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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
6 March 2006 Thought for the Week:

"I hope my fellow Old Brentwoodian Jack Straw does introduce legislation to make it a criminal offence subject to a two-year jail sentence to question the Holocaust. That will bring everything out into the open.
I shall claim the honour of being the first prosecuted by repeating the words for which I was fined £13,300 in Munich, banned from German territory and Second World War archives, namely: 'The gas chamber shown to the tourists at Auschwitz is a fake built after the war by the Polish communists. I assume a British court will permit us to call witnesses and evidence which the German courts denied us."
(The Polish authorities have since admitted that the structure in question was built in 1948...ed)
- David Irving, Historian. Sunday Times 20 October 1996.

"The West has been unable to intellectually defend itself because its own intellectuals have been working ceaselessly to destroy it."
- James Reed in "Defending the West," February 2006.


by Brian Simpson
Media articles by leading journalists across the world seem to be making essentially the same argument with respect to the "cartoon conflict": that the fundamental value of free speech is at stake and that this right over-rides a right of someone, not to be offended. It is strange logic that cartoons deliberately created to be "in the face" of Islam (whatever merits of that) can be defended by the West and yet a scholar such as David Irving, whose historical research questioned the Holocaust, is now to serve three years in prison. Where are the liberals defending David Irving's free speech right?

Islamists have said (Channel 10 TV news, 7/2/06) that cartoons about the Holocaust will be published. (The Jerusalem Post recently published the cartoons). Iran's largest selling newspaper Ham Shahri is having a contest for cartoons on the Holocaust. The graphics editor of that paper said: "The Western papers printed these sacrilegious cartoons on the pretext of freedom of expression, so let's see if they mean what they say and also print these Holocaust cartoons." The answer is of course predictable but who said radical Islamists were without humour? If this is done will liberals defend the Islamists' free speech right? This is yet another murky and gruesome debate provoked by our collapsing multicultural society. The right of free speech has been threatened in recent times like never before.
The great British philosopher John Stuart Mill wrote in On Liberty: "Strange it is that men should admit the validity of the arguments for free discussion, but object to their being 'pushed to an extreme'; not seeing that unless the reasons are good for an extreme case, they are not good for any case."

Thus as a point of logic: if there is a right of freedom of speech regarding cartoons, then David Irving also has the same right of freedom of speech. If Irving is to be imprisoned, then imprison all the editors of the newspapers across the world that published the offending cartons. - Otherwise: let freedom of speech bloom.

Editor's Note: According to The Australian 21/2/06, Austria actually has on its statute books a "Banning Law" which forbids public questioning of the Holocaust or the glorification of the Nazi regime! David Irving is to spend three years in an Austrian prison because he dares to question the accepted politically correct version of history.
Mr. Klacki the prosecutor in Irving's Austrian trial is "prepared - with the help of advisers - to make a speech affirming the reality of the Holocaust." One would have thought in a court of law the evidence would have been presented, the facts established, affirming the reality of the claims of the Holocaust! Instead the prosecutor is prepared "to make a speech"? What sort of court of law is that? Sounds to me horribly like those that flourished under the Soviet regime in Communist Russia.

Michael Lane has an excellent article on the League's website in the section "Triumph of the Past" under the title of "Power and Freedom". It gives an outline of when and how the white ants began infesting the English-speaking peoples' system of Common Law.
For those who would like to read Michael's 15-page article "Power and Freedom," it is available in a photocopy form from Heritage Book Services, P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley 5159 for $4.00 posted.
Or you can download it from the League's website: go to "Triumph of the Past" section and then click on to Michael Lane's Library articles. His archived articles are listed at the bottom end of the page.


by Peter Ewer
Jacques Pluss, a US academic, pretended to be a neo-Nazi to do authentic research ("Neo-Nazi to the Goosestep," The Australian 8/2/06, p.36). He even set himself up to be sacked from his university, Fairleigh Dickinson, so that he too could suffer the same type of marginalisation that neo-Nazis face.
To do this he wrote a pseudonymous letter to the editor of the Fairleigh Dickinson student newspaper which 'outed' him as a neo-Nazi and faster than you could swallow a bagel, he was sacked. While much could be said about these research methods, what is of interest to me is the violation of academic freedom.
If Pluss had expressed radical left or Islamic views he would not have been touched - even if advocating violence and revolution. "Extreme right" views - even without the advocation of violence - are not tolerated even in the land of the so-called free.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
Let us conduct a brief cook's tour of the loss of freedom in Western countries under the pretence of combating terrorism. First, in the State of Victoria, Premier Steve Bracks has said that he is likely to water-down the Victorian anti-terrorism legislation relating to the strip-searching of children as young as 10 by police officers of the opposite sex and without the knowledge of their parents. Now such strip searches of children will only be done in "extreme circumstances" such as when an imminent terrorist attack is happening.
What strip-searching a Muslim child - say a 10-year-old girl - by a big burley policeman will achieve in terror control is anybody's guess, but suppose that a weapon of mass destruction could be stored in her knickers.

In Britain around 36,000 people were stopped and searched in 2005 under the emergency powers. Section 44 of the Terrorist Act gives police the power to stop and search people. Of the 35,776 searches only 455 were arrested on any charge. The search power under the Terrorist Act changes the previous legal situation which required police to have a suspicion that one had committed a crime. Now no such suspicion is needed to stop and search. Numerous political protesters have been stopped and searched, according to The Independent 26/1/06.

In the United States President Bush has defended his decision to allow spying on US citizens without court approval, saying that the action was both legal and necessary. He claimed that the domestic spying programme was only aimed at people actively working with al-Qaeda. As a matter of fact thousands of phone calls and emails by innocent Americans were scrutinised. Few terrorists are stupid enough to broadcast their intentions on the phone or computer.
But that is not the point of the exercise: it is all part of a drive for social control and restraint. Back to Australia.
The Howard government is gearing up to implement an Australian identity card and is to use a retired judge or senior public servant to head a review to be "conducted independently of government". The ID cards with biometric data would cost over $1.6 billion to produce. But the government cannot even securely operate the Aviation Security Identity Card system, where 384 cards have gone missing. One can only guess at the abuses which will occur.

Each day passes for us and seems a normal enough day. But the enemies of freedom tirelessly work away, like white ants in a building, munching away at the infrastructure of freedom. Sometimes we don't even know what we have lost until long after we have lost it. We awake to find yet another chain around us.


by James Reed
Through the smoke of burning embassies, torched by Islamists offended about cartoons with depictions of the Prophet Muhammed and now, the dead - one must ask why: why do Islamists have glass jaws? "Glass jaw" is a boxing term and means that the fighter is easily hurt or knocked out. Islamists are the equivalent: easily hurt by any slight. Who else is like that?

Yet as "blogger" (an awful internet in-term) Tim Blair points out at in publishing the 12 Danish cartoons on 6/2/06, Islamists are free of vilification. He points out that Sheik Khalid Yasin, a regular preacher in Australia has said that Christians deliberately infected Africans with AIDS. Tim Blair continues: "Yasin wouldn't merely draw cartoons of homosexuals - he'd have them put to death in accordance with Koranic law. One Imam told Australian students that Jews put poison in bananas. Iraqis voting in their country's elections were shot at and otherwise intimidated by Islamic extremists whose banners announced: 'You vote, you die'. These friends of free speech were also observed photographing those who dared vote."
"Sheik Feiz Muhammad told a supportive Bankstown crowd last year that women deserved to be raped if they wore "satanical" garments, including anything "strapless, backless, [or] sleeveless" and also "miniskirts [and] tight jeans."

And that's a lot of raping for swarthy "lions" to do. Is more proof required of the failure of multicultural/multiracial societies? It has taken time but the folly of the post World War II immigration scam is beginning to unfold. It is a pity that the West must burn for its foolishness.


by James Reed
"Women of the Senate Unite on RU486" said the headline of The Australian of 10/2/06, p.1. And to leave no doubt there was a coloured picture of the sisters of the senate, after the bill to end Health Minister Tony Abbot's veto power over the abortion pill RU486, passed. "Well done girls" was hailed as 23 of the 26 women voted to support it.
Pro-RU486 supporter Amanda Vanstone put the issue as all of these women had put it: as a feminist one. Women need a pill to take to eliminate junior to ensure their freedom. The "foetus" anyway is not a "person" and thus does not have rights, although Amanda the demander said of the pro-life lobby that they should get another name as "frankly, that describes everybody in this place. I do not know anybody who is against life."

Well my dear, you and your feminist colleagues are against life because RU486 kills foetuses and also has a range of ill-health effects on women users. And, surprise, surprise - foetuses are alive! Continuing with her femi-logic Vanstone said: "if you can come to the view that there can be a just war, why can there never be a just abortion?"
The issue with RU486 is not about whether or not an abortion is ever justified (say in grave medical emergencies or in the case of rape) but on demand as a matter of convenience.

It is strange that feminists have supported anti-racist "liberation" agendas but have discriminated in the most brutal way against foetuses, whom they regard as bio-junk to be disposed of by chemical or blade attacks. Native vegetation gets treated better than foetuses in the feminist great chain of being.


by Tom Barnes
Over 4.3 million people born abroad were living in Britain at the time of the 2001 Census. This is an increase of one million people compared with 1991. In London one in four were born abroad ("Britain Now Home to 4.3m Immigrants," Weekly Telegraph 20 September 2005). The Weekly Telegraph breaks down the top places of birth so that the Republic of Ireland is first at 494,850.
However if we look at matters from a racial perspective and add up the figures for India, Pakistan, the Caribbean, Bangladesh and Kenya (ignoring South Africa) we get a grand total of 1,870,330 largely coloured migrants from these countries alone. Is it any wonder that sensible thinkers are doubting whether British society can survive.

A deliberate act of public policy:
Leo McKinstry, in an article published in Washington's The Weekly Standard (reprinted "France Right to Insist on Assimilation," The Australian 29 November 2005, p.12) says that Britain faces even graver problems than France because of multiculturalism. McKinstry said:
"In truth, Britain is now a deeply divided land where suspicion, intolerance and aggression cast their shadow over urban areas. This sorry situation has been created by a deliberate act of public policy. For the past three decades, in response to waves of mass immigration, the civic institutions of Britain have eagerly implemented the ideology of multiculturalism. Instead of promoting a cohesive British identity, they have encouraged immigrant communities to cling to the traditions and languages of their countries of origin. The emphasis is on upholding ethnic and cultural differences rather than achieving assimilation."
The result is, that according to one survey, 13 per cent of British Muslims (who number 1.6 million) support home-grown terrorism. McKinstry addressed his criticisms of British multiculturalism in favour of French assimilation. But the French riots show that assimilation fails when the numbers of racially distinct and ethnically/religious people get in large numbers. Eventually it is the majority population who "assimilate" to the migrant population, being bred out of existence as happened to the Nordic Greeks and Romans of antiquity.

In Sweden police no longer control Malmø, Sweden's third largest city, the city being "ruled by violent gangs of Muslim immigrants" according to: <,2789,529910,co.html.>
Ambulance workers are attacked by weapons and no longer work without police escort. Police only enter parts of the city with several patrols. Native Nordic Swedes have evacuated the city of Malmø because of the fear of crime. City buses now avoid the immigrant area. Gang rapes involving Muslim immigrant males and native Swedish girls - as occurred in Australia and France with their respective White girls - is commonplace.
Since the beginning of 2003, rapes in Sweden have increased by 17 per cent, according to this internet source. Stories of gang rapes are common in Swedish newspapers. Ninety (90) per cent of Muslim immigrants in Malmø are unemployed and some Muslims who have lived in Sweden for twenty years have not learnt Swedish.
Växjö University economics professor Jan Ekberg found that immigration cost Swedish taxpayers DKK 33 billion in 2002, even more than Denmark at DDK 10 billion. Muslim migrants are actively encouraged to enter Sweden through family reunion programmes. Demography dictates, with high Muslim birth rates, and below replacement level birth rates of Europeans, that Eurabia and the establishment of Sharia (Islamic) law, is only a matter of time.

Muslim fundamentalists in Asia hope to create an Islamic state from Thailand to Indonesia, which will eventually engulf Australia. "Democracy" and Western modernity will be replaced by Sharia law (The Australian 22 November 2005).
Surely it is all a question of numbers: if the numbers of Muslim fundamentalists in Asia grows to a majority, or near majority, that will be a reality? I do not condemn Muslims for their way of life and nor do I cite examples of racial conflict to encourage an "us-versus-them" situation.

The fault for Europe's failure lies in a mindless "anti-racist" immigration policy which alone is responsible for the present racism in Europe - on both sides. These immigration policies are not and would never have been practised by Middle Eastern countries if the roles were reversed. The politicians and the intelligentsia who loathe European culture and people are responsible for the present suffering of Europe and it is they, rather than Muslims, who deserve criticism.


by James Reed
It has been well known for some time that the Japanese have been illegally fishing southern blue-fin tuna from Australian waters. Although there is an international fishing quota of around 15,000 tonnes, over 50,000 tonnes of the southern blue-fin tuna lobs on to the Japanese market yearly. (The Australian 11-12/2/06, p.10)
A Port Lincoln fisherman, Hagen Stehr, wants Australia to impose sanctions on Japan. He has said: "It's international fraud. All of the illegally caught tuna ends up on the Japanese market. The Japanese government is doing nothing… they totally disregard it."
The illegal tuna is bought by the Japanese fish market at below international export prices. Australian tuna farmers then have to accept lower prices to remain in the market. The Australian government has done nothing even though the Australian tuna industry is at risk.

The same type of problem can be seen daily in a wide number of areas. Thus foreign students are not routinely subjected to police checks in Victoria and are thus eligible to become security guards. "An internal Victoria Police report warns that a foreign national could be linked to an extremist group in their homeland but enter Australia on a student visa and weeks later be employed in Victoria as a guard." (The Age 11/2/06. p.5).

Also sitting on the same page is another story that is a "ripper":
Former Sudanese refugee ("Former" as he is here now) Taban William Gany had a blood alcohol level of 0.175 (which is more than three times the legal limit) when, in May 19 2005, he crashed into a brick wall of Dandenong West Primary School. He injured five students, four of them seriously. One little boy had to have his right foot amputated and another little girl suffered multiple fractures.

The Sudanese was given a three-year suspended sentence! The trial judge took into account the fact that the Sudanese was a refugee:
"I defy anyone to regard your past without a twinge of sadness and a regard for the penitential nature of a good part of your adult existence."
That is cold comfort for the parents of one child who constantly wakes at night in fear and pain. The drunk driver was able to walk free because he was a black refugee.

The tuna, foreign student and refugee stories are examples of issues seen in the daily papers that may not at first glance seem connected. However they are. The common theme is that "foreign is good/ special/ protected, local is inferior/prey."
The Australian government doesn't care about the welfare of Australians because long ago it sold out to International Finance and now merely acts as a night watchman of Foreign interests. Consequently it can give away hard won public assets and allow local industries to be destroyed as a matter of course. The same theme weaves through the other stories.
Ask yourself: if you or me had injured those children, would we have walked away scot free? We, rightly, would be in prison.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.
One of the 93 proposals contained in the Western Australian Law Reform Commission report into Aboriginal Customary Law, is that Western Australian Courts should take into account traditional punishments, including spearings and beatings, when sentencing Aboriginal offenders. This proposal has received a "sympathetic response" from the WA Attorney-General Jim McGinty who said that Aboriginal offenders have been punished twice. (The Australian 7/2/06, p.4): once by customary law and once by Australian law.

Here is news for Mr. McGinty: there is only one law and that is Australian law.
Trying to keep Aboriginals out of goal by this strategy is sure to backfire in the end. Although Aborigines made up only 3 per cent of WA's population in 2004, 40 per cent of the prison population were Aboriginal. Although the Left would like to pretend that these criminals are the victims of racism, everyone of these persons is in goal after a trial by law.
Most of these offences are not committed in a tribal context in Aboriginal communities, but are offences by Blacks against Whites - which is not covered by traditional law. You see, traditional Aboriginal law is not politically correct. Tribal law will generate anomalies, as the editorial of The Australian 7/2/06 p.13, recognised.

An Aboriginal elder in the Northern Territory in 2005 received a one-month prison sentence for the sexual assault of a 14 year old girl promised to him in marriage. Under indigenous customs, rape of such young girls, was common. In fact, it wasn't "rape" because women were property. Where were the fat feminist lawyers baying for this girl's rights? Did the yoke of political correctness make it too difficult for them to raise their heads from grazing on the morning tea's cream cake array?


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Sir: The following letter was sent to The Hon Mrs Dana Vale, Parliament House, Canberra:
Dear Mrs Vale,
This note is to put a little balance into your remark which voiced the concerns of the average Australian. Regardless of the pros and cons of the abortion debate neither I nor anyone to whom I have spoken can understand why both sides of Parliament, the press, the TV networks and the radio have come down on you like a ton of bricks for just stating the concerns of the average Australian.
A Muslin representative was given the opportunity to have a go at you but out of the millions who agree with you, no one was given the opportunity to present the feelings of the general population of Australia.
The Media did take the opportunity to say how wonderfully successful our Multi Cultural programme has been in the past by citing the assimilation of Greeks, Italians and Europeans generally, but in each case the fact that these migrants were from Christian countries and shared a similar standard of ethics and behaviour was not mentioned. Neither was the FACT that throughout the world's history, when different races of radically different faiths, beliefs and heritages are thrown together they do not live in harmony and either one side or the other will eventually dominate. The Muslin spokesman said that they would not continue to have large families because they could not afford to do so in Australia; but surely they could afford large families a lot less in the countries where they came from?

We believe that the present Government policies of financially helping families to have more children are well worthwhile but it will also help to breed the Christian Caucasian race out of existence. It is a serious problem and it is hard to shut the stable door once the horse has bolted, as all this should have been anticipated and sorted out before the Government blindly started to favour immigration from Muslim countries over Europeans who were ready and willing to migrate to Australia.
I know and have known of many British would-be migrants who have wanted to migrate at their own expense but have been turned away in favour of Asians, African and North African assisted immigrants.
It was not my intention to give you all this information of which I am sure you as a fair dinkum thinking Representative of your constituents, are well aware, but the main reason for this letter is to encourage your right and indeed duty to represent the views and feelings of your constituents and the people of Australia, and also to register alarm that Political Correctness has gone so far and become so entrenched that not even an MHR can express a view which is widely the concern of the people of Australia ,without being censured by the Government, and ridiculed by both sides of the House and the mainstream media.
The next thing we can expect is to be cracked down upon by the Thought Police.
Yours sincerely, Edward Paterson, Kingscliff NSW.