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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

14 July 2006 Thought for the Week:

Know the roots and you will know the Tree,
Know the Tree and behold!
It will answer to your cultivation.

"Two policies of the Australian League of Rights are: Promotion of the Christian revelation of God and defence of the Free Society and its Institutions. The policies were not plucked out of the air at random. They are the restatement of two of the policies which cultivated and sustained the growth and development of that organic type of association of the English-speaking peoples - the roots of which go back deep into the past.
Australia's systems and institutions developed through that stream - and although our founding fathers transplanted 'a branch of the tree' into a local setting and modified and adjusted the systems and institutions to suit the local conditions and the then changing world, these two policies continued to feed the roots of that transplanted branch. Which is now in danger of dying."
Betty Luks in "Why Freedom?" Conservative Speakers' Club, Adelaide, July 2006.


by Jeremy Lee:
The City of Toowoomba is about to have a referendum on the issue of re-cycling sewerage. A $75 fine awaits those who fail to vote. Under the proposed scheme, sewerage from Brisbane will be pumped over 100 kms through the Lockyer Valley and up the range, going through a 'reverse-osmosis' filtering system. The final product will supplement the City's existing water supply.
What's this got to do with the Constitution, Peter Costello and centralization? Far more than the unsuspecting majority might think.

Treasurer Costello's recent demand that total power over the economy be assumed by the Commonwealth severs the last remaining link between the modern Liberal Party under Howard and the Liberal Party of Menzies. The latter, despite deficiencies, acknowledged the validity of the Constitution and the idea it could not be changed without a referendum of Australians. When such a referendum occurred the Commonwealth Government was careful to publish both sides of the question, and public money was not used to campaign for one side.
By contrast, the Toowoomba City Council has spent over $700,000 of rate money on the "YES" case, while allocation nothing for the "NO". In addition, the Howard Government has promised $22 million for the scheme should the "YES" vote prevail.
A public education campaign, in the form of glossy technical brochures, has been prepared and circulated to 40,000 homes. This was commissioned by Toowoomba's Council, and prepared by the transnational corporation, CH2M Hill, who will be given control of the project if it goes ahead. The corporation is no minnow, being heavily involved in a number of projects round the globe. It could ranked alongside the infamous Halliburton, formerly run by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney. Halliburton now controls the water in Adelaide and Byron Bay.

The Toowoomba controversy is not simply local. A number of national figures are anxiously anticipating a successful "YES". Coincidently, at least a couple are bankers and/or international investors.
Firstly, there is former chairman of the Republican movement and one-time Australian representative of Goldman Sachs Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull only entered Parliament at the last election, but has already leap-frogged over colleagues by being appointed chief Secretary for the National Water Initiative. His target appears to be a National Water Plan which oversees water management and usage throughout Australia. The States are being coerced through COAG (Council of Australian Governments) for this programme. A crescendo of alarmist forecasting about 'global warming' and water depreciation is being whipped up. In tandem with fellow-republican Peter Costello's New Centralism, mincemeat would be made of Section 100 of the Constitution, which reads:
"The Commonwealth shall not, by any regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State, or the residents therein, to the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation".
Ah! But that was before the drought made centralized action inevitable! How useful the odd crisis can be!

Another is former Liberal leader John Hewson, who has familiarized himself with the whole Toowoomba controversy. Writing a leading article in The Australian Financial Review on June 23, under the title TOOWOOMBA'S WATER TORTURE Hewson deplored the fact that there was to be a referendum at all:
"… The stupidity of the situation that Toowoomba City Council has been forced into is a disgrace. Turnbull has forced the council to conduct an expensive referendum of its residents and has made it a condition that a majority of voters in Toowoomba vote in favour of receiving recycled water into their drinking water systems before the government will meet its share ($22.916 million plus GST of the $67.8 million total) for the project…. Are we to enter a world where all significant local government expenditures are to be subject to a referendum? Are we to live in a world without leadership?" …."
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - an open advocate of grid-systems as a mechanism for control - could hardly have put it better!
If Hewson spent a little time researching Australia's history he would discover that a number of State local government Acts originally contained special rights for ratepayers, some of which included referendums on controversial expenditure.

But John Hewson has a rare soft-spot for the Toowoomba Mayor Dianne Thorley. He obviously likes her tactic of using rate money to push one side = the "YES" case:
"… Mayor Dianne Thorley is taking on all comers in her own way. On her performance to date in being prepared to face the hard and politically difficult decisions and to fight on all fronts she has perhaps qualified herself to lead the development of a national water strategy …."
Bully for you, Dianne! Only a few troglodytes would cling to the outdated belief that Mayors and Councillors are there to serve the people = not to control and direct them!
Toowoomba is Australia's largest inland city. Anxious eyes are hoping for a precedent on July 29. If the YES case gets up, the example will be used to impose similar schemes, in a partnership between transnationals, bankers and politicians as part of the new world of Costello!

The Howard government - especially since it gained control of both Houses in the Federal Parliament - has, in Toynbee's words, "denied with their lips what they're doing with their hands". Australia is being centralized, corporatised and globalised.

The Australian Financial Review reported on June 23:
"Long-serving senior Senate official Harry Evans yesterday reiterated his concerns that the accountability of federal governments to parliament in Australia was being fundamentally eroded by growing centralization of power under the Prime Minister …"

Sad, but true! And it seems that the imminent take-over by republican Peter Costello, with men like Turnbull and Hewson lighting the path, and Ministers like Alexander Downer at his heels, will keep up that tradition.


by James Reed
"Let who will fail, England will not. These people have sat here a thousand years, and here will continue to sit. They will not break up or arrive at a desperate revolution, like their neighbours; for they have as much energy, as much confidence of character, as they ever had."
|Thus, confidently, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson in "English Traits", 1856.

This confidence came from a position of strength:
The British Empire had stretched across the globe and the sun never set upon it. But the sun has now set upon it and the sun may well set upon the West and the white race itself, unless resistance is made.

"The Mysterious English" by Dorothy L. Sayers is another text written along Emerson themes.
The author celebrated the fact that the English, unlike the Scots, have been a nation not a race or Volk. The Scots are racial and have an ethnic identity. The English are (or were) united not by common blood but by common law and common culture. The Scots drew upon Roman Law which sought codification; the English derived their law from Saxon law based upon case law which does not deal with rights in the abstract but with rights on a case-by-case basis to fit the circumstances. The concern of English Law was, once, the rights of the individual against the State.

Time to think 'ethnically':
But those concerned for the future cannot live in the past - for if they do, the future will murder them. The English by not thinking racially, like every other ethnic group did make an enormous gift to civilisation. Modernity - science, clothes, culture and technology - is largely a creation of the English. This is not to say that other ethnic groups did not play an important role: they did. But given that Englishness and England itself is now under attack the time has come to think ethnically. Deracination, the product of the modern nation state - itself a creation of industrialised capitalism, must be resisted.

A writer to Endeavour, the Journal of the British Australian Community (June/July 2006, p.2) "The English - Not a People" reports on the response that John Prescott, deputy PM of the UK gave to the lady who runs the "Action in England" website regarding a complaint about racial discrimination against the English.
People can describe themselves on census forms as any ethnicity except "English", Christian assembly has been removed from schools and many Councils disapprove of St. George's Day, a traditional day of celebration for the English.

Prescott's office responded as follows (paraphrased):

1. You can't call yourself 'English' because we have passed laws saying there's no such thing.
2. You can't have Christian assembly in schools because it might offend ethnic minorities.
3. You're still allowed to celebrate St. George's Day if you really must, but you better be dashed careful.

T.M. Greene-McCosker in the same edition of Endeavour quotes J.P. Kennedy, author of "The Disorganised Community" who says "…if European Australians don't emulate other cultural groups by banding together, nurturing their traditions and acting as a community, they risk losing their culture altogether."
The English, through accepting universalism and failing to think racially have ultimately allowed all that they have built - including their freedoms - to be undermined, or threatened. Now, unless they can regain a sense of identity, they will disappear from the face of the earth. London has already become Londonistan.

Unless we deal with the major racial threats to civilisation, perhaps the social credit revelation may be the last gift of the English - to an Islamic/Chinese/Indian world.


by James Reed
The planned destruction of Australian education through dumbing down, continues.

The Weekend Australian
(10-11/6/06 p.3) has uncovered the following tasks for year 11 and 12 English students in Western Australia:
counting and analyzing advertisements during Big Brother; reading "a selection of children's books and [identifying] the features used to appeal to their audience" [such as "Mr. Messy"] and analyzing junk mail and swimming pool rules.
This dumbing down is necessary because the ruling elites have decided that students do not need to touch base with high culture or develop higher neuron connections, because Australia has no future.

After the mindless phase of growth and exploitation is completed, Australia will be virtually inhabitable - if Yellow Cake Johnny Howard has his way - a festering nuclear waste cesspool for the world.


by Donald Auchterlonie
Mr. Peter Costello has been vigorously calling for more power for Canberra. The Australian, 3/7/06 reported:
"One of a number of devout Christians in the Howard cabinet, Mr. Costello said his religious beliefs provided a framework for his daily life. But unlike some of his colleagues who are perceived to let religion inform policy, Mr. Costello was satisfied to keep his beliefs and his politics separate.
'I think Australians are rightly suspicious of people who try and use religion for another end'he said, 'I don't think that's right and I don't think it should be done, but I think it informs values and it does'."

Centralisation of power is the opposite of Christian policy.
C.H. Douglas said that either Christianity is in the very warp and woof of the universe, or else it is just another interesting set of opinions and of no more value than any other set of opinions.

The Australian
, 4/7/06 reported: "Mr. Abbot, who has previously backed a Commonwealth takeover of hospitals, endorsed the Treasurer's scathing appraisal of the States. 'What we have been witnessing and will continue to witness is the withering away of the States' Mr. Abbot told The Australian yesterday, 'I think it's inexorable, I think it's inevitable…' "

'Withering away'? Now where have I heard that before? Aaaah! Yes!
It was in the old Fabian Socialist plan put forward by Dr. H.V. Evatt in the 1940's, which intended to build up regional government (federally funded) to take over States' responsibilities leading to total federal control.

Recent reports in The Australian of the internal problems in the regional banks in China and the corruption in the government illustrate the outworking of centralised control. Our Local, State and Federal system is the way to go, but it needs to be brought into proper balance.


by Edward Rock
Contrary to the Costello plea for total elimination of the States from the taxation field it has become a matter of national urgency to abolish the present Canberra dictatorship.
Costello and Howard want a Canberra replica of Fascist Berlin or Communist Moscow. Duplication of that anthropological disaster in Australia would mean the end of our nation, and any hope for a genuine democracy.
We need a political Kokoda to save Australia from the Fascist-Marxist Federal Governments that continually infests Canberra irrespective of the party elected.

The present system of electing State and Federal Governments has failed to deliver a self-governing nation and people. Let us replace the present system with representatives elected from Local government.
Irrespective of what we may think of them, Local Government members are the most decentralised, and most answerable source of authority responsible to the Australian populace.
These representatives would remain members of their Council and should only serve in either State or Federal capacity for a limited term of three years and should never be eligible to seek office at State or Federal level again.
The objective being in eliminating professional self-serving long-term politicians is to replace them with members who will serve to make Australia a nation of self-governing citizens.

Let us live or die in the Spirit of Kokoda, on our ability to become a self governing nation, by encouraging as many citizens as possible to take part in the governing process. Let us cut out all the useless debate about the necessity for long experienced politicians who only become experienced in feathering their own nest and exploiting their fellow Australians.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
The Australian Law Reform Commission on 29/5/06 wished to see the Howard government's sedition laws removed because these laws threaten free speech; the laws are anachronistic and illogical. (The Australian 30/5/06, p.8) The president of the Australian Law Reform Commission, Professor David Weisbrot has been quoted as saying:
"Given its history, the term sedition is much too closely associated in the public mind with punishment of those who criticise the established order. Under modern notions and a liberal democracy, you should be allowed to strongly criticise government." Here, here.


from David Flint's Opinion Column:
One of the furphies advanced by republicans is that the Queen is a foreigner. Not so. As with our language, the Crown certainly came from Britain. But just as with our language, it has been completely Autsralianised.
Because she did not appreciate that the Australian Crown is totally separate from the British Crown, Senator Hill was disqualified by a unanimous High Court. This was because of her allegiance to a foreign power, the British Crown, which is forbidden under section 46 of the Constitution.

So the republicans should think again. The law could not be clearer. The British Crown is foreign; the Australian Crown is completely, totally ours. They should move on and give up on this furphy.
Indeed, the word "furphy" is an excellent example of Australianisation. The word is based on rumours said to have come up with Furphy carts. These were water and sanitary carts manufactured at a foundry owned by the Furphy family at Shepparton in Victoria.
Now many Australians have dual or even more nationalities. Some Australians disapprove of this, but most dual citizens would insist that they are loyal Australians. One particular candidate in the coming Victorian Legislative Council elections is both an Australian and a Syrian citizen, which is allowed under Victorian law. And he is almost certain to be elected.
Andrew Bolt, writing in the Melbourne Herald Sun of 7 June, 2006, asks: "But just who will he represent there: Victorian voters or the Syrian regime?"
He is referring to Khalil Eideh who he says "came to Australia as a teenager in 1970, and is now the millionaire boss of Blue Star Transport and head of the Alawi Islamic Association of Victoria." The ALP executive has approved his candidature for the elections. Andrew Bolt is concerned about two "extraordinary" letters Mr.Eideh wrote to Syria, which Mr. Bolt says sponsors terrorist groups, such as Islamic Jihad, and is accused by the United Nations of assassinating the former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri last year.
In the first letter Mr. Eideh introduces himself to Syrian officials as an "Arab Syrian citizen" and complains that "the Syrian influence in Melbourne, Australia, is completely absent and doesn't play any role in the Australian political arena."
Criticising the then Syrian consul he says "it is through my work that I have built excellent relations with the highest-ranking Australian officials." In the second letter, this one addressed to the Syrian dictator President Assad, Mr. Eidah, writes that "the danger and threat from the Imperialist and Zionist is increasing on our Arabic world in general, and particularly on our Arab Syrian country." and that in such times "we owe our complete loyalty to and are working to protect Syria."

The letter ends with this pledge:
"Loyalty, absolute loyalty to your courageous and wise leadership and we pledge to continue to be faithful soldiers behind your victorious leadership."
Then in a speech in 2002 on the second anniversary of the President's father, whose position he inherited (republics often apply the hereditary principle) he said:
"Satan's brigades are getting ready to enslave the Arab world. We could see the light of your soul in the face of the martyrs, the heroes, the greatest of free Arabs -- those who carry the flag of dawn from South Lebanon and Palestine."
Mr. Bolt says that South Lebanon, "of course, is controlled by the Hezbollah terror group sponsored by Syria."
It seems that some politicians want to remove the oath of Allegiance to the Australian Crown, but as Mr Bolt says, they see "nothing wrong if its politicians declare absolute loyalty to a foreign dictator -- not even one who sponsors terror groups.""

Bermuda to remain a constitutional monarch
A report of the fourth of the Bermudan Progressive Labour Forums in the splendidly named Bermudan newspaper, The Royal Gazette of 30 June, 2006, caught my eye.
The forum was told that if Bermuda were to become independent , it is likely that the monarchy will be retained.
While the Progressive Labour Party supports independence, polls suggest this is not supported by the population. A referendum in 1995 on independence, held by the United Bermuda Party, was defeated.


How can the world stand by and look upon the situation of the Palestinians in Gaza without a sense of compassion for their plight?
One would have thought that sixty years of oppression and inhumane treatment would have been more than enough for them to suffer. But no.
The Middle East Review website asks:
"Will the blackout of Gaza bring down the Hamas government or cause the population to rally around it? And even if the Hamas government falls, as Washington wants, what will happen on the day after? These are questions for which nobody has any real answers.
As usual here: Quiet, we're shooting.
But this time we are not only shooting. We are bombing and shelling, darkening and destroying, imposing a siege and kidnapping like the worst of terrorists and nobody breaks the silence to ask, what the hell for, and according to what right?
Collective punishment is illegitimate and it does not have a smidgeon of intelligence. Where will the inhabitants of Beit Hanun run? With typical hardheartedness the military reporters say they were not "expelled" but that it was "recommended" they leave, for the benefit, of course, of those running for their lives.
And what will this inhumane step lead to? Support for the Israeli government? Their enlistment as informants and collaborators for the Shin Bet?
Can the miserable farmers of Beit Hanun and Beit Lahia do anything about the Qassam rocket-launching cells? Will bombing an already destroyed airport do anything to free the soldier or was it just to decorate the headlines?
Did anyone think about what would have happened if Syrian planes had managed to down one of the Israeli planes that brazenly buzzed their president's palace? Would we have declared war on Syria? Another "legitimate war"?"