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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

28 July 2006 Thought for the Week:

"We have said it before, and we say it again: As the murk of permissible evil envelopes us more and more, there is awakened in the soul of Western man a compulsive passion for the truth. The stage is reached when dispelling the murk becomes more exciting, more deeply satisfying than all the economic and personal rewards that go with submission and compliance." - Ivor Benson, Behind the News, 1986.

"The Palestinians have no chance, unless we free our souls from Jewish control." - Israel Shamir, Jaffa. July 2006.


by Betty Luks
I received an email during last weekend which disturbed me greatly. Its contents would not give me peace. It presented a scene of unimaginable terror for the people of Gaza as their neighbour Israel mercilessly attacked them.

What your TV will never show you - The Realities of GAZA

Originally posted by Tuesday, July 11, 2006 10:26pm it was headed:
"Israel is a Terrorist State - America Her Ally in Evil". It read:

"Friends, It's nearly 4 a.m. here and I decided to go back to my computer to communicate to my friends around the world what every single mainstream media channel... whether American, European or Arab, is FAILING to communicate in regards to what is happening right NOW in Gaza, Palestine.
I have been in front of television for the past few hours monitoring the news and I was shocked to see NOTHING on Gaza except for on 2 local Arab channels and one Arab satellite channel which I shall not name for their own good... lest the United States with its Israel lobby decide to shut down. Even Al Jazeera channel, to my utter shock, didn't so much as mention Gaza in its last 2 news broadcasts!!

Let me tell you my friends what I have been watching for the past few hours and what I am still listening to on my head-phones: Southern Gaza is in TOTAL DARKNESS. Three quarters of the television frame is PITCH BLACK while northern Gaza has a few lights.
About an hour ago, Israel bombed with F-16's the only power station left in Khan Younes plunging it in TOTAL DARKNESS too. Do you know what it means to be without electricity for 10 days in today's world??? No water, no sewage, no cooling, no storing of whatever food is left, no communications.... etc.
As though this were not sufficient for those poor Palestinians, tonight, like every night, Israel has been bombing and missiling Gaza and flying over it all night with sonic booms to scare the people and especially the children who are totally terrified. Yesterday a one and a half year old child died in an awful way of injuries sustained by Israeli bombing and mainstream media instead of covering it is allowing a terrorist like Ehud Olmert to take the microphone and tell the world that Israel never targets civilians.

It has been 10 days now and all Israel has done is target civilians and kill dozens! One of the strongest armies in the world has declared war on a population that does not even have an army! Water is lacking, food is scarce, medicine has run out, FUEL has run out... and Israel refuses to let trucks carrying supplies enter Gaza to save a civilian population which was already condemned to live in refugee camps because Israel kicked them out of their homes and stole them. Even Palestinian hospitals hardly know how to operate.

When Israel first bombed Gaza's power mains, hospitals resorted to using their generators. But generators can only keep going if there is fuel.... and there no long[er] is fuel. The sick and elderly who live on machines are slowly dying. Babies in incubators are dying. With the increasing rubbish that can no longer be picked up from the streets, diseases are starting. A humanitarian disaster is taking place in Gaza NOW and Mr. Bush, his Israeli White House, his corrupt AIPAC stooge of a Congress, Mr. Bolton and Mr. Annan are laying the grounds for their attack on Syria and Iran.... and who knows what else.

And the world is silent. And mainstream media is behaving as though nothing were. All it cares about is that damned Israeli soldier that means ZILCH amid 1.4 million innocent civilians who had nothing to do with his capture! American taxpayer financing every bullet and missile:
Last, but not least.... NONE of this would be happening were it not for the American tax-payer who for decades financed and is still financing every bullet and missile being shot from Israel.
What does it take for the American tax payers to understand that they are ultimately paying for their own destruction. The US has created a monster that now controls it.

US soldiers are fighting Israel's dirty war in the Middle East. US soldiers are dying so that Israel can prosper. US families are losing their loved ones so that Israel doesn't have to.... After all, what is an American goyim near an Israeli life.
American soldiers are kidnapped all the time in Iraq and they are not even mentioned in the news. Yet, when an Israeli soldier is kidnapped, the president of the United States himself comes out to speak on his behalf! America 'the great'… land of the free?

More likely America the Great Bully!
Where are the American people? Where is that great nation that we were all told represented "freedom" and "liberty"?? It is being held on a leash by Ehud Olmert and AIPAC. At least in the Arab world we have the excuse of being the underdeveloped third world. What is America's excuse?
If only Americans knew that Israel will use them and dump them in a split second.

Digging for bodies from ruins with bare hands:
While I am writing this, I am watching the rescue of bodies from a building that collapsed in Gaza about an hour ago after it was bombed by Israeli F-16's. I see panicked and scared Palestinians lighting the collapsed building with their torches and digging with their hands in the rubble to find survivors.
I see a hand sticking out the rubble and it is still moving. A body is under a heavy concrete wall which no one can move without a bulldozer..., but there is no fuel and no bulldozer to help. Palestinians don't have bulldozers.

It is my duty to relay what I am seeing. I am writing this to my internet friends because it is my duty to relay what I am seeing. I cannot just go to sleep as though nothing were. Mainstream media world wide, is obviously complicit in the new world order and I am hoping that the internet community will stand out and will spread the news of Gaza, like we spread the news of Iraq.

I have recorded the horrible events of this evening... and of those past few days... and I shall find a way to have this footage out. The world must find out what a criminal country Israel is. Tomorrow also, unless my IP is blocked again, I shall be sending you interesting news on Israeli['s] inside Iraq.... also something that mainstream media is conveniently forgetting to mention.
Regards to all, 'CS'" (emphasis added…ed)


by Betty Luks
For many years I have heard 'fundamentalists' rapturously enthusing over their future-world-view of events that will 'herald in' the return of Jesus Christ to this earth. This earthly Jesus, so they believe, will reign for a thousand years with a 'rod of iron'.
World events, many fundamentalist believe, are reaching that climax as the nation-state of Israel wages war on the peoples of the Middle East.
When all are subjected to the will of Israel, so they believe, Jesus will make a dramatic appearance and set up his world government… ruling with a rod of iron.
It is not that long ago that the brutal regime in the Soviet Union 'ruled with a rod of iron'. It is one thing to have some mystical idealistic concept in one's mind - the harsh reality can be quite another thing.

The Gospels present a Jesus who was tempted by the Devil with the promise of world rule on condition He bow down and worship the Devil. Jesus insisted only God was to be worshipped - and then in Spirit and in Truth.

Leaving that aside, Eric Butler once observed the American people were self-righteous and could be easily led in to imposing their ideas of 'righteousness' and 'democracy' upon the rest of the world. They will, he warned, want to 'do good' whether we want it done to us or not.

That is not unlike the N.T. story of the disciple Judas who betrayed Jesus. Judas was the most intelligent of the disciples and he had his own aims and ambitions.
During WWII playwright and author Dorothy L. Sayers was called upon to write a series of plays on the life of Christ for the BBC. She explained in "The Man Born to Be King," despite what people may have personally thought of the disciple Judas, she, as a dramatist was put to a "stern test of theology" as she went about handling the characters for the plays. An obvious villainous Judas simply wouldn't do, either dramatically or theologically.

She wrote: "the most damnable of all sins is a subtler thing than any crude ambition or avarice. The worst evil in the world is brought about, not by the open and self-confessed vices, but by the deadly corruption of the proud virtues. Pride, which cast Lucifer the Archangel out of Heaven and Adam out of the Eden of primal innocence, is the head and front of all sin, and the besetting sin of highly virtuous and intelligent people."

  • "What Judas really wanted," she saw, "was a Jesus who would interpret Judas to the world, under his guidance and direction."
    § What the American people want is a Jesus who will interpret Zionist-Christian-America to the world - under the Zionist leaders' guidance and direction.

    "The idea of killing [Jesus] is now presented to him [Judas] under its most attractive form - sacrificial, idealistic, flattering to his morbid theories about suffering, and containing just that grain of plausibility which makes a half-truth more deadly than any lie."
    § The killing, the murdering of the helpless Gaza-Palestinians is presented to Zionist-Christian-America in its most attractive form - these people are Arab-Muslims. After all, Zionist-Christian-America is waging a war against Muslim terrorists.

Sadly, there is worse to come. It is one thing to call forth these Dark Forces, it is another thing to control and direct them and it is yet another thing till their rage and fury is spent.


A message to 'CS':
'CS', the whole world is not immune to the tragedies of the people in the Middle East but I am sure they wonder just what are the Arab leaders doing while their own people are attacked and slaughtered and have to flee for their lives. The website - www.MiddleEast.Org helps us to understand the situation a little better.

Mid-East Realities - MER - 13 July 2006. "The Despicable Arab Elite"

While 'Rome Burns' They Party, Buy Prostitutes of all types, and Squander Their History as well as their National Wealth. This amazingly twisted and corrupted world of Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz and his despicable class of super-rich super-spoiled Arabs is also the world from which the Osama Bin Ladens and Aimen Zawahiris have arisen.
It is the world from which Hezbollah and Hamas and the suicide bombers have come forth. And it is the world in which this despicable class has left its civilization and heritage practically defenseless against the Neocon/Evangelical and U.S. /Israeli/European onslaught now at the ramparts.
From the oil, energy, and petrodollar centres of Arabia they are probably the most despicable class of people in modern history. Few will or can say this out loud; for those who try find their publications either undermined or bought-out and their personal situations endangered.
From Saudi Arabia to Dubai and Qatar and Kuwait they spend untold fortunes on prostitutes of all kinds -- from sex to business to government -- building unbelievably tasteless snow mountains in the desert, ridiculously outlandish palaces in the sands, and lavish extravaganzas that sometimes seem to compare with the worst Roman days of Caligula.
Now departed from the U.S. and 'back home' maneuver[ing] one way or another to line himself up for the throne of 'The Kingdom' of 'Saudi Arabia', Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz continually threw his multi-millions at takers far and wide during his 20+ year rein as U.S. Ambassador.
More than any other individual Bandar infiltrated, bribed, used, and undermined, nearly all of the Arab and Muslim civic and public organizations in Washington, terribly corrupting and compromising nearly all of them. What he did during his American reign is more responsible than anything else for how weak and discredited nearly all of these organizations are today when they are so desperately needed but instead are MIA (Missing in Action).
Here in Washington Bandar bought up many connected exclusive estates along the Potomac to build a gigantic 'residence', one with more bathrooms than many office buildings. And now in Aspen the 'home' he built there is on sale as the most expensive ever in the U.S...and maybe anywhere!
Meanwhile the majority of the Arab and Muslim peoples from Iraq to Palestine to Chechnya to Egypt are literally starving and under vicious attack, in many cases from the very governments and multinational arms dealers/makers that Bandar and his kinfolk continually courted and financed."


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
In "Aboriginal Issues" James Reed continues his crusade against pornography. He quotes authorities who claim that pornography is a bigger problem in remote Aboriginal communities than alcohol.
Reed wants a ban on both - as do many Aboriginal Elders. Reed also feels that pornography is equally a problem for Whites and he looks towards prohibition to solve it. But does he support as well, as his argument logically entails, the prohibition of alcohol?
American history well shows where that argument leads - greater profits for a new generation of gangsters selling sly grog.

Reed quotes an article by Caroline Overington, "The Porn Plague," The Weekend Australian 24-25/6/06. p.19 which cites a number of psychological studies which have shown that consumption of pornography - even violent pornography - does not "turn people into monsters".
If it did, the so-called porno problem would be greater than it now, allegedly is.
I can see what the elites will do with attempts to regulate the internet. Political criticism from our side of politics will also be viewed as "pornographic" in a sense and the machinery of suppression will continue.

In the 1990s, the late Ivor Benson also dealt with the subject of 'porn' and its link with violent crime. He wrote:
"The British Government paid £650,000 for what one newspaper described as a 'curiously, if not utterly useless' report on the subject of pornography and its possible link with violent crime.
Detective Superintendent Michael Hames, head of Scotland Yard's obscene publications squad said at the time: 'I cannot prove a link either, but I can tell you from bitter experience that the sick deluge of pornography is on the increase and so is violent sex crime'.

Benson continued:
"There is a link, of course, but the professors cannot prove it because it happens on a moral plane entirely outside their intellectual field of reference. Besides, pornography is only part of a vastly bigger problem and is quite meaningless as a separate problem.

"The civilization that has come into existence in the West has seriously disturbed the relations of the sexes, the main symptom of this disturbance being the progressive break-up of the family as an institution. Pornography and sex crime are, therefore, only two aspects of a single all-embracing problem of social disintegration in which class war was replaced by a sex war."

"So where does pornography fit into this ugly picture?" asks Ivor:
"Even primitive societies recognise that their well-being and survival require the containment and regulation of the sexual appetite; hence the initiation procedures for boys and girls in which the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of the group are transmitted from one generation to the next. In a word, people must learn how to live with the sexual appetite and to control rather than be controlled by it."

He insisted, "Pornography whether promoted for commercial gain or for purposes of cultural subversion can be described as a deadly social evil… but… there is no way in which Western governments can get to grips with the problem of pornography without at the same time getting to grips with a host of other major social and political problems." We won't hold our breath!


This 'red hot' issue has all boiled over into a major local issue in Toowooomba, and is tied in with the move to build a new dam on the Mary River near Gympie.The latter will submerge 500 farms, and is producing white-hot anger in the Mary Valley.
On Premier Beattie's recent visit, addressing a big and furious audience, he was flanked by 40 police for protection!

Behind all this lie people like Turnbull, Hewson and Costello, who are driving the National Water Initiative - completely unconstitutional, but part of the global agenda, linked to the transnational corporations.

HASCO Inc., the volunteer-polling association, ran its thirty-third monthly poll in June. Areas where polling was held included Warwick, Tweed Heads, Toowoomba, Dalby, Inverell, Boonah, Coffs Harbour, and Woolgoolga.

Among six questions asked was this one:
§ "Would you support the introduction of recycled sewerage to augment your town water supply?"
Final results of 1,361 people polled in these centres to this question were:
YES ~ 566 people, or 41.6% NO ~ 654 people, or 48.1% Undecided ~ 141 people, or 10.3%

The exception to the above results was the City of Toowoomba, where a majority of the 334 people who polled voted YES, with the following figures:
YES ~ 164 or 49% NO ~ 136 or 40.7% Undecided ~ 34, or 10.2%

The exception:
It would appear that the reason for the Toowoomba exception was the fact that Toowoomba City Council was promoting a proposal for piping sewerage from Brisbane, through the Lockyer Valley and up the range, for recycling to supplement Toowoomba's water supplies.
Over $700,000 was being spent on the "YES" case for a referendum of Toowoomba residents to be held on July 29. Nothing was being allocated for a "NO" case.

Accordingly, HASCO Inc. organized polling sites to be held in Toowoomba at two city centres over June 30 and July 1. HASCO volunteers travelled from Brisbane, Warwick and Dalby to help those from Toowoomba run these polling centres.

One question was asked:
§ "Should both the YES case and the NO case receive equal funding prior to the referendum?"
Each voter was asked to complete and sign a "YES", "NO" or 'UNDECIDED" form in face-to-face polling.
Results were:
1,412 people responded. 1,193 people, or 84.5% voted YES to the question. 148, or 10.5% voted NO. 70 people, or 5%, were undecided.

Polling forms are kept for three months by HASCO Inc for scrutiny, before being destroyed. A spokesman for HASCO Inc. observed that it was customary, prior to a referendum, for both sides to be made available prior to voting, and that any government body should refrain from spending public money promoting one side of the argument.


An email in circulation from Patrick Wood, (

Mr. Wood co-author, with the late Antony Sutton, of "Trilaterals Over Washington" asks: "Is the US Bankrupt?"
He cites a 23-page report by Economics Professor Laurence J. Kotlikoff, issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis last November 2005, and quietly posted on their website. Kotlikoff concludes that countries, as well as individuals and companies can go bankrupt.
The United States 'fiscal gap' has reached an astronomical $65.9 trillion. This means the US is in the red to the tune of $65.9 trillion -- it is the amount it owes now and in the future, for which it doesn't have revenue to pay for. Never mind any other debts it will incur in the future.

Kotlikoff asks what 'fiscal adjustments' are needed to eliminate this red hole, and suggests they could be the following:
§ Immediate and permanent doubling of personal and corporate income taxes.
§ Another immediate and permanent two-thirds cut in Social Security and Medicare benefits.
§ Immediately and permanently cut all Federal discretionary spending by 143 per cent.

You will note it is the people who will suffer the hardships and pains for the benefit of those who run the system. They are like the alcoholic who will do anything but give up the devil drink!

A worst case scenario portrayed by Mr. Wood should the Chairman of the Federal Reserve be forced to announce before Congress, "The US is clearly headed toward bankruptcy," is:
"The stock market would crash, the dollar would 'melt down', the bond market would implode and real estate would be frozen in time."

The United States of America has been the most productive nation in all of human history and yet financially it is the one in greatest debt!
Americans need to read such books as Clifford Hugh Douglas' "Economic Democracy," especially the chapter, "The Delusion of Super Production". Available from the League Book Services - or - look up our Library listing on this website.

Many people can now tell us we are in trouble --- where are the ones showing us the way out?
The world is awash with groups and individuals filling in the details of what is happening and who is doing it to us.
But what is to be done about it?

We recommend people start to look at the work of Anthony Cooney and his Social Credit series of booklets.
Jeremy Lee has reminded us:
"If you are wondering where we can find the vision which will carry us through the multitude of family, community, national and international crises to a world of safety, harmony and peace, you can do no better than start with Anthony Cooney's latest little gem, 'Social Credit: Economics'."

"To veteran Social Crediters, who had the good fortune to study the subject through the League's one-time Correspondence Course, or the classes run by the late Jim Marsh, Cooney's material will be refreshingly familiar. But to those who have never grappled with Social Credit, such aspects as the A + B theorem, the Increment of Association, the Dividend and the Just Price - plus many more - are so simply explained that the booklet is a joy to read. 60 pages of infinite value." $12 posted from all League Book Services.


"Algeria to pay off Swiss debt early"
Algeria signed an accord Saturday for the early repayment of its $66-million debt to Switzerland as part of an ongoing process of reimbursing members of the international Paris Club of creditor countries, an official said. The agreement to repay the debt by August 31 was signed by Algerian Finance Minister Mourad Medelci and Swiss Ambassador Michel Gottret.

In the past few weeks Algiers has paid back more than half of its $7.9-billion debt to the Paris Club, thanks to soaring oil costs which have boosted its reserves. Since signing an accord with the 19-member Paris Club on May 11, it has now concluded 14 separate agreements with creditor countries to repay some $5 billion ahead of schedule.

Apart from Switzerland, they include $1.6 billion to France, $690 million to Spain, $625 million to the US, $369 million to Austria, $255 million each to Canada and Belgium, $202 million to Britain, $92 million to Sweden, $54.3 million to Denmark, $45 million to the Netherlands, $20 million to Portugal, $15.6 million to Norway and $11.8 million to Finland.

Similar agreements are due to be signed in the next few weeks with Germany, Italy and Japan, though Algiers is still negotiating with Berlin over the timetable for repayment of some $763 million. In addition, Russia has wiped off an Algerian debt estimated at $4.7 billion in return for orders for Russian fighter aircraft. In September Algiers is due to sign an accord with the London Club grouping commercial creditors such as banks for repayment of a total $800 million. Medelci said earlier this month that Algeria's total foreign debt had gone down from $15.5 billion at the end of February to $10 billion at the end of June."

So now you know where your hard earned wages and salaries are going via the high oil prices and government taxes. Source: Agence France Presse 17/6/06


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