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31 August 2007 Thought for the Week:

"The same transformation has occurred across the Nordic West because the Northern European people's racial vigour has been eroded by centuries of liberal universalism and divisive individualism, leading to deracination, the loss of racial memory. Like lotus eaters, dopey on the opiates of a post war consumer society, Anglo-Australia's will to resist, disappeared, as did their memories of the treachery of government. Only a few brave souls, such as Eric Butler, resisted this tyranny.

The end result of this will be the elimination of Anglo-Australia unless we organize and fight back. The capitalist class of Australia is pushing for a population of 50-400 million people. Businessman Richard Pratt (who sings the praises of Arthur Calwell) wants a population of 50 million by 2050 but other business leaders want it sooner. It apparently doesn't matter to this class of businessmen that such a policy would swamp and destroy the Anglo society which took them in as "reffos". Almost to a man these business leaders repeat Arthur 'Cocky' Calwell's grand blackmail argument: take in these millions of Asians or they will come anyway.

So we have been warned. The lords of capitalism are not content to rest with what they have achieved. And why should they, for if they can achieve all this in such a short time, what's to stop them? Let us hope that the answer is: US...."

"Racial Treason : From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy," by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips


by James Reed:
On Target (Vol.43, No.29 July 27, 2007) carried a piece about the "two Australias." Dr. Robert Birrell sees Sydney and Melbourne diverging from the rest of Australia. Channel 7 reporter Bryan Seymour opened a piece on this radical divide by saying: "New immigration figures from the Bureau of Statistics show Australia is being split in two. Migrants from Asia now outnumber those from Europe and New Zealand, while multicultural Australia is now divided by race."

The biggest source of migrants for Sydney is China and for Melbourne, India. All that needs to be added here is that this is part of a plan, began by Arthur Calwell, Australia's post-World War II immigration minister. Although he gave lip-service to the idea of a "White Australia" he began the process of dismantling it.** A largely Anglo-Saxon nation has become an ethnic minority in less than a lifetime.

Wouldn't it be nice if our dying race could resist its planned oblivion - if only for the Chinese and Indian history books! Australia and the West now attempts to come to grips with the phenomena of the sons of generally middle-class immigrants who become radical Muslims and "self-made terrorists" (The Australian 17/8/07 p.11). This is a problem that the future Chinese or Indian government of Australia will have to deal with as well. Who said that the race to the bottom wasn't interesting?

** A very important historical document. "Racial Treason: From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy" by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips, 2005.
For those who would like to read a detailed account of the traitorous agenda by Australia's politicians and businessmen go to the Race Culture and Nation section of the League's website.
The title of the article is: "Racial Treason : From the White Australia Policy to the Yellow Australia Policy." by John Peterson and Rohan Phillips.


by Brian Simpson:
Relevant to the issue of demographic replacement is a paper by Katherine Kinzler (et al), "The Native Language of Social Cognition," (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 24 July 2007). Humans divide the world into groups and generally prefer their own kind (unless they are brainwashed Nordics, I should add).

Kinzler found that the language that babies hear in the first six months of their life gives them a preference for speakers of that language. But children exposed to different language become more "tolerant".
As the authors put it:
"Attempts to reduce human social conflicts therefore may be enhanced by an understanding of their development origins."

Applied to Australia, now that John Howard has made Australia firmly an Asian country, expect with Rudd a big push on Asian languages. Just as people with end-stage dementia often pass away with a drip of morphine, so many Anglo-Australian children demographically pass away with the morphine-like effects of multiculturalism.


by Betty Luks
New British PM Gordon Brown has made a big effort to tell British Zionists how much he loves Israel. Zionists have been appointed to key positions. In a speech to the Labor Friends of Israel annual fund raising dinner in April 2007, Brown described how his father, a Presbyterian minister and a life-long supporter of Israel, took him to Israel twice a year for most of his adult life. His father was Chairman of the Church of Scotland's Israel Committee.

But we may wonder: is that enough?
Is there anything else Mr. Brown can do to show his love? Were two trips a year to Israel enough? Wouldn't ten have been better? Better yet, for the British people, he could have lived in the land of his love, permanently.
And then maybe, just maybe, there would arise a British PM who loved his own country, his own kith and kin, and sought to do the best for them.


by Ian Wilson LL.B:
The title comes from a film which Madonna "starred" in. I have never seen it, nor want to. Likewise new High Court judge Susan Kiefel is unknown to me. Writing about this appointment, conservative journalist Janet Albrechtsen (The Australian 15/8/07 p.14) wrote a piece about the dangers of promoting women to the Bench because they are women - but the article was not clear as to whether she was making this claim about Kiefel's appointment, as I read it. She says that Kiefel "has earned a reputation as a fine black-letter lawyer," someone who studies statute rather than taking the road of judicial activism. If that is true, Kiefel may be a great judge on the High Court.

Yet, as pointed out by Michael Pelly (The Australian 15/8/07 p.8) Kiefel as a Federal judge, has been on the losing side of half of her decisions that made if from the Federal Court to the High Court. In one case as a trial judge, her decision was overturned by the High Court.

My prediction: she could very well become a Michael Kirby in a dress, to use Albrechtsen's turn of phrase. However, having said that, Justice Kirby is the only High Court judge to express alarm at "the unfortunate surrender of the present Court to demands for more governmental powers, federal and state, that exceed or offend the constitutional text and its abiding values." Yes, we live in very dark times indeed.


Opposition leader Kevin Rudd was featured in The Australian Jewish News 3/8/07, catching up with Miles Clemans at the recent National Business Summit. Mr.Clemans, as managing director of Newstreet Management, had organised the Sydney Summit for more than 400 business and political leaders. The connection related to Mr. Clemans having organised Kevin Rudd's "first seminar about 10 years ago" when Rudd was a virtually unknown public figure.
Describing himself as a "conference and event management company" director, might we also describe Mr. Clemans as one of those 'spin-doctors' that politicians and film stars hire when they want public exposure, to give them 'an identity'?

Oddly, the following article was posted on page 89 (!) of the Daily Telegraph:
After reading the following news item by Piers Akerman, you could be forgiven for thinking Kevin Rudd might need more than a spin doctor before the federal elections come round. Piers Akerman has let the cat out of the bag, but why the dark news was posted on page 89 of the Daily Telegraph (19/8/07) has yet to be explained.

He writes:
"On Thursday, Premier Beattie was presented with a letter signed by former Western Australian Chief Justice (David Malcolm), two retired NSW Chief Judges (Jack Lee, now deceased, and Dr Frank McGrath), two retired NSW Supreme Court Justices (Roddy Meagher and Barry O'Keefe), one of Australia's foremost QC's (Alec Shand) and a legal academic and barrister (Alastair MacAdam) all seeking the appointment of an independent Special Prosecutor into an unresolved outrageous injustice now known as the Heiner Affair, which has been poisonously suppurating since the days of the Goss government.

A prima facie offence under section S129 concerning destruction of evidence?

"They also said they agreed with late Sir Harry Gibbs, a former Chief Justice of the High Court, who advised that the reported facts (of the Heiner Affair) represent at least, a prima facie offence under section S129 concerning destruction of evidence".
This may all seem like a dry old argument, but it has enormous relevance right now. Opposition leader Kevin Rudd was Goss's Chief of Staff at the time of the Heiner Affair and shortly after took on the newly created position of Director General of the Cabinet Office.

According to Queensland academic Scott Prassser:
"Rudd was the de facto power behind the throne. He was Wayne Goss's closest adviser and the Premier's Mr. Fixit. He was the key man". The Heiner Affair has been put squarely in the public arena by some of the most respected members of the judiciary and the legal fraternity, people not given to demonstrations of public outrage, but who felt the shredding of evidence by the Goss executive represented a full frontal attack on the separation of powers, on the judiciary's function. Given that the matter remains unresolved, there is no guarantee it might not happen again. With the Australian people soon to decide whether Rudd should be the next Prime Minister, it is time the Heiner Affair was thoroughly investigated and justice applied.

"A copy of this letter was also received by the Queensland Governor, Chief Justice, Opposition Leader, Bar Association and Law Society. At the heart of the matter is the order by the Goss cabinet of March 5th 1990, to destroy all documents relating to an inquiry by retired Magistrate Noel Heiner into the management of the John Oxley Youth Detention Centre..."


by James Reed
Here's a great image "Mutant Vultures Terrorise Pyrenees" (The Australian 8/8/07 p.13). Vultures in France, it seems, due to changed environmental conditions, have now become more predatorial and aggressive and have attacked people.
Keep that image of the vultures circling overhead, a stock standard in old cowboy movies. It is a precise image of our predatorial financial systemst, a stock standard in old cowboy movies. It is a precise image of our predatorial financial system


by James Reed
Where did I put that news clipping? The one about Hillary Clinton showing "cleavage". Not only had I forgotten where I put the article - which I intended to ridicule, and in the most heartless fashion at that - but I had also forgotten why "cleavage" should be a matter of political interest. And why, of all horrible persons, Hillary's? Then again the media tried to make Mr. Clean and Fresh Obama into a pin-up boy by showing beach shots of him. In any case Hillary Clinton is racing ahead of Obama in the bid to secure the Democratic Party's nomination for the 2008 presidential circus.

This, of course, has nothing to do with her cleavage - which by all accounts, like mine, is not being treated too kindly by gravity - and everything to do with the will of the money power and ruling elites. Guess what Hillary has in store for us. As a character in the John Wayne movie The Searchers says as the Indians attack: "For what we are about to receive, let us be truly grateful." Rather: "ungrateful".


From one of our readers: When the first details of the massive delays and inconveniences caused by the APEC summit were made known, a few months back, Sydneysiders were advised to "get out of town" and take holidays while the world leaders are meeting. A public holiday has been declared in Sydney for Friday, September 7, when the key APEC events are expected to be held.

So if you get stuck in stalled traffic for an hour, or three, or if you're forced off the road driving home from work by a fleet of police cars and limousines, or have a machine gun pointed in your face because you're wearing a 'No More War' badge on the lapel of your suit jacket inside the security zone, just try to remember how much of an honour it is that APEC chose Sydney as the host city for its summit. Melbourne must be so jealous. Maybe….


by Peter Ewer
Hitler, it has recently been said, relaxed to the sounds of Jewish music, the finest music of the Jews in Europe, according to The Times (cited in The Australian 8/8/07 p.11).
But Hitler, one recalls, is the new Satan. Worse, there is an "argument from Hitler" : if Hitler did it, or said it, it must be wrong. ("But that's what Hitler said…")
OK - fine, so applying the argumetum ad Hitler what does this therefore mean about the Jewish music that he listened to?


While we are in the mood for considering logical paradoxes consider this headline : "Holocaust Survivors 'Insulted' by Israel" (The Australian 7/8/07 p.11).

It seems that elderly Holocaust survivors have been protesting in Israel about a "derisory" $23 month stipend. The Holocaust survivors lack money for medicines and even food. This would seem to me to indeed be an "insulting gesture".

And yet, it is also a law of the universe that according to politically correct morality, that Israel can do no wrong. How can this be? I am no logician and cannot resolve this great puzzle.


According to the UK's Daily Mail, 5/8/07 an "American pharmaceutical company appeared to be responsible for the foot and mouth outbreak in Britain. Merial, which makes foot-and-mouth vaccines and has a laboratory three miles from the Surrey farm hit by the disease, dramatically agreed to stop production immediately. The breakthrough came after Defra experts established that the strain of foot and mouth disease found in cattle at the infected farm at Wanborough is similar to the virus isolated in the 1967 outbreak in Britain.

Research facility is focus of inquiries
Suspicion over the cause of the foot-and-mouth outbreak focused on a private laboratory run by Merial Animal Health at Pirbright, three miles away from the farm where the disease was found (Daily Mail 6/8/07). Only about 150 yards separates the Pirbright laboratory run by the world-renowned Institute for Animal Health from the privately-owned vaccination production plant run by the US-based company, Merial.
As health and safety inspectors began examining the firm's laboratories at Pirbright in Surrey, Whitehall sources suggested the potential biosecurity lapse would amount to a breach of procedures rather than negligence, which could give rise to criminal charges."


On the 17 May 2007, Michael Pascoe crickey.com wrote:
"We'll decide who comes to Australia -- lots and lots of people in ever-increasing record numbers,"

"John Howard didn't say yesterday amidst all the reporting on wages inflation remaining tame. With the general media being unable to see beyond home-loan rates, there's plenty of commentary on the monetary policy impact of the surprisingly low wages growth, but nothing on what's keep average wage rises modest when market forces should be pushing them higher. WorkChoices is one suspect. The constant pressure from our retail duopoly to push down costs throughout the supply chain is another. But the big elephant in the living room is the record and rising supply of labour from overseas.

John Howard won't be campaigning as Australia's greatest champion of immigration and multiculturalism despite overseeing the importation of nearly 300,000 people in the 2006-07 financial year. Such irony. Instead, the Government is downplaying migration numbers. Minister Kevin Andrew's Budget media release announced an increase of 5000 in the skilled migrant category to give a migration program total of 152,800. Overlooked in that release was the 13,000-strong humanitarian migration category. Along with another few hundred in the "special eligibility" category, the total is about 166,000.

The big wheeze though is excluding our 'guest workers' from the total. In the nine months to the end of March, we took in 34,170 guest workers on four-year 457visas plus another 30,290 dependents (very many of whom also work). If that rate is maintained in the June quarter, the total for the year will be 85,548 -- up from 71,150 last financial year.

Anecdotally , there's certainly no slowing in the growth of 457s, which would mean we should crack the 100,000 next year. (Indeed, some semi-skilled categories are edging into the system, such as aged-care workers and truck drivers.) Also not counted as part of the official migration figures are citizens of New Zealand. In the last financial year, 23,781 of them settled here. Let's assume the stronger Australian economy continues to attract them at that rate and round the number to 24,000.

That gives a total of 290,000 newcomers. But wait, there's probably more. Also tucked away in the Budget was a new visa category for foreign students who have completed professional training here. It will allow them to work for 18 months while they gain professional experience in their field of study and improve their English.

It's considered a "transitional" visa -- neither temporary or permanent -- but looks like being given to many who previously would have gone straight for the "skilled migration" permanent category. Could there be 10,000 of them? I don't know -- but it would round out the numbers to a neat 300K. And the really neat thing is that cherry-picking such large numbers of mainly young, skilled, well-educated migrants allows us to circumvent the problems of our demographics and our own lack of investment in education. Nice work, Johnny - but I suspect you won't make an issue of it."

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