Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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4 November 2005 Thought for the Week:
"The Church speaks out for liberty and authority at the same time… She does not demand the sacrifice of either, but tries to conciliate and to bring them in harmonious accord with each other, by basing herself on the principle… of the suppletive function of the State, a fundamental principle of social philosophy, unshaken and unchangeable. This means that in the first place, the greatest liberty possible - legitimate liberty, of course - must be left to private enterprises, individual or associated, and that State intervention must be resorted to only when such enterprises prove themselves unable to attain their particular ends become detrimental to the general interests of all, or when the direct promotion of the common welfare is concerned…
To the individual, first of all, must be left the greatest liberty and initiative possible. Then in order to make up for his incapacities, appeal must be made in the first place to the family group, then to a group of greater dimension, professional or others, for everything that is beyond the power of domestic society; and finally, the State will be called upon to undertake the tasks which these larger organisations themselves are unable to accomplish, especially those directly concerning the common welfare…
If it (Social Credit) vigorously reacts against the individualistic capitalism of the trust magnates of money and credit, it most strongly accentuates the social character of economic life and, particularly, of the monetary system, we see in that nothing properly socialistic…We may be magnificently social without being socialistic. Such is the case for the Crediters."
George-Henri Levesque, O.P. in "Social Credit and Catholicism," 1936.


by James Reed

They never rest and never stop. Like killer robots in trashy Hollywood movies, they just keep on coming.
Kim Beazley has thrown his weight, and a considerable weight at that, behind the idea of a directly elected president as the head of the Australian republic. A cross-party republican group prepares to launch a campaign in November for an "Australian head of state".
The same old lies and propaganda will no doubt be rolled out again; after a suitable dusting down from the 1999 referendum defeat. Liberal Senator Mitch Fifield, Labor's Nicole Roxon and Democrat's Natasha Stott Despoja will head the team. Recall that emperor-in-waiting Peter Costello is a republican.

Now apart from all the weighty Constitutional and legal arguments that far more legally learned people than me have given - such as the magnificent audio tapes that the League has of *Dr. David Mitchell - there is one argument which I have found always works against the "swinging voter".

Do you trust the people who are pushing the republican cause?
What do you think their agenda is?
And will you be happy when you are given the list of who they will let you vote for as the first Australian president - Gough ("god") Whitlam, Bob ("silver bodgee") Hawke and Paul ("foul mouthed") Keating?
The republican push is about letting these types of people rewrite the Constitution. I say "no" - their kind is doing enough harm now.

One of the republicans' dirty strategies has been to attempt to discredit Prince Charles, to portray him as a "tree hugger" and talker to plants on the one hand and a womaniser on the other. Anyone who knows anything about the sexual goings-on in the major political parties - the exploits of numerous past Australian prime ministers that the media will never document but which circulate by word of mouth - will immediately see this personal attack on Prince Charles for what it is. It is a sad fact of life today that marriages - the majority of them - break up with the demands and pressures of modern emasculated living. Royalty is not immuned from this disease.

As for the "tree hugging" claim, readers need to purchase from the League a tremendous book by David Lorimer, **Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales.
I read this magnificent book one rainy Saturday afternoon and went from being a moderate supporter of Prince Charles to a strong supporter and believer that the man would be a great king. I would have called the book The Philosopher Prince.

Prince Charles is seen for having profound insights, mixing traditional conservative thought and the best of progressive thought. He has defended the principles of sacred art and architecture and attacked modernism in architecture. On the other hand, Prince Charles has embraced the best of ecology and supported organic foods and thriving rural communities.

The "tree hugger" and "plant talker" labels are slurs to discredit him and have no link to reality. A very concise quote occurs in this book which sums up Prince Charles' philosophy of life.
He says:
"As I have grown older I have gradually come to realise that my entire life so far has been motivated by a desire to heal -
to heal the dismembered landscape and the poisoned soil;
the cruelly shattered townscape, where harmony has been replaced by cacophony;
to heal the divisions between intuition and rational thought, between mind, body and soul, so that the temple of our humanity can once again be lit by a scared flame;
to level the monstrous artificial barrier erected between Tradition and Modernity and above all,
to heal the mortally wounded soul that, alone, can give us warning of the folly of playing God and of believing that knowledge on its own is a substitute for wisdom".
Such a level of thought belongs to the likes of Socrates, to philosophies such as Plato and Kant.

Could you see Gough Whitlam, Hawke or Keating - our likely presidents - thinking in such terms? Indeed Hawke wants Australia to become the nuclear waste dump of the world. That is a precise metaphor for what the republicans want for Australia.

* Dr. David Mitchell's Set of 5 Audio Tapes are available from Mayo Tape Library, Box 6, Hahndorf, S.A. 5245. Price for set: $30:00 posted. ** "Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales," $37:00 posted from all League Book Services.


by James Reed

The NSW Higher School Certificate exam in "Advanced" English, held on Thursday 20 October 2005 dealt with Shakespeare's King Lear and the poetry of W.B. Yeats. Yet sitting alongside the classics was another "text" for children to analyse: the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission's (ATSIC) website. ATSIC was abolished by the Commonwealth government in March this year but the NSW Board of Studies ensured that the site remained up for this year's exam - after all, good brain-rotting propaganda takes time to prepare and our youth must never be given a second to recover from White Guilt chronic fatigue.

The Australian 21 October 2005 quotes Dr. Spurr, a senior lecturer in English at the University of Sydney who said that ATSIC would be as surprised as the rest of us as "Their purpose presumably was to promote the indigenous cause, not produce literature".
But that is actually the purpose of much of the "Arts" today - not to preserve Western civilization, but to bury it.

While I detest The Australian newspaper, it is good to see that even they have taken a stand against "postmodernism" (= anti-West) philosophies in education. But they want to resist this dumbing down to maintain Australia's role in the Asia Pacific economy, for today even slaves must be educated.
Nevertheless The Australian's crusade against postmodernism has a spin-off benefit for us, the lovers of our race and defenders of freedom.


by James Reed

"The Nature Cure of Our Social Disorders," by Ralph L. Duck published in 1958, was a small book ahead of its time. The nature cure is a personal and individual message that says simply, "The individual is told that health cannot be obtained by drugs and injections: it cannot be bought. It can only be 'earned' and that only by supplying the body with its needs - a balanced diet, of posture, of exercise and rest, of protection from the elements and by a balanced mind. Health can be insured in no other manner."

Duck recommended a "return to nature," but not in the sense loved by some greenies. A return to nature involved a reality check, a living within natural laws and limits. Within the broad social credit movement, Duck said that with modern technology genuine human needs, not merely artificially induced consumer wants, could be satisfied with one hour's work per week. Even if this was too optimistic, the working week could well be cut in half. There is no need for people to live on a technological treadmill working even longer hours.

He quoted the socialist George Bernard Shaw who said: "Compulsory labour, with death as the final penalty, is the keystone of socialism". Those in support of Howard's workplace reforms, should chew on that.
Social Credit's National Dividend would end the threat of socialism forever, as people would no longer be wage slaves and would have the dignity of some secure private property.
Healing many sicknesses which threaten individuals could be dealt with by curing larger social diseases such as the financial system. Orthodox conspiratorial finance is the major disease of the modern world. Bankers have the power, Mr. Duck observes "of life or death, able to loose or withhold the means of life". This situation indicates that there is "something wrong with our social bloodstream".

The Social Credit movement attempts to humanize the economy and put economic life back into the control of people rather than controlling them.

To paraphrase Christ, the economy was made for man not man for the economy. As C.H. Douglas said in "Economic Democracy": "Systems were made for men, and not men for systems. And the interest of man which is self-development is above all systems, whether theological, political or economic".

Mr. Duck concludes: "Until money is subordinated to the law and is made a servant, the means to restore the governing of production and distribution to the people, the consumers - and they themselves are rightly submissive to the prime Law - health cannot be released nor can society be whole". May the thoughts of Ralph L. Duck survive many a Thanksgiving Dinner.


The following email has been widely circulated. Tony Pitt of Queensland has sent a copy to the Governor-General asking him to act on the - if true - alarming matter.

"As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces it is your duty to ensure that this matter is fully investigated. Please take the appropriate action."
R. (Tony) Pitt, 79 Ferry Street, Maryborough Qld 4650

The original message came from a Grace Bible Church pastor in Thailand:
"The Indonesian-Australian relationship," Thursday, 13 October 2005.

"Former Indonesian President Abdurraham Wahid has claimed in an interview with SBS that it was the Indonesian Armed Forces that ordered the 2002 Bali Bombing. As I sit back now waiting for all the denials to follow, I can only continue to reiterate what I have been saying for years. Australia gave Singapore free access to Top Secret documents regarding the structure of the Indonesian Armed Forces. They were "sprung" by Australian Army Intelligence officers in 1981 and needed an immediate decoy. That person was me.

They continued to pretend, up to the early 90's that they had caught their man, whilst behind the scenes the real culprit continued to operate with impunity. As recently as 1999, when I protested my innocence to Major Brady, the Unit Security Officer of 7th Signals Regiment, I further protested that unless this matter was investigated, it would create unpleasant consequences for Australia's relationship with Indonesia.

Colonel Russell Smith, the Director of Australian Army Security, told me, through Major Brady, that if I had a complaint, I should take it to Singaporean Intelligence. Blatant cover up where a man should ask the perpetrator of a crime to investigate himself because the victim is not interested.

About 4 years ago, Australian Intelligence worked a deal with the Singaporean Government, who authorised us to establish a spy station at Kranji, Singapore, whose sole purpose is to spy on the Indonesians and Malaysians and to share this information with the Singaporeans.
In the eyes of the Indonesians, Australia betrayed their trust during the invasion of Timor, and we are continuing to do so.
The Indonesian armed forces continue to run the show in Indonesia with a democratic elected President serving as their dissemblance.

In 2002, one Teungku Hasbi was ordered by Indonesian Intelligence to arrange the slaughter of innocents. Over 80 Australians were murdered along with 120 others. Mr Hasbi is a Jemaah Islamiah terrorist. He has links here in Thailand and is involved in the unrest in the south of Thailand that has cost the lives of over 1,000 people since early last year.
Mr Hasbi's colleague in Thailand, Mr Hambali, was the mastermind behind the first Bali bombing. He was arrested just north of me right here in Thailand. Mr Hambali appears to have disappeared into thin air since his arrest and I can only consider that he is in American custody.

Does it not appear strange that all these Australian drug mules are suddenly being arrested in large numbers, not only on Indonesian soil, but with the collaboration of the Australian Federal Police? These young men and women are facing a firing squad. They will be sacrificed in order for Australia to create an impression that they are co-operating with the Indonesian authorities. The Indonesians are smiling to our face and murdering our children in Bali.
The recent attack by the Indonesian people on Kerbokan prison in an attempt to murder those arrested for the Bali bombing is little more than rent a crowd. It was common knowledge that the Indonesians had transferred those convicted to another prison well before the anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing.

Mervyn Jenkins died, because he told the Americans the truth about what was happening in Timor. The Australians had lied in order to appease the Indonesian armed forces.
Andrew Plunkett protested the Australian appeasement of the Indonesian armed forces in Timor which resulted in the death of countless innocent civilians. He was discharged.
Lance Collins was railroaded, because he tried to warn Australia. Unfortunately Lance Collins did not know that the Australians already knew what he was trying to warn them about and did not want it made public.

I am just one of several former Australian soldiers who feels it is essential that Australia totally overhaul its Intelligence resources immediately. We need to review our relationship with our neighbours in South East Asia as a matter of urgency. The Malaysians consider the United States to be terrorists, and the Australian alliance in Iraq is an affront to the Islamic people of that country.

The close relationship that Australia has with Singapore has poisoned the water and they see Singapore as Australia's lackey allowing us to use their territory to spy on both the Indonesians and Malaysians. Paul Keating's comment that the Malaysians are recalcitrant still rings in the ears of many Malay people. Many consider us the white trash of South East Asia.
Malaysia calls for peace, but how can they enjoy this peace with an Islamic uprising on their northern border, Malays being murdered and Thai-Malay refugees now crossing the border into Malaysia. South East Asia is a powder keg and about to explode!

Australian Intelligence resources are well understaffed and lacking in persons with the appropriate expertise to cope with the forthcoming emergency. If only they would listen instead of continuing to shoot the messenger. In a short time, the Indonesian economy will again collapse, and the Thai economy will not be far behind. There will be huge unemployment and social turmoil.

Share my views with whomever you will. This last bombing in Bali was the last straw for me. I saw a photo of the body of that little kid from Perth, my home town. I wept. This insanity must be stopped!
Australians must be awoken from their slumber and force changes that protect our interests in South East Asia whilst respecting the interests of our neighbours.

I beg for a little patience with the supply of documents. I am not surprised to learn that the Ombudsman will not assist RG. I have all the documentation required, but if I release it too soon, or to the wrong person, I can undo much good investigative work that I have initiated behind the scenes over the past two years. I beg for patience, but not for long. My patience has brought me this far, just a little more, and I will be able to bring this matter home. Graham Shaw, Thailand. Please visit our website at <>


Remember South Africa - and the rule of law, The Age, October 25, 2005:

"J. M. Coetzee has just drawn our attention to the parallels between Australia's proposed security laws and apartheid South Africa's destruction of the rule of law in that country. Like Coetzee, I lived through the process in South Africa and I now teach about and research it.
In 1948, the government there started with the basic British system protecting civil liberties through the courts. From 1950 the erosion of the rule of law began, under the justification of opposition to "communism" (from 1950) and "terrorism" (from the early 1960s).

In 1950, the government took the power to ban both organisations and individuals as "communist" (on the word of the minister, with no court involved); from 1963 it gave the police the power to detain people without trial or court intervention (initially for 90 days, then for 180 days, and, from 1982, indefinitely); and it created new capital offences of "sabotage" (from 1962) and "terrorism" (from 1967).

What this resulted in was progressive abuse of these powers by the security police. Successive ministers of justice and law and order gave the police whatever powers they demanded; the courts refused to intervene to prevent the abuses. By the 1980s, large sections of the security police were effectively responsible and accountable only to ministers who made no attempt to rein in their abuses.
The result was appalling human rights abuses on a large scale - all justified as part of the "war against communism and terrorism".

What the South African experience showed very clearly was that police, once given such powers, will demand more and more, and will demand less and less accountability to courts, parliament, government and the public at large. Many Australians wrongly comfort themselves with the belief that everything that happened in South Africa can be blamed on Afrikaners, and so it can never happen here.

Philip Ruddock sounds increasingly like successive South African ministers of justice and law and order from the 1960s. This is a naïve racial assumption. In fact, Anglo-Saxon police in imperial Kenya and in white-ruled Rhodesia, French authorities in Algeria, Latin American police and military, and Eastern European police show that this is a universal rather than specifically racial characteristic.

Once you give police and security authorities powers that they can exercise without the necessary restraints of the rule of law, they will hang on to them and demand more. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock sounds increasingly like successive South African ministers of justice and law and order from the 1960s in his petulant insistence that his legislation is no threat to civil liberties because it is aimed only at the "terrorist". Australians cannot afford to trust him on this.
Once lost, such civil liberties can be regained - if at all - only at great cost.

Associate Professor David Philips, department of history, University of Melbourne

A timely warning, 14 October 2005: Letter sent to The Age:

"Alastair Nicholson makes some excellent comments denouncing the so-called "anti-terror" laws as a hoax, warning that the Government and its agencies will use these oppressive laws for abuse of power. This is precisely what many civil liberties organisations, including this one, have said again and again.
It provides a danger, not only to Muslims, but to the community in general, because of the wide-ranging application of these laws, and the way they can be abused for political control.
It will create a terrorist state under the guide of 'fighting terrorism'."

Geoff Muirden, Australian Civil Liberties Union, Carlton, Vic.

Racists posing as civil libertarians:

The following response to Geoff Muirden's letter appeared in, The Age, 17 October 2005:

"There is room for disagreement and debate regarding anti-terrorist legislation, but beware of extremist organisations hijacking this contentious issue in order to gain recognition, respectability and media acceptance.
The so-called Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and spokesman Geoff Muirden ("A timely warning", Letters, 14/10) should not be confused with the bona fide Australian Council for Civil Liberties.
The ACLU is in fact one of Victoria's most antiSemitic Holocaust-denying organisations, with a long history of espousing xenophobic views, and with ties to notorious racist organisations, both locally and abroad.
The ACLU was founded by John Bennett, following his expulsion from the Victorian Council for Civil Liberties (now Liberty Victoria) in 1980, after linking his Holocaust-denial views with the council, which made his position untenable.
Meanwhile, Muirden is connected with Fred Toben's Holocaust-denying Adelaide Institute, has written for extremist publications and spoken at far-right functions and forums. It is of concern that use of the name Australian Civil Liberties Union may give this racist organisation undeserved legitimacy in the community."

Annette Gladwin, liaison officer, B'nai B'rith Anti-Defamation Commission Inc.


Readers will remember Mayor Peter Davis of Port Lincoln wrote that Telstra has a community service responsibility to ALL AUSTRALIANS. Yet, Telstra consistently refuses to honour its responsibilities to isolated rural Australians based on poor financial returns to the Company.
It has stated in its annual reports that it will not invest in assets returning poor profitability.

Telstra advised Cleve District Council in South Australia, no mobile phone tower will be installed at Darke's Peake unless Council enters into a funding agreement. (Why do we pay taxes when we then have to pay again for our public services?…ed) Cleve has a population of 1900 people who pay a total $1.4 million in Council rates annually.... Yet the new C.E.O. Trujillo's commencing salary was seven times the total rate revenue of the Cleve Council!

In "Social Credit and Catholicism," mention is made of the social evils resulting from the violation of the right order of a community - as is the case, we believe, of the sale of a public utility, a public service, such as Telstra, into the hands of the individualistic capitalism of the trust magnates known in this day and age as 'economic rationalists'.

Even though the Commonwealth Constitution Act specifically states:
"The House of Representatives shall be composed of members directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth…" Jeremy Lee rightly explains:
"So far, the ALP Opposition and the State Governments have been too timid to stand up for the people. Labor is essentially a globalist party in the Coalition image".
Neither the present ALP nor the Coalition stand for national sovereignty. It comes back to the Australian people to demand results. When the people find that political will within themselves - when their voices are loud enough - when their demands are strong enough - and informed enough - the People will prevail!

But to whom do we make our demands? To whom do we direct our pleas?
Constitutionally it is the Governor-General acting on behalf of our Queen who is charged with the responsibility of applying those checks and balances with his reserve powers to safeguard the common good of the people.

Politicians would have us believe the powers of the Governor-General to act on our behalf are now 'outmoded'. Are they implying those provisions in the Commonwealth Constitution Act are now 'out of fashion'? "Fashion" is something that can change with the seasons, can be discarded as an outer garment may be discarded. Once more they are trying to 'dumb us down'.

When it comes to the Commonwealth Constitution, the provision is there for the People to decide at a Referendum! In a letter dated 15th December 1983 to one of his South Australian electors (then) Democrat senator Don Chipp explained the proposed changes (at the time) to the Commonwealth Constitution Act thus:
· Clause 6 - Royal Assent to Bills Repeals the reference in s.58 to the Governor-General's outmoded power (?) to reserve Bills for the Queen's assent.
· Clause 7 - Disallowance by the Queen Repeals s.59 which provides that the Queen may disallow any law within one year of the Governor-General's assent.

I haven't heard any politicians claiming their powers, which also derive from the Commonwealth Constitution Act, are now 'outmoded'.

Dr. David Mitchell assures us those powers are just as relevant today as when first included in the Act.
The 'ball is now in the People's court':
The ball is now in the court of the Australian people to fight for their rights and demand the Governor-General act on their behalf.

Dr. Mitchell's dinner address on the Constitutional powers and responsibilities of the Governor-General is so important. Make the effort to send away for the tape, what can you lose but your freedom… and possibly your nation!
Listen to the tape - and then ACT!
Audio tape available from Mayo Tapes, Box 6, Hahndorf, S.A. 5245 $6.00 posted.

The Governor-General's address is:

Government House, Canberra, ACT 2600.
The letter could be something along the lines of the following:
Your Excellency, You Sir, under the Commonwealth Constitution, have the power to disallow the sale of the peoples' public utility Telstra and we appeal to you to do so; as one of your predecessors did. Without putting this to a referendum, the Coalition politicians are acting unconscionably, in total disregard of the people's wishes. I appeal to you, as the guardian of the people rights, to act in accordance with the people's wishes and halt this vandalism. Not to act would could be construed as a dereliction of duty and could place you, in the public's eye, as but a cipher of the political parties.
Yours sincerely, a loyal subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
John Citizen.


: I am hearing all sorts of strange ideas. I see in the Constitution the Governor-General is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
I hear it being said, "How ridiculous", the Governor-General would not know the sharp end from the blunt end of a Naval ship, or of a machine gun. How could he possibly be the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces; what a ridiculous idea.
He has no military training and in any case, he hasn't been elected, why should he be able to control the Armed forces?

My friends and fellow citizens of Australia, it is very important indeed, that the Governor-General be Commander in Chief of the Armed forces, not only ceremonially but actually.
You see, theoretically the Parliament, (for simpler, not correctly using the word Parliament), could, if it had control of the Armed Forces, use the Armed Forces against the people of Australia.
While still Commander in Chief, if the Governor-General says, no you can't, then the Government of the day cannot use the Armed Forces against you.
Doesn't that mean the Governor-General can use the Armed forces against us? No, he can't, and why not, because the Parliament holds the purse strings. He cannot pay the soldiers or sailors, or the airmen one cent, nor can he provide them with rifles, bullets or even food.
The Parliament controls the military forces of this country through the purse strings.
This is a protection for you (more checks and balances…ed) and there is a proposal to remove that protection.


Please be advised that our next meeting on Thursday Evening 24th. November (last for the year), will be held at the Russian Club at Strathfield. This venue is close to the Railway Station and has the benefit of a Bistro open for evening refreshments. Strathfield is central to all Sydney suburbs, and it is hoped that this will stimulate the interest of supporters from the Northern and Eastern suburbs.


"The Radical Prince," by David Lorimer.
This "practical vision of the Prince of Wales" has to be one of the most positive and constructive books published for quite some time. It provides an overview of Prince Charles' ideas on ecology, organic agriculture, holistic health, religion, education and much more. It offers ideas for local communities to begin the regeneration processes if they don't want to die out all together. You may not agree with all of the Prince's projects but, as one reviewer put it: "If you are not afraid to think and to deepen your understanding of a man who may one day become King, this is the book for you." It is highly recommended and would make a wonderful Christmas gift. Price: $37.00 posted.

"Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell #7,"
by Ernst Zundel.
Australians let us all beware, for our systems of Anglo-Saxon-Christian Law have been dangerously white-anted by an alien philosophy. Through the brave efforts of Ernst Zundel, a 'politically incorrect' political prisoner fighting for his freedoms, it is finally dawning on more within the Western World that in Canada a judge of the Federal Court can listen to secret witnesses and secret evidence, look at documents, listen to videos - anything at all - but, the accused and his lawyers will not be told the names of these witnesses, cannot test the documents for forgery, editing or anything else. And Truth is no defence. Yet the judge's decision is final! It cannot be appealed or reviewed by a higher court, not even the Supreme Court of Canada. Read for yourself. Price: $25.00 posted.

"Terror Laws: ASIO, Counter Terrorism & Threat to Democracy,"
by Jenny Hocking:
Detention without charge, indefinitely? Organisations banned without trial? Children kidnapped off the street, strip-searched, and interrogated without charge? Those things don't happen in Australia you say? Wake up Aussie or you are in for a rude awakening! Our once jealously guarded civil and political rights - freedom of expression, freedom of association, protection from arbitrary detention, the right to independent legal advice - have been deceitfully and cunningly tossed aside in the name of the "war on terror". Jenny Hocking traces the growth of Australia's internal security organizations to the powerful 'counter terrorism' networks that now reach into every corner of our lives. Price: $43.00 posted.
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159