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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
17 November 2006 Thought for the Week:
"Genuine history, that is to say, the flow of events, is just as unwritable as a spring morning. You can pick out certain facts about it, which you think are important, but there are infinitely more contemporaneous happenings than you can possibly mention. In other words, written history is five per cent fact, and ninety-five per cent historian, even at its best…
One cannot fail to notice the curious contradiction involved in the passionate study of racehorse pedigree which was so popular in the distant days of uneasy peace, and the carefully fostered contempt for "family" in the human race, which is contemporaneous with Socialism…
I merely wish to refer to it in connection with this most important fact of family-traditional-history, which may take the form of "feeling for the land"… which has been carried on in the same place by the same families over a considerable period.
For the purpose of a "feeling for policy", which is really a subconscious memory of trial and error, the same consideration is equally true if we are to accept the theory of a continuous policy. I do not believe there is any substitute for it although it requires checks and balances…"
-- Clifford Hugh Douglas in "The Big Idea," 1942.


We have reported before the constitutional authority, Dr. David Mitchell insists the Governor General does have important constitutional powers which the G-G's 'advisers' keep telling him he doesn't have!
South Australians Doug and Jean Holmes wrote the following letter to the Governor General, having previously expressed their concerns to him on the partial sale of Telstra:
He had responded insisting he did not now have the constitutional power to refuse to sign the legislation:

"…If you as the Governor General always take the advice of the elected Government of the day, what does section 59 mean? We think it says that you have the power to go against the Government of the day in certain conditions.
What if the Government does something which is against the Constitution, or against the wishes of the majority of the Australian people?
What then?? Are you also saying that Sir John Kerr, when he was in your position was wrong? Who did he take his advice from on that occasion?"

Doug and Jean then sent a copy of their correspondence to Dr. David Mitchell for comment.
Below is his response:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Holmes,
It is true that the Constitutional Commission 1988 recommended that sec.59 be repealed. That recommendation was not acted on. Thus sec. 59 remains in "all its glory".
If I was the Governor General I probably would have replied to your letter along the lines:
'You correctly note that I have a discretion in relation to whether or not I consent to legislation. In the ordinary course I act on the advice of the elected government of the day. To persuade me to do otherwise would require possession of monumental significance.
At this stage I have not seen the proposed legislation relating to a further sale of Telstra and have had no advice in relation to it. If legislation for a further sale of Telstra is presented for my assent, I shall consider any representations that are made to the contrary but I do not foresee that I will decline to act on any advice given to me by the elected government of the day in this matter.'
Of course your letter presents a good case for the continuing application of sec. 59, a case with which I completely agree! However I doubt that it will be sufficiently persuasive to have any effect in relation to the sale of Telstra.
With best regards, David."

The 5-set DVD series "The Spirit of Australia's Constitution and History" by Dr. David Mitchell, BA., LL.B., Ph.D., LL.M. was very successfully launched at the Albury National Weekend. It is essential Australians understand the basic structure and concept of law underpinning their legal system and its historical roots. We are in very grave danger of losing sight of its philosophical and historical roots.
Dr. Mitchell insists the Governor-General does have important constitutional powers which the G-G's 'advisers' keep telling him he doesn't have!
Send for your set of DVDs to Heritage Books, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley, South Australia 5159. Price including postage - $55.00 for the set of 5.


by Ron Fischer:
Tuesday morning, October 17th, on the Today show (Channel 9) Malcolm Turnbull was being interviewed about the drought, and its effects on farmers. The interviewer asked him whether the banks might be asked to go easy with their interest rates on the farmers.
Turnbull started his reply by stating, "We can't control the banks, and we don't intend to," and then carried on with useless, usual political verbiage.
Here we have a relatively new member of "parliament", formerly Australian representative of the Jewish International Bank, Goldman Sachs, stating quite clearly that the government "can't control Banks."
That is, they have given the banks and the banking system, total independence from the government. They can charge what they like, by way of usury, and call it "interest."

The long-range plan:
Consider the following long-range, secret plan, being carried out by the Howard "government." A couple of years ago, Malcolm Turnbull, multi-millionaire, and representative in Australia for the international bank Goldman Sachs, through manipulation in his electorate, and in spite of concerned opposition by Liberal Party members in the electorate, "wins" the Liberal Party nomination for the seat, and was subsequently "elected." Remember, Turnbull made his fortune in years and years of the business of money-lending, and usury. Nothing else.

§ During this period, you will remember that John Winston Howard came back from overseas stating that the Snowy River hydro-electric project was going to be sold, and even brazenly stated publicly, "it's a done deal." (Who "done" the deal?)

§ The people objected strongly, throughout Australia. The Snowy belongs to the people, and it must remain so. John Winston Howard backed off, cunningly changed the subject, and went quiet on the subject. It has not been mentioned since.

§ Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull, then a Member of "Parliament" was being given the newly-being-prepared portfolio, including "water and climate change."

§ Still more recently, Malcolm Turnbull - still with his close connections to Goldman Sachs, (which incidentally is one of the shareholders of the privately owned in the USA "Federal Reserve" which is not Federal and has no reserves) is currently being briefed, groomed and set up as the soon-to-be-announced "Minister for Water and Climate Change." (Hello?)

§ When this new "Ministry" is officially established, and Malcolm Turnbull is officially "sworn in," (hello?) he will proceed with a number of sweeping changes to the existing system, among them the "absolute necessity of "privatising" (read "selling off") the Snowy River Project, claiming that "billions of dollars will have to be spent on it to combat "climate change," and that it (the cost) will be much too high for the present owners to handle.

§ Meanwhile, the climate change, and the drought - also deliberately manipulated (?), through such projects as HAARP and others - will continue, in order to starve and thirst our fellow Australians and farmers into submission. Thus, the Snowy will, they hope, be sold off, ("privatised") and be owned and controlled by foreign, international banks.

Thus yet another Australian icon will disappear down the memory hole, all in line with the scheming of those pushing the New World Order.
This includes John Winston Howard, who, when asked about his views on "globalisation" a few years ago when he got off the plane from the USA, stated on television, as he strutted by, "There's nothing else."

This, along with legislation that will require us to pay for every drop of water that we drink or use. Given to us free from heaven!


So the show trial of Saddam Hussein has finished and he has been sentenced to death by hanging.
But what about his co-conspirators? How come they are being 'let off the hook'?
The website has a very lengthy article giving its readers some background history to Iraq and Saddam Hussein and his links to the Americans including Donald Rumsfeld, and George Bush Senior and Junior.
Well worth a read - it will help you to grasp just what a sordid, dirty business world politics and business really is.

The article deals with:
§ Saddam's Unindicted Co-Conspirator: Donald Rumsfeld
§ George Bush Sr & Jr involved with The Carlyle Group who supplied chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein.
§ Behind the Scenes of the Iraq War & How the CIA in 1963 put Dictator Saddam in Power after overthrowing President Kassem who had helped in founding OPEC


by James Reed:
Martin Ferguson, ALP frontbencher and former ACTU leader is wont to tell us what we all know: that both sides of parliament have let the Australian people down for the last ten years. Only 10 years? A consultation of the work of great League men such as Eric Butler and Jeremy Lee - and of historical works from social credit writers in Australia before them - clearly indicates that the rot had settled in no sooner than the new-born nation of Australia took its first steps after Federation.
Before that the British colonies were gripped in the intrigue and drama of the world-wide conspiracy that had a death grip on the destiny of Europe for centuries. Nations such as Australia and America in the "new world" were born out of this tempest of the Old World Order.

[For those interested in an introduction to the history of the assault on Western civilisation, the reader could begin with Eric D. Butler's booklet "The Enemy Within the Empire," "The Fabian Contribution to the Communist Advance" by Eric D. Butler, Gary Allen's "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" still one of the best introductory books - and then graduate to Carroll Quigley's weighty tome "Tragedy and Hope" Contact your nearest League Book Service for further information.]

But I digress. John Howard told Question Time on 2 March 2006: "Let me say again lest there be any doubt in the minds of anybody in Parliament: no knowledge in relation to the alleged bribery by AWB Limited was in possession of members of my Government - in my possession or any of my colleagues - at the time those offences occurred, if in fact they did occur."

Oh yes, the offences did occur:
The Cole Inquiry has established that Australia's monopoly wheat exporter had paid money to a company that was a front for Saddam Hussein in breach of UN sanctions and Australian law.
The interesting political and legal question now is: who in the Howard government knew? Answer: everybody who should have known did know. Alexander Howard admitted that he would have read cables from senior diplomats and officials.

Thus The Australian of 3 March 2006 (under the page one headline "Kickback Cable Sent to PM") quotes a cable of 13 January 2000 from a DFAT officer to Downer which warns of information received about "possible irregularities in the way the Australian Wheat Board may have received payment for wheat supplies to Iraq under the oil-for-food program… It appears to be a system designed to generate illegal revenue in US dollars."
If a minister should have acted on any cable, that is one which should have been acted on.

Another cable of 22 March 2000 was sent to both Downer and Howard. As Labor's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd rightly noted "It beggars belief that the Prime Minister was not aware by this stage of the UN's warnings."
The AWB affair has given a glimpse of the machinery of government which we humble peasants have been able to see. It is truly an ugly picture of lies, deception and corruption on a grand scale. But that is business as usual.

Imagine seeing the full uncensored vision of political reality: it would be much like the visions of medieval artists who attempted to sketch hell but recoiled in utter horror of the process. It was simply too much brutal reality to face.
The AWB issue will no doubt be ultimately contained and the business of wrecking Australia will continue as is has done at a quickening pace.


Bob Carter, a geologist and founding member of the Australian Environment Foundation had this to say about the Stern Report (as reported in On Target, Vol.42 No.44):
"Though it will be lionised for a while yet, the Stern review is destined to join Paul Ehrlich's "The Population Bomb," and think tank the Club of Rome's manifesto, "Limits to Growth I," in the pantheon of big banana scares that proved to he unfounded. It is part of the last hurrah for those warmaholics who inhabit a world of virtual climate reality that exists only inside flawed computer models.
Meanwhile, the empirical data stressed by climate rationalists will ultimately prevail over the predictions of the unvalidated computer models. Perhaps then we will be able to attend to the real climate policy problem, which is to prepare response plans for extreme weather events, and for climate warmings as well as coolings, in the same way we prepare to cope with all other natural hazards."

Melbourne journalist Andrew Bolt also wrote:
"I must not notice the Stern report being damned by Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia, who says "It is unlikely the current warming has much "of a human component" and "it seems most probable a warmer climate would produce positive benefits".
I must also not notice Richard Lindzen, Professor of Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who this week told us to chill: "Yes, there does appear to be warming, but the amount is hardly certain or indisputable. And the amount found does not appear that alarming." These and scores of other doubting scientists must, not be believed or mentioned."


American writers are watching their famous dollar with great concern. Mike Whitney of the "Information Clearing House" website 30/10/06 writes: "The Dollar's Full-System Meltdown": The U.S. Dollar is kaput. Confidence in the currency is eroding by the day.

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald stated: "Australia's Treasurer Peter Costello has called on East Asia's central bankers to 'telegraph' their intentions to diversify out of American investments and ensure an 'orderly adjustment'."
Central banks in China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong have channelled immense foreign reserves into American government bonds, helping to prop up the US dollar and hold down interest rates," said Costello, but "the strategy has changed."

Indeed, the strategy has changed. The world has come to its senses and is moving away from the green slip of paper that is currently mired in $8.3 trillion of debt. The central banks now want to reduce their USD reserves while trying to do as little damage to their own economies as possible. That'll be difficult. If a sell-off ensues, it will start a stampede for the exits.

There's little hope of an "orderly adjustment" as Costello opines; that's just false optimism. When the greenback begins listing; things will turn helter-skelter quickly. Trading partners no longer buying back debt:
In September, we saw early signs that the dollar was in trouble. The trade deficit registered at $70 billion but the Net Foreign Security Purchases (NFSP) came in at a paltry $33 billion. That means that our main trading partners are no longer buying back our debt which puts downward pressure on the greenback.
The Fed had two choices; either raise interest rates substantially or let the currency fall. Given the tenuous condition of the housing bubble and the proximity of the midterm elections, the Fed did neither. A month later, in October, the trade deficit hit $69.9 billion but, then, without warning, a miracle occurred. The Net Foreign Security Purchases skyrocketed to a 'historic high' of $116.8 billion; covering both months' shortfalls almost to the penny. Coincidence? Not likely.
Either the skittish central banks decided to 'stock up' on their dollar-denominated investments or the Federal Reserve (and their banking-buddies) is buying back its own debt to float us through the elections. (Now that the elections have come and gone can we expect the bubble to burst?...ed)

This is exactly the kind of hanky-panky that people expected when Greenspan stopped publishing the M-3 last March keeping the rest of us in the dark about what was really going on with the money supply. Are we supposed to believe that the sceptical central banks suddenly doubled up on their T-Bills while they're (publicly) moaning about the dollar's weakness and threatening to diversify? That's a stretch.

According to the Wall Street Journal the Chinese Central-bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan stated unequivocally that: "We think we've got enough." The Chinese presently have nearly $1 trillion in USD and US Treasuries.
'Enough'? The United States runs a $200 billion per year trade deficit with China. If they've "got enough" we're dead-ducks. After all, it doesn't take a sell-off to kill the dollar, just unwillingness on the part of the main players to stop purchasing at the same rate. Heading for disaster?

Of course, everyone in Washington already knew that doomsday was approaching. That's the way the system was designed from the very beginning. It's all part of the madcap scheme to "starve the beast" and transfer the nation's wealth to a handful of western plutocrats. That explains why the Fed and the White House whirred along like two spokes on the same wheel; every policy calculated to thrust the country headlong toward disaster.
The administration never created a funding mechanism for the $400 million tax cuts or for the 35% expansion of the Federal government. Defense spending increased by leaps and bounds as did the "no-bid" contracts for friends of the Bush clan.
At the same time, interest rates were lowered to rock-bottom to put as much money as possible into the hands of people who couldn't meet the traditional criteria for a mortgage.
And, if gluttonous waste, reckless overspending and 'Mickey Mouse' loans were not enough; the Fed capped it off by doubling the money supply in 7 years; a sure-fire prescription for hyper-inflation. (Monetary inflation …ed) So, which one of these policies was not deliberate?

The financial crisis that we now face was created by design. It is intended to destroy the labour movement, crush the middle class, quash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, reduce our foreign debt by 50 or 60%, force a restructuring of America's debt, privatize all public assets and resources, and create a new regime of austerity measures which will divert more wealth to the banking and corporate establishments.

The avatars of neo-liberalism invariably use crooked politicians to spawn enormous 'unsustainable' debt so that the nations' riches can be transferred to ruling elites. It works the same everywhere. It's a form of corporate colonization, only this time the victim is the good old USA…"


by Betty Luks:
In a recent article found at "Cash and Chaplains - The Continuing Seduction of the Church," Alan Matheson, expressed his concern at "The announcement of the Federal Government's $90 million "God Squad" (National Schools Chaplaincy Program)," and he saw "the response by the churches," as "depressingly predictable."
He lamented that for "the Howard Government, there is no separation between church and state. While the treasurer lectures the Muslim community about their need to accept 'the separation of church and state in Australia', he is propping up the religious establishment by pouring millions of dollars into their pockets."

Mr. Matheson is right, the Howard regime, for political purposes, intends to fund the religious establishments to implement this scheme, but take note, it is to get the ministers of religion into the State's school system.
Do not expect to see men who will stand up to the encroachment of the State in the Church's affairs. Do not expect them to speak out bluntly about such things as government corruption and the worrying centralisation of power - as could easily be done from the scriptures let alone Christian history.

The modern Church would not be recognised as of the same calibre as the 1215 Church in England which, along with physical backing of the barons, stood up to the tyrant King John and rallied the people behind the Great Charter or Magna Carta.
was a Church whose leaders - such as Archbishop Stephen Langton - understood that man must be free if he is to serve God. A Church which insisted the Church itself must be free of the State. It was also a Church which understood the dangers of and preached against a usurious money system.
I doubt if we could find a handful of ministers of today's Church who have any understanding of what usury is let alone preach on it. That is one reason why the response by most of today's Churches to the government's funding of school chaplains is depressingly predictable.


The Money Drought: The Leader, Numurkah, Victoria, 25/10/06:
The Editor, Dear Sir,
For many years I have seen farmers and others rallying and marching for a fair go. In a nutshell, that's all it is ... "a fair go", but what have they achieved? The collective farming debt has increased from $3.8 billion to $43.3 billion in 25 years, almost doubling in the last eight years. (Reserve Bank figures published in the Weekly Times, 31/5/06.) Is anybody listening?
The present prolonged dry weather, although of very serious concern, is not the basic cause of the farmers' problems but part of a malaise ailing all the community. The demand for water has been continuous and escalating over many years but few people ask: "why?" And if anyone does, then they are admonished to become "more efficient", "rationalise" or in former National Party Leader Doug Anthony's words, "get big or get out": and if that does not silence them then ridicule and name calling follow to shut them up and divorce then from the rest of the community.
This has not solved the problems of rural Australia and businesses dependent on primary industry. The real problem in Australia is not the weather, which is just part of the vagaries of Nature, but the "money drought" and few question or even understand the role of money in a modern society.
Briefly, MONEY is a man-made instrument to facilitate the exchange of goods and services... its use has been perverted and it is now used as a controlling weapon against the masses. It is deliberately kept in short supply to many; it comes into being as an interest-bearing debt and Inflation ensures its shrinking value over time.
How can any business survive for long when monetary policy like this is used as a measure of its efficiency? I hardly need to go further other than pose the question, "are our leaders and their advisers following a plan of destruction for Australia or are they incompetent?"
What is now desperately needed is a "VOTE" drought... that's right... no votes for poor representation. Dear reader, how will you vote at the next election? Will you vote for more of the same? Of course, it is your God given right to suffer some more if you have not suffered enough already!
- - Louis Cook, Numurkah, Victoria.

The Reserve Bank and Interest Rates:
"This is perverse. There is nothing sensible in a decision to hit our rural industries around the head with an added burden during this time of the driest spell since federation." - South Australian Premier Mike Rann in a plea to the Reserve Bank not to lift interest rates

To: Hon. Mike Rann, Premier. Parliament House, Adelaide SA 5000
Dear Sir,
Your are quoted in the Ballarat Courier, November 7, as saying in a plea to the Reserve Bank not to lift interest rates, "This is perverse. There is nothing sensible in a decision to hit our rural industries around the head with an added burden during this time of the driest spell since federation." This is the first bit of sense from people who frequent the media I have ever read. Inflation is not about excessive demand that needs to be dampened by hiking interest rates. It is about increasing costs in all sectors, not merely rural.
In another item in the same issue it is revealed that inflation crept up in September to 3.2 per cent from 3.1 in August. This was as a result of "the rising cost of fruit and vegetables, holiday travel, and financial services." Note the last phrase, "---- financial services."
Does the Ivory Tower at the Reserve Bank have no windows to see that interest rates are a component of financial services?
Anyone with any gumption would see that the rise in September was a result of the hikes in May and August.
- - Yours truly, Ron Fischer, Sebastopol Vic. 3356