Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
13 February 2006 Thought for the Week:

It was "seeing the multitudes" that He preached to them. He really saw them, not merely in synagogue and Temple, but as farmers, gardeners, builders, traders, kings, bankers, employers, fathers and mothers, and children.
All human life had a material and a spiritual aspect, not separately, but whole. So we ought not to "spiritualise" away His parables into nothingness, but interpret them in terms of human life; the life of His own time certainly, but also the life of all time.
If His thought, speech, and action had not supreme accuracy and rightness, the record of them [would not have] survived the centuries.

Social Crediter, Michael Lane, "Triumph of the Past,"


by James Reed
Paul Gray ("Left Values' Bias is Ruining ABC," The Australian, 16/1/06, p.6), a columnist with Melbourne's Herald Sun recently addressed the issue of the degeneracy of the ABC. In the course of doing so, he actually put his finger on the vein of a deeper blood clot that has rendered intellectual life in Australia brain dead.

Gray says: "The great Australian political scientist Paddy O'Brien argued in his book "The Saviours: An Intellectual History of the Left in Australia" that the Australian middle-class Left embraced Marxism and various forms of socialism during the 20th century because it filled the void left in their spirits by the death of belief in Christianity."
"In the 21st century, Marxism is dead, but there is still that spiritual void to be filled. I contend that traditional Christianity and its legacy are as much reviled by the Australian Left as ever, with the new value systems of environmentalism and minority rights, rather than Marxism, being seized upon to fill their place."

The Right however embrace rampant global capitalism and economic rationalism, but now accept as much of the political baggage as the Left - multiculturalism, multiracialism, anti-White racism, Asianisation, etc. The Left and the Right both wish to see the end of the Nordic peoples and their replacement by Orientals; the Left and the Right are two sides of the same globalist coin.


by Brian Simpson

An interesting article appeared by columnist George Megalogenis (The Weekend Australian, 17-18/12/05, p.20) in the wake of the Sydney race riots. Megalogenis' articles typically defend Mediterranean ethnic group interests and his latest article is up to his standard form. You have heard it all before: the past: poor migrants come to Australia and are spat on by the Anglo-Australian: ("Skips") but in the blink of an eye these ethnic super geniuses are top of the pops in what Georgie-boy calls "wog mobility".
The Lebanese, Greeks and Italians do better than the "Skips" in almost everything - this is what he calls an "iron law of Australia". But of course, no analysis of where the money came from to put the second generation and third through university, and the magic words "cash in hand economy" is never mentioned.

No, these ethnics are truly supers! One would also expect Lebanon and Greece to be super powers instead of being second-rate nations which they are. Italy of course performs much better, but Italy is an artificial creation where the predominately Nordic Northern Italians (represented by the "Northern League") seek to break away from the predominately racial Mediterranean South, who they regard as a burden. Ethnic success, like the success of women, has little to do with sheer IQ and much to do with the on-going war which multiculturalism is conducting against Anglo-Australians.

The people of a demoralised culture, under attack on all fronts, cannot perform well. Genocide is incompatible with continuous cultural success. In France, the race riots were the result of poverty and lack of integration of Middle Easterners into France - as well as good old fashioned French racism - as the standard politically correct story goes. But if these chaps are doing so fine as Megalogenis says, then why the riots, why the initial bashings and rapes? I suppose we have to blame it on the "Skip" racists.

Opening paragraphs expose Howard
Interesting as well is Megalogenis' opening paragraphs which expose John Howard: "John Howard has made Australia more of an immigrant nation than it has been at any time in its history. The overseas-born population passed 24 per cent for the first time last year, and no one complained (! I did George!) The figure has been much higher before, but that was in the pre-Federation 1890s."
"Howard is also the leader who changed the colour and the culture of the immigration program. Europeans now comprise only 49 per cent of our total overseas-born ranks."

t will be interesting to see how Megalogenis' beloved Mediterranean ethnics do in an Asianised Australia dominated by China - which is Howard's vision for us. Howard is clearly worse than Keating, Hawke and Whitlam and yet one can still find people, who broadly share our views, defending him. Better that he goes and we have a more traditional enemy (the Fabian International Socialists for example) for the sake of those who are 'intellectually challenged'.

Why does the immigration issue alarm me so? As Arthur Kemp has recently put it in his book, March of the Titans (2003):
"All civilizations rise and fall according to their racial homogeneity and nothing else - a nation can survive wars, defeats, natural catastrophes, but not racial dissolution."


by Brian Simpson

The ABC recently screened a programme "Race: The Power of an Illusion," in three parts. The scientific part of the series 'The Difference Between Us', pushed the line that "we're all the same under the skin." In other words, to use the sort of phrase made famous by Jewish Marxist biologist Richard Lewontin, there is more genetic difference among people in a single population, than there is between populations.
The Weekend
Australian 26-27/1/06 in a review by Leigh Dayton made much of this maxim. Unfortunately the maxim is genetically trivial and does not establish that races don't exist. It has been pointed out by critics of Lewontin in the racial realist school that Lewontin's maxim would also demolish the concept of race (subspecies) in most animal species.

The likes of fellow Jewish Marxist biologist Stephen Jay Gould (whose The Mismeasure of Man, a book full of technical errors, is cited approvingly by Dayton) did not seem to care about the radical consequences of his racial nihilism. Geneticists have recently refuted Lewontin's claim. The Weekend Australian 17-18/1/06 made much of genetic research by a team that had reeled "in the gene that makes Caucasians white". The article appears in the journal Science, 16/12/05.
The newspaper headline creates the impression that there is a gene which makes Caucasians white. The research paper has it that the gene SLC24A5 is responsible for between 25 and 38 per cent of the skin-colour differences between Europeans and Africans, but also that "multiple genes must be involved to explain the skin pigmentation differences between Europeans and Africans." The paper concludes "much of the remaining differences in skin pigmentation remains to be explained."

The SLC24A5 gene does not explain the light skin colour of some East Asian populations. Politically correct biologists have already stated that this research does not support a concept of race : "one of the most obvious characteristics that distinguishes among different humans is nothing more than a simple change in activity of a protein expressed in pigment cells." (See M. Balter speaking that is not correct because as the authors say "much of the remaining difference in skin pigmentation remains to be explained." In any case, from a genetic perspective all human characteristics are a product of change in the "activity of [proteins]". Who said it did?

Modern science points to races:
What modern science has been steadily showing, despite the veneer of political correctness and anti-racism, which must be painted over all research, is that the traditional concept that human races exist and have biological and social significance, is true. The real myth-makers are those who believe that race is a social construction.
On the contrary, anti-racism is a social construction, a devise to politically level peoples and slot them as raceless, placeless slaves within the new world order.
Actionists: Send this article to the Programme Manager at the ABC and Leigh Dayton at The Weekend Australia or refer them to our Website.


by James Reed

"Charles Snubbed China on Purpose," said The Australian 23/1/06, p.11. Prince Charles had committed the unforgiveable sin, in the Murdoch press universe, of snubbing the Chinese President Jiang Zemin during a visit to London in 1999. The Prince personally opposes China's occupation of Tibet and refused to attend any events with the Chinese President.

The Australian story then moves to the issue of the republic and churns out the usual republican material (Charles will doom the monarchy, Barbados will soon be a republic, republics are cool and trendy, etc.) with of course no monarchist counter. The republicans are preparing for their next assault against Australian traditions and all good actionists need to begin the next battle to defend our sacred traditions.

A good source of information on republican follies and the virtues of our monarchical system can be found in the following books:

"Freedom Wears a Crown," by John Farthing;
"Sovereignty in Australia," by Arthur Tuck;
"Republic? More Power for Politicians," by David Mitchell;
"The Westminster Tradition and Australia," by Leslie R. Marchant.
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by Betty Luks

Historian Henry Reynolds' claim that British settlement of Australia was built on the concept of terra nullius is coming under further scrutiny.
Dr. Michael Connor, an honorary research associate at the University of Tasmania has claimed in his book, The Invention of Terra Nullius (Macleay Press) the phrase was never used in Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Not only that, the phrase has come to mean whatever its users want it to mean. David Ritter, a West Australian historian had already published a paper demolishing the myth but the news is taking a while to filter through to the general public - probably because of its explosive "land rights" implications! (The Australian: Higher Education 18/1/06)


by Robert Hart

Murdoch press paper The Advertiser (24/12/05) contained a column by Associate Professor Derek Leinweber of Physics, University of Adelaide. The article was an otherwise interesting piece on the weird world of quantum mechanics. The article has a photograph of Einstein and gives the impression that quantum mechanics was Einstein's creation. It was not - but was the creation of a number of non-Jewish physics geniuses such as Bohr and Heinsenberg (the Copenhagen interpretation). Einstein disagreed with quantum physics and proposed an experiment to refute the quantum theory. Einstein was proven wrong. So much for the depth of his genius.

Even Einstein's accepted work is tainted with plagiarism of greater thinkers (see Christopher Jon Bjerke's Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist) although, as with the plagiarisms of Martin Luther King, this player is too useful to the "new establishment" to let him sink. In Einstein's case he was an ideological ploy to show the superiority of Jewish intellect.
That would only be so if Einstein wasn't a cheat and if he got his physics right. According to another brilliant Adelaide physicist, Professor Reg Cahill ("How Einstein's Dead Wrong, Relatively Speaking," The Australian, 7/11/05, p.3) Einstein got the physics wrong as well. So much for "genius".


by James Reed

In China most couples are limited by law to only one child. Most couples also wish to have a son, not only to provide for the parents in old age but also to carry on the family name. Consequently it is common practice for women to have scans to determine the sex of the foetus and if it is a girl - abort it. This practice is illegal in China, but it goes on still. Consequently the ratio of boys to girls in China is 118 to 100, much higher than the world average of 106 to 100. Thus 500,000 babies are abandoned each year in China - 95 per cent of them girls.

China has 13 million more boys than girls, aged under nine and in 2020 is likely to have 40 million bachelors eager for a woman. Trafficking in women, especially baby girls is now common. The wealthy often buy a baby girl so that their son will have a wife when he grows up. (The Australian 28/12/05, p.8).

With China's performance in Tibet it is not unreasonable to suppose that as China's military muscle grows and the West's defences continue to crumble, that the net for female flesh might be extended to the West. The spectacle of White whinging, selfish, drink and drug-taking young feminists being made into 'respectable' Chinese wives is a thought difficult to get one's mind around.


by James Reed

In China most couples are limited by law to only one child. Most couples also wish to have a son, not only to provide for the parents in old age but also to carry on the family name. Consequently it is common practice for women to have scans to determine the sex of the foetus and if it is a girl - abort it. This practice is illegal in China, but it goes on still. Consequently the ratio of boys to girls in China is 118 to 100, much higher than the world average of 106 to 100. Thus 500,000 babies are abandoned each year in China - 95 per cent of them girls.

China has 13 million more boys than girls, aged under nine and in 2020 is likely to have 40 million bachelors eager for a woman. Trafficking in women, especially baby girls is now common. The wealthy often buy a baby girl so that their son will have a wife when he grows up. (The Australian 28/12/05, p.8).

With China's performance in Tibet it is not unreasonable to suppose that as China's military muscle grows and the West's defences continue to crumble, that the net for female flesh might be extended to the West. The spectacle of White whinging, selfish, drink and drug-taking young feminists being made into 'respectable' Chinese wives is a thought difficult to get one's mind around.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.

The federal government has allocated $397 million to its family law reform package. At the core of the changes to family law is the "Family Law Reform (Shared Parental Responsibility) Bill" which is based on the presumption of shared parenting unless domestic violence is involved.
At best, this will involve children being bounced from residence to residence like ping pong balls. At worst it will involve more false claims of domestic violence against men.

In Australia 70 per cent of divorce is instigated by women. In the opinion of Sue Price (yes a woman) of Men's Rights Agency has said that the new reforms will make matters even worse for men : "You can see what will happen. As soon as the reforms go through, you'll see every woman in Australia claiming she's been beaten. We already know that women lie about abuse to get custody of their children, so now we'll have more women saying they've been attacked when it might have been a tap on the shoulder, so presumption of shared parenting won't apply." (The Australian 22/8/05, p.9).

The Family Law Act was the creation of Lionel Murphy a Fabian Socialist and its clear aim was the destruction of the family unit by making divorce easy through the elimination of fault. Divorce should not be easy and should require the establishment of fault. The agenda for the destruction of the family is proceeding at full speed. It can only be met by philosophical and religious resistance: by people actively rejecting the values of hedonistic sex and permissiveness, a legacy of the 1960s revolution. It is time to go on the attack as cracks appear in the foundations of "new class" morality.


The headlines read: "Soros Has Oil Price Fears: Ready for $262-a-Barrel Oil?" According to a recent edition of Fortune magazine, two of the world's "most successful investors" (George Soros and Bill Browder of Hermitage Capital) are saying oil could be in such short supply in the coming months the price for crude could go through the roof. They are bandying around a "terrifying US$262.00 a barrel". ( When gangsters and privateers have worked their way to the top of the dung heaps anything is possible in today's world of finance, politics, commerce and trade. Looks like there is quite a 'turf war' going on behind the scenes.

CORRECTION: The paragraph in last week's article "In Matters of Religious Thought" under the subheading: 'Douglas encouraged his audience to grasp the importance of the change', should have read: "From that time onwards in certain lines of activity, instead of setting up a theory, and say that that theory is a good theory, and is eternal, the chosen theory began to be put to the test. Known as inductive thought, it is the habit of mind associated with the discipline of science."


The Family First Party is not the only group with the desire to rattle the cages of the political dinosaurs fossilised in their electorate seats. The Save Australia Alliance has circulated a newspaper explaining what they are about. They are calling on Australians to work together for the next federal election. It could be they want to act as a service group to the voters in their own electorate, or they will work with one of the Independents, or minor parties, and help "rattle the cage" of the sitting member.
They have put forward a set of policies as a rallying point. It seems to me nothing is set in stone, the terms upon which the local groups will work together are determined by that local group. From my reading they are looking to gain strength and direction from the increment of the association…in other words drawing on the 'social credit' within the group.

The following summarised policies are a rallying point:
· Stop the sell-off of Australia's water, minerals and energy infrastructures and resources.
· Stop importing immigrants who hate the Australian way of life.
· End the bank and insurance rip-off and set up Australia's own bank.
· Get our superannuation funds out of the hands of pirates and shysters.
· Make criminals pay back or pay the penalty, Australians have to work - so should they.
· Stop the outsourcing of our children's jobs. Impose tariffs on goods coming from countries that impose tariffs on our goods.
· A strong national defence system.
· An end to the Public Liability mess that destroys clubs and gives billions to the insurance pirates.
· Get us out of debt to world financiers. And out of UN treaties that disadvantage us.
· Scrap the Oil Price Parity deal where Australia sells its gas at 5 cents/litre to Japan and 50 cents/litre to Aussies.

The Save Australia Alliance is based on house groups or cells, rather like the French Resistance in WWII. Each house group runs its own affairs, controls its own finances and sets its own local policies, objectives and agendas.
For those people who believe they could work alongside their fellow Aussies in the Save Australia Alliance the initiators are calling for them to contact the following people in their own States:


New South Wales: Lynn Stanfield, P.O. Box 578, Taree 2430; ph.0408 521 375
Victoria: Doug Harrison, 10 Kenny St., Crib Point 3919; email:
Queensland: Robert Meek, P.O. Box 60, Yarraman 4614; ph.07 4163 8284
West Australia: Merv Turner, 23 Hanson St., Albany 6330; ph.08 9841 6252
Tasmania: Ray Escobar, 6 Main St., St. Marys 7215; ph.03 6372 2901
South Australia: George Merritt, 14/4 Rangoon St., Oaklands Park 5046; ph. 08 8296 7574


The Fund is steadily climbing thanks to your continued support and generous contributions. The figure is now $16,408:10. Please keep the Fund climbing to its target for the year. Please make Cheques and Money Orders out to The Australian League of Rights and the address is: P.O. Box 1052, G.P.O. Melbourne 3001.


Sir: The first science experiment I remember learning was of the anomalous expansion of liquids. To demonstrate the anomaly, my teacher showed me something like this. Liquids (we used water) have an optimal temperature at which it's/they're at rest. Surprisingly, if heat is removed or added the liquid expands. Water has three states that we know about: as a solid, ice; as a liquid, water; as a gas, steam.
To prove this: take a container, a glass tumbler and fill that to the very brim with water - simply to observe the effect of the "surface tension" by which the water contents actually exceed the physical rim of that container. In another tumbler add a fresh ice-cube, or chunk of ice, then fill the tumbler with water to the point at which the "surface tension" just holds the water from spilling over the rim. Leave it sit for an hour or so.
Observe the water level in both tumblers after the ice has melted. That which had the ice in it has a noticeably lower amount of water than the other tumbler. Why?
Proof 1: Because the frozen water, ice, had expanded due to the lack of heat.
Proof 2: Because the frozen water, ice, having expanded, is less dense than the same water at it's normal liquid state - hence, the ice floats.

Consider, then, steam. A navy man will be familiar with the triple reduction steam-turbine power-plants frequently used in ships, especially war-ships. Those engines rely on the same effect, but at the other end of the scale. Water, when heated, converts to steam (a gas) and expands.
Proof? A pot [or kettle] of water brought to the boil will force the lid to lift, or whistle. A closed container expands and bursts.

Thus, I reason, if the Polar Ice-cap is to melt, the general level of water on earth must reduce a little. That there may be global warming is simply a cyclic phase. Researchers know those [cycles] have been happening through the centuries. To portray to the gullible public that the global warming will cause widespread and uncontrollable flooding is mischievous and misleading - but is done deliberately and for ulterior motives.
I suspect one motive to be to cause additional despair and foster a sense of helplessness - the corollary of which is to whom can I turn for relief from this perceived threat? And the [obliquely] presented answer is "the Government" so the gullible people begin to be shepherded into calling for some government action -a perceived added security - for which those gullible people will sacrifice just a little more personal freedom (there's always a price to pay) and settle back to find that, wonder of wonders, those nasty [unknown] people who told us the sea will rise and flood our land were wrong.
Yours truly, John Patchett, Adelaide, S. A.

To the Editor, Ballarat Courier:
"There is no doubt that poker machines are a blight on the community, but to suggest as you do in your Editorial that, "There is significant investment in the community as a result of money coming from the gaming machine industry," misses the point. Gambling generates no new money, it merely recycles what people have in their wallets, less the government take. Later in the same Editorial you become realistic when you write, "Not only do the families suffer, but businesses around the city feel the impact as people are unable to make purchases through them." This is my point - pokies merely subtract from the cash flow of more essential businesses." Yours truly, Ron Fischer, Sebastopol Vic.

Another good letter by Ron:
"Did I hear someone say that the recent high temperatures in Ballarat was evidence of global warming? Perhaps the people of Moscow (The Courier 21/1/06) could be forgiven for thinking we are in for another ice age. Temperatures there are the lowest since 1927. Likewise other areas of the northern hemisphere where buildings have collapsed under record snow falls.
It seems to me, a sceptic, that the stories of global warming, greenhouse gases, the Kyoto Protocol et al are part of a huge propaganda exercise."


by Betty Luks

Anyone watching the daily dosage for human consumption of "what happened where" and "who knew and did what" churning out from the inquiry into the "Oil-for-Food" scandal between the international corporation AWB and Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq could be forgiven for believing "the movers and shakers of this world" really do want to weed out the corrupt and fraudulent within the system. Well, don't hold your breath while you are waiting for results.

The same type of 'honourable' men doing deals with Saddam Hussein had no pangs of conscience when, at the same time, they authorised the sanctions against the people of Iraq, that is, the men and women, the children, the old and the ill.
And what about the ultimate war crime? The use of hundreds of tons of depleted uranium (DU) weaponry against the people of Iraq? But don't believe me - start to investigate the matter yourself.

Robert Anderson's book: "The Ultimate War Crime," is a good beginning. He writes on what is happening to the children of the Gulf War, the silent legacy of suffering and death left by our 'great moral' leaders. Price: $28.00 posted.


SPECIAL SUPPLY!!! "Malice in Media Land," by David Flint.
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"Petrodollar Warfare," by William R. Clark.
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"The Final Pollution: Genetic Apocalypse," by Robert Anderson.
Anderson warns his readers: Good science has been appropriated by corporate greed, media manipulation and the denigration of scientists whose views happen to be uncomfortable for industry or government. Price: $35.00 posted.