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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction

20 February 2006 Thought for the Week:

"The first step in undermining confidence in a long-established institution is to raise destructive questions about it in the guise of giving patronising advice for its own good. We have seen this unrelenting ideology being spread around for the last 25 years with the continued assault on certain members of the Royal Family. Our Monarchy and our Royal Family now occupy the focal point of the crucial spiritual and political conflict of this New Age. Between people treated as unique, living, human persons and people treated as equal, indistinguishable, economic, financial and political units; between family and the products of short-term mating; between propriety and impropriety; decency and indecency; between inheritance and disinheritance; between real wealth and outrageous accumulations of power based on debt; between the efficient near-perfection of a Royal Occasion, and the insane inefficiency of Big Business and a Government Department; in fact, between a nation continuing in its Christian tradition, and one which has abandoned it for largely atheistic, chaotic pluralism with no common morality."

George Merritt in "The Republic of the Rich," 1999.


by James Reed
The Murdoch media (among others), has for some time been launching a full-blown attack upon the credibility of Prince Charles. However on the rare occasion a few fish of truth swim through the net. The Weekend Australian, 29-29/1/06, p.22 reports on Prince Charles' organic Duchy Home Farm at Highgate in Gloucester. Two decades ago the farm adopted organic farming practices and the Prince set up his own food brand, 'Duchy Originals'. The company now has an output of AU$11 million per year, with all profits going to charity. What has Hawke, Whitlam, Keating and - Howard - done for charity lately? If they are active then I haven't read about it.
(They don't contribute their money to charity James, but they are very free with other people's money, such as the foreign aid, confiscated - legalised robbery - via the taxation system and used to prop up puppet regimes all round the world…ed).

Prince Charles is the person that the establishment media don't want as king - in fact the monarchy is to be abolished in favour of a grey, lifeless "republic". Despite lip service about having a popularly elected president (how about Pauline?), you can bet your wheat kickback dollar that the system will be ruled by conventional grey-water types. The same type of characters, for example, who feature in the "Wheat for Weapons" AWB scandal.

Scandal? Isn't it business as usual in our wondrous, diverse Australia? Unsurprisingly the conduct of ministers and the Prime Minister has been exempt from the Cole Inquiry. Although I hate being in agreement with Opposition Leader Kim Beazley, he was right in his claim to the National Press Club on 1/2/06 that John Howard, Mark Vaile and Alexander Downer all "knew" or ought to have known. If the Australian ambassador to the US lobbied Congress not to investigate the AWB, then it is reasonable to suppose that the ambassador knew the AWB had something to hide. And surely the ambassador was not on a frolic of his own, but was acting under the directions of Foreign Minister Alexander Downer?

As this was a trade issue which intersected with the Iraqi war issue, both the Trade Minister and the Prime Minister would, or should also have known. Sure they did. According to The Australian of 3/2/06, p.1, the Cole Inquiry has already received evidence that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade had known since June 2003, 10 weeks after the war in Iraq had started, that kickbacks had been made to Saddam Hussein's regime. The Weekend Australian of 4-5/2/06 p.1, reports that there were at least five separate occasions when the government had been warned of the illegal payments.

Thus if Honest John, et al, did not know that the AWB was paying kickbacks to Saddam Hussein, then it was only because they were recklessly indifferent about the truth. John Howard admitted on 3/2/06 that his government had received a report by Iraq's interim Coalition Provisional Authority that said Saddam Hussein had abused the oil-for-food programme by forcing suppliers to put kickbacks into the prices.

Howard said that the report didn't specifically mention "wheat contracts". He maintains that even though Australia was one of Iraq's leading trading partners and under the oil-for-food programme was supplying over $1.5 billion worth of wheat. It goes to show that in the game of global capitalism, there are no enemies, only customers. We will feed you, take your money - then shoot you!
A republican system will present us with the same type of characters: tired grey men in a morally corrupt system. Prince Charles operates on a higher moral plane than the runts and grunters who presently rule the pig pen of modern politics.


by Peter Ewer
Prime Minister John Howard's press club speech "Towards One Destiny" (26/1/06) well illustrates the fundamental incoherence of his world view. The speech was classical conservative stuff which would be right at home in Quadrant.
History as taught in schools is a stew of politically correct ideologies mixed with cultural relativism and post modernism. The values of the Enlightenment - individual freedom, egalitarianism and the rule of law - take second place to leftist "progressive" values of social reform. The institutions and values of British political culture are vilified.

All of this is true, but the great irony of all this is that Howard has done more to undermine Anglo-Australia than even that great defamer of the English, Paul Keating. Asian migration has been (officially - we all know that with illegals and Asians from New Zealand the figures are higher) in excess of 70 per cent of the annual intake for many years. Economic globalisation has proceeded at full steam, a part of which is draconian industrial relations. Basic freedoms have been destroyed by his security legislation. But his conservative speeches still tug at the heart strings of those dopey conservatives who - with the same mindless faith of new-agers and X-File advocates of UFO alien abductions - "want to believe".
John Howard is not a conservative, but a radical globalist, more dangerous than those he (rightfully) criticises. Watch carefully - you can see the strings being pulled.

The genuine conservative educationist Kevin Donnelly has argued in his book "Why Our Schools Are Failing," and in many newspaper articles that high school and as well, university, history is essentially the product of the Left's long march through the institutions. Schools of education are primarily concerned with inculcating politically correct values.
Donnelly in The Australian of 31/1/06 substantiates this claim by a survey of the mission statements of most of the nation's schools of education. There we find that making teachers "agents for social change and justice" within a "critical Social-constructivist framework" is a primary concern.
A typical high school history text teaches that the foundation of Australia was based upon genocide. As Donnelly puts it: "European settlement is described as an invasion, Australia's Anglo-Celtic heritage is either marginalised or ignored, indigenous culture is portrayed as beyond reproach and teachers are told they must give priority to perspectives of gender, multiculturalism and global future. (The Weekend Australian, 28-29/1/06, p.24).
Pre-1788 Aborigines are portrayed as "noble savages" living in a political and ecological utopia. No mention is ever made of their appalling treatment of women - giving teenage girls to old men ("Elders) was common. Nor is the fact of inter-tribal warfare mentioned. Only with White settlement were individual Aborigines relatively free to move over Australia as before this they ran the risk of being killed by another tribe.

So much for "migration," "multiculturalism," and "tolerance". The aim of such education strategies is to cultivate a sense of shame so that Whites can be manipulated by the new class. The story behind all of this is complex and has been detailed in a variety of League publications. The influence of Jewish intellectual Franz Boas and other left wing 'intellectuals" would need to be examined against the background of real world history.
Kevin MacDonald's book * "The Culture of Critique" is a good starting point for those who wish to understand "how it got this bad".
In conclusion, the Left, paradoxically, are perhaps right in their general claim that the study of history and social change are intrinsically connected. After studying the history of their activities maybe it is time for some real social change, but not of course in the direction they desire. Rather, genuine conservatives should believe in the motto, "forward to the past".
* "The Culture of Critique," by Kevin MacDonald $65.00 posted from all League Book Services.


by James Reed
Occurring simultaneously with the Muhammad cartoon controversy was the issue of police bias/inaction in respect to Middle Eastern race rioters. NSW Opposition leader Peter Debnam made headlines when he stated that the Labor Government of Premier Morris Iemma had encouraged police to "go soft" on the Middle Eastern revenge attackers in the wake of the Sydney December 2005 race riots.

Not one Middle Eastern attacker had been arrested, although 30 White men had been charged. After the political storm erupted by 31 January 2006, six Middle Easterners had been arrested.
The Opposition Leader stated what is now common knowledge: that the "go soft" position arose from Labor's political correctness. Many electorates had large Middle Eastern populations (a "reserve army" of Labor voters) and during the 1990s Labor Party branches had been stacked with Middle Eastern members.

Malcom Kerr, a Liberal MP whose seat is Cronulla said that he had a multitude of constituents complain of inaction by police on revenge attacks (The Weekend Australian, 28-29/06, p.17). Iemma and NSW police commissioner Ken Moroney claimed that the easy arrest of Anglos was made because of the existence of video footage, while there was no video footage of the Lebanese revenge attacks. However Channel 9 showed video footage of about 30 Lebanese bashing an Anglo at Cronulla after the riot. The Weekend Australian cites the example of a police document that said that the night after the Sydney riots vehicles and a crowd of Middle Eastern criminals were sighted in the vicinity of Punchbowl Park but: "A direction was given to the police around midnight not to enter the area and antagonise these persons."

Tim Priest, a retired detective, said (The Australian 25/1/06, p.8) that Middle Eastern criminals were allowed to run amok" because of directives given from "up high" for the police to avoid taking action. Pacific Islanders were also involved in smashing cars during the riots, but no charges were laid over damage to vehicles (The Weekend Australian, 28-29/1/06, p.6). This is the real face of multiculturalism. It is about the rule of law being forgotten in favour of political correctness. It is about the discrimination of the dispossessed majority (soon to be minority) Anglo population. That which the great League man, Eric Butler, warned us about in his articles of forty years ago, is coming to pass. From the perspective of the racial health of the Anglo ethnic group, Australia's post World War II immigration programme has been little more than an "ethnic dilution" programme.
We either think "ethnically" and "tribally" like all other groups do (which is our "multicultural right") or we disappear from the face of history.

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by James Reed
The great patriot of the Australian Freedom Movement, Tony Pitt, sadly, is dying. However he and some other loyal patriots are attempting to get together and rally the pro-freedom parties/groups/individuals in a massive push to break up the cosy power structure of the major parties - and unseat them.
All of the key issues which concern us will be on the agenda: the sell-off of Australian minerals and energy, the privatising and foreignising of our water; the importation of migrants who hate the Australian way of life; law and order, the banking issue; the need to re-industrialise Australia; the need for the defence of Australia. To take but one example: the establishment and politically correct groups (especially feminist groups) want Australian males to be totally disarmed. In Victoria one cannot even own a sword for home self-defence. Criminals thus have a field day preying on a helpless population: for the 'crims' still have their guns.

Even more disturbing Janes, the world defence authority predicts that Australia will be at war with Asia in 15 Years. Tony Pitt has a video of Mr. Samawaga of the Indonesian Golkar Party threatening that Indonesia would invade Australia. The then Indonesian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ali Alites says on the same tape that "Mr. Samawaga is only echoing the sentiments of the people and the parliament of Indonesia. If only for the defence issue, we need to unite to begin dealing with the threats to Australia's survival.

The contacts for the Save Australia Alliance are:
New South Wales: Lynn Stanfield, P.O. Box 578, Taree 2430; ph.0408 521 375
Victoria: Doug Harrison, 10 Kenny St., Crib Point 3919; email:
Queensland: Robert Meek, P.O. Box 60, Yarraman 4614; ph.07 4163 8284
West Australia: Merv Turner, 23 Hanson St., Albany 6330; ph.08 9841 6252
Tasmania: Ray Escobar, 6 Main St., St. Marys 7215; ph.03 6372 2901
South Australia: George Merritt, 14/4 Rangoon St., Oaklands Park 5046; ph. 08 8296 7574


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
I was naturally interested to read a review by Nicholas Rothwell ("Rock Bottom," The Weekend Australian (Books) 28-29/1/06) of Ian Wilson's (no connection) "Lost World of the Kimberley: Extraordinary Glimpses of Australia's Ice Age Ancestors" (Allen and Unwin).
Rothwell begins by saying that a "fanciful interpretation of the Bradshaw figures of the Kimberley should never have been given the imprimatur of a leading publisher." Wilson's book must have hit a nerve!

The Bradshaw figures consist of an array of rock art which resembles the art of cultures like ancient Egypt more than that of Australian Aborigines. Thus one painting "Reindeer Rock" consists of animals which clearly look like reindeer. (Wilson has a photo of this in The Weekend Australian (Books) 4-5/2/06, p.R9) Wilson and others believe that the Bradshaws were painted by a culture that lived in Australia before the last Ice Age - which seems confirmed in part by radiometric dating.
Wilson, to be sure goes on to hypothesise about the links between these paintings and European mythology, but that is not grounds for the savage Rothwell review and the statement "we have reached a sad moment in the degeneration of the nation's culture."

What is challenged by the type of questioning of Wilson, and others, although he does not say this himself, is the foundational myth of Australian political correctness, that the Aborigines were first here. The story goes that they were then massacred by Anglo-Australians. As punishment Anglos must lose this land to non-White migrants. This is the sub-text to the politically correct history of today. Wilson, of course doesn't discuss this issue, keeping solely to the archaeology, so his own views are not known, but the question naturally arises when reflecting on these issues. Whatever the ultimate political significance of the Bradshaw paintings are, Wilson has done an excellent job in stimulating intelligent debate. Mainstream Australian intellectual life has become a waterless desert of conformity, only enlivened by the greenery of free thinkers like Wilson.
Buy his book and enjoy.


by James Reed
It must have been a slow news/day in Adelaide on 31 January, 2006. The Advertiser, the Murdoch press paper that solely "serves" that city had as its headline "Race Hate Base". The story is about a group of "White supremacist "crusaders" who have "gained a foothold in Adelaide". Now don't expect goose-steps down Rundle Mall by blonde Aryan storm-troopers. The "crusaders" of the Creativity religion (The White Crusaders of the RaHowa (racial holy war) have a website and a post office box. Page 6 of The Advertiser even has a photograph of the Oaklands Park PO Boxes!

The Advertiser as a piece of investigative journalism found the site then alerted the Justice Minister Chris Allison, who in turn asked the Australian Federal police to investigate whether Australia's race/thought crime laws had been breached. All this for - what?
A small group of individuals pushing a nutty creed who would have never been heard of by most people without the exposure given by The Advertiser. The exercise is one of "racists under the bed" where the establishment sabre rattles to keep the little white mice in a state of control: don't even think about it.
Thus the page 6 photos of a smiling blonde child and the slogan "Our race is royal" (a claim which all races believe to be true of themselves) are equated with other quotations from the site which are genuinely offensive and objectionable.

Once again, extremists are used to tar all who care about their race, with the same brush. When will the establishment media lament about the sale of black American rap music containing racist lyrics about killing whites and raping white women?


by James Reed
A report by the think tank, 'Women's Forum Australia,' released at the 34th session of the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, has stated that the two most common reasons why Australian women (read "White women") have abortions is that they think that they can't afford the baby or that the father does not want to accept responsibility for the child. (The Australian, 30/1/06, p.6).
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare released national abortion statistics which showed that one in four Australian pregnancies end in abortion.

Now leaving aside the feminist angle and the UN New World Order angle, it is clear even from the establishment's own data that the tragedy of abortion ultimately lies with the heartless financial/economic system that rules our lives. The social credit alternative at its most basic level would not permit innocent human lives to be sacrificed on the economic altar. This is an overwhelming moral argument in favour of social credit over the coldness and ruthlessness of global capitalism.


by Patrick J. Buchanan. Patrick Buchanan is co-founder and editor of The American Conservative.
The article was sourced from:

What hypocrisy. When it comes to what Germans are most sensitive about, Hitler and the Holocaust, they are ruthless censors. British historian David Irving has spent three months in a Viennese prison awaiting trial on Feb. 20 for speeches he made 15 years ago in Austria. Skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust are prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in Europe with the enthusiastic endorsement of the European press.

To advance a war of civilizations:

That demagogues and agitators are exploiting those cartoons of Mohammed to advance a war of civilizations and expel Europeans from the Middle East seems undeniable. But that does not excuse the paralyzing stupidity of that Danish paper in running those cartoons - or the arrogant irresponsibility of European newspapers in plastering those cartoons all over their front pages.
The storm first broke last September, when Jyllands-Posten published 12 caricatures of Mohammed, including a lampoon of the Prophet with a terrorist bomb as a turban. In the Islamic faith, any depiction of the face of Mohammed is forbidden.
The Danish paper knew this. It published the cartoons to protest "the rejection of modern, secular society" by Muslims. The cartoons were thus a defiant provocation. And they succeeded.

The Middle East responded with a boycott of Danish foods and goods. But when, in the name of press solidarity, Le Soir and Le Monde in Paris, El Pais in Madrid and Die Welt in Berlin republished the cartoons on page one, Islam exploded. For this was an in-your-face declaration by the secularist media of the European Union that it will exercise its right to insult any God, any Prophet, any faith, whenever it so chooses.
"Enough lessons from these reactionary bigots," said Serge Faubert, editor of Le Soir. "Just because the Quran bans images of Mohammed doesn't mean non-Muslims have to submit to this." Faubert, however, is not a Danish soldier in the Shi'ite sector of Iraq. Innocents will pay the price of his 'heroism'.

The U.S. State Department seemed to empathize with Muslim rage, stating that "inciting religious or ethnic hatred in this manner is unacceptable." But, within hours, had retreated to neutral ground: "While we share the offence that Muslims have taken at these images, we at the same time vigorously defend the right of individuals to express points of view."…
Islamic countries have recalled ambassadors from Copenhagen. People have been injured and property destroyed in mob assaults as far away as Indonesia. Relations between the West and the Islamic world have been dealt another rupturing blow.
And for what? What was the purpose of this juvenile idiocy by the Europress? Is this what freedom of the press is all about - the freedom to insult the faith of a billion people and start a religious war? European governments are wringing their hands over the rage and violence unleashed, but they seem paralyzed.

What is the matter? Why cannot they denounce press irresponsibility while defending press freedom? British Foreign Minister Jack Straw deplored republication of the cartoons as "insensitive ... disrespectful ... wrong." But German Interior Minister Wolfgang Shauble haughtily dissented, "Here, in Europe, governments have nothing to say about which publisher publishes what."

What hypocrisy! When it comes to what Germans are most sensitive about, Hitler and the Holocaust, they are ruthless censors. British historian David Irving has spent three months in a Viennese prison awaiting trial on Feb. 20 for speeches he made 15 years ago in Austria. Skeptics and deniers of the Holocaust are prosecuted, fined and imprisoned in Europe with the enthusiastic endorsement of the European press.

Nor are we all that different.
We have "speech codes" in colleges and "hate crimes" laws to protect minorities from abusive remarks. But newspapers that hail these codes throw a blanket of "artistic freedom" over scatological art that degrades religious symbols - from putting a figure of Christ in a jar of urine to a "painting" of the Virgin Mary surrounded by female genitalia and elephant dung that hung in a Brooklyn museum.

What has happened in Europe is that the secular press, which loves to mock the beliefs and symbols of religious faith, has now insulted a deadly serious religion that answers insults with action.


To the Editor of The Age, 7th February 2006:
Rabbi John Levi defames honourable and intelligent men (7/2) when he falsely asserts that Holocaust denial (his term) is 'an insane theory'. Anyone who carefully and fairly studies the writings of the major historical revisionists who have questioned important aspects of the currently accepted understanding of the Holocaust, will quickly see that they have adduced powerful evidence and strong arguments, these presented in courteous and academic style.
The facts that they are refused adequate space in most public forums to debate their theses and are even subject to deportation and imprisonment, constitute a prima facie case that a significant part of their findings is true and that powerful interests are desperate to suppress it. Other claims by Rabbi Levi (that Holocaust revisionism 'deliberately profanes the memories of millions of people', 'contains a deep-seated anti-Semitism' and seeks 'to intimidate the Jewish community') are also belied by the published texts of men such as Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf, Jurgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno and others.
It is not they but he who is 'peddling propaganda' - Zionist propaganda; and it is he who should be ashamed.
Nigel Jackson, Belgrave Victoria.

Beautiful Italian Woollen Suits Now 'Chinese':
Sir: A friend recently toured Italy and whilst in the industrial area of Milan was shown the rows of woollen mills where the famous cloth was produced from Australian Merino wool. Regrettably many of them had closed their doors due to competition from China. To add insult to injury, my friend was told that when the disused mills became virtually worthless, the Chinese actually purchased some of them and began production with Chinese labour. This would have been done to achieve a genuine 'Made in Italy' label.
So there you have it - Italian cloth made in Chinese owned mills by Chinese labour, in Italy!!
Closer to home, Australian meat processors including Tatiara Meat and Australian Meat Holdings are importing Chinese labour for their boning room workforce. Special classes are conducted in the community for these people to learn English to help them blend into our society. It is obvious they are here to stay (and bring their friends); they are not 'fly in - fly out' labour.
Why does our system not encourage our home-grown workforce to fill these positions?
Kenneth Grundy Naracoorte, S.A.

Not a Lack of Patriotism:
Sir: Lately there has been a lot of 'soul searching' reasons and excuses appearing in the mainstream media as to why our young men are not coming forward to join our "Defence Forces". Admirals, generals, politicians and so-called "defence experts" have aired their opinions but not one of them has had the courage to cite the politically incorrect reason for our youth not volunteering to lay their lives on the line for the defence of our beloved Australia, although in the past there were no shortages of volunteers.
An as ex-AIF volunteer with service in the Middle East and the South West Pacific, I know full well that each man who volunteered to join our defence forces was fully aware that he had to be prepared to lay his life on the line.
However, it is an entirely different matter when our young men are asked to lay their lives on the line to become little more than mercenaries; to aid in the expansionist commercial ambitions of the USA and to help make billions of dollars for the likes of Bush, Cheney and their ilk.
I know Australian soldiers, some senior ranking and some junior, who were appalled when John Howard sent them off to a war which even 'blind Freddy' could see was not a war in the defence of Australia, but a war of aggression against mostly defenceless civilians.
In hindsight, can any of us believe that any one of the 2,000-odd American soldiers who have given their lives would have believed they were protecting America? So, I say again: is it any wonder that our young men are not coming forward?
Yours sincerely Edward Paterson, Kingscliff NSW.