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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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On Target

25 November 2005 Thought for the Week:
"In his famous 1984 George Orwell has one of his characters comment that 'Who controls the past controls the future'.
While it is true that people who do not learn from the mistakes of the history are doomed to repeat those mistakes, it is also true that if people are denied information concerning those mistakes, they are unable to heed them. Much of written history has suppressed vital information concerning how the present crisis of Civilisation has developed in such a relatively short time.
Written history is at best the view of the historian. His facts may be correct. But real history is crystalised politics, not the listing of a series of disconnected episodes.
If it is clear that over a period of time there has emerged in events a consistent pattern, then behind that pattern there is conscious design. Writing about the French Revolution, Lord Acton said that behind all the smoke and chaos, there was design. Where there is design, there are designers… The plight of the world has not "just happened " it has been made to happen…"
Eric D. Butler in "The Red Pattern of World Conquest," 1985.


by Ian Wilson, LL.B.

I have collected an index finger-length high pile of clippings from various newspapers about the recent "terrorists in Oz" crisis. It is a truly amazing file of material that a few short years ago would have been incredible even in an Australian novel. Five hundred police were involved in a great Muslim terrorist round up in Melbourne and Sydney and police media units supplied to the media professional footage of helicopter surveillance of fleeing terrorists captured by the magic of thermal technology. A plot to blow up Australia's only nuclear reactor, possible attacks upon various government offices and shoot-outs with "former bit-part actors" now terrorists. This threat emerges just as the new terrorist laws and industrial relations reforms are kicked through parliament.

Page 1 of The Australian 3 November 2005 has a headline "Cities on Terror Alert". In the middle of the page is a colour photograph of a Muslim cleric preaching "hatred of the West". In the right column, the story "Bosses Get the Right to Sack Any Time". Both of these are a threat to the West and to our way of life, but I personally rate the industrial reforms as a greater terror threat. The police are bravely coping with the minor terrorists' threats.

I do not doubt that the individuals captured may be "terrorists": that I will grant even given the happy coincidence that this all occurred at the time that crucial Howard legislation was passing through the bowels of parliament. But were the new terror laws necessary to save Australia from this alleged threat? Attorney-General Philip Ruddock said (as reported in The Australian 10 November 2005, p.4) that the new preventive detention and control orders were "crucial".
It is hard to see how these measures were crucial. Typically once there is a threshold degree of evidence sufficient to enliven a threat, there are sufficient grounds for an arrest on some charge. If there are grounds for preventive detention, there are usually grounds for arresting even is there is no clear indication of a target and a date. In other words, without the new terrorist laws, Australian police could have still dealt with the alleged threat.
Control orders might 'nip planning in the bud', but maybe it is better police wait a little longer and secure an entire network of terrorists instead of alerting the "big fish" by detention of the small, allowing the sharks to plot for another day.

As a case in point, under the new sedition laws all that is necessary for prosecution is that a person "urged" another person to commit violence: it is no longer necessary to show that the person intended for that other person to commit violence and nor is it necessary that violence resulted. This means as a number of legal critics of the new terror laws have made clear, that if some writer is the source of information that encouraged another, even if unbeknown to the writer, to commit violence, then the writer faces sedition charges and seven years in goal.

Already a Monash University student, researching terrorism for an essay has been questioned by Australian Federal Police. If academics needed an excuse to avoid controversial topics, then here is one: universities will be under surveillance like never before. That may not matter much given the slush that flows from these places. Still, it's the principle that counts.

Legislation 'ill defined':
"Terrorism" is ill-defined in the legislation and so is what it means to encourage and incite violence. Essentially any political activity that the State doesn't like is "terrorism" and violence is any sort of threat to legitimacy.
Thus in July of this year anti-globalisation campaigner Scott Parkin was held in solitary confinement in Melbourne and then deported. He was charged over $10,000 for his holiday in goal. Parkin was a peaceful protestor and no evidence was given of his incitement to violence. I don't particularly like the leftist-Parkin types but I can see that when their rights to free speech go, then so does mine.

'Seditious' legalese:
"Sedition" is defined so broadly as to include almost any criticism of the government. Indeed "seditious intention" means an intention, among other things, to urge disaffection against the "Sovereign," "the Government of the Commonwealth," and "either Houses of Parliament". There goes by definition the Republic debate, but with it, all political criticism as well. Of course the government may not choose to become openly as nasty as the Soviet Union was overnight, but again, it is the principle that matters.

From the gun ban, to rapid Asianisation and Africanisation, John Howard has, step by step, worked to prepare Australia for its place in the new world order as a colony of China. To do this requires making Australia into a police state. Although I hate to quote the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission as authority, the president John van Doussa has said that the stop, question and search provisions (which require no search warrant) follow that of a police state:
"The defining characteristic of a police state is that the police exercise power on behalf of the executive and that the conduct of the police cannot be effectively challenged through the justice system of the State. Regrettably, this is exactly what the laws which are currently under debate will achieve."

And that is what we have now. The long-term vision of Howard is, I conjecture, bit by bit, to deliver Australia, bound and gagged, into the Asian new world order. Oops - that's "seditious" isn't it - it is against the law to bring Howard into disrepute. Our hope for freedom now lies in the politically correct High Court. We live in strange, paradoxical times.


by James Reed

Peter Davis, the Mayor of Port Lincoln, South Australia, recently had an article about him published in Adelaide's Advertiser (Review, 5 November 2005), entitled "There's method in his madness." The article was, surprisingly, fair to Peter Davis.
He was quoted as saying the League of Rights is "not a racist organisation" and that he is "proud of my association with the League of Rights."
As well Davis was quoted as saying "It [the League of Rights] does argue, and for good reasons, that it is disputable whether or not Jews were consciously gassed in concentration camps."

Throughout his successful career as a Mayor, Peter has been outspoken on the really important issues. He has been much more fearless and coherent than all the Pauline Hansons and he has not backed down. The truth hurts says Peter, "I'm facing reality." "If you mix races, which is miscegenation, or multiculturalism, you finish up with one or two things; either you finish up with ghettoes or enclaves of people who choose their own type, or you finish up with mongrels."

And: "they [Asians] don't want to multicult, and why should we? We're incompatible with Asians. Multiculturalism is an ideal concept, but it doesn't work. There is enough history to prove it."

As a mere contributor, I cannot speak on behalf of the League, but my own view is that Peter Davis is an inspiration to us all, a truly decent Aussie type who sees his own land under threat. If only there were more men as courageous as him.


by Betty Luks

Queensland property owners are 'up in arms' against Peter Beattie, his government and bureaucrats over the Vegetation Management Act 1999 and the Water Act 2000 and are taking their problems to the High Court.
A recent meeting of 'Property Rights Australia' drew more than 150 people to a public meeting in Queensland's town of St. George. The meeting's chairman, Mr. Jeff Moon, observed that under the legislation a person receives a greater penalty if he knocks down a tree than if he is caught drug running or has murdered someone. Fines of up to $312,000 apply for breaches of the Integrated Planning Act and $124,000 under the Vegetation Management Act. More media 'compassion' for convicted drug dealers than farmers:
Mr. Moon could have pointed out convicted drug dealers also receive national media attention when their lives are in jeopardy but there is no concentrated media attention focussed on the numbers of farmers who have taken their own lives when their life's work is in ruins and their families destroyed through financial pressures, or they cannot face eviction day or bankruptcy.

The 'great divide' between city and country:
Queensland's new Senator, Barnaby Joyce, attended the meeting which was held in his hometown of St. George. The Baloone Beacon, 27 October 2005 reported on his message to the gathering:
"We live in a society of middle management who don't own any real assets and live in large urban electorates with no connection to right of ownership like you have. They have a chip on their shoulder, they own nothing and their only goal in life is to take that asset away from you."

He likened the government's attack on the property rights of Queenslanders as "communism with a suit and happy smiley face". He saw the land as the "fundamental calibrator of wealth and the effort of farmers, their parents and grandparents before them. The calluses, skin cancer and family break up are designated in that title deed. That is why land is so sacred, it designates who we are."
Senator Joyce encouraged his country Queenslanders to take the message to all sectors of the political and social spectrum and especially saw the need 'to change perceptions in metropolitan areas.'

Never mind 'middle management' Senator Joyce - what about Corporate Capitalism?
But wait a minute, isn't this the man who, as the Senate representative of all Queenslanders, voted for "Corporate Capitalism" to take over our national communications system Telstra, and in doing so, miserably failed his first test as a Senate Representative?

Yes, there is an agenda to take away all property rights, it applies to city as well as country. But rather than do what the Soviet's did in the Ukraine (that is, confiscate the production through brutal force and starve the remnant peasants into submission) the 'one worlders' are tying the farmers up with debt-finance, poor returns, oppressive legislation and red tape.

Now that I think about it, never mind 'middle management' - what about the Banking System Senator Joyce?
Come on, wink wink, nudge nudge; you know as well as I do, Governments everywhere are the Banking System's Agents.


In the middle of the 1960s the American economist, John Kenneth Galbraith delivered a series of lectures on the BBC titled "The New Industrial State". He asserted: '…In the US where faith in free enterprise is deep, it is painful for us to concede that we have graduated into a directed or planned economy.'

At the time the Daily Telegraph editorial 19/12/66 said: "His thesis was that there is virtually no difference between Capitalism and Socialism. He claimed that, since the great private monopolies plan their own production and effectively determine demand, the 'market' has ceased to exist. Without the market, competition and consumer choice have both become illusions'."

The draconian 'Terror" laws and "Industrial Relations" legislation only make sense when the one worlder's plans are taken into account. The 'Terror' Laws are being enacted for the time when it finally dawns on the Australian worker that his wages and conditions have not only been reduced to Third World standard but the Multinationals have brought their own slave-workers into the country.

Services for the Working World in the 21st Century:
Renato Ruggiero, the WTO's Director-General spelt it out in a speech "Services for the Working World in the 21st Century" delivered in Berlin, 1997:
"The truth is that today - because of the enormous advances of new technologies and trade liberalization - we have the chance of offering to every nation, including least-developed countries, the possibility of equal access to education and information, thus creating the conditions for a society based on equality of opportunity. Never before have we had such opportunities, in a context where the market, in all its different forms dominates the evolution of the global economy…
"Should we consider closing our borders to exports from developing countries while keeping their borders open for our exports? Should we seek to slow down or even stop the industrialization of billions of people, and at the same time maintain our own growth and security unaltered? Even if we stop their products, can we also stop their migration towards our countries? The only rational answer is no. We do not want to conjure up a divided world, which would not be characterized by rules-based international co-operation, but by power-based anarchy. Protectionism would be the result, and we know that protectionism - even if it were possible in our ever-more interconnected world - leads to economic and political nationalism..."

David Korten explains the scenario in his book, When Corporations Rule the World: "the sleight of hand employed to conceal the detrimental effect that rising corporate power has on democracy was simply to treat citizens as consumers. The difference is that all citizens are equal in democracy; consumers are unequal because they have different amounts of money." :

Remember the MAI? The Multilateral Agreement on Investment? It reared its ugly head just a few years ago. It seems the MAI was merely a rehearsal for what the transnational corporations have on their global agenda. The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) has a wider impact.
Services cover everything from McDonald's hamburgers to international Bankers. Health care, education, accountancy, advertising, media, even municipal services such as sewerage and water are all services. By bringing these services into the WTO ensures they are 'liberalised'. This means promoting 'privatisation' of public services - such as Telstra!.
It also means deregulation of services at the local, state and federal levels and subjecting them to the WTO's global rules for the benefit of the transnational corporations.
The end result of such a scenario would be government of the corporations, for the corporations, and by the corporations. What services remained would be forced into constant competition with the corporations, leading to slashing of labour costs and services.

If there are disputes, to whom are they referred for adjudication?
Certainly not your local Arbitration Commission or Foreign Investment Review Board. No, no, no! The disputes will go before a world body. Disputes would be resolved between national governments or between investors and allegedly offending governments.
"The likely forums are the Washington-based International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes for conflict between investors and governments and new panels similar to those used in the World Trade Organization for disputes between governments." (Business Review Weekly 26 January 1998).

Do we know what our government has committed us to? Not really. These trade deals are very 'hush hush'. It is only when things go wrong, such as with the Toll Roads and the Lane Cove Tunnel, do we find out what the fine print says.


'Conservatives' do not yet realise that 'Conservatism' is also an instrument in the 'Communist' conspiracy. 'Conservatism' provides the anaesthetic while 'finance/economic forces' perform the major operation of removing from the 'Body Politic' the Tax-Debt debilitated 'individual' Consumer and putting in his place the Bank-Credit invigorated 'institutional' Planner of Corporations and States as the 'prime mover' of the nation's economy.

And the 'Body Politic' in the process of regaining consciousness becomes suddenly aware that its 'individual' Ego and Self have been removed and an 'institutional' Computer and Planner put in their place.

And the Conservatives, still praising the virtues of 'Conservatism' refuse to recognise the fact that it was the 'Capitalist System' and not the 'Communist Party' which performed the operation.

But then the Conservatives were only concerned with "defeating and destroying" the "Communist conspiracy". How could they be expected to take note of the "Capitalist conspiracy" happening under their very noses?


by Paul Fromm, Canada:

David Irving's Arrest: British historian David Irving was arrested last Friday while on a speaking tour of Austria. He's charged with denying the "holocaust". In minority-dominated Europe, you can deny Jesus, you can deny that the earth is round, but you cannot question a carved-in-stone Hollywood version of World War II. In fact, you are not permitted to be a historian of WW II, only a propagandist for an establishment determined historical line. If you have any doubts or other opinions, you'd better shut up.
The Associated Press reports, 17 Nov. 2005:
"Austrian police have arrested controversial British historian David Irving on a warrant accusing him of denying the Holocaust, the Interior Ministry said today. Irving was arrested last Friday in Styria province said police Maj. Rudolf Golia, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, and transferred to judicial prison in Graz, the provincial capital. He was detained on a warrant issued in 1989 under Austrian laws making Holocaust denial a crime, Golia said."

David Irving is a prolific and highly readable WW II historian. His books on the Allied atrocities at Dresden, on Field Marshall Rommel, and on Churchill and Hitler (Churchill's War; Hitler's War) are classics. His original research has taken him to the archives of many countries and to interviews and diaries of many of the key participants and their staffs. Having run afoul of Canada's powerful Jewish lobby, Irving was banned from Canada in 1992 largely through the efforts of cabinet minister Gerry Weiner who just happened to be -- you guessed it -- a strident Zionist. Irving has since been banned from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and South Africa.
You can help David Irving. Phone, FAX, write or e-mail the Austrian Embassy in your country today. Let them know that their arrest of a historian is a disgrace. It's the sort of anti-intellectual behaviour we'd expect in some seedy Third World dictatorship. It's unworthy of the nation that gave us the music of Mozart and Beethoven and the culture of Vienna.

Germar Rudolf:
Publisher Germar Rudolf has been deported from the U.S. to Germany, where he may face many years in prison for questioning some of the exterminationist assertions. The U.S.A, is awash with millions of Mexican illegals and hordes of foreign criminals, but the INS, that has all but given up on the invaders, dutifully barks to the whistle of its neo-con, Israel First masters, and deports Germar Rudolf, this studious scholar, married to a U.S. citizen and proud father of a nine-month old daughter.

Ernst Zundel: Publisher Ernst Zundel now faces a continuation of his trial in Mannheim for being a revisionist. His crime under Section 130 of the German Criminal Code, involves questioning the new secular religion's doctrine about WW II.

Also, Mordechai Vanunu nabbed at checkpoint near Jerusalem: Mordechai Vanunu was arrested by border policemen on Friday 18th November during an inspection of a bus at the A-Ram checkpoint north of Jerusalem. Vanunu, who was a passenger on a bus en route to Jerusalem, is suspected of violating the terms of his parole. Jerusalem police officials said that authorities plan on transfering Vanunu - who had pledged to notify law enforcement any time he plans on leaving the city - to the International Crimes Unit.
Vanunu was released from prison last year after serving an 18-year sentence for divulging classified information to a British newspaper about Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona, where he worked as a technician.


by James Reed

Melbourne poet and author Nigel Jackson has made the brilliant suggestion that 27 January be celebrated as National Heroes Day, a day where we celebrate the heroes of our nation and race.
In an article Jackson opposes the attempt by the UN to sequester this day for its own partisan political programme. This is an excellent idea and we should be discussing it now how this idea could be promoted.

Send in your suggestions and the ways you plan to celebrate to: National Heroes Day, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159.


by James Reed

I always referred to Gough Whitlam as "god Gough" to emphasise the man's arrogance. And surprise, I recently saw Gough's response to what cemetery he wants to be buried in: "It doesn't really matter. I'll only be in there for three days." Don't bet on it.

However horrible this litany of characters now seem - Gough, Hawke, Fraser, Keating, Howard… they will pass away. Their damage will remain, but their destiny is dust. In a few decades their name will mean little.

To keep this battle in perspective, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on eternity. In that way one does not become twisted and mad like a few old-timers in the freedom movement sometimes become. Follow St. Paul's advice and fight the good fight, keep the faith and finish the course; sane and with a sense of humour - however black.


:Our regular readers and supporters know that the League has kept the target for its annual Basic Fund at $60,000 for quite a number of years. That low figure is generously supplemented by the time and effort of our loyal volunteers, for which we say 'thank you'.
But we do need to see a good boost to the Fund, to get it 'moving along' and 'gaining momentum'. Now is the time to make that contribution to the work of the League.
Please give generously, make your cheque or money order out to the Australian League of Rights and send to Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001. The total now stands at $5,401:65.


The Radical Prince by David Lorimer:

"I would have called the book The Philosopher Prince," wrote James Reed.
Prince Charles says: "As I have grown older I have gradually come to realise that my entire life so far has been motivated by a desire to heal
- to heal the dismembered landscape and the poisoned soil; the cruelly shattered townscape, where harmony has been replaced by cacophony;
- to heal the divisions between intuition and rational thought, between mind, body and soul, so that the temple of our humanity can once again be lit by a scared flame;
- to level the monstrous artificial barrier erected between Tradition and Modernity,
- and above all, to heal the mortally wounded soul that, alone, can give us warning of the folly of playing God and of believing that knowledge on its own is a substitute for wisdom".
Price: $37.00 posted. Available from all League Book Services.


Fluoridation DVD is available of a Victorian public meeting addressed by Prof. Noel Campbell FACEM FASID BDSs. LDS, and Mr. Philip Robertson BHSc. ND. This is up to date research on fluoridation.
Order from the Heritage Bookshop, GPO Box 1052, Melbourne 3001. $6.00 posted.


Editor of The Age, 20th November 2005:
It is wrongful that a 'brilliant scholar' may 'face up to 10 years' jail' for disagreeing with aspects of currently accepted history ('Holocaust denier Irving under lock and key in Austria', 19/11). What, really, is so terrible about stating that far fewer than six million Jews were killed in World War Two and that poison gas chambers were hardly if at all used by the Nazis for that purpose?

Irving, like other responsible historical revisionists, agrees that very large numbers of Jews were unjustly killed by Hitler's forces and has condemned this. His position may be wrong, but is not absurd. The British High Court judgement against him may be no sounder than that in a similar case against historian Count Nikolai Tolstoy, which has received widespread authoritative criticism.

To claim that Irving's reputation 'was forever damned' by his views is excessive. It smacks of obscurantist papal pronouncements or the Star Chamber and imputes divine status to his opponents. Let us hope that in Australia historical inquiry remains free from such pseudo-lawful suppression.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic.

To the Editor:
I have just finished reading Eric D. Butler's "The Red Pattern Of World Conquest" once again, looking for historical information which I found there. This booklet is now a very valuable resource, if only for the excellent bibliographic reference he included.
For a long time I have needed to locate the source of the allegation that the Japanese had tried five times for a peace settlement, which was denied by Washington, because they needed to drop the atomic bomb on the Japanese.

Butler wrote: "Influential groups in Japan, with the support of the Emperor, were in favour of attempting to end the Pacific War early in 1945, and made increasingly desperate efforts from then onwards to negotiate a ceasefire. But the Communists everywhere, particularly in the U.S.A. used their powerful influence to ensure, that the Japanese peace offers were rejected. (Until the Russians had consolidated their position in Eastern Europe and Communist plans for the Far East and Japan were sufficiently advanced.)
Just before President Roosevelt left for the Yalta Conference, General MacArthur provided him with a forty-page message outlining five unofficial Japanese peace overtures…"

There is just so much historical evidence in that little booklet, including how Mao Tse Tung was armed and Chiang Kai-Shek was disarmed.
So if you know of any copies still in the vaults or of persons holding a copy, they need to be preserved. Very valuable material.
John Brett, Toowoomba, Qld.

Editor's note: Dear Mr. John Brett, I'm pleased to report the booklet was republished and copies are still available from all League Book Services.


by Jeremy Lee.
"Older Social Crediters will remember the famous Barnard family, Jack, Bill and George, who were cane farmers in North Queensland. Eric and Elma would stay with them on the rare occasions Eric was lecturing in the north. Working for and with the Barnards was Noel Cooper, a convinced Social Crediter himself.
Born on the Atherton Tablelands 3 March 1942, Noel and his wife Irene often accommodated League speakers. After the Barnards retired from farming, Noel started manufacturing security screens.
Noel died after a short, intense illness on 12 November of this year, receiving one of the biggest funeral attendances Gordonvale has ever seen. The wishes of League supporters who knew him will be added. To Irene and their family our sincere condolences."
© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159