations. But we believe there is a better way and it was shown by Clifford Hugh Douglas eighty years ago. In this age of mechanical industry, automation and technology, there is no need for 'full employment' or 'export drives' or export wars leading on to military wars; but a better way must be opened for those not needed in the system to gain access to the bountiful production.


Labor's Kevin Rudd would have attracted readers' attention in The Australian's 6/7/05 article, "Labor's God Squad'. Stung by the Liberals' successful preference deals with the Family First Party at the last federal election, Labor now has a mission to also 'woo' the Pentecostals. We read Kevin Rudd "comes out of a 100-year-old Christian socialist tradition" and will "try to draw Labor and the evangelicals together through a redefinition of that popular catchphrase of the Christian Right: family values."

"What does family values say about whether you have enough bread to put on your table, or fairness in the workplace, as well as the traditional moral concerns?" he asks. Then continues: "We say that while you can fulfil some of your social obligations through individual philanthropy, and that many faith-based initiatives - drug treatment programs, homeless shelters, help for the unemployed - actually work, they can't possibly cover the entire field of human need. Sometimes you need to harness the resources of the state." They cannot conceive of a system other than one which they will control.

Social Crediters ask: Instead of "harnessing the resources of the state" (that is, distribute the goods of the earth through their Socialist bureaucracy) why not do it another way?
The Social Credit NATIONAL DIVIDEND would distribute a share of the available productive abundance to each and every citizen in this great land. Each and every Australian's freedom to choose would be more secure. And the interfering, busybody, politicians and bureaucrats would have to "butt out"! Why! They might even have to find something better to do!

The concept of a NATIONAL DIVIDEND is embedded in the Australian League of Rights' following policy:
"To promote financial policies, which will reduce taxation, eliminate debt, and make possible material security for all with greater leisure time for cultural activities."


The Australian published the following letters in response to the "God Squad" article: Labor swaps the soapbox for a pulpit:
"Labor's God Squad" (6/7/05) really takes the cake for sheer effrontery. The prospect of Labor smarming round the newly noticed churchgoing voter is an exercise in classical amnesia. It was the Whitlam appointed Lionel Murphy who introduced the Family Law Act, where de facto is equated with marriage.
The socially destructive Human Rights Bills, the Sex Discrimination Act and Equal Opportunity Bills were high-sounding disguises for the removal of the moral and social values of Christianity - create poverty by encouraging single parenthood and then appoint counselors to by-pass church teachings to form a whole new welfare underclass.
It will require dissimulation on a gigantic scale to re-write this history. However, I am sure it is not beyond Labor's PR skills to do just that. I advise churchgoers to invest in a good supply of long spoons and many, many grains of salt.
Rosemary de Meyrick, Benalla, Vic.

Life Issues
Kevin Rudd is quoted as saying "On those so-called 'life' issues, the Labor Party, like the Liberals, has a conscience vote for individual MPs". Of course, all political parties make similar claims. The obvious, and worrying, corollary to that statement is that, on all other matters before the parliaments of Australia, the members do not necessarily vote according their conscience. This is a matter of serious concern for all thinking voters.
L. Allen Warren, Mansfield, Qld

Oozing insincerity
Costello and Carr should remember that politicians who grandstand at religious gatherings appear to ooze genuine insincerity.
Clive Troy, Beecroft, NSW


Clifford Hugh Douglas wrote
The nature of the remedy is crystal clear; it is to remove the power of manipulating policy through the lure of money, from the hands of international financiers who are completely callous as to the fate of their pawns, and to place this power in sub-divided form in the hands of individuals, to such an extent that...they, in their own persons, are…the gainers.
It is to ensure that co-operation of reasoned assent shall replace co-operation by regimentation in any external interest, however "Utopian," that the principles of Social Credit are offered…

In the structure of an organised society designed to serve the individuals composing it, the process by which such apparently irreconcilable ideas as freedom and control, initiative and discipline, independence and organisation, aristocracy and democracy, can invariably be reconciled - as distinct from compromise - and involves three sets of ideas which have already emerged into human consciousness, and are in fact applied in a haphazard manner in certain directions, albeit with considerable confusion, overlapping and frustration.

The extraction of these three ideas from the welter of muddle, conflict, love, hatred, enthusiasm and despair, which is our present portion, and their synthesis into the potent liberating principle of reconciliation, constitute the liberating of Social Credit to the order in progress.
Further reading is absolutely essential: "Social Dynamics" by Eric Butler; "Releasing Reality," by Eric Butler and "Clifford Hugh Douglas" by Anthony Cooney are good 'beginners'. Send for a list of Social Credit books today.


Mike Steketee, National affairs editor of The Australian 7/7/05 has made my day by his article "Dangers of Sunshine State Nats". Just think, it will take just one Coalition senator to cross the floor in the Senate, and, providing no other minor party senator sides with the Howard government, the switch would produce a tied vote and block government legislation.
Would that be hard to achieve? Not if Queensland's National Party Senator Barnaby Joyce is as good as his words on Telstra.
"Asked whether his first loyalty is to the Queensland Nationals, Joyce's answer is an unvarnished yes," writes Steketee. "Does that mean he feels bound by the decisions of the Queensland party that, among other things, has come out strongly against the sale of Telstra?"
The party rules, he replies, are that federal MPs are to be strongly guided by the party's state conference. "I will be a bit more than strongly guided, which probably differentiates me from some others. I was involved with the Queensland National Party for 10 years and part of the executive."
Joyce is clear on his new role. "The Senate is a States' house. The whole point of the Senate is that you should have allegiance to your State above and beyond other forums. Otherwise, why bother having a bicameral system?" This makes the Howard Government's takeover of state industrial powers a big hurdle for him, together with other strong states righters such as Western Australian Liberal senator David Johnston.
Out with pen and paper encouraging your new Senators to stick to their guns.


Mr. Steve Bracks, MLA, Premier of Victoria, Parliament House, Melbourne. 3000.
Dear Steve,
Can you inform me as to whether you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?
All the 83 years of my life I have attended the Christian Church which has taught me that particular belief is the one central belief on which "hang all the law and the prophets."
What is more, that same Church teaches me that any religion which does not teach that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, either mistakenly or to destroy my belief, is a religion of the anti-Christ, and its fruit will not feed the spiritual needs of its people.
From what I can understand concerning your Racial and Religious Intolerance Bill it is designed to punish me for what I believe, and if I publicly state such to be the case in regard to my Muslim brethren, you will drag me before your court of inquisition and have me thrown into gaol if I refuse to deny my belief.
I want to tell you now I will do my best to publicise within my Church and all other institutions of which I am a member, such as the R.S.L. that this is my belief, and if it is not granted the due recognition Jesus Christ expects of his followers, then our society will not be blessed.
In the event of you dragging me before your court of inquisition I shall call on my Christian Pastor, the Rev'd Bruce Charles, my Bishop, the Right Rev'd Jeffrey Driver, and my Archbishop the Most Very Rev'd Peter Watson, and as many of the members of the Christian congregation I worship with, who care to testify on my behalf. I shall also ask the same of my fellow members of the R.S.L. and their senior officers. In this respect the enclosed letter to David J McLachlan AO, State President of the R.S.L. of Victoria will be of interest to you. I will also call on the former President of the R.S.L. in Victoria Mr. Bruce Ruxton, with whom over many years I shared similar beliefs, to also testify on my behalf. I will of course send to all these faithful believers a copy of this letter. I also believe that five of my close Christian friends who made the supreme sacrifice in W.W.II in defence of Christian civilisation will be endorsing what I am writing to you. Let the battle begin, Yours in His service,
Edward Rock, Cape Paterson, Vic. 3995.


The Fund is now 'charging ahead'! We have reached the figure of $45,035.60, with now less than $15,000 to go. With the filling of the target the next planned major projects will be assured. Thank you one and all for the continuing loyal and generous support.


Well-known speaker Mr. Geoff Muirden will bring folk up-to-date on "The Outcome of 9/11" at a meeting in the Melbourne Book Shop, 145 Russell Street, Melbourne on Friday 15th July, 2005 at 7.00pm.


The dates are: Saturday and Sunday 10th-11th, September, 2005.
It is vital that Australians grasp their constitutional and legal heritage, the foundations upon which their nation was founded. Constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell of Tasmania has kindly consented to conduct a two-day seminar outlining those foundations, and the Christian concepts and history from which they grew. We will shortly issue a flyer with further details. Mark the dates in your diary. Make the effort to attend this stimulating and inspiring occasion.


"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins.
The inside story of how America turned from a respected republic into a feared empire. "Economic hit men," John Perkins writes, "are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder." John Perkins should know - he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S. - from Indonesia to Panama - to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative profits were contracted to the U.S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S. dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks. This extraordinary real-life tale exposes international intrigue, corruption, and little-known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world. Price: $52.95 posted.

"The Church and Farming," by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p, D.D., D.Ph., BA.
Written by Father Denis Fahey this book is particularly important at this time, as the rural sector struggles to survive. Father Fahey brings together the relationship between the spiritual and practical applications of living with and working the soil for the betterment of mankind, in harmony with God's laws. It touches on all aspects of rural life and economics... It cannot be too often repeated how much the work of the land generates physical and moral health, for nothing does more to brace the system than this beneficent contact with nature which proceeds directly from the hand of the Creator. The land is not a betrayer, it is our salvation. An essential back to basics book available from all League Book Services. Price: $17.00 posted.

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