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9 September 2005 Thought for the Week: "When, during an interview in 1921, Sir Denison Miller was asked if he, through the Commonwealth Bank, had financed Australia during the war for $700 million, he replied: "Such was the case and I could have financed the country for a further like sum had the war continued."
Again, asked if that amount was available for productive purposes in times of peace, he answered in the affirmative."
L. C. Jauncey, Ph.D. in "Australia's Government Bank".


The following comments are from American social crediter 'Bill Ryan'
"The lesson that should be learned (from the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Katrina) is that we ignore the necessity for continuous improvement to infrastructure at our peril. The damage came from wind, wind driven water or "storm surge," and flooding. New Orleans missed most of the storm surge from the gulf because the eye of the storm passed to the City's east, but did have some surge in reverse off Lake Pontchartrain due to the counter-clockwise rotation of the storm, hence the broken segments to the I-10 causeway.
Most of the damage to New Orleans is from flooding due to the broken levees, which should have been strengthened years ago. If they had been strengthened, New Orleans would now be mostly intact today. The city is now submerged in Lake Pontchartrain. A decision will have to be made to recover the city or abandon it forever, like Pompeii. Most of the damage to the east of New Orleans is from storm surge. We have had the technology to mitigate the effects of storm surge for more than a century. After the 1900 storm that devastated Galveston, the Corps of Engineers built a magnificent seawall to protect the developed area of the island, which was extended in the 60s.
The era of "privatization" has ended such projects.


Will Bunch is a senior writer at the Philadelphia Daily News. https://www.alternet.org/story/24871/1 September 2005.
"Washington knew exactly what needed to be done to protect the citizens of New Orleans from disasters like Katrina. Yet federal funding for Louisiana flood control projects was diverted to pay for the war in Iraq."
On June 8, 2004, Walter Maestri, emergency management chief for Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, told the Times-Picayune:
"It appears that the money has been moved in the president's budget to handle homeland security (furthering the USA police state…ed) and the war in Iraq, (furthering their new world order agenda…ed) and I suppose that's the price we pay. Nobody locally is happy that the levees can't be finished, and we are doing everything we can to make the case that this is a security issue for us."

Levees are sinking: That June, with the 2004 hurricane seasion starting, the Corps' Naomi went before a local agency, the East Jefferson Levee Authority, and essentially begged for $2 million for urgent work that Washington was now unable to pay for.

From the June 18, 2004 Times-Picayune:
"The system is in great shape, but the levees are sinking. Everything is sinking, and if we don't get the money fast enough to raise them, then we can't stay ahead of the settlement," he said. "The problem that we have isn't that the levee is low, but that the federal funds have dried up so that we can't raise them."
The panel authorized that money, and on July 1, 2004, it had to pony up another $250,000 when it learned that stretches of the levee in Metairie had sunk by four feet. The agency had to pay for the work with higher property taxes. The levee board noted in October 2004 that the feds were also now not paying for a hoped-for $15 million project to better shore up the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.

Federal Government funds reduced:

The 2004 hurricane season was the worst in decades. In spite of that, the federal government came back this spring with the steepest reduction in hurricane- and flood-control funding for New Orleans in history. Because of the proposed cuts, the Corps office there imposed a hiring freeze. Officials said that money targeted for the SELA project -- $10.4 million, down from $36.5 million -- was not enough to start any new jobs. According to New Orleans CityBusiness this June 5: The district has identified $35 million in projects to build and improve levees, floodwalls and pumping stations in St. Bernard, Orleans, Jefferson and St. Charles parishes. Those projects are included in a Corps line item called Lake Pontchartrain, where funding is scheduled to be cut from $5.7 million this year to $2.9 million in 2006. Naomi said it's enough to pay salaries but little else. "We'll do some design work. We'll design the contracts and get them ready to go if we get the money. But we don't have the money to put the work in the field, and that's the problem," Naomi said.
There was, at the same time, a growing recognition that more research was needed to see what New Orleans must do to protect itself from a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. But once again, the money was not there. (Please note there was no mention of lack of resources to do the job - just 'no money'…ed)

As the Times-Picayune reported last Sept. 22:
That second study would take about four years to complete and would cost about $4 million, said Army Corps of Engineers project manager Al Naomi. About $300,000 in federal money was proposed for the 2005 fiscal-year budget, and the state had agreed to match that amount. But the cost of the Iraq war forced the Bush administration to order the New Orleans district office not to begin any new studies, and the 2005 budget no longer includes the needed money, he said. The Senate was seeking to restore some of the SELA funding cuts for 2006. But now it's too late. One project that a contractor had been racing to finish this summer was a bridge and levee job right at the 17th Street Canal, site of the main breach on Monday.

The levee failure appears to be causing a human tragedy of epic proportions:
"We probably have 80 percent of our city under water; with some sections of our city the water is as deep as 20 feet. Both airports are underwater," Mayor Ray Nagin told a radio interviewer.
The Newhouse News Service article published Tuesday night observed: "The Louisiana congressional delegation urged Congress earlier this year to dedicate a stream of federal money to Louisiana's coast, only to be opposed by the White House. ... In its budget, the Bush administration proposed a significant reduction in funding for southeast Louisiana's chief hurricane protection project. Bush proposed $10.4 million, a sixth of what local officials say they need."
Washington knew that this day could come at any time, and it knew the things that needed to be done to protect the citizens of New Orleans. But in the tradition of the riverboat gambler, the Bush administration decided to roll the dice on its fool's errand in Iraq, and on a tax cut that mainly benefitted the rich. Now Bush has lost that gamble, big time.
The president told us that we needed to fight in Iraq to save lives here at home. Yet -- after moving billions of domestic dollars to the Persian Gulf -- there are bodies floating through the streets of Louisiana. What does George W. Bush have to say for himself now?" (emphasis added…ed).


by James Reed
The purpose of an article such as the following is not to frighten people and cause panic, but to caution, and educate.
"An article "The Next Pandemic" by Laurie Garrett was published in the Council of Foreign Relations journal Foreign Affairs July/August 2005. In fact the bulk of the issue is taken up with concerns about coming influenza plagues. The 1918-19 Spanish Flu killed 50 million people in 18 months. Nearly half of the deaths in 1918 in the US were related to this flu.

Garrett speculates that Asian bird flu, HSN1 avian influenza will be even more dangerous. The disease first appeared in southern China in 1997, but since that time it has mutated and become even more dangerous. The March 2005 National Academy of Science's Institute of Medicine flu report quoted by Garrett says that the "current ongoing epidemic of HSN1 avian influenza in Asia is unprecedented in its scale, in its spread, and in the economic losses it has caused". Thus according to Garrett, a "medium level epidemic" in the US could kill around 207,000 Americans, hospitalize 734,000 more and infect over one third of the population.

If HSN1 mutates again so that it can be transmitted from human to human there could be up to 16 million deaths in the US. The "Spanish Flu" is inappropriately named for it originated in Asia. Likewise for the Black Death which devastated Europe's population in the Middle Ages. The "Spanish Flu" got its name because Spain suffered the first acute outbreak. The "Spanish Flu" caused victims to vomit and cough up blood and blood also poured from people's noses and women's vaginas. The death toll among pregnant women was 71 per cent.

Influenza originates with aquatic birds such as migratory ducks who pass the disease on to domesticated birds. Once contact between migratory birds and domestic birds was infrequent, but in China through its growth of farms and human settlements the original migratory routes have been disrupted and migratory birds search for food on farms, thus passing diseases to domestic birds and then to humans. Garrett says: "Throughout history, this connection between birds and the flu has spawned epidemics in Asia, especially southern China. Aquatic flu viruses are more likely to pass into domestic animals - and then into humans - in China than anywhere else in the world".

This problem will increase because as the GDP of China grows so does the demand for chickens, with China raising around 13 billion chickens on small farms which often have appalling hygiene. Globalisation and Asianisation means that the entire world is open to assault from influenza which typically arises in Asia. If ever there was a knock-down argument against globalisation and Asianisation, it is this: that "one world" makes all of us potential targets for dangerous viruses. Globalisation globalises disease.


by James Reed
Had occasion to call in to a local Centrelink office recently. There was a long queue of young people - most on the dole. Maybe some were "dole bludgers" but most looked like we older ones did - not that many years ago. I overheard some say they had applied for 20 jobs in a week without success. Then I read "Global Hunt for 20,000 workers," The Australian, 16 August 2005. The present Government aims to bring out 20,000 workers from Europe and Asia to meet "a skills shortage"! Migrants will be able to stay permanently - and you can be sure that the intake will be 90 per cent Asian.
Next time I have reason to go to a Centrelink office I will hand out copies of this article and tell these young people why they are unemployed.


The following is a selection from material sent us in response to recent articles on China.
The Herald Sun, on 24 Nov. 1996, reported that members of the Howard Government believed that Australia faced security threats from China and Indonesia. The report also stated that one of the world's leading defence experts said that Australia was a "glittering-strategic-prize" and several Asian countries were spying on Australia and we were likely to face invasion in the 21st century.

The military magazine, the "Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter," Aug. -Sept., 1999 (available at State Libraries) revealed that in May 1999, forty (40) of China's Air Force Generals visited Australia and "our" government (the Liberal-National Parties) gave them our "military-secrets". They visited the Australian Defence College, our RAAF air-bases at Williamstown, Townsville, Amberly and Edinburgh. The RAAF gave them information regarding: · our policy and planning; training; · operations; · logistics; · the readiness of our RAAF; · the lay-out of our air-bases; · the functions of our northern air-bases; · personnel; · static displays; · capabilities of our F/A 18 and F-111 aircraft. They had discussions with our pilots. China's Air Force Generals were interested in everything.
In Nov. 1999, the Director of China's Defence Intelligence Agency visited Australia for "intelligence discussions". The other political parties remained silent about giving our defence secrets to a potential enemy. The Age, 14 Nov. 1999, revealed that in 1996, Australian taxpayers "lent" China $19.9 million for a nuclear power plant. AusAid revealed on 20 Nov. 1997, that between 1992-1997, Australian taxpayers gave $341 million to China as "overseas-aid". Aren't we being generous to a fault to a potential enemy?

Two books are essential reading: "22 Steps To Global Tyranny," by Graham Strachan, B.Sc., LLB.
"Australia 2000 - What Will We Tell Our Children: Dispossessing The World's Richest Nation," by Jeremy Lee.
Both books available from all League Book Services.


by Rohan Phillips
For 24 years there has been official silence about Israel's bombing of the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean. "Conspiracy" champions have held that the US and Israel conspired to sink the Liberty, blame the Egyptians and nuke Cairo. American Ambassador Dwight Porter has recently revealed the truth about the bombing of the Liberty.
Porter made public intercepts of radio communications between Israeli pilots circling the USS Liberty and Israeli Defence Force Headquarters. The Israeli Mirage fighter-bomber had radioed that it was an American ship; Israeli headquarters told him to disregard this and bomb the ship. Prior to the attack Israeli pilots circled the ship 13 times and radio operators in Germany, Spain and Lebanon heard the Israeli pilots describe the ship as American. So Israel knew that the ship, the USS Liberty was American. The conspiracy theorists have been proven right again. Where there is smoke, there is usually a fire.
Note: The League had available a magnificent book on the topic of the Israeli attack on the Liberty by James Innes Jr., "Assault on the Liberty".
As with most League books I frequently give them as birthday and Christmas presents to friends that I believe need to be woken up


by Richard Earley
In 2004 Richard Earley wrote of what he knew: http://richardearley.net "During the Middle Eastern war in 1967 the most under-reported and dishonestly reported event in American history since the end of the Second World War occurred. The American Navy ship, the USS Liberty, was attacked by the Israeli Air Force. The American Navy lost 34 men dead and had 171 wounded.
What multiplied the disgrace and moral cowardice on the American side was the behaviour of the United States Congress. A reading of the Congressional Record showed that not once in the year following the treacherous attack did any of the 535 senators and congressmen bring up the attack by Israel. Jewish war veterans very disturbed: The power of the Jewish lobby was never more convincingly displayed.

The assault soon lost the interest of the American press. Not only did the mainstream press lose interest, the magazine of the Veterans of Foreign Wars refused to do a long article on the attack. They succumbed to financial pressure of cancellation of advertising pages and did not print the piece.
The USS Liberty newsletter published by their crew claimed one of the goals of the Jewish War Veterans was to prevent hearings on the attack. Entire town is blackballed
In 1989 when the village of Grafton, Wisconsin accepted a donation of $400,000 to finance the construction of a local library with the condition it be named in memory of the USS Liberty, a clamour arose. Jewish organizations in Milwaukee protested the name as an insult to Israel, and the director of the Milwaukee Jewish Council argued the USS Liberty had become "a symbol of anti-Semitism".
As rather indicative of the attitudes of the established American press, the Milwaukee Journal chided the village elders for not seeing their errors and asked that the rest of the community "make the needed mid-course correction". Affluent white America with no stake in placing themselves or their children in harm's way had made their case very strongly.


by Rohan Phillips
Writing in the Spring 2005 edition of The Social Contract, Don Collins has drawn the connection between US homeland security and the growth of world population, primarily in Africa and Asia. Of the 9 billion humans projected to be on the planet in 2050, 7-8 billion of them will be of the "developing nations" and many of them will want to live in the West, especially the United States. Already there are in excess of 10 million illegal immigrants in the US, at a conservative estimate.
Mexico contributes about 45 per cent of the United States' illegal immigrants. Mexicans whether legal or not, have high levels of welfare dependency, crime, poverty, low levels of education and English-language proficiency relative to most other migrant groups.
And as Carl Horowitz has observed in the same issue of The Social Contract, "Mexicans in this country have been attracted to an aggressive political separatism whose avowed aim is a reconquista ("reconquest") of the southwest portion of the United States, a goal promoted, and subsidised, by the Mexican government". The motto of the radical Chicano (Mexican) Student organisation MECHA is "For our race, everything. For those outside our race, nothing". Its Manifesto states: "With our heart in our hands and our hands in the soil, we declare the independence of our mestizo nation".

Don Collins concludes: "Right now, and for years to come, as demographers have repeatedly shown, even with declining overall fertility rates, some 70 million net new humans are added to the planet yearly. Those extra 2.3. billion persons on our planet by 2050 will be largely uneducated, unsocialised and angry as hell that they have little promise of any kind of decent life. And they will try to get here or be motivated to hate us because they are not here". We have been warned.


: Brendan Nicholson, National Security Correspondent for Melbourne's The Age, 31/8/05
"Proposed laws to reduce the risk of terrorism in Australia could be "inherently dangerous" and open to misuse, the Federal Government has been warned. A day after The Age revealed proposals for new criminal sanctions against people who encourage or "glorify" terrorism, the Law Council of Australia urged the Government to refrain from introducing "possibly draconian" laws without full public consultation.
The warning came as a new AgePoll revealed growing public anxiety about terrorism in Australia, with more than two-thirds of people now believing an attack on home soil is likely within two years. Law Council president John North, responding to the proposals for tougher anti-terror laws, said the legal profession acknowledged the need to curb terrorism but wanted to see strong evidence that such laws would make Australia safer.
"Laws of this type in a robust democracy are inherently dangerous and open to misuse by those with ulterior motives," Mr North said. He said there should be wide community consultation before the introduction of any laws that seriously restricted freedom of speech and expression. Care was also needed to avoid aiming laws at specific sections of Australia's multicultural community.


by Ian Wilson, LL.B.
"You have a bucket of jelly babies in three colours," ran the puzzle Bill Gates' Microsoft asks its candidates applying for jobs. "How many do you have to take, blindfolded, to be sure of getting a matching pair?" (In fact there is a forthcoming book about it: "How Would You Face Mount Fuji," by William Poundstone.)
"The correct answer," insists Microsoft's compute-wonders, "as any aspiring Geek should know is four." Is it really?
We haven't been told anything about the sample space and population, even if the bucket is finite. Suppose that the jelly babies are in an infinitely large bucket with three colours black, white and green. There are an infinite of black ones, but only one white and green one (or finite number of each). By "infinite" it is meant that there is a 1-1 correlation between a black jelly baby and a real number. So by standard probability theory one can be sure (probability= 1) of getting a matching pair i.e., black by taking two. It will be black. Bill, you have not said that the bucket is full of jelly babies, only that there is a bucket with three colours of jelly babies in it. This is consistent with there being only three jelly babies in the bucket, each of a distinct colour. In this model, there is no solution to the problem. Bill, if you think that the answer is four, you need to retire!


The following statement was sent in by a servant of God worshipping in the Church of St. George, Wonthaggi, Victoria.3995. St. George being a Knight serving God and the patron saint of England.
He would like to see Christians challenging their own church leaders to teach their people on the matter.
"No man can serve two masters, for he will either hate the one, or love the other, or he will cleave to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." (Matthew 6: 24). Service to God today evolves around money. Whether it is mankind's master or God's servant. But mammon has made money an instrument of power over mankind. Yet Christ taught the true role of money.
This statement is a simple plea to Christ's Church. Please teach that which makes money our servant. Every Christian Pastor ordained in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, has access to the truth concerning the creation and distribution of money.

Christ created money as an expression of God's will. Matthew 16: 24, 27. He further ordained it must be similarly distributed, Matthew 20:1,17, resulting in mankind receiving "that which is right." Matthew 20: 4 and 7. Christ commissioned his Church to teach the nations that supreme authority on earth came through him. Under Christ's teaching earthly government would not use money as an instrument of power, but as an instrument of service. Debt, and taxation would almost completely disappear, and with all money created free of debt there would be no place for usury. Parliaments would act as forums for Christian policy. Elected representatives would enter parliament with a free conscience to vote as their conscience directed. As instruments of freedom they would serve God, not mammon.

Thus the pool of money in the world would become a pool of love which never dries up. Intermingled with the water of life, man drinking from it would never thirst for the fruits of God's creation. Every man is invited to come and drink knowing Christ's Church has removed every obstacle from his path. Therefore distribution of money from the pool of love could never be other than an act of Grace, a credit dividend coming directly from God, given neither as a reward or a punishment, but as the instrument to make good the promise of Christ. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." See all of Matthew 6:24, 34.

Those verses are the vision Christ gives of God's kingdom on earth in which man lives free from all desire to centre his life on material gain. He now lives knowing every need is met without fear entering the equation, and production of material necessities becomes an act of worship. This in effect is the new covenant Christ brought into the world to replace the old covenant directed by false prophets elevating themselves into such supreme power as to challenge the authority of God, which Christ countered in the second of the two great commandments, challenging man to "Love thy neighbour as thyself."
Further reading: "The Story of the Commonwealth Bank," $8.00 posted. "The Money Trick," $12.00 posted.


by Edgar J. Steele
American author Edgar J. Steele comments on the US media coverage of a recent charity benefit for "Afrikaner Charities":
"I saw the local Portland news regarding today's event. They described it (the event) as being attended by hate-filled racists and supremacists. I'm glad they warned us. We need to be on the lookout in case anybody like that shows up and tries to make trouble. And, I'm glad to see so many of our friends from the police department present, as well. I wish they were a little closer, in fact, so that they could hear our message and see us for what we are: Concerned Americans: Concerned about the future of our jobs: Concerned about the future of our country: Concerned about the future of our children.
We are here to benefit Afrikaner Charities. Why? Because nobody else in America cares about them, that's why. I see TV ads pleading for funds for little black African kids. Nobody calls that racist. Why is it racist to care about little white African kids? Why did Portland's TV news describe Afrikaner Charities as "white supremacist?" What is supremacist in caring about little white children?
Why aren't all the other African charities racist because their funds go only to Blacks (actually, mostly to the organizers and so-called African leaders, but that's another story)? By the way, the entire proceeds after actual costs today go directly to the people being benefited, something you never will see with Black African charities.
Why are the forces pushing tolerance in America so intolerant of our caring about little white children?…"


Pastor Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire Ministries has accepted an invitation to present a paper "A Christian's Right to Free Speech," at the National Seminar on the Saturday (morning) 8th October. Mr. Paul Fromm from Canada will also be one of the guest speakers.
Dates are: New Times Dinner, Friday, 7th October. Seminar, Saturday, 8th October and Divine Service and Conference, Sunday, 9th October, 2005.


ALOR has brought out a Special Edition of the August 2005 The New Times Survey.
It contains an essay - "Racial Treason: From White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy" - with a comprehensive bibliography. Contributing writers John Peterson and Rohan Phillips have delved back fifty or more years into Australia's history to dis-uncover those who were first pushing for the immigration and multicultural/multiracial policies and Asianisation of Australia; policies that have dramatically changed the culture and demography of our nation.
Many will not like what they read, but the facts speak for themselves. One reader commented after reading the Special Edition: "We really didn't have many batting for us did we?" No D.A., we didn't. We were sold out, we were betrayed by our so-called leaders.
Send for your bulk supplies now! One copy $3.00 posted; five copies $12.50 posted and 10 copies $20.00 posted. Send Money Order/Cheque to Australian League of Rights, Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001. Don't forget to include return address.


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