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29 July 2005. Thought for the Week: "...his logic was a little lacking. Would the pure-minded visitors from Bongo-Bongo be hurrying up the hall to read what Adolf Collins has to say? Come to think of it, his logic was more than a little lacking because in the great majority of the Commonwealth countries, freedom of speech and human rights are as rare as cold beer in the Sahara.
Try opening your mouth wide in Ghana. Or Nigeria. Or Malaysia. Or Pakistan. In most such blessed lands you would end up in the clink or be fed to the crocodiles faster than you could say 'wealth' let alone 'Commonwealth'. Only in the United Nations itself could you find a greater group of pirates, killers, swindlers, scroungers and hypocrites.
Instead of being down on their knees giving thanks for the help they get from the West, the Commonwealth folk never cease howling that we've done them wrong..."
"Here We Go Again: Battle Against Censorship", Doug Collins, 1998.


The Solomon Star News, "Political party pledges to tackle poverty", 12 July 2005
by Moffat Mamu
A newly established political party yesterday launched its manifesto, pledging to tackle poverty and other issues affecting youths and grassroots people. Solomon Islands Social Credit Party (SoCred) is headed by former Prime Minister and East Choiseul MP Manasseh Sogavare.
"Today, the majority of Solomon Islanders are standing in solidarity, reaching across borders, with the knowledge that we are living in poverty amidst plenty...For SoCred members to reach across borders is to subvert the financial structures that enslaved us and that must be dismantled for the good of our people," Mr Sogavare said in a statement.
He said Solomon Islands will always be in poverty amidst plenty until we introduced a radical monetary reform in the country for the benefit of everyone.

Launching the manifesto, Mr Sogavare said his party believes in working for the people mostly with the grassroots, youths and unemployed because they make the largest percentage of the population in the country and within the rural sectors. "We believed in principles to help these people. Our decision must be made in a way that best suit the future of the country. Our national framework must be designed in such a way that allows full participation in all sectors to eliminate poverty and boost development," he said.

"Poverty is one of the pressing issues the country needs to address because while we are blessed with resources that can potentially be developed, Solomon Islands is one of the six Pacific islands being named as still living under the poverty line.
Poverty is a crime, which Solomon Islands has the right to fight, Such issues must not fall on to deaf ears because it is a crucial one for the country to tackle in due time," the party leader and president, said. "It doesn't make sense when the country is blessed with the resources worth $20 billion if developed but yet being labeled as a least developed country. There must be policies and strategies the country needs to put in place to tackle these issues."

Yesterday's launching ceremony was preceded by a march that started from Burns Creek in east Honiara and the Borderline area to the Multi-Purpose hall. It attracted several hundreds of people marching together under the theme "Peoples March Against Poverty Amidst Plenty".
Mr Sogavare said the march demonstrated by the members of the party is to show to the people of Solomon Islands what the party is standing for. "What you see here is a culmination of sweat, planning and observation," he said.

Mr Sogavare said the country's 135-year history, which included the 85 years of colonialism and 27 years of independence, has been a trying period for Solomon Islands. Only a few changes in regards to development have taken place, he said.
Email forwarded by Alistair McConnachie, https://www.ProsperityUK.com


What a tangled mess the bleeding hearts and power-hungry elites have made of the western world and what harm they have done to peoples of other nations. The London bombings can't be considered in isolation, and although Blair, Bush and Howard want to lay the blame on Muslim extremists, so far the news reports 'just don't add up' and, in fact, are even contradictory. It may be that the four young men accused of the bombing did carry out the ghastly acts - or it may not be. The dust needs to settle a little yet.
If it was Iraqi Muslim extremists, maybe they are now seeking revenge for what our so-called 'leaders' have done to them in our name.
"What!" I can just hear the 'do-good-to-them whether they want it done to them or not' brigade demanding to know, "What have we done?" What about:
· The former international economic sanctions imposed on both Hussein's Iraq and Afghanistan led to one million dead, including women and children, and countless refugees fleeing the economic sanctions.
· The illegal immigrants reaching our shores are largely the result of western-imposed policies against the countries from which they come.
· What about two wars of aggression against Iraq?
· Local radio reports 25,000 Iraqi civilians have lost their lives since the commencement of the second war against Iraq. But no one really knows the true figure; it was admitted the Iraqi casualties are not counted - just the allied war dead and wounded. Is it that Iraqis are not counted as human beings?

Now it is all coming back to haunt us. The western nations are caught on the horns of their own pathetically unrealistic, politically-correct idealism, and the multicultural and multiracial fantasies.
We could have, as good neighbours, done our very best to support and encourage these peoples to build up their own lands and strengthen their own national sovereignty and not flooded our own lands with people who do not share our beliefs and culture. But no, we had to interfere in their affairs and act as "bully boys" - and fail dismally to grasp the fundamental importance of race and culture.


by Mark Steyn
The following article appeared in The Daily Telegraph 19/7/05.
"It has been sobering this past week watching some of my "woollier" colleagues (in Vicki Woods's self-designation) gradually awake to the realisation that the real suicide bomb is "multiculturalism". Its remorseless tick-tock, suddenly louder than the ethnic drumming at an anti-globalisation demo, drove poor old Boris Johnson into rampaging around this page last Thursday like some demented late-night karaoke one-man Fiddler on the Roof, stamping his feet and bellowing, "Tradition! Tradition!" Boris's plea for more Britishness was heartfelt and valiant, but I'm not sure I'd bet on it.

The London bombers were, to the naked eye, assimilated - they ate fish 'n' chips, played cricket, sported appalling leisurewear. They'd adopted so many trees we couldn't see they lacked the big overarching forest - the essence of identity, of allegiance. As I've said before, you can't assimilate with a nullity - which is what multiculturalism is.
So, if Islamist extremism is the genie you're trying to put back in the bottle, it doesn't help to have smashed the bottle. As the death of the Eurofanatic Ted Heath reminds us, in modern Britain even a "conservative" prime minister thinks nothing of obliterating ancient counties and imposing on the populace fantasy jurisdictions - "Avon", "Clwyd" and (my personal favourite in its evocative neo-Stalinism) "Central Region" - and an alien regulatory regime imported from the failed polities of Europe. The 7/7 murderers are described as "Yorkshiremen", but, of course, there is no Yorkshire: Ted abolished that, too.

Sir Edward's successor, Mr Blair, said on the day of the bombing that terrorists would not be allowed to "change our country or our way of life". Of course not. That's his job - from hunting to Europeanisation. Could you reliably say what aspects of "our way of life" Britain's ruling class, whether pseudo-Labour like Mr Blair or pseudo-Conservative like Sir Ted, wish to preserve? The Notting Hill Carnival? Not enough, alas.
Consider the Bishop of Lichfield, who at Evensong, on the night of the bombings, was at pains to assure his congregants: "Just as the IRA has nothing to do with Christianity, so this kind of terror has nothing to do with any of the world faiths."
It's not so much the explicit fatuousness of the assertion so much as the broader message it conveys: we're the defeatist wimps; bomb us and we'll apologise to you. That's why in Britain the Anglican Church is in a death-spiral and Islam is the fastest-growing religion.
There's no market for a faith that has no faith in itself. And as the Church goes so goes the state: why introduce identity cards for a nation with no identity?"

Cherie - ne Booth - Blair - defends the indefensible
"It was the Prime Minister's wife, you'll recall, who last year won a famous court victory for Shabina Begum, as a result of which schools across the land must now permit students to wear the full "jilbab" - ie, Muslim garb that covers the entire body except the eyes and hands.
Ms Booth hailed this as "a victory for all Muslims who wish to preserve their identity and values despite prejudice and bigotry". It seems almost too banal to observe that such an extreme preservation of Miss Begum's Muslim identity must perforce be at the expense of any British identity."

Miss Begum's Bangladeshi origins
"Nor, incidentally, is Miss Begum "preserving" any identity: she's of Bangladeshi origin, and her adolescent adoption of the jilbab is a symbol of the Arabisation of South Asian (and African and European) Islam that's at the root of so many problems. It's no more part of her inherited identity than my five-year-old dressing up in his head-to-toe Darth Vader costume, to which at a casual glance it's not dissimilar.
Is it "bigoted" to argue that the jilbab is a barrier to acquiring the common culture necessary to any functioning society? Is it "prejudiced" to suggest that in Britain a Muslim woman ought to reach the same sartorial compromise as, say, a female doctor in Bahrain? Apparently so, according to Cherie Booth.

One of the striking features of the post-9/11 world is the minimal degree of separation between the so-called "extremists" and the establishment.
Princess Haifa, wife of the Saudi ambassador to Washington, gives $130,000 to accomplices of the 9/11 terrorists; the head of the group that certifies Muslim chaplains for the US military turns out to be a bagman for terrorists; one of the London bombers gets given a tour of the House of Commons by a Labour MP. The Guardian hires as a "trainee journalist" a member of Hizb ut Tahir, "Britain's most radical Islamic group" (as his own newspaper described them) and in his first column post-7/7 he mocks the idea that anyone could be "shocked" at a group of Yorkshiremen blowing up London: "Second- and third-generation Muslims are without the don't-rock-the-boat attitude that restricted our forefathers. We're much sassier with our opinions, not caring if the boat rocks" - or the bus blows, or the Tube vaporises.
Fellow Guardian employee David Foulkes, who was killed in the Edgware Road blast, would no doubt be heartened to know he'd died for the cause of Muslim "sassiness".

But among all these many examples of the multiculti mainstream ushering the extremists from the dark fringe to the centre of western life, there is surely no more emblematic example than that of Shabina Begum, whose victory over the school dress code was achieved with the professional support of both the wife of the Prime Minister who pledges to defend "our way of life" and of Hizb ut Tahir, a group which (according to the German Interior Minister) "supports violence as a means to realise political goals" such as a worldwide caliphate and (according to the BBC) "urges Muslims to kill Jewish people".
What does an "extremist" have to do to be too extreme for Cherie Booth or the Guardian?

Oh, well. Back to business as usual. In yesterday's Independent, Dave Brown had a cartoon showing Bush and Blair as terrorists boarding the Tube to Baghdad. Ha-ha. The other day in Thailand, where 800 folks have been killed by Islamists since the start of the year, two Laotian farm workers were beheaded. I suppose that's Bush and Blair's fault, too.
I'd like to think my "woolly liberal" colleague Vicki Woods and the woolly sorta-conservative Boris Johnson represent the majority. If they do, you've got a sporting chance. But in the end Cherie Booth and Dave Brown and the Bishop of Lichfield will get you killed. Best of British, old thing."


by James Reed
The excellent magazine Endeavour: Journal of the British Australian Community (P.O. Box 707 South Yarra, Vic. 3141) in its June/July edition reports on some startling crime statistics. In 1964 in England and Wales there were 72,000 burglaries. In 2003/4 there were 402,000. In 1964 there were 3,000 robberies; in 2003/4 there were 101,000. These results are part of a Civitas Study of the rise of crime in Britain which sees the cause as being a lack of shared norms. As Endeavour rightly observes: "Another word for the same thing is multiculturalism," a policy designed to fragment British values."


by James Reed
"Thanks to the blood of the martyrs, a new Islamic revolution has arisen and the Islamic revolution of 1384 (the current Iranian year) will, if God wills, cut off the roots of injustice in the world…. The wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world."
Thus said Iran's ultra-conservative President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad after his recent electoral victory. With Iran's continuing, alleged nuclear programme, it is a hot tip in the opinion of this writer that some form of US military action against Iran, probably short of a full invasion, will occur in the next twelve months. US missile attacks on nuclear facilities is most likely.


by Andrew Ryan and Peter J. White
"Family, Ethny and Humanity in an Age of Mass Migration."
Frank Salter's On Genetic Interests, (Peter Lang, New York 2003) is an important contribution to work attacking globalization, multiracialism and mass coloured immigration. Apart from the work of Kevin MacDonald, Slater is one of the few academics brave enough to take on the one-worlders at a basic theoretical level. Salter is an Australian political scientist who since 1991 has been a researcher at the Max Planck society in Germany.

The themes discussed in Salter's book can be best illustrated by two contrasting quotes. First are the words of J.G. Herder, a German nationalist philosopher who said in 1785: "The family is a product of Nature. The most natural State is, therefore, a state composed of a single people with a single national character… for a people is a natural growth like a family, only spread more widely."
Compare this with the words of Australian demographer Charles Price: "Some people think that a steady replacement of Anglo-Celts by other ethnic groups is highly desirable… Personally (replacement of Anglo-Celts) does not bother me so long as "Australian values" remain."

The liberal-internationalist sentiments of those like Price were behind the undermining of the White Australia Policy and the flooding of Australia with first the Mediterraneans and Eastern Europeans in the post-World War period, and then later Asians, and now Africans. Whilst some defend this open-borders world on philosophical grounds - such as the Jewish philosopher and animal liberationist Peter Singer (The Ethics of Globalization, 2002), Slater sets out a sociobiological view of politics based on a genetic theory of ethnic nepotism. Genetic continuity is an end in itself for all species including humans.

From a biological point of view, the function of an organism is to reproduce and that means ensure the survival of genes. A core concept here is inclusive fitness. Each of your children carry half of your genes and those of a sister, a quarter of your genes. It would aid one's inclusive fitness by helping sister bring up three children rather than "selfishly" using all one's wealth on one's own child, if one had only one child. In other words there is a genetic basis to altruism. A patriot dying for a homeland can be seen as aching to ensure the survival of his genes as embodied in relatives at home.

Another core concept in Slater's theory is that of "ethny," "a population sharing common descent," a more precise term than "ethnic group". An ethny is "a named human population with myths of common ancestry, shared historical memories, one or more elements of common culture, a link with homeland and a sense of solidarity among at least some of its members". (p.30) There exists a concentric circle of relatedness from self (and identical twins) to family, clan, ethny and race. Because of inclusive fitness considerations individuals have a larger genetic interest in their ethny than in their families. The genetic distance between the Nordic or Aryan (Salter does not use these terms, preferring "Northern European") and the Mediterranean is great enough to be of biopolitical significance - which of course is a matter of common sense.

Mass migration has led to the situation where humans face each other as genetic competitors. Slater argues at length that the immigration of genetically distant ethnies and races to White countries results in a replacement scenario: "Asymmetric immigration between closely related ethnies replaces native children in the receiving population by a small amount, while immigration from genetically distant populations has large effects." (p.59) He goes on to say: "A decimated, defeated, or impoverished population has a chance to recover if it retains control of its territory. But a large-scale influx of genetically distant immigrants has the potential permanently to reduce the genetic interest of the original population." (p.60)
Salter's book is an important reminder that the core "Australian" or "Western" values which we seek to defend, will disappear if we as a race and people cease to exist as a result of replacement through mass coloured immigration.


from Agence France Presse, 07/17/05-
One of Britain's most senior former diplomats has branded the US invasion of Iraq "politically illegitimate" in an incendiary new book that the government has moved to block, a British newspaper reported. Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who was British ambassador to the United Nations during the run-up to the 2003 invasion, makes the comments in a book entitled "The Cost of War", excerpts of which were quoted in Sunday's The Observer.
UN negotiations "never rose over the level of awkward diversion for the US administration", he charges in an extract published in the paper. While "honourable decisions" were made to remove former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, the opportunities of the post-conflict period were wasted by "poor policy analysis and narrow-minded execution," he charges.
The Observer claims that the book is being held up by Prime Minister Tony Blair's office and the Foreign Office, which it says have asked Greenstock to strike out a number of passages. Officials are said to have been "deeply shocked" by his candid accounts of talks with Blair and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and of deliberations at the UN Security Council, the paper reports.

Greenstock, who was Blair's special representative to Iraq in the aftermath of the war, has apparently been asked to remove all these sections. "Some people are really surprised that someone like Sir Jeremy has done this," an unidentified source told the paper. "In particular the way he has quoted private conversations with the prime minister."
A Foreign Office spokeswoman said: "Civil service regulations which apply to all members of the diplomatic service require that any retired officials must obtain clearance in respect of any publication in relation to their service.
"Sir Jeremy Greenstock's proposed book is being dealt with under this procedure."


An urgent appeal has been circulated by historical revisionist, Germar Rudolf. In February 2005 the Board of Appeal of the US Immigration Services denied Rudolf leave to apply for permanent residence, although he is married to a US citizen and they have a child. That decision violates US law; but Rudolf needs top quality legal support to successfully oppose it.
He seeks immediate financial support to enable him to fund a legal defence against the efforts of his enemies to have him deported from the USA and imprisoned in Germany.
For those who can and will help Mr. Rudolph, his postal address is:
PO Box 257768, Chicago, IL 60625 USA.

The latest news is Ernst Zundel has been charged with inciting racial hatred, four months after he was deported from Canada to Germany.
German authorities accuse Zundel of decades of anti-Semitic activities, including repeated denials of the Holocaust -- a crime in Germany - in documents and on the Internet. Zundel is "known internationally as a leader of the right-wing scene,'' prosecutors in the southwestern city of Mannheim said Tuesday in a statement listing 14 examples of alleged incitement. It was unclear when he might face a trial, 'which Jewish leaders hope will spread awareness of the Holocaust".
Born in Germany in 1939, Zundel emigrated to Canada in 1958 and lived in Toronto and Montreal until 2001. Canadian officials rejected his attempts to obtain citizenship in 1966 and 1994. He moved to Pigeon Forge, Tenn., until he was deported to Canada in 2003 for alleged immigration violations.
German prosecutors obtained an arrest warrant for Zundel in 2003. Because Zundel's Holocaust-denying website was available in Germany, he is considered to have been spreading his message to Germans.


You wouldn't think the NSW government had the time. Of course, it has the money - yours.
As we mentioned previously, The Australian's Imre Salusinszky has described the NSW government as the nation's most incompetent.
Whether that is so, it is certainly one of the nation's leaders in its rampage to remove all and every indication of one of the pillars of the nation and a central constitutional institution, one above the squalor of politics -our Australian Crown. Last decade they were doing the same to our Flag, but because of the action of patriotic Australians, they have somersaulted on that. Their obsession now is to make the Australian Crown so invisible that the people will forget about it.

The NSW Premier has not even been content with ejecting the Governor from Government House, at considerable additional cost to the taxpayer, and ensuring that the position is reserved only for those who live in inner Sydney. We now have the absolutely pointless removal of the Royal Coat of Arms, which has been displayed in New South Wales from 1788. The practice was that the Governor and the Courts displayed the Royal Coat of Arms, and the politicians the State Coat of Arms.
This was a useful distinction.
But legislation was forced through, in spite of considerable opposition by constiutionalists in Parliament, led by the Rev Fred Nile MLC, David Clark MLC, Anthony Roberts MLA and others.
Well, we have no intention of passively accepting these increasing, unwanted and unapproved doses of creeping republicanism, whether in NSW or any other state, or territory, and whichever level of government is the perpetrator. We are going to record all these instances of creeping republicanism, to name their perpetrators, to estimate the cost of each one and then to publish these on our website and elsewhere -when we think it timely.

The electors will no doubt be interested to know what their representatives have been doing.
So send them in! By post or email.
Head them "CREEPING REPUBLICANISM" Open with a brief summary:
(1) the date and place;
(2) a brief description;
(3) those responsible;
(4) an estimate of the cost, if you have that and where this comes from.
If you want to send details, send them after the summary.
You can go back to past acts of treachery, too! Let's make this as detailed as we can.

Let's embarrass those republican politicians with details of what they get up to and how much of your money they spend!
Well. I suppose with the drought, the transport breakdowns, the failure to provide infrastructure, the problems with law and order, the government has the time, and our money, to engage in these republican antics. This recalls aspects of Orwell's 1984. Take away the people's memory, make them forget their heritage. Then the elites can change society to the way they really want it.
David Flint, Australians For Constitutional Monarchy.
Level 13 189 Kent Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Email: acmhq@norepublic.com.au


We have reached the figure of $47,099.65, which is just so encouraging. We are now nearing the goal. With the filling of the target the next planned major projects will be assured. Thank you one and all for the continuing loyal and generous support.


The dates are: Saturday and Sunday 10th-11th, September, 2005.
It is vital that Australians grasp their constitutional and legal heritage, the foundations upon which their nation was founded. Constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell of Tasmania has kindly consented to conduct a two-day seminar outlining those foundations, and the Christian concepts and history from which they grew. We will shortly issue a flyer with further details. Mark the dates in your diary. Make the effort to attend this stimulating and inspiring occasion.


Hasco has launched a great "message-card campaign" against the sale of Telstra. The theme is "Save Telstra Sell John!" with the following message: "A government which persistently and deliberately defies the considered will of the people on a single issue destroys the democracy which gave it office in the first place."
The cards are aimed at all sections of the community (appealing to them to join in the battle) - Radio, TV, business leaders, community organizations, your political representative - the receiver limited only by your imagination. Send for your supply, with cheque/money order to: Hasco, Box 642, Nanango, Qld. 4615. Prices range from 10 for $4, 20 for $6, 50 for $12 and 100 for $17 and prices include postage.


"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins: The inside story of how America turned from a respected republic into a feared empire.
"Economic hit men," John Perkins writes, "are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder." John Perkins should know - he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S. - from Indonesia to Panama - to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative profits were contracted to the U.S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S. dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks. This extraordinary real-life tale exposes international intrigue, corruption, and little-known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world. Price: $52.95 posted.

"The Church and Farming," by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p, D.D., D.Ph., BA.
Written by Father Denis Fahey this book is particularly important at this time, as the rural sector struggles to survive. Father Fahey brings together the relationship between the spiritual and practical applications of living with and working the soil for the betterment of mankind, in harmony with God's laws. It touches on all aspects of rural life and economics... It cannot be too often repeated how much the work of the land generates physical and moral health, for nothing does more to brace the system than this beneficent contact with nature which proceeds directly from the hand of the Creator. The land is not a betrayer, it is our salvation. An essential back to basics book available from all League Book Services. Price: $17.00 posted.

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