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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction



31 March 2006 Thought for the Week:

"The censorship against which more and more leading Australian scientists are speaking out is both overt and covert. It exists in managerial directives not to communicate, to comment or otherwise share information and scientific conclusions with the public. It exists in the reprimand, the bullying, the sidelining, the punishment and the actual dismissal of those who dare to transgress. This is not supposition; it is on the public record.
But it also exists in self-censorship. Step out of line and your paper won't be published, you won't get the next grant, you'll be passed over for promotion, you'll be made redundant. Nothing is ever said, just a veiled threat and the rest left to the victim's imagination.
And in science it is hard to find another job that isn't in a taxi."
"Muzzling of Science," The Australian, 8 March 2006.


by James Reed

More news for those who fear the growth of Chinese power. China is threatening not only to block Australian shipments of iron ore, but also to cap the price paid to Australian companies such as BHP and Rio Tinto. To attempt to keep down iron ore prices during annual talks on iron ore, China has already blocked ships carrying iron ore from other countries. The Chinese are refusing iron ore contracted at a higher price (even given a rise in freight rates) than negotiated last year. It has been suggested (The Weekend Australian 11-12,3/06, p.35), that this is a short-term negotiating tactic that will not succeed.

Whatever: Australia should be used to being ripped off on the sale of its minerals, it has happened for so long to all our resources. Instead of developing our own resources and a state of self-reliance, generations of traitors have enmeshed us into a "global economy". A "global" economy is an economic and environmental perversion: free trade is the world's greatest pollutant as goods which should have been made locally are produced by Asians in sweat shop conditions, and transported across the world to passive consumers.

Chinese textile and garment workers work up to 14 hours a day, seven days a week for around AUS$1 a day. The workers live in compounds which are no more than labour camps. Factory owners usually keep the workers' official documentation, without which they cannot leave to go home to the Chinese provinces. (Recall that China is still a communist country.) Hence the West's textile industries face oblivion in the future, eliminating around 120 million workers. About 750,000 jobs in the US are predicted to disappear in the near future. That is only one industrial sector.

Economic globalisation will work to eliminate all such sectors. Employment will only exist in areas where labour protection is minimal or non-existent. To deal with this problem the Australian government has introduced its own "slave labour" scheme, known as the employer-sponsored subclass 457 temporary work visa migrants or guest workers. In December 2005 Immigration minister Amanda Vanstone used a "try before you buy" phrase to describe these workers' availability to employers. The government claims that it will monitor sponsoring employers to ensure compliance with Australia's industrial laws. Too bad that the Howard government has been busy dismantling the safety net protections that generations had fought for.

China's new found wealth is being used in a programme of rapid militarisation. Condoleeza Rice, US Secretary of State, has recently said that China's military spending and development is of great concern to the US. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has continuously expressed alarm about the rise of China's military might. Australia's elites, the "hollow men," used to having their nation treated like a whore, are only too ready to happily welcome a new pimp.


by John Steele
The Australian movie "Wolf Creek" (2005, director Greg Mclean) has received considerable critical applause and awards from the film community. The movie is in the horror/slasher genre and is loosely based upon the Milat backpacker/Murdoch NT murders.

The plot is simple. Four friends in their twenties (Kristy, Ben, Liz and some bloke whose name I didn't catch) set out to hike through Wolf Creek national park. They park their car, do their hike, but find later that their car won't start. Along comes kangaroo hunter Mick Taylor (brilliantly played by John Jarratt of "Better Homes and Gardens" fame) who offers to repair their car, but first he will need to tow them back to his camp. He tows them back to camp, gives them, unbeknown to them, a knock-out drug in their drink and then sets out to butcher them. The rest is predictable.
One girl manages to escape before her murder and she even frees the other girl who has been tortured. Better yet, 'roo hunter Taylor, over confident, puts down his belt action rifle. A girl picks up this weapon and shaking like a leaf eventually fires a shot which stuns Taylor. Then dropping the gun both girls flee, only to be hunted down like animals later.
In a deleted scene, one girl finds a revolver but is initially unable to work out how to use it. Eventually she is able to load two or three bullets in it, only to later drop it and lose it.

In general I believe that most movies produced today are ideological trash (The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an exception). Movies, like popular music are the equivalent of junk food. Nevertheless some movies embody important truths about popular culture. "Wolf Creek" has become a popular horror film for generation Y because it embodies certain truths about this generation.
Feminism and political correctness characterise the characters. The males are soft and weak. The females clearly are frightened of guns and have no self defence skills. They are the sorts of university people that would be at anti-gun rallies. As modern urbanites they enter the bush with no capacity for self- protection. Of course their government has taken their guns away from them but even if they had the right to bear arms they would not have packed a weapon with them. And when they really need to use a weapon, they can't work out how to use it.

In short, the characters exemplify the type of computerised urban consumer that is wanted in the new Australian order. They are, essentially, lambs and are slaughtered as such. These type of scenarios wouldn't generally have worked against the men and women of other eras. The movie horror genre works because the average viewer projects their own helplessness into the characters.
"Wolf Creek" didn't scare me. Having been a soldier and spent a lot of time in the outback, all I could see were the mistakes made by the urbanites. It is hard to feel sorry for such changelings.

Common to Australian horror movies is a projected fear of the bush. The backpackers murders (which in any case were not in the deep outback of Australia but off a highway) have reinforced this fear. But like most fears it is something based upon ignorance. Most murders occur in urban areas where there are high population numbers and ethnically diverse populations crammed together.

The bush is relatively safe provided one knows what one is doing regards travel, water storage and mechanical repairs to vehicles. Over civilised man living wrapped in the cosy blanket of consumerism and technology, has become a lamb. If some breakdown of social order occurs (e.g., in disaster situations as seen in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and now North Queensland and Hurricane Larry) then the lambs are at the mercy of wolf men.
Rugged independence, self-reliance and survival skills are being lost as people become little more than meat in the machinery of modernity. That is what the system wants us to be.


Tropical cyclone Larry hit north Queensland early Monday morning, March 20th, passing over Innisfail and Babinda. In Innisfail a third of the houses have lost the roofs. It seems that the biggest problem right now is to find fuel.

Not one service station has a generator:

The power has been off since about 5am on Monday (this report came in 10.45am Tuesday), and not one of the fuel stations has a generator. We have a generator, but without fuel we are going to run out of electricity. We have been told that Ingham has fuel available. It has been estimated that it may take a week before power is restored. The state government flew in some generators for emergency services.
This was a category 5 cyclone the same as Katrina that hit New Orleans. There is also a second one forming about 1600 Km away towards Fiji, which is also coming this way.


by Betty Luks
As expected the Rann Labor Party was returned, with a swing against the Liberals, giving Labor a majority in the Lower House - but the major upset was in the Legislative Council. The election resulted in Labor gaining 4 seats, Liberal 3 seats, Ind. Nick Xenophon 2 seats, Family First 1 seat and Greens 1 seat.

Antony Green on the ABC website reports:
"The huge vote for Nick Xenephon disrupted all analysis of the Legislative Council [vote]. Where the lack of preference he received [from other groups] when ticket votes were lodged [with the Electoral Commission before the election] [this] indicated he would struggle to be elected, in the end his primary vote elected two MLCs, and all [that] the preferences of other parties appear to have done is prevent him electing three MLCs."

At the time of preparing this report, the figures showed Nick Xenophon and his other Independent-No Pokies colleagues received 162,685 votes whereas the Liberals struggled to reach 193,819.
If the Xenophon figures had been transferred to the Legislative Assembly it would be equivalent to around 14 seats! We think Mr. Xenophon and his colleagues will need to watch their political backs over the next few years. It appears his popular vote could prove to be as big a threat to the dark lords of the planned new world order for Australia as Pauline Hanson's vote once was.
During the rise of Pauline Hanson's star I remember the headlines in one newspaper: "Danger: One Nation Ahead". The inference being they were not afraid of Pauline Hanson's party as such, they were more afraid of the people combining their vote and upsetting the cosy bipartisan arrangements between tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber.
Let us hope Mr Xenophon proves to be more politically astute - as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove - than was Pauline.

When last checking the figures, Family First received 37,253 while the Nationals could raise only 5,277 votes. Australian Democrats 13,019 and the Greens 31,314. One Nation's Upper House vote reached 5,933 only. The preferences got Family First past the line, they now have two members in the Upper House, Andrew Evans and Dennis Hood. The Democrats' star is on the wane and with preferences the Greens' star is on the rise.

The first thing Mike Rann did after it was clear he had been returned with a clear majority was announce he wanted to abolish the Upper House. Nick Xenophon has clearly indicated the Rann government will have a fight on its hands should it attempt that move.


by Brian Simpson
The White race - or at least its intellectual elites and leaders - must have an overwhelming death instinct. Not content with destroying themselves by internal diseases (immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, etc), they court external destruction. The Bush agreement to supply nuclear technology and fuel to India is an example. Rather than minimise the number of possible future foes the US proceeds to allow India to build an unlimited number of nuclear weapons in a misguided attempt to counter-balance the emergence of Chinese military might. Get ready for a "threesome" between China, India and the US.
India has been open about its desire to acquire more nuclear weapons to counter China and Pakistan. Australia will no doubt follow suit in the sale of uranium to India as this is what the ruling elite (as judged by their comments in the media) want. Australia does what it is told by the dark lords of the new world order. This, to say the least, creates an ever-increasingly dangerous world situation. That India is a so-called "democracy" matters little, for America, also a so-called "democracy" has used nuclear weapons in war. Israel, another so-called "democracy" is likely to use nuclear weapons to deal with Iran. Iran seeing this arms race cannot but want to have nuclear weapons, quick.

Media Outpouring
An outpouring of pro-India articles appeared in The Australian, a number by foreign editor Greg Sheridan, e.g., The Weekend Australian 4-5/03/06 p.23; 9/3/06, p.12; 11-12/3/06, p.22.

The articles essentially repeat the same old Sheridan line
We must get on the band wagon or we Australians are lost; the future is Asian; India is destined to be a major power and so on. Of course Australia should sell uranium to India. After all China has an appalling record in upholding the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, as its dealings with Pakistan and North Korea shows and we sell uranium to China. Most importantly, we kow tow to China so why not to India as well?

Sheridan in his 9/3/06 article gives a long litany of Australia's bowing and scraping to China. It is worthwhile quoting his own words:
"[We] never mention Chinese human rights in public or publicly take up the cause of any single Chinese dissident; in our free trade negotiations we conceded to the Chinese at the start their main aim, declaring them a market economy when manifestly they are not; we effectively observed a new unilateral moratorium for several years on sending ministers to Taiwan to support our trade though this had been established practice for many years; and we invited Hu Jintao to address a joint session of our parliament and, unlike to Bush, ensured he faced no heckling or public expression of dissidence that he could hear."
Sheridan concludes: "If we will do all this for a communist dictatorship with hundreds of thousands of people locked in gulags, surely we should be prepared to do some similar things for the world's largest democracy."

This is strange logic indeed leaving aside the possibility of satire.
What needs real examination is Australia's servile relationship with China precisely on the grounds mentioned by Sheridan. India is not beyond critical examination as well. It is a country with 150 million Muslims and 900 million Hindus. It is a country which has split once in warfare creating Pakistan, and it may split again. Pakistan aids terrorist attacks into India to help speed up the process. A nuclear war between India and Pakistan is likely, some military experts believe. Then of course there are tensions between India and China, that will grow in the future. India's democracy was not a natural organic development of the nation, but was imposed by British colonialism. In the second most populated nation on earth, with few peasants understanding Indian politics and merely ticking a box, Indian democracy is as meaningless as our sham "democracy".

The only difference between Indian democracy and Australian democracy is that it is virtually impossible to change the voting public by immigration in India as has been done in Australia, and as continues to happen. It is insane to sell uranium to both India and China. It will take only one exploding atom bomb to begin a political Chain Reaction in our diverse, globally connected world, resulting in a major global nuclear war.
The more players with more nuclear weapons, the greater the probability of the end of human history. Oblivion assured for only a few bucks.


We feel sure OT readers would like to read David Flint's report on Her Majesty's visit to Canberra and a supporter's account of the opening of the Commonwealth Games:
"The Queen's Homecoming continued on Tuesday, 14 March, 2006, with crowds, including many young people, larger than on the last visit.
In Canberra The Queen saw her Prime Minister, and the Leader of HM Loyal Opposition, Mr. Kim Beazley. She lunched with her viceroys and several former Governors-General. Then she conferred awards on those who so valiantly defended the capital from the bushfires, and in the evening, with HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, Her Majesty attended a dinner in the Great Hall in Parliament House Canberra.
Her Majesty, wearing the Order of Australia, entered to a fanfare and drum roll. As she proceeded, rather than curtsies or bows, many applauded, as they did in the Cathedral on the Monday. Customs change over time, and what seemed once strange may in a short time be common place. When the Royal Party reached their places on the platform, following protocol, the Royal Anthem and the National Anthem were played - magnificently.
Speeches were delivered by the Prime Minister, and Mr. Beazley, and then Her Majesty addressed the assembly and the nation. The Royal Party then proceeded to the high table, greeting each of the former Prime Ministers. (All but Mr Keating were present, and all had campaigned for a republic in 1999).
After the meal, people wandered around, talking to people at other tables, which surprised me. One lady, a republican, came up to me to say hullo - I reminded her that the last time we met was at the lunch just after the referendum. I also reminded her that she had said then that that visit would be The Queen's last before Australia became a republic.

The people sing God Save The Queen:
An ACM supporter who attended the spectacular Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony tells me that the crowd spontaneously joined Dame Kiri Te Kanawa (made, incidentally, a Dame Commander of the British Empire by The Queen in 1982) in singing Happy Birthday to The Queen. But when the Birthday Tribute "segued" into an abbreviated version of God Save The Queen, the whole crowd then stood to sing that too.
"An amazing and totally spontaneous mark of respect for The Queen from the people of Melbourne," says the supporter. Everybody - well almost everybody - wanted to honour the Queen by singing the Royal Anthem. A great spontaneous tribute to The Queen of Australia."
David Flint


by James Reed
Professor John Hirst has recently published "Sense and Nonsense in Australian History" (Black Inc.) Although the book is part of Black Incs "Agenda" series edited by Robert Manne, himself a champion of various politically correct causes such as "justice" for the "stolen generation" and on the Left in the "history wars," Hirst clearly is generally against the left-liberal view of Australian history.
Hirst takes apart the new class myth of multiculturalism, that migrants transformed an inwardly looking Anglo Australia into a "diverse, open tolerant society."
Hirst, who as a typical conservative supports immigration, says that the "success" of large-scale immigration was due to Anglo-Australians keeping divisiveness at a distance being force fed"not to obliterate difference but to overlook it."

That's Hirst's view of the matter. I have a different view of this.
In James Reed terms they passively turned away, eating and drinking themselves to death as their lifeblood was sold off for a mess of pottage by a traitorous elite and ruling class. This is true not only for immigration but for most of our hard won freedoms.
Hirst doesn't explore these contemporary threats as the volume brings together essays spanning over 30 years. An exploration of more recent issues would have made a more interesting book.

Although Hirst accepts Professor Manne's view on the stolen generation, his book contains an insightful essay "How Sorry Can We Be?" This commonsense essay points out that the guilt view of Australian history, as seen in the Mabo judgment of the High Court is fundamentally mistaken
because Australia's history could not realistically be other than it was. There would not have been an Australian - or any nation without a "dark past". The left wing and liberal critics would not have been born at all. Hirst has made a refreshing contribution to the history wars; and his book because of its fine critical balance will cause headaches for the liberal-left in the continuing history wars.


by James Reed
Germaine Greer, an ageing Australian radical feminist, was recently in Australia to speak at an International Women's Day Lunch on the gold coast. The expatriate feminist author of "The Female Eunuch" (1970), which canvassed the full packet of feminist goods (pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-men, anti-heterosexuality). Even given the present plight of males - with high male youth suicide rates and middle aged male suicide rates, affirmative action programmes for women and systematic discrimination against males in employment and university courses, abuse of boys by feminist school teachers - and so on, Greer was still doing for sisterhood.

Greer had said in 2000 that she would not set foot on Australian soil until the traditional Aboriginal "owners" gave her permission to touch down. According to The Australian 9/3/06, p.3), Greer did not obtain that permission. Obviously an oversight Greer had bigger fish to fry.

Although Australia's high male suicide rates was not in her gun sights other "important" issues were.
The new Holden ute advertisement which features a man being asked by a woman what his ultimate fantasy is had angered Greer. In the ad the man imagines driving off in the new Holden ute with another woman. Greer describes this woman as slimmer and "entirely servile". On the contrary, the woman in the advertisement is a fellow ute lover who is seen cleaning the ute. She is a "buddy" girl, not a nagging whinger.
The example is trivial but it shows the mind of one of Australia's "leading" feminist thinkers at work.

The Holden ute ad was her big message and she said: "My question to you women is, why have you allowed this to happen? Why haven't plate glass windows on Holden showrooms been exploding all over Australia? How much humiliation are you up for?" The reason that women have not been engaging in cultural terrorism against Holden is that most women are more sensible than Greer.

Greer interpreted the lack of outrage over the Holden ad as showing that Australians were lazy and slow to anger. I am afraid that I must agree. Australians should have turned against the feminist beast in the 1960s and the immigration monster in the 1940s, standing up to Fabian socialists such as Arthur Calwell. And before World War II the Australian people should have prevented the dismantling of the **"People's Bank".
Sadly, human nature being what it is, and the forces of darkness being what they are, with the exception of a small group of patriots, there was no resistance to the invasion of Australia.
Thus although Greer might appear to be a crank to most of us, she really represents the type of "femocrat" that now rules the system in law, government, Centrelink, business and elsewhere. Although most women are not like Greer, most of the new class of ruling elites and intellectuals are, and most are worse. Watch out for the new generation of women coming through university now.

Greer at least had some unkind things to say about John Howard. "Here we have our own dear Prime Minister - this big man inside a tiny man struggling to get out - who's been walking around India with his elbows out, just to prove he's really big. 'I really am a silverback, I might look like a chimp, but I am really a silverback.'

**Further essential reading:
· "The Money Trick" An Institute of Economic Democracy publication. $12.00 posted.
· "The Saga of a Peoples' Bank" by Peter Lock $4.00 posted.
· "The Story of the Commonwealth Bank" originally written by D.J. Amos, $8.50 posted.


by Betty Luks
I never cease to be amazed at the lack of historical background knowledge displayed by so many journalists. I would have thought it was their responsibility to know more. How on earth can they report accurately when they don't have important facts?
The Sydney Morning Herald obviously thought it was 'breaking news' when it published a report that the likely new US Ambassador to Australia would be Robert McCallum. The article disclosed both Mr. McCallum and George Bush Jnr. are members of a secret society known as "The Skull & Bones".
The SMH article goes into some detail about the initiations performed by new members. What is doesn't detail is the spidery web of subversion which entangles the institutions of nations (including Australia) into the plans of this secret society.
We recommend Australians read Antony Sutton's booklets on The Skull and Bones secret society. Twenty one years ago Professor Antony Sutton published a series of booklets exposing the Yale secret society of which George Bush Snr., at the time, was a member.

There are still a limited number of copies available of Professor Antony Sutton's booklets.
· "The Secret Cult of the Order," $10.00 posted
· "An Introduction to the Order, " $9.50 posted
· "How the Order Creates War & Revolution," $9.00 posted.
· "How the Order Controls Education": This booklet links the "Skull & Bones" secret society with: (1) the 'dumbing down' of our children through the 'look say' method of teaching reading and writing that 'swept through' (more like pushed through) our education system and (2) the US-based Carnegie-Mellon university being set up in Adelaide, $9.00 posted. Check with your state's Heritage Book Services.