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13 April 2007 Thought for the Week:

Sanctions of social order: "The gist of the social crime of privilege is the legal emphasizing of personal inequality, the institutionalizing of the fatalistic doctrine of natural or divine election. The abolition of privilege means, therefore, not the equalizing of fortunes, but the reconceiving of the whole fabric of the law in a new spirit, so that, whereas in the past its chief emphasis has been laid upon the safeguarding of exceptional deserts, it shall henceforth concern itself solely with the guaranteeing of a common liberty, the giving to every man the utmost chance.
- - Charles Ferguson in "The Affirmative Intellect" 1901.

"… For an example of the risks facing our democracy, remember Peter Costello's comments in reply to fellow Liberal Petro Georgiou's stance on citizenship tests: Costello tried to distance the Government from Georgiou by saying that an MP who is not in cabinet is not part of the government. In this, Costello reminds us of Australia's shift towards executive government…."
- - Sam Hewitt Letters: Sydney Morning Herald 23rd March 2007.


by James Reed
Jeremy Lee with his usual brilliance has written about the sad, sad story of Australian taxation. The Commonwealth Budget estimates for 2006-07 are direct taxes $165.3 billion, indirect taxes $31.8 billion, giving a total of $217.1 billion. This is, on average, assuming a population of 21 million $10,000 for every man, woman and child. And the figures would be more if our laws did not permit tax loopholes for local and foreign corporations. In short, taxation simply murders economically working and lower middle class people. You can never get ahead.

However, as I understand it, a social credit economy could do away with, totally, or minimise personal income tax. Even today some oil-rich nations have no personal income tax.
A social credit economy, with control over the issue of 'credit', would no longer be at the mercy of the international financial system and would thus be a truly free and sovereign society. May of the ills discussed by writers in this movement stem from a loss of control over our destiny.

Taxation and the spiral of exponential debt, due to the usury of the global financial system, are two of the illnesses of the modern flight from freedom. The tragedy of taxation, a cancer on human effort, is an excellent reason for the social embrace of social credit.

Important books on 'Social Credit' - from all Heritage Book Services:

§ "Charles Ferguson: Herald of Social Credit," by Michael Lane: $12.00 posted
§ "An Introduction to Social Credit," by Bryan W. Monahan: $6.00 posted
§ "Social Credit," by C.H. Douglas: $15.00 posted
§ "Human Ecology and Social Credit: The Legacy of Tom Robertson," by Michael Lane: $10.00 posted
§ "Releasing Reality," by Eric D. Butler: $7.00 posted.


by James Reed
I recently saw Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth" for the purposes of writing a critique for you. But after seeing it, one thing stuck in my mind: a plump "Big Al" in a beautiful suit, saying that his jet-setting lifestyle is "carbon neutral". How could this be I thought? What about the food this guy must be eating to have on so much condition. And the suit - how much was the carbon pollution that went to make it "offset"?

The Wall Street Journal says that Gore's office claims that Gore purchases carbon offsets to bring his personal emissions down to a zero "carbon footprint". But according to the Wall Street Journal he doesn't purchase carbon offsets with his own money. (cited The Australian 21/3/07 p.15).
This article also cites the newspaper The Tennessean which reported that Gore has recently received $US 570,000 in royalties from zinc miners who have mineral leases on his farm.

The output from the mines is indeed an "inconvenient truth", emitting "thousands of pounds of toxic substances and several times, the water discharged from the mines into nearby rivers had levels of toxins above what was legal." As with most celebrity environmentalists, it is a case of "don't do what I do, do what I tell you to do!"


by James Reed
A study of chimpanzees has led some scientists to conclude that women m ay have invented weapons. ("Women May Have Invented Weapons," The Weekend Australian 24-25/2/07 p.15) Scientists observed the lighter female chimps creating crude spears - sticks sharpened roughly at one end with their teeth to hunt bushbabies, a small primate.

The scientist who published in the journal Current Biology "reasoned" that human females may have invented weapons because while men could hunt with their bare hands, women need weapons. That is according to Dr. Jill Pruetz of Iowa State University.

Spot the fallacy. Primitive human males could hardly hunt anything bigger than a rabbit with their bare hands. Anything with horns would finish off an unarmed man easily. Even a small dog is difficult to defeat. I bet Dr. Pruetz never attempted to experimentally test her feminist biology. Almost certainly, intelligent but frail creatures like humans, would naturally have sought out weapons - both males and females.

Following on from that research report is news from an international research team that has found that an increase in sex among primates leads to more tolerance and co-operation. That research result may not be warmly embraced by feminists.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
The next instalment in the saga of former Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld: NSW Fraud Squad detectives have charged the now Sydney lawyer with 13 criminal offences relating to the giving of false evidence to avoid a simple speeding fine. The offences include perverting the course of justice, perjury and using false statutory declarations in court.

Do the arithmetic: the perjury charges carry a maximum gaol term of 14 years and the other offences, maximum gaol terms of ten years. On a worst case scenario that does not leave a lot of life left for the foundation president of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. I await the next episode of this evolving drama.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
For those such as Justice Michael Kirby, AIDS is "worse than 9/11." (The Australian 21/2/07 p.1) Well, if we look at the growth of AIDS in the Third World, perhaps he is right - but Kirby as a homosexual judge was perhaps concerned about AIDS because in the West it predominately affects homosexual men.

Yet AIDS is having an enormous impact upon Papua New Guinea and already 120,000 of its people have AIDS. At the present infection rate about 25 per cent of the population will be infected by 2020. Thus it is interesting to observe that some scientists have continued to question whether the virus HIV does cause AIDS.

The South Australian Supreme Court has recently put the HIV hypothesis on trial in an appeal against the conviction of an Adelaide man who, allegedly infected a number of women. The defence made by this man was that neither AIDS nor HIV exists. This is the first time where the AIDS hypothesis has been put on trial. The results should prove interesting.

But I would like to know, if AIDS does not exist, what is it that is making so many Third World people sick?


by Brian Simpson
Lee Kuan Yew, former Singapore prime minister was recently awarded an honorary doctorate of law from the Australian National University. He once said that Australia could become the "White trash of Asia" - brave remarks considering that the tiny city state of Singapore could, in principle, be easily obliterated by the RAAF… well at least in an alternative reality.

It is much like a busy ant telling a giant that he lacks the will to succeed. Succeed in what, Mr. Ant? Asked about his remarks Lee said: "No, you have changed. The Australia I came to in 1965, it's a very different Australia. You were a white Australia." Gasp! Shock! Horror!

But now that Whites have committed racial suicide, we can no longer be the poor White trash of Asia - but are we trash? According to this former dictator, Australia is attracting Singaporeans who couldn't make it in Singapore, all 50,000 of them.

So, are we to become the multiracial, multicultural trash of Asia? Lee didn't say. (The Australian 29/3/07 p.5) Lee was clearly a believer in the racial superiority of the Chinese, but he never received the international condemnation which faced any White who made the slightest murmur of White pride.

Oh-yes, Mr. Lee, wasn't Singapore itself a creation of Whites - the British - and not the latest Asian flavour of the month, China? How does Lee fit that one into his Han Worldview?


by Brian Simpson
Just when one would have thought that nothing new could be done to denounce Hitler and Nazism, here comes news that Adolf Hitler may be posthumously stripped of German citizenship. The claim comes from the MPs of the city of Braunschweig, which made Hitler, who was born in Austria, a German citizen.

According to MP Isolde Saalman the city of Braunschweig, "keeps getting labelled as the place that helped Hitler get his German citizenship," even though "the city was Social Democrat at the time." Obviously the point that the city at the time could not know what this Austrian would do, doesn't occur to Isolde. Worse yet, German constitutional law experts doubt whether Hitler could lose his German citizenship, as it would make him stateless - and a refugee - which would be politically correct, if he was alive. Being dead though, is another major stumbling block.


by Peter Ewer
There seems to be something of a flood of controversial books criticising the Jews and Jewish actions, past and present. In Poland, for example, a right-wing member of the Polish European Parliament, Maciej Giertych has published "Civilisation at War in Europe".

Giertych believes that Europe should be the basis of only one civilisation, a Christian one, which is incompatible, he believes, with a Torah-based civilisation of Jews. These ideas are based on the works of the Polish philosopher Feliks Koneczny (1862-1940) who wrote in the 1930's on the Jewish question. Giertych, who is a professor of biology at the Polish Academy of Sciences, advances a thesis similar to that of Professor Kevin MacDonald in his books on the Jews, including "The Culture of Critique". (Available from all League Book Services).

Giertycch says:
"It is a civilisation of programmed separateness, of programmed differentiation from the surrounding communities." He also says: "The issues that differentiate civilisations are mutually exclusive. Civilisations will compete with each other and in a single society only one will eventually win." Needless to say, that remark and others received condemnation from Jewish groups throughout Europe.
See <www.giertych.pl>


by James Reed
The ACT government is planning to erect a monument to honour the late Al Grassby, former Whitlam government immigration minister and "the father of multiculturalism" (although the true father of multiculturalism is Fabian Socialist Arthur Calwell (The Weekend Australian 3-4,3/07 p.3)
The Australian article says that critics have attacked the plan as in poor taste "because of Grassby's links to the Calabrian Mafia and his intervention in the Donald MacKay murder investigation." Grassby had been charged in 1980 with criminal defamation over his attempt to get a NSW State MP to read a document in parliament alleging that MacKay's family was responsible for his death. In 2005 after Grassby's death, Bruce Provost, a national Crime Authority investigator said that Grassby used his political influence to stop an investigation into his Mafia links.

Greg Clancy's book: **"The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism" will give you the background on Al Grassby, "multiculturalism's god-father," Andrew Theophanous and the other 'heroes' of multiculturalism.
The book is very good on a whole range of issues also debated in this journal, including social cohesion and crime. But the author is a multiracialist and favours assimilation.

The roots of multiculturalism and Asianisation, in Arthur Calwell's attack upon traditional Australia is not mentioned. He presents a minority of second-generation marriages of Asians to someone from their parent's country; for example 6 per cent of Australia's Indian community marry within their ethnic group, and 16 per cent of Chinese Australians, to show Australia's assimilation success.

This is taken by conservatives such as Keith Windshuttle to also show the success of Australia's assimilation (The Australian 12/2/07 Keith Windshuttle). In reality, these marriages are to Anglo-Australians, who form a kind of universal protoplasm or cake mixture for ethnic Australians.

The Nordic race typically have recessive genetic qualities and so an Indian man marrying a doe-eyed Anglo woman, typically produces children who look Indian, only a little lighter. Indian and Chinese do not marry Aborigines and Africans in any significant numbers. "Well, so what," you ask. Well I wonder in the future given these trends, what will be the cake mix when the Anglo Saxon gene pool has disappeared?

What is the base to assimilate to when Anglo-Australia has become a multiracial one? Tibetans and Chinese are racially close. Nevertheless the Dalai Lama has attacked the invading Chinese for genocide by "assimilationist" style policies. A new rail link being built by Beijing is set to flood Tibet with beggars, prostitutes and the unemployed. It will destroy Tibet's culture, tradition and people. Who would have thought the Dalai Lama would be an immigration reformer!

**Copies of Greg Clancy's "The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism" are available from all League Book Services for $23.95 posted.

The League has a number of excellent articles dealing with multiculturalism and multiracialism on the Race/Culture/Nation section of its website:- Immigration Unto Death": "Racial Treason: From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy": "Racism: A Biophysical Defence" and "The Metaphysics of Race".


- Taken from ACM's Opinion Column by David Flint:
"English is one of the pillars of the Australian nation. It came in 1788, but now we have now received a disturbing report from London.
It seems that the European Commission has just announced an agreement whereby English will become the official language of the European Union rather than German, which was the other possibility. This is conditional on changes being made, which must have an impact here.

As part of the negotiations, the British Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5- year phase-in plan that would become known as "Euro-English".

In the first year, "s" will replace the soft "c". Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard "c" will be dropped in favour of "k". This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter.

There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome "ph" will be replaced with "f". This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter.

In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible. Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. Also, al wil agre that the horibl mes of the silent "e" in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away.

By the 4th yer people wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing "th" with "z" and "w" with "v". During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "o" kan be dropd from vords kontaining "ou" and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensibl riten styl.

Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi tu understand ech oza. Ze drem of a united urop vil finali kum tru. Und efter ze fifz yer, ve vil al be speking German like zey vunted in ze forst plas. Enjoi ze furst of april. Und if zis mad you smil, pleas pas on to oza pepl.
Until nex tim, or, as ve usd to sa,…"


In the March 2007 edition of The New Times Survey we reprinted an article sourced from the NCC. Australians were warned:

"The Howard Government appears to be hell-bent on an ideologically driven attack on Australia's current blood collection and fractionation arrangements, under the terms of the Australia U.S.A. Free Trade Agreement. The free market ideologues in the Government and Canberra bureaucracy are seeking to expand the coverage of this Agreement from trade into the area of the health of ordinary Australian citizens. A recent review of blood serviced chaired by Mr Philip Flood AO, entitled: "Review of Australia's Plasma Fractionation Arrangements" has rejected this external interference with Australia's existing blood and health system. The Government has apparently refused to accept the recommendations of the Flood Review."

Readers will find the following information from the Los Angeles Times' journalist Rong-Gong Lin II, 15/3/07 of great interest to them:

"A little-known but potentially deadly parasite from Latin America has become one of the latest threats to the blood and organ supplies in the United States, especially in Los Angeles, where many donors have travelled to affected countries, health officials say.
Last year, two heart transplant patients at different Los Angeles hospitals contracted the parasitic disease, called Chagas, causing health authorities to issue a national bulletin. Within months, both patients subsequently died, although not directly from Chagas, according to the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The parasite, which is generally passed to humans from a blood-sucking insect that looks like a striped cockroach, can feed over years on tissues of the heart and gastrointestinal tract. After decades, tissues can be eroded so much that the organs fail.
If caught early, strong anti-protozoal drugs such as nifurtimox can bring the parasite to undetectable levels or, in some cases, eliminate it entirely. If the parasite is given the chance to multiply over years or decades, however, those infected may have to be treated with heart-regulating drugs or get a pacemaker or heart transplant.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a test suitable for widespread screening in December. Blood banks have now begun systematically checking their supplies for the Chagas parasite.
No organ donors in the United States are now being screened for the parasite, although the organ procurement agency that covers much of Southern California plans to begin testing some donors in mid-April. At first, the screening will be focused on people who have lived in or travelled to rural parts of Latin America, said Thomas Mone, chief executive of the agency, OneLegacy.

In Latin America, about 10 million to 12 million people are believed to be infected with the Chagas parasite. As many as 1 million of them are expected to die from the disease unless there are advances in treatment, according to Dr. James Maguire, a University of Maryland expert on the disease. "Chagas is very, very prevalent in South and Central America," said Marek Nowicki, a USC blood-disease expert who studied the effect of Chagas on the Southern California organ supply with the National Institute of Transplantation.
"The number of [immigrant] Latinos in Southern California, Texas and other parts of the United States are growing, but especially in L.A., a large proportion of organ donors are Latino," Nowicki said.
"They're basically bringing with them the disease prevalence in the area they used to live.""

Happy future NAFTA blood transfusions fellow Australians!


Taken from the Herald Sun, 22 /3/07.
"Minister John Thwaites has cast doubt over the ability of a Canberra-based bureaucracy to manage the Murray-Darling Basin. Speaking at a forum on sustainability, Mr Thwaites said bungles by the Immigration Department showed the Federal Government was lacking experience in handling complex problems.
"I think it is fair to say the Commonwealth does not have much experience, generally, in running very complex services," he said. "There are limited cases, but the Immigration Department doesn't give a huge level of confidence in terms of doing the job better than the states.

"We acknowledge the states don't do everything perfectly. . . but the question is: should it all be handed over to Canberra and will they do a better job managing a complex task, a very complex task, that covers a very broad area?"

In January the Federal Government announced a $10 billion plan to address Australia's water crisis and transfer control of the Murray-Darling system to the Commonwealth. Victoria is the only state yet to agree to the plan. Mr Thwaites said the Commonwealth plan would undo the work the Victorian Government had done with the state's farmers and irrigators.
This includes an agreement between the Government and irrigators to return 125 billion litres of environmental flows to the Murray from July 1. Mr Thwaites said the Government was still willing to work with other states and the Federal Government to improve the health of the Murray.

"We believe there are some ways we can co- operate and collaborate with the Commonwealth Government but we are not prepared to hand over power over all the water in the Murray-Darling with the stroke of a pen," he said."

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