Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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21 October 2005 Thought for the Week:
They have the hide to front and have their say. They have the gall, the nerve to pray.
Their presence on that most revered day, an insult o'er the scene doth sway.
They defile the spirit of our ANZAC day.
They should be scorned and turned away! Those quislings, whom this land do give away.
Tho' memory of their deeds doth fade, The 'ANZACS' and their land are now betrayed.
"Anzac Day" by John John, Tasmania 2005.


by James Reed

Some of my colleagues and acquaintances believe I waste my time worrying about the issues that I do. They think the time spent doing my little bit to fight against the destruction of Western civilisation is wasted. Instead, I should work longer hours so that I have more money than I now have to spend on "things". Let the world burn so long as mindless consumerism flourishes.

What is wrong with the work, work and consume for tomorrow we die philosophy? Everything is - it is the philosophy of the dung beetle, not that of a free man. It is contrary to the ideals of nobility, honour and dignity which once characterised our race. And finally, this philosophy is the problem. It is commitment to the same philosophical ideals of our enemy that enables these elites to rule us so easily.

Even if our fate is to lose this battle - and I don't believe that this will be so - that is no reason to be a mere consumer slug. That hedonistic self-gratification will soon end and the little pink pigs will need to face the reality that awaits them. One has no choice but to strive to keep the flame of liberty alight because ultimately it is the only way of keeping oneself from becoming a mindless zombie.


by James Reed

Myself and others have been saying for some time that John Howard is no friend of traditional Anglo-Australia but a new world order man who globalised the Australian economy, left us defenceless by taking away our guns, and Asianised Australia. To make the ethnic elites extra happy, he now floods the country with Africans to show his contempt for traditional Australia.

An article in The Australian 5 September 2005, "Shift to the Left Under Howard," cites the results of a report "Australian Social Attitudes". Most Australians are allegedly happy and support for immigration has more than doubled since the tyrannical Keating regime. Over 80 per cent of Australians support choice on abortion and increasing numbers accept as families, same-sex couples.

As Shaun Wilson of Macquarie University, a co-writer of the report put it:
"There has been a long period of affluence, and that has taken the sting out of many social debates."

The life blood of Australia drips away day by day:
Only if the Howard illusion is overcome, hopefully through a leadership challenge and the arrival of the new barbarian Costello the Magnificent, will the complacency of the conservative mind be shaken. Howard must be remembered as the greatest magician and smoke and mirrors man in Australia's history.

An editorial in The Australian 7 September 2005 "No Race to Reaction" summed it all up by saying that the above cited survey shows the success of Howard's destruction of Hansonism, her "snake oil" economic remedies and "poisonous propaganda" about the planned destruction of Anglo-Australia.
It praises Howard's "political skills" in destroying this movement of ordinary people. Howard has no respect for the traditions of freedom embodied in Anglo-Australian culture.
When the National's Senator Barnaby Joyce forced him into his corner on the sale of Telstra he told Liberal and National politicians: "Whatever affiliations you have, your first loyalty is to this party room".
What about the fundamental democratic principle of representatives acting for their constituents!
For Howard such politicians will face being expelled from the party.

I, for one do not trust the elites and I don't trust any of their statistics be they on immigration approval rates or on race and IQs. I don't care if I am the only person in Australia who can see:
I just feel in my bones that the whole damned circus is now so corrupt that one finds oneself wishing for the political equivalent of Hurricane Katrina, whatever that is, to wash out these Aegean stables and restore truth to a political process that has become merely the mass manufacturing of lies and deception.


"Trade negotiation is a grubby process of political trade-offs forged between political elites and large corporate interests."

Hands up those activists who have received a letter from their loyal, patriotic, trustworthy, Commonwealth politician saying the sale of Telstra is not part of the Australia/America Free Trade Agreement?

Let's quote from an article by John Spoehr, Executive Director of the Centre for Labour Research, University of Adelaide which appeared in the Adelaide Review March 2004:
"Past experience of FTAs struck between the US and other nations and regions suggest there is good reason to fear that Australia will be the loser from an FTA with the US. This is particularly so given the subservient relationship the Howard Government has with the Bush Administration. The Howard Government is very likely to have given far too much ground to the Bush Administration on such key issues as investment policy, access to the pharmaceutical benefits scheme (PBS), local content in broadcast media and competition policy. Already a side agreement has been struck as part of the FTA committing to the sale of the remainder of Telstra…

"What can Australia learn from previous free-trade agreements involving the US, like the North American FTA and the US/Singapore FTA? The lessons are sobering. One of the most perverse impacts of FTAs is the way in which they can place downward pressure on the wages and conditions of working people. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has done just this, resulting in a flight of capital from the US and Canada to the sweat shops of Mexico. This has left thousands out of work in the US and Canada while rewarding the low-wage and environmentally hazardous industrial landscape of Mexico.

"Increasingly FTAs are being used to lock nations into the sale of public assets or to prevent them from nationalising assets. The FTA struck by the US and Singapore in 2003 contained a commitment to the sale of SingTel and ST Telemedia.
No doubt this was the inspiration for attaching the sale of Telstra to the US/Australian FTA. Governments normally have the capacity to acquire private assets to meet public interest objectives.

This practice barred by NAFTA.
If a similar clause is in the US/Australian FTA, failed outsourcing and privatisation projects could never be reversed. The sovereign right of elected governments to act in the public interest would be undermined."
Sources: 1. Garnaut, Ross (2002) "An Australian United States free trade agreement", Australian Journal of International Affairs, Vol. 56, No 1. 2. Madeley, John (2000) "Hungry for Trade," Zed Books, London. Is there still a slim chance to stop the sale of Telstra going through? More on this matter next week.


The push for the sale of our assets is not a recent thing. The following 1998 document from the World Trade Organisation's website is republished in full for our readers' interest.

PRESS '87, 26 January 1998
The WTO agreement to liberalize international trade in basic telecommunications services will come into effect on 5 February 1998. The 72 WTO member governments, which have agreed to open their domestic markets to foreign companies, account for nearly 93 per cent of the total domestic and international revenue of US$600 billion generated in this sector annually. Examples of the services covered by this agreement include voice telephony, data transmission, telex, telegraph, facsimile, private leased circuit services (i.e. the sale or lease of transmission capacity), fixed and mobile satellite systems and services, cellular telephony, mobile data services, paging and personal communications systems.

Since the agreement was concluded among 69 countries See footnote 1 in February 1997 (see WTO Press Release No: 67), two of these countries - Pakistan and Switzerland - have further improved their liberalization commitments, and three additional countries have agreed to open up their domestic markets in this sector - Barbados, Cyprus and Suriname.

Note to Editors
Only the schedules themselves can provide authoritative and complete information on the detailed scope of the commitments.
The following is a brief overview: - On voice telephone service, 47 of the schedules (covering 61 governments) commit to competitive supply (defined here as permitting two or more suppliers). Most of the commitments permit the supply of public voice services, either immediate or phased-in, in at least one market segment: 41 schedules (55 governments) committed on local service, 37 schedules (51 governments) on domestic long distance, and 42 schedules (56 governments) on international service. Resale of public voice telephone is included in 28 schedules (42 governments) or more than 70 per cent of the 59 governments permitting a degree of competition in public voice service.

- In commitments on other services: 49 schedules (63 governments) include commitments on data transmission services; 46 schedules (60 governments) grant access for cellular/mobile telephone markets: 41 schedules (55 governments) commit to competition in leased circuit services (the supply of transmission capacity); 45 schedules (59 governments) include commitments on other types of mobile services (such as PCs. mobile data or paging).
For satellite-related communications, 37 schedules (51 governments) committed on some or all types of mobile satellite services or transport capacity and 36 schedules (50 governments) commit on fixed satellite services or transport capacity.
In addition, 8 governments schedules some commitments on value-added telecommunications services (e.g. e-mail, on-line data processing or data base retrieval).
- The formal entry into force of the commitments is 5 February 1998. But where a government's s commitments for particular services are to be phased in, the actual implementation would take place on the date specified in the schedule. About 40 per cent, or 25 of the 61 governments making offers on voice telephone services, subject these commitments to phase-in.
- Most governments (63 of the 69) included commitments on regulatory disciplines. Of these, 57 committed to the Reference Paper in whole or with few modifications. These commitments relate to such matters as competition safeguards, interconnection guarantees, licensing and independence of regulators.

The end of the negotiations on 15 February 1997 resulted in 55 schedules of commitments, covering 69 countries (counting individually the 15 member states covered in the single EC schedule). The 55 schedules are from: Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina. Australia, Bangladesh. Belize. Bolivia, Brazil. Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria. Canada. Chile, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoire. Czech Republic, Dominica. Dominican Republic, Ecuador. El Salvador. EC & its member states. Ghana. Grenada. Guatemala, Hong Kong (China), Hungary, Iceland, India. Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mauritius. Mexico. Morocco, New Zealand. Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines. Poland. Romania. Senegal. Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Slovak Republic. South Africa, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago. Tunisia. Turkey, United States and Venezuela." End of press release.


by Victor Bridger

Taken from a social credit discussion group email:
There is no doubt that immigrants are taking over jobs. In fact the trend now is not so much that immigrants are taking over jobs on less pay than locals but the work is being outsourced to cheaper labour countries.
This does no good for the domestic situation and at the same time is not assisting those in third world countries who are working for a pittance.

Social credit differentiates real cost from financial cost: From the social credit perspective, the real cost of an hour's labour is an hour's labour, generally speaking, so that an hour's labour in China is equal to an hour's labour in Australia, or America, or in New Zealand.

But in financial terms the cost to the Chinese manufacturer for example for Chinese labour might be 20 cents per hour at the exchange rate, whereas the cost to the Australian, American or New Zealand manufacturer might be $10 per hour for similar work. The figures are purely illustrative and should not be taken literally.

Not a 'free' market but parasitical exploitatio
The point is that due to the monetary factor alone, trade across national borders cannot be free trade in any real sense. China or any other country which have greatly reduced labour rates have substantially 'externalized' the cost of labour so that it is not priced into the goods shipped to countries on higher labour rates.
For most things, the 'productivity' in terms of labour utilized per unit outputted is higher in Australia, etc., than in China, so from a 'real' standpoint, Australian, etc., goods should cost less than Chinese goods in the Australian, American or New Zealand market. Yet the Chinese goods are 'priced' lower.

This is not a free market in any real sense, but parasitical exploitation - of the Chinese workers and those of third world countries who are enslaved - of the Australian, American or New Zealand workers who are impoverished.
It is not a matter of being selfish but a matter of pragmatic truth.
It is not a matter of having the right to work and earn a living because that is a belief in a false policy.
Everyone has the right in their own country to obtain the benefits of the productive system and that does not include the "right to work", because much of the benefits are the results of a productive system which does not rely on employment.


by James Reed

One of my favourite freedom movement writers, Gareth Kimberley in his "Fact File" column in The Strategy (September 2005) has tackled the issue of African immigration. The importation of black "refugees" is done, he rightly notes, "as a source of cheap labour as part of its plan to globalise Australia to make it more competitive against the cheap labour of our Asian neighbours".

He continues: "Already the Government has brought in 16,000 Sudanese immigrants almost all of whom have settled in western Sydney. [Gareth, that is but a drop in a very black ocean]. Being unskilled rural workers and with the government destroying our farming industries, these black immigrants have nowhere to go other than to cling together in our largest cities [and now even small towns] and support each other by creating their own "communities".

In our pathetic attempts to slavishly follow the Americans, it seems we now have to have our own version of the highly visible and much celebrated African American - a black African Australian".


by Brian Simpson:

Melbourne Cleric Sheik Mohammed Omran of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jamaah Association has questioned whether a plane crashed into the Pentagon and whether planes did hit the World Trade Centre Twin Towers, as portrayed in the consensus 9/11 Story.
The Sheik has also questioned whether the London bombings really were carried out by Muslims. As "icing" on the cake he has proclaimed that Osama bin Laden is a "good man".
These claims and others circulate with the Mecca News which is printed in Melbourne.


by Brian Simpson

After helping to make Australia a dumping ground for the world's surplus population, former PM Bob Hawke now proposes that Australia should be a nuclear waste dump for the world.
Can I suggest that if Bob Hawke likes nuclear waste so much that the first dump be placed in his backyard. Oh - and that Bob not be permitted to "migrate" elsewhere when the "glowing" starts.


The following article appeared in The Age 13 June of this year.
Carbon dioxide is not a harmful gas and has helped produce the "green" world agricultural revolution, according to an Australian climate expert.

Professor Rob Carter, from James Cook University in Townsville, said the rising level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in recent decades had boosted agricultural crop yields. "Carbon dioxide is the best aerial fertiliser we know about," he told the Victorian Farmers Federation in Morwell late last week.

Professor Carter, a marine geologist, is research professor in the university's Marine Geophysical Laboratory. He said the Kyoto Protocol would cost billions, even trillions, of dollars and would have a devastating effect on the economies of countries that signed it.
"It will deliver no significant cooling - less than 0.02 degrees Celsius by 2050," he said.
"The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been the main scaremonger for the global warming lobby . . . Fatally, the IPCC is a political, not a scientific body."

To understand climate change, it was necessary to look at the longer record, he said. Through an examination of material taken from deep below the ocean floor, marine geologists could study layers of earth's history similar to the way a tree's age could be determined by tree rings.
"We are in a relatively warm period today," he said. "But 20,000 years ago, it was as cold as it has ever been - that was the peak of the last glaciation."

Professor Carter said that over 2.5 million years there had been 50 glacial and interglacial periods. Of the past 400,000 years, the earth had been colder for 90 per cent of the time, with briefer warmer periods of about 10,000 years. He said the earth was now at the end of a warmer period, and reputable climate-change scientists agreed that the climate was going to get colder. The debate was whether it would take tens, hundreds or even thousands of years to occur.

On a shorter time scale, Professor Carter said the earth had broadly got warmer in the modern period, from 1860 to 2000, although it had also been warmer in Roman and medieval times.
There had also been a Little Ice Age between 1550 and the 19th century, when the Thames used to freeze over. A cooling trend took place between 1940 and 1970, when temperatures began to rise again, reaching a peak in 1998. "This coincided with the biggest El Nino in the 20th century," he said.

However, research by the climate research unit at East Anglia University in Britain had shown that the average global temperature had declined since 1998. Professor Carter said greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide were not causing the earth to warm up. On both annual and geological (up to 100,000-year) time scales, changes in temperature preceded changes in carbon dioxide, he said. This was true even in the famous 1960-1991 graph showing rising amounts of carbon dioxide. Professor Carter said that without the natural greenhouse effect, the average earth temperature would be minus 18 degrees Celsius, compared with the average of plus 15 Celsius that had nurtured the development of life and civilisation.

Water vapour made up about 95 per cent of the greenhouse effect. Carbon dioxide was a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for 3.6 per cent of the total greenhouse effect, he said. Of this, only 0.12 per cent, or 0.036 degrees Celsius, could be attributed to human activity. Climate had always changed and "always will", he said. "The only sensible thing to do about climate change is to prepare for it."


We can report the National Weekend proved to be a great success. A number of League folk could not make the trip for various reasons and they were missed. For the first time in 59 years Eric Dudley Butler did not attend, but his son Phillip was in attendance. Our dear friend Jeremy Lee was also absent this year.
The spirit and fellowship was all that we could have wished for and the speakers were well received.

Pastor Danny Nalliah is a dynamic entertaining speaker with a ton of guts. Australians will hear more of him and his fellow pastor Daniel Scott as they appeal the 'guilty' decision of having breached the Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.
Paul Fromm made us realise just what a parlous state the nation of Canada is in. He gave us news of Ernst Zundel and a background to his plight. How would you like to be subjected to 'sensitivity training' should you fall foul of the politically correct establishment? It happens in Canada!
Betty Luks spoke of "Christian Tools of Thought" and the importance of the body of knowledge C.H. Douglas left us.

A new system of recording was tried for the weekend and it will be announced in the journals when the audio tapes and CDs are available. Edited texts of the three papers will be published in November's The New Times Survey.


The Editor, The Age, Spencer Street, Melbourne, Vic. 3000
Former Family Court Judge, Alistair Nicholson, makes some excellent comments (The Age, 12/10) denouncing the so-called "anti-terror" laws as a hoax, warning that the government and their agencies will use these oppressive laws for abuse of power, which is precisely what many civil liberties' organisations, including this one, have said again and again. It provides a danger, not only to Muslims, but to the community in general, because of the wide-ranging application of these laws, and the way they can be abused for political control, precisely as intended. It will create a Terrorist State under the guide of "fighting terrorism". Geoff. Muirden, Research Officer, Australian Civil Liberties Union, PO Box 1137, Carlton. To the Editor, The Australian, 5th October 2005. There is a long history of misrepresentation, in Australia and other Western countries, of opponents of racial egalitarianism and Professor Andrew Markus ('We're all chosen people', 5/10) continues that tradition. His model of 'racial thought' is a caricature with distinct Nazi overtones, and it is unfair to associate it with men like Eric Butler (a Christian, first and foremost), Graeme Campbell and Professor Andrew Fraser. The reference to Butler's 1946 book 'The International Jew' is misleading. It should be noted that communist Ken Gott told outright lies about that book in his pamphlet 'Voices of Hate' and that more recently academic John McLaren praised Gott's critical acumen in the pamphlet - evidently having never compared Butler's text with Gott's claims. Commenting that the academic studies of men such as Arthur Jensen and Kevin MacDonald 'are far from gaining acceptance' is disparagement, not reasoned rebuttal. It is perfectly possible to accept Charles Murray's point that variation within racial and ethnic groups is greater than the variation between those groups, and still hold that relative racial homogeneity strengthens peoples and nations and protects them from ideological and financial imperialisms - or takeover by other racial groups. Thus Professor Markus has failed to invalidate Professor Fraser's thesis. Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic

To: Mr. Russell Broadbent M.P, Warragul, Victoria.
I have just been watching John Howard on the news tonight, once again portraying himself as a caring concerned politician weeping tears of blood over the latest outbreak of violence in Bali. I enclose a copy of a statement sent to leaders of the Christian Church in the hope they will see the part our political leaders are playing in the politics of violence. If we return to the part he and Peter Costello played in Indonesia during the later part of President Suharto's reign of government, when both used every means of persuasion to convince Suharto he should transfer Indonesia's financial power into the hands of the IMF. Suharto conceded.
Immediately the IMF, the front runner in the politics of violence, destroyed the basic economy of Indonesia which subsidised the cost of food, fuel and power the less fortunate members of Indonesian society relied on to obtain even a modicum of economic justice. The immediate result was mass rioting, burning, looting, pillaging and mayhem of every description. From that moment the terrorist element went rampant.
The role that Howard and Costello played in that tragedy has never been sheeted home to them, for the salient and tragic reason that the tame back bench of parliament consists of members who have sold their souls to the executioners of political violence in the executive. At this point in time we do not have any representatives capable of defending our nation from leaders like Howard, Costello and Beazley who are actively promoting politics of violence leading to terrorism, which Howard tells us almost ever time he appears on television must shortly become our lot.

Tonight I also witnessed Tony Abbot in Bali expressing great sorrow for what had happened. Only a few weeks ago I received a letter from him justifying increased centralisation of political, economic and financial power, the very principle which leads to the politics of violence.
I can only repeat again, there is a sickness unto death within the Coalition parties which is destroying the heart of this great nation. Within a very short time there must eventuate rebellion from the grass roots of the Australian populace against this treachery. I personally hope it comes through the revival of the Christian Church, for if that should happen it would have lasting substance, but I must admit it is very difficult to see any real light shining through the darkness from that source. I write to you because you are my representative, appointed to give honest representation, responsible to your own conscience first, which makes you responsible to God, which will then make you responsible to those God expects you to defend from evil. I pray you will share this letter around in an effort to prick the conscience of those betraying Australia. Yours faithfully, Edward Rock, Cape Patterson, Victoria.


"The Radical Prince," by David Lorimer.
This "practical vision of the Prince of Wales" has to be one of the most positive and constructive books published for quite some time. It provides an overview of Prince Charles' ideas on ecology, organic agriculture, holistic health, religion, education and much more. It offers ideas for local communities to begin the regeneration processes if they don't want to die out all together. You may not agree with all of the Prince's projects but, as one reviewer put it: "If you are not afraid to think and to deepen your understanding of a man who may one day become King, this is the book for you." It is highly recommended and would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Price: $37.00 posted.

"Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell #7," by Ernst Zundel.
Australians let us all beware, for our systems of Anglo-Saxon-Christian Law have been dangerously white-anted by an alien philosophy. Through the brave efforts of Ernst Zundel, a 'politically incorrect' political prisoner fighting for his freedoms, it is finally dawning on more within the Western World that in Canada a judge of the Federal Court can listen to secret witnesses and secret evidence, look at documents, listen to videos - anything at all - but, the accused and his lawyers will not be told the names of these witnesses, cannot test the documents for forgery, editing or anything else. And Truth is no defence. Yet the judge's decision is final! It cannot be appealed or reviewed by a higher court, not even the Supreme Court of Canada. Read for yourself. Price: $25.00 posted.

"Terror Laws: ASIO, Counter Terrorism & The Threat to Democracy," by Jenny Hocking.
Detention without charge, indefinitely? Organisations banned without trial? Children kidnapped off the street, strip-searched, and interrogated without charge? Those things don't happen in Australia you say? Wake up Aussie or you are in for a rude awakening! Our once jealously guarded civil and political rights - freedom of expression, freedom of association, protection from arbitrary detention, the right to independent legal advice - have been deceitfully and cunningly tossed aside in the name of the "war on terror". Jenny Hocking traces the growth of Australia's internal security organizations to the powerful 'counter terrorism' networks that now reach into every corner of our lives. Price: $43.00 posted.

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