Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
Christian based service movement warning about threats to rights and freedom irrespective of the label, Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke
Science of the Social Credit Measured in Terms of Human Satisfaction
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16 March 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The assumptions in the "Full Employment" policy point to the philosophy from which it is derived - Monism. Monism may be either materialist or idealist. Materialism proposes that only matter exists. Men therefore are merely matter, and as such should be organised as blades of grass are organised to make a field. It follows then that the highest activity open to man is the production of material goods and in this he is subordinated to the Group effort.
Idealism proposes that only thought exists; the Group idea is elevated, and individuals are subordinated to its requirements so that service (employment) in the Group idea is the proper end of Man. Essentially the result desired by either form of Monism is the same.
The policies of Monism, recognisable as such, are all forms of Monopoly - socialism, communism, full-employment. In all its expressions it strives to subordinate the individual to the abstraction of the Group.
Social Credit is not a philosophy, but a policy. Like all policies it is derived from a philosophy. Its philosophy is Trinitarian Christianity. Monism leads to the organisation of mankind into ever larger units, but Social Credit aims to emancipate individuality…"

- - Anthony Cooney in "Social Credit: Politics" a Gild of St. George Pamphlet.


by Jeremy Lee

In the Commonwealth Budget Estimates for 2006-07, the figures were:
Direct Taxes - $165.3 billion
Indirect Taxes - $31.8 billion

TOTAL - $217.1 billion

This averages out at over $10,000 for every man, woman and child in Australia, (assuming a population of 21 million).
But, under the creative accounting used by the Federal Government, the figures above do NOT include the revenue for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which raised another $40 billion, adding a further $2,000 to the average per capita tax take, making it an approximate $12,000 per head, or $48,000 for the average father, mother and two children.

But that is not the end of the story!
The States also raise their own taxes and imposts; and, of course, your local Council also wants a small contribution if you dare to own any property.
All Federal Income Tax is raised under a Taxation Act which Treasurer Costello was going to simplify, but which is now six times longer than the King James Bible, under an Australian Tax Office (ATO) which is the approximate size of the Australian Armed Forces.
In addition, each and every businessman in Australia is an unpaid tax collector, struggling regularly and for long hours with his BAS (Business Activity Statement) as well as collecting tax for the ATO from any wages he pays to his staff.

A government-job-creation scheme!
So complicated is the whole procedure that every business has to procure and pay for the services of an accountant, to save him from heavy penalties for any error he might otherwise make. If the collection and payment of taxes is a "government-job-creation-scheme", it must be the most brilliant one ever invented!
While extravagant claims are made about Australia's "booming economy" the real figures are somewhat different.
Yes, the Federal Government has eliminated its own debt (except for about $100 billion in unfunded liabilities in the form of future superannuation and pensions for politicians and public servants). This has been achieved by selling assets such as banks, airports and telephone companies, previously paid for by the taxpayers. At the very least this should have resulted in regular tax reductions and tax simplification.

Debt, debt and more debt!
As Australia's once-legendary manufacturing sector, and its farming sector, have been squeezed, mangled and contracted, Australia's huge mineral resources sector has been allowed to burgeon as the Nation's biggest export-earner by far. It is almost completely foreign-owned. The laziest politicians in the world have been allowed to ride on the back of our legendary mineral wealth, raking in royalties which are never used to lighten the load on other sectors. So, like the U.S., the once self-sufficient Australia lives on imports of consumer goods and, increasingly, food, paid for by our frighteningly huge Foreign Debt (At the end of February, this had reached $512 billion).

Australians live week-to-week by debt:
Australians on average live from week-to-week by debt. At the end of December 2006, Australia's Credit Card debt alone was just touching $40 billion. Household debt was not far short of a trillion dollars! ($962 billion)
When the Coalition under John Howard came to power in 1996, the ratio of household debt to annual income was 69 per cent. Ten years later it is about 160 per cent.

When the Howard Government came in, Australia's Foreign Debt was $180 billion. Today it is $512 billion. Is this what is meant by a "booming economy? Some boom!

If current boom conditions give way to any recession (and many are saying this is imminent) Australia will be hit harder than most. The money-lender will be knocking at every door! Even our politicians might be forced - heaven preserve us! - to curtail their lavish life-styles!

An old Chinese saying says, "When struck by a thunderbolt it is too late to consult the Book of Dates!" The thunderbolt is perilously close. A few precautionary steps are urgent. The tax-burden must be lifted and simplified if Australia's producing industries are to be revitalized.


by James Reed
Although most of our concerns about the survival of Western Civilisation cannot be reduced entirely to economics and finance in any mechanical, reductionist way, economic concerns are a major factor in our plight. Social crediters, rightly, say this in each edition of their excellent periodicals. Many excellent books available from the League are aimed at educating us on the 'money problem'.

Now there is another one, written from a perspective sympathetic to Social Credit, but advocating a 'pluralist' approach to the money problem: Diedre Kent, Healthy Money, Healthy Planet: Developing Sustainability Through New Money Systems (Craig Patton Publishing, Nelson New Zealand 2005).

Kent, although from a left and green perspective, is highly sympathetic to social credit and its analysis of the instabilities produced by the present 'diseased' financial system - which is likely to collapse. Fractional reserve banking is "the world's biggest confidence trick" (p.15). Banks are free to create credit lending out money on interest, without providing the money to repay the interest. A debt spiral is created as borrowers as a group cannot repay the principal and interest without still further borrowing - which creates the problem all over again. Borrowers thus fall further and further into debt. The gap between rich and poor increases.

Money is often borrowed from offshore lenders, ultimately making nations vulnerable. Further, because the interest charged is compound interest, such money systems are mathematically unstable and prone to collapse. Kent, herself a mathematician, says that a single penny invested at the time of the birth of Christ at a 5 per cent interest rate would today "buy 134 billion balls of gold equal to the weight of the earth at modern gold prices." (p.22)

Economic globalisation also arises from this unsustainable financial system, as governments attempt to pay off debts incurred to commercial banks and international banking agencies, by "export warfare", exporting more than they import. As Kent puts it: "as a consequence of this competition, large corporations transport ever-cheaper (in financial terms …ed) goods around the world, leading to a lowering of commodity prices. The push for exports means a wasteful and accelerating growth of trade, with identical goods criss-crossing the globe, adding to global warming, damaging the lifestyle and cultural integrity of indigenous people, and reducing the self-reliance of local communities. Democracy is continually eroded as centrally planned corporations colonise the world, usurping the power of democratically elected governments. This loss of democracy is further exacerbated as central banks come increasingly under the influence of the money markets."

Kent agrees with social crediters that the present unstable financial system needs radical change, with an abandonment of fractional reserve banking as presently practised. This need not involve the "communistic" "nationalisation" of banking, as old time League actionists such as Eric Butler recognised. Irving Fisher in 100% Money observed that the same European banks in the 17th century did not use fractional reserve banking and fully backed all their receipts by deposited assets - and still made a profit. Governments should also be able to create money directly when needed for productive projects, rather than allowing the banks to create it and then Governments borrowing it at interest.

Beyond this territory Kent supports "complementary currencies" or "local" or "community currencies". These democratise the national currency system. Whatever it is. Such currencies help protect local communities from the ravages of the present financial system. Supplementing the comprehensive changes advocated by social credit, these currencies help people work towards greater financial change. Money can be lent interest-free, avoiding the critical instabilities noted above.

Kent describes these complementary currencies in detail. Included is the LETS (Local Exchange/Employment and Trading System) which works best among small groups of less than 200 people. Barter is also an option on a small scale or a large - commercial trade barter. In the age of computers, barter need no longer be crude, and indeed 40 per cent of the world's economy is comprised of barter. At a State level there are also various schemes such as Bartercard, set up in Queensland in 1991 and now in New Zealand. Roy Netzer, Managing Director of Bartercard New Zealand is quote as saying: "By circulating the money around these businesses, we will make them all healthier and protect them from the biting economy outside." (p.159) Also discussed in the book are privately issued currencies such as tradesmen's tokens, and even Fly By Points!

The important lesson of complementary currencies is that people can devolve financial power and 'democratise' money. And that is one of the central messages of social credit as well.

Ask about videos on the subject. Send for a video copy of "An Alternative Money System" It is an explanation of how a Common Weal Credit Association would work for the benefit of a local community of producers and service providers. Price: $20.00 posted from P.O. Box 27, Happy Valley SA 5159.

"The Money Trick"; "The Guernsey Experiment" and "The Money Bomb" by James Gibbs Stewart. Send for a list today from your League Book Service.


by Ian Wilson LL.B.:
Don Stewart has been a policeman, barrister, the head of three Royal Commissions and the inaugural head of the National Crime Authority. He has recently published his autobiography: "Recollections of an Unreasonable Man: From the Beat to the Bench" (ABC Books, 2007).
The title is of course bitter irony: Stewart is a very reasonable and decent man and his book could have been sub-titled: An Eye Witness Account of the Corruption of the Australian Court System.

Actionists need to read this book because many have delusions of grandeur about the court system. Here is the antidote, with stories of convictions based on falsified confessional evidence, crooked cops taking bribe money and on it goes.
As Stewart said: "As recently as Christmas 1995 I discussed some of these matters with some District Court judges who were practising at the Bar. They agreed that the taking of bribes was notorious and named names, with no prompting from me. Yet they did nothing."
Now why would that be?

The Wrong Side of the Bench
Oh - before I forget, former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld could soon be charged with criminal offences including perjury over his speeding incident. Einfeld claimed that a visiting US academic was driving his car at the time.

But recently a former media advisor to former Labor leader Mark Latham claims that she was in the car with Einfeld, who was driving when the car was caught by the candid cameras. (Source "Einfeld May Soon Face Charges," The Australian 22/2/07 p.3)


by Brian Simpson
Lawrence Auster, an American critic of multiculturalism and immigrationism, has pointed out an "obvious contradiction that no one has noticed or addressed." Europe needs a flood of Muslim migrants to work and pay taxes and keep Europe's pension plans afloat, but Muslims are generally unskilled and on the dole. Muslim migrants are a net burden to Europe yet the immigration lobby supports them. Why?

The same reason answers this story
"HIV-Positive South African Women Seek Asylum in Canada," (Guardian Weekly 8-14/9/2006, p.3).

Or this one: "Spain's Boom Draws 650,000 Immigrants in Year: New Comers Labour has been vital to Economy, but fears of social tension are growing," (Guardian Weekly 4-10/8/06 p.7).

Or how about from The Australian (6/9/06 p.1) "Build TAFES in Africa to Solve Skills Crisis."

According to Vocational Training Minister Gary Hardgrave building TAFES in Africa would mean that African refugees would be equipped with language skills and lob on our shores ready to ease the skills crisis.
ommon to these stories and most others on this issue is a disease of self-loathing and racial death instinct. It is a complex historically-rooted pathology that has gripped the White race and especially Nordics and is particularly acute in Anglo-Saxons. It comes from centuries of embracing alien philosophies.

Thus, only elites who want to destroy Europe and create racial warfare would have brought in mass numbers of Muslims. On the other hand, taking in "refugees" to use them to solve our "skills crisis" which should be solved by training our own people, is just exploitation of Africans, a continuation of colonialism.

The British 'veil' debate is also explicable within the racial suicide paradigm. Muslim women wearing nikabs, burkas and other face coverings, according to the former British Foreign Minister Jack Straw, made "better, positive relations" between communities "more difficult". The veil was a "visible statement of separation and of difference."

Not to be out-cheered, Tony Blair called the veil a "mark of separation." Having brought these people in, there is now a concern about home-grown terrorism. Readers will remember a survey of British Muslims found that 100,000 of them felt the 7/7/ London terror attacks were justified. One in five felt little or no loyalty to Britain.

Well, surprise, surprise multiculturalists, what did you expect? Newcomers must change, one will say. But who says they will? They haven't yet. I do not blame the migrants: I blame our cultural elites who have in a real racist fashion used these people as pawns in their Grand Plan.


by Brian Simpson
According to Lawrence Auster's "View from the Right" blog, an editorial in Investor's Business Daily, a mainstream financial publication has said "Perhaps the only sane course … is to separate the West from Islam."

The idea that education and wealth creation eliminate radicalism is rejected by Investor's Business Daily in the light of recent large-scale US Gallop Poll that found that the "most radical among Muslims - those who support jihad - earn more and stay in school longer." Thus the liberal antidote for Islam extremism is a failure.

Western contact thus acts as an accelerant for jihadism:
"Radical Muslims have an education and an economic future, yet they still hate. They're literate enough to interpret their holy books, yet they still embrace jihad against infidels."
Thus: "Inviting more Muslims to our shores in the hopes they'll embrace our culture and adopt our values also seems misguided."

As has already been quoted, the editorial in Investor's Business Daily concludes:
"Perhaps the only sane course in this war is to separate the West from Islam."

Back in Australia… a special Newspoll proclaims that after a "representative" sample of Australians concerned about Muslims in Australia travelled to a special conference to hear 'experts' and 'religious leaders' that the number of individuals concerned about Muslims fell from 35 per cent to 21 per cent. (The Australian 5/3/07 p.11)

The Australian's headline read "Muslim debate softens opinions."
An article by multiculturalist journalist Mike Steketee on page 10 states, "More personal contact with Muslims could rub off some prejudices."

As always for the new class, it is alleged Anglo Saxon 'prejudice' which is the problem. But I do not concur: it has been Anglo Saxon liberalism and tolerance to all which has led to the twilight of the race.


by Peter West

John Howard tells us that US presidential hopeful Barack (as in "Iraq") Obama (rhymes with "Osama") is the sort of candidate that al-Qa'ida would vote for (the man for "bin"): "if I were running al-Qa'ida in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory not only for Obama but also for the Democrats" ("Terrorists to Cheer for Obama: PM," The Australian 12/2/07 p.1).

These remarks drew return fire from the man Barak Obama (oops, like a major US newspaper I almost typed "Osama"), described by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden as the "first mainstream African-American who is articulate an bright and clean," remarks for which I think he is still saying "sorry, sorry…"
Barak said that Johnny should put his money where his mouth is and send another 20,000 Aussie troops to Iraq, otherwise "it's just a bunch of empty rhetoric."

Barak, modern politics is all just a bunch of empty rhetoric, but being like "lightning in a jar" as Joe Biden has later described you, you will of course know that.

Barak Obama is the black son of a Muslim father. He has claimed that his father was a goat herder. Ted Sampley of US Veteran Dispatch 29 December 2006 (<http//>) says that researchers have uncovered that Obama's grandfather was a wealthy farmer and that his father was rich.
"Barak" is not an African name, but an Arabic one, and Koranic. Nothing wrong with that: but what is wrong is attempting to hide one's heritage, however clean and bright one is. Further, in Islamic eyes, if one's father is a Muslim, then so is the son even if the son says that he is a Christian (and one adopting a "Black Value System").

So, is America ready for a "Muslim" president, or one which the Muslim world will see as such? Certainly he has all the qualities which the new world order wants in the next American president: pro-immigration, pro-abortion, anti-gun, pro-same sex marriage- you name it. He will out-Clinton Hillary.


by James Reed
At the time I paid only a glancing interest to the AIDS campaigns of the 1980s - after all, I was not an IV drug user, choosing to pickle my brain in alcohol and as for sex, even then I was getting past it. But I remember the authorities telling us that HIV was not transmitted by casual contact.

This was an important political event because otherwise the establishment would have a big, big, ideological problem on their hands. The issue of quarantining politically correct groups would have had some force.

But now researchers who have published their results in the British Journal of Sports Medicine have found concentrations of the Hep B virus in the sweat of Turkish Olympic wrestlers. These researchers now recommend that people playing contact sports should be vaccinated against disease.

But there is a wealth of information on the internet by alternative health folk (which may or may not be correct) about the alleged dangers of vaccinations in general and the Hep B one in particular, so my mind is not made up.

Wouldn't it be best not to play with sweaty Turkish wrestlers and the like - or perhaps wear the equivalent of a full-body condom? In any case, if established medicine got it wrong on Hep B, maybe they got it wrong with AIDS as well? (Source: The Australian 3-4/3/07 p.3)


From Len the Cleaner
The sign draped outside an Adelaide church, at a distance - for someone like me with poor eyesight and blood pressure so high that my inner plumbing is set to explode - read "CELEBRATE REFUGEES".
Upon getting closer I found that the sign had an insert and actually read: "Celebrate and Support Refugees." Although raising my blood pressure still higher, the slogan did not puzzle me until I gave it a bit of thought.

First, if one was to actually "celebrate refugees" then wouldn't this imply "support" as well? Isn't the insert a tautology? And then, even if one was the most pinko of pinkos, and liberal of liberals, and so left of left that one had turned full circle and become "right", would one really celebrate refugees? Isn't that discriminating?

Would one "celebrate" what is by definition a problem State? Would homelessness or the homeless, alcoholism or alcoholics be celebrated? The more one reflects, the more that one finds utter conceptual confusion in the little slogan.

What are refugees? People who flee their homes for safer territory. They may be persecuted or a war may be happening. But the refugee goes. Others stay and fight for freedom and many die. Sometimes those brave souls who stand their ground win and change history.

How about celebrating them - those that stand and fight?

© Published by the Australian League of Rights, P.O. Box 27 Happy Valley, SA 5159