Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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9 December 2005 Thought for the Week:
"Galileo demonstrated that it was not true that the sun revolved round the earth. The earth revolved round the sun, upon whose 'energy rays' organic life on this earth depended.
Douglas demonstrated that it was not true that the Banking System revolved round society's economic activities. Social economic activity, as at present 'ordained' revolved round the Banking System, upon whose 'finance credit rays' its economic, political and cultural life depended. The Banking System was no mere 'wealth depository', but a finance credit manufacturer'. From one angle, an 'energiser', from another it was a 'controller' of social activity.
Did not St. Paul have human society in mind when he instructed the faithful to 'submit to all authority'? 'Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God.'
Paul was ever respectful of the Roman State and its Pax Romana, believing it to be 'not a terror to good works, but to the evil…a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.'
Clifford Hugh Douglas in "Economic Democracy" demonstrated that a 'hidden power' concealed in a Finance Credit Monopoly, controlled the policy of the present 'powers that be' and that this hidden power could in no sense be considered a 'minister of God for good'."
"The Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces of History," T.V.H. 1963.


by James Reed

The Australian 7 November 2005 has an article on page 3 which reports that an Adelaide physicist, Reg Cahill is conducting experiments which he believes will show that Jewish physicist and so-called "super brain" Albert Einstein's theories of relativity are wrong. The theories are regarded by the establishment, which is possessed by an Einstein cult, as confirmed by all available evidence: Cahill and many others argue that this is a myth. Cahill, unlike earlier critics, has secured a $60,000 Australian Research Council grant to prove Einstein wrong. Cahill is quoted as saying "I've been treated with utter contempt."

No doubt the professor is not fully aware of what he is challenging. I'm not a science-minded person, but I came to understand the role of Einstein in the "Grand Plan" by reading a paper on the League website ( entitled, "St. Albert Loses His Halo: The Establishment Myth of the 'Genius' of Albert Einstein" by Peter J. White and Adam Cartwright.

Somewhat technical but clearly written papers like this are useful for us all because they enable us to put into place the pieces of the puzzle without an enormous amount of first hand research. It was good see that the League writers were on the right track, certainly as far as physics goes.


by James Reed:

An article in The Weekend Australian Magazine 26-27 November 2005 deals superficially with the problem of the "birth dearth" - that Australia and most other Western countries have a birth rate significantly below replacement. MP republican Malcolm Turnbull believes that this is a problem which even the sacred god-given tool of immigration can't solve. Apart from fundamentalist Muslims, most migrant women join the consumer madness of our so-called culture and soon reproduce less.

Anglo women, the group first infected and most deeply infected with feminism/women's liberation, breed even less than everybody else. The rule is simply this: to reduce fertility, move women into the workforce. Technically this is known as the "demographic transition thesis" and it has been adequately confirmed in the West. Consumerism and spending money on clothes and cosmetics replaces reproduction. Even among freedom movement people, discussion of this issue is something of a "hot spud". It is true that in surveys 75 per cent of women want to have children - but that is still consistent with a below replacement level birthrate. A majority of women with one or two children would also have liked more. But taking all of this into account our fertility rate would only barely be above replacement.

The real problem goes beyond even the breakdown of marriage. That is merely a symptom of a deeper disease. The root cause is that in this respect women have lost their way. The system requires compliant workers and no man is ever as compliant in the workplace as a woman. Women's traditional role of social conformity and norm reinforcement, is now being used against us, as men increasingly face replacement in employment. Women flood university courses, outnumber men in everything except some sciences, and even there affirmative action policies grind away to reduce male numbers. Male suicide rates have skyrocketed in recent times.

Feminism has always had as its agenda the destruction of manhood which is the reason why feminists and the homosexual lobby have been such convenient bed-fellows. Consumerism and shopping have become their new religion. The birth dearth is thus tied to the general conspiracy of White racial genocide. It is part of the grand plan to wipe our kind off of the face of the earth.

I can hear it… there goes Reed again… but consider...
Europe will have a Muslim majority by 2070 or earlier. The Western nations will fail in this order: France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany. Islamisation will increase when Turkey with 67 million Muslims joins the EU. The elites will make more money, quicker, and speed up the process of White racial genocide. What fun they have.

By the way… those women objecting to my line of thought should consider the inevitable consequences of an Islamic Asianised world and their "liberation" and "rights". All that Anglo Saxons have given them will be washed away by the Arabic sands. From a historical perspective, Western Feminism will be seen as the best friend of Islam. If we are to survive "our side" needs to consider discussion of some topics which prudery and cowardice have put off limits.
The fate of Western civilisation may hinge on whether or not the petticoat parliament can be put back in its God-given place.


by Brian Simpson

"The End of Blackness," by Debra J. Dickerson is a book which in our present White-guilt, politically correct climate could not be written by a White person and published by a major press such as Anchor Books. Dickerson, is of course Black and she is in an interracial marriage as well as being a Harvard Law School graduate.
She delivers the predictable salvo about White's and their racism "structuralized greed, entrenched privilege, and xenophobia". But for the first time, here is a book which attacks - and that is not too strong a word - Black men, Black women and the Black leadership, "the Movement". She, consciously or not, has begun an assault on the "moral high ground" that the Civil Rights Movement produced and which through the international media and Hollywood, flows on to infect Australian culture as well.

Dickerson believes that it is only by a new Black-initiated segregation and racial separatism can American Blacks obtain self-assertion and "true" emancipation. Dickerson, after unloading on Whites turns to Blacks and says: "Whiter racism doesn't mug a neighbour at the bus stop; it doesn't have unprotected sex or drop out of high school… it doesn't infect 50 per cent of its young with herpes".
On Black women: "Black women… are three times more likely to have had intercourse by thirteen, often with a much older man… half are obese".
On Black men: "By 2000 there were nearly a third more black men incarcerated than in universities or colleges". "The black divorce rate of two-thirds is three times whites' and twice Hispanics". "According to the National Center for Health Statistics, homicide is the leading cause of death for African American girls aged fifteen to nineteen".
On Black leadership: "the exploiters and the racial hysterics are still leading their flock in circles". And: "…too many post-movement bourgeois blacks… dance for white approval".
Dickerson's book joins with a small number of books by non-White writers which explicitly or implicitly show that multicultural and multiracial societies are doomed to decline and disintegration.

Filipino Chinese Amy Chua, Professor of Law at Yale Law School has delivered much the same message in her book also published in the same year (2004) by Anchor Books: "World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability".
Chua documents how much of the world minority ethnic groups dominate the economies and impoverish the masses. Chua points a critical finger at "free market democracy," an ideology of laissez-faire free-markets, as at fault for spreading ethnic hatred against these ruling elites.
Deeper thought would reveal that the root cause of this harm lies with the creation of multicultural heterogeneous societies which permit natural inequalities to be exploited.

The smoke still rises from a burning France, a France that was set alight by Arab and African immigrant/"minorities" - that now number in excess of 7 million (some media say 10 million). The French model - unlike the British and US "multicultural" model (i.e. maintain diversity) - was to clamour for integration, to make these immigrants, "French". But this model has failed as badly as the British and US models.

The liberal media of course bleated about this "underclass" being isolated in its ghettoes by the "racism" of the French. But poor White people don't engage in such riots. Poor White people generally did not rape (and racially target White women) and loot in New Orleans. Poverty is not an excuse or a cause for utter savagery.
As columnist Ali Sa'd Al-Moussa put it in the Saudi paper Al-Watan, the real problem is not the French government but Arab immigrants who "could not live in harmony with a culture different to [their] own".

The fault is squarely upon those who created such a multicultural/multiracial 'Society' and who tirelessly work to increase diversity (read "dilute Whiteness"). It is only natural that such groups would want to live according to their own lights - I don't blame them for that. The rest is history. Welcome to the Future.


by George Kadar, American Free Press Reporter:

"These Holocaust deniers are very slick people. They justify everything they say with facts and figures." Chairman, New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education (Newark Star-Ledger, 23 Oct. 1996, p 15).

Irving will spend Christmas in Austrian jail in isolation
David Irving was arrested in Austria on the 11th of November, 2005. Since the beginning of his arrest Irving was kept isolated from the outside world. For the first six days the Austrian government did not notify the world about his arrest. The news came out into the open when Irving's own web page presented it.
Based on the best available information, Irving crossed the border to Austria from Switzerland and he was planning to deliver a lecture at the Olympia, a university fraternity group in Vienna. The subject of the lecture was: "the secret negotiations between Adolf Eichmann and the Jewish leaders in Budapest, Joel Brand and Rezsö Kasztner, the so-called "trucks for Jews" deal, and British knowledge of the scheme from code breaking" (From Irving's own web site.)

While travelling with a car he and the guests at the student club both recognized that plain clothes detectives were hanging around, so Irving started to drive toward the Southern border and he was arrested on the roadside near the town of Hartberg in the Province of Styria. Irving believes that he was tracked by the police, prior to his arrival: "Despite precautions, the Austrian political police are believed to have learned of the visit by wiretaps or intercepting e-mails."

Almost totally isolated from the outside world: After the arrest he was taken to Graz and a few days later to Vienna where he is held at 11 Landesgericht Strasse almost totally segregated from the outside world. On the 18th of November I called the offices of Judge Dr. Peter Seda who is prosecuting Irving. The clerk gave assurances about a permit to visit Irving. When I arrived on the morning of the 23rd of November the written permit was issued by the prosecutor's office but I was not permitted to see Irving by the deputies, in the same building. Their excuse was that Irving already received a visitor for a thirty minutes visit that week.

Judge Dr. Seda is a veteran champion for the cause of the Austrian Jews. He is on record for tracking 'internet thought criminals' for at least ten years for "anti-Semitic expressions", "denial of the Holocaust" and "spreading revisionist literature". He is also a choice of the local establishment for politically sensitive cases: He handled the Austrian investigation into the poisoning of Victor Yuschenko, then a candidate in the elections of The Ukraine, who was poisoned and was treated in Vienna. (2004) Judge Dr. Seda seems to be a dream come through for the not too popular Jewish community in Vienna.

Irving was already forbidden to travel to Austria, Canada, Germany and Australia. Germany fined him $6,000 in 1992 for stating that the Auschwitz gas chambers were a hoax. He lost his apartment in London when he lost a trial against Deborah Lipstadt a Holocaust advocate and the judge labeled him "an active Holocaust denier". He was already arrested in Austria in 1984. The present charges were generated after two speeches in the country in 1989. (Vienna and Leoben)

The arrest was received as 'great news' by the international cabal of Jewish organizations: Shimon Samuels from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Lord Greville Janner the Chairman of the Holocaust Educational Fund of England, David A. Harris executive director of the American Jewish Committee, The South Poverty Law Center, ADL, etc. Only BBC's legal affairs analyst Jon Silverman expressed some concern: "He remains a showman and may well relish the opportunity to grandstand before a wider audience if put on trial." There were several revisionist historians, scientists, free speech advocates arrested, prosecuted recently indicating a worldwide crackdown on those who refuse to tow the party line on the Holocaust.

Ernst Zundel and Germar Rudof were both arrested in the US and extradited to Germany to face lengthy prison sentences. Both of them were married to American citizens and Rudolf also had a child from this marriage. For the deportation of Rudolf, Deborah Achim field officer takes the credit proudly on the web page of ICE. (Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE))
A Dutch court extradited Siegfried Verbeke to Germany, one of the founders of the Belgian Vlaams Blok Party. (Vlaams Belang)
Vincent Reynouard, Jerome Bourbon, Camille-Marie Galic, Rene-Louis Berclaz, all Europeans, all in jail or under indictments for heresy.
A member of the European Parliament Dr. Bruno Gollnisch lost his immunity and possibly will go to prison for simply stating that historians should have the right to debate the Holocaust issues. His fairly innocent statements on the protection of free speech were used against him by a future political opponent who plans to run against him: Justice Minister and later Transport Minister Dominique Perben.
Gollnisch is second in line behind Le Pen' at the National Front.

Laws against the Holocaust denial
There are already eight countries with laws against Holocaust denial: Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland.
A most dramatic development on November 1st, 2005: ALL 191 nations of the UN - unanimously and without a vote - adopted an Israeli-drafted resolution declaring January 27 the "International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust". The resolution "rejects any denial of the Holocaust as a historical event, either in full or part". The UN resolution is providing unheard, exorbitant privileges to a miniature minority group on this planet. This was Israel's first successful draft resolution in the history of the UN! The resolution also mentions a mysterious American citizen by the name of Willis A. Carto as the only responsible party for the present dramatic circumstances who started the revisionist movement about three decades earlier.

Meanwhile the news of Irving's arrest spread faster than wild fire around planet earth. Thanks to electronic communications within hours everybody received the news. Irving is a very popular historian and a forceful writer. On the 22nd of November the first demonstration took place in Ottawa, Canada at the front of the Austrian Embassy. Chances are that we will see far more if Irving is kept in jail for a longer period of time and every indication is that this is the case. Irving denied bail: On the 25th, Friday there was an important hearing for Irving in Vienna. The prosecutor decided to formally charge him and they also denied his bail offer of $10,000 to $20,000. The decision indicates that those who are pulling the strings from the background want to lock up Irving for a longer time, possibly for years.

David Irving's attorney Dr. Elmar Kresbach in Vienna stated on the 25th: The court refused to release Mr. Irving on bail because he can easily go to England and England will not extradite him. The case will go to a "jury trial" with three judges and eight citizens as jury members. The trial will last probably a single day and the citizens' only and most likely role will be to rubber stamp the decision. The trial will take place in January at the earliest and Irving will be sitting in his isolated jail cell in the meantime.

Irving 'correcting' himself?
Attorney Dr. Elmar Kersbach also issued statements in the name of his client that his prior beliefs are "not really worthwhile to hold up" and "Irving is correcting himself". It is difficult to see Irving backing away from his prior statements like: "more women died on the backseat of Edward Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than ever died in a gas chamber in Auschwitz". In civilized countries it is a common practice to disregard all testimonies that were coerced under pressure, torture, threat of violence, etc. Threatening a 67 years old man with a prison term that would last for the rest of his natural life, that is what I would consider the ultimate threat. Anything stated or signed by Irving under these circumstances while cut off from the rest of the world and his supporters - is meaningless.

Irving has written close to thirty books and his value as an original researcher is undeniable. From the beginning of his career he traveled around the world to seek out original documents, sources. He interviewed a large number of people who were never touched by the "court historians". He realized early on that there was a huge void in the history of WWII that was not exposed or touched by others because of fear. He did fill this void, the job is mostly done, there is nothing that can be done about it, his work cannot be destroyed.

For those Australians wanting to financially support David Irving - CAFÉ - and Paul Fromm - is collecting money to assist David Irving's defence. Donations will be passed on to Irving's Austrian attorney. Send an e-mail with your VISA and expiry date or mail your check to Canadian Association for Free Expression, Box 332, Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada.


An article from the Daily Standard - UK, by John Pilger :
The Indian writer Vandana Shiva has called for an "insurrection of subjugated knowledge." The insurrection is well under way. In trying to make sense of a dangerous world, millions of people are turning away from the traditional sources of news and information and toward the world wide web, convinced that mainstream journalism is the voice of rampant power. The great scandal of Iraq has accelerated this. In the United States, several senior broadcasters have confessed that had they challenged and exposed the lies told about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, instead of amplifying and justifying them, the invasion might not have happened. Such honesty has yet to cross the Atlantic.

Since it was founded in 1922, the BBC has served to protect every British establishment during war and civil unrest. "We" never traduce and never commit great crimes. So the omission of shocking events in Iraq - the destruction of cities, the slaughter of innocent people and the farce of a puppet government - is routinely applied. A study by the Cardiff School of Journalism found that 90 per cent of the BBC's references to Saddam Hussein's WMDs suggested he possessed them and that "spin from the British and US governments was successful in framing the coverage." The same "spin" has ensured, until now, that the use of banned weapons by the Americans and British in Iraq has been suppressed as news.

'Rumours' on the internet forced exposure
An admission by the US State Department on 10 November that its forces had used white phosphorus in Fallujah followed "rumours on the internet," according to the BBC's Newsnight. There were no rumours. There was first-class investigative work that ought to shame well-paid journalists.
Mark Kraft of found the evidence in the March-April 2005 issue of Field Artillery magazine and other sources. He was supported by the work of film-maker Gabriele Zamparini, founder of the excellent site,
Last May, David Edwards and David Cromwell of posted a revealing correspondence with Helen Boaden, the BBC's director of news. They had asked her why the BBC had remained silent on known atrocities committed by the Americans in Fallujah. She replied, "Our correspondent in Fallujah at the time [of the US attack], Paul Wood, did not report any of these things because he did not see any of these things."
'Missed' the Americans use of white phosphorous as well as the napalm? It is a statement to savour. Wood was "embedded" with the Americans. He interviewed none of the victims of American atrocities nor un-embedded journalists. He not only missed the Americans' use of white phosphorus, which they now admit, he reported nothing of the use of another banned weapon, napalm. Thus, BBC viewers were unaware of the fine words of Colonel James Alles, commander of the US Marine Air Group II. "We napalmed both those bridge approaches," he said. "Unfortunately, there were people there ... you could see them in the cockpit video ... It's no great way to die. The generals love napalm. It has a big psychological effect."

Once the unacknowledged work of Mark Kraft and Gabriele Zamparini had appeared in the Guardian and Independent and forced the Americans to come clean about white phosphorous, Wood was on Newsnight describing their admission as "a public relations disaster for the US." This echoed Menzies Campbell of the Liberal-Democrats, perhaps the most quoted politician since Gladstone, who said, "The use of this weapon may technically have been legal, but its effects are such that it will hand a propaganda victory to the insurgency." Merely a 'public relations' problem?

The BBC and most of the British political and media establishment invariably cast such a horror as a public relations problem while minimizing the crushing of a city the size of Leeds, the killing and maiming of countless men, women and children, the expulsion of thousands and the denial of medical supplies, food and water - a major war crime. The evidence is voluminous, provided by refugees, doctors, human rights groups and a few courageous foreigners whose work appears only on the internet. In April last year, Jo Wilding, a young British law student, filed a series of extraordinary eye-witness reports from inside the city. So fine are they that I have included one of her pieces in an anthology of the best investigative journalism.
Her film, "A Letter to the Prime Minister," made inside Fallujah with Julia Guest, has not been shown on British television. In addition, Dahr Jamail, an independent Lebanese-American journalist who has produced some of the best frontline reporting I have read, described all the "things" the BBC failed to "see." His interviews with doctors, local officials and families are on the internet, together with the work of those who have exposed the widespread use of uranium-tipped shells, another banned weapon, and cluster bombs, which Campbell would say are "technically legal."


: Our regular readers and supporters know that the League has kept the target for its annual Basic Fund at $60,000 for quite a number of years. That low figure is generously supplemented by the time and effort of our loyal volunteers, for which we say 'thank you'. But we do need to see a good boost to the Fund, to get it 'moving along' and 'gaining momentum'. Now is the time to make that contribution to the work of the League. Please give generously, make your cheque or money order out to the Australian League of Rights and send to Box 1052, GPO, Melbourne 3001. The total now stands at $5,401:65.


: Mark the dates 6-7-8th October 2006 in your calendars today. Those are the dates we are all going to gather at The Hume Motel in Albury NSW to celebrate the 60th year of the League of Rights. The original Minutes of the Inaugural Meeting of the League of Rights held on the 31st October 1946, at 17 Waymouth Street, Adelaide are in the League Archives, they will be on display at Albury next year. Under the heading of League Constitution the minutes note: "Mr. Dodd gave a précis of Mr. Eric Butler's notes from a previous meeting when the need for such a body as the League was outlined." Are you coming for the celebrations? Folk from Canada and the United Kingdom have already expressed their interest in joining us. Is it a date? Great! See you there!


So, Premier Mike Rann wants Parliament's Upper House abolished and will ask South Australians to bring about the greatest electoral system change in the state's history in a 2010 referendum. The news is Labor will begin moves to get rid of the Upper House after the March 18 election that polls suggest it is likely to win and after noting there would then be four years for the issue to be debated. "It is for the people of this state to decide," he said yesterday. "My preferred option is total abolition." But the Opposition, the Democrats and independent MPs are likely to vigorously oppose the removal of a chamber set up in the 19th century as a house of review under the bicameral parliamentary system. Voters will be given three choices in the 2010 state poll.

They will be:
1. TOTAL abolition of the council.
2. Significant reform of the chamber, including cutting the number of MPs and reducing terms from eight to four years.
3. No change to the current situation.

The Constitutional Convention organised by then-Speaker Peter Lewis to discuss parliamentary reform in 2003 supported retention of the Upper House, but wanted the current eight-year terms reduced to four.
But South Australians will remember Mike Rann and his Labor cohorts 'stonewalled' any moves to put the Constitutional Convention's suggested reforms to referenda enabling the voters to have their say.

The Labor Party wishes to abolish the Upper House in our State Parliament but at the same time it expects the Senate to reject the Industrial Relations Bill. Upper Houses are generally not obstructive. The fact that legislation is reviewed, provides a valuable delay which enables the public to comprehend the impact of impending laws.
I would like to see a published summary of the Bills passed, amended and rejected by the Upper House. We would then have a better appreciation of its worth. It is usually agreed that amendments to Bills does make them more acceptable. The checks and balances provided by Upper Houses are just as important for our protection today as in any previous time.
Yours faithfully, Kenneth Grundy, Naracoorte S.A.


The Australian League of Rights carries a large range of political, historical and economic books, including
"Terror Laws: ASIO, Counter Terrorism & Threat to Democracy," by Jenny Hocking:
Detention without charge, indefinitely? Organisations banned without trial? Children kidnapped off the street, strip-searched, and interrogated without charge? Those things don't happen in Australia you say? Wake up Aussie or you are in for a rude awakening! Our once jealously guarded civil and political rights - freedom of expression, freedom of association, protection from arbitrary detention, the right to independent legal advice - have been deceitfully and cunningly tossed aside in the name of the "war on terror". Jenny Hocking traces the growth of Australia's internal security organizations to the powerful 'counter terrorism' networks that now reach into every corner of our lives. Price: $43.00 posted.

A Fluoridation DVD is available of a Victorian public meeting addressed by Prof. Noel Campbell, FACEM FASID BDSs. LDS, and Mr. Philip Robertson BHSc. ND. This is up to date research on fluoridation.
Order from the Heritage Bookshop, GPO Box 1052, Melbourne 3001. $6.00 posted.
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