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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
13 October 2006 Thought for the Week:
The Pedigree of Ideas: The substitution of 'regional' governments for the States has long been the dream of those for whom centralism is favoured against the division of powers inherent in a federation… The late Leo Port (The Australian 7/3/74) the works committee chairman of the Sydney City Council, warned what the plan entailed:
"Australia's system of local and State governments may be swallowed up by large regional administrations responsible to the Federal Government… Alderman Leo Port… said this was the next logical step if council amalgamations proposed in the NSW government's Barnett Report were implemented.
"The report is the thin edge of the wedge to gain control of local government functions by larger administration," he said. "This is what the Federal Government would like to see: the elimination of all State and local governments and a system of regionalised governments."
-- Jeremy Lee in "Constitutional Vivisection," New Times Survey, August 2001.


by James Reed
The cover of multiculturalist writer George Megalogenis' book "The Longest Decade" (Scribe, Melbourne 2006) says it all. There is a picture of, as younger men, Paul Keating and John Howard. Howard has a bit more hair than now. Keating is on Howard's right and with his right hand points into the distance. Howard has his hands in his pocket and passively looks on. In other words, Keating is showing Howard the way.

Megalogenis has done an excellent job of showing in full, terrifying detail that Keating and Howard are globalist, economic rationalists, who see Australia as being part of Asia. Debates over "national identity" are really only minor family differences. Keating did what he needed to do to meet the globalist agenda, and Howard did, what he needed to do in a changed historical context, to push the same agenda. Howard had to deal with the threat of Pauline Hanson and One Nation, a backlash of Anglo-Australia against the ethnic politics of multiculturalism.

Howard and his team handled the Hanson threat through working to undermine her (Tony Abbott being the henchman) and also by adopting some of her policies, such as a seemingly tougher stand on asylum-seekers. I say "seemingly" because the country under Howard was "flooded" by black refugees in a manner that has alarmed some people, and landed Professor Andrew Fraser in trouble with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Under this smokescreen Asian immigration reached record levels - often greater that 70 per cent - under the Howard regime.
Public opposition to immigration declined after the election of the Howard government in March 1996, largely through the illusion Howard created, of "doing something about immigration". As a political opportunist, Howard in 1998 raised the issue of Asian immigration. He has apologised ever since, most notably on 7 January 1995. No doubt it was a strategic mistake. But is has seemed to rot the brains of many people from our side who should know better and who continue to maintain that "Honest John" is secretly "still on side".

Howard on September 11 was proclaiming that "People in Australia are in no doubt that extreme Islam is responsible for terrorism" (The Australian 11/8/06, p.1). For the superficial ones, who "want to believe", it looks like Johnny really cares about our fate.

Yet whatever one feels about the ultimate causes of terrorism, more people's lives in Australia are affected by Howard's own economic terrorism through industrial relations law than any threat by Islam.
Howard has continued Keating's plan to undermine traditional Anglo-Australia through immigration, economic globalisation and industrial reform.
Read Megalogenis' clearly written book, written from the perspective of our political enemies, if you still think Howard is "on side".


by James Reed
For the materialist - those who believe that all that exists is matter (whatever that is) in motion - consciousness is a problem. How can something seemingly immaterial arise from something material? How could consciousness evolve? Why is there a sense of self? Some philosophers deny that the mind, as distinct from the brain is real; this was a popular view in the 1960s when I studied (and dropped out) of philosophy in second year uni. Apparently this view is the standard one in the crusty halls of academia today.

Consciousness is an illusion it seems, according to leading US academic Daniel Dennett. I borrowed a couple of his books to see if I could make sense of them, but over a glass of red I thought: to what purpose?
We know that we exist, that we have a mind and that there is a self. We are more certain of this than of any intellectual argument. It is the reductionists like Dennett who are wrong. After all, ancient philosopher Zeno denied that motion occurred.

There is nothing so absurd that a philosopher hasn't supported it: often with ingenious arguments. But while the world burns, what a waste of life and resources! Maybe, just maybe, the economic rationalists are right in eliminating philosophy departments. Obsessive logic chopping should be seen as a form of mental illness.


by Betty Luks
Perth handed over to native title: The Federal Court granted native title of Perth and its surrounds to the indigenous Noongar people on 19 September 2006. The claim covers 193,956 square kilometres, from Hopetoun in the south to north of Jurien Bay. It is more than 6000 square km of the area covering Perth and its surrounds - an area three times the size of Tasmania.

Some background history:
During the 1984 Federal Election campaign former PM - and Fabian internationalist - Bob Hawke, made the claim that as a result of the 1967 Referendum, the Australian people "gave the Federal Government the power to grant Land Rights to Aboriginals."

Those who were around at the time - and I was one of them - know full well "Land Rights" was never mentioned in relation to the 1967 Referendum. The proposal, so the electors were told, meant no more than a minor amendment to the Constitution designed to delete certain words - regarded as offensive - relating to the Aboriginal race in order that Aborigines could be included in the five-yearly census, and to make it possible for the Commonwealth Government, in association with the States, to make special laws for people of "the Aboriginal race".

The official "Yes" case specifically repudiated any suggestion of increasing the powers of the Commonwealth over the States. "There is no intention on the part of the Commonwealth that authority should be… wrested from the States."

The "Yes" case read:
DO YOU Approve the proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution entitled- "An Act to alter the Constitution so as to omit certain words relating to the People of the Aboriginal Race in any State and so that Aboriginals are to be counted in reckoning the Population"?

Fifteen years later, when a High Court ruled in the Koowarta case that the Commonwealth could overrule the States on "Land Rights", the electors discovered - too late - that they had been seriously misled in the 1967 Referendum.

Both the original words deleted from the Constitution and the addition meant that the only people referred to were direct full-blood descendants of the indigenous people scattered throughout Australia when European colonisation started. There were no references to part Aborigines.

A revolutionary move designed to fragment Australia:
Electors voting at the 1967 Referendum never thought that in supporting what they felt was a 'fair go" for a relatively small number of Aborigines, they were helping to pave the way for a revolutionary movement designed to fragment Australia. They never realised that such an innocent-sounding proposal could lead to the Commonwealth using the External Powers to override the States on "Land Rights".

Peter English in "Land Rights - Birth Rights", wrote:
"In the light of subsequent events, the Federal Referendum of May 27 1967 was destined to be regarded by many as the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unwitting and uninformed electorate by a federal government in the whole short history of Australian politics…."


To the sounds of a 31-gun salute, the remains of Russia's last dowager empress returned to her adopted homeland almost nine decades after she fled the Bolshevik revolution that claimed the lives of her son and grandchildren.
Maria Fyodorovna, the mother of Nicholas II, Russia's last tsar, was laid to rest after three days of commemorations, an event that will force Russia to consider the bloody end of its imperial past.

Descendants of the Romanov dynasty gathered at the Baltic port of Kronstadt as the tsarina's coffin, draped in the imperial flag, was brought ashore from a Danish frigate. A military band played a 19th century funeral march as Danish and Russian soldiers formed a guard of honour, marching side by side for the first time. After a brief ceremony, the tsarina's body was taken to the imperial summer residence at Peterhof, 20 miles south-east of St Petersburg, where it lay in state.

The solemn commemorations marked the culmination of years of negotiations between Moscow and Copenhagen to repatriate the Danish-born empress. Born Princess Dagmar of the Danish royal house, Maria married Tsar Alexander III in 1866, arriving in Russia exactly 140 years before her remains were returned. She was to stay for more than half a century, becoming popular among ordinary Russians who admired her tact, beauty and charitable works.

Maria married Tsar Alexander III in 1866:
She was to outlive her husband, son and at least three of her five grandchildren. Even though a Bolshevik firing squad executed Nicholas II and his family in 1918, she refused to leave the country she had grown to love. She was eventually persuaded to flee aboard a British cruiser sent by her brother-in-law, Edward VII, in 1919. She came to Britain but felt eclipsed by her sister, Queen Alexandra, and later moved to Denmark.

Refusing to accept the deaths at Yekaterinburg, she continued to write to her son and interviewed several women claiming to be her granddaughter Anastasia, said by some to have escaped the Bolsheviks. She died in 1928 and was buried at Roskilde, Denmark's royal cathedral. Her spoken desire to be buried in Russia could not be contemplated until the fall of communism.
Moves towards her return began when Nicholas II, his wife and three of their five children were exhumed and buried in St Petersburg in 1998.
"This ceremony is a symbol of life in a new Russia," said Valentina Matviyenko, governor of St Petersburg. "It is also a very significant act of restoring our historical memory."


The BBC reports that several days ago, "Protesters tried to storm Hungary's state TV station after Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany admitted his party had lied to win an election. They used stones to attack the TV HQ in the capital Budapest, demanding to be allowed to broadcast their grievances." Hey, maybe they're onto something!

The BBC article continues:
"Mr Gyurcsany's comments were heard in a tape of a meeting he had with his MPs a few weeks after the election in April. Protests have been held outside parliament since Sunday, calling for Mr Gyurcsany to resign. The BBC's Nick Thorpe, outside the state TV building, said at least one car was set alight and crowds of largely young people threw projectiles, breaking lower windows.
Reports say demonstrators shouted '56!' in memory of Hungary's failed uprising against Soviet rule in October 1956…

It is not clear how the tapes of the meeting which sparked the protests were leaked. In excerpts broadcast on state radio, Mr Gyurcsany says harsh economic reforms are needed. He thanks… hundreds of tricks for keeping the economy above board. In a speech sprinkled with obscenities, Mr Gyurcsany says: 'We lied in the morning, we lied in the evening.'

If anyone ever wondered what politicians say or think when they're alone, now you know. Almost certainly a new election will be demanded. The self-confessed lying politician will be lucky if he avoids becoming an early Christmas ornament hanging from a tree.
Remember the tag line from the movie V for Vendetta? "People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people."
Source: <>


From September 20 to 22, the Cairns Group met in Cairns {Queensland} to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The Cairns group has been one of the premier voices on the international stage pushing for "freer" trade in agriculture.

In March 2006 wrote:
Between 1973 - when Australian tariff reductions started - and 2005, the real net value of Australia farm production (a measure of farmers' income) had actually DROPPED by a massive 66%. What's more, the most recent research by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural & Resource Economics shows that under the current "free trade" system, the real net value of Australian farm production will actually decline from $5.8 billion in 2004/5 to $3.9 billion in 2011 (in 2005/6 dollars). That's a predicted 50% drop in farmers' incomes in the next five years!

So much for 'freer' trade:
Australia's example shows, liberalising agricultural trade actually decreases farmers incomes and increases poverty by lowering commodity prices and increasing the power of the huge agri-business corporations which dominate food processing around the world.
Many developing countries have learnt this lesson the hard way, having been forced to liberalise their agricultural markets by IMF or World Bank "structural adjustment" packages, mostly to disastrous consequences for their farmers.

The establishment of the G20 group of developing countries - which has pushed for agricultural trade rules which will actually benefit the developing world - in 2003 was a signal by many developing countries that what the Cairns group was pushing for wasn't really in their interests. The establishment of the G20 has seen most of the Cairns Group's influence in global trade talks disappear.

Australian Industry Group says Australia losing from trade with China:
Even before Australia has negotiated a "free" trade agreement with China, a new report from employer group the Australian Industry group shows that Australia's manufacturers are actually losing out by almost $1 billion from its trading relationship with China.

The report, "Australian Manufacturing and China: deepening engagement" found that even though manufacturers gained benefits worth $6.8 billion in 2005-06 from trade with China, Chinese competition cost Australian manufacturers $6.68 billion in domestic sales in 2005-06, and $1 billion in lost exports to third countries.


The Guardian reports that Britain will withhold £50m of funding for the World Bank unless the Washington-based institution stops forcing poor countries to liberalise markets and sell off public services. Hilary Benn, the international development secretary has told the Bank's president Paul Wolfowitz that Britain is unhappy about the lack of progress in removing conditions that tie onerous strings to financial help for developing nations.
Conditions imposed in return for World Bank and IMF loans - most often privatisation of public assets and services, deregulation, and removal of "barriers to trade" - have been seen by many as responsible for increased unemployment, falling wages, falling commodity prices and poor public services in much of the developing world.
The move is a win for many organisations around the world (and especially in Britain) which have campaigned for a reduction in these conditions.


by Brian Simpson
It is 50 years since the John Wayne western classic, "The Searchers" was released. The story was that of Ethan Edwards (John Wayne) who along with a "half breed" spend years on a trail of vengeance tracking down a band of Comanche Indians who killed his brother and sister-in-law and kidnapped his niece.
All commentaries on his movie celebrate Ethan's journey from "racism" to "compassion". Viewed in the light of the comings and goings of other ethnic groups, this journey is absurd, but Hollywood at the time was intensifying its war on white America, attacking the old white order and celebrating the coming new multicultural empire.

The history of this psycho-political warfare can be seen in the movies of the time. Ultimately the western had to be abandoned as a genre for Hollywood, to be replaced by the black/cop/ white/cop dumb/blonde slut mode of action entertainment.
Somehow putting blacks into the role of cowboys didn't really wash well. The western represented, even at its worse, a struggle against the adversity of nature. Hollywood is more comfortable with urban jungles and cesspools.

I say this after watching a wide variety of modern "action" movies. The backdrop of all these movies is a civilisation in decay and rotting. John Wayne movies, for all their defects, at least were wholesome: what parades today as entertainment in film is often sinister and sick. Individualism, self-reliance and manly courage - the values of the John Wayne persona - have no place in the new world disorder of decadence, degeneracy and decay. Hero has become anti-hero.


"Up to 20,000 demonstrators marched through the northern English city of Manchester to protest the presence of British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The protests on Saturday took place on the eve of the governing Labour Party's annual gathering.
Protesters packed Manchester's central Albert Square on Saturday before setting off on a march around the conference centre where delegates met during a five-day Labour gathering. A few hundred metres from a hotel where Blair and other party officials stayed, families of some of the British soldiers killed in Iraq set up a "peace camp" of a half dozen tents, where they camped out in hopes of getting the prime minister's attention.

The Stop the War Coalition, which organised the march, estimated about 30,000 people were participating. Police initially estimated the crowd at 10,000, then doubled that figure. Speakers at a rally outside the conference venue accused Blair of following the United States into illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and failing to condemn recent fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah guerillas in southern Lebanon.

George Galloway, an outspoken former member of Labour, told the crowd that Blair "is about to fall, not because of the economy, or a great social issue, he is about to fall for one reason ... it is the wars, and the obscene Monica Lewinsky relationship he has entered into with George Bush." Other speakers included journalist Lauren Booth, sister of Blair's wife Cherie, who lambasted Blair over Lebanon. "I want him to feel ashamed ... that he didn't push for an immediate cease-fire in Lebanon and let it be flattened," she said."

"In Britain, thanks to Blair, a sea-change in public attitudes has taken place. No less than 80 per cent regard him as a liar; 82 per cent believe his warmongering was a principal cause of the London bombings; 72 per cent believe he has made this country a target." John Pilger, "It's Time To Go".


The following article from the Sydney Morning Herald is a very sad and sordid tale. It not only reminds us of Professor Andrew Fraser's concerns about present immigration policies but also the sad plight and behaviour of many of our young people which must appear 'easy pickings' to people coming from other cultures.

The headlines read: "Gang raped girl, 15, over two days of terror: police", by Louise Hall, Sydney Morning Herald 3/9/06.
"A 15-year-old girl was gang raped by five men, including three Zambian nationals, in a 22-hour ordeal, a court was told yesterday. The men allegedly took turns sexually assaulting her vaginally, anally and orally as they watched each other over Wednesday night and Thursday. The men face jail terms of up to 25 years if convicted.

When the three Zambians appeared in Parramatta Bail Court yesterday, it was alleged the girl had been drinking alcohol with friends around the streets of Hurstville on Wednesday. The group was met by two of the accused, Likumbo Makasa, 25, and Tyrone Chishimba, 21, who bought the group bourbon and cask wine.
After the 15-year-old girl passed out drunk in a 7-Eleven store, Makasa allegedly offered to take her back to his Hurstville Road unit, so she would not get picked up by the police. After they arrived at the unit, police said, Makasa, a nurse with a wife and child who has been a permanent resident for three years, showed her a hand gun.
After she vomited, the men pierced the area under her bottom lip with an earring they had found in her bag, the court was told. She passed out again, and later told Makasa, Chishimba and another accused, Mumbi Peter Mulenga, 25, that she was still drunk and wanted to sleep. They directed her to a bedroom to put on clean clothes but once inside pulled out the piercing. She lay on the bed and Makasa allegedly said: "We are helping you out, we are the nice people letting you stay in our house."

She fell asleep and awoke to find a man on top of her having intercourse, which she had not consented to, with the three co-accused and another man watching, the court was told. For the next two hours the men allegedly "took their turn", sexually assaulting her vaginally, anally and orally, often two at a time as the others looked on.
She told police from child protection and the sex crime squad that she did not speak but was crying. She said the men left the bedroom at 7am.
She woke up later to find Makasa naked on the bed. She asked: "Why did you let that happen to me?" Makasa allegedly replied: "What makes you think I care what you want?" Registrar Mark Nicholson refused bail.


by James Reed
With the hot weather around the corner the global warming brigade are out in force in the media pushing the line that humans are the cause of the enhanced greenhouse effect. Even if the world average temperature is rising, the cause of this may not be human activity.
Dr. Sami Solanki of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Gottingen Germany has concluded from his study that the sun is at its strongest in the past 60 years and its brightening began in the last 100-150 years.
Solanki accepted that increased solar activity and higher levels of greenhouse gases together contributed to a rise in average temperatures but he believed it was impossible to separate out the impacts.

David Bellamy the conservationist may take comfort from such research. He has said: "Global warming - at least the modern nightmare version - is a myth. I am sure of it and so are a growing number of scientists. But what is really worrying is that the world's politicians and policy-makers are not." Indeed: they have a vested interest in maintaining a state of fear.

For example, governments can use such issues as terrorism and the so-called environmental crisis, to keep the "punter's" minds off of the real economic crisis that cannot go away because of our debt-producing financial system.
Even apart from that debt-fuelled spending has helped keep most Western economies afloat. Personal debt in Britain, for example, is now £1.13 trillion and growing rapidly. When the consumer bubble bursts, as it will, then we will truly see the real meaning of "crisis".


Andrew Fastow, Enron Corp's former finance chief and architect of the fraud that led to the energy trader's bankruptcy, said company banks, including Merrill Lynch & Co. and Credit Suisse, were in on his scheme.
"In many instances, the financial transactions in which I engaged related to Enron were done with the knowledge of senior management, some of Enron's banks, and others, and were done primarily to meet Enron's financial reporting and credit-rating targets," Fastow said in a declaration filed in an investor securities-fraud case in Houston today.

Fastow, 44, singled out Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, and Barclays Plc. in his declaration, which investors cited in their suit to help recover an estimated $30 billion in stock and bond losses. Fastow, scheduled to be sentenced for the fraud, has previously refused to testify, citing his right not to incriminate himself.
Fastow created off-the-books partnerships used to hide debt and inflate income, he admitted when he pleaded guilty in 2004 to two crimes related to the Enron fraud.

After disclosing the misstatement of its income in 2001, the Houston-based company filed the second-largest bankruptcy in U.S. history after WorldCom Inc.'s. More than 5,000 people lost their Enron jobs. Fastow testified against Enron's former chief executive officers Kenneth Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, who were convicted of the fraud in May. Lay died in July. Skilling, 52, is appealing.
Source: Bloomberg News Service, September 26, 2006


by Betty Luks
Antony Loewenstein, an Australian Jewish intellectual has been described by some members of the Israel lobby as a "self-hating Jew" (see Peter Rodgers, "Gazing on Gaza," The Weekend Australian Review 29-30/7/06 p.10).
His latest book **"My Israel Question," (Melbourne University Press, 2006) will upset some type of "critics". Loewenstein delivers critical salvos at the Australian government's blind and unthinking "Israel first come what may" policy.
He takes on the Australian Zionist lobby that "patrols the boundaries of public debate, aiming to silence anyone who occasionally strays from the accepted line."
He quotes remarks by Isi Liebler, a prominent Jew and Zionist (and supporter of Australia's race hate legislation) who said that Palestinian society was "no less suffused with evil than were the people of Germany under Hitler."
Such attitudes Loewenstein believes, keep the Middle East crisis unresolved. Zionism and Zionists, by denying Palestinians their humanity "is one of the great failings of contemporary Judaism and no historical calamity justifies it."

Rodgers in his review says that Jewish federal Labor MP, Michael Danby in mid-2005 advised the publisher, Melbourne University Press, to "drop the is whole disgusting project."
Mr. Rodgers is a former ambassador to Israel and author of "Herzl's Nightmare: One Land, Two Peoples".
Fortunately, for free speech, the publisher ignored this advice.

**Mr. Lowenstein's book, "My Israel Question," will be readily available from the League Book Services shortly. Price: $37.95 posted.