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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
6 October 2006 Thought for the Week:
"As the most disliked president in American history, Bush's popularity is mainly an invention of public relations organisations… The events are heavily scripted and look more like campaign advertisements than public gatherings. This type of manipulation is an affront to democracy, but it is effective none the less… The Bush presidency is a triumph in public relations. The country has been mobilized to support the narrow and unpopular agenda of a small group of western, white plutocrats while the American people have been duped into a war of aggression and seen the steady erosion of their civil liberties.
The plan to control the world's resources has been carried off behind the mask of an empty figurehead who is little more than a diversion. Will we really be swindled out of our personal freedom by a shabby, soulless, Texas-phantasm who was conjured up by brainstorming PR executives?"
-- Mike Whitney, <> September 2006.


by Betty Luks
Australians, as well as the American people, must ask themselves do they want to be swindled out of their freedoms, their basic institutions built up over the centuries, the states' and national infrastructure for which their taxes paid, control of their waters and their lands, through the multifarious schemes and plans of the new world order elites - and what they plan to do about it? We are already in deep trouble.

§ It was recently announced by our own 'strutting Napoleon' John Howard that 'his government' has introduced an Office of Water Resources and the Parliamentary Secretary Malcolm Turnbull (former banker) will take charge of the new Office in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

§The Business Council of Australia recently issued a comprehensive plan calling for increased water trading to overcome the "man-made" deficiencies in supply, and welcomed the new office as "a very important first step".
Policy director Maria Tarrant said, "It has the potential to improve coordination and planning but its critical challenge [is] going to be how it works with the states, because we need national leadership."

And why am I not surprised to learn "Senator Heffernan did not rule out the need for a future referendum to re-establish Commonwealth and state responsibilities for water but said it should only be held after a nationwide public education campaign." Of course! They have to get their 'spin doctors' to once more work on the minds of the Australian people. Howard is playing down claims that he wants to create a new federal ministry for water
These 'one worlders' will do anything and everything but change the grinding debt-poverty-financial system which governs our every move. Are we to assume the people wouldn't know how to overcome the problems of water shortages if they had control over their own financial systems? The financial system is what sets in motion the productive systems - and what hinders and constricts them as well.

What about the role of Local Government in this new world Utopia?
According to a Local Government Association of South Australia report:
§ On 6 September 2006 a resolution recognising the role of local government was introduced into both Houses of Federal Parliament. The Labor Party introduced an amendment in support of a referendum to extend constitutional recognition to local government in recognition of the essential role it plays in the governance of Australia. The resolution was passed unamended by the senate and was referred by the House of Representatives to the Main Committee for further debate.

Who remembers the 1988 Referendum?
The politicians are hoping most Australians will have forgotten - or the younger generation never knew - that in the 1988 Referendum, along with other proposals, the Hawke government wanted to alter the Commonwealth Constitution to 'recognise' Local Government. Now it is the Liberal's turn to have a go.
At the time, Paul Kelly, The Weekend Australian, l4th-l5th May 1988 claimed:
"The Hawke Government's referendums are modest, simple and lack ulterior motives." Oh! Bless him. Not an unkind thought in his head - and so trusting!

At the time, the League of Rights warned:
"The deliberately misleading wording of the four Referendum proposals, and their "modesty", are a classic example of the Fabian strategy of gradualism. Probably the most dangerous is that which seeks to bring Local Government further under the influence of the Commonwealth government.
Exploiting the problems of Local Government has been a long-term Fabian tactic, developed cleverly by Fabian Socialist Gough Whitlam in his 1972 election campaign. Short sighted and ill-informed Municipal Councillors grasped eagerly at the Fabian bait. All four proposals must be defeated."

Two major tactics to centralise power:
The League produced a flyer for the 1988 campaign opposing the proposals:
"In two historic decisions, the 1982 case concerning Racial Discrimination and the 1984 case concerning the Franklin River Dam a majority of the High Court ruled that because of External Agreements, Canberra could overrule the States and the Constitution…
Minority High Court Judge Wilson warned us in 1982: "The effect of investing the Parliament with power through Section 51 (29) (the External Powers) … would be to transfer to the Commonwealth virtually unlimited power on almost every conceivable aspect of life in Australia, including health and hospitals, the work place, law and order, education and recreational and cultural activity…"

That was over twenty years ago - we are now witnessing the fruits of the agenda:
Local Government councillors had their attention drawn to the further dangers of GATS, the General Agreement on Trade in Services, and were urged "to make representations to the Minister for Trade advising him of the view of Local Government that the GATS agreement should provide that all governments should retain their sovereignty to regulate services in the public sectors, especially on key issues such as health and safety, security and environmental issues." (Local Government Association of South Australia, 21 September 2006).

According to GATSwatch an online website:
Rules on the global economy are becoming more intrusive into the lives of people, the fabric of communities and the powers of local government. GATS rules apply to 160 different service sectors - from educational provision to rubbish collection, tourism services to transport policy, health delivery to the setting up of retail stores AND WATER DISTRIBUTION. (emphasis added).

GATS: Democracy, Public Services & Government Regulation:
"The latest international trade agreement, the GATS goes far beyond any existing trade agreements in its scope… This agreement has the potential to drastically undermine the decision-making powers of national, regional and local governments…"

Isn't it time Australians voted these 'globalist' politicians OUT of office?


by James Reed:
The Australian 6/7/06 p.2, reported foreign workers are entering Australia at a rate of 158 a day and over 58,000 foreign workers holding temporary skilled work visas had already flooded in this year. The push is on, we are told, is to deal with the so-called skills crisis, a product of Paul Keating's abandonment of the apprenticeship scheme, by bringing in foreign truck drivers and farmhands. All this while a generation of our own cannot get work.

Greg Sheridan ("ALP Takes Low Path on Asia," The Australian 6/7/06, p.12) played the tired old racism card in criticism of Kim Beazley's position on Asian skilled migrants; it is an "utterly disgraceful" and "unprincipled, putrid approach".
Oh, come on Greg, do you have to go on like that decade after decade?

Asian countries do much worse and are far more xenophobic. According to Amnesty International, China is one of the world's major arms exporters and is sustaining human rights abuses across the world. How about an article on that? Or would it upset Rupert?
According to Phillip Longman in "The Empty Cradle," by 2020, China's labour supply will be shrinking and its median population age older than the United States.
Of course there may always be a nuclear confrontation with India along the way; India now has a nuclear-capable missile that can target Chinese cities. Why put our money on Asia to win the oblivion Stakes? In another article "Global Order in Free Fall," (The Weekend Australian 15-16/7/06 p.22) Sheridan says, "Whichever way you slice it, the bottom line is that global government has crucially broken down".

If this can happen so quickly, then what prevents the Asian sacred order from following? And if Asia goes into free fall, where will you be then Greg?


by James Reed
The Australian media have recently given considerable space to the achievements of two mathematicians. Terry Tao, with a 221 IQ from Adelaide originally, but now a professor of mathematics in the US recently won the Field's medal in mathematics for work with Cambridge University mathematician Ben Green on prime number theory (proving that it is possible to compile a sequence of evenly spaced prime numbers, whatever that means).

Eclipsing even that achievement Grigori Perelman of Russia also seems certain to secure a Field's medal with his proof of Poincare's Conjecture: that an object such as a banana is deformable into a sphere but a doughnut with a hole in the middle is not!

Now I don't want to criticise fine intellects, but really this is all bread and circuses stuff when one looks at the multitude of problems the world faces. Why waste high intellects on trivia? The university libraries are bursting with journals full of articles on such esoteric topics. Maybe, just maybe, some of these conceptual adventures yield practical results, but I doubt it. Most of the time university life is just day care for people who should be thinking about other things.

If our distinguished mathematicians used their considerable intellect to say, take Einstein's special theory of relativity apart, or give a mathematical proof of the banking system's creation of credit ex nihilo, would they still be top of the pops?


by James Reed
I seldom watch movies and even more rarely have anything kind to say about Hollywood. Yet once in a while a rare healthy fish swims through the great net of the myth machine. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is an example. The new DVD release move "V for Vendetta" is another.

The story is based on a DC Comics graphic novel about Thatcher's Britain. The scriptwriters have however made the plot about a totalitarian Britain in the future. America has, presumably, collapsed. The fear of terrorism has led to the people surrendering most of their freedoms, including the right of self-protection and owning weapons.
The main female character, Evey, first gets into trouble with the thought police, for carrying mace as protection against rape gangs. She is confronted in an alley by threatening rapists, who are also, it turns out, new world order police. They show their badges only after she takes out her mace for self protection. Raping appears to be one of the side-lines of being a thought 'cop'.

Enter "V" wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and carrying only an array of large knives. He quickly dispatches the bad guys. Then speaking in eloquent English he invites Evey to watch as he blows up Big Ben. Thus begins V's terrorist campaign to bring down Britain's new world order.

The action is intelligent, spectacular and gripping. Let's give the ending away. This time Guy Fawkes wins. Parliament is blown up and all the bad guys are dispatched. V dies in the effort, but the bad guys go up with him.
The people put on masks like V and take to the streets to regain their freedom; Evey says that V is all of us. The army, lacking a central command is like a headless chook. Ah… only in the movies!


by Brian Simpson and James Reed
Richard Bell is an Aboriginal "artist," one who likes to be controversial, and according to Rosemary Sorenson he calls himself a "propagandist" not an artist, one who "deliberately pushes slogans into people's faces to get attention in a way that may offend (The Australian 7/9/06 p.40).
Thus he won the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award in 2003 with a painting which contained the words "Aboriginal art, it's a white thing" (very true). He attended the ceremony wearing a T-shirt containing the slogan "White girls can't hump". A racist remark and anti-feminist as well? No, despite his radicalism Bell says that his remark is made out of concern for the prevention of sexual abuse of underage girls.

But don't rejoice for too long: Bell has also created "Richie" a "racist stereotype" a "magnificent black hero and his super power is that he's irresistible to Aryan girls." The only problem is that "Richie" has blonde hair and Aryan/Nordic features except for darkish (not black skin) - "Richie" is an over-tanned surfie! So Mr. Bell has failed with his greatest creation. He would have been better off painting a picture of a genuine black - but if "White girls can't hump" then the whole exercise will be rather frustrating.

A true radical Aboriginal artist would be better tackling the real issues of concern to Aboriginal people. With respect to "sexual politics" there is an epidemic of child abuse in Aboriginal settlements as Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt recently put it at the Melbourne writers festival. For example, Aboriginal elders are sexually abusing young boys in bogus "initiation" ceremonies and young girls are being raped. Aboriginal and White female community workers have bravely reported these abuses but the issue has been swept under the table in the name of political correctness. ("Mothers too Scared to Act as Elders Molest Boys," The Australian 7/9/06 p.1). Where are our Aboriginalists, multiculturalists and feminists in our universities, protesting about these terrible acts of abuse? The silence of our intellectuals is deafening.

Professor Richard Nile of Curtin University has recently published a list of who he thinks are Australia's top 10 intellectuals. (The Australian 8/9/06 p.15) Professor Robert Manne comes in at No.1 for his work on the "stolen generation" and other race-based politically correct topics and Henry Reynolds at No.2 for being "Father of the 'violent frontier' school of Australian indigenous history".
Reynolds and Manne's work is under attack as conservative historians take a jack hammer to it. Andrew Bolt has observed that the idea of a "stolen generation" is preventing the State from acting on the issue of Aboriginal child abuse and that the "stolen generation" theory is "killing children". (The Australian 7/9/06 p.13)

If Bolt is right, isn't this a much worse sin than that allegedly committed by Pauline Hanson of "racism". Perhaps politically correct race-based beliefs that lead people to misery and destruction should also be called "racist".


by James Reed
At a recent talk delivered by Canadian conservative columnist, Mark Steyn, organised by the Centre for Independent Studies in Sydney, Pauline Hanson was present and asked a question. She had been watching the changes in Australian culture and was tired of the erosion of Australian identity. This erosion was happening right across the West. She asked: "I want to know why this is happening and who is doing it?" A good question: we do not know what Mr. Steyn's answer was. (Source: Sydney Morning Herald 18/8/06)

The short answer to this is that the "money power" or "global financial elites" are doing this in their quest for power, domination and ultimate destruction of us. To get a longer answer, you will need to read some excellent books available from the League.
If you are in Pauline's position, or know someone just "awakening" here is a short list of "must have titles": A book that has proved a 'winner' over the years is "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," by Gary Allen; also "Future Fastforward," the latest exposé by Matthias Chang and Antony Lowestein's "My Israel Question."
The League Book Services carries an excellent range of videos explaining what is planned for us in the new world order. Send for a list of the videos from the Book Service near you.


by Peter Ewer
Richard Cohen certainly thinks so. He is a columnist for the Washington Post. In the July 18 2006, issue Cohen, himself a Jewish columnist, said:
"The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. it is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself."

Tony Judt, a New York academic, pursues the same line of thought in "Post War: A History of Europe Since 1945," (William Heinemann, 2005). Judt takes multiculturalism to its logical conclusion. The idea of ethno-nationalism, of homogenous nation states, has passed. It therefore should also pass for Israel, an ethnic anachronism. Talk about being hoisted by one's own petard!


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
It seems that Jewish ex-judge Marcus Einfeld is finally going to pay his $77 traffic fine. He has decided not to dispute the infringement. He has claimed that it was not him caught speeding in his silver Lexus at Mosman, but US Professor Teresa Brennan. The media revealed Professor Brennan died three years ago and, as reported earlier, Einfeld is now being investigated by the police for perjury.
Meanwhile it seems that almost daily further revelations are made in the Einfeld affair. One of Einfeld's legal team had been involved with a prostitute, and the shapely lady had gone through the unfortunate solicitor's bins and found a draft of Einfeld's first public statement on the Einfeld ticket affair. (The Advertiser 26/8/06 p.19)
Einfeld had previously blamed two offences, one from 1999 and one from 2000, on a Florida-based academic. This academic, when contacted by The Advertiser said she did not even know Einfeld!
The ex-judge released a press statement, recorded for TV in the offices of the PR firm CPR (who handled the Beaconsfield mine disaster). No journalists were allowed to be present. He denied any wrong doing. (The Australian 25/8/06 p.5)

Einfeld was declared a "National Living Treasure" in 1997. According to another article Mr. National Living Treasure "has backed a plan to destroy the records of a company he founded that has gone into liquidation owing a federal government agency $120,780." (The Weekend Australian 26-27/8/06 p.7) According to the article, the company's accounts show that the federal Government's international aid agency AusAID was helping to keep the company afloat for at least three years.
Einfeld is, according to Who's Who entry a holder of a Ph.D. from Pacific Western University. Unfortunately the Pacific Western president when contacted couldn't find any record of Einfeld as a graduate or student (The Australian 28/8/06 p.3). Presumably his file hasn't been shredded.


by James Reed
The Left like to pretend that they are oh, so clean and free from 'racism'. Neil Brown ("Great Liberal Whitewash," The Australian 27/7/06 p.10) reported on the research of professor Shanto Iyengar at Stanford University on the attitudes of people giving aid to the victims in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
He found that while Democrat voters were prepared to give away tax payers' money, they were prepared to give $US15,00 more to White victims than to any other ethnic group. Republicans however don't have this race preference. Democrats also support a harsher treatment of criminals if they are non-White. One-by-one the great myths are falling.


by James Reed
A New Scientist article "Universe 2.0" (8 July 2006) reports on speculations by some theoretical physicists that in certain super-high energy experiments, "baby universes" can be created, much like our universe was supposedly created by the "Big Bang". Once created the new universe will disappear and no longer be in our space -time.
One scientist when interviewed about why he would want to do such a thing said: "In this perspective, each of us can become a god." Yes, even if the entire universe is put at risk!


by Peter Ewer
"Superman Returns" was at the movies not that long ago. Superman being the creation of two Jewish teenagers. The US government has also been creative and appointed a new "US government Czar" to fight anti-Semitism. Gregg Rickmann is the US State Department's first envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism, a product of Congress's Global Anti-Semitism Review Act.
According to Con-do-lee-zza Rice "Anti-Semitic hate crimes are on the rise still at home and abroad." Rickmann agrees and said in his speech at the swearing-in ceremony that "anti-Semitism left unchecked results in disaster."
Rickmann was unable to give a precise definition of "anti-Semitism" as the concept was, as he said, "amorphous", but he knows it when he sees it. Source: Adelaide Institute July 2006. No doubt, he shall seek, and he shall find.


by James Reed
Right across the country our States are experiencing a great dry. Dam levels are down. Recycled sewage water is being used for crops and soon, across the country, drinking. Urban Australians use about 320 litres of water per day.
Surely one way of dealing with the water crisis would be to limit population growth from immigration. Indeed, as part of the conspiracy to eliminate Anglo-Australians, big business and the ethnic lobby pump for population levels of up to 150 million Australians - oops - Asians.

If you can believe the greenhouse/global warming PR, Australia will face ever more severe water shortages. So why cram the country full of migrants? Short term profits and longer-term Anglo-genocide are the only reasons I can come up with. The philosophy of the so-called conservative Howard is essentially, eat (debt) and be merry, for tomorrow you die.


by James Reed
The feminist and career women's lobby in the US is spitting mad at Michael Noer, a senior editor, for publishing an article on entitled "Don't Marry Career Women" (August 22 2006 at Noer begins his article with these fighting words:
"Guys: a word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career. Why? Because if many social scientists are to be believed, you run a higher risk of having a rocky marriage."

Noer then went on to quote research from the journal Social Forces which showed that even feminist women are happiest when the husband is the primary bread winner. This article was, predictably enough misinterpreted. Elizabeth Corcoran responded on that the blame (as always) is on the "lazy man". She began her reply "Studies aside…"

How nice to discount unpleasant evidence against your position. The Social Forces article found that career women will be unhappy even if they make more money than their husbands. This makes nonsense out of claims by Jewish feminist Gloria Steinem, a founding mum of feminism (but who is childless herself, only marrying at age 66) that this is all part of yet another anti-feminist backlash by those who "can't tolerate equal relationships."
If this is a backlash, then it is not the likes of Noer and small fry like James Reed, doing the lashing of the back, but female academics and writers themselves. One such book is by a writer for The New Yorker Caitlin Flanagan, "To Hell With All That: Loving and Loathing Your Inner Housewife" (Little Brown 2006).
Modern marriages have become sterile and sexless she argues because of the cult of selfishness and self-indulgence which grips upper middle class women.

There is, apparently, according to a multitude of USD books coming on to the market on the "mommy wars", with titles such as "Maybe Baby", "The Bitch in the House", "Because I Said So", and "The Motherhood Manifesto", to name but a few. Let the games begin.


by Betty Luks
Antony Loewenstein, an Australian Jewish intellectual has been described by some members of the Israel lobby as a "self-hating Jew" (see Peter Rodgers, "Gazing on Gaza," The Weekend Australian Review 29-30/7/06 p.10).
His latest book **"My Israel Question," (Melbourne University Press, 2006) will upset some type of "critics". Loewenstein delivers critical salvos at the Australian government's blind and unthinking "Israel first come what may" policy.
He takes on the Australian Zionist lobby that "patrols the boundaries of public debate, aiming to silence anyone who occasionally strays from the accepted line."
He quotes remarks by Isi Liebler, a prominent Jew and Zionist (and supporter of Australia's race hate legislation) who said that Palestinian society was "no less suffused with evil than were the people of Germany under Hitler."

Such attitudes Loewenstein believes, keep the Middle East crisis unresolved. Zionism and Zionists, by denying Palestinians their humanity "is one of the great failings of contemporary Judaism and no historical calamity justifies it."

Rodgers in his review says that Jewish federal Labor MP, Michael Danby in mid-2005 advised the publisher, Melbourne University Press, to "drop the is whole disgusting project." Mr. Rodgers is a former ambassador to Israel and author of "Herzl's Nightmare: One Land, Two Peoples".
Fortunately, for free speech, the publisher ignored this advice. **Mr. Lowenstein's book, "My Israel Question," will be readily available from the League Book Services shortly. Price: $37.95 posted.