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Edmund Burke
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3 August 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The ultimate and divine importance of each individual, justice with mercy, loving one's enemy, being slow to anger or to judge others, value of truth above all, that none should be slave and all worthy of their hire, are among some of the things that make Christ's actions and teaching identifiable in Social Credit Philosophy and Policy.
The idea of Salvation through Grace, as opposed to Salvation through Works is paramount and the only basis for "Perfect Freedom", both material and spiritual. The present financial system is firmly committed to the perverse notion of Salvation through Works in that it allows the release of purchasing power only as debt for production and never for consumption - except as a debt that must be repaid by further work in the future. A few crumbs are re-distributed, not distributed, with demeaning conditions, for welfare and charity.
Christ multiplied and distributed, freely and without favour, loaves and fishes because His flock had need, asking none to justify their consumption through "work". This was a message of the Beneficence and Abundance of God - a recognition of their right as individuals of inheritance in the Kingdom.
The invitation, "come let us reason" establishes the basis for honest enquiry. It is the basis of truly scientific study and advancement - with the abundance, physical, cultural and spiritual, which results.

- - Wallace Klinck in note on "Social Credit" Canada, 2006


by Betty Luks
The headlines read: Major Bank Warns of Danger from Credit Spree: The Telegraph 26/7/07. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the world's central financial clearing house, has warned "that years of loose monetary policy has fuelled a dangerous credit bubble, leaving the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930s-style slump than generally understood… The BIS, the ultimate bank of central bankers, pointed to a confluence a worrying signs, citing mass issuance of newfangled credit instruments, soaring levels of household debt, extreme appetite for risk shown by investors, and entrenched imbalances in the world currency system."

In other words, the debt structure is so huge and the burden so heavy, many are defaulting on their loans, and the bankers will take measures that will lead on to mass bankruptcies - but will ensure their parasitic system is perpetuated. To perpetuate their fraudulent system the bankers now have to find new 'credit worthy' customers.
The issue of bank credit (read debt) was once based on a ratio of nine times that for every one dollar in 'deposits', but with the advent of "newfangled credit instruments" the ratio was extended to undreamed of magnitudes.

Internet readers: Read carefully what happened to the Australian farmers in the website Bankwatch section. With debts as high as a million dollars or more, and with fees and interest charges, many farmers were paying up to 30% on those debts. It was an impossible situation for the individual farmer
But, in order to perpetuate the fraudulent banking system the banks went all out to force the sale of the farms at give-away prices. Why? One would have thought the banks would be more than happy with such profits to themselves. But the reality was those farmers would never pay off their debts in their own lifetime.
Even with such huge profits as 30% interest charges, it was better for the banks to force the sale of those farms and sell cheaply (at lower interest charges) to more 'credit-worthy' suckers. In other words, sell to those who didn't have such huge debt structures; new 'owners' who could work and work till they also dropped to keep up their repayments to the parasitical banking system.

But it is not just the debt-ridden farmer that is now in deep trouble. It is also nations, including the most productive nation in recorded history, America.
Question: How can the most productive nation in all of recorded history be in such financial debt? The answer is found in many of the League books on the subject of Finance.
But it is not enough to know the problem, if we are ever going to get out of the mess we must look at some constructive suggestions for real change.

We suggest the series on Social Credit by Anthony Cooney and Michael Lane as a starting point.
Books by Anthony Cooney:

"Clifford Hugh Douglas" $5.50 posted : Social Credit: Aspects" $8.50 posted : Social Credit: Asterisks" $8.50 posted : Social Credit: Obelisks" $13.50 posted and "Social Credit: Economics" $13.50 posted.
Books by Michael Lane:
"Human Ecology and Social Credit" $$9.50 posted : "Charles Ferguson - Herald of Social Credit" $11.50 posted.


Source: USA Today:
The United States' federal government recorded a $1.3 trillion loss last year - far more than the official $248 billion deficit - when corporate-style accounting standards are used, a USA Today analysis shows.

The loss reflects a continued deterioration in the finances of Social Security and government retirement programs for civil servants and military personnel. The loss - equal to $11,434 per household - is more than Americans paid in income taxes in 2006. "We're on an unsustainable path and doing a great disservice to future generations," says Chris Chocola, a former Republican member of Congress from Indiana.


I wondered if Australians would ever have a politician speak out on their behalf when it came to the Howard government's grab for the Murray-Darling water system. The following report came from the Rural Press weekly agricultural papers, FarmOnline, 25 July 2007:
We need to be sure that a transfer of control over the Murray-Darling water is constitutional, Independent MP Tony Windsor said today. The Commonwealth may well need a referendum before it takes control of the Murray-Darling. He says the details of the federal government's plan to take over the Murray-Darling Basin must be made public and the basin's communities and irrigators must be consulted.

Mr Windsor issued a joint statement with another key Independent, Peter Andren:
"All the negotiation around the Howard government's $10bn water plan has involved federal and state leaders, ministers and bureaucrats with no sign that the communities and irrigators who rely on the Murray-Darling will get a say," Mr Windsor said.
"My independent colleague, Peter Andren and I are calling on the federal and state governments to make the draft legislation and explanatory documentation available to the public with a view to launching an extensive community consultation process.
"If the Commonwealth government is going to take over control of the Murray-Darling, with the agreement of the States, once Victoria gets on board, there are questions that need to be answered.
"Section 100 of the constitution states: The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation.
"So 'the residents' of a State have the same rights as their state governments when it comes to the regulation of water," Mr Windsor said.

Mr Andren believes that there are also questions of:
o How much authority is actually to be handed over by the states.
o How duplication of roles may occur and therefore duplication of costs to the taxpayer.

Mr Andren asks:
"What are the Commonwealth's plans for the allocation of water to the towns, irrigators, and to environmental flows?

"How can anyone accept the federal government's proposal without this information? He concluded, "This takeover requires extensive consultation for all the so-called stake holders in the Murray-Darling basin before anything is decided and the federal government must make the details of its plan publicly available.

"The people of the basin must be confident that the Commonwealth is not just creating another layer of bureaucracy and that there will be sufficient checks and balances in place against the misuse of our precious water resources," Mr Andren said.


by James Reed
Politically correct Aboriginalist professor Lowitja O'Donoghue delivered the inaugural Lowitja O'Donoghue Oration, hosted by the Don Dunstan Foundation in Adelaide 29 May 2007. (The Australian 30/5/2007). The results were predictable. A call for the Federal government to issue an apology to the "stolen generation" of indigenous people. Yes, those people of mixed blood who authorities took away from their parents because of the dangers they faced.

You see there is a racist line that could be run back here: full blood tribal Aborigines did not accept mixed bloods. But somehow that is the White man's fault: such is the crooked logic of political correctness. It is not polite to speak of any fault of Aboriginal culture in this story.

O'Donoghue also criticised the citizenship test, saying that if Aborigines had a test like that 200 years ago, then the "crims from England" would not have been allowed in. No doubt the well-fed White ancestors of the "crims from England" sitting in the audience with a good meal and a belly full of wine, shook their jewellery in approval at that one! Ahh! - nothing like a dessert of White guilt flagellation after a long day at the uni!

But reflect on O'Donoghue's thesis: the Aboriginals were groups of warring tribes that could not administer any such test, invented no such test, and at the time, seemed not to care much anyway. O'Donoghue thinks that the nation is returning to the era of the White Australia Policy, by introducing the citizenship test. If only…


by Peter West
Beijing has already fired lasers into space designed to disable American spy satellites by blinding their sensitive surveillance devices. The Bush administration has kept the attacks quiet as it wishes to use China in diplomatic offences against Korea and Iran - also because the US manufacturing base has essentially been transferred to China. China in public demonstration of its military technological might, a few months ago destroyed one of its own old satellites by means of a ground launched missile.

All of these sorts of events require analysis, systematic analysis that does not occur in Australia because our intellectual elites have already sold out to the Chinese ruling class. For those who want to know our fate, Jed Babbin and Edward Timperlake's "Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States"(Regnery Publishing, Washington DC, 2006) is compelling reading. As a sample, in July 2005, major general Zhu Chenghu said that if the US interfered militarily in a Chinese conflict over Taiwan, China would launch a nuclear first strike on America and China would be prepared to absorb a retaliation that wiped out most of its cities. China's military build up at present is proportionately far greater than the build up of arms by Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

China is a police state, a communist police state with a capitalist manufacturing base. It commits genocide against Tibet and receives little international condemnation. The internet is suppressed in China. It leads the world in executions and organ harvesting from "criminals" - often religious dissidents. Life for all but the newly rich, is cheap in this modern dictatorship.
That, Babbin and Timperlake argue, makes for a critical instability in the system because any number of factors such as the social problem of guang gun - "bare branches" - could lead to the society sliding into chaos. Guang gun refers to the demographic imbalance arising from China's one child policy which has produced, in a male dominant society, twenty three million more young men than women - and this imbalance will grow worse by the year. These young men are being channelled into the People's Liberation Army and it is easy to see their energies being directed into war.

Babbin and Timperlake conclude that so "long as the Beijing regime is in power, China can never be anything other than America's adversary." Thus China is working relentlessly to increase its sphere of influence and access to raw materials in latin America and Africa, while keeping friendly relationships with every State sponsoring terrorism.
China's military build up has not been based upon good old Han IQ - but on Han Chinese espionage involving the thieving of military technology plans, including the designs for advanced nuclear weapons. The US's "friend", Israel, has also sold advanced military technology, specifically given to protect the Jewish State, to China. Israel seems "eager to turn a blind eye to the reasons for China's military build up." (p.12)
Have they really thought through the long term consequences of this? If the US is destroyed or eclipsed by China, will the resulting world really be one sympathetic to Jewish interests and survival? These questions are not explored in this book and nor are they addressed by free thinking Jewish intellectuals, who seem to suffer from the same legal and ideological constraints of political correctness as the rest of us. But maybe they haven't thought that far ahead yet. China though intends to fight a total technological war including computer network attack, what the People's Liberation Army calls "Integrated Network Electronic Warfare". This includes an attack against the financial markets causing a financial crisis and computer network attacks against the electricity and telecommunication infrastructure.

In short: "None of China's neighbours are arming at this frantic pace. None are threatening China with attack. We have to conclude that China's military build up is focused on meeting and defeating American forces in any engagement over Taiwan, the Koreas or the Pacific Rim. China is investing heavily in expensive anti-satellite weapons, cyber-warfare capability, and other high-tech armaments and would not be doing so unless its strategy were to make nuclear war - with America as its chosen adversary." (p.23) Think about that next time you buy "Made in China".

John Howard in signing a defence pact with Japan that will see Japanese troops on Australian soil, has obviously affronted a generation who fought to prevent such a sight. But such concerns do not really matter to all of today's politicians who are readily aiding the racial and ethnic destruction of traditional Anglo-Australia through their racially biased "Yellow Australia" immigration policy.

China and the rest of Asia is upset with the security pact. Obviously again the US has told the Australian puppet government to sign such a pact now that the Chinese is flexing its muscles in the region. So in the future, expect a few left-over war heads to go the way of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth - missing Canberra of course, which will become the seat of power for our new Chinese rulers when radiation levels drop.

Absurd? One of the scenarios resulting in global nuclear war, discussed by Babbin and Timperlake, involves conflict over Japan and it is not unreasonable to extend this analysis to suppose that close security partners such as Australia may now also be targets of Chinese missiles. After all, the United States already has Chinese missiles pointing its way.


by James Reed
Well, it is controversial to say that immigration spreads disease. So how about I let my "favourite" paper The Australian ("Migrants' Diseases Not Followed Up," 18/5/07 p.3) do my public health work for me?
"Migrants with serious illnesses - including lepers and more than 100,000 people with tuberculosis - have been allowed into Australia despite authorities' inability to carry out proper medical supervision."

"An audit of the Immigration Department has found that it knowingly allows migrants to enter Australia with serious contagious diseases but frequently fails to check on whether they have sought medical attention."

"The Australian National Audit Office revealed [on 17 May 2007] that since 2000-01 more than 100,000 immigrants with tuberculosis had entered Australia on the condition that they submit to medical supervision.
The damning report said that, despite imposing the conditions, the department was unable to follow up and check whether the medical advice had been sought."

So there you have it. These infected migrants should not have been let into the country in the first place, let alone trust put in their capacity to get health checks. What sort of system is that? Answer: one designed for our racial and national destruction!


by John Brett
The further we go the more Government is extolled as the makers of our nation. We are no longer a nation of individuals who in less than 150 years came from nothing better than a shipment of "convicts", which under the Crown, were the foundations for the most successful nation in History. I have in my possession a pre-war school history book in which, apart from Federation, tells the stories of those real people who did something in small ways to make the success we enjoyed before these politicians started taking the credit - after shoving the real people down the memory hole.

Just quickly glancing through the book, one wonders what happened to giants like Matthew Flinders in the "Tom Thumb", who surveyed Australia's coastline. Todd and his men who built the overland telegraph line. Flynn of "The Inland" and the flying Doctor. Forest and the Trans Continental Railway. Kingsford-Smith who still holds more flying records than any other man. Right up to the modern era with the scientists like McFarlane Burnet, Sir Mark Oliphant and the Atomic Bomb. That's just a sample, before we get into the military people.

Who pays the writer, calls the names:
All these people and their staggering achievements are being dumped and it is being claimed "Governments" did it all. It will get worse as they finance the curriculum. Methinks the current debate is not about real History, but about who is going to write and control its content.

It was Clifford Douglas who said: "History is crystallised politics". However I think it was Solzhenitsyn who compared it to the water of the earth's surface, which went something like this:
"History is like the longest river in the world, which on its way to the sea contains all the information about life on earth. Along its course, which we can witness and measure, it gathers more and more information as it flows. This information takes many forms, whether it is its chemical content or the debris of all forms of life, with an ever-increasing number of currents it generates within the total current, it is all emptied into the sea where it becomes similar to infinity and which once, was beyond our grasp or comprehension.

But all the time, like the water itself, all manner of the contents of the river returns to their sources. The salmon return after years of absence to the river where they were born, to follow the current imbedded in their memory right back to the very pool where their life began. If the river dries up, there is a temporary censoring of the information it contained, but even then the dead river bed has a story to tell in yet another dimension..."

Well, like the currents in a river, History has an infinite number of streams. A six-month old baby has a stream that can be traced by its parents. As the parents have two streams of history they can trace over a longer span, as perhaps the Town or City they live in has a stream, and so on, to a Nation which has a stream as part of a world stream. Like the salmon, not every living being will survive or want to trace its past, but its species' continuity will depend on a few of its [own] kind knowing how to retrace their past to keep the cycle intact.
In the last analysis just two returning will determine whether they remain or become extinct. Replace the physical life of a river with the life of a culture and you are into the genesis of nations and civilisations.

Like the water is to the river, history is to a culture and civilisation. But again like the water, what are the under-girding essentials for a stable and continuing culture? The answer to that is embedded in history itself and can be stated briefly as Truth. Now what has happened through history to those people peddling Truth? Bearing in mind that Truth is what becomes visible after the lies have been swept away. While the lies remain you have "censored history"; Keith Windschuttle and others are simply removing the lies.

The chattering classes:
The current chatter about history is all about censoring history. Unlike Keith Windschuttle, very few historians now go back to sources and events or even talk to people involved. Look what happened to David Irving in Europe, who went to all the possible sources and people for historical fact, which is now the largest archive in Europe about WW2. Almost the only reliable resource on WW2 present historians have.

Irving was censored after he discovered that the "Hitler Diaries" were a fabrication. Nobody else challenged the obvious clue and it turned out Irving knew his German language better than the German historians - and most other Germans - for that matter. The British newspaper that paid an enormous sum for the rights to the Diaries and who had already published the first instalment, were not only embarrassed but furious. That was the end of Irving as an "accredited" historian.

But imagine the historical damage had the "Hitler's Diaries" now become history, as so much other history has become. Not even Irving's worst enemies have accused him of lying or using false information and he certainly was not gaoled for lying or misconstruing history. Professor Melleuish is right about professional historians being in charge of our history. If they deviate from the accredited history and ideology, they will soon be looking for another job and so an income, a visit to the Soviet republic will confirm that line.

What has happened to the continuity of recorded history is found in our change from living in a "society" to now living in an "economy". Schools priorities in subjects are arranged to accommodate the students future life as an "economic unit", in a vast Global economy controlled by finance.

We are cut off from our social and spiritual past which has been replaced with ideology where facts are selected by professional historians and other professional elites. Even the Church now speaks in Ideological language. Like all living things cut off from their roots, we will wither and finally perish. As George Orwell observed, "whoever controls the past, controls the future" and the ideologues understand that thoroughly.

We need to keep accosting the "accredited" historians or ideology will dominate our lives perpetually. Again the end result is still visible in the original Soviet republican model, besides the ocean of literature explaining it, all available in the English language, not censored but almost totally concealed by the "accredited" historians.


by James Reed:
The only thing that I remember from failing logic at university was a question in the logic text book: What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? It is a good question which sometimes occurs to me when stimulated by a glass of good red after an equally good steak fried in beef dripping.

Biologist and best-selling author of "The God Delusion", Richard Dawkins should also start thinking about irresistible forces and immovable objects if he continues his assault on Christianity and Judaism. On his ABC TV Compass programme "The Source of All Evil: The God Delusion" (May 20 and 27, 2007) he said: "The God of the Old Testament has got to be the most unpleasant character in all fiction. Jealous and proud of it, petty, vindictive, unjust, unforgiving, racist, an ethnic cleanser urging his people on to acts of genocide."

Now in our politically correct world, statements like that would seem to constitute some sort of vilification, certainly in Victoria with the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. Will we see action against Richard Dawkins? Will Dawkins the atheist be in the docks? That would be interesting…

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