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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
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18 February 2005. Thought for the Week: "Bread for my Neighbour: Christianity has all too often meant withdrawal and the unwillingness to share the common suffering of mankind. But the world has rightly risen in protest against such piety... The care of another - even material, bodily care - is spiritual in essence. Bread for myself is a material question; bread for my neighbour is a spiritual one."
Jacques Maritain


The marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowles will take place on Friday 8th April 2005 at Windsor Castle.
The Prince of Wales has said: "Mrs Parker Bowles and I are absolutely delighted. It will be a very special day for us and our families."
Mrs Parker Bowles will use the title HRH The Duchess of Cornwall after marriage. It is intended that Mrs Parker Bowles should use the title HRH The Princess Consort when The Prince of Wales accedes to The Throne.
The wedding will be a largely private occasion for family and friends. It will comprise a civil ceremony in Windsor Castle. There will subsequently be a service of prayer and dedication in St George's Chapel at which the Archbishop of Canterbury will preside. We wish them well.


by Betty Luks
It has been a week of 'brick-bats' for the writers of On Target. Oh well, it goes with the territory; we shouldn't be in the business if we are not willing to take the criticisms - and be willing to respond and explain to our friends.
One criticised us for conducting a Telstra Campaign, when half of the shares were already sold, and, as for describing Australia as "totally independent and a sovereign nation when obviously we no longer are (Phillip Benwell's article last week..ed) I fear the organisation has lost its bearings…" Another subscriber thought we were letting sensationalism creep into some of our reports and we should be concentrating more on the local/national scene.

The League of Rights' position cannot be understood apart from its stated policies which has as its foundation 'the Christian revelation of God'.
James Reed restated the Christian concept of the 'philosophy of law' in the February edition of The New Times Survey. The following is an extract from the article "Christian Philosophy and the Foundation of Law":
"For the Christian, God is the creative source of Being who brings into existence the natural law binding on all mankind. Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274) the greatest Christian natural law theorist, in his Summa Theologica defined law as 'an ordinance of reason for the common good, made by Him [i.e., God] who has care of all the community and promulgated.' Law must therefore be just 'having the power of binding the conscience'. Just laws are ordered to the common good. For Aquinas, citizens have no obligation to obey unjust laws: 'an unjust law is not law' and unjust laws 'are acts of violence rather than laws.'
The Christian philosophy of law (or jurisprudence) held that man by nature was free. Without free choice, original sin made no sense. The free and lawful person also became the fundamental conceptual framework of the common law. Such free persons also possessed human dignity, having been made in the image of God. 'Everyman' is thus free, responsible and good…"

The Telstra Campaign is one issue that could unite the Australian people to act together and achieve an objective upon which they all agree - that the major Telstra shares should remain an asset of the Australian people.
If those who are concerned about the direction in which this country is being taken, could join the campaign and inform their parliamentary representative it is their WILL the shares are not to be sold, and insist the representative is to represent them - and vote and act accordingly - it would be a demonstration of the social credit, or faith, or belief of the Australian people that they can act together on an issue AND ACHIEVE THE RESULTS THEY WANT. It would be A DEMONSTRATION OF SOCIAL CREDIT IN ACTION!

The Telstra issue is one issue which could bring the fragmented Australian people together at this point of time… Their actions WOULD BE A DEMONSTRATION THERE IS SUCH A THING AS A SOCIAL DYNAMIC (A MORAL FORCE) IN OUR SOCIETY, AND IT IS A LATENT FORCE FOR GOOD.
The power we are appealing to is 'the power of the people' - the only legitimate power that can come against those politicians who have sold out to Mammon. (One of the major strategies of the political parties is to 'divide and rule' the people.)
If the people came together on the issue and:
· Insist their political representatives vote against the sale
· Understand how their (the people's) will should be re-presented in Parliament
· Grasp the significance of what they have done - what they have demonstrated
· Realise how their own (will) power, directed in right action through the right channels, can legitimately work for 'the common good' (for the good of all the people). They would have demonstrated to themselves how their parliamentary system could and should be working and the social dynamic which helps it work.

Eric Butler stated the case succinctly: "Centralised planning not only must lead to some ultimate form of tyranny but is a tyranny in itself because it suppresses freedom of individual initiative within the framework of true law. All tyranny is that which robs the individual of power in association with others to determine policy."

As for describing Australia as "totally independent and a sovereign nation when obviously we no longer are, I fear the organisation has lost its bearings."
We can well understand the frustration of the long-term reader when seeing that term used in the context of Australia as still a 'sovereign' nation. After all, the League of Rights has spent the last sixty years warning the people of this great land their freedoms are being eroded "from the enemy within and without", and to claim it is still a sovereign nation is simply not true.
In his media release, Phillip Benwell of the Australian Monarchist League used the term in the context of assuring Australians, due to convention, both Prince Charles and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth had to wait to be invited to visit this land. To me he is saying: Don't be fooled by the republican propaganda and the accusations the Royal Family have no interest in us - the authority to make the decision to visit us isn't theirs to make.

I am sure Mr. Benwell is quite aware of other threats to our freedoms and institutions. We admit we are human and do make mistakes, and yes, at times use inappropriate words conveying the wrong impressions. Sorry about that.

Sovereign nation and Constitutional Monarchy
The "Money Power" or Mammon has always recognised Kingship as a danger to their schemes and aims. Kingship (comes from the same root word as 'kind', 'kinship', 'kinder') is woven into the fabric of a society or nation. Kingship (originally meaning 'leadership') stretches as far back as the origins of the race, the community. It is woven throughout their social and historical fabric. The ideas of "multi-racial" and/or "multi-cultural" societies or nations do not come from ancient traditions, and it is especially important to grasp the pedigree of these modern ideas.

C.H. Douglas' words from "The Big Idea," are particularly apt:
"The tendency to argue from the particular to the general is a special case of the sequence from materialism to collectivism. If the universe is reduced to molecules, ultimately we can dispense with a catalogue and a dictionary; all things are the same thing, and all words are just sounds - molecules in motion. That is the ultimate meaning of "Equality"- having no quality…"
And that is exactly what has happened to the Western world. The nation, i.e., the people, along with their systems and institutions, built up over centuries, have been attacked and de-structured - the aim being to reduce us to 'molecules'.

Australians must exercise their own freedom: But the reality is it is up to the Australian people to exercise their own freedom - or lose it!

There are many issues now confronting us which effect people world-wide; the war in Iraq is one example. Although we 'hone in' on John Howard because his responsibility and accountability is to the Australian people, the war of aggression in Iraq affects many people of many nations; not the least the Iraqi people themselves. The issue of 'conscription' is another matter of importance. Just because the subject of conscription hasn't yet 'surfaced' in this country doesn't mean it hasn't been discussed behind government 'closed doors'. It is being 'floated' in the U.S. to gauge the peoples' response and could be' in the pipeline' in this country.

Again we quote C.H. Douglas:
"Why is it becoming more difficult to bring peace upon earth, and to make effective, goodwill between men? What is the dynamism which will encourage the conquest of the earth, the sea and the air, but will only permit the substitution of poverty by slavery? Why does the mouthing of the phrase "the Common Good" merely ensue in individual evil? More particularly at this time, there is a tendency to exalt war into a cause instead of a symptom. The more closely the structure and psychology of war is studied, however, the more clearly it appears that war is neither a cause nor a symptom, but a method. In the words of Clausewitz, "War is the pursuit of policy by other means."

Once this fundamental idea is grasped, the fact that wars occur in the face of the expressed desire of all but a small fraction of the world's population to remain at peace, takes on a new aspect." We seek to shine the spotlight on those who lied about the 'weapons of mass destruction' and pushed for the war in Iraq.


Although the following report is about Canadian action, genetic modification of the earth's food supply concerns us all. Those who have been following the genetic modification of seeds know that "Terminator Technology would take away farmers' traditional rights to save harvested seed for replanting - the basis on which agriculture was developed over thousands of years. Seed saving is essential to the maintenance and further evolution of agricultural diversity world-wide, the basis of food security," as Bob Phelps of GeneEthics has warned.

And the Genetic Use Restriction Technologies (GURTS) relates to the Public opposition to the introduction of these "suicide seeds" in 1998 which forced the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to impose a de facto moratorium on further development.

Attempt to overturn international moratorium
Canadians are being alerted by The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (The ETC Group, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) that their Government representative at a United Nations meeting this week in Bangkok, will attempt to overturn an international moratorium on Terminator Seed Technology. Terminator seeds are genetically engineered to be sterile and thereby prevent farmers from saving seed. This is an extremely risky and controversial technology. Some scientists worry about what could happen if the terminator is unleashed on the environment. They fear that terminator technology could migrate from one farm to another, or from a farm to wild plants. And activists in developing nations are concerned that the technology would put too much power in the hands of a few international agribusinesses.

The GeneEthics Network in Australia has sent out an urgent communiqué to the Canadians, which they ask us to also do. It reads: "Your government will betray all humanity if you enable this ban to be lifted, especially without the full knowledge, participation or consent of civil society." The ETC Group announced an emailing campaign urging "the Canadian government to immediately take action to direct the Canadian delegation to back continuation of the ban on GURTS. Also to develop, with other governments, a process for a permanent prohibition on all GURTS technologies.

For those with access to the Internet:
The Campaign has set up an ACTION ALERT that allows you to send an instant e-mail to the following Canadian officials:
1) Prime Minister Paul Martin
2) Hon. Andy Mitchell, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food
3) F.B. Fadden, President, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Visit the following web address to take action now:


Mr.Phillip Benwell of the Australian Monarchist League reports:
"It is likely that in 2005 Britain will have a referendum on the European Constitution, the results of which will have a grave effect on the Commonwealth Realms. The millions of British subjects residing throughout the Commonwealth have a moral right to vote in the Referendum. Whilst it is not likely that the Blair Government will allow them to do so (even though they will allow non-British citizens residing in Britain to vote) these people can influence their relations and friends in the United Kingdom.
No stone can be left unturned in the battle to retain Britain's sovereignty and if we in Australia have any say, even if we have to fight alone by ourselves, no stone WILL be left unturned."

"Upon reading Phillip Benwell's material on the coming Referendum in the United Kingdom, I was reminded of my father Eric Butler's important 1961 "Mission to Britain," where, along with Jim Killen they lobbied against the UK going into the Common Market.
It was the first international tour my father had undertaken and he travelled via Canada with the then House of Representatives Member for Morten, (now Sir) James Killen. History shows (Sir) James Killen had just 'scraped across the line' by 100 votes which included Communist Party preferences, thereby saving the Menzies Government from defeat. It had lost favour due to its "credit squeeze" of the Australian people.

Although he was attacked by the Zionists and the "politically correct" Liberals - especially by Sir Arthur McFadden - because of his association with the Australian League of Rights, Jim held his ground and went to the UK with my father. Their special "Mission to Britain" saw them campaigning against Edward Heath and his push for the UK to join the Common Market, with many Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons present at one of their biggest meetings in Caxton Hall.

The warnings of what was the real agenda of the 'globalists', given then by my father - just remember it was 1961 - have now come to fruition.
However, it is worth remembering the Australian League of Rights was in the forefront of the battle all those years ago - and still is - for our own sovereignty in Australia. I am pleased that someone like Phillip Benwell has the savvy to understand the constitutional implications for Australia and the other realms of the Commonwealth."


by James Reed
"Opposition leader Michael Howard signalled his intention to make immigration an election issue in Britain proposing to limit immigration to Britain and placing quotas for asylum-seekers. Michael Howard's father was a Romanian Jew named Bernard Hect who fled to Wales in 1939 and changed his name to Bernard Howard.
In an advertisement recently placed in The Sunday Telegraph newspaper Howard said: "Britain has reached a turning point. Our communities cannot absorb newcomers at today's pace. Immigration must be brought under control."

Indeed, Britain's population of 60 million will increase by another 6 million in the next 30 years with immigration accounting for 84 per cent of that increase. Howard is facing an impending election defeat and is seizing upon an issue of vital importance for the survival of Britain. It is highly doubtful though that Howard (Hect) will act if elected in stopping the immigration-led threatened death of once 'Great' Britain. You can be sure that some EU law, regulation, agreement, etc., will prevent this, and that the tide of colour will continue to rise and swamp once white Britain - unless the British people awake to the treachery of the mainstream parties."


Anyone contemplating using the Sensis directory service number, 1234, Sensis, which as you may or may not know, is a subsidiary of Telstra? We have been informed the 1234 number is replacing the Telstra 12456 directory assistance number, but this time with outrageous costs attached: 40c to call the number, then 4c A SECOND!
If it is true, with this sort of pricing structure in place, it's no wonder so many Australians hold Telstra in the same regard as the major banks.
By law, Telstra have to provide a FREE directory assistance number, because they are still majority owned by the government. They choose however not to pass this number on to the public.
What's the number? 1223. Check it out. And if it proves to be true then "Thumbs up" to Telstra for finding a way to charge for a service that is supposed to be provided for free!


Australia has expelled a senior Israeli diplomat for an unspecified offence, media reports say. The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper said the diplomat was believed to have been told to leave a few weeks ago, but the move was kept secret to avoid any damage to relations between Australia and Israel.
It said the affair was revealed by the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv, which speculated it might be connected to last year's row over two alleged Mossad secret service agents accused of trying to fraudulently obtain New Zealand passports.

The Sydney Morning Herald said the diplomat's official duties included visiting the two alleged spies while they were in prison in New Zealand.
The newspaper said a source close to the Israeli cabinet had told it the reason for the expulsion had to be serious, given the friendly relations between the two countries. Has the deportation anything to do with New Zealand's deportation of two alleged Israeli spies and the suspension of high level contacts with Israel? So far neither John Howard nor Alexander Downer have explained to the Australian people why this man was secretly deported.


Do keep up the contributions to the League's Basic Fund. The need was never greater for the continuing work of the League; we need your support through your financial contributions. Decide to send in a donation today.


The following letter was sent by Edward Rock to his parliamentary representative Mr. Russell Broadbent M.P., Federal Member for McMillan, Vic.
Dear Russell,
Thank you for your letter of 19. 1. 05. I write again as a matter of great Christian importance, and to that intent I enclose a copy of a letter to Mr. Ian McFarlane, Chairman of the Reserve Bank of Australia. In view of current speculation predicting an imminent rise in interest rates and therefore house mortgages I ask that you register your objection to any such proposal with Mr. McFarlane, the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, the two latter who claim adherence to the Christian faith.
Let me say unequivocally that money is not an instrument of power over the lives of people or nation, it is an instrument of service. As a symbol it does not change in its function as a means of enabling access to the fruits of God's vineyard, it remains stable and reliable and is available at all times to fulfil its prime function of ensuring a just relationship between man and the reality. In this respect both money and government are only means to the end and to give the means, the money symbols, power over man is an obscenity in the sight of God, being a flagrant breaking of the second commandment.
Be assured of my prayers for the right use of money, the right policy governing its creation and distribution, which will result in both money and government becoming the servants of the people under the authority of Jesus Christ our Lord.
In your letter you mentioned your respect for my Rector, Bruce Charles. I am having a meeting with him tomorrow to discuss the responsibility of the Christian Church in these matters. I will also pass on a copy of this letter to my Bishop, The Right Rev'd Jeffrey Driver, Bishop of Gippsland.
Yours very sincerely, Edward Rock, Cape Paterson, Victoria.


Representatives from the French-Canadian social credit "Michael" movement will be in Australia during Feb/March and we are pleased to announce they will speak at the venues below. We want to hear what developments have taken place as a result of their Convention held late last year. Representatives from many, many countries attended to learn more about Social Credit. After all, all that most of these people in the Third World countries can lose is their abject poverty!

Pierre Marchildon will give us a report on the developments that have since taken place. We heard one report that 80, yes 80, bishops of the Church had come together in one of the Latin countries to look at Social Credit. It is a very exciting development.
MELBOURNE - Heritage Book Shop, 2nd Floor, 45 Russell Street, Melbourne.
Friday, 25th February commencing at 1.30 PM. Phone 03 650 9749 to say you are coming.


Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace (Cnr. Carrington) Adelaide, Thursday, 3rd March, 2005. Dinner to commence 6.45pm with the speaker addressing the audience later. If unable to come to the dinner do come to hear the speaker (7.45pm).
Bookings for the dinner must be made by phoning: 8296 4704.

ADELAIDE - Parish Hall, Church of Christ the King, 459 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys. Wednesday, 2nd March, 7.30pm.
Speaking on: "The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church; Globalisation and the Eucharist."


The next meeting of the SCC will be held on Thursday 24th February with the meeting commencing at 7.30pm. The venue is the Lithuanian Club, 16 East Terrace, Bankstown. The guest speaker is: Mr. David Duffy and his subject is "Atlantis, a Drowned World" (An Epitaph for Imperial Russia). An interesting and competent speaker, for over 32 years Mr. Duffy has acted as Chairman and Programme Director for a weekly forum in Chippendale. Cost of attendance is $5. Bring a friend and the cost will be waived.


To be held on Saturday, 19th March, 2005, from 12.00noon through to 4.45pm. The venue will be The Central Hotel, No 1 Princes Highway, Beaconsfield Vic. The Hotel is on the old Princes Highway, just 5 minutes walk from the Beaconsfield Railway Station.
The speakers: Donald Auchterlonie, "Bridging the (purchasing power) Gap"; Kurt Bauer, "Party Politics in the EU". Mr. Bauer toured Europe in 2004. And Betty Luks will speak on "Aspects of Social Credit in the Gospels".
The charge will be $28.00 per person and RSVP's to be in by 10/3/05. Make cheques out to Australian League of Rights, indicate what they are for, then send to G.P.O Box 1052, Melbourne 3001.
Evening meals will be available in the bistro for anyone wishing to stay later.


· Inform your federal politicians, both Representatives and Senators, you do not want him/her to vote for sale of Telstra.
· Insist Senators represent their State on this matter not a political party.
· Contact all Local Government and State Government representatives, including the Premier, and ask them to support the campaign to retain Telstra for the people.
· Write to as many media outlets as possible informing the readers of what is happening and asking readers to join in the campaign.
· Write to local business leaders and community groups seeking their involvement in the campaign.
Send for your supply of "Telstra" flyers. Addresses on back page of Bulletin.
Prices include postage & handling: 5 copies $3.00; 10 copies $5.00; 50 copies $15.00


"The Money Trick": Veritas Publishing Co. is to be commended for bringing out an updated version of this valuable Australian publication. This new edition needs to go out in its thousands to people who still believe banks only lend out other people's deposits!
Creating money 'from nothing' is the banking fraternity's greatest 'black magic' trick -- ever! Learn how your home-loan is created from nothing; learn how we, the people, produce all the wealth, all the goods and services, while the banks produce all the debts! Learn why Governments are on a 'debt roller-coaster' -- and why under such a fraudulent system, debt and tax increases are inevitable.
· Learn about Paul Keating's betrayal of the Australian people when he opened our nation's doors to 13 foreign banks.
· Learn why John Howard toadies to the American establishment! Price: $11.00 posted.

"How to Kill a Country" by Linda Weiss, Elizabeth Thurbon & John Mathews.
Australians have been sold out by their so-called political representatives for far too long. The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America must be the last straw. This book by three Australian academics discloses the devastating trade deal our so-called political representatives and bureaucrats have made with the Americans.
We want a national strategy which takes pride in Australia's achievements, has confidence in its people's abilities, and adopt a positive view of our future, one that will seek to secure the conditions necessary to safeguard what we have developed and to enhance its value in the future. Price: $29.95 posted.

"1215: The Year of Magna Carta" by Danny Danziger & John Gillingham.
For one who had the sheer joy of visiting the Church/Cathedral at Bury-St-Edmunds and revelling in the historical display which included replicas of the shields of the Barons of Magna Carta/Runnymede fame, I found this book such a delight. It opens an historical window revealing the life and times of the people of Magna Carta and what this all means for western man today.
The mediaeval design of the cover which features the baron's shields is just delightful and gives the right 'feel' and fixes the right time-frame for the contents of the book.
Price: $29.95 posted.

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