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1 June 2007 Thought for the Week:

"It is simply not true that most normal men and women, if free to follow their own way, instinctively destroy the environment that sustains them… There must be, and manifestly is, a universal pressure inducing them so to behave, and it is not far to seek, though never identified by economists… Economics is now entirely dominated by money and is detached from reality …
Money is now no more than a system of book-keeping, of figures representing 'credit,' i.e., debt repayable with interest, and … no such figures reach the public as new spending power without having somewhere originated as such debt.
Debt involves spending and consuming in advance of earning and producing and hence the crime of debasing the currency is now permanently built-in to our monetary system under the name of inflation…
True! The correction of our inflationary debt-system would not change human nature, nor result in a Utopia, nor solve all our problems, but it would caste aside an intolerable moral burden, and render their solution possible, which at present is simply, mathematically, impossible. To blame the staggering and retrograde steps of a man trying to climb a hill dragging a useless ton-weight entirely on his weakness, is not the best way to help him recover his strength and will-power…"

- - Geoffrey Dobbs in "On Planning the Earth," Home Quarterly, 1989-1990.


by Patrick O'Shea:
The Australian farmer simply can't keep up with the escalating costs of running a farm. The colourful fabric of what life on the land was all about in days gone by is now rapidly fading; although throughout history the old farmer was known for his durability and inventiveness. He was resourceful and would meet every challenge to survive and go on; toughing out droughts and floods and sometimes devastating bush fires.
However, today he is facing a far greater foe, relentless and insidious and from which there is no escape. It is called inflation, i.e., the systematic destruction of our currency. Prices of all items with which we need to work, rise higher and higher each year. Farmers can't pass these extra costs on and they just have to wear them. Directly and or indirectly, there is no avoiding these rising costs.

This is while the rest of the nation hides behind indexation of wages and salaries to keep them up with meeting their increasing cost of living. Businesses carry on seemingly blissfully unaware of what is the situation for the farmer. Pity the poor old farmers. They are simply told to "get big or get out." Major financial reforms are urgently needed before there are only the corporations running the whole show; on borrowed investment funds at that as they go on to become monopolies.

Rural accountants and farming families:
The accountants dealing with the rural communities know about 'the bottom line' figures, they know about costs overtaking income on the farms. They see and warn the farmers, "great changes are ahead" for the small and medium sized operations. Some are leasing out their land to cut down on operating costs, taking a small percentage of production under a share-farming arrangement - just to keep the farm a little longer. Others may look after some stock as a last hurrah before selling out. This situation comes to light as farmers find it more and more difficult to justify replacement plant and meet escalating input costs.

Essentially in today's financial climate their outfits became too small. Capital purchase prices on the 'big ticket item' machinery alone, has doubled, tripled and even quadrupled over the past two decades. All because of the inflationary money system. Spiralling overheads and low prices continue to 'clean out' thousands of farmers. Inflated land prices: As for land prices, they also have 'gone through the roof'. It is very dangerous to buy high priced land as a business proposition, just to tackle the odds on a larger scale. Some 'advisers' refer to it as 'economy of scale'.
How many city folk understand the enormous stress farming families are under as they constantly deal with these worries? Some have had more than enough and significant numbers of these worthy rural types have taken the only solution they could see in front of them - suicide. Some lucky country we live in - isn't it?
So who can we sheet home the blame to for this grotesque inflationary financial system we are trying to work under? There is never complete agreement among economists or the Government as to what is happening. All economists expound their own particular brand or hobby horse theories on finance; to no effect one might add. Our problems still continue.

Money as a traded commodity:
None address the central problem of an inflationary money system and the fact that Australia has become the playground for big time money traders. Curiously, Australia ranks in the top bracket in the world of traded currency which is quite absurd. Billions of dollars move in and out of Australia every day. The Aussie dollar is bought on 'the dips' and sold when it 'moves up' It is all so easy today with available technology. Imagine, billions from major nations pour in if an interest rise is in the offing. What a tangled web we live under. Let's consider just one point for a moment.
In every other field of business when a contract is made: a contract is a contract is a contract. But not with our highly promoted banking institutions. Banks can change the interest rate on your loans before you reach the front door of the bank and you have to wear it!
This a mockery and an affront to basic human rights, a cruelty that should not be tolerated. It is this one device that puts utter fear in to every farmer and borrower's heart.

Some understand how the system works:
Yet luckily, there are people who understand the Australian financial system's inflationary bent and can explain the core reasons why the system will continue to wreak havoc among farmers.

One enormously credentialed Austrian gentleman, Mr. Frank Shostok, chief economist and manager of Man Financial, issued a warning for investors when visiting Australia recently (The Australian 21-22 April 2007 p.34). He said the Reserve Bank's monetary policy is "out of control" which means inflation is heading up higher and higher and interest rates are set to rise. He also warned the share market is being supported by an excessive money supply.
He believes the Reserve Bank uses incorrect definitions of inflation and even of money itself. As a result he says the Bank is actually causing inflation rather than 'combating' it. The Reserve Bank claims that it does not 'print money' but merely 'accommodates demand', but 'printing money' is exactly what it is doing.
Mr. Shostak told The Australian:
"The money supply is out of control. The Reserve Bank balance sheet has increased by over 35 per cent. According to my measurements during the year to February there has been in excess of a 21 per cent increase in money supply."
He continues:
"So much money is being pumped into the system because the RBA is trying to maintain such a low target (of inflation) and suppresses upward pressures on the interest rate."

And this continued increase in the money supply will result in increased prices in the future - and more and more farmers will be forced off their land as more and more corporations move in.


by James Reed
Economies, like civilisations have come and gone over human history. But depleted uranium, at least in human terms, lingers around poisoning the world for hundreds of millions of years. Therefore it is important to consider this new threat to our survival as documented by Lyn Stanfield, of Save Australia Alliance:
Did you know the Howard regime has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United States allowing 25 years of bombing exercises on our land? The awful sound of a high speed cannon is not all we are about to hear or experience in Australia. Soon, this sound and the rhythmic booming of huge bombs and fantastic rocket power is about to shake this island continent to its very foundations.

Talisman Sabre 2007 it is called: TS07 for short. TS07 will commence in late May and run through to early July.

Monstrous aircraft, B1, B2 (stealth) together with B52 (heavy) bombers will take off from Guam, Diego Garcia and Kadena (in Okinawa), heavily loaded with powerful 500 pound bombs.
Flying at very high altitudes to Australia, they will drop their load of deadly 'high-tech' weapons on Australia and return to base without being seen or heard by Australian ground dwellers.

The first notice of these deadly attacks will be the magnificent explosions as the miserable payload hits the ground in blinding flashes of fire and the shattering of trees and rock and earth and native animals within two kilometres of the blast. Day after day these attacks will unload thousands of tonnes of so-called 'high tech' weaponry onto Australian soil.

Each of these 'high tech' weapons will contain the newly developed Depleted Uranium warhead material. Depleted Uranium is the very toxic waste from nuclear power stations which is very difficult to dispose of (there hasn't been any way found yet) making warheads from it, provides a solution and a huger profit to the company.
So, Depleted Uranium is coming to a country spot near you.


Remember the article "Malcolm's Junk Science Policy" in On Target, vol. 43, no.19?
It told the story of the dangers to human health and the environment posed by mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) which had been lauded by the Liberal's squeaky clean environment minister Malcolm Turnbull as a way to save energy. This family phoned the local supermarket about the light bulbs.
No, the manager hadn't heard they were a potential environmental hazard so he followed up the matter and reported back to us.
Yes, it was correct they were a known hazard, but no, government wasn't going to do anything about the matter till the old bulbs were being phased out.

The next step was for a family member to phone the local television station and yes the journalist was interested enough to follow up the story. So far, one TV programme has resulted from that phone call on Malcolm's 'junk science' and a Radio Station will interview Malcolm Turnbull at a later date.

CARBON DIOXIDE, CARBON DIOXIDE, carbon dioxide carb…

by Don Auchterlonie
We are constantly urged to reduce the emission CO2 to combat climate change. But, the Greenhouse Effect is a natural phenomenon being a layer of gasses encircling the earth and acting as the earth's thermostat. This keeps the temperature at 15 C, without the Greenhouse Effect the temperature would be -23C.

Professor Rob Carter from the James Cook University in Townsville (Age 13/6/05) said:
"Water vapour made up about 95% of the greenhouse effect. Carbon Dioxide was a minor greenhouse gas, responsible for 3.6 % of the total greenhouse effect. Of this, only 0.12% or 0.036C could be attributed to human activity."
So 5% of the greenhouse effect is made up of Carbon dioxide, Oxygen and ozone, Nitrous oxide, and Methane.

In reviewing John Daly's book "The Greenhouse Trap" we find:
"Latest CO2 data (as of April 1989) from the baseline Station at Cape Grim, Tasmania, indicate that the level of CO2 is now 348.5 parts per million, or about 0.035% of the atmosphere.
These results show that the rate of the rise in CO2 levels is LINEAR. In other words, it is not accelerating as predicted by the Greenhousers - rather CO2 levels are increasing at a steady constant rate.
Since it is estimated that the level of CO2 some 100 years ago was 280 parts per million, we can see that the rate of increase over the last century has only been 70 parts per million.
Since the rate of increase has been and still is steady, we can make the simple calculation that CO2 will be double its natural level by the year 2290, not 2040 as predicted by the Greenhousers! Since all the global warming predictions are based on a hypothetical doubling of CO2, it seems the doomsayers will have to wait another 300 years or longer to find out for sure, not 50 years as they imagine.

So where has all the missing CO2 gone? No one is exactly certain, as this is still the subject of intense research. However experiments done at the University of Tasmania on plant growth in conditions of enriched CO2 have produced some remarkable examples of plants which not only grow faster, but also become physically larger than normal if they grow in CO2-rich conditions.

In July 1989, a British ocean research expedition reported that they found marine plankton consuming vast quantities of atmospheric CO2. With oceans covering 70% of the planet, CO2 consumption by plankton would occur on an astronomical scale, and enhance the marine food chain into the bargain.

It would appear therefore that global vegetation and marine plankton has been gorging itself on our CO2 emissions, and this could account for the shortfall." Carbon Dioxide is a fertilizer, not a pollutant: "As a culture, we have become obsessed with the idea that everything we do is harmful to the environment, and CO2 has been typecast as a 'pollutant', even though it occurs abundantly in nature. We have many environmental problems, but CO2 is not one of them".


The New South Wales Supreme Court has acquitted Pan Pharmaceuticals boss, Mr. Jim Selim, of criminal charges relating to claims in 2003 about his health manufacturing business. Readers will remember that at the time, Mr.Selim was accused of a litany of charges, including breaching his manufacturing licence. In the end only two counts made it to court and these were recently 'thrown out' by the Supreme Court.

Michael Bending of the Alliance for Health Freedom Australia - https://www.ahf-au.org - issued the following statement:
"The Supreme Court verdict speaks for itself. The TGA wilfully sent Australia's largest natural health manufacturing base bankrupt on behalf of the TGA's drug masters. As you should well be aware by now, the TGA works for the health of the drug company's bank accounts and not the personal health of Australian citizens."


Senator Lyn Allison believes the Howard Government must now apologise following the acquittal of Pan Pharmaceuticals boss Jim Selim in the New South Wales Supreme Court. The pharmaceuticals giant was forced into administration in May 2003 following the largest pharmaceutical recall in Australia's history.
"It was a pointless exercise targeting complementary medicines and it sent hundreds of small businesses broke", Senator Allison said today. "The Howard Government turned its back on the mess and just walked away."
1500 products were recalled, not because they caused adverse reactions, but because of speculation about 'inconsistent quality'. Senator Allison raised concerns in the Senate at that time about what was playing out as a destructive over-reaction.

Thrown out of court:
Mr.Selim was accused of a litany of charges, including breaching his manufacturing licence. In the end only two counts made it to court which were thrown out today.
"The unprecedented recall had a devastating effect on small businesses and shook public confidence in complementary health", Senator Allison said, the very least those who have suffered deserve is an apology."

'An apology' hardly enough:
I don't know about you OT reader but I don't think an apology is enough to compensate not only the Pan Pharmaceutical boss but also those hundreds of small business enterprises that went bankrupt.
There must be some legal means by which they can claim not only an apology from Howard and his cronies but just compensation from this government and its bureaucracy.


by James Reed
ICM opinion polls commissioned by the Daily Mail newspaper have found that most voters in Scotland and England want their countries to separate, ending the 300 year union.
Almost half of those polled thought that union would end in 25 years and two out of three English voters wanted an end to subsidies which are paid to Scotland. (The Advertiser, 13/1/07, p.68).
A majority polled believed that if England and Scotland did not separate then England should have a Parliament deciding English affairs without Scottish parliamentarians.

This devolutionary direction may be hard for our conservatives to take. But we live in times where globalisation and international finance, immigration and multiculturalism are dissolving the nation state and the bonds of blood.
Radical times require radical solutions, and perhaps devolution may preserve something of the English people.


by Betty Luks
It would be worthwhile to remind readers The Weekend Australian's Cameron Stewart reported last December, that the ("Israel Lobby Sets its Sites on Academe," 2-3/12/06 p.23).
It would seem there is a major "ideological row" occurring between leading Australian Zionists (and Zionist organisations) on the one hand, and Zionist critics, largely in Middle Eastern Studies departments in Australian universities.
There have been previous reports on the Jewish/Zionist communities' threats to use race-hate legislation against the anti-Israel lobby.

The article cited above deals with the more general debate, namely the criticism made by the Israel lobby that Australian universities are in their Middle Eastern departments producing one-sided ideology on the Middle East. Vice Chancellors have been lobbied to have Zionist critics of two Middle Eastern Studies departments sacked.

Amin Saikal of the Australian National University has said that the Israel lobby in Australia "cannot tolerate any form of criticism whatsoever. They don't want an objective assessment of Israel in this country and if you make one they attack you and call you anti-Semitic or anti-Zionist."

Now you may ask: in the interests of democracy, does this bias in one department or field of studies matter? Every other department (philosophy, sociology, psychology, theology, etc) is sympathetic to a Zionist world view rightly or wrongly. Does a little bit of dissent really matter? For the Israel lobby, as Professor Saikal has observed, it certainly does.


by Peter Ewer
According to the on-line edition of the Jerusalem Post the leader of Britain's Liberal Democrat party is considering disciplining and expelling Baroness Jenny Tonge from the party's membership in the House of Lords. She committed the unforgivable sin of commenting on the power of the "pro-Israel lobby."

Previously she said:
"The pro-Israel lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they've probably got a grip on our party." At another talk given in Edinburgh she referred to the paper written by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, published in the March 23, 2006 edition of The London Review of Books.
She was criticised by the chief executive of the Board of deputies of British Jews and also by an all-party group of lords led by former archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, calling for her censure. She had "evoked a classic anti-Jewish conspiracy theory." Is a concluding comment really needed here?


I have lost count how many official Jewish 'awards' John Howard has received over the years. Well, the news is he is to receive another one. He is to be awarded the Jerusalem Prize for his support of the Jewish community and Israel.
The prize is presented by the State Zionist Council of Victoria, the Zionist Federation of Australia and the World Zionist Organisation of Israel.
The award is traditionally presented during Jerusalem Day celebrations. Mr Howard will receive the award at a Jewish National Fund event on May 20 in Melbourne.
State Zionist Council of Victoria president Dr Danny Lamm said Mr Howard had been a strong supporter of Israel and Jewish people. Would to God he was such a strong supporter of Australia and the traditional British-Australian people.


from Michael Collins Piper
Jerry Falwell is dead. The widely-touted television preacher who emerged during the last quarter of the 20th century as one of America's leading promoters of the interests of a foreign nation - Israel - has gone to face his maker.
Although there are those who will say it is not fitting to speak ill of the dead - particularly a "man of God" and a leader of the "moral majority" as Falwell proclaimed himself-the truth is that Falwell can best be described as one of the premier Judas Goats in American history.

The record shows that a whole generation of decent American Christians who fell under Rev. Falwell's spell allowed themselves to be corralled into becoming the grass-roots ground troops for a virtual Fifth Column in America, Christian supporters of the Zionist cause, a hard-line bloc of active voters who often voted for American political candidates on the sole basis of whether or not those candidates were sufficiently supportive of the demands of Israel. Jerry Falwell was the Zionist-promoted Judas Goat who led the Christian lambs to the slaughter.
And there are many Christian critics of Falwell (and others of his ilk) who contend that Falwell was not so much a Christian, at least in the classic, traditional sense as we understand Christians - those who place Jesus Christ at the centre of their faith-but, instead, more so, one who placed the Jewish people and the modern day state of Israel (a political entity) at the centre of his faith.

Although many Americans who would describe themselves as "Christian Conservatives" and who were admirers of the works of Falwell have long railed against what they refer to as "the liberal media," what those same folks have never fathomed (a point perhaps too deep for their recognition) is that it was precisely that same media that gave Falwell the international fame and fortune he accumulated over the past 30 years. Falwell, in short, was a creation of the "liberal media."
How many Americans would have ever heard of Falwell had it not been for the massive free publicity that he received over the years?

Think about it:
If the liberal media - and those powerful and closely connected families and financial groups that control that media - had not promoted Falwell in the first place, how likely is it that Falwell would have come to be the genuine power broker that he emerged to be? The real reason Falwell got all of this free promotion was precisely because he was working so assiduously to generate support for Israel.

Falwell 'sported around' in Israeli Lear jet:
Of course, it's not irrelevant to mention that Falwell got a nice reward from Israel for his work. For years Falwell sported around the globe on a Lear jet given to him by the government of Israel under then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin: no small token of appreciation. It was the least little kickback Begin could give to Falwell, considering the fact that the U.S. taxpayers have funded Israel - with Falwell's enthusiastic backing - to the tune of almost $3 trillion. And that Falwell accepted such a gift from Begin is very telling in and of itself. In the late 1940s Begin was a murdering terrorist who killed Christians and Muslims (and even, it is said, more than a few Jews, too) while engaging in a bitter and bloody terrorist campaign against the British occupation of Palestine. Still, Falwell was eager to shake hands with and praise the likes of Begin.

We could go on and on talking in unpleasant ways about Falwell's 'contributions' to American (and international) political discourse, but to do so would be to belabour the point. Unfortunately, there are many other false prophets (who also profit handsomely) from the same kind of antics that Falwell turned into a virtual art form. So his legacy will long be with us. Falwell's black record speaks for itself."

Books available from League Book Services:
A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment the controversial 'underground bestseller' documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
He is also the author of The High Priests of War, both books are available from all League Book Services. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.
Source: : <https://www.americanfreepress.net/>

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