Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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19 August 2005. Thought for the Week: Last Sunday a visitor at a church service at Dunbarton Chapel at Howard University put it to the American empire with eloquence and grace. The occasion was Jamaica's 43rd Independence Day and the sermon was delivered by the Lord Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, the Right Rev. Dr. Alfred C. Reid. Among his eloquent comments as he reflected back on the days of official slavery and colonialism: "Globlisation is a new name for an old obscenity". "We have seen hegemonic powers come and go. And I emphasize GO."
"A holy nation is one where blood is more valuable than oil..." "The measure of a man's greatness is not the number of servants he has but the number of people he serves." "...false gods of materialism, hedonism, and power."
One simply doesn't hear such stark truths at the official largely white pulpits of Washington including the National Cathedral on Wisconsin Avenue and the National Shrine at Catholic University., 11th August 2005.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The July-August 2005 edition of Quadrant contains an interesting article by I.D.F. Callinan, Justice of the High Court of Australia, on International Law and Australian Sovereignty. The article was originally delivered as the Sir John Latham Memorial Lecture at the "Quadrant Dinner" 3rd May in Sydney this year.
Callinan pointed out that the external affairs power, Section 51: xxix of the Commonwealth Constitution has been broadly read by the High Court, a Court which is more readily influenced by international instruments than the US Supreme Court.
Callinan indicates that he is sceptical of this legal trend: "Globalisation, as they call it, is not a licence for the dismantling of national sovereignty or democracy." Further, not all "international" concerns are "external" in the constitutional sense: "The fact that throughout the world people in different countries may have some, doubtless many, of the same aspirations does not mean that those aspirations are converted into matters of international concern to provide a foothold for internal legislation directed towards the control of Australians, of their conduct, and of Australian assets".
Interestingly enough Callinan mentions that in the infamous Tasmanian Dams case, where an international convention was used by the Commonwealth to prevent the building of the Franklin River Dam, an argument was advanced by Tasmania that the listing led to the State losing valuable property rights, contrary to the just compensation Section 51 (xxxi) of the Constitution. The argument was rejected by the High Court.
Callinan has said judicially in Smith v ANL Limited (2001) that the Commonwealth did acquire valuable property. If the approach of those judges was accepted "private citizens, under the external affairs power" could have their rights to private property "sterilised" "and you might not get a brass razoo for it".
Callinan is also concerned that there has been an erosion of the principle that conventions would only be law if enacted law by the parliament. The Teoh case involved the deportation of a convicted drug dealer, who had three children in Australia. Teoh challenged the deportation order under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which had been ratified. The High Court held that although the provisions of an international treaty do not form part of Australian law unless enacted as such, still the ratification gave rise to a "legitimate expectation" that the Minister should still abide by the treaty/convention. Callinan says that this doctrine needs reconsideration. That is putting it mildly.
In summary then, Callianan is one of the better judges of the present High Court. His opinions are usually sound and tempered by conservative wisdom, in contrast to the free-wheeling radicalism of Justice Michael Kirby.


by James Reed
A recent article in New Scientist magazine 7 May, 2005 by Anna Gosline was entitled "Where Will They Go When the Sea Rises?" The subheading said it all: "Rich nations might think twice about wrecking the planet if they had to take more environment exiles".
The article featured the thought of Sujatha Byravan and Sudhar Chella Rajon, who argued within the pages of the highly respected science journal Nature (24/3/05) that refugees should be taken in proportion to emissions.
Thus the US and Australia get the most, developing countries, exempt under the Kyoto Treaty apparently get none. In an on-line article at the Common Dreams News Centre ( reporting on the International Herald Tribune (11/5/05) article, Bryavan and Rajan have included China and India into the list of the top greenhouse emitting nations to receive - wait for it - up to 2000 million environmental refugees by 2080.
There is no mention by these journals of the fact that the developed West through industry and technology allowed the massive populations of the Third World to reach the levels that they have today. Pollution has been the result not of the sole accumulation of the idle riches - although that has occurred to an extent - but because an advanced civilisation has been created which ennobles such academics to have the time to engage in their moralising. The subtext of the New Scientist article is the naïve environmentalist complaint that rich nations have "wrecked" the planet merely to selfishly accumulate riches. This philosophy of Western guilt ignores the fact that the very clothes which most of these refugees have on their backs are the products of Western technology and culture. A culture which now must be swamped in a 21st century version of "The Camp of the Saints". This we must resist!


by Betty Luks
These days my cynicism of politicians knows no bounds. Sifting through material from the United Australia party (UAP) ( and copies of theirs and others correspondence with politicians throughout the land, it begins to dawn on one, that maybe, just maybe, the motivating force behind the push to flog off the rest of Telstra is their own unfunded pensions claims.
Referred to in the material as The Canberra Group (the numerous civil servants, politicians, and in part, members of the judiciary) this class shares a general structure of pay rises, promotions and pensions and has its own permanent structure of reviews, increases, adjustments and accounting records.
All very cosy. No worries here of prices going up and incomes coming down. This group lives off the fat of the land that you the farmer, the small business man, the builder, the baker, etc., etc., provide for them. They even receive a three-monthly advice slip showing the amounts of their accumulative benefits, which on paper, must appear quite impressive. But just like Mother Hubbard when she went to the cupboard, they have discovered there is nothing there, other than these 'promises to pay'.
The UAP explains: "All appears quite correct and in accordance with prior representations until one comes to the Report of the Auditor General which notes that there is an unfunded amount in the pension entitlements of $91 billion!
"Put in simple language there is nothing there" and the means "to pay these pensions is absent, except, of course, for the promise."
The Future Fund:
What would self-funded retirees have to say to this Group as they struggle to live on their present retirement funds - fast losing purchasing-power because of government charges, monetary inflation and poor returns on the stock market, etc., etc.
This matter of the 'cupboard being bare' was noted when the unfunded liability of the Public Service Superannuation Scheme was $72 billion, but nothing was done about it, "other than to factor in the annual claims as part of current Government Expenditure, a few billion a year…"
Over-burdened taxpayers please take note: If the UAP have got it right, from "this Labor/Liberal debacle of 'empty promises' has arisen the Future Fund to be funded from Government (unstated) surpluses."
Are you beginning to get the picture?
With a gaping empty hole of $91 billion in their pension funds, and the projected price for the sale of Telstra being $32 billion, the Future Fund would receive a welcome down-payment of $32 billion - if they can flog off Telstra.
The Australian people know full well what it is like to be given empty promises. They have received them from politicians for so long that most Australians regard them with the greatest of distrust. Looks like 'they' might be getting some of their own medicine back.
Further, the UAP informs its readers the Annual Report of the Commonwealth Bank shows "20 shareholders own 40%" of the bank.
Don't let them do to Telstra what they did to the Commonwealth Bank!


"Mathematics are the tools of the trade for the engineer and the mathematics Douglas would be introduced to at Cambridge would be the New (circa 1880) Mathematics of Boolean Algebra, essential in the designing of switching circuits and the logic-circuits and "gates" of computers. The effect of the New Mathematics however went beyond technology. There are still extant three-dimensional models constructed in the 1880's to illustrate Boolean concepts. They are remarkably like Modernist sculpture, such as that of Henry Moore. The concepts made possible by Boolean Algebra have influenced not only the plastic arts, the shifted perspective and multiple images of Modernist painting for example, but also the new syntax of post-Poundian poetry which brings a multiplicity of Idea Sets into instant relationship.
Modernism is the style of a changed perception of the space-time continuum made possible by the New Mathematics. The Douglas insight of price as a ratio between production and consumption, subject to a rate of flow, and of society as a set of dynamic relationships centred upon the person - is a "glimpse of a portion of reality" and is part of that whole ferment of energy and ideas which we call "Modernism."
In contrast, the Old Economics and the Old Sociology are static, postulating abstractions of "Value" and "Society," epitomized in their idee-fixes, the gold standard (even if it be only "paper gold") and the "Comprehensive Plan." Much of the difficulty which the Old Economists have in comprehending Social Credit lies in their mind-set. Like the Ptolmaic astronomers of old they are still trying to solve algebraic problems by arithmetic. As a result they insist upon the equivalent in economics of the notion that the sun and the planets circle the earth." Taken from Anthony Cooney's "Clifford Hugh Douglas", 1996


The following is a report from Lady Michele Renouf, the courageous British investigative journalist, lecturer, model and arts patron who visited political prisoner Ernst Zundel in Mannheim prison recently.
"I am glad to deliver the greetings sent to you from Ernst Zundel whom I had the honour of visiting yesterday (Thursday 28th July) in Mannheim Prison.
He looked very well (due, he says, to an hour's walk daily in the sunlit yard) though he regretted the seeming effect upon his memory of an unhealthful withdrawal of his herbal medicines these past three years as part of his punishing kidnap and incarceration. Still, he was of good cheer, even high spirits - not least in the knowledge that his dishonest accusers rate (and berate) his real history investigations so substantively!
When I arrived he had just seen his new solicitor and was pleased with the female intuition she brought to the understanding of his position. We were not permitted to discuss his case. However I was able to confirm I had put Adrian Davies (David Irving's Appeals barrister) in touch with Mr Reiger. This is in case Adrian can be of help (as he has offered) once the Zundel Case reaches the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
During the course of an hour's conversation, Mr Zundel impressed on me that he considered himself, essentially, a hostage for the closure of a U.S.A. based website. He is prepared to sit out the five years of further imprisonment hanging over him rather than bargain away its public right-to-know integrity. I am urging those investigative journalists who occasionally get lucky to cover Ernst's fight and plight. It is a matter of defending open debate and practicing media democracy.
A new policy allows him to send and to receive only two letters per day in a five-day week. Ernst asks for his friends to understand his recent limits.
And finally, Mr Zundel expressly wished those who would hurt him by casting unfounded doubts upon his wife's fund-raising integrity, if they would kindly appreciate that he can vouch better than anyone for just how straight, wholesome, without guile, deeply trustworthy, and due great respect is loyal Ingrid Rimland."


To: Senator Bill Heffernan, Parliament House, Canberra. A.C.T. 2000
Dear Senator,
I am 83 years of age and therefore entitled to speak plainly to my juniors, especially those juniors engaged in destroying the Nation I love. I served for 5 ½ years with the 2nd AIF, and lost five close mates who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve Australian sovereignty now being sold out right, left and centre, by a bunch of weak kneed, lily livered, political hacks incapable of the smallest acts of patriotism. I never thought I would live to see the day when Australians, elected to serve their nation, would in exchange for a mess of pottage sell their birthright and the birthright of their fellow Australians for a few lousy dollars.
I write in defence of Barnaby Joyce who has incurred your wrath in the Parliament, who resent that he shows signs of being sick unto death as I am of the treachery of his own kind.
Is there anything more repulsive in life than those of one's own kind who betray their own kind and their own nation in order to preserve a position of power and prestige through which they reap their ill-gotten gains? That is the story of politics in Australia today under John Howard, Kim Beazley and all those who rely on "party solidarity" to sell out Australia.
Obviously I write as an Australian Patriot. To my shame, I joined the Liberal Party in my middle years and worked my guts out to get Neil Brown elected to parliament. It was the worst three years of my life. Symptomatic of it was one occasion in the sixties when in the company of Neil Brown I met your recent Senate mate, Richard Alston, now Australian High Commissioner in London. In blunt terms I recalled to Alston the time when he had moved a motion in the Liberal Party that Rhodesian refugees of his own kind ,whose lives and property had been decimated by the Marxist Mugabe forces, should not be admitted to Australia . As a result of the treachery of Alston, Malcolm Fraser, and his right hand man of the time John Howard, what Mugabe is now doing to Zimbabwe is the prototype of what you and your kind are doing to Australia.
You are decimating the lives, property, hopes and aspirations of your fellow Australians and selling them out to a bunch of international gangsters. You are making my country unfit for my four children and my 13 grandchildren.
In my service to Australia I never forgot I was serving God, King and Country. To me, that Trinity in patriotic mould is a Holy Trinity, which I fight to preserve in the Christian Church I worship in weekly. To maintain that loyalty I must remain true to my conscience, a trait that has been eradicated from the minds of most party politicians.
I hope Barnaby Joyce will never become one of that kind, and will pray daily he will be protected from such evil. Yours in His service, Edward Rock, Cape Patterson, Vic.


by Deaglan de Breadun, Irish Times, 2 August 2005.
Israeli activist Susan Nathan who recently visited Ireland was interviewed by the Irish Times 28 July. On 2 August, the foreign editor of the paper gave permission to post the following article:
The most accurate description of Susan Nathan comes from herself: "What I do is that I live what comes out of my mouth". She is the only Jew among 25,000 Arabs in the northern Israeli town of Tamra and has taken up the cause of the Palestinians who remained inside the borders of Israel after the state was set up in 1948.
Her harshest critics could not say she has chosen a comfortable path. Friends and even some relatives have turned against her, she says, but she is standing by her controversial claim that the Palestinians in Israel are victims of apartheid-style discrimination and mistreatment.
Now she's written a book to tell her story and make her case, The Other Side of Israel: My Journey Across the Jewish-Arab Divide (HarperCollins). The writing style is direct and simple: she wanted "Joe Bloggs on the street" to be able to read it and say, "I didn't understand that it was like that". In person, too, Nathan is direct and to the point. As far as she is concerned, the issue itself is a simple one. Her Jewish co-religionists took the land from the Palestinians, who have been severely oppressed and treated as second-class citizens ever since.
She only came to this conclusion in her 50s, having been an ardent Zionist all her life. It took a long time for the penny to drop but there is now no self-doubt or hesitation.
Nathan says that initially she was "brainwashed and in love with the Zionist narrative". Very few non-Jewish people understood the power of Zionist propaganda. "You are brought up to believe that you are outside of society, that you are forever persecuted, that Israel is your safe haven… It is like being part of a cult". The Zionist claim that Israel exists for the salvation of the Jews in case of another Holocaust was "a very cynical misuse of people's fears and the Holocaust".
She is the daughter of a Harley Street physician. Her father, Samuel Levy, studied in South Africa and then Trinity College Dublin in the late 1920s and early 1930s. "He used to spend Friday night and all Saturday with the family of Chaim Herzog [future president of Israel, whose father was Ireland's chief rabbi]".
The family came from the Baltic region. Fleeing anti-Semitic pogroms, they made their way to Odessa on the Black Sea. Family lore has it that they wanted to go to Hamburg but the ship was full so they had to sail for South Africa instead. "And that's how we escaped the Holocaust".
Born in 1949, she grew up in South Africa and England. She got married, reared a family and got divorced when she was 50. Initially she was an avid supporter of the Israeli state. Having worked as a teacher and HIV/Aids therapist, Nathan decided at last to realise her lifelong Zionist dream of emigrating to Israel. "I applied under the Right of Return," she says. Under Israeli law, anyone with a Jewish grandparent can emigrate to Israel and become a citizen.
"It was a wonderful homecoming. I believed the Zionist ideology, I really believed this was 'a land without a people for a people without a land'. Palestinians were not on the map for me in any shape or form". She was offered "a very good job" teaching business English in Tel Aviv. Around the time of her arrival, the latest intifada rebellion erupted at the end of 2000. She saw "the wonderful achievements of our forces" being extolled on Israeli television. "I really fell for that line," she says. But then she became very ill and had to be hospitalized and this brought her into close regular contact with Palestinians. She began to ask herself, "Where am I in this society, what is my role?" She became involved with a Palestinian-Jewish NGO dealing with deprived communities, and worked on a project in Tamra. "I started to understand the enormous similarities between Arab-Israeli society and black society during the apartheid years in South Africa."
But it's not as if Israel adopts petty measures such as having separate Arab and Jewish toilets the way South Africa had separate toilets for blacks and whites. "In Israel it's far more sophisticated than that, because it's all heavily veiled. It's very important for Israel to be seen to be democratic, Western, accepted by the US and Europe." But as far as she is concerned: "Israeli society in its current form really equals a half democracy, a democracy for Jews only."
Nathan's version of Israeli history would not find favour in Zionist circles: "The major form of discrimination comes in the confiscation and appropriation of Arab land. All of the state of Israel is built on Palestinian land. Around 480 to 500 villages were totally destroyed during the battle of Israeli independence in 1948. And this discrimination and dispossession goes on and on and on.
"Israel is the only country in the world where you can be an eternal refugee, where you can be present but absent by law from your property, being deprived of the right of return to your property and your land, even though you own the deeds for that property and that land, and to be without compensation. It is appalling.
"And once I had seen the comparison with South Africa, I decided that I could no longer keep my mouth closed." Nathan decided to go and live among the Arabs in Israel and "help to activate change".
She vigorously rejects any allegation that she is an anti-Semitic or "self-hating" Jew. "One is not called anti-British if one criticizes the policies of the British government." This is "just a rather nasty political ploy".
But she knows there is a price to be paid for the stand she has taken. "Everything in life comes with a price." Taking a phrase from the late Edward Said, she says: "What I do with my life is the politics of embarrassment."
Predicting there will be another intifada uprising soon, she adds: "Israel should have been the safest place in the world for Jews to be and actually . . . now, ironically, it has turned out to be the most dangerous." Nathan's "personal dream" is that Israel will ultimately be a bi-national state." Her sympathy for the Palestinians is largely unqualified and she sharply rebukes a member of the audience at a Dublin meeting who raises a question about the rights of gays and lesbians in the Palestinian Territories. The question is "incredibly offensive", she says, warning of the "moral superiority of the West". "As far as I know, you're not a Muslim, you don't live in the Muslim world. The Arab world is perfectly capable of dealing with those issues in its own time and in its own way."
Speaking to her afterwards, I said many people would regard gay and lesbian rights as universal human rights, so why couldn't outsiders raise them? "Because I don't think people from other cultures should interfere."
As for suicide bombing, she says: "I don't condone it. I don't say it's right. But I think we have to say, 'How does this come about? Why do we have this phenomenon?'" When I put it to her that the Irish were oppressed but didn't use suicide bombers, she responds: "Yes, but did you have the entire army unleashed on you? Did you have jet-fighters bombing your homes? Did you have your homes demolished while you were in them? Did you have 40 years of brutal occupation and conniving to come to some sort of artificial peace process? Did you have that?"


By Ze'ev Schiff, Haaretz correspondent from an Israeli viewpoint.
The U.S. administration has refused to rescind sanctions against Israel until the latter proves it has increased its monitoring of security-related exports, deepening the crisis between the two countries. Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, who was about to leave for Washington for talks on the matter, cancelled the trip following the increased U.S. demands.
The crisis erupted over Israel's sale to China of replacement parts for Harpy attack drones. The U.S. wants to see Knesset legislation enacted within 18 months tightening oversight of military exports, and is demanding a memorandum of understanding be signed. The U.S. also wants a written apology from Israel and Mofaz.
Opposition in Israel is mounting against the signing of such a memorandum. In any case, the agreement is not intended to end the crisis, but rather to stop it from gathering steam, by allowing for the gradual lifting of sanctions.
The sanctions were imposed as the result of a bill passed last month by the U.S. House of Representatives, which placed a five-year ban on the purchase of defense items from any country that sells arms to China.
Israel sold China the drones, which are said to attack and destroy enemy radar transmitters, in the mid-1990s. It says that it is now upgrading them as provided for in the sales agreement.
Israel believed the tension between the two countries was going to subside after Mofaz went to Washington to sign the understanding, in which Israel agreed to meet most of the U.S. demands. However, the harsher demands are an indirect way of rejecting a request by Mofaz to end the crisis and rescind the penalties, which could do serious harm to Israel's defense industries and air force.
After Israel raised a white flag and acquiesced to most of the demands, the U.S. made additional, harsher demands, and was said to have shown contempt for the Israeli delegation. The American delegation is headed by Lisa Bronson from the Pentagon, and also includes a representative from the State Department, the head of its Bureau for Political-Military Affairs, Acting Assistant Secretary Rose Likins, who is the principal link between the departments of state and defense. Likins had recently met with Mofaz in Israel.
The draft referendum points to a lack of understanding on the part of the U.S. of domestic political affairs in Israel. It is a strange agreement, by which Israel agrees to the continued sanctions the Americans are imposing. The article in the agreement putting pressure on the Knesset to enact a law monitoring military exports is sure to arouse the ire of several of Israel's lawmakers.
The Americans are said to be angry at the media reports that appear every time the Israeli delegation has been about to leave for talks in the U.S. The Americans understand the talks to be Defense Ministry briefings, while in Israel they were reported as bringing about an end to the crisis over the Israel-China drone parts deal.


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ALOR has brought out a Special Edition of the August 2005 The New Times Survey. It contains an essay - "Racial Treason: From White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy" - with a comprehensive bibliography. Contributing writers John Peterson and Rohan Phillips have delved back fifty or more years into Australia's history to dis-uncover those who were first pushing for the immigration and multicultural/multiracial policies and Asianisation of Australia; policies that have dramatically changed the culture and demography of our nation. Many will not like what they read, but the facts speak for themselves.
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