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Edmund Burke
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Peace & Joy this Christ-mass Season to All

16 December 2005 Thought for the Week:
"He who has come to men, dwells where we cannot tell, nor sight reveal him, until the hour has struck when the small heart does break with hunger for Him." - Jane Tyson Clement

"By far the most significant event in the whole course of human history will be celebrated, with or without understanding, at the end of this season, Advent. What we are in fact celebrating is the awe-inspiring humility of God, and no amount of familiarity with the trappings of Christmas should ever blind us to it. God's intervening into human history came about with an almost frightening quietness and self-effacement, and as millions will testify, he will come once again with the same silence and the same devastating humility into any heart ready to receive him." - J. B. Phillips


In one of his many Christmas messages to On Target readers over the years , Eric Butler wrote:
"Regeneration of a dying civilisation must start with decentralised activities served by men and women of complete integrity."

Ernst Zundel, now incarcerated in a German prison, is for us all an inspiring example of that 'complete integrity'.
Awaiting trial for his non-violent dissent from the Hollywood version of WWII, Ernst wrote to friends of free thought around the world through Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.

My Dear Friend:
The week before, I received a letter from Ingrid that took 3 months and 17 days to reach me - no explanation of what took so long. A stamp indicated that it had reached the Mannheim Court in 9 days! You wonder what goes on in some public officials' heads and hearts who do things like that.
Regarding your lovely card! I don't know if you knew that I was 2 weeks away from realizing a lifetime dream of opening a gallery as a kind of cultural centre [when I was arrested in Tennessee in February, 2003] - where not only paintings, prints, sculptures and music CDS etc. would be offered, but also lectures, musical presentations, poetry and health lectures.
The name for which I had to lobby Ingrid long and hard, I wanted to have for it was "The Soaring Eagles Gallery". I was working hard to frame and prepare pictures and prints when I was arrested 2 weeks away from the opening day. So, your "Soaring Eagle" motif hit home hard!

Do not weep for me! I knew decades ago what my life would be like and did not shirk my duty, even though I knew what this struggle was going to be like, for the Bible gives lots of indications how these people treat ideas and the carriers or expressers of ideas these people find a threat to their designs and agenda. Thus, I must tell you, for those who managed to convict and crucify Christ - an innocent man if ever there was one - to hound, torture and convict, a mere mortal like Ernst Zundel is "child's play". They have tons of time of experience in these methods and have, through all history and at all times, in every country or culture that they victimized someone - always found more than willing flunkies to do their dirty work.

Frankly, I was always grateful that I was given such a long period of being able to fuse the latest methods of communications, and technology, to bear witness to the truth, as I perceived it! When I think of the "powers and principalities" I was up against, it is clear that I could only have survived so many dangers, traps, assassination attempts, arsons, bombs and finally expulsions and deportations - because I must have been given legions of guardian angels along the way.

I don't know if I ever told you of the day the postman brought the parcel bomb to my severely burned out and damaged building. About 12 May 1995, the moment the postman came in the door and handed me an arm full of mail along with the an extremely heavy small parcel, about the size of a shoe box, a voice, clearly audible as if in a telephone call, told me in Canadian accented English: "Ernst, do not open that parcel!!!"… Only in a far more urgent and firmer command-like voice, as I stood there with my mail, looking at my secretary: "Ernst do not open that parcel: there is something wrong with that parcel."
Whereupon I gave my secretary the mail minus the parcel, which I stored on the shelves between the monitors of my security cameras in front of my desk. The parcel exercised a great attraction with my staff, which came by, picked it up, turned it and some even shook it, because something rattled in it. And I had to repeatedly admonish them to put the parcel down.

When I was asked why, I repeated the mysterious message I had been given, at least a half dozen times in the [next] few days until eventually I loaded it into my car, padded it on some bird seeds and delivered my scary cargo to the local 51 Division Police Station, driving very carefully, believe me! Three to four hours of interrogations followed and then I was released that evening. I saw that parcel being blown up by the Metro Toronto Police Bomb Squad.
A police spokesman told the media that it was the most powerful parcel bomb every dealt with by the police and that it contained 4-inch construction nails and a powerful explosive which would have killed everybody in 90-meter radius. That's almost 300 feet. What are the mathematical chances of "a voice warning a man from not opening a bomb parcel"?

That's why I say to you and would ask you to pass on to Paul and all other friends, not to fear for me, not to worry. I have been given a mission to fulfill and to accomplish in this life and I will fulfill it to the best of my abilities within the realm of my gifts, talents and possibilities.
It is important that our friends know that this is how I feel and how I perceive things! Few people are granted to know and fully comprehend and understand what their life's purpose was/is! I am one of those fortunate people!
I realized very early at the age of 21-22 years old that there was a crying need for a historical wrong to be righted and it did not take me long to also realize that I was uniquely situated and given some talents by training and by inheritance to take on just that task! The rest was easy. It was like a sleepwalker navigating a mine field emerging on the other side shaking and in a cold sweat but, nevertheless, emerging in one piece - unscathed! That's the way it has been for the last three years!

In another 4 weeks, I will experience my third year's Christmas in prison - still unconvicted! Naturally, I will miss my brave wife, the beauty of a snow-covered and magically transformed Tennessee Smoky Mountains Christmas, I will think of my children, my grandchildren, my brothers, sisters, stepsons and Ingrid's beautiful grandchild. I will think of them all and in my mind, will blend back to the magic of my childhood Christmases spent in wartime Germany! I think of the soldiers encircled at Stalingrad, those starving and freezing in Siberia and the gulag and count my blessings! Good health, a reasonably sound mind, a loving wife, millions of loyal friends, many thousands of supporters and helpers - all over the planet! Many a "free man" is not that fortunate.
Thanks for the help. All the Best. E. Zundel


Send Zundel greetings:
Paul Fromm writes,
"Please let the minority-run German State know that freethinkers around the world have not forgotten. Zundel's address is:
Ernst Zundel, Prisoner, JVA Mannheim, Herzogenrieder Str. 11, 68169, Mannheim, Germany.

There are others who would be glad to be remembered by the outside word, send them cards also:

CANADA: Brad Love - the letter writing bricklayer, now back in prison because he wrote letters to his local newspaper criticizing the immigration invasion.
Brad Love, Prisoner, Maplehurst Correctional Complex, 661 Martin St., P.O. Box 10, Milton, ON., L9T 2Y3, Canada.

AUSTRIA: David Irving - historian and author of more than 30 best selling books about World War II. Arrested in Austria, November 11 on a 1989 warrant, he is accused of "denying the holocaust," a crime that can bring 10 years in an Austrian prison. [Denying the existence of God or the tooth fairy are not crimes in Austria.]
David Irving, Prisoner, 70306 Justizanstaltwein Josefstadt, 1080 Vienna AUSTRIA.

These prisoners are not allowed gifts. Just send a card - no inserts. If you have German postage stamps, you can send up to three to Ernst Zundel for his use. It's a lonely feeling being in jail. It's even more wearing when you know you're in prison, not for some evil deed you did, but because you voiced your belief, you spoke your mind.


by James Reed

Kurt Vonnegut, author of the anti-war novel Slaughterhouse Five has recently described terrorists as "very brave people". He praised terrorists saying that it was "sweet and honourable" to die for one's beliefs. "They are dying for their own self-respect. It's a terrible thing to deprive someone of their self-respect. It's like your culture is nothing, your race is nothing, you're nothing." The Australian 19-20 November 2005, p.11.

Vonnegut witnessed first-hand the firebombing of Dresden by the Allies and expressed his disgust at this war crime in his novel Slaughterhouse Five. From this one noble act he produced other works celebrating leftist causes. Under Australia's new sedition laws, if the old man is unfortunate enough to wander down under, he may find himself in prison on sedition charges.

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee reached precisely that conclusion. The sedition laws make it an offence for one to urge a group of people to use force or violence against another group of people.
According to Liberal Senator George Brandis: "The best legal advice we have to the committee is that there is no conduct that they would catch that is not already caught."
Liberal Brett Mason said: "it is difficult for the Committee to come to a recommendation other than that which the majority of submissions has come to."
The drafter of the laws, Attorney-General's Department assistant secretary Geoff McDonald disagreed and said that the internet made it easier to disseminate violent material - and he cited as an example a website teaching people how to shoot foreigners in Jakarta. (The Weekend Australian 26-27 November 2005, p.2).

However as the website was not set up in Australia the only way of controlling such material will be a blanket censorship of the web. That is, probably, the government's less than hidden agenda.


by James Reed

Big Arnie Schwarzenegger, who has made the transition from Hollywood "shoot-em-up" actor to new world order pawn (or prawn) recently went on a mission to China to attempt to end China's piracy of films and music. Pirated films and other products sell cheaply all over China. It is the way they do business - by ripping off the West. Business-as-usual for the Chinese involves contempt for Western law about intellectual property and traditions of fair dealing. Deluded academics who have written on the race issue, such as J.P. Rushton, have said that East Asians are more moral and less crime prone than Whites. Rushton should inform himself about Asian culture where the "kick back," bribery and corruption is a way of life.

P.S. The International Express 29/12/05 wrote of the 'Chinese takeaway' of hundreds of industrial secrets flown out of the country on the presidential plane (under diplomatic immunity of course) following the Chinese president's recent state visit to England.
"A vast entourage accompanied leader Hu Jintao and many of them were spies who already had links with contacts in this country," the paper claimed.
M15 chief Eliza Manningham-Buller has told Downing Street that Chinese spies stole hundreds of sensitive defence secrets". One M15 source described Hu's tour "as a flying spy circus."

It's a pity these gullible Americans and Englishmen haven't acquainted themselves with such works as "The Asian Mind Game". The author Chin-ning Chu unlocks the hidden agenda of the Asian business culture, and reveals the deep secrets that influence every aspect of Asian behaviour from business to politics to lifestyle.


by James Reed

Gregory Mellheuish "Fascist Label a Cheap Shot Against Liberalism," (The Australian 21 November, 2005) takes journalists to task for comparing the Howard government's policies with fascism.
Fascism, he says involves the suppression of individual freedom by state power. Howard is a liberal attempting to increase freedom. Of course with regard to most of these reforms, such as industrial reforms, there is a paradox because the legislation centralises power in Canberra.
But IR reform is an attack upon egalitarian values upon which Australia was built.

Dr. Edgar of the Centre for Workplace Culture Change at RMIT Melbourne has released a family impact statement showing that Howard's workplace changes will not "help workers and their families" but rather undermine family life.
As Dr. Edgar puts it: "There is no guarantee built into this legislation of workers' choice and flexibility to decide the working conditions most appropriate to their family-caring responsibilities. Instead everything depends on negotiation with those who have the power to say "no". (The Australian 28 November 2005) Family life will be undermined because there is no upper limit placed upon working hours, beyond 38 hours per week.

Howard is an internationalist who serves the interests of global capitalism and international finance, not the interests of the Australian people. This is the structuralist result of his actions whatever goes on in his head.

Our racist, Yellow Australia immigration policy, designed to Asianise Australia and historically destroy White people, was never put to the vote. The elimination of the White Australia policy was by deception not democracy. Likewise for the policy of multiculturalism.
Our post World War II immigration policy was implemented by Fabian Socialists to dilute the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) core of the population.

And when did we have a say on Australia becoming a part of Africa as Africans now fill our streets? No, our governments since at least the end of WWII have been Fascist - pushing a form of multicultural fascism more lethal to us than anything we have seen before. This form of fascism is directed against US - an attack, superficially by our own kind, against us, our race and our fundamental values.

That is what Howard, consciously or not, is doing now. If Howard is a liberal, then paradoxically he is a Fascist Liberal.

THE ETERNAL 'liberal'

by Brian Simpson

An article in the Adelaide Advertiser (Review, 19 November 2005) celebrated the work of Archbishop Philip Russell, who "In his own quiet way… helped end apartheid in South Africa". In a country where Blacks vastly outnumber Whites, that of course meant Black rule.
Russell did this work by quietly speaking out against apartheid and through a trickle down effect, influencing the Anglican Church in South Africa.
The same sort of story is pushed by the media about how the Immigration Reform groups helped end the White Australia policy.
In both cases it is nonsense, ignoring geopolitical realities. White liberals had some propaganda value, but were only small fish in the great frier of politics.

South Africa is, under Black rule, in a state of anarchy and unrelenting violence. At a minimum, apartheid prevented this social chaos. The price of misplaced Christian love has been untold misery to Black and White people. Black rule throughout Africa has produced misery to Black people.

This is not to support White domination, but it does indicate that White liberals got it wrong: that genuine change was not simply a matter of changing the colour of the rulers. As an example, Chad's former president Hissene Habre was recently arrested in Senegal for mass killings and torture when he was in power.
Specifically: "arbitrary and collective arrests, mass murders and systematic acts of torture, directed notably against members of certain other groups in the country". Such crimes are typical of those who have had power thrust into their hands.


by James Reed

"Otzi the iceman" is the world's oldest mummy at 5300 years old. The body was found in a melting glacier in the Otzal Mountains on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. This European wandered the wastes with elaborate clothes, including exceptionally well-crafted clothes. His shoes, for example, had non-slip soles and leather shoe laces and his belt had decorative stitching along the edges. (see the WE Australian Magazine, 26-27 November 2005).

Even more interesting the iceman had 60 tattoos on his body which coincided with the pressure points of acupuncture. The Chinese claim to have invented acupuncture about 2,000 years after the iceman's death.
Before the age of political correctness many anthropological writers held that many major cultural achievements arose in Europe and were taken by migrating Aryan people to Asia and the rest of the world.

With the concentrated assault on Aryan or Nordic people (people of Northern European origin) after the second world war, to the extent that even mentioning the name of our racial group provokes cries of "racism", all such historical research has been suppressed.
But despite this, various items continue to surface, such as the discovery of European mummies of an aristocratic appearance in China.

Recovering our past is an important step in reclaiming our destiny.


by Betty Luks

The Review, publication of the Australia/Israel and Jewish Affairs Council, has an interesting column in its November edition, "Stranger Than Fiction: Intolerant to be Tolerant". The column reports on two stories from Britain dealing with multicultural tolerance.

In the first story Britain's Burger King withdraws from sale an ice cream where the swirl on the lip resembles the word "Allah" in Arabic script. In fact it does. One Muslim has performed his own personal jihad on Burger king - even though the cone has been withdrawn.

The other story is about a local council in Britain which has banned all work pictures and symbols of pigs and pig-related items so as to not offend Muslims, including a council employee's box of tissues featuring a representation of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet!

The Review rightly observes that such bans impose "intolerant restrictions on others in the name of avoiding offence to Muslims". Equally as right it is concluded: "Multiculturalism… does not mean imposing restrictions on people in the name of being "tolerant" that prevent them from doing anything that might conceivably cause offence".

Now isn't that a good argument against the race hate and sedition laws? Please explain.


Can you believe it? The Eurocrats want the British merchant fleet to fly the EU flag with its ring of yellow stars in place of the historic Red Ensign.
The Red Ensign has been the official flag of the Merchant Navy since 1864. Before then, the flag, affectionately known as the Red Duster was flown by Royal Navy warships as far back as 1627. The proud crosses in the Union Jack go back much, much, further.


The Melbourne Book Shop will be closing from December 16th 2005 and reopen on Monday 9th January 2006. It is the time of year when the book shop folk take a break to "recharge their spiritual and physical batteries". Now is the time to send for that holiday reading you were promising yourself. What about those books you had in mind as presents for your friends?


The League of Rights is a movement of freedom loving individuals dedicated to the principles stemming from the traditional Christian faith. For nigh on fifty nine years the League has been faithful to those principles. But to continue the work into the future it does need basic funding upon which it builds.

False credit: The banking system issues 'credit' (read debt) based on (now) well over nine times the amount of money it has in deposits, and in the fraudulent process, places great burdens of financial debt on the shoulders of the people.

Whereas, we in the League of rights draw on the real credit (the social credit, from credo: belief) of the group. We believe that in the right association we can gain an increment from the association - far in excess of nine times the original real 'credit'. On that faith, that belief, we have been very ambitious and completed some huge tasks over many a year. There are plans afoot for even more ambitious undertakings in the future.

Where we do need to use finance it is the Basic Fund we draw on to continue building upon. Help us to continue the work by making a generous contribution to the modest annual goal of $60,000. We are encouraged, the contributions have now reached $8,012:70.


by Betty Luks

"Whatever happened to religious freedom and freedom of association?" asks The Rev. Gordon Moyes, MLC (NSW) in a letter to the Herald Sun 3/12/05.
"The decision of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to refuse Mornington Baptist Church the right to hire a Christian to do the church's community work means the rights of Christian churches across Victoria are being eroded. The church is not a building, it is a body of believers, unified by faith. Using the law under which we are all subject, VCAT wants to overturn this basic principle. Victoria's political leaders need to act now or forever hold their peace."

Rev. Moyse, the simple answer is the politicians who enacted the legislation and their 'heavies' administering the agenda - and those shadowy figures behind the scenes directing the agenda - don't share your set of beliefs, your 'religion'.
While the Church was navel gazing, another set of beliefs, another religion, was imposed upon the Australian people. This religion says the State is everything and the individual nothing - and we must do what it demands.
As yet in the West, the power mongers haven't used the horrendously bloody tactics of their Communist spiritual brothers, but with the centralisation of more and more power in their hands, they will brazenly impose their will upon us.

Rev. Moyse, where were you when the League warned of this type of legislation? Where were you when Australians Dr. Fredrick Toben of Adelaide and Mrs. Olga Scully of Launceston were convicted because they didn't accept a particular group's version of historical claims?
Where were you when they were not allowed to mount a challenge on the basis of TRUTH?

Once the craven politicians allowed the "truth is no defence" claim "to pass through to the keeper", it was just a matter of time before other truths were "bowled over". In the Mornington Baptist church's case, there are naïve Christians who believe it is the Christian truth that still holds sway in politics. In this case, the belief they have the right to choose or refuse to hire a person they consider unsatisfactory to their needs and their religious persuasion.

Isn't it well past time the so-called Liberal/Conservative Christians looked beyond the label of their favoured political party? They were directed to look at the fruits - start to "look past" the label! - Who can get figs from thistles?


by Phillip B. Butler

The Berlin Wall is down, hooray! The totalitarians are on the run, hooray! - or are they? In the name of "fighting terrorism" we see politicians ramming laws through parliament by means of a party dictatorship.
"Trust me" soothes John Howard. "Have faith," he cries, the legislation will not shackle free speech. Cartoonists will still be able to lampoon politicians.
Australians are noted for their 'odd' sense of humour, they like to 'take the Mickey" out of anyone or any group who tends to 'puff up' with their own sense of self-importance', is that going to be 'forbidden'?

Paul Fromm warned Australians at the ALR National Weekend: Look at what has happened in Canada (the land of the "True North and Free"). "Learn from our experiences," he pleaded. Canada has the Anti-Hate legislation in full operation and along with the Human Rights Commissions the thought police can and do prosecute dissidents, teachers, and journalists such as the late Doug Collins.
One chap is now, at this very minute, in jail because he refuses to stop writing letters to newspapers on the immigration issue. His name is Brad Love.
My father spelled out how the thought police's psycho-political strategy works in "The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance".

Essential books - stock up on your holiday reading:
"Here We Go Again" by Doug Collins. Price: $28.00 posted.
"The Fabian Socialist Contribution to the Communist Advance," Eric D. Butler. $6.00 posted.
"The Path of Legal Warfare," by Kelti Zubko. $8.00 posted.
SPECIAL PRICE FOR ALL THREE: $36.00 posted from all League Book Services.


To the Editor of The Australian: 8th December 2005:

There is something unacceptably arrogant about Rafael Medoff's call for a repudiation and a clarification from Mel Gibson ('Disown your dad's denial of the Holocaust, Gibson told', 8/12).
The authoritarianism, militarism and intolerance of the Nazi state repel us. We understand that the memory of its victims should be kept fresh and the feelings of those who lost dear ones respected.

None of this, however, justifies the current attempt by Jewish individuals and organizations to ban freedom of speech in connection with the Holocaust.
Rather, the recent endorsement by the UNO of a resolution concerning the proposed worldwide Holocaust Day of Commemoration which includes prohibition of 'Holocaust denial in whole or in part' smacks of acquiescence (by all 191 member states) in a new totalitarianism.

So does the law proposed in the Israeli parliament authorising Israel to request deportation to Israel of 'Holocaust deniers' from any nation in the world. An alleged historical sequence of events that has to be protected by laws involving deportations and imprisonments is immediately thereby opened to the gravest questioning, as are the motives of those unjustly seeking to stifle debate.

The Prime Minister has insisted, in connection with the public concern over 'anti-terrorist' and sedition legislation, that he is not against free speech. Is he willing to assure us that Australia will not deny intellectual freedom to critics of the received view of the Holocaust?
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic


According to the latest edition of the "Active Duty Military Personnel Strengths by Regional Area and by Country," published by the Defense Department's Directorate for Information Operations and Reports (DIOR), the U.S. has troops in 142 countries.
This is up from the figure of 136 countries that the government was reporting the last time the subject of the number of countries under the shadow of the U.S. Global Empire was addressed. Only 49 countries to go and the United States will have hegemony over the whole world.

But it is worse than it appears. Counting the U.S. troops in territories, the officially reported number of countries or territories that the United States has troops in is now 158. It is not without cause that the twentieth century's greatest proponent of liberty, and the greatest opponent of the state, Murray Rothbard (1926-1995), said "empirically, taking the twentieth century as a whole, the single most warlike, most interventionist, most imperialist government has been the United States."
Source: The Institute of Historical Review.
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