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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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5 August 2005. Thought for the Week: O God of earth and altar, bow down and hear our cry; our earthly rulers falter, our people drift and die. The walls of gold entomb us, the swords of scorn divide. Take not Thy thunder from us, but take away our pride.
From all that terror teaches, from lies of tongue and pen. From all the easy speeches that comfort cruel men, from sale and profanation of honour and the sword. From sleep and from damnation, deliver us good Lord.
Tie in a living tether, the prince and priest and thrall, bind all our lives together, smite us and save us all. In ire and exultation, aflame with faith, and free; lift up a living nation, a single sword to Thee.
Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1874-1936.


by Edward Rock
Watching the "Australian Story' recently on ABC - TV just added to the depression of realising that the transformation of Australia from a Christian country to one corrupted by power is almost complete. Colonel Collins was pursuing the only course an Australian patriot can pursue. He put Australia's interests first and incurred the wrath of the Jakarta lobby implementing the Howard policy of world centralism; a policy which begins and ends in the corruption of power. I have correspondence on file from John Howard going back to 1981, charting the course he has travelled from decentralised responsible government, to a continuation of replicas charted by Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao tse Tung, and other political despots. When power is centralised, even with saintly intentions it results in corrupt, degenerate and violent government. The Christian position, as follows, cannot be compromised:
· Social and international violence is the fruit of political violence.
· Political violence results from the breakdown of Christian authority.
· Christian authority can only be exercised in a climate of decentralised power.
· The Law of Love, Love of neighbour, and decentralised power are inseparable.

To reiterate. The social and political violence we are witnessing today results from centralised political, economic and financial power. Lieut. Colonel Collins, Paul Toohey and the officer who committed suicide were the victims of the pursuit of centralised world power by John Howard and the coalition parties. Whether John Howard and the coalition are the pawns of the powerful bureaucracy remains a moot point. If the present government was replaced by a coalition of political Christian saints, unless they implemented the points listed above, the present policy would continue, and in no time the saints would become sinners.

A letter I received from John Howard on 24th April, 1995 contained the following: "As a practicing Christian my beliefs do have a real and practical influence on my approach to politics and particular policy issues." I immediately responded putting the case for his incoming government (it was patently clear the days of Paul Keating were numbered) to reverse previous coalition failures to restore decentralised government in Australia and reclaim Australia's national sovereignty sold out by the misuse of the Foreign Affairs clause in the Constitution. John Howard's reply amazed me. He said to follow that course of action would constitute "a return to parochialism."

He made it clear then, and has followed the course, without deviating, that would take Australia into the world global state in which worship of the beast of Revelation displaces worship of God. Ever since, Australia has become a player in world violence, and Australian Defence Forces have been used as mercenaries towards that end. It was this policy which Colonel Collins and his fellow Australian patriots reacted against, even if they did not see it in the terms I have used. John Howard almost daily affirms he cannot guarantee Australia's immunity from similar acts of terrorism and violence, such as was experienced in London 7.7.05. Precisely. He has provoked those now reacting against the political and physical violence of the centralised world-state, endangering Australia as no other Prime Minister in our history has done. The time will come when his name will be reviled in our nation, yet he had the potential and the opportunity to take the opposite initiative which would have cast Australia in the role of restoring Christian leadership in the world.

In conversations with fellow returned men at reunions, Anzac Day marches etc, the role of our present Defence Forces reduced from defenders of Christian civilisation to mercenaries serving a world dicatorship is a matter of great concern. The pattern of betrayal is becoming clearer every day, and if it is any consolation to Colonel Collins and Paul Toohey, their contribution will clarify the thinking of many more concerned Australians. There is nothing so repulsive as the betrayal of a people and a nation by those of their own kind.

It may take many years for the full truth to seep through, but history will record the governments of the coalition parties since W.W.2 as the most treacherous in our history. There was a time I looked on some within the Liberal Party who may react against the betrayal of our national sovereignty, but it now appears the power that corrupts absolutely is so powerful as to make that hope unrealisable. It appears we have to descend into the depths of a new dark age in which the Christian Australia I knew as a youth is sacrificed on the altar of political treachery and the violence that flows from it.


by James Reed
This writer continues to be impressed with the work of Professor Andrew Fraser. On the internet is a paper "Monarchs and Miracles: Australia's Need for a Patriot King". He argues that defenders of the Monarchy failed to drive a stake through the heart of the vampire, republicanism. Republicans immediately regrouped.
The stakes are high: "The fate of what used to be called the British race may very well hang on the outcome of this constitutional battle". Fraser has said:
"Unless and until the British Monarchy, understood and accepted as such, captures the hearts and minds of the Australian people, it will be living on borrowed time. Our rulers no longer conceive Australia as a country, the homeland of a particular people sharing a language, a religion, and their own distinctive folkways. Instead, Australia has been reduced to an economy, open to the free flow of capital, technology, and labour in a global system of production, distribution and exchange.
Swamped by "the rising tide of colour" washing in from every overcrowded corner of the Third World, the old Australian dream of a new Britannia in the Southern Ocean is now little more than a faded memory. Only a miracle can save us now. Australia desperately needs a Patriot King to spark new life into the ancient British constitution, rekindling the ancestral spirit of Anglo-Saxon liberty in an ever more rootless, deracinated, and fragmented population".
Food for thought, indeed. The full essay is at http://theoccidentalquarterly.com/vol5no11af-monarchs.html


by James Reed
We have heard much about the children held in detention in Australia whose parents are illegal aliens - or as the liberal-left intelligentsia incorrectly calls the "refugees". We are told by the new class intellectuals to feel "guilty" about the plight of these aliens. These are people who are willing to sew up the lips of their children to be able to stay in this country. Have you ever pricked your lip? It hurts, doesn't it? What about sewing up your lips? Isn't that a criminal offence? I am not a lawyer but I think that in most states of Australia there are especially severe forms of assault - malicious woundings - which involve the drawing of blood. Penalties are very severe. I don't recall the lip-sewing parents being prosecuted for malicious wounding or even child abuse or the liberal-left waxing lyrical about the parents violating their children's "human rights".

We haven't heard much about the treatment of Palestinian children held in detention by Israeli authorities. A recent book by Catherine Cook, Adam Hanieh and Adah Kay entitled: Stolen Youth: The Politics of Israel's detention of Palestinian Children published in 2004 by Pluto Press attempts to correct the lack of treatment of this issue by the mainstream pro-Zionist press.

The authors were staff members or volunteers with the human rights organisation Children International/Palestine section. This is a thoroughly researched book by people who have first hand experience of the human rights abuses committed by Israel against Palestinian children. The first paragraph of text describes a beating which Isma'il Sabatin received while blindfolded - first being beaten with a piece of plastic pipe and then being left "hanging in the air, with my handcuffed hands holding onto the pipe and the weight of my body, hanging in the air, drawing my hands downwards". (p.3) Beating combined with the application of alternately very hot and icy-cold water are common methods of child torture the authors say. One child even died of gunshot wounds while being held in detention. Presumably he did not receive any medical attention after being shot be Israeli soldiers.(p.5)

The Israeli Prison Service also has a policy of locking some Palestinian children up with Israeli juvenile prisoners. The Palestinian children are exposed to serious violations such as rape and physical abuse "in which the prison authorities typically refuse to intervene". (p.6) The authors have no difficulty in showing in chapter 4 of the book, that this child torture violates a wide array of international human rights laws. The authors also detail some interesting discriminatory judgements in Israeli law. A stone-throwing child received ten months in a military prison, and a fine of 3,000 NIS (about US $690). A Jewish Rabbi who started firing his gun in Hebron Centre killing one Palestinian and wounding another served only three of a five-month sentence. This book is recommended reading on a neglected aspect of Zionism.


Israel sold US military technology to China, including Harpy Killer unmanned attack drones designed to destroy radar systems. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom publicly apologized to the US saying, "If things were done that were not acceptable to the Americans then we are sorry but these things were done with the utmost innocence".
So selling weapons for profit is "innocence"? I would have to see what "guilt" was.


by James Reed
It has been reported for the Daily Telegraph (www.news.com.au) that at least 56 New South Wales police officers are facing the sack for committing crimes ranging from making up evidence, break and enter to rape. The newspaper reported that 62 officers were due to appear in court on 182 charges. Twenty officers were in uniform at the time of allegedly committing their crimes. There have been numerous violent assaults with four attacks against fellow police officers.
A decade ago the Wood royal commission into Police Corruption went some way to eliminating some of the scum that gave a bad name to an otherwise brave and dedicated police force. It seems that it is time for another such Royal Commission.


by James Reed
Recently I saw Health Minister Tony Abbott on television saying that if an avian flu pandemic hits Australia, it will last for about six months and around 18,000 people will die. Abbott said that there was only enough anti-viral medicine (not apparently a vaccine) to threat health care workers for only four months. The highly respected scientific journal Nature in May also dealt with this issue, saying that a vaccine is some way off and that supplies of the influenza drug oseltamivir (brand name Tamiflun) are in short supply. Again, this source says that health care workers will be given priority for the drug in the case of a pandemic.
Readers should not panic. Even elderly people could improve their chances of survival of a flu pandemic by the sensible common sense precaution of keeping oneself healthy. The League has many books to offer on the subject of improving one's immune system response through vitamins, minerals, accessory nutrients, antioxidants and so forth, and bookshops are full of informative health books.
This is not a provision of medical advice, but rather of common sense. Flu's typically harm people who are ill and whose immune systems are otherwise compromised. So, as far as possible take all practical measures to improve your health.
Human beings have survived worse than avian flu and if this bug does hit us, let it be damned if a silly bird bug is going to put us down! The human will to survive is greater than any high tech medicine.


In a clear message to the National Party Annual Conferences of S.A. and Qld., held 21st-24th July, 2005, Port Lincoln's Mayor Peter Davis, called on "the only political Party representing rural Australia to stand up and defend country people from poor Telstra services in the bush."
Peter also reported that at Elliston, South Australia (7/6/05) Senator Helen Coonan met Mr. Creagh McGlasson owner of www.eyreonline.com, a small Internet Service Provider, based at Lock, S.A.

The following is a summary of the matters Creagh McGlasson raised with Senator Coonan, giving specific examples of Telstra's:
· Poor infrastructure and state of decay and disrepair in country areas.
· Unacceptable lack of performance for country people.

In the Lock area of South Australia, and on Eyre Peninsula as a whole, Telstra's LAND LINE infrastructure, stretching for hundreds of kilometres, is in poor condition, even laying on top of the ground surface, unburied, some for 30 years. Mobile services are also unsatisfactory. As for isolated communities and businesses using email and internet services, speeds of less than 20 kbps are neither satisfactory nor fair.
Telstra's CEO suggests Rural Councils Should Do Telstra's Job For Them:
The suggestion by Telstra's C.EO. Mr. Trujillo, that Rural Councils should subsidise the profitability of Telstra by sharing the construction costs of towers and equipment is totally rejected.

Telstra delivers revenues to the Federal Government in excess of $10 millions - DAILY.
In addition, Telstra has flagged it will return some $1.5 Billions ANNUALLY to PRIVATE shareholders, over and above its current dividend stream for the next couple of years.
Telstra is awash with cash yet refuses to install equipment in regions less profitable than metropolitan centres.
All this jockeying for technology space in funding and development, is disgracefully letting Telstra off the hook rather than responsibly providing reliable and working terrestrial phone services.

I have at least 200 clients that DO NOT have a reliable enough phone service for internet access, are not in a mobile-phone range, and are outraged at having to spend $90/mth, or more, for Satellite Internet Service, when City/Urban subscribers get ADSL for $29.95/mth.
The ADSL broadband services signal rapidly being installed in Urban, City and larger country exchanges, will only travel for 3-4kms of GOOD cable length, is not satisfactory in most country areas. ISDN services that are a very satisfactory "midband" internet speed service, greatly improved voice service, and travels up to 20kms, is being denied in many areas because of the decaying copper cable infrastructure.
ISDN is comparatively priced to ADSL services, similarly priced to standard telephone services, something that all expect under the Universal Service Obligation Telstra is obliged to operate under.

For those still needing to rely on copper terrestrial services, ISDN is very efficient, but they find Telstra most unwilling to improve and/or provide for this service where Land Lines are suspect and Telstra funds are required for upgrading and/or repair.
These faster internet speeds are required to accommodate the Voice Over Internet Protocol, (VOIP) telephone services. Charges for these types of phone calls are vastly cheaper than standard STD calls; such as being totally untimed, with a flat rate as low as 10c per call to interstate or anywhere.

Ninety per cent of country folks' phone calls are STD. So they are in a catch 22 situation and it is unjust for country citizens.
I really meant what I said at the meeting with Senator Coonan.
Hundreds of kms of cable and infrastructure, exposed to the elements, not even buried, are along roadsides and across paddocks in a state of disrepair and decay. Telstra is not interested in replacing and/or improving them and is being let off the hook of its NATIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES, by users having to pay dearly for alternative satellite or wireless services.

I am finding it very hard to support all the claims being made about wireless, mobile and faster digital services in the pipeline (for those in range, and alongside newer infrastructure).
As one very much involved in the communications industry, who understands and develops this type of technology, AND WORKING AT THE COALFACE, I am asked by many - not only clients of ours - for advice. Whether it is for them and whether it does work as reliably as claimed.
I have to work and attempt to provide for Eyre Peninsula residents who will never achieve the touted performance expectations with the current infrastructure and affordable technology.

I spend a lot of funds providing the necessary technology to enable many internet users in the less favoured areas to achieve connections at rates as low as 19.9kbs or even lower, just so they can function with necessary internet connections.
For many telephone subscribers, when first taking up internet activity, connection performance is dismal. Despite many appeals for Telstra to repair/correct the lines for an acceptable 50kbs-odd performance, Telstra continues to hide behind the antiquated Universal Service Obligation, of 19.9kbs. Many users have been forced to apply for ISDN upgrades at up to $190 each, just to have repair work attempted, in order to gain access to the ISDN service, and have acceptable phone and internet services.
It is all a very poor scenario, just for the privilege of living in the country. I invite comment.

For this fundamental reason of fair service provision to ALL AUSTRALIANS now and into the future Pt. Lincoln Mayor Davis asks Dinkum Australian National Party Senators to BLOCK the sale of Telstra in the Senate.

Stop Press
South Australian National Party branch has voted against sale of Telstra!

Stop Press
Did you hear the announcement this AM re Telstra claiming they CANNOT afford to continue to provide services to the bush. They claim it is in excess of $300m p/a, with government providing only $150m of that in subsidy.
Go back and read again just what Telstra is raking in, in profits each day.


Don't forget Hasco has launched a great "message-card campaign" against the sale of Telstra. The theme is "Save Telstra Sell John!" with the following message:
"A government which persistently and deliberately defies the considered will of the people on a single issue destroys the democracy which gave it office in the first place."
The cards are aimed at all sections of the community (appealing to them to join in the battle) - Radio, TV, business leaders, community organizations, your political representative - the receiver limited only by your imagination. Send for your supply, with cheque/money order to: Hasco, Box 642, Nanango, Qld. 4615. Prices range from 10 for $4, 20 for $6, 50 for $12 and 100 for $17 and prices include postage.


The following letter was sent in reply to three queries Mr. Tom Dolling of Pt Lincoln, S.A asked John Anderson, at the time he was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services and Leader of the Nationals.
Is this why John Anderson resigned as Deputy PM? Was the world of 'double- speak' gobbledygook; i.e., incomprehensible or pompous jargon of so-called specialists, just too much even for him?

Dear Mr Dolling, 9th June 2005.
Thank you for your letter of 25 May 2005 to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Transport and Regional Services, the Hon John Anderson MP, concerning taxation and financing. Mr Anderson has asked me to reply on his behalf.
The ideas that banks create money out of nothing, a debit tax, and that the Reserve Bank creates "debt free" money have all been comprehensively rejected by responsible economists over a long period of years. The plain fact is that money is only a medium of exchange, has no intrinsic value: it can only represent the value of an asset, good or service.
While it is true that the number of Australian farmers has fallen over the years, this has nothing to do with the financial system. The main driver has been increasing productivity brought about largely by technological developments in farm machinery and in animal husbandry, and more efficient farm management practices.
Thank you for writing to the Minister on this matter.
Yours sincerely, David Kelly, Senior Adviser Policy.

Poor Lamb. Such a confused state of mind. Let's take just a few of his statements.

Dismissing the very notion that "Banks create money out of nothing," he states "money has no intrinsic value".
Intrinsic: meaning, "belonging to a thing by its very nature", such as "belonging solely to the organ or body parts on which it acts". A similar word is: inbuilt.
If it has no intrinsic value (no inbuilt value within itself) then maybe Mr. Kelly could explain to the ignorant plebs that we are, why banks charge such high prices for their 'intrinsically valueless' money?
He does his best, in his befuddled state of mind, to explain: "The plain fact is that money is only a medium of exchange, and has no intrinsic value…"
Medium: a means or instrumentality for communicating. A means?
· Something like a violin that communicates pleasing sounds to us - little notes which like each other, as was once suggested to me - through our sense of hearing?
· Or letters/words on the pages of books communicating a message, a lesson, or a story to us through the means of a language?
· Or numbers, figures? The means used by the nation's accounting systems - Treasury, Banks, Financial Institutions, Commercial Institutions, etc., etc?

Does Mr. Kelly mean a money system is simply a means by which human beings deal with real things?
If so, that is what Clifford Hugh Douglas insisted upon nearly one hundred years ago! And he was howled down by Mr. Kelly's "responsible economists" for doing so.
Why? Because people would begin to grasp the truth that they were being continually subjected to a form of black magic instilled into their minds by the economist/financial 'witch doctors'. They must continue to believe that 'money' is a commodity and an expensive one at that, and the banks have to recoup their costs for supplying this expensive commodity.

The day will come when most people will grasp the truth they have been sold an illusion, an abstraction. While Douglas referred to the black magic of the moneylenders as an abstraction, I think the word theologians use would also be appropriate - the word is idolatry. And the idol is Mammon.
As for the claim farmers are declining because they are too efficient, practice better farm and management and therefore too productive! Words just about fail me. I do hope our farmers don't let him get away with that.
If he had said that because of greater efficiency through better farming practices and more advanced technologically, etc., farmers were producing more - but with overheads continually rising, and lower prices, they were getting less and less in financial returns for their production, he would be nearer the truth.

Isn't it time Australians looked at why the financial system doesn't reflect or represent the truth of our abundance and why we the people, that is you, me, us, are not enjoying the fruits of it?
C.H. Douglas wrote: There are certain principles to follow to overcome this financial bottleneck. The financial system must provide a reflection of the physical facts of the producing, distributing and consuming systems - which the existing system signally fails to do.


We are well and truly in the home stretch - thank you one and all. The figure now stands at $48, 923: 65. The Annual Appeal closes at the end of August. Now is the time to make that contribution you were planning to make and help fill the target of $60,000.


Decide now to join us for a two-day 'school' on "The Spirit of Australia's Constitution and History". Dr. David Mitchell, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D. has graciously consented to present this two-day seminar outlining the foundations of our Constitution and History.
The dates are: Saturday and Sunday 10th-11th, September, 2005, and the venue is The Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide.

The Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner will be held on Saturday evening, 10th September, 2005.


Now is the time to mark in your diaries the dates for the National Weekend's "New Times Dinner", Seminar and Divine Service and Conference. Mr. Paul Fromm from Canada will be one of the guest speakers. Dates are: New Times Dinner: Friday, 7th October. Seminar: Saturday, 8th October and Divine Service and Conference: Sunday, 9th October, 2005.


"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man," by John Perkins:
The inside story of how America turned from a respected republic into a feared empire. "Economic hit men," John Perkins writes, "are highly paid professionals who cheat countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex and murder." John Perkins should know - he was an economic hit man. His job was to convince countries that are strategically important to the U.S. - from Indonesia to Panama - to accept enormous loans for infrastructure development, and to make sure that the lucrative profits were contracted to the U.S. corporations. Saddled with huge debts these countries came under the control of the United States government, World Bank and other U.S. dominated aid agencies that acted like loan sharks. This extraordinary real-life tale exposes international intrigue, corruption, and little-known government and corporate activities that have dire consequences for American democracy and the world. Price: $52.95 posted.

"The Church and Farming," by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.S.S.p, D.D., D.Ph., BA.
Written by Father Denis Fahey this book is particularly important at this time, as the rural sector struggles to survive. Father Fahey brings together the relationship between the spiritual and practical applications of living with and working the soil for the betterment of mankind, in harmony with God's laws. It touches on all aspects of rural life and economics... It cannot be too often repeated how much the work of the land generates physical and moral health, for nothing does more to brace the system than this beneficent contact with nature which proceeds directly from the hand of the Creator. The land is not a betrayer, it is our salvation. An essential back to basics book available from all League Book Services. Price: $17.00 posted.

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