Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
21 July 2006 Thought for the Week:
"The moral legacy of the Holocaust has now passed into history. It can no longer be leveraged, in any way, in contemporary politics. The idea that members of the Jewish Diaspora can only be the victims of racism, rather than the practitioners of racism, like every other group, is now a dead letter and untenable.
I write this as someone who has given support to Israel, and taken a hard line against Muslim racism, but can no longer draw any other conclusion than that the combustible policies of the Israeli Government have become a danger to Australia and to Australians everywhere."
Paul Sheehan "Opinion," Sydney Morning Herald, 10th July 2006.


by James Reed
Legal writer Ian Wilson criticized my position on the terrible social plight of Aborigines in outback communities for focusing on pornography. I argued that the horrible crimes committed are the product of alcohol and hard-core pornography. However the recent article "Porn 'Flooding' Black Communities," The Australian 20/6/06, p.6 confirms my views. (See also "The Porn Plague," The Weekend Australian 24-25/6/06, p.19)

Police and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock have recognized that remote Aboriginal communities have been flooded with "illegal pornography" and that State and Territory authorities have ignored the problem. Ruddock said: "If you've got abuse of women and children you've got to look at the sort of material that is seen to legitimize that behaviour." Apart from illegal porno, mail ordered X-rated porno from Canberra is also a problem according to many Aboriginal leaders. Aborigines, perhaps under the influence of alcohol, may attempt to replicate these behaviours, which may involve abuse of women and children. In this sense, as some Aboriginal workers believe, the porno problem for Aboriginal communities is even worse than alcohol.

Along with this, in many remote regions the number of Aboriginal children in Western Australia with sexually transmitted diseases has doubled in the past five years, and in some areas increased by fivefold. Preschool children have been the targets of paedophiles. (The Australian 23/6/06, p.4)

The fault for this social disaster lies at the feet of both black and white elites. Trendy causes such as native title have come before grass roots help for remote Aboriginal communities. Money has been wasted on these elites rather than dealing with these social problems. Thus, Aboriginal groups are about to launch a native title claim on Broome's 'millionaire's row" housing strip, hoping to win $70 million.

Homeowners, many with properties valued at more than $1 million are in fear of losing their homes. The Court Liberal government in 1993 sold the blocks of land which were released under the Western Australia Native Title Act. However the High Court found, in 1995, that the Act was invalid. This meant that native title still applied to the land, as the Western Australian government had failed to extinguish native title (source: The Australian 21/6/06, p.5 and 22/6/06, p.9).

The billion or so dollars from the "native title industry" that have made lawyers rich could have been more productively spent, by both blacks and whites, helping to prevent the social meltdown now facing remote Aboriginal communities.


by Brian Simpson
Following in the footsteps of the multicultural establishment's punishment of Professor Andrew Fraser of Macquarie University Sydney, is British academic Professor Frank Ellis of the University of Leeds.
For some time Professor Ellis has been publishing scholarly articles critical of multiculturalism and supporting the alternative "race realism" view which holds that racial differences are real and of social significance.

However, in February 2006 he gave an interview to Leeds Student, a student newspaper at the University of Leeds. There he said that he supported the British National Party and the "humane" repatriation of non-whites from Britain. Predictably enough, this then set in motion the knee-jerk student protests (who remembers the anti-Hanson protests of the whipped up 'baying hounds'?) the 'outraged' MPs calling for him to be sacked to preserve racial harmony and the circulation of a petition calling for his dismissal.

Professor Ellis went on the attack in the next edition of Leeds Student saying that those who see race as a social construct are "professional serial liars." He attacked the BBC for vilifying whites. The key concept of multiculturalism, that "all cultures are equal," he said, "requires the same hatred and wilful refusal to confront evidence, logic, history that characterised the individuals who believed Stalin had built a paradise on earth, when in fact he had exterminated millions of so-called class enemies."

Professor Ellis was suspended by the University on 27 March this year on the grounds that he had possibly breached the UK Race relations Act 2000, and at least had "violated [the] university's values" - whatever that means. Professor Ellis is a true "man's man" who has spent time in the British Special Forces. He doesn't scare easily and has kept a cool head when real bullets - not just verbal ones - have been flying.

Impact magazine June/July 2006 cites some of Professor Ellis' sensible views:
"Multiculturalism is doomed to failure, because it is based on the lie that all people, races and cultures are equal.
It is "neo-Marxist fantasy it will never work, but when it starts to unravel as Yugoslavia eventually did, we will all suffer."…
"The West has no moral responsibility whatsoever to assist Africa in dealing with AIDS or new virulent strains of malaria or bilharzias. If musician Geldof and the hordes of emotional parasites who follow him, want to get weepy about Africa's self-inflicted plight, making a public display of their virtue, fine! Go and live there and don't come back when you need medical treatment which is only available in the 'racist' West."…
"The multi-cultural society is responsible for the growth of political correctness which in turn stifles free speech on any issue deemed to be politically incorrect. It is academic spinelessness and chicanery which makes it possible for PC to flourish."… Ouch!


by James Reed
It's time to go when, if you are PM, the people who pull the strings, tell you to go. Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corporation delivered this message to Howard: "I think the Prime Minister [John Howard] could [stay on] if he wanted to, but I doubt it. [Whatever that means Rupert!] He's probably planning to go out at the top.
I'd like to see him stay, but… he's had 10 years there or more and it's a record. He's on top of his form and much better to go out that way than like Margaret Thatcher, or [by] losing an election." [Later reports said that Murdoch was "not advising PM" (The Weekend Australian 20-21/5/06, p.1)

Murdoch later said that the PM should stay on as long as he liked: "how long he stays on as leader is entirely up to him," he said, stating the obvious. Murdoch said his comments had been "twisted in some sections of the media." Well that is ironic, whatever way you look at it, since he owns a big slice of "the media," and his own media does their fair share of "twisting".

Articles celebrating the Howard regime as well as a right royal roasting by George Bush (the only difference between the two, according to George is that he is the twin with the hair) are marking the end of the Howard rule.

This means that the time for conservatives' sleeping has ended.
The republic will be back on the agenda under Costello. I have long commented that many 'intellectually challenged' conservatives cannot escape the mindset that honest John is secretly "onside". Massive Asian and Black migration did not occur! So they delude themselves.

Well friends, it is time to wake up from the dream, to the nightmare that each successive government has made of Australia.


The public was treated to quite a pantomime last week. "No! I did not promise Costello the PM's position," insisted Howard. "Yes you did!" responded Costello with trembling lower lip.
It could be that Peter Costello simply 'jumped the gun' or 'got Murdoch's signals mixed' and thought that as Murdoch was giving Howard his marching orders, he, Costello, should stake his claim to the position of PM 'right now'.


by James Reed
Conservative columnist for The Australian Janet Albrechsten (21/6/06 p.14) recently cited with approval an excellent new book by Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips, "Londonistan". Phillips documents how Leftist multiculturalists worked for the destruction of British identity and Western values and permitted "the emergence of British Muslims as a distinct and hostile political entity."

According to the British Home Office, 26 per cent of British Muslims have no feelings of loyalty to Britain, 13 per cent support terrorism and 1 per cent, a sizable 20,000, are actively engaged in terrorism.
Phillips shows that London based Islamic terrorists, under the protection of multiculturalism, freely carried out attacks across the world. The Left, gays and feminist elites marched with radical Islamists, who ironically, would be the first to go under a radical Islamist regime.

No matter to them: all that matters is the destruction of Western society and its people.


Halliburton.... Giving Troops the ^^^^…
US television and newspapers recently 'dumped' the story into 'Middle America's lap' of how, at one particular army base in Iraq, Halliburton have been dumping sewerage into a river and then using the water to serve U.S. troops. While on-the-ground KBR employees emailed thunderous complaints, from deep in the bowels of Halliburton Headquarters, the standard response was trotted out - Halliburton stood firmly behind the statement that there was no problem.

While bottled water is used for drinking, the contaminated water, reportedly twice as dirty as the river Euphrates, is used for everything else, including making coffee.

Notification of the problem, including the resultant stomach cramps and diahorrea, began in March 2005 In South Australia, Halliburton and its partners are responsible for Adelaide's water supply, including the Bolivar sewerage plant. Last week the company was awarded the contract to operate Byron Bay's sewerage system. When the folk of Adelaide and Byron Bay learn of this, the sales of bottled water will probably rise quite significantly!…ed. Further details at: <>


by James Reed
Author James Bartholomew recently defended capitalism as an economic system in an article in The Daily Telegraph (extract: The Australian 25/5/06, p.11)
Capitalism is a wealth generation machine and children should be taught that, rather than the politically-correct nonsense that sees the State as a hero fighting the savage dragon of enterprise.
Thus, Bartholomew says, two centuries ago, food was the biggest part of the Western families' budget. If there were a shortage, there would be a famine. Two centuries later kids are getting premature diabetes and heart disease from the abundance of calories!

But we should stop the story at that point.
Capitalism allowed a lot of people to starve for a long time - even by Bartholomew's statistics. What lowered the real cost (time and energy) of food production, as Major Douglas pointed out in many of his speeches, was technological advancement, not laissez-faire market forces.

The hope of social crediters was to find a society beyond capitalism and communism where technological creativity could be the servant of man instead of what we have at present. 'Society' has become a vast global machine and Man the meat in the gears.


by James Reed
Various internet sites deal with the issue of "Real ID," a national identification card for all US citizens. This is done using driver's licences issued by the States, with all one's personal information networked on to a vast database that some people are calling "The Beast". The system will be complete by May 2008.

The ID card will be needed to do almost everything, including buying a gun. The Department of Homeland Security will add biometric identification data and radio frequency identification chips to serve as tracking devices.
Marketeers are extending this notion so that capitalists have commercial access to surveillance data. Ultimately it will be impossible to live off the grid. The iron cage of the e-society will snap shut.


by Brian Simpson
A recent article in New Scientist (24 June 2006, p.25) by Richard Koch and Richard Smith ("The Fall of Reason") discusses the issue of the hatred of science, a phenomena largely arising since the 1960s.
Koch and Smith say that the attacks on science come from both the Left and Right and from "Bible-bashers and New Age gurus".

In reality, the majority of the attacks are from the Left. Creation science folk are not anti-science - they attempt, rightly or wrongly, to use science to support their literalist view of Bible creation. Like Sir Isaac Newton they believe in the existence of a world where God's rational order can be apprehended by man.

The Left however are the champions of revolution, chaos and disorder. Logically then, a discipline which points to a meaning beyond mere matter in motion - or for today's Left, words and texts - is poison to them. For the Left, science and Christianity were to be trashed as part of a revolution of the spirit. Increasingly, leading writers even in our daily papers are exposing this revolution as morally and intellectually bankrupt.


by James Reed
Some good news indeed: the Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop is to press the States to reintroduce the teaching of traditional history. At present history is part of politically correct topics such as "Society and Environment" and the like.
If the States refuse to reintroduce history as a stand alone topic, then it will be made a funding condition. That, of course, is the evil of centralism, and top-down rule. However, in this one instance it seems to have a good outcome.
In this age of decline and dark degeneracy, one is thankful for small mercies.

Editor's comments:
Meanwhile, parents of the generation now in the school system, need to be encouraged to oversee just what their children are being taught and endeavour to give their children a realistic view of history. The education system is like a huge ocean liner - it will take quite some time before it can stop and change direction.
I can't think of a better way to introduce the older generation to a more realistic view of history than to introduce them to Eric Butler's writings. Remember: real history is 'crystalised politics'.


An email circulating via the internet claims:
"Major General Albert Stubblebine III, is the latest in a long line of high-ranking US military officers to openly challenge the official explanation about 9/11. Stubblebine was in charge of Imagery Interpretation for Scientific and Technical Intelligence - a highly specialized area that certainly qualifies him as an expert in the field of electronic intelligence gathering, especially imaging." The sender of the email wrote: "

A friend and colleague who was an officer in US Army Intelligence just informed me that he had served directly under General Stubblebine for many years. So high is my friend's esteem of the General, he had only this to say:
'If Stubblebine is standing up to be counted, it's all over'."

For those with the right programme and the right telephone landline can access and view the documentary "One Nation Under Seige" featuring Major General Albert Stubblebine III. Go to:


by James Reed
A recent article in the Weekend Australian Magazine "Just Keep Walking" (July 1-2/06) discussed the phenomena which psychologists call "collective neglect".
The article illustrated this concept with reference to the plight of a 62-year old female opera singer who had a stroke in a bus terminus. This lady collapsed and lay in pools of her own vomit for almost six hours as wave upon wave of university students caught buses. She was eventually helped by Japanese students from Osaka University. If they had not stopped, she would surely have died.

Narcissism and self-absorption in the grind of daily affairs is producing an attitude that we no longer are our brother's keeper. People are to be seen as strangers and individuals are solely responsible for their own fate.
I see this attitude among people to the homeless here in Melbourne. The attitude seems to be: they should be more responsible, get a job and get their act together. It is a cold and heartless attitude.

I recently visited my old university. Outside the library I was approached by a black man. He said: "Sir, I will come to the point: I need $20 or $50." He was terrified that his wife - a woman of enormous proportions - would make mince meat out of him. I said: "I like an honest man and one who comes to the point." I then directed him to the Arts Faculty. "Ask them for money, they are rolling in it," I said. "And don't forget to play the race card."
He shook my hand and was off. In the future I intend to re-direct more poor, suffering souls to the appropriate faculties." - Perhaps with tongue in cheek James?…ed

The final words in Ian Wilson's article "The Illogic of Sedition," in last week's On Target should have read: Hear, hear.