Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
2 June 2006 Thought for the Week:
"We talk a lot about heroes and heroism today. In doing so we denigrate the term. Heroism, properly speaking, is rare. Everybody I knew in WWII fought because he wanted to, but of course, combat duty does not necessarily involve death. That it involves the chance of death in the line of duty is perhaps commendable, but it not heroic. The phrase "above and beyond the call of duty" is indefinable since anything that you can do is what you should do.
Lord Nelson defined the heroic death at Trafalgar. He was convinced - correctly - that his wound was mortal. As he lay there on the deck, his repeated words were, "Thank God I have done my duty!" He fought because it was his duty to fight, and he died doing his duty. This is heroism."
- Jeff Cooper "The Gunner's Guru" Guns and Ammo, May 2006.


by James Reed
Although I believe that John Howard's entrance into the "English wars" - the battle between traditional teachers and postmodern ones - was a cynical political move, this larger issue is more important, ultimately, than the AWB kickback scandal.
Postmodernism actively seeks to undermine Western culture and replace it with minority cultures. The work of "dead white males" such as Shakespeare and Dante, Homer and Hegel, is replaced by the study of Homer Simpson (the TV series "The Simpsons" and TV shows such as "Australian Idol".
The claim is that popular culture is more relevant to young minds. They can be drilled with politically correct ideologies such as Marxism, feminism and multiculturalism so that party correct papers can be churned out by world citizens.

Last year I had personal experience of the "English wars: I helped out a friend's son who was going to a swish private school in Melbourne. He had a term paper to do on US playwright Arthur Miller. I am aware at least one of our readers regards Miller as a genius and that The Crucible is one of the greatest plays ever written. I have said that compared to true greats such as Shakespeare, Miller's work is "rubbish", degraded by his communism which flows through his works. On this matter people can legitimately disagree.

In any case I recommended that my friend's son construct his paper, not as he was doing it (which was critical of Miller) but incorporate Freudian psychoanalysis, Foucault, Derrida and Marx in a positive fashion. In one Saturday session of jumbling words around, this clever young man had escaped through the system with a good pass. Before he played the game, he was certain to get another "F". He could have gone to uni and ultimately have been a good or great writer. Instead, he is wisely studying information technology.

It is not surprising that boys are abandoning the study of English literature at school and university. Kevin Donnelly, executive director of the Education Strategies consulting group, recently said: "Students tell me they dropped literature after year 12 because it's such a boring exercise. They really had to jump through hoops in terms of regurgitating the critical response required, whether that is feminist, Marxist and so on." (The Australian 22-23/4/06, p.8) The "English wars" like the "history wars" are all part and parcel of a concentrated attack upon Western civilisation and the English race and people in particular. It is in essence a racial war, a war in which our people don't remember who they are (racial amnesia) and where the opposing army rules the institutions of society and levels us at will.


by James Reed
For weeks now text messages warning that a civil war was about to start have led to over 20,000 East Timorese fleeing Dili. Ethnic violence has already led to the death of numbers of people.
The Loromonu or westerners feel discriminated by the Lorosae or easterners. Westerner police have taken their guns and fled with other people to the mountains.
Play it again Sam - the multicultural dream is alive and well, isn't it?

Further reading: A week can be a long time in politics and news of the worsening situation in East Timor has Australians casting anxious glances to their north. "Diplomatic Deceits: Government, Media and East Timor," by Rodney Tiffen, could be just the book for you to get a better understanding of what is happening and why. This book examines the media coverage over the years and the shifts in Australian government policy. Read how diplomatic imperatives, domestic political controversies and news coverage unfolded revealing one of Australia's greatest foreign policy disasters. (Iraq is another). Price: $36.95 posted from all League Book Services.


by John Brett
In each quarterly issue, that wonderful magazine This England features inside the glossy front cover, paintings of flowers by that genius with the brush, Margaret Stevens. The page is always titled, "Garden Flowers Of England".

The summer edition features the English rose and Margaret's painting is explained in this text of hers:
"One evening in 1953 I took part in a concert performance of "Merrie England" by Sir Edmund German. This was very nearly cancelled because earlier that day the death had been announced of HM Queen Mary, the grandmother of our present Queen. After some deliberation it was decided to go ahead since this now nearly forgotten opera seemed an appropriate tribute to a regal lady who had dutifully played her part as consort to King George V.
There are many lovely melodies in "Merrie England" though the only one that is very occasionally heard is "The Yeoman of England" with its rum-te-tum-tum beat. However another lovely solo begins with the words "Dan Cupid hath a garden...." and goes on to extol the beauty of "the fairest English Rose".

It seems to me that our Queen, having reached a milestone birthday, has been that fairest English Rose for the past 80 years. Anyone who saw on television her recent arrival in Australia could not fail to be stunned by her youthful demeanour and beauty.
In the 1950's no one in their eighties would have worn sunny yellow and white - black, navy blue and grey were the only colours considered appropriate for those of mature years, with perhaps a depressing shade of maroon for special occasions!

So I have painted a few roses such as might be found in any garden -- the popular "Rosa Mundi" and "Blessings" because, whether we realise it or not, we have been truly blessed with a monarchy honed by centuries of history.
Any country thinking of changing that system might take a tip from a gardener. Never uproot any thriving plant or its seedlings and toss them on the compost heap unless you can be sure the replacement will not prove to be a pernicious weed which, given an inch, will run amok and seek to dominate.
It is much better to cultivate the tested and tried varieties, so that the scent of roses and Jasmine fill the air, creating an oasis of calm where troubled minds can find peace and freedom from care."


From David Flint's email newsletter:
Rev Dr Gordon Moyes to act:
"It is reassuring to know there are members of parliament who do keep their oaths. I wonder what the others do if they have to give evidence in court. Do they say, as they put their hand on the Holy Bible, and say:
"I swear to tell the truth. this time - the whole truth. this time, and - nothing but the truth, well, this time. So help me God!"

So we were greatly encouraged to read a motion on the NSW Legislative Council notice paper to be moved by the Reverend Dr. Gordon Moyes, MLC. (We seem to be always reporting what happens in New South Wales- it is not because we are NSW- centric. It is just that the NSW politicians seem the most intent on ignoring the people's decision in 1999)

The notice paper reads: "Revd Dr Moyes to move; That this House:
1. Notes the following actions: (a) the enactment of the Constitution Amendment (Pledge of Loyalty) Act 2006, which requires Members of Parliament and Ministers to take a pledge of loyalty to Australia and to the people of New South Wales instead of swearing allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen; (b) the enactment of the State Arms, Symbols and Emblems Act 2003, which allows the replacement of the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the State Arms of New South Wales; (c) the transfer of the Governor's office to the Chief Secretary's building; (d) the recent removal of the portraits of the Queen of Australia and the Duke of Edinburgh to the Parkes Room without consultation, and (e) the removal of the crown from the crest of the Legislative Assembly, which may be viewed as supporting a republican agenda.

2. Calls on the Government to protect, uphold and affirm the constitutional monarchy given the outcome of the 1999 Federal referendum on the republic. "

Congratulations to Dr. Moyes. If only all parliamentarians respected their oaths as he obviously does -after all, nobody forced them to become MP's. They weren't conscripted!


by James Reed
Some authorities have predicted that if there is a global pandemic of a mutated form of bird flu (H5N1) up to one billion people may die. This will result in enormous economic disruption. The probability of such a mutation occurring is low, but flu pandemics have killed millions before - the "Spanish Flu" (actually like the Black Death, from China) killed up to 150 million in 1918.

Today with globalisation and mass migration forcing people to live like domesticated chickens, the death toll could be proportionately greater. Alan Wood, economics editor of The Australian (19/4/06, p.12) has until now never written an article which made ecological sense (by contrast to economic sense) to me.
Economists typically assume that the mighty economy will shield humanity from nature. Economic growth and migration can be endless: you know the line.
But on the issue of a global disease pandemic Wood recognises that there is a possibility of severe economic impact. Some conservative think tanks put the death toll as possibly 140 million for a severe pandemic. The World Health Organisation is more conservative estimating that up to 7.4 million people could die.
The figures are all speculation. It could be much higher as I have said. High death tolls in our chicken coop high tech society will lead to massive deaths and great social dislocation.
A breakdown of transportation in societies that no longer grow their own food will lead to massive starvation. When nature strikes back won't the economists be surprised. Don't expect the GDP to save us.


by James Reed: Reed
Reed ranting and raving… but I hope with good reason. Each weekend my stomach churns whilst looking at the self-indulgent greed and decadence printed about houses, fashion and cosmetics. In my darkest moments I almost hope that the apocalyptic predictions of the environmental cranks are true - to at least bring people back to reality from the techno-consumer fantasy land in which most of our elites live.
I say "elites" not "people" because the reality portrayed each weekend in the glossy coloured magazines in our weekend papers, is a reality for only a select group.
Thus The Weekend Australian (6-7/5/06 R4) can do a story about the latest work by pop philosopher Alain de Botton about the perfect home and happiness (his book is "The Architecture of Happiness" and the TV series "The Perfect Home" will be on ABC soon). De Botton, "raised Jewish and educated in a Protestant country" has said "It's not a materialistic concern to worry about the furniture. It could in fact be a so-called spiritual concern."

All this and more appeals to the self-absorption of the new class elites who have resorted to the "self-help" literature to fill their own spiritual emptiness and void of meaning. The dumbed-down religion of personal fulfillment fits well with a greedy de-spiritualised "one world" philosophy. When I flit through the glossy magazines of indulgence this weekend I will be thinking of the people living it rough on the streets and whether they will have a "spiritual concern" about the newspapers they use to keep themselves warm.


by James Reed
A new and frightening revelation added to the debate about the dumbing down of Australian education is that many final year medical students "are increasingly unable to locate important body parts - and in the some cases even confuse one vital organ with another." (The Australian, 6-7/5/06, p.1)
Thus for example many students do not know where the prostate gland is. Some students also mistook the heart for the liver. The teaching of basic science has been slashed to make way for politically correct "touchy-feely" subjects such as cultural sensitivity. A leading medical academic quoted by The Australian said: "We will be turning out Dr. Deaths out of our medical schools… it's part of the new educational dictums - "'don't put any stress on them [students]… it doesn't matter of they don't know anything."

Postmodernism in the humanities is one thing: we all know that there, like a social cancer, it multiplies away to kill the body-social in the long term. But postmodernism in medicine will be a quicker killer. Perhaps postmodernist trained doctors should be mandatorily required to operate on postmodernists from the humanities and social sciences. Maybe that will, by Darwinian natural selection, solve the problem of the dumbing down of Australian education.


from Len the Cleaner
An RAA advertisement featuring actor George Kapiniaris complaining about a call centre in India has been taken off the air following a complaint by a presumably Indian man (judging by from his name and picture: The Advertiser 6/5/06, p.5) Overseas call centres should not be blamed for annoying phone calls, but the companies that used them he said: a fair point.
But it is another thing to claim that the ad was "degrading" and made "a joke of a possible cultural and social difference". The RAA was right in my opinion, in saying that the India call "has become a metaphor for all the frustrations of dealing with impersonal organizations that compromise customer services."
When men are "degraded" in ads or put in a negative light, the Advertising Standards Board is not as quick in moving. And for that matter what about the portrayal of blonde, blue-eyed Nordic girls in ads where they, because of their universal beauty, are treated as sex toys? Let's have some complaint about that.


by Brian Simpson
The Independent on-line of 16/4/06, has this story:
"White Voters Flock to BNP because of Neglect by Labour". Margaret Hodge, the employment minister in Blair's government has said that white voters are turning to the British Nationalist Party because of Labour's "lack of leadership" at the influx of blacks into Britain. She said that eight out of ten white families in her Barking constituency are prepared to vote BNP: She had been door knocking in an attempt to counter their efforts. However, poor white families are desperate for housing which is now given to the black and ethnic migrants.
Good luck to the BNP in defending the rights of white folk.


from The Institute of Historical Review:
Robert Faurisson is Europe 's leading Holocaust revisionist scholar. He was born in January 1929 in Shepperton , England. In 1982 he received a "State Doctorate" in letters and the humanities from the Sorbonne, were he also taught from 1969 to 1974.
From 1974 until 1990, he served as an associate professor of French literature at the University of Lyon-II in France . Dr. Faurisson is a recognized specialist of text and document analysis, and is the author of four books on French literature.
He was an important witness in both the 1985 and 1988 "Holocaust trials" in Toronto of Ernst Zündel. A four-volume collection of his revisionist writings, Écrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998), was published in 1999.
His own trial is to take place on Tuesday July 11, 2006 in the XVIIth chamber of the Paris criminal court (2, 4 Boulevard du Palais; nearest underground station: "Cité") at 1.30 p.m.
He is accused of having granted, last year, an interview of revisionist nature to the Iranian radio and television station Sahar, in the context of a telephone conversation with a Teheran journalist who had called him. Since the satellite channel Sahar's broadcasts can be picked up in France, the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA), headed by Dominique Baudis, filed charges against him with the public prosecutor's office in Paris.


by Andrew Ryan
Here in the United States I have not been able to read this book, but I am not going to hold my breath waiting. The book in question is by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and in German is entitled: "Zweihundert Jahre Zusammen": Die Juden in der Sowjetunion (200 Years Together: The Jews in the Soviet Union). (2003). My source of information is a review by Wolfgang Strauss in The Revisionist ((2) (3) 2004), pp.342-351.

This book challenges sacred cows and may earn the author the tag of "anti-Semite". In dealing with the October Revolution Solzhenitsyn uses the term Jewish Bolsheviks. Lenin's military putsch, was, he documents, based upon Jewish networks. Solzhenitsyn cites the Jewish historian Pasmanik, who in 1924 wrote: "The emergence of Bolshevism was the result of special aspects of Russian history. However, Soviet Russia can thank the work of the Jewish commissars for the organisation of Bolshevism."

Vladimir Korolenko, a famous Russian writer said in 1919: "There are many Jews and Jewesses among the Bolsheviks. Their main characteristics - self-righteousness, aggressive tactlessness and presumptive arrogance - are painfully evident. Bolshevism is found contemptible in the Ukraine. The preponderance of Jewish physiognomies, especially in Cheka, evokes an extremely virulent hatred of Jews among the people."

Solzhenitsyn notes that: "Whoever holds the opinion that the Revolution was not a Russian, but an alien-led revolution points to the Yiddish names or pseudonyms to exonerate the Russian people for the revolution. On the other hand, those who try to minimise the over-proportional representation of Jews in the Bolshevik seizure of power may sometimes claim that they were not religious Jews, but rather, apostates, renegades, and atheists."
Solzhenitsyn then says: "How strong were the influence, power, fascination, and adherence of secular Jews among the religious Jews and how many atheists were active among the Bolsheviks? Can a people really just renounce its renegades? Does such a renunciation make any sense? Solzhentisyn's answer to his own question is that "The Bolsheviks appealed to the Jews immediately after the seizure of power. And they came; they came in masses. Some served in the executive branch, others in the various governmental organs. They came primarily from among secular Jews who in no way could be classified as atheists or even enemies of God. This phenomenon bore a mass character."

The secret police (Cheka) during the 1918-20 period were, according to Solzhenitsyn, controlled by Bolshevistic Jews. Solzhenitsyn says on page 293 of his book: "One cannot deny that history elected many Jews to be executors of Russia's fate."

Bolshevism resulted in the deaths of at least 66 million according to Professor I.A. Kurganov, cited by Solzhentisyn. When will this Holocaust be recognised as the great human tragedy which it was? We can be sure that Solzhenitsyn's book will not be translated into English.


by Brian Simpson
The Productivity Commission has recently released a paper on the "Economic Impacts of Migration and Population Growth". Typical with the pro-growth bias of Treasurer Costello, who commissioned the study, the paper only examined the implications for productivity of higher immigration. Two scenarios were examined, one where the current immigration level is maintained to 2024-2025 and the other where the skilled component is increased by 50 per cent, so adding 39,000 additional migrants per year.

The first scenario increases Australia's population from 20.2 million in 2004-2005 to 24.85 million in 2024-2025 and the second scenario increases the population to 25.54 million in 2024-2025.
The surprising results of the study are that productivity, defined as output per hour would be slightly lower by 2024-2025 under scenario two, the high immigration scenario, compared to maintaining current migration levels. Thus lower migration is better than higher migration.

Monash academic Professor Bob Birrell ("The Productivity Commission on the Economics of Immigration" People and Place, vol.14, no.1, 2006) points out that this negative assessment does not examine the impact of extra migrants on Australian residents or incumbents. Birrell's own research has shown that GNP per capital for incumbents is lower under the high immigration scenario compared to current migration levels. According to Birrell the real losers from high immigration are young people, especially those with university training who compete against the skilled migrants. Further as these young people are not property owners they will have to compete with the migrants for houses.
As Birrell observes : "Australia already experiences one of the highest ratios of detached house prices to household income in the developed world." (p.6) Property prices will spiral.

The Harvard economist George Borjas has shown that trade and migration are substitutes. Instead of importing workers from the Third World to make products, the West can import the products where the labour is embodied. Globalisation means that one no longer needs the migrant labour here. Birrell cites this argument as constituting a case against high immigration, and it is correct as far as it goes. But the nasty logic of globalisation has the intrinsic tendency to economically gut nations and deskill them. Globalisation and immigration are complementary evils that threaten the sustainability of the world as we know it.


by James Reed
It is the internationalists and the business community who decide who comes to Australia; the Australians have never been given a say on this fundamentally important issue and never will unless they fight for such a say. The Pacific Island solution for asylum-seekers is a good idea in itself but Howard extended the scheme to Papuan refugees solely because of fear of Indonesia. Howard has strived long and hard to deceive the 'battlers" that he really cares about Anglo-Australia, whilst in reality Asianising Australia faster than Paul Keating. But the battlers will have to put up with the obligatory kowtowing to Indonesia. After all, Indonesia is Asian, highly populated and our masters.


Published in The Sydney Morning Herald.
The Editor,
Just 'follow the money' ('Shell reaps 1.2b, blames oil speculators', Herald, May 23). Shell Australia chairman, Russell Caplan, can spin as much as he likes about oil speculators, paper barrels, wet barrels, artificially elevated margins & demand/supply fundamentals, but it's his company's profits that have risen by an obscene 68%, off the backs of Australian consumers. Black gold indeed!
- John Richardson, Kalaru,

To: Mr.Russell Broadbent. M.P., 10 A Napier St; Warrugul 3820
Dear Russell,
It seems every time I write to you, it concerns some proposed act of treachery by the Howard Government. I write in support of Senator Bill Heffernan's campaign to galvanise the people of Australia to thwart another act of treachery, mainly the sale of the Snowy River Hydro Generating Complex. I note also there is a similar proposal being floated in respect to Australia Post. Do you, or do you not agree these complexes should remain in the ownership of the Australian people as a whole? Do you or do you not recognise they are part of the Australian communities' heritage? Your honest answers to these two questions is vital to me as an elector, and to you as my servant representative in parliament. I will judge from the replies received as to whether you are party to this contemplated act of treachery.
I would like to restate my concern in a concrete explanation of the morality behind community assets. First of all I am a protagonist of Christian principles governing ownership of private property and the pursuit of free enterprise to that end, as I am sure you are also. However I recognise that free citizens associate together to provide themselves with community assets used to service their private requirements. We therefore build roads, power generating plants, reservoirs etc as community assets. Such community assets are a genuine extension of the activities of a free people.
We expect our elected representatives to protect our community assets against the designs of avaricious robbery organised by those who have destroyed our national financial sovereignty. We therefore expect your government to restore such sovereignty by a policy of creating our money supply free of debt distributed against our ability to provide ourselves with goods and services, both private and community.
I ask for your assurance you will perform your responsibility in this matter. I will be pleased to make the contents of your reply available to my fellow electors.
- Yours faithfully, Edward Rock, Cape Patterson Vic.