Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
12 May 2006 Thought for the Week:
C.H. Douglas observed some 70 years ago that the time would come in the lifetimes of many of the people he was addressing when the forces of Evil would appear to be in the ascendant… Surely that time has come! Will the Opposition and Democrat Members of Parliament support this anti-Christian legislation? What about the Christian Church? Have you heard any prelates thundering from the pulpit against the Evils stemming from our Parliament? We haven't.
On Target July, 1992.


The text of the tribute by Prince Charles to The Queen on her 80th Birthday, 21 April 2006:-

"An 80th birthday is a very special occasion for every family - an occasion for celebration, for giving thanks and for looking back. As a child, I can just remember my great grandmother, Queen Mary, at 80; then I recall so well the 80th birthday of my grandmother in 1980.
"Now I find it hard to believe my own mother, the Queen, is today celebrating her 80th birthday, and it gives me enormous pride to be able to congratulate her publicly in this way, and to thank her on behalf of us all for the many wonderful qualities which she has brought to almost an entire lifetime of service and dedication to her country, to her family, to the realms and to the countries of the Commonwealth.
"It is hard to believe that my grandfather, King George VI, was the same age as I am now when he died and that my mother succeeded him when so young - the same age, in fact, as my sons are now.
"And then I have vivid memories of the Coronation; of my mother coming to say goodnight to my sister and me while wearing the Crown so that she could get used to its weight on her head before the Coronation ceremony; of thousands of people gathered in The Mall outside Buckingham Palace chanting 'We want the Queen' and keeping me awake at night; of my parents being away for long overseas tours during the 1950s and of determined attempts to speak to them on the telephone in far-distant lands when all you could hear was the faintest of voices in a veritable storm of crackling and static interference.
"I remember so well, too, the excitement of being reunited with our parents when my sister and I sailed out in the, then, brand new Royal Yacht Britannia to meet them off Tobruk at the end of their Commonwealth Coronation Tour in 1954 - a tour that had lasted over six months and taken in 13 countries. And, of course, there was the thrill - as a small boy - of witnessing the entire Mediterranean Fleet of the Royal Navy steam past the Royal Yacht at high speed, with my mother and father waving to all the Ships' Companies from the afterdeck.
"There is no doubt that the world in which my mother grew up and, indeed, the world in which she first became Queen, has changed beyond all recognition. But during all those years she has shown the most remarkable steadfastness and fortitude, always remaining a figure of reassuring calm and dependability - an example to so many of service, duty and devotion in a world of sometimes bewildering change and disorientation.
"For very nearly 60 of those 80 years she has been my darling Mama and my sentiments today are those of a proud and loving son who hopes that you will join with me in wishing the Queen the happiest of happy birthdays, together with the fervent prayer that there will be countless memorable returns of the day."


by Betty Luks
The Coronation Prince Charles refers to was of course, a Christian Coronation Service, and it is to Christianity we must look to understand the nature of Kingship and Service to which our Queen dedicated herself.
The Christian Faith first reached those ancient shores of Britain early in the first century AD, and it was this Faith which inspired and moulded the character of the people and influenced their ideas of Kingship and Service. The teachings of our Lord had put an end to the idea of State absolutism and led to the development of a concept of human personality and of liberty that was quite unknown to the ancient world:
"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are God's."

Caesar is of course functionalism. The individual soul is the substantial reality, whereas the association of human beings, the Group, the Collective, is merely the doing of something by individuals in association.
If the doing assumes a life of its own with needs and demands of its own (the result of individuals identifying themselves with the "Group") the Group becomes a tyranny (such as Jesus demonstrated in the acted out parable of the Gadarene Swine).

In the section Christian Anthropology of his paper "Power and Freedom," Michael Lane clearly explains the importance of this concept.
"As in (? into) Adam (Mankind, The Group, The Collective) all men (Individuals) die, so in Christ (Individual Consciousness and Responsibility) all Men (Individuals) are made Alive."

R. McNair Wilson - "Monarchy or Money Power" - thought the history of man is the history of duty, another word for patriotism... Man as patriot - and patrician - outgrew his earlier gods and the Christian Church prepared him for a new revelation of duty. Patriotism assumed a new quality of brotherhood and it was to men thus prepared for His coming that the Lord Jesus gave this concept of Law:
· "You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest commandment."
· "The second resembles it: You must love your neighbour as yourself."
In both cases, the English word 'love' is translated from the Greek word agapao, meaning, according to Dr. James Strong's Concordance, "To love in a social or moral sense."
, Dr. Strong writes: "Governs the judgement and deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty and proprietary. It is an attitude which is governed by specific principles as laid down in law."

The Law of Duty, Two Complementary Aspects
The Christian law presented duty in two complementary aspects, as duty to God and duty to our fellow men. It made duty synonymous with love, and so raised it from the devotion of the pagan to his Fatherland (the Group, the Collective, "Blood and Soil") to the Christian's love of God the Father and mutual love and co-operation with his fellow man.
Christian civilisation went on to recognize both the Church and the State. Both, as the vehicles of the Christian law, were of divine appointment, and the divinity of the one was part of the divinity of the other and inseparable from it.

The Fellowship of a Free Community
The political leaders of a united Kingdom, along with the bishops and priests of the Church, from the nature of the service demanded of them, became privileged bodies, possessing rights and privileges derived from and dependent on their duties. In other words, their privileges and rights stem from their service due to God and their People!
Apart from that duty to God and their People, the rights and privileges enjoyed by those in Office, whether Church or State, are not lawful (in a moral or ethical sense) and cannot be sustained (i.e., without force - as this generation will come to learn through bitter experience).
It is the Grace of God which arms the King with his strength and raises him above all his People as that enduring embodiment of a United Kingdom. Democracy, if it means anything, means that the rights and privileges with which the King and his Ministers serve both God and the People, stem from that service.
We as a people will come to realise, we either build our House on a solid foundation, or, like any other structure built on sand, the House will crumble and be washed away by the tides of history.
It is so as Prince Charles said of his mother our Queen: "(The Queen) has brought almost an entire lifetime of service and dedication to her country, to her family, to the realms and to the countries of the Commonwealth."


by James Reed
It was entirely predictable. The deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile said in evidence before the Cole Inquiry into the AWB kickbacks scandal that he was "surprised" he was not told of warnings six years ago about the contractual irregularities. Vaile had not seen the batch of 21 confidential diplomatic cables sent since 2000. You see he was too busy dealing with World Trade Organization talks. Surely this ministerial disgrace, with the failing ability to do his job, should be helped in his time of decline, by being relieved of the stresses and strains of office through being "fired".

Alexander Downer tried a more gutsy strategy. He declared that his department "did a good job, despite allowing the AWB to grease Saddam Hussein's oily palm with $300 million in bribes. Further, Downer like Vaile, couldn't remember reading the 21 diplomatic cables. The South Australian "blue-blood" "aristocrat" with the "toffy accent" (as journalist Gerard McManus described him : The Advertiser 12 April 2006, p.6) appeared to say at one point: "I would rarely read summaries of cables." Downer's lawyers corrected the transcript to read: "I would really read summaries of cables." As a sub-headline in The Australian 12 April 2006, p.1 put it, quoting Downer : "It is a very major challenge to deal with intelligence." Indeed it is.

John Howard's evidence and performance was true to his form. As the head of the team of the three wise monkeys he didn't know about the kickbacks as well. Issuing bland, dry denials he didn't furnish any remarks that lent themselves to satire. Typical of the dry, bland man.


by James Reed
One of Australia's most elite high schools, SCEGGS Darlinghurst, an independent Anglican girls' school in inner Sydney, set an assessment task in March for the year 11 advanced English students requiring them to interpret Othello from Marxist, feminist and racial perspectives. (The Weekend Australian 15-16/4/06, p.1, "Elite Girls' School Kills the Bard"). This has led US academic Harold Bloom to pronounce that the study of literature is dead in Australian schools. "I find the question sublimely stupid. It is another indication that literary study has died in Australia." This is not news to us.
In the debate which followed, various bureaucrats in the education hierarchy defended the setting of the question. Use of Marxism, feminism and anti-racism is all part and parcel of modern indoctrination - oops, sorry, education. The role of Blacks, women and workers can all be understood using these (left-wing) theories it was argued.
Poet Les Murray is quoted as saying that this incident shows that the dominant ideology at Australian schools is Marxism and a "perverse egalitarianism" that levels quality. Again, this is not news to us. Day-by-day the decay of Australian education continues.
The long march by the leftists/feminists/commos through the institutions is complete. The only hope for Australian children lies with the home schooling movement. Young impressionable minds must not enter the vat of poison that our schools have become. And I haven't even mentioned bullying, sexual harassment of Anglo girls by ethnics, feminist teachers destroying young boys, the drug problems, etc., etc.


by James Reed
According to a study in the British Medical Journal, the foetus does not feel pain before 26 weeks. This is allegedly so even though the foetus' body can respond to "discomfort". The review has come as the US considers legislation that requires a doctor to tell women seeking an abortion that the procedure of slicing and dicing the unborn child will cause pain to the unborn child. The legislation would also make it mandatory that pain-reducing drugs be used for abortion of foetuses older than 22 weeks.
The psychologist conducting the review has said that these measures would expose women to inappropriate distress. The mind must be fully developed before pain can be felt. "Experiencing pain is more than simply producing a biological response to a stimulus. It is something that comes from our experiences and develops due to stimulation and human interaction." (The Weekend Australian, 15-16/4/06, p.3) Ideological nonsense!

Pain is not a social construction, but is a basic neurological response. Babies born with brain damage which impairs learned experiences still respond to pain. The same style of argument used to legitimate abortion would justify infanticide. And, to push things to the extreme, how do we really know, in a philosophical sense, that "learned" doctors pushing abortion have minds and learned experiences themselves?
Couldn't they be merely sophisticated flesh-robots that emit verbal responses when the appropriate buttons are pushed? According to my old Dictionary of Philosophy left over from university days in the 60s this is called the problem of "other minds". The sceptical arguments used to eliminate foetal humanity ultimately lead to an elimination of our own humanity.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The Sydney Institute's Gerard Henderson recently spoke at the NSW Fabian Society on the alleged failed predictions of a dark age of democracy arising from the national security legislation (The Australian 30/3/06 p.13). Henderson makes the point that the dire predictions of political oppression arising from sedition laws "remain unfulfilled." But surely it is only early days yet and it is far too soon to be so dismissive of prophecies made by both left right.
In any case, actual oppression is not the main objection to these laws. The main objection is a legal and philosophical objection to the clear potential infringement of human freedom. That these laws threaten freedom is objection enough.
The powers of these laws are "sleepers" that could be used against any of us, left or right' at any time. Henderson has missed the point.


by Brian Simpson
Here is a story which never reached our newspapers.
I only found out about it when I went to England recently. In Birmingham, UK in October 2005, a race riot occurred between Asians and Blacks. It was ignited by claims that a 14-year old Black girl had been sexually attacked by an Asian. Blacks responded by attacking Asians. The Asians responded in kind : one Black man was knifed to death by an Asian gang.

The media had a problem: White racism couldn't meaningfully blamed. Consequently the media ignored the story putting it in the "too hard basket".
However it is well known that there is conflict between Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims. Asians are often in conflict with African immigrants such as Somalis. Turks and Far Eastern Asian gangs battle it out in London and other cities.
The liberals ignore this conflict, which can be observed by anyone with their eyes open in the UK, because it shows that the multicultural dream is really a nightmare.
The same situation, which is not reflected in Australian Bureau of Statistics crime statistics, occurs in Australia, but is also ignored by our own ethnic (and Anglo) multicultural elite.


by John Steele
The media has recently reminded us that is has been ten years since the Port Arthur massacre. The Weekend Australian Magazine published a piece on the alleged killer Martin Bryant, the mentally defective youth, whom the establishment said killed 35 people. This event was used by John Howard to disarm the Australian population.
Get the logic: an alleged madman kills, so everybody has to surrender their weapons. Not a blip about the fact that if even one person was armed that day the massacre may not have occurred at all. Repeatedly in the US, similar massacres have been prevented by armed citizens foiling such attempts. But not in Australia : our population must be bound and gagged for the fate that the New World Order has prepared for us.

It is a matter of fact the homicide rate in Australia and the suicide rate has not changed much since the Port Arthur gun grab. (The Australian 3/4/06, p.3) In any case, hand guns - are "responsible" for most of these deaths - sure, the guns just jumped up and pulled their own triggers!
Hand guns in Sydney - all illegal - are used by organised crime and in gang wars between warring ethnics. So how did taking my assault rifles make Australia safer?

I can be trusted with a gun to defend Australia as a soldier, but I am not trusted by Johnny Howard to have a gun to defend myself. Sure, I can get a gun to shoot rabbits, a single shot bolt action '22 - but I have never been home-invaded by a rabbit. Those folk in New Orleans, not bashed and raped by roaming gangs, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, were folk who had a firearm. The thugs just passed them by to prey on somebody else who didn't have a gun.

The late Joe Vialls questioned the whole received story about Port Arthur. Other internet writers have done the same. Some have questioned Vialls' identity, whilst still doubting the Port Arthur official story. Whatever the truth of the matter, we can be sure it will not emerge soon. The event of Port Arthur has served its grisly purpose.
However the Australian population is not safer from the gun bans. The criminals have even more illegal weapons than before. The decent citizens have no effective weapons for self-defence.
In Victoria, legislation has outlawed, effectively, swords and knives as weapons. The authorities are now trying to ban knives, including kitchen knives that have a point. Again, they tell you, it's for your own safety. After all, you wouldn't want to cut yourself, would you?


by James Reed
British MP Tony Blair delivered a speech justifying the war in Iraq. He attempted to link the war with toppled Saddam Hussein with the global war against terrorism. That there was no evidence to link Saddam Hussein to the "9/11" attack on the Twin Towers of Global Capitalism, did not deter Tony.
Nor did the rising death toll of Western troops and Iraqis move him. Recently, when asked by journalists if he would do it again he said, "I most certainly would."
Sure he would. He does what he is told to do by the financial elite who control the fate of humanity. The creed of his brotherhood is the new golden rule: those with the "gold" rule and those without, pull (i.e. labour).


by James Reed
Remember Afghanistan? That's the place where, according to President Bush democracy now flourishes. Tell that to Abdul Rahman, a man who faces execution after converting to Christianity from Islam. According to a "moderate" Abdul Raoulf - apparently no relative - as told to The Washington Post:
"Cut off his head… we will call on the people to pull him to pieces so there's nothing left."
The execution violates the Afghan constitution which grants people the right of religious freedom. Democracy? It just goes to show that you can prod an Afghan camel to water with a missile, but you can't make it drink.


"Retired Air Force General Warns Another 'Terrorist Attack' On Horizon As Trotskyites Within Government On The Move To Destroy America," by Greg Szymanski, 28-4-06:

"A slow, meticulous and patient takeover of the United States is now under way by a group of Trotskyites embedded in the government using terrorism as a means of "fear and control," according to a retired Air Force General. And the only way to defeat them, said Gen. Ben Parton, is to immediately take back the political process from the treasonous hijackers before it's too late and America is turned into a fascist state. Gen. Parton added the insidious onslaught on freedom is well underway and the initial groundwork of "manipulation and takeover" is clearly visible with events like Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, the first WTC bombing and 911.
And now Americans should brace themselves for bigger and more bloody terrorist acts, as the New World Order is not yet finished with its diabolical plan to destroy America from within.

Coming from a civilian these ominous sounding words may go in one ear and out the other. But coming from a General with more than 30 years of active service, the only real question remaining is not if but when the next 911 will take place? They are not finished with us yet and there will be another terrorist attack," said Gen. Parton in an interview this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal.
"The one thing that has to be clearly understood about those who have taken over our government and the governments of most every other country in the world is that they are very patient while calculating every move in order to eliminate any chance of failure."

The American People Need To take Back the Political Process
Saying the U.S. government and its intelligence agencies have been infiltrated by New World Order minions and strategists, he warns America's only chance for survival is a quick takeover of the government, not a military coup or revolution as both will fail due to power structure set up by the enemy.
"It boils down to this: the American people need to take back the political process or the New World Order will succeed," added Gen. Parton. The New World Order program, according to Gen. Parton, is nothing new and can be traced to the writings of Leon Trotsky in the 1928 Program of the Communist Third International.
He said the Trotsky plan has been adopted throughout the world, including by those now in command of the U.S., who are pushing the world towards a one world government, meaning the end of liberty, freedom and the American way."


Political prisoner David Irving, a world famous historian now serving three years in an Austrian prison for denying Austria's new state religion of holocaust, has fired his old lawyer and taken on a real fighter.
Lady Michele Renouf reports:
"Good news is that David Irving has dumped his left-wing lawyer Dr Kresbach who had issued no protest about the inhuman ban on Irving making any phone calls, even to his family, as punishment for giving press interviews, unless he submits the telephone number and his request to the prison authorities at least a week in advance.
Even so, his elder brother waited in all day for such a pre-arranged call Easter Sunday and got that call when he was out, one week later! There are urgent family, serious legal and business matters about which we need Mr. Irving's authorisation and input to act in his family and future interests.
Mr. Irving has replaced Kresbach with Dr Herbert Schaller, the veteran (80 years old) Austrian lawyer he had in the 1980s (and who Ernst Zundel has, though Judge Meinerzhagen wanted him thrown out as "too old"!). Good man. He was in the public gallery during David Irving's trial."
By all accounts Dr. Schaller is a real alte kampfer - an old fighter, just the sort of scrapper a scrapper like David Irving needs. Mr. Irving's case - an appeal against his three year sentence - comes up in September.


German prosecutors say they have charged a German 'far-right' activist, extradited from the United States, and a Belgian man, handed over by the Netherlands, with incitement for allegedly denying the Holocaust. Prosecutors in the western city of Mannheim said Germar Rudolf and Siegfried Verbeke were accused of "systematically" denying or playing down the Nazi genocide of Europe's Jews in documents and on the internet, and of stirring anti-Semitic hatred. Denying the Holocaust is a crime in Germany. It carries a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment. Rudolf, 41, published a study claiming to prove that the Nazis did not gas Jews at the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was deported to Germany from the US in November, to serve a 14-month prison sentence for a 1995 conviction on similar charges. Verbeke, 64, was arrested in the Netherlands and also extradited to Germany in November. As readers will know, prosecutors in Mannheim are leading a similar, but unrelated case, against Ernst Zundel, deported from Canada last year.


Dear Editor,
In your last Issue No.16 of "On Target" you had a nice article by James Reid called 'Pig Iron John'. I suppose that was in relation to Bob Menzies being called that, because he sold pig iron to Japan (?) and got it back as bombs.
Johnny Howard should from now on be called "Yellow Cake John", because he runs the danger of getting it back the same way as Bob.
But the poor guy can't help himself, he has sworn to stick to big business and that's what they demand of him - and get. They have paid him already to do that.
No point to being on the side of the small people, they get taken out already to the limit. Any more, and there might be a revolution.
Regards, Manfred Schoen - email.


I have received queries about the New Testament passage used in last week's On Target. From whence did I get my authority to paraphrase the passage from 1 Timothy, 6?
*The preference for money (i.e., the benefits and worldly power it brings) in terms of personal advancement, above all other considerations, is the root of all kinds of evil."
Guided by Clifford Douglas' advice that we must get a 'just relationship between the mind and things' I made a study of the words in relation to historical events.
According to Dr. James Strong's Concordance:
The word phileo (contains the meaning of: preference for in terms of personal advancement) and urgia (Greek for silver).
Mammon is the word used for this world power exercised through control of the financial system - as it has been doing for centuries! Tolkien's One Ring to bind them all.