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11 March 2005. Thought for the Week: Democracy and Education: "For far the largest part of the history of mankind, society has not, even in theory, been assumed to be for the benefit of the individuals who compose it, but purely for the benefit of a minority who rule… Democracy, like Christianity, has never been tried, for the simple reason that there have never yet been men and women with the ability or the courage to use it for their own and society's sake."
Richard Ogden, M.A. in "The Fig Tree" September 1936.


by James Reed

The Threat of Enviromentalism, Religion of the New World Order.
"I'm heartily tired and fed-up and sick
Of enviromentalists waving a stick,
And ranting for complete cessation
Of everything that builds a nation."
Bastard from the Bush

Doug Jensen published an excellent book in 1984 with Veritas Publishing Company (still available through the League of Rights…ed) entitled A Conspiracy Called Conservation. Using Australian material up to the early 1980s, he clearly showed that the "green", "conservation" or "environmentalist" movement was dominated by Marxist ideology. It is not too difficult to substantiate such a thesis by consideration of environmentalist literature and activities since that time.

The environmentalist movement is typically globalist in its orientation. It consists of a vast network of Non-Government Organisations and government organisations committed to a common goal. That goal, since the 1990s, has been called "ecological sustainability" or "global justice". It is a programme of social reform more radical perhaps than even Marxism. Marxism at least believed in the capacity of humans to obtain technological mastery of the planet.

Environmentalism in its most extreme form sees human beings as a "cancer" on the face of the earth. This is not an idle metaphor: Some environmentalists have argued for the cancer hypothesis first-hand, comparing human population growth to the growth of cancers (Population & Environment W.M. Hern Vol. 12, 1990). Here we will examine environmentalism as a new world order religion and expel some myths from the ecological writings of an otherwise sound social credit theorist, Geoffrey Dobbs. Most importantly, we will look at the issue of "peak oil" which like the greenhouse exaggeration is being used by environmentalists in their racially suicidal quest to destroy White Christian civilisation and especially the Nordic racial group.

Anti-Christ Religion
Environmentalism is explicitly anti-Christian. Evidence for this claim will be given shortly. First however I wish to outline how environmentalists have reworked Christianity. They too believe in an Eden of the past, a golden age where humans lived in balance with nature. Then a fall from grace occurred with humans "eating" from the tree of knowledge. This 'fall' was the obtaining of technological sophistication, usually associated with the rise of Northern European civilisation.

Non-Nordic civilisations, such as the Chinese and Australian Aborigines are good = non-polluting, the Nordic or Northern European people are bad being intrinsically destructive. All this is maintained whilst also advocating anti-racism, that race is a "social construction", an ideology by Northern Europeans to suppress the otherwise gentle, harmonious non-Nordics.

For the environmentalist, the advance of civilisation is a threat to the sustainability of the Earth's life support systems. Various "crises' are rolled out to support such an outlandish claim, a claim which probably wouldn't even have been made without the use of the very technology that they condemn.

"Peak Oil" set to take over "Global Warming"?
Global warming is an old favourite in the fear stakes, but "peak oil" may be set to overtake this old horse. For that reason, and because the "peak oil" issue is not as yet well known by actionists, we will look at "peak oil" here.

Earlier I said that environmentalism was anti-Christian. Such a claim can be well confirmed through consulting the standard environmental 'classics' such as Aldo Leopold's A Sand County Almanac, E.F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful and James Lovelock's Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth. This tradition has been highly influenced by a paper published in 1967 by Lynn White, which summarised the ecological attack on Christianity. The paper's title is The Historical Roots of our Ecological Crisis, published in the leading scientific journal, Science, March 1967.
White's thesis was that Christianity established a dichotomy between man and nature that was not present in the peaceful 'politically correct' societies of primitive man. Nature was to be dominated and exploited by man. And hence, with technological development, this exploitation increased, leading to environmental crisis. The end result is that Nature will eliminate man through an environmental catastrophe and a natural balance will be achieved.

As a scientific description of history, this is all nonsense
Primitive man was engaged in a constant battle with his environment for survival. Environmental 'destruction' was necessary for human life to rise above that of the beasts. Of course the environmentalists, with their university positions seldom experience nature as it is really. Their views are like the university writers on migration who never set foot in the world of crime, drugs and sweatshops: all is rosy.
Aboriginal Australians wiped out all the large marsupials. The Maoris exterminated a pre-existing people who inhabited New Zealand about 1,000 years ago. Life was tough and brutish.

Reversion to "Mother Earth" concepts
One of the great environmentalist myths is that of Gaia or "Mother Earth". James Lovelock, a scientist, has pushed the idea that the life support systems of the earth constitute "an organic whole", and, just as the cells of a brain acting in a system allow consciousness, so does the biological systems of the earth constitute an emergent reality, greater than the parts.
All this is merely a form of animism, that the world itself is alive, if not a person. The idea seems to have captured the imagination of an otherwise sound social crediter, Geoffrey Dobbs, who in On Planning the Earth (a series of articles published in the U.K. Home journal…ed) devotes a chapter in support of the Gaia hypothesis.

Dobbs notes that the Gaia concept can lead to pagan 'Earth Mother' worship. As well he notes that Christian civilisation is under attack by the monopolistic world debt-culture. However, although making a mild criticism of the 'Earth Mother' concept as a "source of direct power over people", Dobbs, disappointingly for a social crediter, does not make the connection that Gaia is fundamentally anti-Christian. Christianity gives primacy to human beings over nature. Only humans have souls which are eternal. Nature will ultimately perish. In the meantime, environmental 'destruction' and the death of animals and plants for human life to continue, is inevitable. For civilisation to continue, natural resources must be used.


This brings me to the issue of 'peak oil', one of the frightening new world order scams about to be perpetrated against the public. Let me summarise the argument. I will take a bit of space to put the environmentalists' case. You need to know if you are a farmer or small businessman, because in the future, the use of this nonsense will affect you. So bear with me as I put on my green mask and tell you a fishy tale.

The headline in the "Business" section of The Australian 21/1/2005 read: "Santos Hails Huge Oil Strike". Santos has discovered a reserve of about 170 million barrels of oil off the coast of Indonesia, the "Jeruk discovery". Such a find could bring in billions of dollars of revenue to Santos. One could be forgiven for thinking that the world's oil resources are just as secure: there will be plenty more finds of such magnitude for a long time to come. That is the conventional view.

For a number of years, doubts about such predictions have been made by a number of oil industry 'experts' that a peak in the supply of cheap oil will soon occur. These doubts were voiced in the technical publications and covered in popular scientific journals and magazines. The National Geographic of June 2004, for example, features an article entitled "The End of Cheap Oil". Likewise it is full of shock and horror.
A number of books and websites exist discussing this issue and putting "the end of cheap oil" thesis. Richard Heinberg has published two books on this topic: The Party's Over and Powerdown, and he has a website www.museletter.com. David Goodstein has published Out of Gas.

The 'Grimm' tale for industrial society
The tale told in these books - and at a number of internet sites - is a grim one for the survival of industrial society. Dr. Ali Samsan Bakhtiari, the National Iranian Oil Company Chief Advisor, said that world production would peak by 2007. The peak is called the "Hubbert Peak". After that point, there is increasing marginal costs and oil becomes increasingly expensive. Dr. Bakhtiari sees Australian petrol prices reaching $3-$4 per litre in a few years. Are you suspicious yet?

Trevor Sykes has discussed this issue in The Australian Financial Review, 15-16/1/2005, in an article grimly entitled "Global Oil Supply Running Out". He sites the European Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas which estimates that the Hubbert Peak is 2008.

Let's put Santos discovery in perspective
Let us put the Santos discovery of about 270 million barrels in perspective. The world uses about 82 million barrels of oil a day. Saudi Arabia supplies 10 million of this, being the world's largest oil exporter. The Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia is the world's largest oil field accounting for about half of Saudi Arabia's production. Some 'experts' believe that oil production in that field is now peaking, and oil recovery costs, by using sea water to drive up the remaining oil, are increasing.

Environmentalists argue
Even so, the discovery of new fields like the Ghawar is rare - the environmentalists argue. The global discovery of oil peaked in the 1960s. Oil discovery peaked in the United States in the 1930s and U.S. oil production peaked in the 1970s. The U.S. is now a major oil importing nation.
The environmentalists take the U.S. situation as a model for the world.

Natural gas is thought, by the environmentalists, to have a peak a few years after that of oil. Although there are vast coal reserves on Earth much of it is of low quality and difficult to access. The energy-profit ratio for coal has been falling over the last few decades. An increased reliance on coal could result in extraction rates peaking within two decades - the environmentalists claim.

Nuclear power would not be a suitable substitute they believe. Ignoring the problem of waste disposal there would need to be hundreds of new nuclear power plants built which would deplete uranium reserves within a few decades. There is doubt by a number of "experts' about whether solar, wind and "alternative" energy sources could fuel the global industrial society. Or so the environmentalists tell us.

Apart from energy, oil is used to produce agri-chemicals and fertilizers. It takes about ¾ of a gallon of oil to produce a pound of beef. Large scale power outages, such as occurred in the United States in August 2003, could become frequent occurrences. The result is a crash of the information economy and industrial civilisation itself. So that, in a nutshell is their case.

An alternative argument - the RIP ratio
It would take too long to systematically refute this argument. But, briefly, the idea that after some 'half-way point' there will be increasing marginal costs because at the rate at which oil is pumped out of the ground follows a bell-shaped curve, is questionable. An alternative view of oil scarcity, known as the RIP ratio, looks at the ratio of reserves to production.

On this view we will not be in trouble for, at worst forty years, but most likely one hundred, giving technology plenty of time to solve the problem.
Joe Vialls has argued that the Russians have dug super deep oil wells such as Kola S6-3, to a depth of 40,230 feet. Oil is available from super deep wells and Russia leads the way. The conventional wisdom holds that at a depth of about three miles below the surface the excessive heat at such a depth converts oil to natural gas. The conventional theory holds that oil is a hydrocarbon derived from surface organic material laid down millions of years ago. Oil at 40,000 feet directly challenges conventional science. This may well be so; thus the experts will need to look into this issue.

All that we can say for sure is that "peak oil" will be used by the new world order elite to further their demonic lust for centralised power. We will see a push to push ever more small farmers off the land in the name of sustainability. A phantom shortage of oil will ensure super high prices for petrol at the pump. And, finally, there will be a ready excuse for the United States to invade further oil rich "terrorist" nations, to make the world safe for Zionism, as Vialls has noted.

Actionists need to begin researching this issue so that they are ready for the battle to come. You can be sure that in some shape or form, environmentalism will continue to be used to crash human freedom.


by James Reed
"1 in 5 Britons Could Vote Far Right" is an article in the Newstatesman, 24/1/2005. This "alarming" statistic is the magazine's own estimation of the potential electorate support for both the British Nationalist Party (BNP) and the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The Rowntree Poll found that 18 per cent of Briton's might vote for the BNP in the future. A figure of 24 per cent was found in the 2004 Land on Elections' Study.

In Europe there are further "alarming" statistics
France: Jean-Marie Le Pen's vote in 2002, 1 in 5; Netherlands: Fortwyn List vote in 2002, 1 in 5; Switzerland: People's Party vote in 2003, 1 in 4; Norway, Progress Party vote in 2001, 1 in 7; and Australia, Freedom Party vote in 2002, 1 in 10.
Along the same lines, Damian Thompson in The Spectator, 29/1/2005 ("You Can Keep Your Identity Politics") reports that British multiculturalism is falling apart. Thompson sees the British discontent, mainly amongst the young of all races as something of a multicultural fatigue. The young of America were the first to express their boredom with this trendy nonsense though failing to vote for John Kerry.
Cable Shows such as the otherwise disgusting South Park express open hatred of liberals, greenies and other politically correct denizens of modern USA. The internet has also enabled anti-pc humour and thought to flourish.

In Britain, there is the beginnings of a critique of multiculturalism from the 'Left' with David Goodhart, editor of Prospect magazine, and old Marxists Frank Furedi and Kenan Malik now attacking 'identity politics'. Their argument is that multiculturalism causes problems for migrants. Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas, an organisation that morphed from Living Marxism has said that multiculturalism "reflects a self-loathing that comes from their desperate attempts to modernise themselves, and a loss of belief in the achievements of Western civilisation."
We couldn't put it better ourselves. The truth, in the long run, will out.


The English tradition of hunting foxes with hounds, a tradition thought to be 700 years old, has ended. Hunting foxes with hounds, or "wild mammals", is now against the law in England and Wales. There is a similar law in Scotland. Northern Ireland has maintained its sanity and has no such law. The destruction of the hunt is yet another socialist victory against traditions. It is true that some groups such as the League Against Cruel Sports are concerned about the fox - an animal which is a cruel predator itself (ask chickens). Poisoning foxes - still legal - leads to greater suffering than the quick kill by a dog. No matter, the landed gentry must be destroyed totally, even symbolically. Nothing must remain but the common dark uniformity of a multiracial third world Britain.

Oh - the hunting dogs will have to be killed because they are not suitable domestic pets. There was no outcry from animal liberationists about that though.


Mushrooming depleted uranium (DU) scandal blamed

Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter has charged that the reason the United States' Veterans Affairs Secretary Anthony Principi stepped down earlier this month was the growing scandal surrounding the use of uranium munitions in the Iraq War. Writing in Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter No. 169, Arthur N. Bernklau, executive director of Veterans for Constitutional Law in New York, stated:

"The real reason for Mr. Principi's departure was really never given, however a special report published by eminent scientist Leuren Moret naming depleted uranium as the definitive cause of the 'Gulf War Syndrome' has fed a growing scandal about the continued use of uranium munitions by the US Military."

Bernklau continued: "This malady (from uranium munitions), that thousands of our military have suffered and died from, has finally been identified as the cause of this sickness, eliminating the guessing. The terrible truth is now being revealed."

He added, "Out of the 580,400 soldiers who served in GW1 (the first Gulf War), of them, 11,000 are now dead! By the year 2000, there were 325,000 on Permanent Medical Disability. This astounding number of 'Disabled Vets' means that a decade later, 56% of those soldiers who served have some form of permanent medical problems!" The disability rate for the wars of the last century was 5 percent; it was higher, 10 percent, in VietNam.

"The VA Secretary (Principi) was aware of this fact as far back as 2000," wrote Bernklau. "He, and the Bush administration have been hiding these facts, but now, thanks to Moret's report, (it) ... is far too big to hide or to cover up!"

"Terry Jamison, Public Affairs Specialist, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs, at the VA Central Office, recently reported that 'Gulf Era Veterans' now on medical disability, since 1991, number 518,739 Veterans," said Berklau.
"The long-term effects have revealed that DU (uranium oxide) is a virtual death sentence," stated Berklau. "Marion Fulk, a nuclear physical chemist, who retired from the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, and was also involved with the Manhattan Project, interprets the new and rapid malignancies in the soldiers (from the 2003 Iraq War) as 'spectacular … and a matter of concern!'"

When asked if the main purpose of using DU was for "destroying things and killing people," Fulk was more specific: "I would say it is the perfect weapon for killing lots of people!"
Principi could not be reached for comment prior to deadline.

Editor's comment:
Did I hear someone asking "WHAT ABOUT THE IRAQI PEOPLE? They can't 'go home' - they are home! Come on John Howard! Who are the 'terrorists'? Who are spreading the 'weapons of mass destruction'?

1. Depleted uranium: "Dirty bombs, dirty missiles, dirty bullets: A death sentence here and abroad" by Leuren Moret, https://www.sfbayview.com/081804/Depleteduranium081804.shtml
2. Veterans for Constitutional Law, 112 Jefferson Ave., Port Jefferson NY 11777, Arthur N. Bernklau, executive director, (516) 474-4261, fax 516-474-1968.
3. Preventive Psychiatry E-Newsletter. Email Gary Kohls, gkohls@cpinternet.com, with "Subscribe" in the subject line. Email Bob Nichols at bobnichols@cox.net


from Paul Fromm, Canada
Political Prisoner Ernst Zundel was deported secretly and whisked by chartered plane to Germany:
Right to the end, the Canadian state has shown itself to be mean spirited and paranoid in its handling of political prisoner, pacifist publisher Ernst Zundel. Co-counsel Chi-Kun Shi wrote early today: "Ernst was taken from Metro West this morning at 5 am. The person at Border Services, Mr. Gordon Morris, who was in charge of the deportation and said would advise us once Ernst had left, is 'not available' until March 3, 2005."
It should be noted that Morris had promised to advise Peter Lindsay and Ms Shi when Mr. Zundel was airborne. He must have had a two-day symposium at Tim Horton's Donuts that prevented him from fulfilling even this minimal courtesy. His behaviour is typical of the poxy Canadian bureaucracy.

Family members and lawyers are normally advised of the flight and time of a deportation, but once again, the Ottawa tyranny's laughable obsession with "national security" intervened. What real national security concern was there? Did they really think Peter Lindsay would go berserk in the airport lounge and start beating passengers senseless with his briefcase.

Like a typical totalitarian state
No, "security" had nothing to do with it, only the convenience of the human rights abusers who wouldn't want witnesses or photographs of a political prisoner being loaded on to a plane. So, like a typical totalitarian state, the political prisoner was rousted from his bed before dawn and whisked to the airport where, apparently, he was flown in a chartered plane to Germany, and, then, taken to Mannheim. We learned he had arrived about 10:00 p.m. German time.

Civil libertarians' 'concern' seen as 'phony'
A number of civil libertarians are now expressing uneasiness about the secret trials and the summary deportation of a non-violent man, labelled as a terrorist. This concern should be treated with the utmost scorn. These shameless phonies have had nearly two years to get on board and join the fight against secret trials. Alan Borovoy, the big noise with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, was called many times by one of the Zundel lawyers. While in the office, he refused to take her calls.

Chi-Kun Shi said today: "Ernst Zundel has become a mirror to look at ourselves and it's not pretty. These secret trials are the real enemy to civil liberties."

Canadian Press reports put different 'spin' on it
Branded by a Federal Court judge as a risk to national security, Zundel was taken before daybreak from the jail where he had been held in solitary confinement for two years. "He has been turned over to German authorities," Alex Swann, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan, told The Canadian Press.

Jewish groups were ecstatic
"For decades, Zundel has spewed his venom and imbued his brand of hate in a new generation of white supremacist groups that had made him a hero," Frank Dimant of B'nai Brith Canada said Tuesday. "We hope that this (deportation) signals a new and tougher approach by Canada to crack down without exception on practitioners of hate."

Frankfurt - A German judge has ordered Ernst Zundel held in jail after arraigning him on charges of denying the Holocaust and inciting hatred.
Zundel, who was deported from Canada on Tuesday, didn't speak at the arraignment in the southwestern city of Mannheim on Wednesday, a court official said.

Our German correspondent reports
"Based on today's news Ernst was taken from Frankfurt Airport directly to Mannheim Prison due to a "warrant" going back to 2003 because of website texts... If there should be what we call in German "Haftprüfungstermin", i.e. a hearing where one judge will rule if the detention is to continue, a lawyer might be of some help. The living conditions there are not as bad as they might have been in Ontario. The judge sitting alone ruled that Ernst has to stay in prison! The accusation will deal with internet texts concerning the holocaust. The judge decided Zundel should be incarcerated during preliminary proceedings because he might otherwise try to leave the country.


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Target those Senators in your own state who would put Australia before their party - if they had enough support from the Australian people! (There is more ammunition in the pipeline.) Send for your supply of "Telstra" flyers. Addresses on back page of Bulletin.
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Constitutional Property Rights Committee: Farmers and graziers entangled in the 'environmentalist' nightmare, make contact with Councillor Bevan O'Regan and find out what he is doing. Write to him at Narrabri, NSW 2390.


Wednesday, March 30th, 2005 marks the 100th meeting of the Launceston Conservative Speakers' Club and we plan to make it a special night.
We shall be contacting many of our past Guest Speakers and Supporters informing them of this landmark and thanking them for helping us to reach our 100th.
Our first Guest Speaker (August 28th, 1995) was the Hon. Neil Robson, a Member of the Tasmanian Parliament for 15 years - including holding Ministerial portfolios. He was also our first Patron, but unfortunately is unable to be with us for our 100th meeting.
Mr. Robson's topic was "Some absurdities in the Government system," and he also spoke on credit creation by the banking system. He was a former bank clerk! The evening's proceedings were recorded by the late Tom Fielder who came to Launceston especially for our inaugural meeting. We meet in the Max Fry Hall, Gorge Rd., Trevallyn at 7.30 pm.


This is the last call for Victoria's League's State Lunch and Seminar to be held on Saturday, 19th March, 2005. The charge will be $28.00 per person and RSVP's need to be posted without delay.
Make cheques out to Australian League of Rights, indicate what they are for, then send to G.P.O Box 1052, Melbourne 3001.
Assembly is from 12.00noon. Guests for Lunch to be seated by 12.30pm - and going through to 1.30pm. The Seminar will then commence at 1.35pm going through to 4.45pm.
The venue will be The Central Hotel, No 1 Princes Highway, Beaconsfield Vic. The Hotel is on the old Princes Highway, just 5 minutes walk from the Beaconsfield Railway Station.
The speakers: Donald Auchterlonie, "Bridging the (purchasing power) Gap"; Kurt Bauer, "Party Politics in the EU". Mr. Bauer toured Europe in 2004. And Betty Luks will speak on "Aspects of Social Credit in the Gospels".
(Evening meals will be available in the bistro for anyone wishing to stay later.


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