Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
6 February 2006 Thought for the Week:

Douglas's attitude toward the relationship of the individual to the group is based, both implicitly and explicitly, on a Christian anthropology, … it is clear that for Douglas, the coming of the God-Man defines the priority of the individual over the group, as indicated in the following interpretations:
"It does seem to me to be difficult to have a plainer and flatter repudiation of collectivism in all its aspects, and of the idea that an organisation can absolve an individual of the responsibility for his actions, than the statement: "He took upon Himself, the sins of the world [Society]".
As in (?into) Adam (Mankind, Collectivity) all men (individuals) die, so in Christ (Individual Consciousness and responsibility) all Men (Individuals) are made Alive.

"Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's". Caesar is, of course, functionalism, and if functionalism can be made paramount, if the Will can be paralysed by the Arm, if "The Good which I Will I do not" can be made uniform by the omnipotence of the atavistic Group over the emergent individual, then indeed the Devil is triumphant. ("The Big Idea"; "Land for the [Chosen] People Racket"; "Development of World Dominion").

The individual soul is the centre of the universe; the group is derivative, limited, contingent. The -tion ending of association makes it an action word, "associating". The individual soul is the substantial reality, whereas the association is merely the doing of something by individuals. If the doing assumes a life of its own, with needs and demands of its own (the result of some individuals identifying themselves with the "group"), the group becomes a tyranny.
Michael Lane, in "Power and Freedom," Triumph of the Past


by James Reed

In the state of Victoria the Bracks government is planning for a Bill of Rights. This is the result of a massive campaign by activist lawyers to give more power to the judiciary. The example of the Australian Capital Territory, which has such a bill, is hoped to be replicated in other States so that an Australian Bill of Rights will ultimately hatch.

Alan Anderson, a Melbourne lawyer published an article entitled "The Rule of Lawyers" in the Summer 2005 edition of Policy (The Age, 4 January 2006, p.13). Anderson clearly exposes the agenda of the bill-of-righters.
"The intention of these campaigners is plain: the implementation by judicial fiat of a policy agenda that runs contrary to the beliefs of most Australians, giving left-wing judges power to condemn from the bench, or even over-rule the policy decisions of elected representatives." All this from a government which destroyed freedom of speech by enacting the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. Surely these fools cannot be trusted with our sacred freedoms. As a slogan I say: League of Rights, Not Bill of Rights!


from Philip Benwell MBE

National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League Mr. Benwell sent the following communique:
"On Australia Day we commemorated several occasions, firstly, the landing of Captain Arthur Phillip at Camp Cove on 21 January 1788 and the beginning of British settlement in this country. More importantly, the Day also honours those great Australians of the late Nineteenth Century who drafted and produced that magnificent document which is the Australian Constitution through which Australia became a Sovereign Nation in its own right. It is thus that Australia Day also celebrates the federating of the six Colonies into the Commonwealth of Australia.

The fact that we are constituted 'Under The Crown' is totally of our own choosing, and following the 1999 Referendum, is actually by a vote of the people! It is therefore somewhat bizarre that republicans, most of whom would not be here had there not been a 'settlement', have chosen Australia Day to agitate for the abolishment of the very Constitution which has underwritten our democracy and our freedoms for over a hundred years, without having the least idea of what to replace it with.

This month's Newspoll of 1200 interviews clearly shows that the majority of the Australian people are quite content with our current constitutional system. It is understandable that there is an uncertainty of what will follow on the Queen's passing, but the Australian people are not fools and realise that it is the system which matters, not the emotive responses of sections of the media, some of whom openly admit that their antagonism is due to the fact that 'Dianna sold magazines whereas Camilla does not'.

The Prince of Wales is the hardest working Royal of all time. His personal contribution in time and fund-raising is unsurpassed. His efforts in this and other directions are largely unheard of simply because the media does not report on them. Clarence House has made it quite clear that when Prince Charles ascends to the throne as King, his wife will be termed the Princess Consort and will not be called Queen. However this concern about titles is immaterial as the Duchess of Cornwall will hold no constitutional power in this country whatsoever. As embodied in the Australian Constitution, only one Royal, and that is the reigning Sovereign, may represent and uphold the will of the people and that, always with their consent. If this were not so, how else could it be that the people six years ago were called upon to vote on whether or not to retain our Constitutional Monarchy!

It was only six years ago that the Australian people exercised their right to determine the Constitutional Head of Australia, and responded overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the current system that has served our great country extremely well. Let us not tarnish the meaning and spirit of Australia Day with a concept and ideology that is so un-Australian and contrary to the expressed wishes of the majority of Australians."


by Robert Hart

Robert Menzies got the nick name "Pig Iron Bob" for selling iron ore to the Japanese which helped build the Japanese war machine. Such iron ore was shot back at Australia during World War II. Australian politicians seem to have an eternal colonial attitude. Now Australia is falling over itself to sell uranium to the Chinese. The caveat is added, of course, that "safeguards" will be made to prevent the uranium exported to China being used for nuclear weapons, or to stop China selling uranium to other countries.

Nonsense! The Chinese don't honour such contracts and essentially do what they want, in China's best interests. Thus even if the exported uranium is not used for nuclear weapons, the exports will free up China's own uranium to be used in nuclear bombs. Not only will Australia be digging its own nuclear grave, but the Chinese will be beating us to the deal just as the Japanese did with coal sales. China intends to buy up Australian uranium mines, lock, stock and barrel. The profits for Australia will be minimal.

The Australian people must awake to the reality that our politicians are traitors and that our "democracy" is a sham. We are ruled over by essentially a set of puppets, who dance to the string-pulls of the international financial class. That class has now decided that the White race has had its day and it is returning to its Oriental roots. Martin Wolf ("World Economy Beats to China's Drum," The Australian 15/12/05, p.26) coldly states the consequences of 3.3 billion Asians dominating the world's economy: "The fall in the cost of communications and the opening of global markets, the two driving forces behind contemporary globalisation, multiply the effect of these numbers on the global economy." "What does economics suggest might be the consequences of the entry of these huge supplies of cheap and hard-working labour on to the world economy?

The answers include: a worldwide decline in the relative price of labour-intensive goods and services; a rise in the relative price of commodities, especially where their demand is most affected by industrialisation; a fall in the price of unskilled labour against that of capital, both physical and human; and a rise in global competition." In other words: the gutting of the West will occur. De-industrialisation and rising unemployment will be the norm as Western societies go the way of Brazil and Argentina. You can help dig the grave for Western civilisation by "buying Asian".

Resist it: pay double for the hammer or shirt if necessary or go without. Examine your consumption patterns, and that of your family. A difference can be made at the grass roots level. The Chinese dragon is at a crucial stage of growth and it can be stopped. Doing so will substantially damage the plans of the new world order. Resistance must come from somewhere and it must start with us as individual consumers!


by Betty Luks

We are really crazy - are we not? Chickens being killed, eggs smashed or buried, citrus trees bulldozed out of the ground, grape vines meeting the same fate, and fruit ploughed back into the soil. WHY? Is everyone so well fed in this land there is no need of such nutritious food? If all our people are so well fed and there is no need of it in this land, maybe World Vision and the rest of the professional 'charities' could make good use of it? Would such groups have no need of such nutritious food for the world's hungry? After all, the professionals are always playing on our sense of fair play and compassion and begging for more of our money.

Oh? You say, it is the type of food that would deteriorate quickly? Well, if that is so, WHY IN GOD'S NAME IS SOUTH AUSTRALIA IMPORTING EGGS FROM INTERSTATE, BISCUITS AND BOTTLED WATER FROM CHINA AND FRUIT JUICES FROM THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES? Why don't we, why can't we, consume that which we grow here?
How does that ancient saying go? "Those whom the gods would destroy they first make crazy." And we Australians are crazy. We cannot see the 'wood for the trees' and we allow the politicians to get away with the destruction of men's livelihoods and refuse to acknowledge God's abundance in this age of plenty.

How could it be done? By adjusting the money system to take the real facts into the (national) accounting system. If we don't need all the available human energy for our production systems, what policies are we putting in place for these people to obtain their share of the abundance - and at the same time accounting for the producer's just price?
Do you honestly believe those we might call in today's jargon, 'financially challenged' couldn't make good use of the eggs, the grapes and the citrus fruits?

I would hope many Australians mused over this nation's convict beginnings as they celebrated "Australia Day" 2006. Our beginnings were brought to mind as I thought of those who were transported to this harsh land as felons for stealing a miserable loaf of bread, or some such thing. Many a starving man stole perhaps a loaf of bread, or something of the kind, and was condemned to a prison term while at the same time huge surpluses were destroyed (from want of distribution) and further production prevented. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

It is not that we cannot produce enough to feed, clothe and house our people - it is that we will not face the fact of the fraudulent money changers now in control who dictate to 'our' politicians upon what terms they will permit us to live.
Isn't it interesting that the mainline media always refer to such abundance as a 'glut'. It is always presented as a problem - never as a gift of God's abundant grace in the field of physical economics. It is never referred to as a welcome abundance to be graciously distributed to all - and 'all' includes those who have need, but no ready purchasing power. To describe it as a 'glut' implies that we are 'gluttons' and don't deserve to have it, therefore it is destroyed.


C.H. Douglas spoke of such a situation which he described as 'tragic and absurd'. He gave an example of the type of mind and spitefully miserable spirit that brings forth such policies.

"You have most probably heard of the Quebec Bridge across the St Lawrence River at Quebec. When the bridge was first half-built, the engineer of that bridge, two days before the time I am speaking of delivered a lecture at Connecticut University in the United States, in which he said, that the engineers of the Forth Bridge near Edinburgh, ought to have been indicted for a misuse of public money because they put far too much steel in the bridge.
Two or three days, certainly not more than a week after he made that speech, the unfinished Quebec Bridge, which he designed, blew down because there was not enough steel in it!

The idea which has been in that man's mind when he did that was that he had become oblivious to the fact that there was plenty of steel in the world, that every one of the steel manufacturers in the world would have been delighted to have provided him with a little more steel.
The important thing was not to build the best and strongest and safest bridge, but the important thing was to do it with the least expenditure of something we call money which has nothing whatever to do with the strength of bridges."

Money, in the real world has nothing whatever to do with the health and well being of a people. But it governs the miserable type of political mind, which constantly intrudes into and interferes with the quality of our daily lives. When will Australians say, "Enough is enough!"


by Brian Simpson

Patrick Corp has been testing robotic container carriers at one wharf in Brisbane for the past two years and now has opened all three of Patrick's Brisbane wharves to robot operation. Corrigan plans to introduce the same technology into Sydney waterfront over the next two years. Melbourne and Fremantle will then follow.

With advances in artificial intelligence robots represent the future of work. Industrial problems will become a thing of the past because there will be no people!
Well, don't stop there! Replace our politicians by robots because in their obedience to the dictators of the new world order, they might as well be machines.


by James Reed

The idea of dividing Cronulla's beaches into a Lebanese and Other Sections was raised at a meeting of community leaders, politicians and police hosted by federal Liberal MP Bruce Baird. Nada Roude, spokeswoman for the Islamic Council of NSW said: "It's just better management. If we can get a grip on what are the factors that have led to these unfortunate events… then I think we are better able to understand which solutions will bring people to harmony."

When the same idea - apartheid - was practised in South Africa, it was vilified by Western intelligentsia. Welcome to apartheid - multicultural style. Readers should consult an excellent little booklet on these themes by D. Watts: *The Dangerous Myth of Racial Equality: Genocide for the White Races?
*Available from all League Book Services $7.00 posted.

The website of 16 December 2005 ("'Rumours,' of Riot Convoys") reported that ethnic "lions" = Lebanese, were being recruited from Melbourne. For those who think that this conflict is merely one of Anglo-Australians versus the Lebanese consider this interesting paragraph: "Sources within the Lebanese community said three busloads of young men from Melbourne - Lebanese, Serbians, Italians and Greeks - and more than 30 carloads were expected."

Serbians, Italians and Greeks? Ethnic groups allegedly successfully integrated into the Australian community after their post World War II implantation by Fabian socialist Minister for Immigration, Arthur Calwell. How can that be?
A 29 year-old Lebanese is quoted as saying: "We're expecting about 30 cars and a couple of bus loads of Leb, Serb, Italian and Greek lions to punch on with us."

It's a pity that 'Cocky' Calwell wasn't still with us to see the fruits of his labours. The expected riots did not occur due to a police "lock down" of the beach area, but that is not the point. If this issue is purely a cultural rather then a racial one as historian Keith Windshuttle believes, then why are the Mediterraneans (a subdivision of the White race with a short stature and dark complexion) seeking to "punch on" together?


by James Reed

Speaking on ABC Radio on Tuesday 20 December, 2005 on the issue of "racism" Treasurer Peter Costello said that "racism" could be easily "whipped up" and added, "I think it can be fanned if gangs of youths come into a neighbourhood and try to take it over.

That can fan "racism". Isn't that what happened to Australia on the macroscopic scale? Isn't that the logical conclusion of Australia's immigration programme? Paul Kelly (The Australian 21/12/05, p.12) seems worried. According to one poll by the Herald-Age, 80 per cent of those surveyed supported multiculturalism with 10 per cent opposed. The Australian's Newspoll had more than double that opposing multiculturalism, according to Newspoll director Sol Lebovic.
Such results show the uselessness of such limited sample polls for scientific rather than ideological purposes. Put immigration and multicultural policies to a referendum and see the results.

Kelly mentions that John Howard is the migrant's champion:
"Howard is now one of the main architects of Australia as a multicultural society, with the 2005-06 migrant intake (excluding humanitarian and refugee numbers) running in the 130,000-140,000 range, twice the levels of the early Howard period and far beyond any numbers from the 1990s."
Kelly unintentionally exposes Howard's deceptions: "many people still see Howard as a punitive opponent of refugee arrivals, yet his 2001 refugee policy has served another purpose - helping to disguise and legitimate his high immigration numbers." There you have it, straight from the Asianist's mouth


Asian 'potential' - Oh, glory be!

"Len, in 2004," writes Angela, "China provided over 68,000 of the 322,000 foreign student enrolments in Australia - an increase of more than 17 percent over the previous year. Tourism links are also expanding rapidly, with arrivals from China in 2002-03 exceeding 220,000. By 2013, China is expected to be our largest source of foreign tourists, with visitor numbers predicted to rise to one million." Thank you Angela!



by James Reed

Peter Jackson did a remarkable job in directing The Lord of the Rings film trilogy. This work was one of the only films that I can name coming out of Hollywood (although it was filmed in New Zealand) that gives a positive portrayal of Western culture and traditions. Undoubtedly a by-product of Tolkien's greatness.

My spirits sank when I heard he was directing a remake of King Kong. The original movie (1933) starred Fay Wray as the blonde woman kidnapped by a ten-metre ape. The blonde woman in Jackson's version is Naomi Watts. Hollywood can't get over the Barbie doll thing can it? Both films play on the idea of the blonde woman subdued by a big hairy ape. In 1933 this was a somewhat shocking idea. Today in our wonderfully diverse pluralistic society, the idea has lost its sting. A damsel in distress is a wee bit 'sexist'. And a big ape smacks of 'racism".

So how about yet another remake? This time a giant female ape kidnaps a middle aged fat male multiculturalist writer for an Australian daily. In this movie there is no need to shoot the great ape: the ape is bored to death by the ravings of her captive and commits suicide in the mountains of toxic trash produced by the said scribbler.


by Robert Hart

South Australia's Premier (goes to an election in March) Rann has been engaging in an "aggressive" move to attract "overseas migrants" to the State (The Australian 18 November 2005). This is part of his policy to double the State's population to 2 million by 2050. The stated motive for this is the old favourite "populate or perish" of post World War II Fabian socialist Arthur Calwell. The State is facing a "brain drain" as young people, unable to find work, go to the eastern States.

So, rather than focus on some real job creation, the State engages in a policy of racial suicide attempting to replicate the problems of the multicultural/multiracial eastern States. Masses of Africans now flood the city streets - presumably solving the State's "brain drain". All of this is done in the driest State in the driest continent on Earth.
By the State government's own publications, so-called global warming (which they say is occurring but which I personally doubt) will threaten the State's water supply. River Murray water will be drinkable only 3 days out of 5. On their own propaganda even the present population of 1.54 million is unsustainable.

The only conclusion to draw from Australia's migration "policy" is that migration is conducted only to dilute and ultimately destroy the White people of Australia. Migration doesn't solve the "birth dearth" problem nor does it give any lasting solution to skills shortages.
This is a policy of racial suicide practiced by our White ruling elites for their new world order masters who seek a world without fair hair and blue eyes.

I am not saying that Australian politicians are conscious of the long-term consequences of their actions: most politicians are brainless automata who operate by political instinct much like termites (white ants) as they destroy (unconsciously and blindly) the infrastructure of our civilisation. According to the ruling elite: "Nothing Shall Remain Untouched by the Black Hand of Immigration!"


Spokesmen for the Family First Party (FFP) are confident their candidates and preferences will be a key factor in the coming March 18 State election. Maybe not in the number of seats they will gain (they have one Upper House member at present) but in their presence and preferences which could determine the winner, especially in the marginal seats. The FF Party polled up to 8 per cent in some electorates in 2002.

According to the Advertiser 25/1/06, the FFP intends to field candidates in nearly all House of Assembly seats as well as an Upper House team. Greg Kelton of the Advertiser believes Family First preferences are likely to be vital in the electorates of Norwood, Adelaide, Newland, Florey, Light, Mawson, Hammond and Hartley. The party's preferences will not become public knowledge until 48 hours before the cut-off date for lodging 'How to Vote' cards with the State Electoral Office.

A service to your local community:
South Australian activists now have a good opportunity before them. Why not call a local meeting in your electorate and invite each Party candidate, and other known Candidates, to a public forum. Then advertise the forum as a public service. Present it as an opportunity for voters within that electorate to question the candidates themselves; to gauge where the candidates stand on issues of concern to them, the electors.

'Democracy' means nothing if it doesn't include a mechanism, a means, for the People to be genuinely represented in the Parliament. That was the original idea: a Representative from a local area representing the interests of the people of that local area. The Upper Houses were meant as Houses of Review. A mechanism for a more considered review and debate. Hands up those South Australians who believe they are genuinely served by their political representatives?

The fossilised dinosaurs:
At least the number one FFP candidate for the Upper House in South Australia is "looking forward to rattling a few marginal cages." Many a South Australian would hope that not only can the FFP "rattle a few of the marginal cages" but unseat many a political dinosaur off his/her marginal perch. Too many of these people hold their seats because their party machine 'got the numbers up' for them at the last election.

Why do I cynically visualise many a 'party political hack' 'turning to stone' in his plush parliamentary seat? It is the need to duck back to the Party Room for his next set of instructions which probably saves him from such a fate. Of course, we are all treated to a 'command performance' through the lens of Parliament's cameras once in a while.
And why do I imagine same political hack being placed on oxygen for a while in said Party Room - just in case?


The Family First Party is not the only group with the desire to rattle the cages of the political dinosaurs fossilised in their electorate seats. The Save Australia Alliance has circulated a newspaper explaining what they are about. They are calling on Australians to work together for the next federal election. It could be they want to act as a service group to the voters in their own electorate, or they will work with one of the Independents, or minor parties, and help "rattle the cage" of the sitting member.

They have put forward a set of policies as a rallying point. It seems to me nothing is set in stone, the terms upon which the local groups will work together are determined by that local group. From my reading they are looking to gain strength and direction from the increment of the association…in other words drawing on the 'social credit' within the group.

The following summarised policies are a rallying point:
· Stop the sell-off of Australia's water, minerals and energy infrastructures and resources. · Stop importing immigrants who hate the Australian way of life.
· End the bank and insurance rip-off and set up Australia's own bank.
· Get our superannuation funds out of the hands of pirates and shysters.
· Make criminals pay back or pay the penalty, Australians have to work - so should they.
· Stop the outsourcing of our children's jobs. Impose tariffs on goods coming from countries that impose tariffs on our goods.
· A strong national defence system.
· An end to the Public Liability mess that destroys clubs and gives billions to the insurance pirates.
· Get us out of debt to world financiers. And out of UN treaties that disadvantage us.
· Scrap the Oil Price Parity deal where Australia sells its gas at 5 cents/litre to Japan and 50 cents/litre to Aussies.

The Save Australia Alliance is based on house groups or cells, rather like the French Resistance in WWII. Each house group runs its own affairs, controls its own finances and sets its own local policies, objectives and agendas. For those people who believe they could work alongside their fellow Aussies in the Save Australia Alliance the initiators are calling for them to contact the following people in their own States:
New South Wales: Lynn Stanfield, P.O. Box 578, Taree 2430;
Victoria: Doug Harrison, 10 Kenny St., Crib Point 3919;
Queensland: Robert Meek, P.O. Box 60, Yarraman 4614.
West Australia: Merv Turner, 23 Hanson St., Albany 6330;
Tasmania: Ray Escobar, 6 Main St., St. Marys 7215;
South Australia: George Merritt, 14/4 Rangoon St., Oaklands Park 5046.


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"The Culture of Critique," by Kevin MacDonald.
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"The Money Trick," published by Veritas Publishing Co.
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