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23 September 2005. Thought for the Week: "In the case of man, that which he creates is more expressive of him than that which he begets. The image of the artist and the poet is imprinted more clearly on his works than on his children."
Nicholas Berdyaev: "The Destiny of Man."


by Betty Luks

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with a Latvian-Australian lady since the early 1970s. In the years I have known her she has taken a very active part in the League of Rights' volunteer team in Adelaide, South Australia. Not too many years ago - she is now in her late eighties - I asked her why she continued to push herself when she was well past the age of retirement and could be enjoying her old age with those friends she has known since her youth. You know, take part in social activities like visiting friends, enjoying afternoon teas and (maybe) the latest gossip, day-trips to places of interest, etc., etc. Her answer to me was in effect: "I must do what I can. I know what is happening to this nation, I can and must do something about it. If I didn't, the day would come when my granddaughter would visit my grave and say: 'Grandma, look at what has happened to us. Why didn't you do anything to try to stop it?' And, she would then spit on my grave."

You see, the older Latvian-Australians know what it is like to live under brutal, oppressive regimes. First it was the Russian Soviets who invaded Latvia, then the Nazis during WWII and, because of the betrayal by Western leaders, after WWII the Russian Soviets came once more - this time for decades. In hundreds of years the only real freedom the Latvian peoples tasted was between the end of WW1 to the early part of WWII.

Mayor Peter Davis and the Telstra 'deal':
I was reminded of my old friend's words when I heard Mayor Peter Davis of Port Lincoln express his anger and disgust at the betrayal of the Australian people by Senator Barnaby Joyce. Senator Joyce used his casting vote in the Senate to clear the way for the traitorous Howard regime to sell off the rest of the people's public asset Telstra. Those who heard Peter on the ABC television news Thursday, 15 September 2005, know that he thought spitting was too good for the remains of Senator Barnaby Joyce when in his coffin/grave. The Mayor of Port Lincoln had other ideas.

Powers and responsibilities of the Governor-General:
At the League of Rights' annual "Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner", Dr. David Mitchell outlined the Constitutional responsibilities and duties of the Governor General. Which leads us to ask: Can the Australian people join together on this one important issue and convince the Governor-General to act on their behalf? Surely telecommunications is a vital national public utility and should not be in the hands of foreigners nor potential enemies - and what about our military defence?

Send to the Mayo Tape Library, Box 6 Hahndorf, SA 5245 for the Frank Bawden Memorial Dinner address by constitutional authority Dr. David Mitchell - $6.00 posted - and then ask yourself, can the Australian people forget their differences and come together on this one most important issue? Is there a constitutional power the people can insist the Governor General use to still block the sale of Telstra?


by Betty Luks

We were treated to quite a performance by the clowns in the House of Representatives the day after Barnaby Joyce and his fellow Nationals sold out, not just the rural and regional people, but all Australians. Why such a fanfare about Latham's coming book on that particular day? The book was not due to be launched till the following week.

The parliamentary performances by the pair of clowns, Abbott and Costello, were intended to deflect our rage at the betrayal by the Liberals and Nationals. The polls were showing 90 per cent of the people were opposed to the sale of the rest of Telstra. Ninety per cent!

Who cares that Mark Latham sees fit to 'reveal all' about his fellow Labor politicians and their spiteful, back-stabbing ways? Good God! Australians already know how treacherous party politicians can be. But, why flood the airwaves with the story that very day?

Why? Because, all the better to take our minds off the Great Betrayal by the Liberals and Nationals my dears!


by James Reed

"Race-Hate Campaigner Unmasked" - announced a headline of The Australian 22 August 2005, p.4. Members of the White Nationalist Group, White Pride Coalition (WPC) have been protesting the settlement of 750 Sudanese refugees in the town of Toowoomba. They object to the settlement of these refugees on a variety of grounds including the unemployment of these people due to their (understandable) lack of English and the well-placed fear that similar forced, undemocratic settlements of such racially distinct peoples has led to misery for all.

The article "outed" Jim Perren as the WPC's chief operative in the area. The article implies that the WPC is committing the ultimate politically correct sin by saying in distributed material that white women are the "world's most endangered species". We are also likely to draw the inference that these political activities are a cause of one refugee family leaving its home because of harassment and for other refugees being "pelted with eggs and potatoes."

Mr. Perren apparently works as a volunteer in Toowoomba's Milne Bay Military Museum. The curator is cited as describing Perren as "fine and decent" and that the White Pride Coalition are "not extremists, they're patriots standing up for their country. They say what the majority of Australians think". The Australian adds "in comments that could rattle the Defence Department, the museum's owner".

Have a guess who will soon be having trouble keeping their job. My sense of humour was restored when in the same edition of The Australian I read that an Ivory Coast illegal alien Cheikh Kane had been released from Port headland detention centre and given a bill for $98,260:10 for the costs of having kept him locked up. Asylum-seekers are liable for the costs of locking them up.
It is a pity that the feminist law/art types who champion the causes of these aliens were not also liable for the costs of their advocacy. Where is their money when the alien has the big bill to pay?


by Brian Simpson

In the celebration of 60 years since the ending of World War II in The Australian, the issue of Arthur Calwell, post WWII immigration and the Ending of the White Australia Policy was discussed. Paul Kelly, The Australian's "editor at large" wrote an insightful piece for part 7 of the "WWII" supplement "A Nation Comes of Age". WWII led to a "new order of racial equality."

Curtin and Chifley are the heroes for the new class: "In their war mobilisation and post-war planning, Curtin and Chifley took a series of decisions that changed Australia forever. Their guiding ideas were a more powerful national government, a strategy of full employment, and a bigger, bolder Australia by resort to immigration. It was Curtin's planning for a social democratic Australia that inspired both Gough Whitlam and Bob Hawke." If it inspired them, then there must, by definition, have been something problematic with Curtin and Chifley's vision, for the damage to Australia done by Whitlam and Hawke was extensive. Chifley appointed Arthur Calwell as immigration minister in July 1945. Calwell was a mass immigration supporter.
An Irish Catholic in the tradition of Paul Keating, Calwell resented the Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance of Australia. Although he gave lip service to the preservation of Australia's British racial heritage, he soon actively sought migrants from Southern and Eastern Europe. Calwell was a Fabian socialist and gave lip service to the ideal of preserving a White Australia while actively working to undermine it. As Paul Kelly says: "Calwell saw mass immigration as consistent with White Australia but… it was the long-range death knell."

I differ from Kelly in seeing Calwell as an earlier version of Paul Keating. Calwell seconded the ALP Federal Conference, chaired by R.W. Holt, which led to the dropping of the word "White" from the ALP's immigration policy," and which led to a headline at the time (1965) "ALP Move to Drop "White" Admit Asians Policy." Even in 1946 he was acting to help Jews come to Australia, and in 1947 he tried to remove some of the restrictions on Chinese migration, but was no doubt cautioned about moving too fast by Cabinet. Calwell, despite his book "Be Just and Fear Not," is the Fabian socialist father of immigration and Asianisation and he is now celebrated as such in the university immigration/multicultural text books.

Calwell back in 16 April 1945, in The Age, supported laws outlawing anti-Semitism and "racial prejudice". The Jews honour Calwell as the "migrants champion". He was honoured for allowing the mass migration of Jews to Australia in the post WWII period by having a memorial forest in Israel named after him.
In an article published in The Weekend Australian 9-10 November 1996, p.9. "Israel Honour for Immigration Pioneer Calwell," Joe Krycer of the Jewish National Fund is quoted as saying: "Arthur Calwell was the first well-known Australian politician to push [the line] that immigration should not be restricted to people from the British Isles. His politics changed the face of Australia."

I believe that Calwell put us on the road to the current White racial crisis. All of this was done when the atomic bomb demonstrated the superiority of advanced technology over population numbers.
This critique is developed in a special edition of The New Times Survey, August 2005. "Racial Treason: From White Australia to Yellow Australia". Send Cheque/Money to Box 1052, GPO Melbourne, 3001 for your copies.
One copy: $3.00 posted; 5 copies $12.50 posted and 10 copies $20.00 posted. Don't forget to include return address.


http://theaustralian.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,5744,16598026% 14 September 2005:
Sydney academic Andrew Fraser is to publish his views on race and culture in a Victorian university law journal. According to The Australian, Professor Fraser said the acceptance of his 6800-word article by the peer-reviewed journal of Deakin University law school vindicated his stand.

The article, "Rethinking the White Australia Policy" which appears later this month, argues that the latest science supports the decision by the founding fathers to preserve Australia as an Anglo-Saxon nation.
It is reported Professor Fraser has words about the revisionist historian Keith Windschuttle for being "tender minded" in his recent book on the policy. Professor Fraser writes that Mr Windschuttle defends the policy from accusations of racism but, like its critics on the Left, he too refuses to accept the reality of racial difference.

As previously reported in On Target, the issue originally surfaced with a letter by Professor Fraser to a suburban newspaper about Sudanese immigration, race, intelligence, crime and social cohesion. Macquarie vice-chancellor Di Yerbury condemned him for speaking outside his expertise, although she cited threats and safety concerns when suspending him from teaching.

Professor Fraser told The Australian: "The fact that the Deakin Law Review has seen fit to publish my article ... so quickly after the media controversy over my public comments exposes the claim made by Professor Yerbury and others that I have been speaking outside my area of expertise as an obvious furphy."
It was reported Professor Yerbury had not had time to read the article as yet but said: "If it is an article which deals with the alleged links between race and IQ, or race and propensity for violence, I am advised that the relevant expertise would at least have to include cognitive psychology, genetics and anthropology. These are not Drew Fraser's qualifications."

Deakin journal editor and law lecturer James McConvill said there had been "some hesitation (about publishing the article), I guess, simply because of the drama that Macquarie got itself into". He said the Fraser article dealt with public policy and fell within the journal's charter "to raise legal, moral and social issues". Journal policy was to act on advice from "double blind" academic review -- neither author nor reviewer should know each other's identity. But Professor Fraser's authorship was clear to two potential reviewers who "rejected it in terms of not wanting to consider it", Mr McConvill said. Two other reviewers -- a legal academic and a sociologist with expertise in the White Australia policy -- advised publication. Mr McConvill said he could not reveal the identity of the reviewers.
Asked whether he expected the decision to publish would attract criticism or protest, he said: "From my perspective, it was quite a well-considered piece, it wasn't overly rhetorical. Before people could judge, they should actually read the article."
The university suspended Professor Fraser from lecturing in July when he declared he would ignore an edict that he stop using his position to express his views on race, IQs and high crime risks.


by James Reed

A small but important article by David Rieff appeared in the New York Times on the end of Europe's multicultural "dream" - The Australian 30 August 2005, p.13.
Rieff says that Europeans are facing the bitter truth that the "immigrants who began coming to Europe in the 1950s because European governments and businesses encouraged their mass migration, are profoundly alienated from European society."
The alienation is cultural, historical, religious and political. European values are in conflict with Islamic traditionalist values; such values as the independence of women (let alone feminism) do not sit well with the traditional Islamic family. The fantasy of multiculturalism was that migrant groups would eventually come to accept the cultural values of the host society. But as Rieff notes:
"It was never clear how this vision was supposed to co-exist with multiculturalism's other main assumption, that the group identity should be maintained. But by now that question is largely academic. The European vision of multiculturalism, in all its simultaneous goodwill and self-congratulation, is no longer sustainable. And most Europeans know it."

In Britain, an investigation into the success of multiculturalism, following the race riots in Oldham, Burnley and Bradford in 2001, conducted by Ted Cantle, found that White Britains and the exploding ethnic populations were substantially polarised. These communities "often do not seem to touch at any point, let alone overlap and promote meaningful interchange." The White middle class's "White flight" had left an "underclass" of poor Whites who believed that there was favouritism towards ethnic minorities. Source: R. Ford, "Britain Blighted by Racial Divisions," The Australian 14 July 2005, p.2.

One in four British Muslims back the motives of the London bombers: The Weekly Telegraph no.731, p.4.
If that is not division then nothing is! Australia has taken longer to wake up to the illusions of multiculturalism. In the June 2005 edition of The Strategy, Gareth Kimberley penned an insightful "Fact File" column "Multiculturalism Destroying Australia" which clearly indicates that an Australian awakening to the nightmare of multiculturalism is long overdue.
He says in the context of expressing the difficulty of finding Northern European or even "White" Australians in some parts of our capital cities, such as Sydney:
"Of course I can only comment in regard to Sydney but I understand our other major cities are also suffering increasing problems caused by the massive influx of non-English speaking immigrants and refugees who are placing enormous demands on our resources and infrastructure.
In some parts of Sydney now, I feel like I'm a stranger in my own country as non-English speaking immigrants congregate into racial "communities" and take over suburb after suburb turning them into mini-nations in their own right. Of course every city has its Chinatown but Sydney's is now spreading out into the entire southern section of the city's CBD.
The Chinese in particular, are moving into every Sydney suburb. Already Hurstville (Bob Carr calls it "Worstville") has become a new Hong Kong. Cabramatta has been transformed into a mini Ho Chi Minh City and is now a major distribution centre for Australia's heroin trade. Bankstown, Lakemba and Punchbowl have been taken over by the Lebanese where the infamous Imam rules over his Muslim congregation from the massive Lakemba mosque.
Auburn is being taken over by the rival Turkish Muslims who have built an even more spectacular mosque. Ashfield and Chatswood (Chatswoo) are becoming Chinese, Marrickville, Kogarah and Brighton have been taken over by the Greeks while Campsie is rapidly becoming a Korean enclave. As the immigrants move in the Aussies are forced out and the immigrants take over. And so the division and break-up of our nation continues. The Chinese are now moving into my street and a Chinese family has just moved into the townhouse next door with only one member of the family able to speak English. We are rapidly becoming a minority group in our own country."

The lesson of history is that such mesh-mash societies do not last, and ultimately self-destruct. They are then easy prey for stronger homogeneous and unified societies.


by James Reed

When I am in a newsagent I always have a look at what politically correct science is being pushed in the popular science magazine New Scientist. The 27 August 2005 edition had an article by a feminist biologist Elain Morgan giving an evolutionary defence of why men are best to stay at home while women pursue their brilliant careers. And so it goes on.
But the 20 August 2005 edition was different. It contained a series of articles on "virtual history," "what if…". One article by Steve Fuller "A Darker Shade of Green" speculates about what would have happened if the Nazis had won the war. A "sinister form of environmentalism" would have reigned. "Ideas such as biodiversity, the precautionary principle and animal rights would be the dominant concepts of a political form of social Darwinism," Fuller says.
Further a Nazi victory would have put science in an "even more positive light," to state the obvious. The Nazis would have promoted organic food, outlawed vivisection, and pursued alternative energy sources. Finally, the Nazis would not have pursued nuclear weaponry; as Fuller concludes:
"Jews would have been demonised for having recommended a bomb that upon explosion would have brought about a different but equally lethal final solution." Don't expect to see another article like this in New Scientist!


Kuala Lumpur: At a recent Human Rights national conference former prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, launched into yet another attack on the US and Britain. He said US and British pilots whose bombs killed Iraqi civilians were murderers, and actions taken by those two countries during the invasion and occupation of Iraq amounted to terrorism.
Several British and US diplomats walked out in protest of Mahathir's broadside against their countries. Mahathir, who ruled Malaysia for 22 years before retiring in 2003, also defended his own human-rights record in government. He was often criticised for detaining suspects without trial under a security law (Oh! Shades of John Howard and his 'terrorist laws') and for the imprisonment of former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim.

Mahathir decried the deaths of thousands of Iraqi civilians as a result of the US-led military invasion and occupation. He compared American and British actions in Iraq to rocket attacks by Israel on Palestinians, and referred to those countries as "these terrorist nations".
To kill and maim: "The British and American bomber pilots came, unopposed, safe and cosy in their state of the art aircraft, pressing buttons to drop bombs, to kill and maim," Mahathir said of the Iraq invasion. He asked: "Who are the terrorists? The people below who were bombed or the bombers? Whose rights have been snatched away?"
He also questioned why there was no tally of Iraqi deaths while every US soldier's killing is documented. These are soldiers who must expect to be killed. But the Iraqis who die because of the US action or the civil war in Iraq that the US has precipitated are innocent civilians who under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein would be alive," said Mahathir.

British High Commissioner Bruce Cleghorn and several unidentified US officials attending the conference walked out midway through Mahathir's speech. Very distasteful: Hamdan Adnan, a senior official with the state-backed National Human Rights Commission, described the diplomats' action as "very distasteful. "If they claim to subscribe to the democratic process, why can't they listen?" he asked The Associated Press.
The US accused Mahathir of rights violations when he fired Anwar as his deputy in 1998. Anwar was arrested after leading anti-government rallies, and sentenced to 15 years in prison on corruption and sodomy charges. He was freed on appeal last year, after serving the corruption sentence.


by James Reed

Don't blame me - a woman said it! Naval Chief Petty officer June Cunningham, the first woman to pass the SAS Reserve unarmed combat course recently said that women are not suited to frontline combat. "Women will never have the personal strength and are not designed to carry the loads required… We can pull the trigger and fight to the death, but there is a lot we are not able to do."
She concluded: "Some could manage but, in my view, women just shouldn't be out there."


: The Melbourne Age newspaper editorial of 14 September 2005 is well worth repeating and circulating.
It commences: "The detention of a US peace activist highlights the danger in plans for even more draconian anti-terrorism laws."
"The detention, and proposed deportation, of American peace activist Scott Parkin is a cautionary tale, both timely and urgent, on the dangers of unfettered state power. Mr Parkin, who has been in Australia since June, faces deportation after his visitor's visa was cancelled on the grounds he posed a threat to national security.

By its very nature, this incident raises many unanswered questions and competing claims. Mr Parkin's supporters say he promotes non-violent protests against the Iraq war, while federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says, somewhat cryptically, that ASIO acted to protect the community from "politically motivated violence".
The authorities may indeed have sound reasons for deeming Mr Parkin a security risk, but we can't know for sure because they won't tell us. Mr Parkin is appealing to the Migration Review Tribunal over his proposed deportation - but Mr Ruddock could apply for a certificate to prevent the hearing.

There is a distinctly Orwellian logic at work here: the Government justifies a decision to curtail an individual's liberty by invoking national security and then refuses to provide evidence because national security allegedly is at stake. There's nothing new about governments hiding behind the cloak of national security, but this Government is now proposing that it be allowed to do so more often.
Whatever the truth about Mr Parkin, his case illustrates the need for proper checks and balances in the Government's widening of anti-terrorism laws. As previously argued, this paper does not believe the Government has made a proper case for introducing such measures.

The Prime Minister claims the latest alleged al-Qaeda videotape, suggesting Melbourne as a target, is proof the tougher laws are necessary, but he does not elaborate in any meaningful way. Several of the proposals, in particular the preventive detention of terror suspects for up to 14 days and "control orders" to track and restrict a suspect's movement for up to 12 months, would seriously curtail individual freedom in cases where, by definition, the authorities lack the evidence to support the laying of charges.

The devil will certainly be in the detail, but the Prime Minister, who flagged these changes without even a thorough debate among his parliamentary colleagues, gave us little reassurance about the extension of basically draconian state powers.
The questions are critical: will the courts be given powers to oversee the detention of terror suspects, and will suspects be entitled to legal representation? It's heartening that Mr John Howard appears ready to consider a sunset clause under which the laws would automatically be reviewed after a period. It is hoped state governments, whose co-operation is needed to implement some of the laws, will demand proper safeguards…"

Seminar: "The Spirit of Australia's Constitution and History"

South Australians were treated to a veritable historical, legal and philosophical feast by Dr. David Mitchell at the "Spirit of Australia's Constitution and History" seminar recently held in Adelaide. One person commended us for having the foresight to invite such a man of deep understanding, knowledge and wisdom and encouraged us to "bring him back again".

Dr. Mitchell deals with some of the wild claims now circulating among groups of Australia's "freedom movements".
Examples are:

· Because the Commonwealth Constitution was originally a British Act of Parliament it is not 'legal' in Australia.
· Documents used to appoint Australia's Governor-General are 'illegal', therefore he is not legally appointed.
· The 'half-truthful' claims of some secessionist movements and what those claims mean in law.
· The real facts about the ruling in the England and Wales High Court Chancery Division of a case brought before The Honourable Mr. Justice Lightman, largely designed by Mr. Ian Henke of Hastings, Victoria. Mr. Henke and a group of other Australians sought a decision invalidating the whole of Australia's Commonwealth Constitution Act. Dr. Mitchell dealt with the Appeal and what the Court's decision actually meant.
· It appears the editor of "It's Time" newspaper has fallen into the trap of believing some of the wild claims. In an article "Constitution in jeopardy - once again," Issue 110, which outlines the details of Mr. Henke's first appeal to the England and Wales High Court, the editor claims: "The case of course does expose the invalidity of all present Australian authority, but we always knew that."
· Can we respectfully suggest "It's Time" editor and readers purchase the tapes and listen to what Dr. Mitchell has to say on the matters raised.
· An appeal to 'freedom movements' not to seek to destabilise Australia's legal structure and to be more constructive in their actions.
· And much, much more.
The sessions are available in Audio Tape form from the Mayo Tape Library.
Mayo Tapes have packaged the set of five tapes for the price of $30.00 posted.
Order your copies now by sending a Cheque/Money Order to: Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, S.A. Don't forget to include your return address.


Pastor Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire Ministries has accepted an invitation to present a paper "A Christian's Right to Free Speech," at the National Seminar on the Saturday (morning) 8th October. We are also delighted to have Mr. Paul Fromm from Canada as another of the guest speakers. Mrs Betty Luks, National Director of the Australian League of Rights will also present a paper.
Dates are:
59th New Times Dinner, Friday, 7th October. Seminar, Saturday, 8th October and Divine Service and Conference, Sunday, 9th October, 2005. See you there. Bookings can be made by contacting the Melbourne Book Shop: Phone: 03 9650 9749


The Australian League of Rights (ALOR) has brought out a Special Edition of the August 2005 The New Times Survey.
It contains an essay - "Racial Treason: From White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy" - and a comprehensive bibliography.

Contributing writers John Peterson and Rohan Phillips have delved back fifty or more years into Australia's history to dis-uncover those who were first pushing for the immigration and multicultural/multiracial policies and Asianisation of Australia; policies that have dramatically changed the culture and demography of our nation. Many will not like what they read, but the facts speak for themselves.

One reader commented after reading the Special Edition: "We really didn't have many batting for us did we?" No D.A., we didn't. We were sold out, we were betrayed by our so-called leaders.

Send for your bulk supplies now! One copy $3.00 posted; five copies $12.50 posted and 10 copies $20.00 posted. Send Money Order/Cheque to Australian League of Rights, Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001. Don't forget to include return address.

We cannot emphasise too strongly just what a valuable tool is the League of Rights' CDRom with its forty years of On Target political and social commentary.
The above historical information is speedily 'tapped into' on your computer - it is at your finger tips with the use of this valuable tool.
CDRom at any of the League Book Services. Price: $32.00 posted.
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