Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
27 January 2006 Thought for the Week:

"Israel shall not live on one soil but in the souls of men chastened and transfigured, in laws and institutions of righteousness, in human relations ennobled and disciplined by a sense of responsibility.
And men shall then look into each others eyes and see the reflection of their own unfulfilled longings, and the hearts of men shall go out to each other in understanding, for they will know that all suffer hurt and heartache and dream the same dreams of freedom, security and peace.
And together they shall build the Kingdom of God."

Morris Larazon, quoted by Alfred Lilienthal, in "What Price Israel?" 1953. Dr. Lilienthal is an American of the Jewish faith.


by James Reed

With all the threats to our culture and civilisation covered in publications like this one, when all is said and done, what hope is there for the survival of Western civilisation, of our race or even mankind itself? Will "our side" win this war, turn it all around and rebuild the West, or is it the end? Seymour Itzkoff (a conservative Jewish writer I believe, but a politically incorrect one) has written a fascinating book, Rebuilding Western Civilization Beyond the Twenty-First Century Collapse (Paideia Publishers, 2003).

Itzkoff believes that racial differences in intelligence exist (Jews are the smartest) and he rejects the idea that all members of Western society have the capacity to maintain civilisation. Most of the underclass is becoming welfare/crime dependents, preying on the hard work of others. Cities are decaying. Democracy stopped working because it requires a population of independent critical-thinking people in close community interaction.Communities have disintegrated. Even high culture in the West is dying as shown by the drivel that passes as art and culture.

A mass of people - about 10 billion by mid-century, most non-Whites - will demand "the good life'. But it is ecologically impossible to supply this to them. Chaos will rule and then those alive will curse the misplaced altruism of today's White liberals.

Itzkoff sees the only hope to be for Western man to hold on to all that is dear in independent cultural enclaves. This is something which our generation should start to contemplate rather than optimistically assuming that some miracle will save us. The time is coming to think about the "unthinkable" and prepare for life after the collapse.


by James Reed

Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, is yet another example of why Africa continues to be the "dark continent", with its suppression of basic freedoms and dissent. Recently an Ethiopian court charged 131 politicians, journalists and activists with treason and genocide. The list includes a number of anti-poverty workers.

Meles Zenawi, an ally of Tony Blair, claims the defendants are responsible for causing the riots in the capital Addis Ababa, after the 15 May 2005 general election. The government of Zenawi has been widely accused, both inside and outside of Ethiopia, of rigging the election and falsifying results. Protests led to 42 people being killed by Zenawi's security forces. Live ammunition was used to disperse protesters.Since June 2005 Zenawi has closed five newspapers and jailed their editors and arrested 40,000 people. Foreign radio stations, Voice of America and Deutsche Welle, critical of Zenawi's brutality, were taken off the air.

Ethiopia, like much of Africa, is a culture of the gun. No doubt the immigration-mad elites, of both left and right camps, would propose that Ethiopia's problems would be solved by moving all of Ethiopia to Australia. Let us hope that this mass of refugees are settled in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney so that they can conduct cultural exchanges with the BMW culture and glazed-eyed idealists.


by Robert Hart

With the death of Kerry Packer it is worthwhile to reflect upon the significance of that more important manipulator of the Mind, Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was educated at a Geelong private school and then studied at Oxford. Murdoch's father, Keith married the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, Elisabeth Joy Greene. Keith was promoted from mere reporter to chairman of the newspaper where he worked. He bought two newspapers in Adelaide.

In England Murdoch was introduced through Lord Beaverbrook to a number of rich Jews such as Canadian liquor magnate, Edgar Bronfman and the chairman of the Anglo-American De Beer's diamond and gold cartel, Harry Oppenheimer. These were but a few of Murdoch's backers who supported him in his bid to build a global media empire.
Rupert was brought up by his mother as a Jew and he has always ensured that his papers exhibit a pro-Israel bias which can be readily confirmed by a detailed study of papers such as The Australian. Rupert earned the sobriquet "Red Rupert" from his university days as a pro-Marxist radical.

In 1965 Rupert bought a Perth Sunday newspaper for $286,000 but soon the millions of dollars began to be spent as he bought a string of daily papers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, as well as radio and TV stations. In 1968 Murdoch launched a national newspaper The Australian with a red map of Australia on the left of the masthead. It is an appropriate symbol for the most politically correct newspaper in Australia, which daily champions the cause of globalism, Asianisation, multiculturalism and mass coloured immigration.

During his student days at Oxford Murdoch recognised that there is no real ideological difference between Capitalism and Communism "except that [Capitalism] should be more controlled and centralised. The two are complementary." That, in a nutshell, is Murdoch's philosophy today, as he continues to carve out a multi-billion dollar communication empire, supported by the international financiers.

Murdoch's papers are full of stories that level everything down to the lowest common denominator of vulgarity, as his British tabloids well illustrate.
A British psychologist, reflecting upon why people buy such rubbish concluded: "Murdoch is Moloch. Each day people are sacrificed on the press altar and people get their bread and circuses."

Thank God for the Internet and publications such as this one. It is our sacred duty to support the alternative press with all our energies. It is our chance for freedom.


"American television continues to present war as a bloodless sandpit in which the horrors of conflict - the mutilated bodies of the victims of aerial bombing, torn apart in the desert by wild dogs - are kept off the screen, Robert Fisk in the Los Angeles Times, informs his readers. (27 December, 2005).
Editors in New York and London make sure that viewers' "sensitivities" don't suffer, that we don't indulge in the "pornography" of death (which is exactly what war is) or "dishonour" the dead whom we have just killed. Our prudish video coverage makes war easier to support, and journalists long ago became complicit with governments in making conflict and death more acceptable to viewers.
Television journalism has thus become a lethal adjunct to war… So let's call a colony a colony, let's call occupation what it is, let's call a wall a wall. And maybe express the reality of war by showing that it represents not, primarily, victory or defeat, but the total failure of the human spirit.


by Philip Benwell MBE

The Australian Monarchist League has commented on the Republican Movement's 2006 Australia Day opening campaign with its new slogan 'A mate for a Head of State'. The campaign was launched at the Museum of Sydney Theatrette with Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute, Kathy Bail Editor of The Bulletin and John Bell of Bell Shakespeare speaking.
Whereas 'Monarchist' activities generally provoke taunts, jibes or total silence on the part of the mainline media, readers can be certain that there will be full radio and print (and probably some TV) coverage on this absurd and totally unworkable conception.

The Republican's new slogan: 'A mate for a Head of State' does nothing to enhance their cause. A Head of State is the person in whom the constitutional authority of the nation is vested. He or she is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and is responsible for the lawful well-being of the people. Within the Westminster System, whether that system be a Constitutional Monarchy or a Republic, the Head of State must be above the every-day rough and tumble of politics, especially party politics, and neither friend nor foe should influence his or her duties in any way whatsoever.

In Australia, the term 'mate' has become a meaningless generalisation, just as 'buddy' has in the USA. To facilitate votes, a politician may become everyone's 'mate' for a short period and perhaps the republicans really do want to cheapen our Constitution with the hypocritical indignity of a 'mate's rate' sort of Head of State.
Fortunately the Constitution places the ultimate decision in the hands of the people and not our politicians and it may well be that by revealing their real intentions for a Head of State, republicans may have 'check-mated' themselves!

Action: When you read of the Republican's campaign or hear about it on radio, please do make an effort to write a Letter to the Editor or phone talk-back radio to ridicule this latest rather desperate effort which serves only to undermine whatever credibility republicans may have had.
Why not cut and past the above and send it to your local press.


by Betty Luks

Phillip Benwell has focused attention on the fundamental responsibility of the Sovereign and the Governor-General in our system of Constitutional Monarchy - the responsibility of the well-being of the people.
|Phillip could have added ALL the people, not just those who have the ear and favour of the politicians in power at the time. Nor those who through fraud and subterfuge gained the power to create and issue our national currency and are using that system to bring us as an Anglo-Australian freedom loving people to our knees.

Mr. Benwell's reference to the Republican's "mate-rate" campaign got me thinking and I pondered on the various ways and contexts in which Australians could or do use the word 'mate' these days.

"Business" mate: In the light of the AWB dealings with the Saddam Hussein regime and what now appears to be the Howard government's knowledge of the corrupt dealings - business deals involving 'matey' 'Trade Agreements' and 'Sanctions' - words taking on new meanings.
"Cheque" mate: A politician's 'friend', but one that can prove politically 'terminal'. Just ask those politician 'cheque-mates' linked to American lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
"Bed" mate: Sorry Shane Warne, this is probably a little below the belt as your wife divorces you for infidelity.
"China-plate": Only a 'dinky-di' Aussie knows what this once meant. This was the genuine product. It has taken on a new meaning as 'our' government continues to sell us out in just about every way possible, and whose policies ensure Australian's industries and employment are exported to China. John Howard and his cronies, his 'mates,' are most certainly not our 'china-plates'!


by James Reed

David Irving was imprisoned on 11 November 2005 in Styria, Austria on a warrant issued in 1989. Austrian law, like laws in many Western countries, makes Holocaust denial a crime. Irving could face up to twenty years on gaol.
Irving was allegedly trapped by police wiretaps and the interception of emails - the sort of energies that one would have expected the police to put into chasing terrorists. Holocaust denial must then be more dangerous to society than various violent and terrorist acts. It must be a worse crime than assault, rape and possibly murder.

The 'crime' is a thought crime: a sincere intellectual person on the basis of their own research - however misguided or incorrect - could formulate an opinion which leads them to imprisonment. Such laws then enforce historical claims by the force of the State. Even if these historical claims are true, this would unquestionably make such States with such laws undemocratic, non-liberal and essentially police States. Freedom of speech, technically, does not exist on such a topic.

Hanging over all of this are some questions:
· If the overwhelming weight of historic evidence supports a claim, why must the strong arm of the law be brought into the matter?
· Isn't imprisoning Holocaust deniers counter-productive insofar as "over the top" penalties tends to produce martyrs?

I for one would appreciate a straight answer to these questions.


The League's "Lions for Freedom," CD-Rom is proving to be such a winner. With the assistance of modern technology it is like having your own research assistant at your beck and call. I was able to easily locate Jeremy Lee's five year old article in the OT archives on the Bracks Labor government passing the "Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill" in the late hours of Tuesday, 5th June 2001.
And this was because of the 40 years of On Target research and comment held on the CD-Rom "Lions For Freedom".

It was a Bracks government initiative:
At the time, not only did the Labor members, at the time, vote to pass the Bill - naturally, as they introduced it - but so did the Liberal Opposition, with the exception of two members! For once the National Party stood up, along with two of Victoria's Independents, and voted against the Bill.

"Alice-in-Wonderland" stuff.
But what caught my eye was Jeremy's astonishment at the claim "made by more than one Labor member, that the Bill was 'unenforceable' and merely symbolic." Remember this was in 2001!
Jeremy observed: "The Member for Forest Hill, Mr. Richardson, was one who used such 'logic', and his remarks were truly astonishing - more in keeping with "Alice-in-Wonderland" than a Parliament in Australia. He said, inter alia: ".... I speak in support of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Bill, and in doing so I say that I do not think it necessary. It is my view that there are sufficient safeguards existing in the federal and state statutes that already prevail .....The advice that I have received is that if the proposed legislation becomes law it will essentially be unenforceable. The path that has to be followed to obtain a conviction for an offence under the act, which the bill will become, is so tortuous and obscure that there will probably be no prosecutions based on the legislation ....."

Jeremy Lee commented: "If the confused Mr. Richardson believes that the legislation leaves no room for prosecutions, he is in for a shock. Similar legislation has been pursued by the same bodies in a number of countries, and has been used to threaten and intimidate advocates of free speech on a number of occasions."

Independent Member for Mildura, Russell Savage, warned Victorians: " .... One of the things that we should remind ourselves of occasionally is what free speech is. In the British House of Commons during May of 1797 Charles Fox stated: Opinions become dangerous to a state only when persecution makes it necessary for the people to communicate their ideas under the bond of secrecy.
Mr. Savage continued:
"Among other things, this Bill would take away the right of a parent to have full decision-making control over a child. According to the Bill, a five year old could be making a decision contrary to the wishes of the parent."
Oh? Is this another 'barb' in the Bill that has yet to 'ensnare' its intended victims? Looks like Australians haven't grasped all that our political masters have in store for us through such acts of Parliament.

Mr. Ashley, the Member for Bayswater, gave an apt historical illustration of the futility of the State attempting to legislate for religious or civil truth:
" .... I refer to a discussion between Sir Thomas More and Mr. Riche, the solicitor to King Henry VIII, over the issue of how the king could take over the role of the church and thus presume to stamp the religious dimensions on the civil law. I quote from a book about the Reformation and the political sphere of the 16th century: 'Admit there were, Sir, an Acte of Parliament, that all the Realme should take me for King, would you not take me for King?" 'Yes sir,' quoth Sir Thomas More, 'That I would'. 'I put the case further', quoth Mr Riche, 'that there weare an Acte of Parliament that all the Realme should take me for the Pope, would then not you, Mr. More, take me for the Pope?' 'To your first case', quoth Sir Thomas More, ' the Parliament may well meddle with the stat of temporall Princes; but to make aunsweare to your second case, I will put you this case; suppose the Parliament would make a law that God should not be God, would you then, Mr. Riche, saye God we are not God?'"

"What he was saying," explained Jeremy, "was that in matters of religious belief there could be no determination by an act of Parliament. This was Erastianism in practice; and he (Sir Thomas More…ed) was reacting to that by saying, 'Thus far and no further'."

CD-ROM "Lions for Freedom". Price: $32.00 posted from all League Book Services.


by Betty Luks

In a 1934 address to a New Zealand audience, C.H. Douglas explained that any genuine progress in the world of men depended ultimately on a point of view - and he thought the world had, for a considerable period of time, been operating within two divergent points of view. One was old, quite old as we count age, and the other was of a later origin.

The first view is called by those people who deal in the science of logic, the deductive habit of mind. Douglas saw the great defect in the deductive habit of mind is that it is static.
It forms a theory and in its pure form that theory is eternal. No facts will shift that theory in the person's mind. According to the deductive habit of mind, anything that does not conform with that chosen theory is not fact.
This way of thinking persisted from long before the Christen era and down to about the middle 16th century. There then arose a man who became Lord Chancellor of England, Francis Bacon, who grasped the fact that further speculation (deductive habit of mind) along the lines of these great ancients is fruitless - and so was 'born' the inductive habit of mind.

Douglas encouraged his audience to grasp the importance of the change:
From that time onwards in certain lines of activity, instead of setting up a theory, and say that that theory is a good theory, and is eternal, the chosen theory began to be put to the test. Known as deductive thought, it is the habit of mind associated with the discipline of science.
Douglas insisted, "The formulation of a fixed set of ideas is a disregarding of facts. The world was warned against it nineteen hundred years ago when it was said that the letter killeth but the spirit maketh alive. There is, no doubt, running through the warp and woof of things a certain amount of something that we can call absolute truth, but the form of that truth is always changing, and we are beginning to understand that even in a mathematical form is the theory of relativity.

The crumbling civilisation in which we live, of railway trains and electric motors, of computers and satellites, of mass production and things of that kind, is the outcome of the inductive method of thought. The problem of production is solved -- the real problem we cannot see, for want of inductive thought, is the 'problem' of distribution. But the methods by which we judge matters of economics, finance and also religion are the age-old deductive methods of thought.
One glaring example is the religious belief "that he who does not work will not eat". This was a censure meted out by St. Paul to the lazy and the idlers in an age when production depended mainly on human energy, with the assistance of animal energy ('horse power').

Two thousand years later, in an era of great industrial, technical and productive achievements, with the evidence of abundance all round us, we have politicians and churchmen still calling for 'job opportunities' - but never calling for the distribution of the readily available abundant production to all, regardless of work opportunities and or lack of money to purchase!

Well did Jesus say to such people: You shut up the Kingdom of God (and His abundance). You won't enter yourselves and neither will you let others enter in.


The first man to coin the term 'social credit' - Charles Ferguson - saw clearly it was a problem of 'point of view' or 'habit of mind'.
Experiencing the early days of the great industrial revolution, and, as an engineer, having calculated the available and potential productive capacity {power, energy} the world would have at its fingertips, he wrote of the problem getting people to see what he could see.

"It is as if a priest should say: The Church is so far gone from its original standards, the light within it has become such darkness, that it sheds doubt into the world of faith; therefore I must abandon holy orders that I may make the Gospel credible once more. ("The Revolution Absolute," Charles Ferguson, 1918.)

Ferguson continued: If this is not heat lightning it is a shattering bolt. It may be the beginning of a new Pentecost of the university-spirit, the spirit of creative and world-refreshing art and science that brooded in the cathedral schools of Charlemagne and that broke forth in the Middle Age in that apostolical succession of unfettered learning that began with such names as Alcuin, Anselm and the Venerable Bede.
A colleague of Douglas, Bryan W. Monahan, likened Social Credit to a point of view that seems to bring every branch of knowledge into a new and more clear perspective. "Equally," he added, "all knowledge is relevant to Social Credit."

Social Credit groups mushrooming in Madagascar:
The "Michael" journal, of the Pilgrims of St. Michael, reports the social credit groups are increasing throughout Madagascar. At their International Congress, Sept. 3-5, 2005, Bishop Raymond Razakarivony of Madagascar, reported on the progress:
"I think that at this very moment, as I speak, the Social Credit principles are gaining ground in my country. We are presently organizing between 300 and 1,000 Social Credit groups, which shows that our people in Madagascar (have) really taken to Social Credit. It is possible for us to cover all of Madagascar. There are 20 dioceses in our country, and every parish of every diocese has a representative of Justice and Peace. This will help us a lot."
When introducing the Bishop, Miss Dina Razafimahatrata said:
"I thank the priest and my bishop, who are here. I think that we are all ready; I think that our task will be made easier since they can cover the whole country. Their voices are listened to in towns and villages as well; they are taken into account in the economic life of the nation. The four Christian Churches in Madagascar take part in the social and economic life of the nation."

The people of Madagascar, with the help and guidance of their 'shepherds' and the social justice and peace representatives in the parishes, are coming to grips with what it means to work together for their own - mutual - benefit, and, in faithful dealings draw on their real 'social credit'.
They are recognising the real purpose of a 'money' system is that of an accounting system. The form it takes (paper, shells, 'blips' on a computer, figures in a record book, coins, notes, etc.) is secondary to its real purpose.

It is simply a 'means' by which they deal with the real world. A world in which human beings are more important than man-made systems - such as money..


Already we are well into the first month of the new year of 2006 and must come to grips with the tasks ahead of us. There are some huge projects in the pipeline for the year ahead and we will inform our supporters of them as they take further shape. This year will see the release of another excellent CD - it will be the work of a dedicated few over at least the last two years. We are looking forward to its release.

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We are pleased to inform supporters the first SCSC for the new year will be held on Tuesday (for this month), 24th January, 2006 at the Russian Club, 7 Albert Road, Strathfield commencing at 7.30pm. Guest Speaker will be Mr. Phillip Benwell MBE, National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League. His subject: "The Importance of Preserving our Monarchical System of Government".
Mr. Benwell is an active proponent of Australia's system of Government as established by the Commonwealth Constitution and influenced by the Constitutions of Great Britain and the United States. The Commonwealth Constitution incorporated key elements of the system of separation of powers as contained in the United States Constitution, such as a Senate based on State representation. The Queen, in Australia's Constitution is represented by the executive power of the Governor General.
Material from the Australian Heritage Society will be on display. You are invited to bring a friend for the first time and the door fee will be waived.


"The Final Fling for Telstra?" is the title of the address by Mr. Don Auchterlonie, the National Director of the Australian League of Rights. He will be speaking on Friday, 3rd February 2006 in the CWA Hall, McPherson St. Horsham, and will explore the possibility that "There is a chance to use our constitutional provisions to keep Telstra in public hands." The meeting will commence at 8.00pm.

The first meeting for the year of the "1215 Luncheon Club," will be held on Monday 6th February 2006.
A new venture was commenced in 2005 - the "1215 Luncheon Club". It filled a need for those who don't like travelling long distances at night time but wanted to be kept informed. Gather from 12 noon for a 1215 Luncheon and Guest Speaker.
It is held at the Public Schools' Club, 207 East Terrace, (cnr. Carrington) Adelaide. To book for the 1215 Luncheon Club, please make your booking with Doug and Jean Holmes on 8296 4704.

The Adelaide Conservative Speakers' Club is held on the alternate month and the first meeting for the year will be held on Monday 6th March 2006.